first story, let me know how it is.
It had been 2 months since I'd been laid, school has been out for the summer, and not to brag or anything but that was starting to be a long time. You see, I'm a 21-year-old black dude who goes to a dominantly white school in a college town, and for that fact a lone more than enough white girls hooked up with me for the simple fact they were into black guys or they wanted to see what else was out there. Even though I’m fairly good looking and over the years I’ve developed a pretty good game when it comes to girls, I don’t deceive my self with ideas that I’m some sort of gifted ladies man, I just count my blessings and take what comes my way, which is usually white horny college girls, I can’t complain.
I met her at the club, I was dancing by myself by the wall surveying the dance floor, doing a little guess work on what girl I should approach but mostly checking out their ass, pretty faces, curves, shorts skirts, seductive dancing and occasionally getting a glimpse of their panties. There were gorgeous women left and right and I was just standing there trying to look cool. Damn, the lack of pussy was really starting to get to me. I first saw her dancing with her friend but staring straight at me, they way she was grinding against her friend got my attention real quick. She was a busty older women with dark hair, I would have guessed mid thirties. Her name was Jamie and she had real pretty lips and nice curves, but the best thing was the way her ass fit in those jeans, her butt was a perfect 10, nice, round and big in all the right places, she immediately got me hard. Jamie and her friend came over to me started dancing, soon her friend left and it was just her and me. It felt so good having her body against me, tits pressed up on me while I grabbed her ass tight and groped her everywhere right on the dance floor. She turned around and was soon grinding her ass against my cock, she bent over and teased my dick with her ass. At that moment I wanted to fuck her right on the dance floor, bend her over a table or something and fuck her doggy style. The club was hot as hell and loud but the perfect setting. After a while though we went to the bar area where we exchanged names and that’s as far as it went for conversation, we started to make out. I had her in sort of in the corner against the wall and I undid jeans and unzipped her a little just enough for me to put my hand down in her panties while her tongue was in mouth. We were in a bar full of people where it wasn’t even dark, but I didn’t give a damn, I was fingering her pussy while making a half ass attempt to hide what I was doing. I’m pretty sure some of them saw what was going on, hopefully the enjoyed the little show. After I was done, Jamie said some people saw and I replied that’s why we need to go find a place.
We found her friend then left the place. I drove her car to drop off her friend, I knew right way this women I was about to fuck had some money by the car she had. I complemented her car and she told me it was her son. Damn, I was about to fuck hot rich mom, what great fucking night this was turning out to be. When we arrived at her place there was no time wasted between going to her room, getting naked and her getting on top. We skipped all the fore play, I guess we had done that at the club. My dick was now deep in her pussy and it felt so good, tight, warm and soft. She started riding it hard and moaning loud, if I weren’t drunk I would have came right away. I started playing with her asshole but she told that it was hers, so I stopped. I remembered how good she had looked bent over while dancing, I took my position behind her and started fucking her doggy style. I just grabbed her ass tight and firm and fucked her as deep and hard as I could, she was moaning and saying words I could not make out. I was surprised when she told me to stop and said to put it in her ass. Soon we were sweating with me deep in her ass fucking at full throttle, I couldn’t believe I was butt fucking this beautiful mom in her room. She must have been in some type of pain and pleasure zone, she was telling me it hurt but also not to stop. I decided I wanted to try something different, I took her off the bed and made her bend over the bed and started fucking her pussy again while standing up. Jamie felt so tight in this position, it almost hurt, and the way she looked bent over her bend with her ass out, wow. We got on the bed again and started doing it missionary. This white mom looked so fucking hot on her back with me pounding my big black dick. Looking at her gorgeous face, perfect lips open with moans that kept getting louder, it was too much, I went full speed and she held tight and moaned louder, and when I felt I couldn’t hold out any longer, I buried my cock as deep in her pussy as possible and released my cum there. It took several minutes for the both of us catch our breath. Several minutes later she went down on me started giving me head, it was nice and slow the my dick was going in and out of her mouth but before I knew what was happening I was fucking her hard again. After I was done I told her I needed to smoke some pot, she didn’t have any but her son did. So I got high, and before I went to sleep I fucked her once more, it was unbelievable having sex with her while high.
Everything in this story is true, and there might be a second part if I get with her friend. Oh yea, Jamie turned out to be 40.

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2013-06-02 15:08:33
You're telling a story, not showing it. That's bad technique. Instead of -saying- what happened, -describe- the situation around it.

The difference:
Your way =
"She woke up and drove her son to the school. Then she came back home and fucked a black guy."

Proper way =
"As the sun gleaming through the window slats shone on her eyes, she woke up. After showering, she started preparing breakfast, eggs over easy with bacon. James walked down the stairs, rubbing sleep from his eyes, his shirt disheveled from a night of fitful sleep.
'Bad dreams?' she inquired.
'No, just the storm, it woke me up a few times' James replied. He hid the truth from her, that he spent most of the night masturbating thinking of his girlfriend, who denied him what every teenage boy needed. 'Smells good' he sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV, 'when is it gonna be ready?'
'A few more minutes', Susan turned back to the stove, her face reddening as she thought of her black lover coming over toda

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2012-06-19 01:56:51
terrible fucking strory............. any white woman who will fuck a nigger has no self respect and should be shot.............. nothing but a pig

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2009-08-30 02:22:07
i like that guys idea


2006-09-09 04:36:26
Lousy story structure, poor paragraphing, poor spelling. Go back to the drawing board and start all over again because this could be red-hot tale if done right.


2006-09-08 14:24:29

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