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I woke early and was eating breakfast, when Amy came in for our morning get together, when she looked at the runny eggs I was cooking she turned kind of pale and ran into the bathroom. I removed the eggs from the stovetop and headed in after her when I heard the unmistakable sound of someone throwing up coming from the bathroom. I stop dead in my tracks ‘ she’s pregnant’ was the first thought that flash thru my mind.
“You ok sweetie?”
“ughhh ok ughhhh do I sound uggggggggg ok to you?”
“You sound great to me Amy”
“uggggggg great you’re sick”
“You sound pregnant to me sweetie isn’t that what you wanted?”
“uggg pregnant you really think so?”
“Could be they say that the first sign is morning sickness”
“ugggggg “
“ and it sure sound like you got it to me”:
“You mean I’m first to get knocked up ug”
“Sound like it could be”
ugg ug huuuu”
She wiped her mouth straighten up, the color retuned to her face and she smiled big I mean big, it lit up the whole room. Her heaving had subsided and she jumped into my arms.
“Yes oh I’m so happy”
And with that she started to kiss me, but I turned my head and ask her to rise out her mouth first.
“Oh yeah kind of bad huh?”
“Just a little bit sweetie”
As she headed for the sink to rise out her mouth
”You really think I might be pregnant?”
“Well morning sickness is one of the first signs, then sensitive nipples, missed periods, the like”
“Round bellies, swelling tits”
“Yep those to and the wetting at end of the nipple, not to mention the mood swings, crabbiness, sad spells, happiness, can’t stand anything, weird foods, ”
After she rinsed she came up and jumped in my lap and I held her and spun her around slowly
“Tell you what, I’ve got to go to the office today and after that I’ll pickup some test kits and this afternoon you can test yourself”
”Oh I can’t this afternoon, parents picking me up at school, we’re going out to eat and a movie or something, but I can come by tomorrow and then we can test me”
”Great uh any other of the girls feeling funny or such?”
“Not that I know of, maybe we all will show up tomorrow and see if I’m pregnant”
”Hell if you all are here, uh why not test everyone just to make sure, I can get enough kits to check everyone”
“Every one of us?”
“Yep, cause if I’m not mistaken you don’t always get morning sickness when you’re first knocked up and sometimes not at all”
And with that she kissed me hungrily.
“Well now, do you want to fuck me or what”?
“Uh, now let me see sex with you or what or fuck you or what …. Mmmmm hard chose maybe I’ll just take the or what, no on second though I’ll just have you”
And I lower her to the bed, we striped her off quickly, as I slid my dick into her welcoming hot thirteen pussy a funny feeling crossed my mind, I’m fucking a little tight pussy girl, a kid, someone little princess and who maybe carrying my child inside her, this maybe the mother of my first born and suddenly her pussy felt so damn good wrapped around my manhood. I knew I had to make it special somehow, so I made sweet slow love to her, not hurrying just a slow steady sweet in and out of her silken hole, the portal our child will pass as he or she enters this world, she began to moan
“Oh Bill fuck my pussy oh fuck my pregnant little pussy oooooohh aaawwwwww”
And I did just as slow as I started and after a time I felt that warm tingling deep in my nutsack and I knew I would be cumming soon I thought of baseball, car repair, field stripping an ARP15, anything to help hold back the river of cum building inside me. Again she moaned
“awwwww oooooofoo Bill baby I’m I’m cummmmmmmmmin”
She exploded, her tight little body twitched and jerked under me and she again moaned or maybe groan I not sure, but it was a fanatic sound, one that shot straight thru me warming my whole being and I came and came and came inside her.
“Awwwww I’mmmm cummmmmmiiin Amy cummmmin ughhhhhh”
Even as the last of my sperm entered her wonderful body my body kept hunching and twitching as her tight hot wet pussy spasmed on my cock. We were both spent as I laid on top her still as deep as I could get inside her, our lips met in the most tender and soft kiss I ever knew, I finally slipped out of her and rolled to her side, she just laid there with me cuddling.
“Oh Bill that was so so good, and just think our child, growing inside me as we speak, I’m so happy”
“Yes it’s a strong possibility, but remember we’re not sure, lets wait until tomorrow before we celebrate ok love”
She looked at the clock and jumped up grabbing her clothes
“Damn I’m gonna be late for class”
And with that she dressed, kissed me and ran out the door as she turned the corner I heard her
“Bye Daddy fuck you later”

I laid there for a time smiling to myself ‘ I’m gonna be a Dad well maybe don’t get your hopes up yet; she just could have an upset tummy or something. Hell can’t I even enjoy the moment well not yet anyway’, so I got up, showered, dressed and headed out for breakfast
She looked good this morning a pale yellow blouse stretched so tight the seams were screaming to let go; I sure wouldn’t mind being there when they went, although the shockwave may clear the county. News flash TOWN DESTROYED BY CLOTHING SHOCKWAVE. I smirked to myself. And her skirt was just as tight, looked like it was sprayed on. I visualized her sliding into her outfit, must have used a gallon of baby oil and a crowbar, and must be something to watch and should be even more fun to see her shed her second skin. Damn my dick jumped up trying to get out “Let me see, I wanna see too” Glad I was sitting down, he popped up so fast. ‘ Damn I’m a sex fiend or rather he is’ Me I’m just a carrier, a sex tool transport moving him from one hole to another, enjoyable work though. As she poured my coffee I could smell her fragrance, it ticked my nose slightly, but was a very delightful smell, almost intoxicating. I couldn’t help but lick my lips as my eyes fell on those luscious tits of hers, those nipples almost poking thru the fabric of her blouse, she wasn’t wearing a bra, most likely couldn’t get one between her full tits and that four times too small blouse anyway. I tried not to stare, but it was hard not to with those beauties in your face, I looked up into her eyes and smiled a ‘thank you’.

“What would you like” she asked sweetly
“Uh two eggs over hard, toast, four bacon and a large huh short stack”
“Anything else?” and she smiled
“uh not at the moment, more coffee in a few minutes would be nice”
“Ok just let me know when you’re ready”
And as she turned I said to myself oh I’m ready right now, to throw you down on the floor and lick you from, then I shook my head damn give it a break already. She looked knowly at me and I hope I didn’t say it out loud, and she just sort of glided off. I definitely watched that ass swing slightly to and fro as she moved away, my prick was trying to rip my zipper apart so he could look too. I took a gulp of the coffee, shit it was hot, and the unwelcome burning brought me back to the present.
“Ouch damn that’s hot”
The guy smiling in the booth next to me said
“Happens all the time around here fella She does have a way about her don’t she”
“I’ll say someone should put a label on her “
“A many have tried and failed, although I’ve heard a few got close, she does bring in the costumers”
“Guess that what counts”
“Yep she’s got my vote I’m Dave I own the store next door, seen you around a few times, live nearby”
“Uh I’m uh Bill uh nope just doing so work in the area, stop by uh for some grub”
“ Food ain’t bad, in fact fairly good, I eat here all the time and they got some great pie and of course Phyllis there”
“ Phyllis oh the waitress, that’s her name huh”
“Yep that’s Phyllis the heart stopper”
“Yeah I can see that, yeah and what a way to go, uh she married?”
“Oh yes to the cook Steve, in fact they own the place”
”Oh P&S Café, makes sense, must be nice to go home with her every night”
“I’d say so, but then anything can become ordinary, prime rib can be plain if you get it everyday”
“I guess but be fun to find out”
“Rib or the girl?”
“The rib of course”
“Yeah right” laughing “well enjoy your meal I’ve got to get back to the store, drop by later”
“Oh, yeah I need some things, see ya”
And with that he got up and headed for the door. I picked up the newspaper that was left on the seat next t me and began looking for something to read to get my mind out of her panties even if she had any on, I couldn’t see a panty line and that skirt was so tight you should be able to see if she had a tattoo on her butt, my dick twitched again. Calm down you’re not getting any so just calm down. Gee there’s a sale at Sear’s 40% off hand tools.
“You ready hon.”
“uh what?” looking up first at her tits for a moment then into her eyes
“Coffee want more coffee” with a sweet smile
“Yes please”
Refilled she did and off she went I swear she seamed to have a little more swish in her step or was it just wishful hoping. I was just finishing my second cup when Phyllis brought my breakfast set it down before me and leaned over as to refill my coffee. I got another whiff of her scent and a good look of her constricted tits, her nipples poking the back side of her blouse as if they were trying to jump thru and into my mouth, I raised my eyes and met hers and there was a twinkle in them, I licked my lips again and she did the same only slower. I think I groaned, I know my balls tighten up and he was growing by leaps and bounds again.
Yep here she was serving me my meal in all her togetherness and my stiff cock wanted to be serving her. You could tell by that wicked little smile she knew I had an erection and she was the cause. You knew that she just had to love teasing all the males, everywhere, all the time. I wondered if she kept a record of all the erections she has raised and all the drools she seen, bet it be one hell of a list. After she turned and left I picked up my fork and dug in, stuck my head in the paper again to focus on eating and calming him down again. Surprising the food was good, very good in fact. I need to eat here more often if my dick can stand it, well stand isn’t the right word, that he can do.
I finished my meal and got up to leave when she walked up behind me and accidentally brushed her tit against my arm, he jumped.
“You come back now”
“Oh yeah I’ll be back you got great uh food”
Paid the bill and left before I overloaded myself. I went back to the house got in my truck and headed for downtown to pick up my money and get the girl’s test kits.

Thinking about how many I wanted I figured I stop at various places and buy them one or two at a time, might look strange to buy six pregnancy kits all at once. I even got several ‘ good luck wishes’ if they only knew, they would be wishing me to drop dead you sick bastard instead. But I really didn’t care what they might think; I was hoping that we would get six positive results tomorrow, well at least one.

The lawyer for the guy, whose house I’m working on told me that the owner should be back month after next around the fifteenth and I needed to have the house ready by the tenth so furniture could be placed and setup for the impending arrival of their client and if everything goes as plan I need to be out by the morning of the fifteenth and let the cleaners in, so the house for the final clean, so everything will be spic and span that evening when he arrives and I should drop off the keys and get my final check that day here in the his office. I said ok that will be fine and turned to leave when he called me back.
“Wait” he said he may have another house for you to redo, under the same conditions as this one if I was interested. Only thing was that it was across the border in the next state and would I mind traveling there and staying there for awhile, the job should take about three or four months, well that’s how long the owners would be gone and could I meet with them on the twentieth eight to go over what they want done. Only this time I would get my checks by mail or courier if needed, and if I agreed he would see I was paid for the trip and the layover and if everything goes right a bonus at the completion of the job. In fact this might turn into full time employment, housesitting and remodel. I told him oh ok I’ll do the next house, no problem, didn’t have any plans that couldn’t be changed and I would consisted the job offer and let him know later, which was fine with him. And as I left I thought maybe just the next one then maybe I’ll come back and check on the girls, then the coast, hell maybe the lawyer will have a place out there for me to do. Not bad pay and get to travel some and have a place to stay when I’m there, not a bad deal at all. And the timing would be about right so the girls would have had their or rather our kids and the storm would have blown out and if Susie planned it right a single place there they would all be, and maybe I could get a job maintaining the place and of course servicing the girls and I would get to play with and be around my kids, my kids hummmm.

I pull into the garage and unloaded my supplies and headed out the back over to Dave’s store to pickup some drinks, snacks, sandwich meats, bread, other stuff set in on the counter and as Dave rang it up he said.
“Lot of stuff here, almost looks like you’re having a party, large family”
”Un no party I uh burn a lot of energy and need to refill and uh I’m a snack junkie you know uh high metabolism”
“Yeah see it all the time especially with the kids round here, some of them eat and eat and never gain an ounce, hell I’ll look like the state of Illinois if I ate half as much as this one kid who comes in here”
“That’s me when I was growing up I was as thin as a rail, finally in high school I put some weight on”
“Lucky you, well that’ll be 35.64”
“Oh wait a sec I want a six pack of beer also”
He turned and pulled in out of the cooler behind him, turned back setting it on the counter and as he bagged it
“Need to see some ID for the beer”
I reached for my wallet without even thinking, and then remembered he knows me as Bill and I’m not
“Uh my ID” I looked puzzled as I opened my wallet
“Hell just kidding Bill anyone can tell you’re over 21”
”Un oh got me there I haven’t been asked in years, kind of felt like I was a kid in school again trying to buy for my buddies and me at old man Hopkins store, you know sometimes he’d ask, sometimes he wouldn’t and sometimes he’d just say you know you’re not old enough to buy beer don’t cha and I’d say yes then he’d sell it anyway and sometimes not, never did figure out why,”
“Yeah I understand, I get kids in here from time to time trying to buy, have to turn them down”
“ Yeah I imagine so, but when I turned old enough and he asked and I showed him and it may me feel proud, he laughed and smiled saying about time boy. I asked him why at times he would and other times he wouldn’t. He told me it depended on who was in the store or outside and his mood, hell he knew I was underage and also remember when he was young”
“Sounded like a great guy”
”Yeah he was, heard he passed a few years ago I was on the road at the time, heard about it from the new store owners, nice people just not the same”
“Yep never can go home, rather childhood home anyway things change to fast now days”
“Yeah that’s the way of things, well gonna go see you later Dave”
“Later Bill”
Paid for my stuff and headed back to the house noticed the kids were out of school and there was this one particular girl standing by the café’s dumpster that caught my eye. A thin gal well thin faced anyway kind of cute in an odd sort of way. Her clothes were bulky and ratty looking and filthy, her hair was all stringy looking like she hadn’t washed in a month or more. She looked at me and sort of moved off a bit, like she wasn’t in a hurry to leave, but didn’t want to be noticed. Sort of strange, Oh well not my problem if her parents let her dress that way, so be it and off down the alley and back to the house I went.

Walked into the house and heard the sweet sounds of girl love, put the cold stuff in the frig and started undressing as I walked into my bedroom. There was Susie and looked like Glenda all tangled up together, damn what a sight, my cock shot up like a rocket, there will never be a love scene between two women in any porno flick to even come close to matching the action before me. These two girls only 13 and 14 but look more like two mid twenties beauties, nude in my bed munching on each other waiting for me to join them. Either one would star in any porno and here they were in my bed devouring each other and I was the luckiest man alive cause I was going to join them again, damn my cock ache to slide into one of them.
Susie’s ass was pointed towards me and was calling my cock to come hither, Glenda’s tongue was as deep in her friend’s pussy as she could get and both were moaning and slurping like crazy. I moved down between Susie’s legs, my dick stretching to get to Susie’s snatch, the head just touched Glenda’s tongue and her hand came around and grabbed me, she slide her tongue out and began rubbing my dick up and adown Susie’s wet slit, then she licked Susie’s clit and pushed my cockhead just inside Susie hot tight pussy and let go, both Susie and I groaned and my hips buried my dick deep inside her hot wet pussy, my balls slapped Glenda in the face again and again as my hips drove my dick in and out of Susie’s steaming hole, Glenda kept licking Susie’s clit and my cock every so often. Susie was in another world and groaned and screamed into Glenda’s cunt, vibrating her clit setting off both girls in earth shattering orgasms, both girls twitched and shook so much and so hard I felt like I was ride a wild bronco as Susie velvet hole sucked at me. I held on and pumped as if I was trying to put out a forest fire all around me with a hip operated water pump. Damn it was so fucking good, both girls had another orgasm and Susie’s pussy muscle locked down on me so hard and so good and the suction from her spasming hole ripped the hot thick cream from my balls in one long hard wave.
“Aaaaawwwwww I’m cum cummmmin”
And two incoherent muffled screams erupted from the girls as all three of us just shook and jerked as if we were being shocked.
I slipped out of Susie and fell over on my back Susie rolled off Glenda the other way leaving Glenda in the middle, we all gasping for air.
Then Susie said between breaths
“Damn you two uh are trying uh to kill me fuck that was was goood” After a minute or two hell it could have be ten Glenda squeaked.
“Me next”
I groaned.
And shortly later I found myself inside Glenda tight hot pussy, Susie had gotten up and went to the bathroom and now dressing, she kneeled down and kissed us both then left, just as Glenda came again and I pumped her thru her orgasm and kept going I was gonna cum in her even if it killed me.
“Ughhhh I’m cumming cumming oh fuck me Bill …. fuck my pussy …. fuck me hard …. shoot your cum in me …. fuckk mmeee”
I fucked her for what seemed an hour maybe two, felt like it, then the tingle in my balls turned into a numb void before filling up slowly, and I finally came deep inside her hot little cunt and collapsed onto top of her straining to get my breath back as she came again. Her pussy almost munching at my cock, sucking out the last of my sperm into her wet tight twat. I rolled off her as he shrank down and slipped out of her. Laying there as my breathing returned to normal, she rolled over on me kissed my lips and before I knew it she was licking my cock and balls clean of our lovemaking. She licked me clean raised up kissed me again got up and dressed. Sat down beside me.
“Mmmmm that was good Bill, well gotta to go, see you tomorrow”
Up and out the door she went.

I just laid there, big smile on my face, a song in my heart as I thought of my kids and their mothers. Later got up and to the shower I went.


2007-09-19 08:14:01
"I held on and pumped as if I was trying to put out a forest fire all around me with a hip operated water pump." Best... line... ever.


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well you got one. took you long enought. still a hot story wille t

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