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After Glenda left I laid there for about an hour got up, shower and such, and went into the kitchen got a beer and fix myself a snack, I needed the energy. Back to the bedroom turned on the TV and settled down to eat and rest. Boy was I tired these girls are wearing me out, and think just less than two weeks ago I was a lonely horney guy looking for some little gal to become involved with slightly, nothing serious just to have fun with, take in a show, out to dinner, the like and maybe end up in the sack with. Now here I sit, a hermit of sorts with all the pussy I could ever want flowing in and out of here like trains in a rail station. All this pussy and I can’t be seen with any of the girls in public. Yep their all underage the oldest 14 and the youngest 12 now and all six of them want to have my child or maybe it’s children, well each one wants to be pregnant and I’m the lucky guy they all want to do it. In fact five of them were virgins, only Amy sweet little sexy 13 year old Amy, wasn’t a virgin our first time. She had only been with only one boy, a classmate of sorts before and he always wore a condom, all three times and that wasn’t what she wanted. She wanted to be pregnant and he wasn’t going to do it wearing a condom. I picked her up along the road in the rain after she dumped him and the next thing I knew I was inside her tight little pussy banging away trying to knock her up. Then she brought in Joanne and next thing I knew I’m the sperm donor for six little girls, all wanting me to fuck and cum in their tight little pussy in hopes of getting pregnant, all six of them, Damn was I in pussy heaven. At first it was fantastic, but now it almost seems to be more work than fun, don’t get me wrong I love fucking all six, they all feel so good wrapped around my cock, it’s just lately it’s getting harder to keep going, oh my little girl crazed dick doesn’t have any problem getting up it’s just the rest of me wants a little rest, not much just a short rest, a day or two be nice.

I drifted off and was sleeping went Joanne came in. She undressed and started kissing and licking on my dick and balls, running her tongue all over and he responded as usual, the sex-manic. When she got him hard enough she opened her mouth and blew hot breath across his head before engulfing him. I woke with a start and saw him disappear totally into Joanne’s hot mouth, felt all seven and a half of my man flesh sink into her mouth and throat. Damn it felt good I just laid there letting her slowly begin bobbing her head up and down filling and unfilling her throat with my rock hard cock, God can she suck, I never had anyone take me completely in her throat on the first time, but she was a natural born cocksucker and I had a cock that loved being sucked. But we weren’t here for that; we were here to inject baby-making cream into her tight little pussy. Although Linda did suck me off the other day. I couldn’t get her hot mouth off me in time not to cum and cum I did, she didn’t miss a drop and it felt so damn good, but for now being I’ve just had Susie and Glenda, and my balls were still empty and I could enjoy Joanne’s oral love making, she loved sucking me, you could tell by the hungry and tender away her mouth made love to my dick and he loved her mouth too.
After a time I felt the tighten slowly start in my balls and I pulled Joanne up off my cock and her face to mine and kissed her tenderly, she reached down and softly grabbed hold of him and guided him to her wet hot pussy, stuck the tip in between her puffy lips and lower her tight snatch as his head slid up her love tunnel until my balls were jammed in between our pelvic bones.
“Ohhhh god your pussy feels good hot wet tight hot”
”You said that, you love fucking my pussy don’t you”
“Oh yes, but now I want to eat you”
And I rolled us over, kissed her hungrily stroked her hot cunt a few times, had to fight with myself to pull out but I managed to. Then worked my way down till my tongue was attacking her clit and open hole, I ate her like I was starved, slipped a finger into her honey hole and finger fucked her slowly as my other hand pinching and rubbed her hard nipple. She moaned
“Oooooooo Bill that’s that sooo goooooood awwwwww eattt eat meee”
And she came, filling my mouth with her honey; I lapped up every drop and still lapped for more. I kept eating her and tweaking her nipples as she came again and again. I began rubbing my finger slowly around her tight anus her juices were all over her and my fingers; she began quivering as her next orgasm approached.
“Uhhhhh that feels do goood oooooo god it’s good ooooo ooo I’m gonna cum again gonna ohhhh cum”
And with that a bit her clit and slid my finger in past her anal ring and half way up her asshole, she clamped down on my finger so hard I though she might crush it and screamed an ear shattering scream then nothing just a sort of low growl as her body bounced up and down almost knocking me away. We both collapsed she was still twitching as I pulled my fingers out raised up and slammed my cock completely into her shaking pussy, she grabbed me with her legs and arms and humped up into me as I slammed back into her, we both went into overdrive trying to fuck the other to death. We fucked for want seemed hours and she came again and again one orgasm after another and I finally erupted deep into her hot pumping cunt. Spurt after spurt of welcome cum shot into her as my balls emptied themselves again, even after they were empty we pounded each other until we couldn’t move and I fell into her as she pulled me into her. She was squeezing me so hard I couldn’t breath.
“Joanne Joanne honey let go “
I whispered in her ear at first she didn’t hear me or it didn’t register, I think she squeezed harder I jerked back a little and she eased off and the air rushed back into my empty lungs, thank goodness. Then someone spoke we nearly or at least I nearly jumped out of my skin, but Joanne still had a tight grip on me.
“Damn that was the hottest and sexiest thing I ever saw…. Wow…. I want some too”
I turned my head and saw Sandy sitting there completely nude her hand on her wet pussy, a huge wet spot under her ass, she must have really enjoyed the show.
“I’d would have joined in but didn’t know where”
Joanne released her grip on me and I pulled out of her hot wet incredible pussy and fell to the side. Sandy looked at my shrinking cock and then Joanne’s cum filled cunt.
“Looks like I found a place”
And lower her head to Joanne’s pussy and slid her tongue in, Joanne groaned but her legs widen and Sandy went to town eating my fresh cream out of her friend’s filled hole. After a few minutes I moved in under Sandy
So I could eat her pussy, as she ate Joanne. They both came quickly and as I drank Sandy’s nectar, I began rubbing her anus, she growl as least it sound like a growl, into Joanne’s pussy and she moaned.
“OH ooh eat eat me mee”
I flicked Sandy’s clit with my tongue then sucked on it and plunge a finger into her hot pussy, then another as she came again, I moved around still eating Sandy, moving my dick up to Joanne’s head as Sandy moved with me and offered Joanne my soft cock, she opened her mouth and pulled him in, running her tongue over him and sucking like a baby on a bottle. The crazed nut began growing and soon Joanne had a full erect cock in her mouth again. Now I was eating Sandy, as she ate Joanne and Joanne was sucking me, my first triangle. Both girls came again and I still fingered Sandy, hitting her g-spot and she came and came nearly drowning me, there was no way I could drink all her sweet juice, but I tried. I pulled my cock out of Joanne’s mouth he was growing sort of numb and I needed him later. Then I pulled my fingers out of Sandy and pinched her clit, she erupted and shove her pussy down hard on my face and my tongue was shoved into her snatch, god it was hot in there.
I finally lifted Sandy off my face so I could breath again and blew a hot breath across her slit and she came again. She fell off to the side and we all were sucking air. All the whooshes sounded funny.
The girls got up first and went to the bathroom, coming back they asked
“What’s to eat”?
“Beside each other that is”
“I got some chips and dip and sandwich meal”
“A burger sounds good”
“Oh I want Pizza, there’s a Pizza place around the corner. We get Pizzas there all the time, and there’s a burger joint next to it”
”uh ok let me get dressed and I’ll go get them”
”No no we’ll get them, you just rest, we both want more of you later”
“Well ok if you insist, here I’ll pay”
And reached over grabbed my wallet and tossed it to them, Sandy caught it open took out some bills. Then they both got dressed picked up the cash and out they went in search of food. I laid back, turned on the TV and just stared at the screen.

Well in order to know what happen next Joanne will have to enlighten you.

After Sandy and I got dressed and left for food, we walked out the back and down the alley when we saw someone trying to get into the dumpster behind the café. Who ever wasn’t very strong or didn’t know how to climb and fell back on their ass. Sandy laughed and I sort of followed suit, the person jumped and said
“Who’s there?”
“Just us What you doing?”
“Well I was trying to get something out I saw I wanted, uh what’s it do ya?”
“Nothing just looks like you aren’t very good at getting in”
“Well I don’t feel to good and needed to uh”
We walked up a little closer and then could make her out in the dim light
“Hey I know you or rather I’ve seen you around you’re that dirty girl who no one seems to knows, Hi I’m Sandy and you are?”
“Oh name’s Nancy and you’re?”
”Oh I’m Joanne, you live around here?”
”Uh not really”
Then Sandy said,” Bet you’re a runaway aren’t cha”
Well after talking for a while we found out she was, her stepfather had raped her, well her ass and had made her suck him off a few times when her mom has out working, shopping, whatever, then one night he was drunk again and mom was working when he tried to fuck her in her pussy, she hit him over the head grabbed some stuff and got the hell out of town. I remembered Bill sticking his finger in my ass while ago as I came and it was so intense, now I wondered what a dick not a skinny finger would feel up my asshole. “What it feel like?” I asked. She said at first it hurt caused he just jammed it in and pumped away, but later it felt kind of good, and later even better, but I didn’t let him know. She sat down kind of hard “Excuse me kind of weak”. Then Sandy asked, “When did you eat last.” She answered “a couple of days ago”. Well we decided she needed food, so we scooped her up and told her to come with us. “No I can’t go back to them, I won’t”. We told her come on, no police, just food and maybe a warm place to spend the night, if Bill didn’t mind and we were sure he wouldn’t. We stopped at the burger joint first and bought six burgers, fries and three cokes, outside handed one to Nancy and she wolfed it down as we walked to the Pizza Place, Nancy said she couldn’t go in there they ran her off when she tried to use the restroom the other day. So I sat outside with her as Sandy went in and ordered. Nancy finished a small bag of fries then Sandy came out saying be about twenty minutes or so. I started to hand Nancy another burger. when Sandy stopped me, she wasn’t ate in awhile and if she eats too fast or too much she’ll get sick. And then told Nancy not to worry there’s plenty and she’ll get to eat all she wants but she needs to take it easy at first. Nancy said, “Oh you saw that film about that girl who threw up ever thing she ate for days cause she ate too much, after not eating for days and died doing so”. She had seen it too didn’t think much about it till now. So we talked and finished our cokes and Sandy went back in for the pizzas, they should be ready. After she picked them up we all walked back towards the house and Bill. Then a police car came around the corner and Nancy kind of hid behind us, we bunched up and talked as the car past, then we walked on towards the alley, Sandy told Nancy don’t worry we’ve got a place for you to stay, but you need to know that there is things going on there that might shock her. Shock her hell, she said she seen plenty since she left home and didn’t thing anything would shock her. Then Sandy told her about the group and how they were all trying to get pregnant and that Bill was helping them do so. She said” no shit naw you’re kidding me” and we told her we wasn’t kidding and when we got back to the house don’t get upset or worried when she see the naked Bill waiting for them. “Yeah right some guy old enough to be your father is waiting in an semi empty house with no clothes on for you two to return and fuck him”. “Yes” we both answered. This she had a to see. And into the house we went. Sandy went first and began stripping as Nancy and me carried the food in. Nancy’s eyes grew quite large as she watches Sandy strip, then sort of run into the room the light was coming from.

“Bill sweetie we’re back and we have a surprise”
Sandy ran into the room and jumped on me pinning me to the bed.
“Close your eyes”
“Ok a surprise huh”
Then I heard a voice I didn’t know
“Shit he is naked, you weren’t kidding?”
And with that I opened my eyes and stared at the new voices owner
”What the hell going on who are you where did you wait you’re the girl by the dumpster this afternoon aren’t you Joanne Sandy what’s going on”
“Bill this is Nancy, Nancy this is Bill our lover, the future father of our children”
Then Joanne started telling me Nancy’s story and how they met. As she did Sandy started playing with my cock, which rose to her touch quickly, she wrapped her mouth around him and began caressing my balls gently. Nancy just stared at Sandy, loving my cock. As Joanne went on how she’s a runaway no food, no money, no place, hadn’t ate in days, and they had invited her to stay here for a few days, if that was alright with me. Sandy rose off my cock pushed me back, straddled me and guide my now rock hard cock into her wet pussy and dropped down encasing him whole inside her.
“Of course it’s ok isn’t it Bill honey”
“Damn he’s big” Nancy muttered
As Sandy rock her tight cunt on my dick, I knew I had no choice in the matter and Nancy would be staying for a time. Joanne stripped down to her birthday suit and flop down with the pizza and burgers, asked Nancy if she want some and told her to come on in a sit down. She walked over and sat down next to Joanne and took a slice of pizza but never took her eyes off Sandy fucking me. Sandy came first and I follow shortly afterwards and as she slid off me Nancy saw my cum just ebbing from Sandy’s hot pussy.
“It’s true, he came in you and you seemed to love it”
“Oh yes he did and I did”
”And after we eat he’s going to do me”
Joanne added quickly as she reached over and scooped up some of our love juice off Sandy’s leg and licked her fingers clean.
“Mmmmmmmm cum topping”
I rose up and asked Nancy if my nudeness bother her. She replied “no not all”, rather quickly I might add. So I sat down and joined the girls in our evening snack/meal. About ten minutes later I got up went into the bathroom then the kitchen and got myself another beer. The warmth of the house finally started sinking in on Nancy and she undid some of her clothing, took off her ragged coat and laid it carefully beside the bed. Then she asked.
“Uh can I use your bathroom I need to uh”
”Sure go ahead make yourself at home, the girls are ok with it and I don’t mind if you even stay a couple of months if you want”
“Uh where would I sleep “?
“There’s another bedroom around the corner you can settle into if you want. it’s our party room or if you like I can set up another bedroom just for you if you’d prefer”
“Uh no, the party room be ok, I guess”
“Sandy why don’t you show Nancy the room and the bathroom also”
“OK come on Nan, you don’t mind me calling you Nan do you?”
“Hey Nancy feel free to take full advantage of the bathroom if you want, if you know what I mean”
As Sandy and Nancy walked into the other room, I turned to Joanne.
“What the hell were you two thinking, that she’d join our little group no questions asked, what if she talk to the cops? You know I could go to jail for a very long time if they found out. Hell she looks like she’s what nine ten tops, they got to be looking for her”
“Don’t worry Bill, she’s a runaway. She’s even more scared of the police than you are, you should have seen her out on the street when that police car drove by. I don’t know how old she is. What she’s too young for you and no we don’t expect you to fuck her. We just felt sorry for her, you heard how her stepfather raped her, she don’t want to go back there, we thought she’d be safe here”
Then I heard the shower come on, sounded like Sandy had talked her into cleaning up, good. Now what to do with those smelly clothes.

In the bathroom, after Sandy had shown Nancy the party room, Nancy took care of her toilet business and Sandy talked her into taking a nice hot shower, at first she was worried about being naked in front of strangers, but Sandy said
” Hell girl look at me I’m nude and you just watched Bill fuck me, you can’t much more personal than that, and as you’ve seen Joanne and Bill are naked too, what’s the big deal.”
Well Nancy finally agreed and being it was just them two in the bathroom, it be kind of like Gym class showers and she stripped down and stepped into the hot shower, she got kind of woozy and stumbled so Sandy joined her to help her stay steady and before long they were soaping each other up and laughing. The playing went on with little tweaks here and pats there and some out and out grabs, as they became use to each other. This carried on till the water started cooling down, so they hopped out and dried each other off. Nancy started to pick up her clothes but Sandy wouldn’t have it
“You aren’t putting those filthy things back on, wait here I’ll get you something to wear if you like and we can throw those things in the washier or away would be better”
“No don’t throw them away, their all I’ve got”
“Ok we’ll wash them then, be right back”
And with that she came back into the room found a clean t shirt and headed back to the bathroom, Joanne and I never knew she was there, I was riding Joanne hard. Sandy handed the t-shirt to Nancy saying
“You got a nice body Nancy, I see why your stepfather wanted ya, how old are you anyway?”
“15 last month, thanks you have a nice body too, uh you’re leaking again”
”Huh Oh thanks, uh you look younger”
And she reached down scooped the cum an her and sucked it into my mouth
“mmmmmmm Bill”
“You really like the taste of his cum don’t cha”
”Oh yes it great. You said your step dad made you suck him off. What it feel like having his dick squirt in your mouth, did you shallow or spit it out?”
”You mean you’ve never sucked Bill off, I figured you have the way you were sucking him early, it felt kind of funky, he tasted terrible and I spit it out the first time and he slapped me hard and told me never do that again. So I swallowed the next time, thought I’d be sick, but didn’t”
“No none of us have sucked Bill off yet, he said he didn’t want to, well till we got pregnant that is, then he’d love to feed each and everyone of us, so we get Bill’s cum from our own pussy and each others and of course it always mixed.”
“You all eat each other?”
”Sure we were doing that before we met Bill, still do. And he loves to eat pussy also. uh have you ever eaten any pussy Nan not that it matters just curious”
“Well me and a girlfriend once spending the night together kind of, uh you know got a little carried away and before we knew what happen had a tongue in each other, then we heard her mom calling us, we never went any further or even tried again, I always wondered if we weren’t intruded”
“Well girl if you want to try again, this the place to do it. No one will push you into anything you don’t want to do, and if you want to I’m sure anyone will more than happy to help you, I know I would”
“You, you want to eat my pussy”
”Oh yes I’d love to but it’s up to you and uh if you wanted to you could maybe eat mine too, only if you want to that is”
“I don’t know let me think about it”
”OK cool lets go see what Bill and Joanne are up to”

The girls walked back in and I was pumping Joanne’s pussy like a madman, Sandy slid up next to us and kissed Joanne as I fucked her, I felt the bed kind of shift and figured that Nancy sat down to watch to, for some strange reason it turned me on a little more knowing a stranger was watching my cock sliding in and out of this sweet little12 year old’s tight hot twat. It seemed Joanne’s cunt was tighter and hotter than normal and my cock was harder and bigger than ever as I pumped away in her. I knew I’d be filling her pussy soon with my hot cream. As Joanne’s tighten on my dick squeezing it, my balls tighten up, my cock expanded what felt like three times it normal size in her hot wet hole and I lunged into her setting off a flood in her. Her hot juice coating me. Triggering the fuse in my nuts and I shot off a series of cum bolts one after the other. They felt so hard leaving me, I knew they were hammering her insides and she’d had be sore for a week at least, damn did I ever cum hard. I laid down softly on top of her little body and let all the cum soak into her heated hole and felt her inner muscle flutter around my member, it was exquisite.
I soften inside her and slipped out rolled over on my back, Nancy jumped back out of the way, and Sandy kissed Joanne again and ran her tongue down between Joanne’s tits straight to her freshly filled cunt and buried it into her. Started lapping our love juice like a dog in a water bowl on a hot summers day. I smiled at Nancy as I sat up.
“Would you hand me a slice of pizza Nancy”
“Uh oh yeah sure here damn she’s really eating her pussy. Shit, she’s licking your cum out of her. I thought you were trying to get her pregnant but she’s “
“Uh yes the girls are trying to get pregnant, and uh even though she sucking my cum out of Joanne’s pussy there’s still enough inside her to conceive. The sperm that will knock her up is already in her womb if it gonna happen now. You never know when it will or even if it will happen. And besides we may have one future mom already in the making”
Joanne pushed Sandy back and raised up
“What who whose pregnant? it’s Amy isn’t it, that bitch comes here every day, I knew she’d be first, hell you’ve fucked twice as many times as me”
“And you’ve fucked him nearly twice as much than I have I’m the one who should be pissed” Sandy smirked
“Now now girls calm down yes it’s Amy and we don’t know for sure yet. It just she got really sick this morning, but we’re not sure. I picked up some test kits today and we’re gonna check her tomorrow, she wants all of you here, I shouldn’t have said anything”
“That’s why she wanted us to be here tomorrow morning around ten, so she could gloat, the little slut, you said you picked up some test kits today. Where are they?”
“Their still in the truck, I picked up enough for everyone so we could see if anyone was pregnant. Either one of ya had morning sickness or the like?”
“No nothing”
“Nope no sickness felt kind of funny a couple of days no throwing up or cramps”
”Oh really, you know you don’t always have morning sickness, some women never do, but can get pregnant at the drop of a hat, but that’s just some women”
“I could be pregnant already”
”Yep you never know, all it takes is one time for a man to cum in you and you could be a Prego”
“Cool you got a kit for me in the truck, get it I want to check myself now tonight”
“Don’t you wanna wait for everybody tomorrow, that’s kind of selfish”?
“Lets wait until tomorrow when we’re all here and everyone is checked, ok Sandy”
”Aww shit ok I’ll wait Joanne, but I want to be first to check tomorrow ok Bill”
“Ok with me if it’s ok with the others”
And with that she lower her head into Joanne’s lap and returned to her eating, shortly Sandy turned and offered her twat to Joanne who didn’t wait a second and had her tongue buried into Sandy’s snatch. Nancy and I watched, Nancy slid a little closer to the action, and never took her eyes off them, her hand ran over her breast in a slow pleasant way, kind of pinched her nipple, which was poking hard into my t-shirt and as she watched, her other hand slowly creep towards her lap, as she cupped her cunt I spoke almost in a whisper.
“Go ahead it’s ok, no one care if you do, do it”
She began rubbing herself, her eyes kind of closed, but not completely as she watch the girls in their oral loving of each other, her mouth opened and a soft low moan slipped out of her, so low I almost missed it. Then both girls screamed into the others pussy as they apparently came again, and Nancy moaned again. I watched with interest and of course he watched standing tall, twitching with excitement. The girls fell apart and moaned as they calmed down, Nancy’s hand was busy, she suddenly jerked and a moan escaped her lips. Sandy turned, looked straight into her eyes and asked
“Was it good?”
She nodded and turned red; she didn’t even realize she was doing it. She had got caught with her fingers in the cookie jar. Both Joanne and Sandy told her no big deal. We’re all friends here and what ever she wanted to do was ok. Then she surprised all of us.
”I would like for err uh Sandy to eat me too”
Sandy rose up quickly and moved towards her
“Come here girl and lay back and enjoy”
She moved to Sandy and laid down, Sandy gently kissed her and lightly slid her fingers over Nancy’s body and she trembled, she cupped Nancy’s cunt softly and began rubbing very very lightly, Nancy moaned into Sandy’s mouth, Joanne not taking her eyes off them moved to me and began stoking my cock just as lightly as Sandy rubbed Nancy. Sandy’s other hand moved to the hem of the t-shirt and slowly pulled it up exposing Nancy’s body to Joanne and me. She was thin real thin, her ribs showed and her tummy area was caved in a bit, she didn’t have a thick bush, in fact you could tell it had been shaved, but not lately, her slit was tight almost none existing, couldn’t tell if it was due to not eating or if she was naturally small in that area, having been raped and all, oh that’s right just her ass, her pussy is still virginal, my crazed dick jumped, down boy this one not part of the plan. As Sandy played with Nancy, her t-shirt slid even further up and finally over her head and off. Nancy’s tits were nice and kind of round; lying on her back they didn’t flatten too much, hardly at all in fact, looked like two white oranges with large pink tips. Sandy slowly worked her way down to Nancy’s nipples and lick them one at a time, when her tongue first touched her erect nipple, Nancy’s thighs clenched together trapping Sandy’s fingers, but as Sandy oral assault continued her legs relaxed and ever so slowly opened up to Sandy’s caressing touch. After a few minutes of tit munching, Sandy’s head moved on down to Nancy’s pelvic area with small little kisses, that became large kisses and wild tonguing and finally slurping, as Nancy legs spread wide for Sandy’s love making, she moaned louder and pushed Sandy’s head into her crouch
“oooooooooooo ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s it’ss soo gooooooooddd uggggghhhhh”

Joanne turned herself so she could watch as she sucked on my hard cock in her sweet hot mouth and just sort of swallowed me whole and held me deep in her mouth as Sandy worked her magic on Nancy’s cunt. Slowly Sandy turned her body bring her hips around to Nancy’s head, never letting up on her munching of Nancy’s hot wet box, Joanne slowly began bobbing her head and Nancy moaned again
“OOoooooooOOOO I I’m cum cummmmmin awwwwwww”
And wrapped her legs around Sandy’s head holding her tight to her spasming pussy as she filled Sandy’s mouth with her juice, Sandy had straddled Nancy’s head by now and as Nan moaned, she lower her wet dripping cunt to Nan face. Nancy opened her eyes, when Sandy’s twat dripped her honey onto her lips. She looked at her wet pussy before her and stuck her tongue into Sandy’s opening, grabbing her hips and pulled her down onto her mouth. Holding her tight as both girls ravished the other’s cunt, damn what a sight. Porno eat your heart out. And as good as Joanne’s oral love making was I had to pull her off me turn her over and slam my hard dick into her heated snatch and pound her like a madman beating the walls of his padded cell. The girls came several times all three of them, before I finally came again inside Joanne’s tight cunt and we all fell into one big mass of flesh, gasping for air.

Finally someone stirred and the lump flowed apart as Sandy and Joanne got up and went into the bath to clean up before going home. Nancy joined Sandy in the shower again as Joanne dressed kissed me and sat down to cuddle and watch the TV with me, while waiting on Sandy. After a time Sandy came back for her clothes and Joanne asked her if she had fun.
“Oh yes maybe next time you can try her out”
And Nancy walked in saying
“I’d like that sweetie you’ve got a beautiful body and I’d love to eat you”
“Ok, next time then, we’ve got to go now”
Sandy finished dressing and kissed Nancy as Joanne kissed me and out they went leaving Nancy and me standing there nude looking at each other.
“Huh uh Bill we got some more to eat, I’m hungry”
”Sure there’s plenty help yourself I’m gonna have a shower, make yourself at home uh you’re staying here for awhile aren’t you”
”uh Yeah I guess if it’s no trouble”
”No trouble at all. it’s like Sandy said it’s a warm and safe place to sleep and hang out, uh and what ever you want within reason is ok here.”
I didn’t tell her it was for a couple months only and then we’d be gone. Got up and headed to the shower. Afterwards she was still sitting on the bed watching the TV and she had put on the t-shirt again, I thought about putting on a pair of shorts, but figured What the Hell for, if she don’t like it she can leave or go into the other room. So I got me a beer and a burger and sat down to watch TV with her, sometime later I drifted off to sleep. Woke during the night, the TV was off and she was sound asleep on the other side of the bed, her back towards me. I went to the bath and then back to bed to sleep, she never stirred.


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