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Things had ended badly with Ramona, but this is a new start.
Well, the first story that I posted on my return got a rough welcome, so I pulled it.

[This is the same Ramona as in my other stories about her, just in a different dimension of time and space, I guess.]

Jack Lynn finds himself in a quandary. He has just quit his attendance at a Junior College in his home town over a grade dispute with the French professor and just doesn’t know what to do next. He is 22 and a recent retiree from the Air Force. He is on G.I. Bill and has a fine part-time job to fill in the neces-sities. His mother had agreed upon letting him live at home in his old bedroom, with only mowing the lawn and giving her some help around the house and occasional transportation in return. Things are just fine that way.

But, after smashing through the first two quarters of his freshman year and finishing his first year that summer, he finds himself in trouble with his further educational efforts. He just couldn’t get College Calculus after straight A’s in college math up to that point. And in his military experience, he had a very difficult time with solid-state electronics after doing very well in tube type circuitry. These two blockages threaten to head off his intended course of study leading to a Master’s Degree in Meteorology.

He had left a very fine I.B.E.W. job with the San Jose, California Bell Telephone Company, where he had been much appreciated for his skills on a toll test board and his availability for overtime in the internal installations department. They had been very sad to see him go, but understood his desire to improve himself. They left it open for him to return to the fold, if he changed his mind and offered to help with any job related courses if he decided to pursue his continued education locally, probably at San Jose State College.

He had also left a very dear young fuck mate when He moved north to pursue his education in his home town. He had really loved her, but she made it perfectly clear that though she adored him, she had no intentions of ever marrying him despite her mother’s desire of him for her daughter. But, she was interested in continuing their torrid love affair (with no penetrative intercourse) amidst her other male interests. This situation was very convenient for his personal needs, but hurtful to his heart felt desires. She had quickly cut off any premise of an actual relationship between him soon after he had moved north and begun his college education.

So, what to do? He thought about it over the weekend and decided to return to school with his tail between his legs and finish his sophomore year. And then he would contact the telephone company to see if they would want him back again. If so, he would return to San Jose and restart his job there. With this he would apply for financial aid toward his pursuing an Electronic Engineering Degree (newly organized with the beginning growth of Silicon Valley’s burgeoning Solid-State based electronics industry.) This was the summer of 1968. And the future was bright. He also determined to add a second major in Civil Engineering, just in case.

He decided to duck any connection with Ramona for the present, until he had his feet on the ground. At his age and with his dancing roller-skating prowess, he would have little trouble in acquiring free pussy to satisfy those needs for him. And to get a boost to his chances in his degree efforts, he was going to enlist the aid of a tutor for College Calculus, another for Solid-State electronic theory and a third for college French. Hopefully, that would give him a leg up when he started at San Jose State in the Fall. With his work schedule of working short shifts in the evenings, he could maintain about a two thirds course load, for finishing with his Bachelor’s in three years. And he would then take a two year hiatus to get his Master’s. This would take him up to age about age thirty with a lot of pertinent job experience and a Master’s degree in Electronics, Civil Engineering and hopefully fluency in French. This would be in the year 1973.

He intended to stay single at least up to this time to get his real career off and running. Plenty of time to find a submissive pretty young woman to build a family life around and perhaps add some children to the mix. He definitely wanted her to be an at home wife and mother, but would not make an issue of a part time job for her if she could keep up with her other responsibilities, the main one fucking him very regularly.

To maximize his potential, he made it his policy to stay strictly away from illegal drugs, careless driving, any type of violence, extreme counter-culture bullshit and abusive sex with females. He was avoiding religion, also to prevent the deep seat-ed guilt trips that it produces. There was time enough in his future to pursue a reasonable approach to this part of life with the family that he might generate in the future.

After pursuing the company college subsidizing interview with the telephone company, and getting written promises on how they would handle it, he arranged to start work in another week to get settled in in his apartment. It is exactly the same one that he had abandoned when he moved back north, and the landlord was ecstatic to get him back. He even waved the security deposit and extra month’s rental security charge, since he had left the place in such pristine order when he left.

So, after getting the necessary household goods and food supplies in an ex-tended shopping trip at the White Front Store in Sunnyvale, he took a short afternoon nap and decided to pull out his custom skates and try the local roller rink for possibly some fun.

Wouldn’t you know it, in the first fifteen minutes of him being on the floor, a small white flash came his way and exploded into his arms with a glorious flurry of kissing and very tight hugs. It was Ramona, of course. After a couple of minutes, a younger guy came up to them and inquired as to what was up. She just passed it off as her greeting an old friend back in town. With a very faint smile, the young man acknowledged this and inquired of her as to when she was going to rejoin him. Her reply was, “As soon as it is convenient. Just go and be with your other friends for a bit, while I touch base with my friend.”

At that he slumped off to nurse his hurt feelings at a table of friends including a couple of young things who appeared very ready to soothe his fluttered feathers.

Ramona and he moved to a table in the snack shop section as far away from her butt-hurt young boy friend for a ‘bring each other up to date’ talk. She started to talk to him, like she was in charge like before and began to be demanding of what was to proceed from this moment on.

Jack stopped the conversation right there and let her know that things would not be as they were in the past, as much fun as that time had been. He was now older and more focused on what he wanted in his future. He was open to seeing her, but on his standards, not hers. And he would at the appropriate time let her know what they were. For her information, he let her know that he was back at the same apartment as when he left, but for her to call before she came to see him, because he had no intention of him being exclusive with her at this time. And that with two years of his education completed with at least five more in the coming times, with working too, his time would be very precious and not wasted on the very frustrating kinds of experiences that she had perpetrated on him before.

He also let her know to let her mom know that he would be coming by soon to give her a great big hug and sample some of her layered banana crème dessert, the best in human history. Ramona smiled at that after being knocked back on her feet by his tirade. Because she agreed with him about the dessert and loved her mother a whole lot!

She then rose and kissed him on the cheek and moved to return to her younger boy friend to his obvious relief. She had remarked when about to leave Jack, that she would get ahold of him later for further discussions.

The next morning, she called his old number, which the telephone company had arranged for him to get back again, free. A eighteen year-old gorgeous black girl (Mandy) had just left with bus fare from him after spending the night trying to fuck him into oblivion. She had almost succeeded, too. It was the small tight booty anal that had finally closed him down for the night with a generous cum dump. She had slept tightly in his clasp for the rest of the night and suggested in the morning that they could make this extended, as she was a sociology major at Santa Clara College right next door and handy around the house she averred. He smiled and hugged her and told her that he would take that under consideration. She gave him a real smacker of a kiss upon leaving to emphasize her interest.

Jack had several tutors to arrange to lift his efforts in the Fall, but had the late morning and afternoon free to accept a visit from Ramona to his apartment and so invited her over. She wasted no time in arriving and jumped up into his arms again to reaffirm her interest to him.

Jack drank nothing but fruit juices, tea, iced water and root beer and so offered something from that array to Ramona. She opted for the water and offered to cook breakfast for them. He pointed to the kitchen and told her, “Have at it, lovely lady!” And she headed into his freshly stocked ‘cooking room.’ He took the opportunity to shower and shave, while delicious vapors wafted throughout the apartment. When he came out in his towel, she took the opportunity to fluff him up for a minute or two and then barked to him to put on something publically proper to share in the bounty that she had prepared for them.

After partaking of the best breakfast he had had since his grandmother died, they settled down while sipping on some pekoe tea to settle some matters brought up at the rink the night before.

She opened up with, “I told Mom about what you had said and she says she will work on it this morning so that you can come over anytime to give her the kiss and try out her latest efforts. She had a very big smile on her face, too. She was heartsick that you moved off to the north and that it was apparently over between us.”

“I am sorry that I hurt her feelings, she has always been so sweet to me.”

“Okay, but remember whose boyfriend you are! She is still devoted to my father.”

“I will remember that about your father and mother, but point of fact: I am no one’s official boyfriend at this time. And I have several candidates available for me to bestow that position on.”

“Oh, I was hoping that we could regenerate what we had before.”

“Ramona, what exactly did we have before? I have no desire for the kinds of treatment that you dumped on me, like the time you went off on the weekend with your family and ‘cousin’ when you were supposed to go with me. And all the times that you refused fucking with me, saying that it was because you were a virgin and wanted to remain such until your wedding.

When I accidentally entered you with our shower at your place it became evident to me that you were no virgin. But, I was not upset with that fact, I was upset that you continually lied to me about it to cock-block me from fucking you, which you could have welcomed if we were really boyfriend/girlfriend. Those two things were major reasons for me to move back up north to my home territory. And this was despite a lot of really good times between us.”

“Yes, I suspected that that was the case. That is why I cut things off while you were up there and didn’t come up to go to college with you and marry you after I graduated five months later.

But, can’t we improve things between us this time. And avoid the mistakes of the past?”

“Do you really consider those things as mistakes on your part? I was not innocent in all of this, if you remember. I was constantly pressuring you, a youngish seventeen, to do things that you might not have been ready to do. At least with me, since I know that you were doing things with others that you were doing with me and somethings more. You weren’t a virgin, so you must have given that to some other guy, while you pretended to be in love with me.
You know that your efforts to try to keep us together were admirable, and if you had really wanted to keep us from fucking until marriage despite the fact that you were doing this with others, you could have given me anal to keep me happy in the meantime. I just didn’t even think of asking for it.”

“I didn’t think of that, either. If I had, I would probably have offered it to you, too. I really did love you and wanted the fucking to be something special between us no matter what I was sharing with others, so that it would cement us together as a couple within a marriage. My mother warned me that I was playing with trouble by this attitude on my part and was heartsick when it all imploded by your escaping from me to travel north.

Soon after I broke it off with you, I discovered how much of a heel Martin was and was very sorry to have lost you. That is why I and my mother contacted you a number of times over the next few years. I was dating, but not seriously with anyone. I wondered why you refused to come down unless I promised to fuck you down here?”

“It was because you were under-age when we started, and I was concerned that you might be trying to entice me to being down here to harm me legally over that. If you agreed to fuck me down here, I was convinced that that would not be true. But, if it wasn’t you could always have caught the bus up to visit me and make things clear.”

“Yes, I should have done that! I am sorry now, that I didn’t. I just got my back up over not getting my way with you. But, I am older now and more mature, I hope. I am almost nineteen year old now, and haven’t even started the efforts to advance my life. Perhaps, I could move in with you and share expenses so that we could both go to school and avoid having to work too much and interfere with out studying. We could sleep together and satisfy that need for us both and just let the rest go by for some time to see how we get along now. We could date others in the meantime, with no resentments, but depend on each other, too. Mom would be so pleased, with not knowing of the openness of course.”

“It just so happens that another young woman from here has made the same offer to me. And she likes to fuck me, even up her ass if I want.”

“Well, you have three bedrooms here. Maybe I could take one and she the other and this would further dilute the obligations to work to cover the expenses with all of us benefitting in pursuing our educations?”

“That is certainly something to consider, Ramona. First of all thank you for the wonderful breakfast. And we can see each other over the next few weeks while I get some other things arranged towards my education and then see how it goes. If Mandy is interested, I will arrange for us to have a date all three of us together and see how that works out. She is a black girl and cute as a button. You will probably like her a lot.”

“Sounds like a plan, Jack. Can we play a little now?”

“I would love to, but I have a lot to accomplish for the rest of the day. How about we meet at the other skating rink and see how the evening goes?”

“Yes, that works out for me, fine. See you then.”

And with that, she left for the afternoon for him to busy himself in setting up the arrangements for the tutors. He would do this by going to the Further Education Office at San Jose State College and inquire of whom they would recommend that was available.


He got his tutoring arrangements completed with his visit to the college. They suggest a couple of tutors for each of his interests: calculus, French and solid state electronics theory. He would have a good two months of help on them until school started in the Fall. And they each promised to continue their efforts for as long as he needed when classes started.

After a brief and light dinner, he moved on to the rink and arrived at about 6 pm. When he got there, there was a message from Ramona that she wouldn’t be making it for some family crisis involving her father’s health. She would get back to him later about it.

So, he decided to stay and skate anyway, to relax and enjoy the evening before his first tutoring sessions the next day.

He had been busy for the last couple of months and hadn’t skated during that time until this week. So, he was a little bit ragged when he started skating, but soon his very hard-learned abilities started to be evident and the girls always looking for a good dance skating partner began to take him under consideration and advanced their attentions to him.

As he was just skating along and trying out his varied solo skills, a couple of very young skaters neared him and entered into discussions on wheels with him about his abilities. He informed them that he had passed all of the certificate level skate dancing tests and was prepared to a level to attempt the same with the Bronze and Silver Bar tests, too. This very much interested them and they invited him to discuss this with them in the snack shop dining area. So, he accompanied them to the seating area and inquired if they wanted anything, they both asserted that a small Pepsi would be fine. So, he obtained them with a small root beer for himself.

“How did you get to be so good, a little dark haired teen asked him?”

“I was in the Air Force and in tech school far from my home and friends. The local people were not that friendly to me, and I wasn’t all that comfortable with my fellow military tech school students and their exaggerated macho attitudes. So, after skating in the local civilian rink a couple of times, I travelled to a neighboring rink and used the whole day to learn to turn, skate backwards, do small jumps, dance skate to music and such. I got back to the barracks bruised from head to foot from the many falls involved in these self-taught lessons. But, when I returned to the closest rink, the girls were very impressed with my quickly found new talents and so began to instruct and practice with me the first simple skate dances that I learned. I have been privileged to dance skate with very fine partners in over five states and many rinks. How are your dance skating skills?”

The little dark-haired girl, Betsy, said that she could turn around and follow the music. Jenny, the red-head said that she could skate smoothly, but not much else. So, he offered to help each one for a few minutes advance their skills and they were delighted and took him up on that. After several minutes, they were advised on what they needed to improve on next. Since they well understood what rink guys wanted of the girls that they dated, and felt that at fourteen and fifteen they were a bit young yet for that, they thanked him and moved off to skate on the open areas at the ends of the rink in the darkness to do their falling and learning in private.

As Jack took a brief break then, another very dark-haired lady, a mature lady at about thirty approached him and sat down across from the small table from him. “Remember me,” she asked?

“Oh yes, the pretty and friendly lady with the ‘nutso’ boyfriend that wanted to separate me from my belly with his large and very sharp knife.”

“Yeah, that is the one. And for your information, he picked on one too many guys. One who turned out to be a police officer in civvies and had his head handed to him, with the knife stuck through his arm. To top that off, with the witnesses available and hating him, he got twelve years in prison for his efforts. There is not likely to be an early out, either. I hope to be long gone from the area before that happens, and since I have a Protection order against him, the police will advise me well in advance of his pending release.”

“Glad to hear! I wasn’t sure of your intentions when we met before and you readily agreed to go to a drive in with me. I was worried that you were setting me up with him to get him removed from your life. And that you didn’t care as to whether I was harmed in the process or not.”

“I can see why you might have thought that. I wasn’t totally innocent in that regard, but I had no intention of having you harmed, either. How about that drive-in date, now?”

“Let’s see. It is about eight P.M , so that could work. Are you in to some fun there?”

“Sure enough, and I feel like I owe you, too.”

“Good, that should advance things along for sure.”

She smiled at that and then turned in her skates and moved to her car to park it somewhere that her prison non-boyfriend’s buddies wouldn’t find it. With that she got into his beater car and they proceeded to the drive-in. When they got there, they paid and got their goodies to enjoy with the movie. This time it was a pretty good one, THE HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER. It was a Clint Eastwood picture that had only been out for a few months.

She knowing what he ultimately wanted had them move to the back seat after moving the front seat up as far as it would go. They took their jackets off and rolled them up in the windows to block anyone’s view of what they were doing. With that done, she shed her panties under her skirt and her bra under her opened blouse. He then shed his pants and shorts, to allow her advances to him.

They cuddled up and started to ignore the goodies which were consigned to the front seat. They began searching each other’s erogenous zones with their hands and then proceeded to having her lay down on the back seat sideways so that they could ‘69’ together. This very quickly advanced them to switching his orientation, so that he could probe his member up into her pussy. She was humming at this time and pulled on his butt cheeks to deepen his penetration of her. With her finger now installed in his anus, he began serious pumping in and out of her and they both came in quick order. After laughing a bit, she had him sit up in the corner and backed up to install him up into her butt passage. Once he was installed, she asked if they could just sit like this and watch the rest of the movie. With his arms around her and the goodies retrieved, they finished out the showing in that position with all of the wonderful and comfy sensations that that produced. When the movie finished they redressed and drove back to retrieve her car. She bent over through the window and kissed him ‘good night.’ No promises were made of meeting again, but both of them expected it.

When Jack got home at about midnight, Ramona was waiting in her car for him asleep. He knocked on the door and roused her and then braced her up for the walk up the sidewalk to his door. When inside, she asked that they simply go to bed and when she woke up they could bring each other up on what was up.

So, he escorted her into the bedroom and helped her off with her clothes. He lent her a pair of his boxers and a white T-shirt and they repaired to bed to sleep cuddled up to each other.

When he awoke in the morning, he could again smell the wonderful odors of a breakfast in preparation, so he rushed in to take his shower and then in a circumspect bathrobe moved to the dining room. She had heard the shower and so had everything ready on the table when he arrived. After offering a generic and brief benediction over the meal that she had so loving prepared, they got down to eating it.

She was still in his boxers and T. and was cute in them, too. She was the first to finish eating and thus started the conversation, “Jack. I have no interest in where or what you were doing last night that kept you out late. I know that after all that has passed between us I have no right to call you on anything that you want to do. But, I want to heal the breach between us this morning. Or at least start the process, and hopefully encourage you to accept my living with you as we each pursue our college aspirations.”

“Well said, Ramona! And maybe the first step to the healing of the breach, as you say. What is the next step?”

At that with full knowledge that he had appointments starting early in the afternoon, she took him by the hand and moved them to return to the bedroom and the bed that they had share the night before. She doffed the boxers and T. She had never been all that shy about her body, even when as young as she had been when they first me. He had eaten her pussy the first time that they had gone to the drive-in and the next day she had let him cum in her pussy crack, but not inside of her. After that they had played with her being either naked or with her pussy and tits easily available for some months before the breakup. Never with penetration, but still with a lot of serious sensuality. But, this time was to be different.

They settled down inside of the covers with no sense of hurry. They both wanted this to be memorable and sweet, with whatever developed. She first leaned over and began to seriously kiss him. With much more enthusiasm than ever before. He quickly returned her enthusiasm and began the probing of her mouth with his tongue, which she readily accepted and reciprocated.

She then moved to lay on top of him under the blankets with his hands massaging and probing her backside crack and entry. Soon her legs moved out to the sides, allowing him to reach forward to her pussy crack through the back of her leg’s opening. His finger began probing her pussy opening, just as hers began to reach under her to his cock to stimulate it. They lingered on this for some time, as this was very familiar with them from the many times that they had enjoyed this in the past.

As he was allowing her to establish the parameters of their lovemaking this time, she moved things on by moving up on his body to allow him to lick, nibble, kiss and suckle on her titties. They were still tiny, but so very cute anyway. She had never been all that enthusiastic to physical attentions to them in the past, but had allowed it due to his love of it. But, this time she seemed to be truly enjoying his affectionate addressing them.

Next, she moved back and installed his dick up into her pussy, something that she had never allowed in the past, though it had happed on accident once, and she had not scolded him over that at that time. But, this time it was at her advancement and she made sure that he had no misunderstanding over it as she pounded down on his dick to probe up into her as deeply as his six inch cock would reach. She had had longer cocks in her, but none so precious to her because of the man attached to it. She flexed her tummy and pounded up and down on him and he soon came up into her prospective baby-vault. With that, she sighed very deeply and kissed him with undeniable feelings of love.

At this, he thought that they were done, but not so. She moved down to service his cock with her mouth and he moved her on to her side facing him so that they could enjoy some side-by-side 69ing, something that she had not experienced before. In the past she had learned many new sexual things with Jack, and this was another of them. It is great, because each can brace them up with pillows to take the pressure off of their supporting arms and thus enjoy extended sharing of this very enjoyable exercise. They stayed in this for more than ten minutes, while his batteries charged up again.

Then she shrugged this off and taking the two pillows, piled them up on top of each other and proceeded to mount her belly on them, with her butt up in the air and her head down on its side on the mattress surface. Jack got the clue, and proceeded to lube up her asshole and his cock and then carefully mated them together. It was one of the first times that she had experienced this, with most of the previous efforts resulting in a great deal of unpleasantness for her. But, Jack was careful and soon fully installed in her with her feeling really good in the process. He began very gentle pumping up and out of her and soon emptied again inside of her, this time up the ass. She didn’t cum this time, but she expected that she would in the future as she got further trust in Jack’s efforts up her back side.

After that they showered and each left for the assigned responsibilities of the day, with very big smiles on their faces.

She moved on to the hospital to check up on her father. It turned out that he had simply gotten a ‘warning shot over the bow’ of pending heart trouble and stoke risk. They were stabilizing him and would send him home soon with meal plans and exercise options, but especially with the toughest nurse in the universe to administer his efforts with them. Ramona cuddled up to her dear daddy on his hospital bed to at first his deep embarrassment, but eventually to his deep gratitude to having such a daughter that loved him. When the nurses came in to check on him, they teased him, “Aha, got a pretty little doxie, do you Mr. Night.” He at first shrunk back, but with understanding the humor in this, he smiled deep-ly and the nurses took turns kissing his cheek. And then Ramona left to advise her sister-in-law of how her father was doing.

Jack spent the afternoon with the three tutors, one hour each. They gave him the lesson guide and explained how they would proceed. With the two core subjects, the tutor would sit right there and go over the lessons with him, doing all of the sample problems, too. He would have to read the info before the meeting, and attempt the problems in advance. Then instead of enforcing his mistakes, the tutors would take him step by step in to how to correctly do the problems. They were sure that with a little boosting to him, that he would catch up. But, they would stick it out until he finished those two courses to establish a firm foundation for what followed.

The French instructor didn’t want Jack to even attempt to pronounce the wordage in their lessons. He was to read ahead to familiarize himself with the spellings, but his pronunciations would be only attempted and practiced in con-cert with native speakers, either in person or on tape from France. Jack had already made a lot of progress in his classes in Junior College, but his pronunciations were wanting. The tutor felt that they would have him speaking like a native in a year or so.

With that enthusiastic encouragement, he decided to go to Ramona’s mom’s to spend a little time consoling her. When he arrived, she exploded out of her chair, and held him very tightly. When he moved to kiss her cheek, he accidentally got her mouth instead, and she did nothing to discourage continuing of that effort. As their passion grew, Ramona happened to arrive and see them embracing in the kitchen. She smiled and advised her mother to get a motel with Jack, as they seemed to be very involved with each other.

Maxine, her mother, broke off and smiled and then advised her, that that was her job and her bedroom was empty at the moment. Jack hugged her tightly again and then wandered off to the living room to relax and demurely cuddle the evening away.

Jack got some more of the banana pudding though, along with a heartfelt pat on the shoulder as she left the ‘kids’ to their selves, hoping that someday they might produce kids of their own for her to love and spoil.


Through the next couple of days and the weekend, the tutors worked him over every day from about one until five in the afternoon, with half hour breaks between them. This freed up his evenings until Monday when he would start work. When he showed his schedule to the company, they said that they could work around that, since he was going to be used in local hookups on the wiring racks. Depending on his schedule, he could work as many days as he wanted, to not infringe on his class and tutoring efforts, and he would be carried as a fulltime employee to get him the extended medical coverage for the duration of his college studies. They explained that according to the current union contract his college study times were accounted as work time for insurance purposes, since the company was subsidizing them. Worked for him.

He wanted to get the little black girl with Ramona before the weekend was over, but Ramona was very busy taking care of her dad, with his leaving the hospital. But, that wasn’t expected to last long, since he was doing very well and the ‘tyrant’ nurse was taking over of his care on Monday. So, he on Thursday showed up at the rink to check on the young girls as to their progress. They were ready and eager to show off their new found abilities. Both could turn from front to back and from back to front very well. They had gotten a handbook of the dances and were working on the steps. They were progressing very rapidly and would be soon ready to work with a male partner.

When they happened to skate all three of them together, with one on one side of him and the other on the other side, they brought up the discussion that they had had between themselves before about them playing with him. He hadn’t thought seriously about that, since they were young teens, but they asserted that if he saw them together that they would be with ages totaled together far beyond twenty-one. He replied that the law wouldn’t see it that way, and the only twenty one that would work out would be the years that he would behind bars for fucking under-aged girls. They laughed about that and replied that they could wait until of the proper age. He said “good luck on that!”

As he skated away from them, who should show up but the lovely thirty year old lady with the ‘crazy’ former boyfriend. They had spent a totally enjoyable time at a drive-in several days ago. She seemed to have something to discuss with him, so we moved to a table far from any listeners in the snack bar.

“I was wondering if you would like some action with me tonight?”

“Well, my girl-friend is busy, but I have had enough of drive-ins for the present.”

“It just so happens that I work at a motel on the other side of this city and have the privilege of using any empty room for the night that I want to.”

Cool, what do you want to do,” he asked, cheesily?”

“Oh, just the usual, in the mouth, in the pussy and up my rear…..with some additions.”

And upon arrival, they did so. But, it was what came up next that amazed him. She laid herself in the tub and asked him to pee all over her body and even into her mouth. After determining that she was serious about this, he did and she even swallowed some of the urine to his stunned surprise. And then she installed a maraschino cherry in her pussy with ketchup behind it and asked him to pretend that he was taking her virginity. So, he moved his mouth up to the showered body and pussy and sucked the cherry out. He ate it in front of her to her giggles, and the installed his cock up her pussy, which forced the ketchup out all around his cock looking all in the world like virginal blood from a defiling act that she pretended was painful and shocking to her.

After that, she just had him install his cock up her ass and they slept the night away in that manner.

The next afternoon, Friday, in the morning, Ramona called and said that her mother would look after her husband that day, so Ramona could get her ‘cookies’ with him. Her Mother preferred that to the other guys she had been dating while he was gone north. She still hoped that things would eventually workout between Jack and Ramona. And who knows, it might.

So, he invited her to come by at six that evening, and she could join with him and Mandy to see how things could work out with the three of them or not. Mandy was very excited by this invitation and went to great lengths to look especially beautiful for this occasion. Really, she didn’t need to, as she was just gorgeous naturally. But, it didn’t hurt, of course. Ramona did the same, and the two of them were as pretty a couple of gals together as ever drawn breath.

When the two ladies arrived, they were very gracious to each other, but were obviously taking each other’s measure, too. They were both devastatingly beautiful. Mandy a slim young ebony girl, about five foot- seven inches, with medium tits and a small and firm booty. Ramona a slim young Caucasian girl, about five foot-one inch, with very small tits and a flat and firm booty. They were both athletic appearing and brimming with energy.

He had ordered in pizzas and wine for the evening, since he would be in all night and not driving. He was going to sip only and hope that the girls would loosen up with a bit more of the wine. Turned out that they didn’t need it, each was determined to treat the other well, but not perform at a lower level than she, either.

They started out on the couch, with one of them on each side, and them wiping out the pizza and very lightly using the wine. There was some kind of macho male movie on, so they weren’t much interested in that, but were starting to work him up very quickly after settling in. Mandy seemed to be concentrating on his upper half, with much and very deep kissing, with his hands on her tits and her very closely hugging him. Ramona was concentrating on his lower half, with her bent over so that he could finger her pussy from the back and she suck and kiss on his cock. He very soon was in sensual overload with two gorgeous women addressing all of his body.

They looked each other in the eyes and then nodded towards the bedroom, where they jointly guided him. As his eyes followed them both they stripped off their clothing in sexy fashion and then joined him on the bed for more fun. The attentions to his two halves resumed, but with them exchanging places.

Ramona was kissing him like she never had before, to not lose any ground to Mandy. And Mandy had her generous amount of spittle fully anointing his dick, with a suction on it that seemed to threaten to suck his balls right up and through his prostate and down his urethra. He wasn’t going to last long at that rate, and so offered that he would like them to stack themselves face down on the bed with their legs over the end spread and Ramona on top. What a sight that was and they were giggling at the position that they were in. He got down on the carpet and alternated with his mouth on the two of them. The giggling stopped and the moaning began then. Their squirming against each other just accelerated the process. When both of them were leaking their girlish cum, he moved up on the bed and asked that one of them mount herself over his mouth and the other on to his dick and that they alternate every few minutes while sensually kissing each other.

They both tasted good in turn and were very devoted to his cock’s enjoyment, too. And the kissing helped to make their residence on him even more meaningful for them. From then on, they really enjoyed interacting with each other as they made love with him, but never progressed to the lesbian level. They were always affectionate with each other though, through the years.
In the morning after their draining him multiple times, he informed them that they could move in with him A.S.A.P. as long as they all got along. They didn’t ever need that challenge, though. They all got along just fine.

Alice, the thirty year old with the knife wielding psycho previous lover/husband in prison disappeared after that. Evidently, her guy got the word out to his thug-like buddies and they threatened her. She notified the police and they were warned, but warnings won’t bring people back to life after one of these animals kills you and then they go to prison which to a lot of them is like a vacation from their dismal lives. So, she called him and thanked him for caring and then disappeared in the night to never be heard of again by him.

Over the next five years, he and the girls finished out their degrees. His ended up as Electronic Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. Mindy’s ended up in Prep for being a Nursing Practitioner. And Ramona got hers in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. Her parents were so proud of them. Not just for their degrees, though. During that time, they produced four boys. Maxine and Arthur (who was now retired) took very good care of them during their very busy days. When he was asked about the two darkish boys, he just remarked that they must have gotten some latent dark genes. And that would finish the subject.

Arthur was crazy about sports and so got the four boys all entered into sports of their choices. Mandy’s boys turned out to be great football players and both eventually played with San Jose State. Ramona’s boys were split between one as a swimmer and the other as a tennis player. Arthur loved them all and treated each of them on the same level. He drove them to their practices, helped a little with the expenses and attended each one of their contests or games. He was so proud of all of them making it to S.J. State and served as a one-man rooting section for them when the rest of them couldn’t make it. They think that it added ten years to his life, just the business in taking care of ‘his’ boys. All of the boys simply loved Maxine’s banana pudding dessert as much as he did, too.

When he graduated, high in his class, the Phone Company was so proud of him. Since, it was in the beginning stages of the transition of home phones to cell phones, they lent him out to a couple of the Silicon Valley Companies to learn as much about the technology as possible. They knew that they would have to eventually adapt, too. And the receiving companies weren’t a bit worried about what he might learn, since the advancement of the technology advanced so quickly, that by the time that he learned something new, it had already been advanced past. But, the telephone company was grateful to him anyway and kept him on their books at full hours to advance him towards his eventual retirement, which the tech companies were that not great at.

However, since he was in on the ground floor of this explosion, or at least in the earlier stages, he got a lot of his bonuses in stock. And the value of them soared over the years. Till by the time he was old enough to retire, he was filthy rich. They still lived modestly, though, in the newer four bedroom home that they purchased when they all graduated.

When her two boys graduated from college, Mandy decided to relocate to the Old South to help her family down there. She consigned him to Ramona’s care and promised that she would come back to visit at least twice a year. She kept that promise and enjoyed riotous good times with them when she did.

When Arthur was getting very aged, it became obvious that he would like for Jack and Ramona to get married to in his eyes legitimize the family that he so loved. So, they made plans to do so before he would be too far gone to enjoy it. Maxine, who was still going strong, did a lot of the planning and arranging. Jack and Ramona provided the funds, since they were quite wealthy by then. Mandy came back to be Matron-of-Honor and was secretly invited to join in on their Honeymoon. She accepted that honor, too.

The boys all came back with their wives and children, and everyone was just joyous over the event. The two boys from Mandy guided Arthur down the aisle with Ramona his daughter and Ramona’s two boys stood up with him as he officially joined his life to their mother.

At the reception during the toasts, she looked over at him and said, “Finally he has married me. Now I can divorce him if he acts up.” And then she smiled and kissed him very tenderly to everyone’s applause.

No one was surprised when Mandy got into the Honeymoon Limo with Ramona and him. It had been a planned, but last minute invitation during the wedding program, and had definitely lifted Mandy’s spirits. So, in the limo as it drove away, I he got to take the wedding garter off of Ramona, and Mandy leaned over and prepared Ramona’s pussy for him with eating her out as he was in frenzied kissing of his new bride.

When they got to the Honeymoon cottage arranged for them, Ramona wanted to be fucked right away in her wedding gown. She had used to tell him that she wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Too late for that, but she put on a pretense for him and assumed a very shy manner, but with her gown lifted for him to peruse her ‘promised land.’ As she stood there, he moved up to remove her chaste white panties and install his mouth and tongue into her pussy crack. At the same time, Mandy approached from behind her to do the same with her ass. Ramona was standing there wavering between their twin assaults on her ‘virginity.’

Mandy and he then guided her to the bed and in concert together worked to remove her wedding clothing to get to the lovelies underneath. It was true that none of them were the sweet young things that fell into lust so many years ago, but when the fucking lust hit them, it seemed that all the years wear and tear disappeared before their very eyes. All that they saw was the body of someone that they so loved and desired.

All three of them were already sexed up, so they made a ‘Ramona sandwich,’ with him penetrating her from the rear up into her pussy vault and Mandy reversed and using her tongue and mouth to stimulate Ramona’s clit and frontal pussy region. At the same time, Ramona had her face buried in to Mandy’s pussy with her long tongue up in to Mandy’s pussy. The sexy fluids were flowing and each of them made sure that none of them made it to the sheets. They were all deposited in one of their mouths and savored there.

They now moved Ramona on to her back, lifted her butt up onto a couple of pillows and had him plow right up into her pussy like a virginal deflowering. Ramona played her part, with a little scream and tears. Mandy moved up to cradle her head and comfort her as he plowed on up in the ‘virginal pussy’ that he had coveted for so many years. As he continued, the tears dried up, a smile appeared and she climaxed right in Mandy’s and his arms with whimpers and moans.

After a very brief rest, Ramona insisted that he service her beloved Maid-of –honor also. So, they moved her on to her back and located her up on the same pillow stack that just had Ramona lose her ‘virginity,’ and proceeded to install him into her pussy vault with resultant pounding, with Ramona’s mouth and tongue working on his asshole. It didn’t last long and he emptied into Mandy, too. It was the first time that he had had a second cum in a sex session for many years. And with that they rolled over into a pretzel of love and comfort and slept the night away.

Arthur passed away a few weeks later, and Maxine less than a year later, despite the fact that she seemed still as healthy as a horse. Probably loneliness, they guessed. She had really loved Arthur all those years, especially during the growing up years of the boys of Mandy and Ramona.
Mandy passed away several years later, during the flooding of one of the hurricanes that swept through New Orleans. And Jack was no sooner calmed from that loss, when Ramona surprised us all and passed away to be with her mom and dad, wherever that might be.

Jack lived well into his nineties and was surprised to have some his grandchildren and great-grandchildren come and stay with him and liven up his life while they pursued their own educations. And Jack didn’t have to do without during those years, either. His female descendants located a series of female students who needed help with their expenses and considered it no big deal to warm the grand old man’s bed and service his cock, too.

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