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"Yes...Mike liked to watch us doing that."
Being an exhibitionist had a lot to do with my childhood, quite a lot. I was born with a leg problem, a crooked leg – you probably remember girls like me in grade school. I had to wear a metal leg brace as a child. It was the type of brace that fit outside my leg, from my hip down through my special shoe, and it was a chore to put on. And I had to wear shoes with corrective heels, heels that had an S line on them. What that heel was supposed to do I never figured out. With all that immobility I couldn't participate in much of anything. My mother would dress me, although as I grew I did dress myself to her exact commands, in very frilly girly outfits. At school, I would be left to watch as the other children bicycled, ran and played. I could do nothing more than wait, and envy. The only way I could attract anyone's attention was from my appearance. As I matured, flashing became my way of getting attention.

Mother required that I keep my bedroom door open – their room was next to mine – and mine was just off the kitchen. We lived in a small ranch house in Grove City, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. My father worked in insurance, mom was a stay at home housewife. I kept a twelve ounce coke bottle next to my bed for years, and that coke bottle and I became the best of friends. I didn't move out till I was twenty-three.

As a teen, mother continually lectured me about getting pregnant. Looking back, it was a good thing that my mother discussed such things with me. She herself had gotten pregnant in high school, and she attended her senior year pregnant with my older brother Mark. My dad, he'd been a lifeguard at Lake Hope in Vinton County while attending Ohio University. He married mom when he got her pregnant. I always assumed that he began fucking my mom on the Lake Hope beach. And my dad – one of ten kids - was from a poor McArthur, Ohio family, while mom was the daughter of Vinton County's only medical doctor. Doing the doctor's daughter was a big deal for a poor kid like my dad.

But mom was right to keep me warned, she could see that I was developing into an attractive young woman. She bought me the prettiest bra and panty sets and she insisted that I change every day. When she brought new underwear home, she would make me try them on for her, piece by piece, making sure that it fit in all the 'right places'. At night, when she thought I was asleep, she would go through my panties and check for stains. But she wasn't that protective of me. She encouraged me to find a boyfriend, and whenever I did bring a boy home, she always suggested that I take him to my bedroom, as long as I kept the door open. And mom allowed me to dye my hair blond. Mom allowed me to do anything that she thought would improve my appearance.

My parents had an active sex life. With my door open, and their door open, I could hear them frequently enjoying sex, sometimes every night. I could hear the laughter, the moans, the cries of orgasm. They usually waited till they were sure I was asleep, but I don't sleep that well. Never have.

One night, just after I turned eighteen, I heard so much calamity that I rose from my bed. I crept to my parents' door, which was wide open, and I peeked inside. I was shocked by what I saw, but I couldn't help watching. My mother, who is tall and thin, had a blindfold on. She was naked and on her knees, kneeling straight up. Her pubic hair was so thick, and her nipples were sticking out. My dad was tying her arms behind her back with neckties from his closet. I watched – mom didn't move a bit - as he tied her wrists to her ankles. Dad couldn't see me behind him, and mom couldn't see anything with the blindfold on.

"Is that tight enough, Barbara?" my dad asked.

My mom didn't respond, she continued to kneel at attention. Dad pinched mom's hard nipples and pushed her knees apart. Then he placed one of their bed pillows between mom's legs to keep them spread. Dad still had his white dress shirt on, though his pants and underwear were thrown on the bed. He put his swollen penis in her mouth, and held her head. He fucked mom's mouth as I watched. She was able to take his penis all the way in and to hold it in without gagging. It was strange to see my parents that way. Sure, I had heard it before. And I liked seeing my mother subdued – she was such a bitch – but I couldn't watch anymore. I slid silently back into my own room but I kept listening.

My dad didn't hit my mother, I didn't hear anything like that, but what I heard were his loud moans of ecstasy as dad enjoyed her mouth. Then I heard my dad calling mom loud names, like "slut" and "cunt" and that she better do a good job of sucking his cock. This surprised me, I had heard them have sex before, but this was different. Then they started a discussion. Dad said something about a neighbor, Michael Brandt, a man who was taller than my dad and very good looking. When he said that, I remembered that I'd seen the same neighbor at our house when I came home from school. One time mom only had her bathrobe on.

"Did you fuck Michael Brandt?" my dad yelled.

" I didn't," Mom said back.

"Then explain these pictures. That is you, isn't it? How many times did you let him fuck you, Barbara?"

"None, Dick. I just...well...OK...I sucked Mike's cock a few times. And I let him, and his wife Jan, take a few Polaroid's of me sunbathing nude with them at their house. That's all. She's the one who sent you the pictures. She encouraged me to suck Mike's cock, she watched me."

"How many times is a few?"

"Well, I guess it was more than a few. I did it whenever they asked, or whenever they told me to."

"How did this shit happen?," dad screamed.

"I met Jan at the Goodwill project when I volunteered. One warm afternoon, she asked me over, and when I arrived she answered her door stark naked. She was sunbathing nude in her back yard. What a figure she has, blond, thin and tall, with perfect breasts. It looked like such a thrill, and when she asked me to join her, I did. They have that tall wooden privacy fence, no one could see us. I've been sunbathing nude with her all this summer."

"Doesn't Mike come home for lunch?"

"Yes. Jan had told him about me, about our friendship, and one hot afternoon he showed up. Jan and I were each nude on a pair of recliners. When I moved to cover myself, he told me not to, that my nudity was to be enjoyed. Photos Mike told me to spread my legs open and to enjoy being nude with Jan and him. I spread wide, as he asked, and I put my arms up over my head. He then told Jan to kneel and to show me what a good wife she was. Kneeling beside the lounge chair, she obediently sucked his cock while he examined my body. I'd never watched before. It took over ten minutes for Jan to suck out Mike's seeds."

"A week or so later, he came home and found Jan and me nude again. He undressed outside, right next to me, his penis was just inches from my face. Mike asked me if I enjoyed watching Jan give head to him, and when I said.....yes..... he asked me again, and to say it louder....and whether I would like to suck his make it hard so that he could fuck Jan while I watched.....and he asked me if I wanted to watch him fucking Jan.....and I said yes, very much, she's so beautiful.....then Mike told me to get down on my knees and make his cock swell with my mouth."

"Barbara," Jan said to me as she knelt on all fours next to us, "start by licking the top, then run your tongue all around Mike's shaft. He likes to have his balls sucked, one by one, but be gentle. When he gets fully hard, take his cock and slip it into me."

"Well Dick, once I had Mike in my mouth, I couldn't stop...he had such a nice long penis...and I hadn't sucked anyone other than you since high school...I jiggled his balls and he unloaded in me."

"When he came in your mouth you swallowed every drop, Barbara, didn't you?"

"Of course I did. And after that first time, whenever I got the chance. Sometimes Jan would lick his semen off my face, or my chest, and I'd do the same to her. Jan made me lick know....down there...too...she made me suck Mike's semen out of her."

"You licked her pussy?"

"Yes...Mike liked to watch us doing that."

I listened to dad degrading mom as a cock sucking slut and I listened to mom describing her activities. In some ways, I think my dad enjoyed the details. I began to put the pieces together as to why Mr. Brandt was hanging around our house. There were plenty of stories around Grove City High School about Mrs. Brandt sunbathing nude, and it made sense that she had friends doing it with her.

"It was great sucking Mike," mom said. "When I sucked his cock, I thought of you Dick, always gone, always leaving me alone. You at work making money, that's all you think about, money and jogging. I needed the attention, I needed to be treated rough. When Mike came home, I waited on them in the nude. I would serve Mr. And Mrs. Brandt their martinis, and I would kneel and suck each of them whenever they asked. I love being told what to do, and I'm glad you found out about it. Now give me the good fucking that I need."

My mom started yelling "fuck me, Dick, give it to me." And dad did. I reached for my coke bottle as I listened to my parents screwing away. It was a while before they passed out, before they quit an all night screw session, but I never saw Mr. Brandt at our house again.
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