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Nineteen year old Taylor, catches the furnace repairman in her bedroom secretly sniffing a pair of her dirty panties.
My name is David and my wife’s name is Karen. We have been married for a little over twenty years. We have two children; Jason 21 and Taylor 19. Jason is serving in the military and is stationed in Europe. Taylor attends the local Community College and lives at home. We live in a nice two story home with 4 bedrooms. The master bedroom is on the first floor and the other 3 bedrooms are on the second floor. Taylor’s room is the largest bedroom on the second floor, with its own private bath. The other two bedrooms are smaller and are connected by a common bath. I use one bedroom as my office/computer room. The other is just an extra bedroom.

Each floor has its own central heating and air conditioning units. Both base units are located in the attic. The thermostat panel for the downstairs unit is located in the hallway leading to Karen and my bedroom. The thermostat panel for the upstairs unit is located on the wall just inside Taylor’s bedroom. She finds the thermostat location awkward because it is in her private space. She does not like for people to have access to her bedroom because she is afraid they will rummage through her personal belongings. She has made that fact well known on many occasions.

We have just turned the two units to their heating mode and find that the upstairs unit is blowing only cool air. It’s necessary to have a repairman look at it before the first real cold snap. Taylor tells me that she hopes they can send Charles because he is the only repairman she trusts to not to rummage or take anything from her room. We have been using the same repair company for the last 15 years. They usually sends the same repairman each time if he not on vacation or out on other personal time. Charles is a young black man who always does an excellent job keeping our heating and cooling units in good working order. He has been our repairman since he was 22 years old. Taylor feels comfort with Charles because he’s been around since her fourth birthday. He is almost like a member of the family.

When I call the repair company, I ask the dispatcher to send Charles to do the repairs if at all possible. I tell them that Charles has made repair calls to my home many, many times in the past and we trust him to do the work properly. They tell me they will make every effort to send Charles, but they can’t make any guarantees. Once the work order is processed in the morning they will have a better idea who will make the call.

Early the next morning the repair company calls to notify me that Charles has been assigned to checkout our heating unit. He is on another call right now, but should arrive at our house within the next hour. However if the call he is on runs into a bigger than expected job, they will send someone else in his place. I decide to not tell Taylor about the possibility of a substitute repairman. She is already paranoid enough about strangers invading her private space. I feel there is no need to upset her unnecessarily.

Karen is out running errands, as usual, and I have a doctor’s appointment at ten o’clock. Taylor needs to take a quick shower before going to meet one of her girl friends later that morning. I remind her that I have a doctor’s appointment and she will need to let Charles in and stay there until the repairs are complete. She decides to go ahead and jump in the shower while I am still at home.

While I am preparing to leave, I get a brain storm. I get my video camcorder and set it up in Taylor’s bedroom. It is angled to record anything going on in her bedroom. If Charles is not able to make the call, I want video proof if something comes up missing from Taylor’s room. I knock on Taylor’s bathroom door and tell her I am leaving for the doctor’s appointment. I don’t tell her about the video camera because I have spent so much time convincing her that no one will ransack her bedroom, this would only prove I am really not sure.

When I get home later that afternoon, Karen is still out running errands and Taylor is out shopping with her friends. I retrieve the video camcorder from Taylor’s bedroom and up load it to my computer. I play it back and I am at times embarrassed and other times shocked at what the camcorder has recorded. The first scene is when Taylor comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her head and a separate towel wrapped around her body.

She tosses the towel around her head on the floor and approaches a floor length mirror and begins combing out her wet hair. She then removes the towel from her body and begins to examine her nude body in the mirror. This is the embarrassing part. I start to turn it off, but can’t tear my eyes away from my beautiful daughter’s lithe body. She cups both breast with her hands, lifts them and lets them drop. They jiggle, but don’t sag. She rolls both nipples between her thumb and index finger. They swell and become hard and erect. She turns her body from side to side admiring her tits from different angles. I feel awful invading her most private moment. I am tempted again to turn it off, but I can’t. I can feel my cock getting hard as I as admired her half dollar size areola. Her eraser size nipples stick out about a quarter of an inch.

While teasing her left nipple with her right hand, her left hand drifts down to her vagina and start slowly massaging it. She closes her eyes and appears to enter a nirvana. A minute later I hear the doorbell ring on the video. She quickly pulls on a skin tight white halter top with spaghetti straps. With no bra I can see her erect nipples. She grabs a pair of really tight short shorts from her dresser drawers and slides them on without panties. I am shocked she didn’t take time to put on panties. She rushes out of camera range and I can hear her talking to a male voice at the front door. When they come back into to camera range I can see it is Charles who has made the service call after all. I am relieved that it is Charles and not some stranger. Taylor excuses herself and lets Charles go up into the attic to tend to his business.

I busy myself with some office work, but I let the video continue to run. About thirty minutes later I hear the attic door close and Charles comes back into the camera’s view. He begins to make adjustment to the unit’s thermostat panel. Then I am totally dumb founded by what he does next. He walks over to Taylor’s bed and pickup the dirty panties she had been wearing before taking her shower. He puts them to his nose and sniffs them. He closes his eyes and draws in her aroma once more. I am ashamed to admit it, but I get an erection and imagine myself with her panties to my nose breathing in her sweet fragrance.

I am abruptly shaken out of my fantasy meditation by a shrill cry from Taylor who is just off camera. “What the fuck are you doing Charles?”

Taylor storms into the room, rushes up to Charles and snatches her panties from him. She balls them up in her left hand and begins to berate Charles. She shakes her fist in his face and has the look of both anger and disappointment on her face. Charles says nothing. He reaches out and seizes her left wrist and pulls her wrist to his nose and continues to breathe in her scent. Taylor started to say something else to him, but stops in mid sentence and stares in shock at Charles is again sniffing her dirty panties. Her face turns a crimson red. Charles pushes her wrist holding the panties under her nose. She gasps in surprise causing her fragrance to be sucked into her nostrils. Charles leans forward, positioning her panties under both their noses where they can each breath in her sweet smell together. Taylor closes her eyes and draws in another deep breath through her nose. I can see her body relax as she enjoys the arousal created by the two of them sharing her tangy perfumed panties.

There is a noticeable bulge in Charles’ pants. Taylor’s right hand drifts down and caresses his cock through his pants. Charles pushes her hand away, and tells her that she shouldn’t to do that. She whispers that she wants to see it, but Charles shakes his head no. She whispers a pleading slow please. Charles relents and frees it from his trousers. She takes the panties they have been sniffing and wraps it around his penis and slowly strokes it. Charles‘legs become weak and unstable. He has to sit on the edge of Taylor’s bed to keep from collapsing. Taylor drops to her knees and continues to stroke his cock up and down. Taylor looks up at Charles and says she wants to suck his cock. He tells her absolutely not; adding that it could lead to real trouble for both. She shoves him into her mouth anyway. Charles jumps and pushes her mouth off his cock and tells her it will make him cum. Taylor tells him she want to make him cum. She wants him to cum in her mouth. After a moment of contemplation, Charles puts his hand on her head and guides her mouth back to his cock. It only takes a minute or two for Charles to explode into her mouth. I can see her throat moving up and down while her jaws are inflating as she drinks down every drop of his load. Charles falls back onto her bed while she stands up and wipes her mouth with the panties they had been sniffing.

After Charles recovers from his orgasm he tells Taylor it’s time for him to reward her for delivering such an amazing blowjob, which she was under no obligation to give him. He lifts her halter top over her head and lowers her panties to her ankles. She steps out of them and he pushes her onto her back on the bed.

Charles crawls onto the bed next to Taylor with his clothes on, and kisses her gently on the lips. She coos as he begins stroking her breast. She scoots closer to him and urges him to go slow and explore her body. She closes her eyes while he toys with her nipples. He begins to tease and kiss his way down her body. He takes his time kissing and licking on her neck, nibbling on her ears and telling her how wonderfully beautiful she is. Taylor blushes as she feels herself getting very wet. He continues down, slowly licking every inch of her upper chest. He teases each nipple for what seems like forever. Finally, with encouragement from Taylor’s forceful push on the back of his head, he engulfs as much of her C-cup tits, one at a time, as he possibly can. Charles pays special attention to her nipples; licking, sucking and lightly biting. Her breathing is getting heavier, with short shallow bursts; her moans are get louder with anticipation. She is so wet it puddles on the top bed cover of her bed. Her wetness didn’t go unnoticed by me. My little girl is enjoying this and it causes my cock to become very erect.

She pushes her hip into him sighing and whispering softly in his ear, “Yes…yes…yes. Keep going. Please keep going.”

He tells her that the secret to good sex is to go slow and make the woman literally beg to be fucked. In this case to have her pussy eaten. He continues kissing down Taylor’s body. His next stop is that sensitive area just above her pubic region, where he finds a thin silky patch of blonde hair. He slowly licks around this tuft of hair. Then slowly, keeping his tongue pressed lightly to her skin, he traces her labia up and down. She murmurs a low, ‘Oh my God’. He can smell the scent of her sopping wet pussy. The same scent they had both enjoyed while sniffing her panties. He is teasing her, and is driving her crazy. I can tell by her moans that she is rather agitated that he doesn’t go ahead and eat her pussy. Charles is determined to take his time and make her beg. Her gyrations tell me that his actions are generating the desired effect, and she actually likes the treatment she is getting.

Charles continues by licking down the inner regions of her right thigh, kissing softly around, but never making contact with her wet pussy. He licks the wetness of her inner right thigh down to her knee and back up. He lightly grazes her vaginal slit with his tongue, as he cross over and does the same thing to her left thigh. She is pulling at his head with all of the strength she has, begging him to put his mouth on her wet vagina. She is driving her hips up to meet his licking, partially spreading her vaginal lips with each thrust.

“Charles….PLEASE!!!!!” She moans softly.

That’s all she needed to say. He pushes her legs as wide as they will go, revealing her wet and willing pussy. He gives her a slow puppy dog lick up the middle of her pussy then go directly for her clit with his mouth and as he sucks it into his mouth, she lets out a loud guttural moan.

“Yessssssss… Oh my God yessss!!” She pushes his face deep into her pussy and shudders.

He lets his tongue fall down to her vaginal entrance and presses it firmly inside as far as it will go. Her hips buck up to meet his tongue and she begins to fuck his tongue. He holds his face and tongue firmly in one place as she works her pussy on it. When her hips fall for the last time, his tongue is steadfastly in place on her clit. I see her thighs start to tremble. She places her hands on the back of his head and pulls his face tightly into her pussy. I have read articles about women’s orgasms and they describe this point as being like an ocean wave as it is starting to crest just before it slams into the shoreline. Charles starts to lick it vigorously and then sucks it back into his mouth. About this time Taylor slams her thighs together, locking his tongue securely to her clit, and lets out another loud scream.


Her hips are thrashing violently, but with the pressure of his hands on her legs and his suction on her clit, he never break contact with her clit. Her pussy begins to gush, and he is without a doubt surprised to discover she is a squirter. Her fluids quickly smear across his face and run down her ass crack to the bed covers below, leaving an even bigger wet spot. I have mixed emotions. I feel happy Taylor was able to experience such a wonder orgasm and guilty that I was wishing I had been the one to give it to her.

Taylor convulses for a few seconds before passing out. Charles puts her halter top and shorts back on her then covers her with a light blanket. He sits on the edge of her bed gently stroking her hair while waiting for her to recover from her orgasm and return to full consciousness.

About five minutes later Taylor opens her eyes and looks around the room confused like she isn’t sure where she is at first. She sees Charles sitting on her bed and asks him what happened. He assures her she is okay; that she had passed out during her orgasm. He tells her there is nothing to worry about and that it is a perfectly normal reaction.

Taylor bolts straight up and says, “You didn’t fuck me while I was out, did you?”

Charles pats her on her hand and says, “Don’t worry, Taylor, I never fuck any of my clients. My only interest is to deliver the best orgasm possible with my mouth.”

“Why not fuck them after you bring them to such a great orgasm?”

“No! No way is my cock ever going to penetrate one of my clients! That would ruin everything and violate an understood trust. It would change our whole relationship; for the worse.” He goes on to say that occasionally some of them want to suck his cock and he is okay with that because there is no chance they can get pregnant.

Taylor thanks him for her wonderful orgasm and assures him that no one has ever made her squirt like that before. She says it was the most intense orgasm she has ever had in her entire young life. They talk while sitting on the edge of Taylor’s bed. She tells Charles again that she has never experienced such an amazing orgasm before. She asks Charles where he learned to satisfy a woman like that. Charles tells her he has been making service calls for 15 years in the same area and 12 of those years have been spent perfecting the art of pleasing the female customers with a good cunt licking. He tells her he loves eating pussy and that he eats pussy every day of the week. Some days he eats pussy two to three times a day.

Taylor asks him if he charges these women for his service. He tells her there is no charge because he finds it very gratifying to bring a woman through a magnificent orgasm. He goes on to volunteer that he only enjoys eating white women. Taylor asks why? Charles tells her that white women are more likely to make sure their vaginas are clean and free of any unwanted odors. He also says that blonds and red heads tend to have thinner and silkier pubic hair. He says that women with darker pubic hair usually have thicker; less silky pubic hair. He says women of color have thick course pubic hair that irritates his mouth and lips, so he usually passes on eating them.

Taylor says he must have hundreds of women in order to eat pussy several times a day every day of the week. Charles tells her he only has just a little over a dozen women who come to him for their vaginal pleasuring. He tells her that he rents a small studio apartment in town and the women all have standing appointment with him and show up at their appointed time to be serviced. Some come once a week while others have two and three appointment each week.

Most days he likes to schedule an early morning rendezvous, a mid-day and a late afternoon session. Frequently these women work in an extra meeting with him by calling the company and scheduling a legitimate repair call. If he is ever tied up on a legitimate serve call when he is supposed to be at a routine session with one of his regular clients, he will make up for it during the week-end at the studio apartment.

Taylor asks Charles if her mother is one of his regular clients. I perk up and listen closely for his answer. Charles tells her that she should let her mother answer that question. Taylor urges him to be honest with her tell the truth. Charles hesitates a long moment, pondering his response. Finally he confirms that she is and has been for over ten years. Her regularly scheduled appointment is every Tuesday and Thursday. At that point it dawns on me that on Tuesday and Thursday night of every week, Karen and I enjoy the most remarkable raw lustful sex that any married couple can ever hope to experience. Now I understand why. Charles has been tuning her up so that she is more than ready to pleasure me. Now how is that for having a good dependable repairman? Charles goes on to tell Taylor that sometimes when Karen is especially horny, she comes over to the studio for a week-end session. Taylor asks Charles if she can set up a regular appointment for herself. He laughs and tells her absolutely. He even assures her that he would cancel one of his regular clients just to make room for her, if it becomes necessary. I didn’t continue to watch the video to find out when Taylor’s appointment will be. I decide to let that be hers and Charles’ little secret.

I turn off the video and manually deliver myself the most incredible orgasm ever.
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