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Little Jimmy Getz
By Chico Brisbane

When I was 12-years old, I didn’t have any interest in after school activities that didn’t put money in my pocket. While my friends were playing little league baseball, soccer, football, or attending boy scout meetings, I was out there looking for ways to rake in some cold hard cash. If I wasn’t cutting grass, or walking dogs, I was washing cars. I had a steady clientele around the neighborhood, but there was one new
Car washing customer named Larry who was very business minded like me. He opened my eyes to other business opportunities that were more lucrative.

“Hello Sir! – I’m Jimmy Goetz (pronounced “Gets”) I’m out washing cars today but I also do odd jobs like raking leaves, and pulling weeds.” I said to the man standing on the other side of his screen door with his briefs exposed through his unfastened robe.

“Sure kid! – Start with my car and I be out to check on you in a little bit. I can’t exactly walk outside dressed like this, can I?” He said.

“No sir! – I guess not!” I said.

“Call me Larry.” The man said and I went to work washing the car in front of his open garage.

When I went into his garage to plug in my vacuum, I spotted something on his workbench. It was a manila envelope with a single line of bold black lettering that read: “X-Rated Material! - For Adults Only! 18+” – There was no way that any 12-year old could resist looking. I’m not too sure how many would have continued to look once they discovered that the magazine was of naked man only? – I’m sure most would have stopped immediately but I was not one of them.

By the time that I reached page 17, I was in a state of sexual arousal that I had never been in before. My heart was about to burst right through my chest, and my dick was about to bust through my pants and underwear. I suppose the excitement is why I didn’t hear Larry walking up behind me as I was looking at his porn in the middle of his garage.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Larry said causing my to jump a foot in the air.

“Oh Crap! – I um! – I um! – The vacuum, I mean! – Then! – Um!” I said in a stutter.

“Relax! – I know what you were doing! – I don’t care if you look at the magazine! – You just can’t look at it out here in the garage! – Go look at it inside of the house if you want to.” Larry said

I couldn’t believe that Larry said that it was okay to look at the magazine as long as I did it inside of the house. I don’t recall saying anything as I followed Larry through the door then lead from his garage into his kitchen. I also don’t recall taking my attention away from the magazine as I walked behind him. I did hear him apologize for yelling at me when he caught me looking at the magazine, but it was not because I was looking at it. He was upset where I was looking at it. He said that it wouldn’t be too cool if one of his neighbors saw a 12-year old boy looking at porn in the middle of his garage.

“Oh yeah! – Sorry about that. – I didn’t think anyone could see what I was looking at.” I said.

“You obviously haven’t noticed the front of your shorts yet, have you?” Larry said.

I moved the bottom of the magazine away from my tummy to see what Larry was talking about. I knew that I had popped a boner, but I hadn’t realized how tented the front of my gym shorts had become. You could see the finest details of the mushroom shaped head of my penis pushing the material outward. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, there was a dime sized wet spot at the pinnacle of my boner tent. Larry took notice of the “Carver Middle School” emblem on my shorts and asked if I still went to Carver.

“What do you mean by do I still go to Carver? – I just started the 6th grade this year.” I said.

“No shit? – That bulge in you pants looks really big for a 6th grader.” Larry said.

“It does?” I said as I adjusted my hard dick so it pointed upward in my briefs.

Larry asked me if I wanted to see what an average kid my age looked like with a boner. Before I could even respond, Larry was already pushing buttons on the TV remote control. I took a seat on his sofa just as the TV screen came alive with dozens of naked boys pushing and shoved each other in a large shower room.

It was the most exciting thing that I had ever seen and since Larry was massaging himself, I started to do the same to the lump in my own pants. I was silent until a grown man with a huge boner walked into the shower with the boys. Some of the younger boys looked at it in awe and even slapped at it as he walked passed them. Every once in a while, the man would reach down and scoop the soap suds away from the top of a boys boners and then move on to another.

“Why is he doing that?” I asked.

“He’s looking for one old enough to come.” Larry said.

“To do what?” I asked.

“To cum! – Like this kid. – You see that little patch of dark hair? – He’s gonna make him cum.” He said.

No sooner had I mentioned that I had a little patch of curly hairs on my cock did the man fall to his knees in front of the boy. Larry shot a look at me that I could see in my peripheral vision. My eyes stayed glued to the TV screen as Larry asked me if I was serious about having hair on my dick. I proudly confirmed that I did and added that I might even have a little more hair then the kid in the video.

“Oh yeah? – I don’t believe you!” Larry said.

He had to know the immediate response that his comment would solicit. In a matter of seconds I was on my feet with my pants and underwear lowered just enough for dark brown hairs to be seen over the elastic band of my tighty-whities. He looked at them closely and said that I did have a few more then the boy in the video.

“Has anyone ever done that for you?” Larry said directing my attention back towards the TV set.

I looked and almost lost my balance at the sight of the man with his mouth sliding up and down the length of the boy’s boner. I couldn’t miss the expression on his face as he pumped his hips back and forth until his entire dick was lodged into the man’s mouth. His head was tilted back, his eyes closed, and his mouth wide open as he pumped faster and faster.

“Wow! – Look’s like that kids feeling pretty good right about now, doesn’t it?” Larry said.

“Uh Huh” I said in a breathless whisper.

“I’m gonna suck you off, okay?” Larry said in a similar breathless whisper.

I was about to say okay when I felt my shorts and briefs being lowered to the floor. Larry was lifting one of my ankles so that I could step out of them. As he did that, he told me to take off my shirt. I did as he said without any hesitation and it was amazing to me how quickly I had become completely naked. I was butt naked and looking down as my hard dick disappear into Larry warm wet mouth. I gasped as his lips sank all the way down to my little pubic patch. He had a butt cheek in each hand and started to push them gently forward causing my to fuck for the first time. I had head all about fucking at school and how It’s done by shoving your bone in a girl’s warm pussy.

As Larry gave my boner the best feeling it had ever felt, I watch the boy getting sucked in the video and listed to all of the dirty things that he was saying to the man who was sucking on him. He kept telling him to slow down or he’d come. But when the man didn’t slow down, the boy made a half hearted attempt to warn the man. But the man wouldn’t listen.

“Oh Jeeze Coach! – Slow down or you’ll make me cum! – Coach! – Did you hear me! – Stop Coach! – I’m serious! – You’re gonna make me sperm right now!” The boy said as he humped the man’s face.

“It’s okay! – Let it squirt!” The man said and then slipped the boys hard cock right back into his mouth.

“What? - Not in your mouth, right Coach? – Watch out Coach! – It’s ready to go off now! – It’s gonna shoot in your mouth! – Oh God it’s coming! – I’m gonna cum Coach! – Gonna cum! – Cumming! -
I’m cumming Coach! – I’m cumming in your mouth! – Oh Jeeze! - You’re drinking it, aren’t you? –
You’re drinking my cum! – Feels so good! – Oh yeah! – Oh fuck Coach! – You drank it!” The boy said.

Just as the boy was jerking and heaving his cock into his Coaches mouth, I felt my own cum racing from down below to the tip of my cock. I was just about to tell Larry that I thought that I was just about to do the same thing that the boy in the video had done, but he spoke before I could.

“Come on Jimmy! – Give me a mouthful of hot cum like that kid just gave his coach!” Larry said all sexy like.

“Okay! – I feel something Larry! – Oh shit! – Oh man something gonna come out right now! – I think I’m gonna cum Larry! – I’m gonna cum! – Here it goes! – Oh yeah! – Oh fuck It’s going in your mouth! – I’m cumming in your mouth Larry! – Yeah suck! – Ooh keep sucking! – Yeah! – Oh Larry! – Still cumming Larry! – Oh man that tickles! – Okay! – Stop sucking! – Okay stop! – Shit that tickles.” I said.

Larry nursed on my cock until every last drop had been drained from my balls. He even opened his mouth and showed me the milky white residue the coated his tongue. Then he swallowed hard and re-opened his mouth to show how the milky goo had been swallowed.

“God damn Jimmy! – You blow a tasty load little man!” Larry said.

“Was that my sperm? – Man that felt so good!” I said.

“That’s good! – I’ll suck you off anytime you want. – All you have to do is ask, okay?” Larry said.

“Heck yeah! – Go ahead and do it again right now then!” I said all excited.

“Okay, but let me jack-off first. I need to cum too, ya know.” He said.

I watched as Larry leaned back on the sofa and started to unbutton his pants. I watched as his zipper came down and his huge bush of dark hairs came into view. My pubic patch couldn’t compare to the hairy forest that he had growing down there. My little patch was still small and could have been covered up with a book of matches. But then Larry’s big hairy cock popped into view and it was even bigger then the man’s cock in the video.

“Dang! – Look at the size of that hairy monster!” I said focused on what his hand was doing to his dick.

“This ain’t shit! – Your cock is gonna be way bigger then this when you’re my age!” Larry said.

“No way! – You’re kidding right?” I said.

Larry started telling me about all of the fun things a guy can do with his cock and asked me if I’d like to see what it’d be like when I have a big one like him. I couldn’t speak and had to resort to nodding my head up and down to signify yes. That’s when Larry took hold of my hand and gently guided it to his hard cock. It was so hard, and hot. I started stroking his man-sized meat like I’d been stroking cock my entire life. Larry had gobs and gobs of the clear stuff oozing from his fat mushroom and said started to make sex noises like the man in the video as the boy played his cock.

I watched the boy scoot over and move his bone closer to his Coach’s face. He must have known that the man would be unable to resist because he quickly swallowed the boy’s hard dick into his mouth for the second time. As he was getting sucked, the boy continued to use his hand to pleasure the large cock. I had to look at Larry to see if I was making him feel as good and then when he grabbed my thigh and started pulling my closer to his face. I knew what he wanted and I wanted too. I started scooting into position as Larry turned his head to the left and inhaled my entire cock. He sucked with his eyes closed and I watched the video to mimic the boys hand movements onto Larry’s cock. I shifted my eyes back and forth from the TV set to Larry sucking mount on my cock. He really seemed to be content milking my cock with his sucking mouth. But the man in the video had other plans. I could tell by the way he was pushing the boy’s head lower and lower to where his hand was massaging his fat hairy cock. To my surprise, the boy seemed resigned to the mans desire and opened his mouth as the fat cock head touched his lips. He took more then half of the mans cock into his mouth and climbed on top of him in the process.

I could feel Larry bringing to that place with his sucking mouth and a sense of jealously washed over my entire body. I watched them both on the video so into sucking while being sucked and I felt empty and left out. That kid was sucking a mans cock while a man sucked his and I was not about to be denied. I thought about asking Larry if it would be okay if I tried sucking on his dick, but then something told me that he wouldn’t in the least if I just started sucking without asking. So that’s what I did. The instant my tongue tasted the salty head of Larry’s fat cock, I was hooked. I let myself fall forward until I had all of the cock my mouth could handle. I started licking and sucking and found that it only made Larry do the same. I was getting close and started to suck Larry’s cock like I was sucking a golf ball through a McDonalds straw.

“Gonna cum Larry!” I hissed.

“Me too Jimmy! – Just jack me off while I swallow your load!” He said. But I didn’t. I just kept sucking and Larry warned my more urgently.

“You better watch out or you’re gonna get a man-sized load of cum in your mouth!” He said.

“Mmmm” Was my only reply as I continued to suck.

“You don’t have to do that Jimmy! – You’re not gonna like it! – Trust me!” Larry said.

I started moaning like a bitch in heat as my load poured into Larry’s sucking mouth. I heard his Adam’s Apple begin to gulp as he drank what my balls pumped down his throat. He started moaning with my cock in his mouth and I knew exactly what it meant. I knew that I was about to feel his sperm flood my mouth as mine had already done to his for the second time. Once his butt lifted up from the sofa and his hands forced my head down on his cock, I knew. It was nothing like I imagined it would be and I was surprised how soon after he started cumming that my mouth was filled to capacity with his sperm. I swallowed just in time for the remaining blasts to full my mouth halfway. Larry looked at me in utter disbelief as I opened my mouth hand showed him the cum-coated insides of my mouth. Then I swallowed it and showed him again like he had done for me. I came back to Larry’s the next day and was paid my car wash fee even though I never washed Larry’s car again. I picked up some signals from Larry that other customers had given in the passed, but I didn’t know what they meant. I made sure to stop by Dan’s the following weekend to see if he’d invite me inside for a cold drink like he did last time. I didn’t know why he was so interested in school, classes, and especially gym class. The nervous tone in his voice made me sort of nervous, and that’s why I left so abruptly.

I was determined to make Dan seduce me like Larry had, but this time I would have a little fun. Now that I knew what he was after, I’d have a little fun giving it to him in little bits and pieces. I suppose that I wanted a man-toy to play with and I was going to get it. After all! – Whatever Jimmy wants – Jimmy Goetz

To Be Continued -

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2016-03-16 03:11:32
It was well written and made me think so the young lad across the street I called him to help on some things and then I showed him this story and we tried all of the t hings that were written and now we are looking forward to going to the beach next week for four days, his folks said it was OK.

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2016-02-21 22:46:01
Keep coming back to this story and just recently was rewarded to have a young lad visit me and read this with me and and have done the first phase of my sucking his cock and when he was leaving he said when I come back next week let me suck yours, I nicely took mine out and said give a big kiss before leaving and he did with a little bit of open mouth, he comes back tomorrow. I hope.

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2014-01-23 14:06:10
great story. maybe could have had a little bit more before the porn but overall an eight out of ten. keep writing dude.

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2009-06-09 00:28:54
a million outta a million stars


2008-05-10 23:01:50
dude, jimmy getz > "jimmy" gatz > james gatz > jay gatsby from The Great Gatsby?

or am I just an american lit nerd?

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