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She slammed the viberator into her cunt harder and harder as the voice on the
Here is a little story I am writing for fun.....all people and
places are fictional...if you wish to comment, please do

She slammed the viberator into her cunt harder and harder as the voice on the
other end of the phone kept telling her "Faster, Faster...don't stop yet
Betty." She knew she would cum very soon and turned the viberator up to max
speed, the humming sound filling the room along with her whimpers and moans.

So close, she knew at any second she would explode...harder...faster...5
more seconds..."STOP!", came the voice on the other end of the phone. She
moand loudly but did as she was told, she hated, but loved this at the same
time. He did this to her so often. She knew he would, but once she gets to
a certain point, she figures he would never make her stop now.

Betty lay on her bed panting, her pussy dripping juice down through her lips
to the crack of her ass.....making a puddle on her bed. She always ended up
this wet when talkign to him. She had no idea why he had this effect on
her, she truly believes that she would do anything he asked of her. She
knows he would never put her in any danger, but he knew exactly how to push
her buttons...and her limits...

"Ok, now...start fucking that wet pussy some more...I want you to cum
now", she was so relieved to hear him say that, she went right back at it
with even more vigor this time. She could hear the juices as she fucked
herself harder and faster, the vibe seemed to have a mind of its own and she
just layed there enjoying it. All of the sudden the pressure go to be too
much and she started to explode. Her hips began to buck up and down, her
hand slid the viberator deep into her spasming cunt, and she screamed in
orgasm. "AHHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, Ohhhhh"

Betty was totally wiped out, she had almost passed out, she only snapped to
because of the voice coming through the phone asking if she was alright?
"Oh yes Darlin, I am just are so time we
meet I will be sure to have you screaming the same way!" "Well, I will hold
you to that! But right now, I must let you go.....please....enjoy your day!"

Betty always had wonderful days when Rod phoned her in the mornings. He
usually called her at least once a week to start her day with one of those
mind blowing orgasms. Rod was one of Betty's current lovers. He was a
younger man, in his mid twenties, tall, built nicely, the sexiest of
voices.....just hearing his voice always made her pussy
wet....she met him online, the same way she met most of her lovers now. Her
friends always tell her it is too risky, but she is always careful about it,
and so far, has only come across one nutcase, but that is another story.
Rod is a successful man with his own business, and whenever he is in her
neighborhood makes sure he stops in for some of her amazing talents.

After she regained her composure, she jumped into the shower, and got
dressed for work. Betty worked in a small office with a few other women.
She was the office manager, and very good friends with the owner of the
company. They got to be friends through her years working there, and now
ever do things outside of work. The both care for each other very much, and
look to each other to get through any hard times in their lives. Quite
often the talk turns to their sex life. Tracey knows all about her
adventures with Rod. When she walked into work today, and got into the
office they share, Tracy looked at her and said, "He called this morning
didn't he"?

"Damnit! How do you know that?" Betty could never understand how Tracy
could tell, but she knew every time. "You just have that glow on your face
every time he calls." She was right, the days he calls can never go wrong
for Betty, she is always in such a good mood, almost like floating. They
sat at their desks, and Tracy told her to give her all the details. They
talked about this for a little while, untill they were both too hot to talk
anymore and had to stop.

Betty has recently started thinking to herself about Tracy, and if she was
into women at all. Betty had never tried it, but is realizing now that she
does have that interest deep down. She keeps trying to deny it but the
juices in her pussy are telling her different. And there are lots of things
that give her messages that Tracy wants her too. Little things, like a
quick squeeze of her ass, winks, even an occasional kiss on the cheek. But
she couldn't be interested, she is married, with a few kids. Although, she
does keep saying how she and her husband do not have sex anymore, and the
only sexual outlet is her viberator.

All this talk, and thinking has gotten Betty just too hot again, and she
quietly went to the ladies room, closed and locked the door, and stripped
off from the waist down. That wasn't much since she doesn't wear panties.
She tried it one day at Tracy's suggestion since she told her she never wore
them anymore either. Betty propped herself up against the sink and started
to work on her clit. She went right to it, hard and fast since she didn't
want anyone to notice that she was gone long. It didn't take long for her
to have her juices litterally dripping out of her pussy, down her legs,
fillng the room with the strong smell of her cunt. She started to slip two
fingers into herself while she rubbed at her clit. She could feel the
pressure building and it took all her strength to keep from screaming out.
(Something else that is new since she met Rod) She went over to the toilet
seat to sit because her legs were getting very weak. No sooner did she sit
down, she exploded. She almost blacked out again and caught herself as she
was almost falling over. After a couple minutes recovery, she got cleaned
up again and went back to work.

"Excuse me, Betty. There is a call on hold for you on line 3" Pam the
receptionist smiled at Betty as she walked into the office, they all got
along very well there. Pam thought to herself that it must be yet another
of the men Betty has waiting in line for her. Pam was at times jealous of
how much atention Betty seemed to get, but always smiled to herself thinking
that it was good that a nice lady like Betty was getting the atention.

"Hello, Betty speaking", as she picked up the reciever she sat at her desk.
"Hi there beautiful" it was Rod, he had called to see if she had caught her
breath yet. "Well, hello there big guy" They talked for a little while
about how each of their days were going, but ended up with Rod telling her
he would be in town that night, and they made plans for a date. Betty was
happy about this since she didn't have plans, but was horny as hell. She
went right in to tell Tracy about the call. Tracy gave her a little
lecture about getting personal calls at work, but then immediatly asked what
the scoop was.

After going through the plans they had, Tracey had a bit of a frown on her
face and Betty asked what was wrong. It turns out that Tracey's husband is
out of town for a few days, and the kids are away at the grand parents, so
Tracy was gonna see if Betty would be intersted in coming over to her place
for a while, have a few drinks and just chill out. Maybe get a movie or
two. Suddenly, Tracey got a very wicked grin on her face and Betty asked
what she was thinking. Tracey said "No, never mind, it is too crazy..." Of
course Betty would not let this go, and had to know what was on her mind.
After a lot of begging, and pleading, Tracey finally told betty what she was

The plan went somethign like this....since it has been so long since Tracey
has had any sex, and she knew how wild and kinky Betty was, she wanted to
hide in the closet and watch Betty and Rod do their thing. She was not
going to be joining them, as she could not bring herself to be with another
man. She and her husband didn't have a sex life, but still, she couldn't
cheat on him like that. The rest of the afternoon went by very quickly as
the two women planned out the small details, little things like the fact
that Tracey should not have anythign to drink at all, since there was no
bathroom in the closet, black clothing so if she moved, the shadows would be
minimal. Betty would try to have the action angled in such a way to give
her audience the best view.

Finally, the doorbell rang, the cue for Tracey to scram, and get into her
place in the closet. They had set up a chair for her so she would be
comfortable. Rod came in, and instantly started kissing Betty. They kissed
in the doorway for a minute or two, until she broke away, closed the door
and asked if he would like something to drink? "The only thing I am
interested in drinking right now is your sweet pussy juices as they run out
of you". Betty loved the sound of that, and walked over to the couch,
pulled her shorts down, and said CUM and get it.

Tracey could hear the moans of delight coming from Betty as she was getting
her cunt licked. She wished so badly that it was hers. She could feel the
wetness of her pussy, the heat from her arousal. She started rubbing
herself through her shorts, letting a small moan escape her lips. She made
a mental not to try to keep from doing that when they got into the bedroom.
She didn't want to give herself away, or, did she?



2008-04-07 17:27:23
Didnt read but it looks good, anyways i know ur asked this BUT are u going 2 make a mathteacher part 2 or did u copy it, idc i just want more lol. anyways good job on ur stories


2007-02-19 00:25:46
good story

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