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A story of casual sex from a chance meeting.
Quickie Mart Quickie
By Gnome
We meet outside a quickie mart. You’re wearing a
remarkably slimming black dress with flames all over it.
You’re on the phone talking to somebody about how it was
such a waste to spend so much time looking for a sitter
when your date stood you up. You glance at me in my
white T-shirt and tight cargo pants. You notice I carry a
flashlight on my belt. You look me up to see that I have
blonde hair combed to the left. Then your eyes meet mine.
You stare deep into my hazel eyes as you mumble to the
person on the phone that you got to go.
I look at you and say, “Hi, how’s it goin’?” I proceed
to walk into the store. 2 minutes later I come back out with
a 24oz Pepsi. You look at me, smile and say, “Um…I’m
good. Say what are doing tonight?” I look at you with
intrigue and reply, “Just sitting at home kicking back and
relaxing. Why do you ask?” You say. “Well I was
supposed to go out tonight with this other guy, but he stood
me up. I went through all the trouble of getting a babysitter
for my child, and I don’t want to think that it was a waste.
So if your not busy maybe we could hang out?” I tell you,
“Sure, just don’t expect a lot out of me. I’m not the one
who arranged to go on a date and then just bail. So I really
didn’t have time to even think about a plan.” You tell me to
hop in the car. And we’ll go to my place.
We drive the three blocks to my apartment. “We don’t
have to go far it’s right here on the first floor. In fact it’s
only two doors down.” I say. “I really don’t see that many
guys carry flashlights on their belts…Are you afraid of the
dark?” You ask me. “No, you just never know when a
flashlight comes in handy. Which is quite often.” I say as I
open the door in flip on the lights. You look around and see
an 8 foot long couch, one recliner, a 5 foot long coffee
table, two lamps on an end table each at the end of the
couch, and a 36 inch T.V. with a DVD player supporting
surround sound stereo system.
I walk over to the T.V. and search through my DVD
collection. I pull out “Hangman’s Curse” to see if you
want to watch it. As I pull out the movie, another DVD
falls to the floor. You tell me, “You keep that up and you’ll
be wearing your DVD collection. And we won’t be able to
kick back and relax all night. I’ll have to unbury you.” You
come over to help me out. I look down and notice that the
fallen movie is one of my porno movies. I try to reach
down quickly to pick it up before you notice, but you
already have it in your hand looking at the case. “You
know I think I want to watch this movie!” You say as you
look at me. I have the most embarrassed look on my face.
All I can do is just turn on the T.V. and put the movie
in the DVD player. We sit on the couch staring at the
screen. You have a smile from ear to ear. The movie goes
on for a ½ an hour. My cock is so hard I can’t stand it. You
see my tent I’ve been pitching. You look at me and smile
again. You reach over and unzip my pants. My cock stands
straight up. You place your hand on my cock giving me a
hand job. You place your lips against mine. My head tilts
back in relaxation and pleasure. I slide my tongue in your
mouth and massage your tongue with mine. You remove
your lips from mine and place them on my cock. The
sensation is so great I can’t help but moan in ecstasy.
I can’t handle it anymore I explode in your mouth.
You lick your mouth. I sit back as you stand up and give
me a show. You slowly take your dress off to reveal a
matching black bra and panty set underneath.
You sit back down next to me on the couch. You
begin to kiss me. I can’t help but rub your body all over. I
can’t help but grab a feel of your ass. As I feel your ass, I
kiss you harder. My hands go up your back to undo your
bra. My kisses move lower as I start to kiss your neck then
your chest. When I get to your nipples I take the proper
time to admire them both evenly pinching them, pulling
them, grinding them in between my teeth, and sucking on
I begin to kiss your body moving downward. I stop at
your stomach and move my hands up and down your sides.
Moving my hands to your thighs. As my hands go
downward so does my mouth. I get to your black panties
and inhale your aroma. I then start to eat your pussy
through the fabric. Needing the entire entity I pull your
panties off. My mouth goes to work on your pussy as I lick
and suck your pussy, you begin to moan with pleasure.
When I start to dive into your pussy putting my tongue in
your pussy and aggravating your clit, you start to wail with
ecstasy. I can feel you cumming, but I’m not about to stop.
The rush hits you hard and your juices flow all over my
face. I lap up your juices as you have three orgasms at
I’m not done. So I put my cock in your face and you
gobble it up. I get extremely hard and I pull out. I then put
my cock directly in your pussy. I start slowly. Then I really
push myself into you with every thrust as it gets faster and
harder and faster and harder. The harder it gets the harder I
bite your neck and nibble your earlobe.
I can feel your pussy tightening as it begins to orgasm.
It’s so tight around my cock that even if I wanted to pull
out it’d be impossible. Between my speed, stamina, and
your pussy gripping my cock. I loose all control and erupt
all of my cock juices completely into your pussy.
We both collapse right there on the couch. “Damn!,
It’s nearly dawn. I gotta get home before my kid wakes. I
told her that I’d be home before she got up. Can I use your
shower before I leave?” You ask as you get up from the
couch. “Sure, second door on the left.” I reply as I sit there
totally naked and relaxed.
Fifteen minutes later you come out of the shower with
your clothes put back on like nothing happened. “We
should do this again sometime.” You say with a huge
smile. “I’m game.” I reply as I sit on the couch fantasying
that you are still naked before me. “Look can I get your
number? I’d give you mine, but my daughter doesn’t take
well to guys calling the house asking for me.” You ask as
you pull out a pen and some business card. “Totally! It’s
(xxx) xxx-xxxx .” I tell you with a smile on my face that
looks like I had just won the lottery.
And off into the dark hours of the morning you travel
in your car to get home before your kid wakes up and
discovers you missing.


2006-09-11 22:29:44
The story was broken up. Check out my profile to visit the complete GnomesErotica site.


2006-09-10 11:41:47
You need to write in second or third person a little more plot would not hurt any I would also brake things up make it easier for others to read

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