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A father realizes his love for his daughter.
Note to the reader: The is part II of a story that started with what one might call a slow burn. I have read many stories on this topic but I wanted something more true to life. This takes a real world approach and therefore may seem slow at first. However, I promise, you will not be disappointed if you commit to the story. Enjoy.



Opening my eyes and looking around I feel disoriented for a moment, this isn’t my room.

The previous night’s escapades come rushing back in a flood of memories. I honestly wasn't sure it would work but who could turn down a cute little girl with nipple clamps? Speaking of which, I'm going to pay for wearing those over the next day or so. Anyways, if you some how could turn away a pair of nipples, clamped, and sitting atop a pair of perky breasts, one would definitely not say “No” to an enthusiastic blowjob? I feel rather proud of myself actually, considering it was my first blowjob on a real penis (practicing on Romeo paid off apparently). I thought I did quite well. God I love just thinking about having his penis in my mouth, using my tongue to play with the helmet, feeling the warmth and mass in my mouth. I mean loosing my virginity was life changing and not nearly as painful as I had expected but there was just something about having a cock in my mouth that turned me on so much.

I roll over to see dad lying on his back sound asleep. I can’t help but smile, here I am in the bed of this incredibly handsome man and he’s all mine. I bite my lip as an idea pops into my head. I’ve read plenty enough stories to know that men fantasize about being woken up a particular way and just thinking about it makes my sex moisten.

My mouth feels dry as cotton so with the nimbleness of a cat I crawl over to the nightstand and pluck the glass of water off the coaster. I take a silent swig and then gently replace the glass to it's resting spot. Then, carefully, I slide over and pull the covers back revealing dad’s flaccid penis. Half watching what I’m doing and half watching his face, I gently take his floppy noodle into my hand. I almost laugh at how soft it feels compared from last night, plus it looks surprisingly different given most penises I’ve seen on screen have always been in some sort of erect state. I finally get a hold of it and start playing with the head. The trick I found is not gripping it to tight, allowing the head to slip past the circle of my thumb and fingers.

When he started getting hard I couldn’t believe he didn’t show any signs of waking. I continued the gentle stroking for a minute or so until he stirred. I froze solid, watching his eyes very intently, figuring they would be the first sign of waking. When I was sure he was still asleep I returned to the job at hand. He had grown quite large, almost to his full length; his staff was now quite solid and emitting a bit of heat.

I pull my hair to one side, holding it in a bun, and slowly plant my elbow between his legs. With my other hand I grab the base of his dick and point it towards me and lower my mouth on to his pink head. As I feel the familiar warm spongy helmet press into the roof of my mouth I slide my tongue along the bottom of his shaft. I then seal my lips around his rod, produce a little suction, and begin to methodically bob my head.

Feeling the soft spongy head push against the back of my throat, I take a moment just to enjoy the fact that I have a penis back in my mouth. Knowing the power I wield makes me feel incredibly sexy and can feel my heart beating as my lower lips start to tingle. Then I notice dad’s eyes fluttering, so I redouble my efforts. Seeing that he’s starting to awaken I disregard all sense of my clandestine operation and imitate what I’ve seen so many girls do on video before.

I start bobbing my head more aggressively, utilizing the entire length of his cock. This causes the seal of my lips to break, making the oh so familiar dick slurping sound effect. At this point dad lets out a moan and opens his eyes. My swollen pussy instantaneously becomes soaking wet knowing that I just woke dad up with a blowjob.

Keeping his man meat nestled deep in my mouth I carefully get up on my hands and knees. I continue to work my tongue around his head while I reach down and grab hold of his balls and give them a squeeze.

“Good god you sure know how to wake a person up,” dad groans in ecstasy.

I respond by forcing as much of his cock into my mouth as I can, which causes me to gag. I’m a little embarrassed but dad just smiles and traces a finger from my neck down my back to my ass and gives it a squeeze.

“You’re not going to be able to deep throat just like that… do you know what deep throat means?” he asks.

I take break to answer, “Yes, I’ve done a lot of… er-ah, research.”

I was a little annoyed that he thought that I didn’t know what it meant to deep throat a guy but I was more annoyed that he thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. I made a mental note to do some actual research and surprise him with how fast I can learn.

“Okay, alright,” he started, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be condescending.”

He then reached down and started teasing my nipple that was just within his reach, evoking a moan from me as the pleasurable shock shot through my body. In return I lowered my head and sucked one of his balls into my mouth and started tickling it with my tongue. Grunting with pleasure, he then pinched and twisted my nipple. OH FUCK, I loved that!

The stimulation of my nipples, along with how turned on I was from giving head, induced a guttural response from me, popping his ball from my mouth I growl,“Ahh, fuck, I want to swallow your cum daddy!”

“A-are you sure honey?” he asks warily.

“Yesss,” I replied breathlessly as he continued to torque my nipple.

“Okay, let me know if your mouth gets tired and I’ll give you a hand—literally,” he added with a laugh finally releasing his little prisoner.

I looked up at him with a smirk, always the jokester, and then plunged his penis back into my wet warm cock pleaser. I pulled my knees up underneath me for better support and redoubled my efforts. Again, falling back on the vids I’d watched, I emulated the technique I’d seen so often. Sucking hard on the head, I placed my right hand on his shaft, extending my coverage and then grabbed hold of his balls with my left hand.

I then began to bob my head up and down, while maintaining suction and lashing my tongue at the underside of his helmet where the most sensitive area of the penis is located. Even though I was off to the side I was able to twist his member slightly enough that I didn’t catch him with my teeth.

After a few moments I knew I was doing a good job because first, his grunts of pleasure had become more frequent and second, he can't help but grabbing and pawing at handfuls of my tits and ass. Then without warning he slipped a finger into my pussy causing me to release a deep moan on his dick.

“Oh, fuck yes honey! That’s it,” he states.

Of course, guys love it when girls moan and squeal whenever they’re doing something sexual, duh. So I begin to moan every couple of times I feel his spongy head push to the back of my throat. This is apparently what he was waiting for because his hips start to pump in concert with the bobbing of my head.

Dad then starts to work his finger in and out of me, hooking and pressing against my G-spot causing my vision to blur with ecstasy. When he finally relents after a solid minute of massaging my hidden sponge of nerves, I suck him harder and faster than before. I’m surprised when I feel his balls start to move and contract. I had no idea they could be so… mobile.

“Oh god, oh—honey. I’m going to...” dad manages through a clenched jaw.

Then without any further warning I feel his cock jerk and ropes of cum spurt into my mouth. It’s really salty but I’m so turned on I convince myself it tastes like ambrosia and swallow the first load. The next couple of ropes are too much for me and his spunk starts to slip past my lips oozing down his tool.

I slow to a stop and just hold his twitching penis in my mouth as I milk the last few drops of cum from his shaft pressing my tongue against the underside of his shaft. Satisfied that he has nothing more to give me I swirl my tongue around his head one last time. This causes dad to jump and pull me off his dick. I giggle because I know he’s completely spent and can’t take anymore.

“OH! Okay, sweetie, that’s enough,” he chokes out.

“Mmm, that was delicious,” I say as I lick my lips.

Dad pulls me up to him in one fluid motion and embraces me in a deep and passionate kiss. I run my hands over his broad chest and shoulders and hug him tight. Settling against him, he rests one of his arms on top of me and I take a moment to relish the fact I just gave my dad a proper blowjob.

As I pry my eye's open I immediately sense how empty the bed feels from my lover's absence. Even though I'm a bit groggy I can smell the delicious aroma of cooking bacon and I realize how hungry I am. So I decide it's time to slide out of bed and shuffle off to the shower.

Between yesterday afternoon's activities, to giving up my virginity in the evening, and this morning's little escapade, I'm quite... messy. My hair is an absolute mess, my skin is sticky with sweat, and I feel crusty and gross between my legs. When the hot water rushes over my body it feels like a godsend. I stand underneath the strong streams of hot water allowing the past 24hrs to wash off me.

As I build a lather and began washing the sticky salt of leftover sweat from my shoulders and biceps I can't help but get lost in the ever so present memories of being gripped by dad as he picked me up by the arms to placed me over his staff. Then as I carefully soap my breasts, I feel my nipples sting from the near hours of being pinched by the clamps or twisted by dad. Finally, as I gently wash the patch of hair between my legs and my fingers delicately clean my sensitive lips, I become frozen in time, reliving every thrust into her and every orgasm that shook me. But then there was something I couldn't clean, something else itching at the back of my consciousness, I couldn't place it but I just felt bothered.

I finally leave the warm embrace of the shower and continue my morning ritual. After brushing my teeth and what not I scurry over to my room. The cabin is surprisingly a little chilly so I grab a nice long comfy sweater and pull on some yoga pants and wool socks.

The extra cushion of my socks allows me to sneak up behind dad as he's scrapping the scrambled eggs on to a plate. So I snake my arms around him and give him a big hug as I nuzzle into his broad back.

“Well, good morning to you as well. I was wondering if you were feeling alright after... you know, yesterday-last night-and...” he trails off.

“I'm fine,” I state rather assertively as I let him go and grab a chair at the table.

“Okay, okay, I remember our chat from last night. It's just that—you—we are going to have to allow for an adjustment period. I want you to understand that I love you very much. And even though there is a part of me that believes that I should feel some sense of shame because what we did is socially unacceptable, I don't care. The way I felt with you last night... I haven't felt that in a long time. A-and I want to continue feeling it.”

“Wow, that is a weight lifted of my shoulders. I was really concerned that you were going to be upset or at least regretful of yesterday, last night and...” I half mock at the end teasing a smile from his lips.

“No, of course not, I mean it. I mean, I'm not going to say I haven't been struggling with coming to grips with what we've done. I've gone back and forth about a dozen times in my head with being okay with it and not. But I've gotten over those mental hurdles and now I just want us to focus on us and what this means for our—er, I don't know, our future, our relationship.”

“Daddy, I can't even begin to describe how good that makes me feel. This morning in the shower, I couldn't help but think about, well, everything we've done in the past day but yet there was this nagging sense of... something not being right. I guess, I'm just really glad to hear that you aren't ashamed of what we did.”

Setting our plates down in there respective spots on the table, dad then squats and rotates both me and the chair to face him. He pulls me close and gently speaks into my ear, “I will never be ashamed of you, of us.”

I grasp his chiseled jaw in both of my hands and find his lips with mine and kiss, I kiss him to show him not only a demonstration of my love but also how much I appreciate his acceptance. This is the first moment in the last week I began to relax and I start to feel normal again

The rest of the day turned out rather normal. Which, in all honesty sort of caught me off guard. I suppose I had built up this big idea of what being in a sexual relationship would be that I didn't think about the down time. Mainly, as much as I wanted to jump my new lovers bones, or rather one in particular, my tummy hurt, not like the flu, just more of an ache. Also, “she” didn't feel great either, definitely some soreness, nothing bad though.

Anyway, dad was being so cute. I guess the great thing about him is that he's a natural at taking care of me already. He for sure could sense that I was feeling a little off so we just laid, stretched out on the sofa, binge watching a box-set of actual DVD's the guys on his crew got him for Christmas. It is about a modern day cowboy sheriff driving around Wyoming in his Ford “Bronco” dealing out justice; Real subtle writers, haha.

I could tell by the end of our lazy day that dad was getting a little restless. There were even a few times I almost rolled over and did something about a certain hard object I felt jabbing me in the back and butt randomly throughout the day. Instead, I felt a little selfish and continued watching the show, just enjoying the warmth that emanated from his large mass. Then when I noticed he kept checking his phone, I finally decided I'd say something.

“Dad, I hope your not bored... I'm just... I'm a little tired and I--”

“Ah, what? Oh, no. No-no-no, honey,” he said half frowning, furrowing his brow. “It's nothing. I just... the weather cleared up real nice today and I guess I'm just surprised I haven't heard anything from the company about showing up to work.”

Oh shit sickles! I forgot to revert the router back to normal!!! I slowly got up and made some excuse about having to go to the bathroom. On my way back I quick dipped into my room and returned all the settings to default and, for good measure, I filled up a glass of water at the sink before returning to the sofa.

“Hey ya' know, I was thinking. Maybe the router has to be reset or something?”

“That's a good idea, kiddo.”

Upon that revelation dad went over and reset the router and sure enough his phone lighted up like Time Square on New Year's Eve. After a bit of reading through emails it turns out the company wanted everyone back the next day. They would be sending snow-machines out to those who lived in areas where plows hadn't made it. Luckily he got this message when he did because it was on him to put in a request with dispatch. Yikes, that was a close one.

We both must have dozed after dinner because I woke up to the the theme song of our sheriff playing on repeat in the DVD menu. Half asleep I switch everything off and wake dad and tell him to get to bed because he has work in the morning. I then made my way to my own bed, neglecting to shower or brush my teeth.

As I try and get back to sleep I start replaying last nights events in my head over and over. Evidently this sort of marathoning leaves you feeling recharged because now I couldn't ignore the swelling of my lips and crossing my legs didn't help at all. I reach over, pull my drawer open, and fish out my vibe. I expertly switch him on and place the head over my clit as I recall father bottoming out in me. Oh god, my hips start to shake. After a concentrated moment of pleasure on my love button I can't take it any longer, I just want release. I hold Romeo still and press him into my clit and seconds later I feel the gods lick me from my head to my toes.

My mind clears as I drift off to sleep and I finally realize what's been bothering me about last night. He pulled out. Dad pulled out before he finished and now I feel like my experience isn't complete. The itch that has been building up in the back of my mind is finally a full blown rash spreading throughout my psyche and there is only one thing that can alleviate the discomfort it's causing: I need dad to cum inside me... deep inside. Then I'll finally be satisfied.


When I finish my morning routine the following morning I realize dad must have left pretty early because its just past 8:30am. I decide my recent realization is no excuse to stop studying. After all, at this point I should be able to make this happen pretty organically.

Mathematics, all though it comes easy to me, is still a bore and incredibly difficult to teach yourself. I find the hardest part is you don't know if you are doing anything wrong, especially when it comes to the more complicated stuff like Algebra and Trig. Well, at least it's complicated to me... I suppose I'm half fearing, half looking forward to Calculus next year, or whenever I get around to it.

My mind can't seem to keep it's concentration on the equations and shapes on the pages in front of me. I keep drifting off to my memories of the night before, I can feel this warmth building inside of me deep, deep down, making my heart race and my cheeks flush.

“Fuck!” I shout to myself as I push away from the desk. I expedite my transit to my room by taking long strides and then hopping over the foot of my bed. Pushing down my yoga pants with one hand the other reaches into the top drawer where I left him last night. I figured there was no real reason to go great lengths of hiding Romeo an longer. Also, if he was found it'd probably just mean more fun... maybe I'd share his existence sooner than later.

I focus on recalling the soft, warm, and wet feel of dad's tongue as he circled and sucked a nipple into his mouth, giving mine a pinch, irl, to make it all the more arousing. Then I trace my fingers down the path his tongue took to my waiting sex. I set him to low and start circling my clit. As my little buddy starts to swell and tingle under her attention, I can almost smell my dad's scent.

Oh god that makes me so wet. I love the way he smells, so musky, so manly. My butt starts to do it's little squirm as I feel myself push up against that familiar wall. I go back to concentrating on how he had me convinced my pussy was the only one he'd ever tasted and the sweetest one at that. My toes point down and my body locks up as a rich, warm, and welcomed orgasm washes over me.

Almost immediately all my desire, my horniness subsides and I come back to reality. Whoa, that was intense. With a much clearer head I'm now able to refocus. I take a moment longer to consider how clouded my judgment became the hornier I got. Then I pulled up my pants and went back to studying and finished up my homework in just a few hours. I still have time left over to complete a few chores around the house, and get dinner started.

Stirring the beans one more time I try emailing dad a quick question on when he'll be home since my texts don't seem to be going through today. This works as he responds pretty quickly that it'll be a little over and hour. I let him know dinner's keeping warm on the stove, so I can wait till he gets home.

I plop down in front of the fire place, shed my top and enjoy the heat as it radiates across my chest as I sip on my tea . I start pondering on whether dad would loose his mind if I tried something like locking my legs around his waist as he cums. If only I could talk to Laura about this... well, not this specifically. “Hey Laura, I'm fucking my dad and want him to come in me.” Yeah, that'd go over real well.

I guess I just wonder if it's normal to want the guy to finish inside of you. Yes, I could go to Yahoo Answers or Reddit and see how people have responded but everyone knows both are full of trolls and other assholes.

Maybe I should try going on a couple dates with one of the guys. Hell, they've left me a dozen texts already and I've answered a few times. All I would really need to do is get them to come out here maybe a couple times and that should sell Laura.

Ugh, why does this have to be so complicated?! In the interim though, I conclude that I'll have to get crafty because there is no way dad is going to simply agree to a request. I suppose I could test the waters over dinner. But for now I found this video, by a girl named Heather, on how to deep throat and have another sort of studying to do.

Filling the water pitcher at the sink I go over the talking points in my head once more.
As I make my way to my chair, I steel myself for the conversation and hope it goes somewhat smoothly.

Dad scoops me a serving of beans as I sit down at the table and asks how my day went. It's hard to explain but there is this sense of awkwardness in the air. Is this what we're going to do, are we going to continue carrying on like nothing has changed? Dad will still treat my like a kid in school and ask if I got my homework done, then I'll ask how his day at work went?

“Ah-hem, ah, I mean, it went fine I guess. I finished all my reading and even did my chores for the day... pretty boring aside from that. How about you? Did you have to play catch up?” I ask awkwardly as my voice breaks.

Oh my god, this is so weird! What's happening?! I feel like I'm talking to a crush or something. I can barely speak straight, my mind keeps drifting to random thoughts, and I feel super self conscious all of a sudden.

Dad, answering quite gruffly, spits out, “Yea, lots of hours missed, had to really push my guys today.”

We sit and eat in an even more awkward silence than before. I'm barely hungry so I end up only eating a few more bites and began pushing my food around. Then out of the corner of my eye I notice dad keeps stealing glances at me.

I'm wearing a pair of booty shorts and shear peach colored deep V that I picked off of American Apparel. Gazing down I see my nipples are pushing against the fabric quite nicely. I straighten my posture, which further accentuates the two perky mounds which have been filling out, especially over the past few months.

Suddenly dad drops his fork on the table and pushes back from the table and chokes out, “I'm sorry, I just need to--”

As he stands I see his hardened member straining against his nylon shorts. The air catches in my throat and my stomach fills with butterflies as I realize what's happening. No, I'm not going to let this sexual tension ruin what we've just discovered! I go with my gut and reach out quickly grabbing hold of him by the one thing I know he won't try to tear away from my hand.

“Honey!” he half shouts, “We—we can't do this. I know what I said yesterday and what we talked about, it's just now I've had a full day to really contemplate on what we've done... what I did to you... I—we—JESUS, you're my daughter!”

I squeeze his meat stick with all of my might, not to tease or seduce him but purely to get his attention. It works because he lets out a surprised grunt. I loosen my grip and stare directly into his eyes.

“I'm sorry but I need you to listen to my very carefully. I conspired for this, not you. I longed for this, not you. I chose this, not you... only. So could you please stop acting like I'm some helpless little innocent daughter who fell for her father?”

“But, sweetie, we ca--AH” I cut him off with another sharp squeeze.

“Yes, yes we can. In fact, we already have and I fucking loved it. Didn't you?” I ask half hurt that he was ignoring the love we felt the night before.

“Of course honey, it's just that...”

“Nooooo, stop, please. We've gone over this...just... remember when we talked about social norms and what not when it came to the native women of this land having to cover up to make the White Man happy? Well, I'm not going to be like them... well not completely anyways. I'm not going to change who I am to fulfill some societal norm because I have something they didn't. You. You can allow me to be me, at least here in our home.”

Stealing his chance to rebut, I balance on my tiptoes, wrap my arms around his neck, and pull my self up to lips. With utter relief I feel him fully embrace me, hugging me tight and kissing me back just as passionately. He then reaches down and takes each of my ass cheeks into his hands and picks me up.

The tears surprise me more than I think they did him. I just feel this immense sense of relief as he carries me to his room. If this is a battle in a war, I won, however, hopefully, I won't have to convince him every time I want to have sex or this could get quite tiring.

My clothes are off and I'm pushing the sheets aside before dad finishes stepping out of his shorts. The look of lust in his eyes, as he sweeps me off my feet, stirs my tummy. The sense of weightlessness as he lowers me to the bed only adds to the chill of exhilaration
I feel dance down my spine.

We embrace each other as he lowers himself onto me, kissing and exploring each others mouths with our tongues. I'm already wet and swollen from wrapping my little hands around his staff as I made my declaration.

I pull myself up to his ear and whisper, “I need you in me. Now.”

I nibble his ear, as I've seen in the vids, and this drives him nearly mad! He pushes me down, reaches down and grabs hold of his pulsing dick. I let out a gasp as I feel the heat coming off his head as it presses up against my lips. Gaining control, he then expertly dips in and out of my love hole, coating himself with my juices.

Letting out a long grunt dad finally buries himself deep in me. I almost can't take it, it feels like his penis is a hot rod pushing me apart in every direction. Sensing my discomfort, dad pauses and looks down at me smiling.

“What?” I gasp.

“Nothing, it's just that... you're so beautiful and mature and so incredibly smart. I love that you are your own person.”

I smile, my cheeks blushing from more than just my current physical condition. I pepper him with kisses as he starts to pull out and gently starts thrusting into me. Slow at first but then he picks up the pace.

Hooking my arms under his I try to hold on to his shoulders as I lay back and enjoy the stimulation of having a cock piston in and out of me. I begin to feel a pressure building up in my sex as my orgasm starts to bubble. With each following thrust I begin to blabber about how much I love the dick in me; Taking this queue dad delivers a few surgical thrusts that send me over the edge.

My pussy begins to spasm around his staff which causes him to last only a few more thrusts before I feel his whole body go rigid. Only half able recall my burning desire to feel my dad's cum fill my love canal, I try and wrap my legs around his waist. However, I'm too slow and too clumsy or dad is too strong because after giving one final push, he pulls out spilling his seed on the sheets. He collapses on the bed next to me pinning one of my legs.

“Jesus honey, did you just try what I think you did?!”

Embarrassed that I was caught in the act I attempt to play it off as though I didn't hear him and give a moan for good measure. In my defense, my mind is still fuzzy from my many little mini orgasms and I'm only just recovering from my last big one.

After a few minutes pass, he tries again, “Honey,” pausing for dramatic effect now doubt, “seriously now, what was all that about at the end? Were you caught up in the moment? Did you not understand I was about”

“I—I don't know. I guess I was just really in the moment... I didn't want it to stop, it felt too good to stop.” I give the best confused performance I can put on.

“Okay, well, I'm barely just coping with all this. I don't want to upset you again but you have to understand that I've spent a whole lot more time as an adult, living in a world, a society, where what we're doing here isn't acceptable.

“In fact, if you were to get pregnant... I... I'm not sure. I just, I can't think about that right now. Do you understand?”

Taking a moment to process everything, a few things cross my mind. I guess, first, he seems a whole lot more comfortable with us then he did at the beginning of dinner. So I suppose that's a win. In terms of pregnancy, I guess it may sound stupid but I've only really thought about it abstractly, not how it would effect me personally. Which led me to the following question.

“Well, do you want to do something about that? I mean, I could order condoms online... although, you should probably place the order unless you feel comfortable with the fact that Amazon knowing your teenage daughter is having sex.”

“Yea, I suppose we've already played with a bit fire too many times as it is... Jesus, where are you in your cycle?”

“DAD! O-M-G, boundaries much?”

“I'm sorry sweetie, we crossed that boundary when you climbed up on top of me and I took you to bed. In fact, now that you're sexually active, I think it's time to take you in for your first OB appointment.”

“Really, I mean, I suppose--”

“Yeah well, this is something I Googled years ago and I had been selfishly putting off after your thirteenth birthday. I guess I didn't want to admit my baby girl is growing up.”

“I suppose that's more difficult to deny now more than ever,” I tease as I trace his abs down to his treasure trail.

“Yes, I suppose so and with that, upon your visit, I think you should request to be put on the pill. If that's okay with you.”

I don't know why it surprised me so much to hear dad suggest the pill. Hell, just talking about birth control in such a matter of fact way was a little weird. Maybe he likes this a whole lot more than I suspected.


In between chores the following day I decided to text Mark. I'd technically hung out with him more as he'd always be sure to sit next to me on movie nights at the theater. Yes, Joseph was there as well but he rarely ever made an attempt to get my attention like Mark did. Also, I have a hunch Mark's the type of guy to kiss and tell, just hopefully not to much... or even better yet, maybe he'll exaggerate.

Me: hey
. . .
Mark: hey
Me: my dad's been working late on Thurs a lot lately
Me: want to come over and watch a movie or something
Mark: Sure! :)
Mark: yeah, I mean, sounds like fun
Me: yay, see you
. . .
Mark: hey... your dads cool with this right
Me: yes of course
Me: why
Mark: nothing, guys giving me a hard time
Me: ok
Mark: ok cool
Mark: see you thurs

Okay, maybe I didn't think this all the way through. I mean, I hadn't actually asked dad about this... but he'd have to be cool with it, right? It makes perfect sense to me, well, selfishly it did. I really wanted to talk to Laura about certain things and it'd seem kinda odd if I wasn't dating someone on the regular.

The day flew by, probably because I was sort of dreading the talk I'd have to have with dad. I felt so weird, yes, technically I was single to the outside world but to dad and myself there was, I felt, an unspoken agreement of exclusivity. Will this make dad jealous? Will he be upset? Will he disprove, oh god, I don't want to get into a fight about this. What have I done?!

Sitting at the dinner table, the gentle clink of silverware on flatware filled the absence left from our lack of conversation. I shifted in my seat, not being able to get comfortable, tucking one leg and then the other. I took a deep breath between chewing, swallowed my chicken, and exhaled.

“So, ahhh, dad,” I started rather shakily and then found some courage, “I was thinking. You know, to sort of keep up appearances and maybe to avoid some awkward convo's in the future with Laura or, you know, whoever, maybe I should invite Mark over to hang out.”


Oh god, I knew this was a bad idea! Stupid, stupid, stupid, why can't I ever just wait before I act. It's always, say what's on your mind, do this, do that, never thinking of the consequences. Okay, think, how do I spin this?

Dad continues, “Sorry honey, I was lost in thought. Did you say you wanted to invite Mark over... to talk to Laura?”

Whew, okay, maybe we're fine, “I was saying, you know, in case something slips, like I'm on the pill or will be soon, whatever... or you know, anything else. Well, I was just thinking it be a good idea to have a credible back story.

“It's not that I'm into Mark, it's just that he seems like a decent guy and it would appear pretty plausible if we were a thing. So I was wondering if it'd be cool if he came over here on Thursday and hung out?”

“Oh, um, well,” dad's brow furrows in the typical cute fashion where I can tell he's really thinking about something, “I suppose that sort of makes sense. I just don't know how I feel about that objectively. You know, first, there's quite the age difference and next, what is it exactly you two plan on doing?”

“We'd probably just sit around and watch Netflix or something on Amazon, I don't know. And, well, as for the age thing... aren't you the one who said something about finding boys around my age in the area or whatever. It's not like I'm actually going to do anything with him. I mean even if I did, I've slept with older.” I end with a smile trying my hand at humor hoping to break the tension.

“Uh-huh, real funny, are you trying to get me on your side or not?”

“I was just--”

“It's okay, I know what you meant. I suppose it's fine but seriously, be careful with this boy. Guys don't like being strung along and they expect something in return if they put in the effort. So make sure you are clear about your intentions... whatever they may be. Understand?”

Wow, I'm a little in shock, I really thought I was going to have to fight for this but it appears dad is on board. Now I guess I'm going to have to figure out exactly what I want to make of this or at least what I want Mark to believe.

“Thank you daddy! I really, really appreciate this, honestly, I'll be smart and make sure to think before leading him anywhere.”


Wednesday was blur of getting all my homework in, completing my daily chores, and reading what people had to say on what to expect from “Netflix and chill.” I also squeezed in a session with Romeo. I'd been doing that a whole lot lately, since having sex I feel like I've been hornier than ever. Which has led me to finding a couple of solutions. One, since it's new to me, that has really been taking up my time, is practicing the techniques I've learned about deepthroating. My most recent accomplishment has been to push Romeo up against my uvula and a little beyond without gagging. The other is flirrting with dad... a lot. Seriously, I don't know if it's normal but every night I want to fuck my brains out. I've been giving dad a little space because he still seems anxious about our new relationship but a woman has needs! I've tried subtlety, you know, bending over or pushing out my chest; making comments about his muscly chest and arms; and even little touches when moving past him in the kitchen or sitting on the couch. Nothing.

I just really, really want him inside me and more. I don't completely get it but if I want to orgasm fast, all I have to do is think about is him cumming in me and it pushes me over the edge. It almost seems like the only thing I can think about. I find myself day dreaming about it and unable to concentrate on anything else until I take care of business.

Dad came home a little earlier than expected so we made dinner together. It was actually really nice. I love cooking with him because he always seems so confident in everything he does, from chopping up veggies to adding spices. You can tell that he really cares about what he's doing because he'll taste something and make a very thoughtful face then make a slight change to the seasoning.

We talked about a bunch of random stuff over a delicious dinner. Then dad started to put the leftovers away and as I was clearing the plates dad surprised me with a rather straight forward question.

“So, are you looking forward to tomorrow night... what do you have planned?”

“Oh... I was thinking of just keeping it low key. You know, movie, popcorn, and talking about whatever.”

“Yeah, that seems nice. Well, I took off a little early tonight so we could spend some time together--”

“Really, that's fun! What do you want to do tonight?”

“Well, we can do whatever you'd like and, as I was saying, that gives me a reason to hang around work later tomorrow night.”

“Oh,” I reply a little more melancholic than I intended.

“Hey, that doesn't mean I don't want to have fun with you tonight, I was just saying that I was giving you some space tomorrow. Never mind, what would you like to do tonight honey?”

“Umm, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind starting by giving me a massage.” I shot back thinking on my feet.

I was aching after all, for his touch. It had been too many nights since I enjoyed our bond and his warm embrace. So the mere thought of just feeling his hands focus on bringing me pleasure, even if it was just a massage, sparked the embers in my tummy.

“Then we can watch an episode or two of a show,” I added for good measure.

“Sure, I suppose I could do that for you.”

“Thanks, dad! Let me go change... and where should I lie down?”

“How about you move the sectional so that you can lie down at a comfortable height for me.”

We had a nice Swedish sectional that you could make into a couple of convenient and functional shapes. After I changed into a pair of loose fitting terry cloth shorts and light tee, I shifted the sectional and laid a towel down for myself. Then, dad, having taken the opportunity to change into something comfortable himself, came from the bathroom with the bottle of baby oil.

“I guess I don't need this,” I said as I stripped off my t-shirt off for show and lied face down.

Dad was very thoughtful and warmed the baby oil up in his hands before applying to my back. He then started to work my shoulders, middle, and lower back. It actually felt amazing. After a few more minutes of pushing and release, I decided to see if I could move things in a more carnal direction.

“Hey dad, this feels amazing but could you focus on my arms and legs?”

“Sure thing, sweetie.”

He didn't spend much time on my arms, which I was grateful for and went straight for my calves. I decided to relish the moment because I was actually surprisingly tight. I suppose it's to be expected from all the hiking I tried to catch up on over the past 48 hours after being cooped up inside for so many days.

“Mmm, that feels great but could you go higher? I think I'm sore from all the exercise I've been up to.” I tried not to sound too obvious, I still wasn't sure if he was as comfortable with our new found relationship as he claimed.

Oh my, after applying a bit more oil I felt his fingers sneak far up my thigh and nearly plant themselves at the base of my sex. His long drawn out strokes felt amazing as he pushed against my hamstring. I could barely believe it but I think the massage alone was getting me quite excited.

“That feels sooo good, daddy. Could y-- would you mind going higher and massage my glutes?” I practically beg, yet trying to sound academic. Which was the best strategy I could come up with to avoid sounding desperate.

With little hesitation he reaches up with his long meaty fingers and squeezes my butt with both hands and then transitions to pulling down the rest of my leg. The result is a feeling of utter relaxation, release, and a hint of sexual pleasure. It is by far one of the most confusing yet satisfying experiences I've had yet.

“These have got to go,” dad mutters as he grabs hold of my shorts and pulls them off in one swift action.

The kiss of the cool air on my backside causes me to involuntarily wiggle my hips a little. There is something about being completely exposed that makes me so wet. It's the sense of knowing that she's just out there for dad to see, unobstructed and for his viewing pleasure.

With a fresh application of oil dad goes to town on my ass, squeezing, pulling and massaging it in every possible combination. Every time he grips one of my cheeks it elicits a moan of pure pleasure from my lips. I can feel my other lips being pulled apart every few times he changes his grip on my hot little buns. The thought of him being able to see inside me causes my juices to flow.

My neck has become a bit tight from looking in one direction for so long. As I lift my head to turn to the other side I let out a sort of surprised yelp. I wasn't expecting such a sharp pain.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh my gawd, daddy, this feels so gooood but... it's just my neck. Could you come massage it next? I'm a little sore from being turned to the side for so long.”

“Of course,” he hissed as he shifted almost in front of me, “Sorry, I just need to get up here so I can use a different group of muscles, my hands are getting a little tired.”

I brought my arms up in front of my chest and crossed them so that I could elevate my head off the couch without smothering myself. As I did this, dad was now kneeling in front of me and as his waist came into view I could see that he was wearing just his gym shorts. It seems that he's as excited about this massage as I am, apparently, because he was pitching a huge tent.

As he squeezed and massaged my neck I couldn't help but watch him sway back and forth in his shorts. I became a little hypnotized by the swinging motion. And now that I was paying close attention I could make out the head of his penis through the fabric and I felt my sex tingle. I wanted that dick in my mouth, now.

After having worked my neck for minute or so, dad began pushing the knots down my back again. I had had enough, I waited for his hands to push down to my waist, when the weight was off my arms, and I reached out and snaked my hands into his shorts and wrapped my fingers around his shaft.

Uttering a grown of satisfaction, dad shuffled himself a bit closer. Still balancing on my other elbow I manage to reach up and pull his shorts down to expose his cock and balls. While I position myself to take him into my mouth, dad stretches down my body refocusing on my ass.

Just as I slip his pink head past my lips I feel his finger tickle my little starfish. A jolt of electricity shoots up my spine causing me to arch my back and growl on his cock, which only encourages him to push his finger against my puckered asshole. I give him one last hard suck as I pull his dick from my mouth.

“I need you inside me now!” I demand as I push myself up.

Then as though I'm using some sort of ancient sex martial arts, without letting go of his manhood I grab his arm with my other hand and force him around so that he's sitting on the end of the sectional. Keeping my grasp on his hot rod, I hook my arm over his shoulder for stability, step over one of his legs, and guide myself on to his pole.

Carefully, I lower my sex onto him and pull out to coat him in my cream. It only takes a few dips and I've made his cock so slippery I slide right down to the root. I gasp at how full I feel. With my other leg now properly positioned in full straddle, I wrap my arms around his big chest and tilt my head up to meet my lovers gaze. I'm met with a deep and exploratory kiss that reassures me in that he is loving this as much as I am.

Grabbing my ass, dad picks me up and slowly begins to bounce me on his lap. I pepper his chest with loving little pecks, feeling his back muscles bulge and flex as he pumps me up and down. As my brain begins to swim in the serotonin flushing into my system, I'm confused by the faint snicker that pierces my veil of ecstasy.

I crane my neck and nearly lose myself in his deep and sexy gaze, “Mmm—wha-what?!”.

“Oh, sorry honey, it's a crude joke I just thought o-- nevermind.”

Uttering each word in the brief pauses just before being dropped back down on his meaty shaft, “No. Please. What?” I manage

“Okay, well,” dad starts, continuing to thrust, “I never thought I'd enjoy bouncing you on my lap more than when you were a kid playing horsey!”

In a perverted sort of way I thought it was just as funny, yet sexy, which caused me to clutch his face in a fervent kiss. Loosing my ass-cheeks, dad throws his arms around me and returns the spirited embrace. Filled with an overwhelming sense of sexual energy I plant my feet and, quite simply, begin to fuck his dick as fast and hard as I can manage.

Gripping his shoulders I discover a perfect gyrating motion of grinding and thrusting that squeezes my clit between us and forces his cock to dig deep into me. I continue at a near manic pace moaning, grunting, and breathlessly calling my lovers name.

I can feel the burning hot sensation building in my tummy. My skin feels like it's electric, each time his chest hair brushes my nipples, his lips my neck, or his fingertips my ass, a spark jolts across my entire body and I feel as though I am going to erupt in ecstasy.

Dad, sensing my impending finale, grips a hold of my hips and pushes me over the edge with a few well timed thrusts. His dick reaches up into me and, my clit, smashed between us, explodes, causing me to lose complete control. I feel a gushing sensation and collapse on top of dad. I would have freaked out at the loss of my motor functions and leaking pussy if my wits hadn't been nuked by my mind blowing orgasm.

I grunt in near pain, from the over stimulation, as my pleasurer gives his final few thrusts. As I reach the peak of the final bounce he raises me a little higher and pulls me tight, escaping my love canal just be fore his precious seed, I so desire, shoots onto the wood floor below.

I don't morn my loss for more than a second, though, because I melt into dad's warm embrace as he holds me tight in our afterglow. I love the feel of our warm naked skin pressed against each other. It feels as though nothing else exists except the love between us in that very moment.

Dad takes care of clean up as I lay sweaty and oiled up, completely wrecked, on the makeshift massage table. I watch his body as he bends, squats, and lifts, picking up the oil, wiping up his mess, and shifting my legs to move me further on the couch. Dad's body really is in amazing shape, god I love how good he looks.

Dad practically had to drag me to the shower but I was more than happy to cooperate when he agreed to wash me. The way he gently caressed me as he soaped up every little bit of me made me feel so special.

Much to my disappointment, after drying me off and wrapping my hair in a towel, like when I was a child, he guided me to my room. I was far to exhausted to put up a fight and didn't want to ruin the moment. After he kissed me goodnight I fell straight asleep.


Waking the next day I slunk around the cabin completing menial but necessary tasks like my chores and school work, always so much school work. I completed most of what I had to do by a little after 4pm and finally plopped down in front of the fireplace to catch up on some Lit' I needed to read.

As I forced my way through each chapter I couldn't help but become distracted by the random yet powerful recollections of last night. From the weakest memory of the way dad caressed my cheek to the strongest, the smell of his musk as I took him in my mouth, it became more and more difficult to concentrate.

The fire snapped, crackled and popped as I read about boys being boys, eating roasted pig while acting like pigs. I checked my phone, 5:43pm. Hmm, I have a little time before Mark arrives, might as well scratch this itch. I threw the British classic on the coffee table and skirted off to my room. I fished Romeo out of the drawer of my nightstand as I pushed my shorts and undies off.

Pushing the heavy comforter to the side I pull the bed sheet up to my neck to keep me warm as I get started. I think back to last night and play the whole act in my head as I focus on my clit. I practice a little bit of edging, bringing myself right to the brink and backing off. I've found this makes my final orgasm all the more rewarding.

After a minute or so my nipples become so sensitive that the micro movement of the sheet, caused by my now heavy breathing, sends short electrical pulses to shoot down to my toes. Squeezing and pointing my toes, I fight myself, crossing and uncrossing my legs as my ecstasy ebbs and flows.

Satisfied with my teasing I plant the vibe on my clit and begin to buck awayy. My orgasm builds and builds as I feel pure pleasure wash over me, emanating in my sex spreading out across my body like little bursts of energy. When I finally climax, I hold my breath, it feels as though all the energy I've been releasing comes rushing back in then explodes out again. My hips go into a fit of jerky convulsions and I quickly remove him before peeing myself, or that's at least what it feels like would happen. I clumsily switch off the vibrator and roll over to my side basking in the aftermath as my sideways smile spasms in content.



“HELLO! Anyone home?”

I awake with a start as I realize I've dozed off and that Mark is outside on the porch.

“Shit!” I scramble for my undies and quickly pull my shorts on, “Shit, shit, shit.”

I hurry over the the bathroom and fix my hair quick and check my makeup. Everything looks in order but I take a moment to apply some fresh lip gloss. I briefly wonder why I even care, this is all just for show anyways.

“JUST A MINUTE,” I yell as I shut the door to my bedroom and take just a few more seconds to straighten myself out.

Upon opening the door I find Mark holding a bag from the local mart and invite him in. He's dressed pretty nicely in a button down tucked into his jeans with a pair of cowboy boots. I think it's cute that he's trying so hard.

“So how was the drive over? Are the roads finally all clear?”

“Yeah, for a moment there I thought the guys weren't going to let me take the truck out. They made sure to remind me we'd be walking a few miles every morning and night if I put it in the ditch! Ha ha.”

“Well, I'm glad you made it. Come on in out of the cold and let me take that for you.”

I grab the bag for him as he kicks of his boots at the entrance. Walking over to the kitchen I pull out the single item Mark has brought over, a bottle of Tennessee whiskey. Wow, subtle are we? I must have been making quite the face because Mark's cheeks turned redder than a barn door.

“I-ah-I'm sorry, the guys—I thought I should bring somethn' and figured this might help us relax, heh!” he stuttered as he apologized quite abashedly.

“Oh, it's fine, I just recently discovered I'm more in to wine. But this is fine!” I try to sound as convincing as possible on that last bit.

I grab a couple of glasses from the cabinet, unscrew the top, and pour some into each glass. I realize I have no idea what I'm doing and try to fall back on what I've seen in movies and shows. I grab a few ice cubes from the freezer and drop them in for good measure.

“Here you go,” I offer, as I hand a near full glass to Mark.

“Holy jeez! Are you trying to get me drunk?! This is over four fingers!”

“Sorry, I'm not really familiar with hard liquor,” I spit maybe a little to defensively.

“Hey, hey, I'm sorry. I'm just making fun. It's fine, let's watch something. I didn't mean to make you feel bad.”

“Okay, sure.” I try a slightly more friendly tone, “What are you in the mood for?”

“I don't know, whatever, you decide,” Mark insists.

I scroll through the recommended section until I find a stupid looking B-rated flick about zombie beavers and hit play.

As we settle in I try a sip or two of the whiskey and decide it's now for me. Honestly, I don't understand how anyone drinks this, little alone enjoys it. So I set it down on the coffee table and when I lean back, Mark takes the opportunity to wrap his arm around me nestling his hand between my rib-cage and arm. I find this rather odd until I feel him begin to subtly, but not so subtly, start to graze my breast through my shirt and bra with his fingertips.

My first thought was to push him away. I felt dirty, like I was cheating. I thought about how it wasn't as though I'm in a traditional relationship or anything but I loved dad and would never want to hurt him. Then one of his fingertips grazed my nipple, even though it was through two layers of material it felt like a spark arced from my nipple down my body to my sex.

When my body jumped a little I could tell Mark froze for a second as he assessed me with a quick side glance. I opened up my arm a little and turned towards him every so slightly. He apparently took this as a positive and redoubled his efforts. Every time his finger drew across my nipple my chest rose to meet his touch.

After a few more minutes of this and some very obvious, puppet, zombie beaver attacks, I turned towards Mark and rest my cheek against his shoulder. He was now trying to massage me through my shirt and I was becoming intoxicated by his smell. I nuzzled into his neck and he brought his lips down to mine.

We'd made out a number of times before but nothing like this. Mark abandoned the over the clothing heavy petting as soon as I reached up to grab hold of the back of his neck. Feeling another mans hands, other than dads, snake up under my shirt and bra made me tingle all over, especially between my legs.

Mark definitely wasn't as talented, or maybe it was lack of experience, as dad was at manipulating my nipples. Regardless, I could feel my swollen lips pushing and rubbing against the tight fabric of my jean shorts. Mark could sense that I was becoming more and more turned on, at which he became more and more brazen in his acts.

Before I was aware of it, he had my shirt pushed up and my bra undone with my nipple in his mouth! I was so caught up in the moment that the past few minutes had all blurred together.

Oh god, the feel of his warm tongue lapping at my areola and lashing my nipple made me writhe and wiggle. All my bucking brought the attention of his free hand to my quickly overheating crotch. I spread my legs as wide as I could to both welcome his touch and to help ventilate my steaming pussy.

“I'm going to eat you,” Mark harshly whispered into my ear as he sunk to his knees, unfastening and pulling my shorts with him.

My neatly trimmed gash felt like it was going to erupt so I welcomed Marks mouth as he literally formed a seal below my mound and sucked on my lips. I forced my groin into his face and let out the loudest squeal as my clit ground into his nose.

Mark's exuberance made up for is lack of skill. He was licking and sucking everything between my thighs, including the thighs themselves, and all I wanted was him to pay closer attention to my naked clam. So I grabbed a handful of his wonderfully soft hair and guided him with my other hand. He caught on pretty quickly and allowed me to direct him to my sweet spot.

After a minute of concentrated lapping my hips started gyrating in little circles. I couldn't help my self. Every time his tongue slid between my fold I wanted to thrust my hips to force him deeper into me. Then after a number of minutes he either had an epiphany or got lazy but he focused on my little man in the boat with just the right level of pressure and it felt like my pussy was having and electrical fire.

Mark took notice of this and started pawing at my breasts, catching a nipple under his fingertips every couple of grabs. Luckily his method remained steady as I began bucking my hips in to his face. Little moans started to escape my lips and I felt the pressure building up deep down inside of me.

Finally, when I felt as though I was about to scream I started cumming in hot gushes, my little hips shaking in short tremors. Mark, sensing he accomplished his mission immediately stood up and unceremoniously grabbed hold of the back of my head and pushed his red hard dick in my mouth.

I didn't know what to think, I was still reeling from my orgasm. I didn't have time to agree, little alone process the hot little tube of meat in my mouth. I just sort of sat there, laid back, with Mark's penis in my mouth, holding it like you would a Popsicle you didn't intend on eating all at once but had to keep in your mouth while tying a shoelace.

Mark had apparently expended all of his patience eating me out because he now wasted no time as he began to thrust in and out of my “O” shaped lips. I could sense him starting to grow even more impatient but for whatever reason I just couldn't get over how alien his little poker felt in mouth.

“Come on baby, suck my dick,” Mark almost whined.

I tried moving my tongue around this rather unsatisfying pecker in my mouth. It felt so narrow compared to the piece of man meat that hung between dad's legs. I just couldn't get into it. Maybe I had spoiled myself with Romeo or my expectations were to high because my first lovers dick was obviously much larger. However, I felt like there was a more basic reason, it was itching at the back of my head.

“That's it, you know you like sucking my cock,” he nearly whispered.

I do like sucking cock, I thought to myself. Just not yours. I was really missing the feeling of dad's much more meatier sausage filing my mouth.

Mark gave up and pulled is hot dog out as quickly as he'd slid it in and knelt down between my legs. I was ready this time, he wasn't just going to slip it in me without my say so. As he took himself between his thumb and forefinger and lined up with my cooling box, I pushed myself up the couch.

Mark squished his face in to a confused look and plead, “What's wrong? Don't you want this?” As he gave it a little shake.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. The sight of this young near hairless boy, with little muscle definition, kneeling between me with the most confused and hurt look on his face just seemed so... pathetic. I know it isn't fair but after having a big handsome, manly man between my legs, I just couldn't find the alternative as attractive.

“No, I'm sorry, I just...” I tried to sound as sensitive as possible, “I'm just not ready.”

“Oh, it's alright. Trust me, I get it. Your afraid it might hurt.” He delivered in his most empathetic tone as he leaned into me.

I bit my tongue harder.

“It my sting just a little but then it'll feel so good.”

He hooked his arm around my waste and started to pull me towards him while directing his little Oscar towards my now drying slit.

“NO,” I stated sternly as I pulled one of my knees to my chest and planted my foot firmly on his hip.

He tried to squeeze his arm between my leg and his body and I gave a strong push. He flew back with more force than I intended. Landing with a thud on his rear, he gave a little yelp and look more than a little surprised.

“I'm sorry, I-I didn't mean to...” he stuttered as he sat sort of dazed and confused.

“It's just been a while and I know how good it feels and I wanted to make you feel good and--”

“It's okay, I didn't mean to make you think...” I struggled for a good excuse and went with the tried and true, “I'm just not ready to have sex.”

“No, no, no, I get it. I get it. You know, I think I'm just gonna head out... It's getting late and I have an early morning, so, yeah, I'll text you,” he rambled as he pulled on his pants and shirt.

Without even getting dressed I helped him gather the rest of his things and showed him out. Shutting the door behind him I stood in a stupor. I stumbled back to the sofa and sat down trying to recount the last hour of activity.

I mindlessly picked up my phone and started swiping through Insta and Snap. Rarely did any of my friends from back home remember to share their snaps with me anymore now I had to rely on watching their stories to keep up to date. I aimlessly swiped down the Insta hole, losing complete track of time and in the end, dozing off.

I awoke to the sense of weightlessness and quickly realized dad, in his signature move, had managed to pick me up with out waking me. I could never figure out how he did it, I didn't think I was that heavy a sleeper. Then I noticed he was taking me to my room.

“No,” I plead, “please, your room.”

“Okay, okay.” He said comforting me with a gentle squeeze.

“How'd your night go? Did you, ah, do anything?” His voice dripped with trepidation.

I felt terrible, and it wasn't the couple of fingers of whiskey I drank either. Hearing the concern in his voice, with a tinge of hurt, made my stomach drop. I felt like I had cheated on him... I did. But are we even exclusive... what are we? I had thought our sexual engagements were more driven by my curiosity, his lust for flesh, and expedited by the taboo nature of it all. Now, however, I felt something more, I think for the first time I'm feeling actual love.

The room spun as he swung me around and gently laid me down. My eyes filled to the brim as I reached up, catching him by the neck, and pulled him as close to my face as possible.

“Daddy, I'm sorry,” my voice broke, “I didn't mean to hurt you. I-I didn't do anything... I mean we fooled around, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize until he was—until I-- I-- we, we didn't have sex. He was never inside of me.”

“Hush now, it's okay,” He cooed, “You don't have to apologize.”

“No, I do, I do... because I would never want to hurt you. Daddy... I--I--”

“Shh-sh-sh, take a breath. What is it honey?”

“Daddy, I love you.”

Dad paused so long that I thought he might have had a stroke. Then I was able to make out in the dark that he was smiling deeply and I could hear his breath quicken then hold.

“I love you too, baby girl,” he let out with all the affection, fondness, and intimacy in the world.

When our lips met they didn't break contact until dad was fully undressed. We mash our faces together, sucking on each others lower lips, welcoming the others tongue, and releasing muffled moans deeply into each others mouth.

I love the feeling of dad crawling on top of me and using his hips to spread my legs. I welcomed him greedily, grabbing ahold of his rock hard cock and using his spongy pink head to paint my juices all over my pussy's lips and clit. After a mere couple of seconds of stimulating my little bean, my pussy is a molten hearth ready for his sword to be thrust inside.

I almost fail to fully comprehend the sensation of feeling my pussy spread by his massive tool. It fills me up to the point of near pain or rather, fear of it, that he might be too big and I end up split open or gouged out. My silly concern is eclipsed by the euphoria followed after I finally adjust to his size. I pause for a second and wonder if there is anything more pleasurable then having a man inside me.

Our sex is just that, sex. His lips go from mine to alternating between greedily sucking my nipples to the nape of my neck. I switch from holding him against me to forcing and grinding my hips against his. There is love but it is far over shadowed by passion.

The girth of his manhood feels as though he's spreading me further than ever before. I can feel the veins of his pulsing cock pressing and massaging the walls of my pussy... and I love it. Spreading my legs isn't enough, I need more, I want him deeper, so I plant my heels just below his toned buttocks and match his thrust with my own. This does the trick because now I feel the full length of him reaching my deepest depths.

Apparently the sensation of my hot box fully engulfing his rod triggers something in my partner because he takes a handful of my hair and grasps the back of my neck and increases his tempo to full on fucking.

The feeling, and more so the thought, of him ravaging me, fulfilling some animalistic need, pushes me over the edge. As my pussy boils over and I begin to shake under my own orgasms, dad gives a few final thrusts sending me over the edge. With my sex in mid spasm I feel him plant himself deep inside me, immediately followed by a wet hot sensation. I then realize he's coming in me!

“Oh my god... daddy... are you...?!” I harshly whisper between sucking air into my lungs and fighting for control through my now serotonin clouded brain.

Dad grunts and stutters,“I—I thought--I'm sor--”

He jerks back but I use my last bit of strength to wrap my legs around his waist and hook my ankles together and pull him even deeper, locking him inside of me. I allow my actions to speak for me and enjoy the sensation of his pulsing cock as my cunny milks every last drop of him.

With orgasm finally subsiding, I relax my legs but grab his face pulling it to mine as I place a number of loving kisses on his mouth. Looking up at him, into his beautifully handsome eyes, I didn't want this moment to end.

“I, I'm...” I struggle to find words to express how I feel and fail.

As I begin to hug him tighter he snakes his arms beneath me, pulling me, somehow, even closer than we already are and covers my mouth in a deep passionate kiss. We hold this embrace, our lips locked as tightly as our limbs, him buried deep inside me with his cum filling me, and I finally feel complete.

We stay intertwined in our sweaty post sex embrace until I feel his penis start to return to it's flaccid state. I finally release my hold on him and as we separate we steal a dozen kisses, between the two of us, from our lips, to cheeks, and our necks, whispering sweet nothings as we draw farther apart. When he withdraws himself from me I won't lie, it was not the most pleasant and it was actually quite saddening. In addition to the physical discomfort of the cold air now assaulting my glistening labia and opening, I felt this vast sense of emptiness.

My lover, now holding himself above me, gazing into my eyes, peppers my cheeks with kisses and as he returns to my lips I taste salt. I then realize I must have been crying.

“Are you okay?” he asks in the most gentle and sensual tone I've ever heard him speak.

“Yes... everything is perfect. It felt amazing when you... you know.” I trail off as my cheeks redden to a deep scarlet.

“I haven't felt that connected to someone in a long time. I'm sorry I didn't ask you if it was okay--”

“No, it's fine! I wanted it, I--”

“No, I still should have asked but you felt absolutely amazing and... I couldn't help myself, it felt so natural. However, I'm still sorry for not asking.”

“Well then I give you permission to... finish in me whenever you want.”

A stunned look washed over his face and I thought I might have gone to far. Everything was going so well, what could I have said? Is he going to have another one of his freakouts again? I don't know if I can handle this. Then his face, just as quickly, returned to neutral as if he sensed my concern.

In a calm steady voice he delivered, “In that case, we need to take you for your special visit with the gyno.”

I nodded curtly and pecked him on the lips.

“Okay, I'm going to go clean myself off. Do you need a hand or...?”

“I think I'm fine.” I share as I roll out of the bed.

The soft rug feels nice on my bare feet and I brace for the cold contrast of the wood floor. What I wasn't prepared for was what followed. Now that I was upright, gravity took over. I felt a cold slimy and rather viscous liquid start to run down my leg!

“EWWW-wah! Oh my gawd,” I whimpered.

“WHAT?! What's wrong honey?”

“I'm leaking,” I whine as I assume a wide cowboy stance and start to half tip toe over to the bathroom as I peer down and realize it's his cum running down my leg.

“Oh, ha ha—ahem, I'm sorry sweetie, I should have warned you,” dad attempted between bared teeth trying not to laugh.

Just as I make it into the bathroom dad hands me a tissue and I wipe up what I can. He then followed up with a warm wash cloth he had just wetted, which felt great because it removed the stickiness left behind. I must of have given him a deer lost in headlights look because he guided me over to the toilet and sat me down.

“Here, try, you know, pushing. Sometime that helps.”

“Seriously,” I ask a little annoyed.

“Sorry hon, it's the best method I know of.”

When we finished with clean up it was quite late and neither of us felt like showering. So we made our way back to his bedroom. He quickly fixed the bed and I crawled in after him. With him laying on his back, I snuggled up against his chest and laid my head to rest on his shoulder. Feeling nothing short of content I quickly fell into blissful sleep.


The weekend comes faster than I expected. After a quick breakfast we jump in the truck and begin our two hour drive to the nearest OBGYN covered under my dad's policy. As I watch the boring and flat landscape crawl by in the distance I start to wonder how honest I'm going to be with the doctor. Obviously I'm not going to share who my sexual partner is, it's not like you have to... I'm pretty sure anyways. But I am underage and if she looks, she's probably going to be able to tell I don't have a hymen anymore. So I'll at least have to admit to either using a dildo or the truth, a penis. I don't know how I feel about that though. What if she starts asking other questions and I start to slip up somehow... maybe I should just stick to the usual; I'm a maturing young woman who wants her period to become more predictable and I heard the pill also helps with acne breakouts. Yes, this seems like the best choice, especially considering my age.


2017-12-14 15:54:21
Wonderful writing. I have zero interest in a sexual relationship with my daughter, but I find this very hot. Do others feel the same way?


2017-11-20 22:10:13
Any more coming soon? Maybe girl on girl or a swinging foursome?


2017-11-11 03:26:42
Great read but I really thought part 2 was going to be finding out Laura and her dad do the same and there was some group action.... remember the bit about him grabbing her ass when she had to drive him home? A thought for part 3 anyway. Great job


2017-11-07 23:07:45
Absolutely one of the best stories I have read here. Looking for more from you. Perhaps a part III?


2017-11-04 23:07:39
Wolf Pub, if you are having issues. Great story, please do not give

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