Daddy loves rubbing daughter
I'd been watching my daughter carefully since she'd turned 12. That was when she really started developing, and she definitely let me know it! It seemed like she wore less and less clothing as her breasts got bigger. By the time she was 14, she had a very impressive pair of 36C breasts...and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them.

For a little over a year now, she'd taken to walking around the house in the thinnest of t-shirts and skimpiest of shorts or skirts, bra and panties, or in bikinis that can be best descriped as 3 triangles held together with dental floss. I know it's partly my fault, since I let her buy those clothes, but I never could say no to my little girl.

It was on one of her bikini days that this story starts.

She came home from school and immediately started taking her shirt off as she made her way to her room. I was in the living room watching television and tried to keep my eyes on the screen as she walked past, peeling off her t-shirt. I looked up to see what she'd be wearing when she came out of her room. She was wearing her favorite purple bikini, I loved watching her walk in her bikinis, they let her breasts bounce as she walked towards me. The view from behind wasn't bad either, she had a great ass. I noticed she was limping as she came over to give me a hug and I asked her what was wrong.

"It's nothing, my feet just hurt from PE, we were running laps," she said.

"Do you want me to rub them for you?"

I loved rubbing her feet, she had perfectly shaped toes, as adorable as her face and as sexy as her body.

She smiled at me and said "Would you? Thank you, daddy."

I positioned myself so that my left foot was on the couch, the leg bent at the knee, my right foot flat on the floor. She sat down on the other end of the couch, raising her long legs and placing them with her calves on my right thigh. I started with her left foot, relishing the feel of her soft foot in my hands for a moment. Then I began to use my thumbs, in small circular motions, to massage her sole. I started at her heel and worked my way up, finishing by massaging each little toe. I lifted her foot to my mouth and gave her a soft kiss on her big toe before putting her foot down and proceeding to her right foot. I gave her right foot the same treatment, along with the kiss at the end.

She'd been getting more and more relaxed as I rubbed her feet. By the time I was done, she had her head back with her eyes closed, emitting soft moans throughout her foot rub. My cock had been hard since the minute she'd sat down and her left foot bumped it as she straightened herself on the couch. She looked down at her foot pressed against my cock for a second, then continued so the she was in a sitting position. It took all my will power not to moan when her foot touched my cock, and I tried to cover the small sound that escaped by groaning as I straightened myself out on the couch. We continued watching tv, some sitcom was on by this point, but neither one of us really paid much attention. I was watching her eyes, she kept stealing glances at the obvious bulge in my shorts.

Nothing else happened that night. We had dinner, watched a little more tv and then went to our separate beds. I didn't think that would be the end of it, and I was right. The afternoon foot rub became a ritual. She'd come home, change, come into the living room and ask me to rub her feet. As the weeks went on, we each got bolder and bolder with each other. My finished kiss would linger, or I'd playfully tickle the bottom of her feet with my tongue. She began to intentionally rub her feet and legs against my cock as she settled herself on me. I lost count of the number of times her feet would "accidentally" bump my cock as we finished.

It was a Wednesday afternoon that she took things to a whole new level. She came home and went to her room to change as usual, but she emerged from her room wearing, not a bikini as usual, but a wife beater that was so tight, it might as well have been see-thru and a really short jean skirt. She acted like nothing was different and I tried to keep my eyes in my sockets as we settled ourselves on the couch. It wasn't long after I started rubbing her feet that I felt brave enough to peek up at her and I almost choked when I saw she wasn't wearing panties. She already had her eyes closed, her head leaning back, and I couldn't decide what I wanted to look at more, her hard nipples that could be clearly seen through her shirt, or her nude pussy.

I stopped caring whether or not she saw me staring as I looked at my little girl's pussy and just kept rubbing her feet, listening to her moan, my eyes glued to the exposed area under her skirt. When I brought her foot up to give it a kiss, she moved her leg. This resulted in two things, 1. she'd inadvertantly shoved her first three toes into my mouth and 2. it'd caused her skirt ride up to her hips, completely exposing her beautiful pussy to my eyes (which I think her was original intention). She was surprised to find her toes in my mouth and moaned loudly when I started to slide my tongue between her toes. She wasn't the only one disappointed when I removed her foot and started rubbing her other foot. Her pussy was now completely exposed and my eyes were completely glued. At the end of the massage, she made a show of stretching, just an excuse to rub her feet back and forth across my rock hard cock, before she sat up.

The rest of the night was uneventful, but as I went to bed that night, I made a vow to myself that I'd have her by the end of the week.

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Actually a lame start.

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*groans softly* I love your stories, I had a guy a while back turned me on to the whole foot woship scene; and at the same time another friend of mine tried to turn me on to shoe worship- didn't work very well... But I love stories about foot worship; I have a few of my own (on both ends) in my iPod but none here. Keep writing please

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that was sooo hot omg wat a story

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great story. Keep it up.

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