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True story of wife's early sexual experience.
My wife told me she never really had a boyfriend before she was 14 but she did go on alot of dates and partied with alot of guys, mostly giving them handjobs, letting some younger guys finger bang her and touch her tits!. She said the older hot looking guys with cars and money she would let lick and suck her pussy, she gave alot of blowjobs she really loved oral when she was younger.

Once she went out two 18 years old she knew even though they were five years older than her Kelli said she really liked one of them alot his name was John and could'nt wait to go ut with him. The other one was his friend Mark alot taller than John but just as good looking.

Kelli had shoulder length sandy brown hair, brown eyes, slim tight young body, 34B and was a size 2. Kelli said she had on a light blue cotton tank dress with white cotton panties and no bra and white sandals.

She said they drove around all night, got some beers, stopped at a friends house got some pot, then got high then left later that evening. Kelli said that John was nice, holding her hand and giving her a little kiss after they got done getting high.

She said they kept driving till they got to a park which was pretty dark, they were all sitting in the front seat of a big truck . They all started getting high and drinking, Kelli said she was a little drunk and really buzzing from the pot. John leaned over and started kissing Kelli. She loved it and thought that this was a great date and she was having fun. Kelli said they were really nice until they started asking her alot of sexual questions.

She said they started telling her how pretty she was , telling her she had a nice ass then asking her about kissing both of them. Kelli was drunk so she said "Why not?"then started kissing Mark. She said she really liked making out with both of them it was a turn on. Then they started getting drunker and now asking her sexually expletive questions. They were asking her about her sex life and what has she done, at that time she had only been out with a few guys.

The driver John started asking her questions about things she's done seuxally. She told them just oral and alot of handjobs.

Mark asked her "Do you shave down there?"

Kelli replied "I can't beleive your asking me that, but if you want to know, Yes I don't have much hair down there anyways".

John said "Can we see your pussy?"

Kelli replied "I don't know , not right now okay?"

Mark then asked "Have you ever been fucked".

Kelli said in a sexy voice "No".

John asked her "Would you fuck us?". "Kelli I know you like me and I really care for you alot".

Kelli said "No, I can't, I mean I don't want to. It'll hurt and I don't want to get pregnant".

Both guys started rubbing her legs and were touching her little 34B tits, telling her what it would be like.

Mark then told her "Come on, You know you want to, it'll be fun you'll love it and you'll have a great time!".

Kelli said she felt a little scared so she told them in a very sensual little girl voice "
"I'll suck both of you!"

She said "I don't want to fuck , please don't make me"

They both agreed and the driver John started kissing her, he started touching her tits and lifting up her dress and trying to pull down her panties , she tried to pull her panties back up and dress back down, then Mark moved her hand and told her "Don't move his hand" , " John and I want to see your little bald pussy" Kelli said "I don't know can't we just kiss for awhile?".

Mark said "How about you kiss John and I'll massage your legs".

Then Mark started rubbing her legs and inside thighs as John continued kissiing her.

Kelli said she just continued kissing John thinking nothing else would happen, then all of a sudden Mark started pulled her panties off, Kelli kept telling him to stop and even tried to hold them from him pulling them down. Mark forcefully pulled her hand so he could pull her panties off. He threw them aside and started rubbing her pussy! Kelli said she kept trying to stop him, Mark got a little upset and said "Don't worry I'm just going to finger you, don't stop me again!. Kelli said she let him because she was now really scared of him, she was also high and said there was nothing really she could do! The guy in the passenger seat was now fingering her deep inside her pussy!. Kelli said she was moaning, squeeling and now the guy she was kissing was grabbing and sucking her tits!. The driver John then told her to suck his cock, so she leaned over and started undoing his zipper and was trying to pull his pants down. Kelli said she then leaned over then John helped pull his pants down, she started stroking him then started sucking his cock. Kelli said John's cock was really small about 4-5 inches hard! She sucked him and took all of him in her mouth as Mark was now rubbing and fingering her pussy faster and deeper. Kelli said Mark was actually the one turning her on but she was very scared of him. Kelli then said she sat up and got on all fours and with her face in John's lap and her ass and cunt right in front of Mark's face, she started sucking John very wild and with John pulling her hair and Mark now was banging her pussy with two or three of his fingers from behind! Kelli said she was actuallay enjoying it and was very turned on, the older guy Mark started spanking her ass calling her a little nasty slut! Kelli told me she actually rememebered that and it was right there at that moment she knew she loved sex!
Mark continued putting three or four fingers up her wet cunt it hurt and felt good at the same time! She said this went on for a while till John came in her mouth.Kelli said she almost choked but managed to swallow his cum. After that the driver John got out of the car to go for a smoke, Kelli wanted to go but the passenger grabbed her and told her "NO, it's my turn baby!" He told Kelli to lay on her back, Kelli said "NO", he then forced her on her back and told her "Don't move! Kelli laid back then the guy started fingering her and sucking her wet pussy. This went on for a long time, Kelli said she was turned on but still very scared of him. After awhile the guy got up, he started taking off his pants, Kelli said she just laid back and watched. Then
he laid on top of her, they started kissing, he was grabbing and fingering her wet bald pussy. He kept trying to fuck her moving his hard cock between her legs, she kept telling him "NO" and fought him playfully but seriously. Mark told her :I want to fuck you so bad, don't you want me Kelli, come on baby let me fuck you!". Kelli kept telling him "no please stop, you don't even have a condom". Mark stopped forcing her and then told Kelli "Sit up and Suck me!" Kelli sat up got on all fours and started stroking him, then she continued to suck him. Mark leaned over so he could finger Kelli at the same time. Kelli said she sucked him fast and sucked all of him also, he was about 5 inches maybe six. She stroked his cock fast so he'd get off fast. The guy started getting off , he pushed her head down and he pulled her hair. Kelli said he came in her mouth, she had his come in her mouth , then spit it slowly on him. The guy asked her "You liked that huh , your a little slut are'nt you?' Kelli just smiled and she got up, got dressed and got out of the car and went with the other guy who was leaning against the car, he was watching them the whole time!

She told him she wanted to go home now. They talked a little bit while she got dressed. Then they told her they had to stop by John's house. So they drove to John's they got out and went inside. Kelli said she was scared but figured they would'nt try anything since she already had oral sex with them.

They sat in the living room and drank some more beers and talked for awhile. After about a half hour John took Kelli by the hand and took her to see his bedroom. John asked her if she had fun at the park, Kelli replied "Yes I liked it, it was fun!". Kelli sat on his bed and they continued talking, then they started making out! John then laid Kelli on her back as they continued making out, his hands were up her dress and started rubbing her cunt, my wife said she did'nt mind since he already saw her pussy and besides she liked him alot. John started taking off her panties,. Kelli let him. He then crawled between her legs and started sucking her pussy, my wife remembered how great that felt having his toungue and fingers in her!

Keli said this must of went on for awhile, she can't remember but she said she was now totally nude and can't remember when her dress came off. At that moment Mark walked in and said "Hey why wasn't I invited? I've been waiting downstairs!" Kelli said Mark then walked over and started rubbing her tits as John continued sucking her wet bald cunt. Mark then pulled out his cock and stuck it in Kelli's face, she then took it in her hand and started sucking him. John stopped sucking her, took off his pants, walked over to the othe side of the bed and put his cock in Kelli's face, she took Johns cock and started stroking him and contiuned sucking Mark! Both guys were rubbing and fingering her cunt as they were getting the best blowjobs of their life! Kelli then told both of them to lie on their backs, which they did. Kelli now got on the bed on her knees and started sucking John and stroking Mark. Both guys were loving it, calling her alot of nasty names like little whore, fucking cunt, little slut and telling her how much they wanted to fuck her! Kelli told me she really wanted to fuck them both but she was scared. Kelli kept switching from John to Mark and sucking both of them. John was the first to cum, Kelli swallowed some of his cum. She then did something that was a first for her. She got on top of Mark and straddled him, gave him a big kiss and told him to 69 her. So Kelli laid on top of Mark her cunt in his face and Marks cock now in her mouth. They continued sucking each other for awhile while John sat back and watched. Mark had his tongue and fingers deep inside her wet young pussy.
Kelli said she was so turned on at this moment , that's why she loves 69 so much today! Mark continued finger banging her, Kelli thinks he had all four fingers in her, she remembers being real loose when she got home!. Mark kept telling her to lick his cock and slowly go down on his cock. He continued telling her she was nasty and that he loved nasty little girls! Kelli asked him "Am I a nasty girl, do you love me?" Mark replied "Oh your so nasty Kelli , John and I both love you!"" "When do we get to fuck you?" "Your cunt is so wet and ready for my cock!"

Kelli then said "Maybe soon, let's have fun tonight and see what happens next time we go out maybe you guys can take me to a nice hotel for my first time!"

This must of turned Mark on so much he then started banging Kelli faster and Kelli started sucking him and stroking his cock real fast, he then exploded and came in Kelli's mouth! His cum was all over him and Kelli. Kelli got up and wiped off his cum and got dressed. She walked over to John and gave him a kiss, then walked over to Mark and kissed him. Kelli said "I can't beleive I did this tonight, I'm so drunk right now". Mark said "You were great kid, that was the best suck I ever had!".
Kelli said "I really have to get home, please take me home now". Mark said "Okay only if you agree to go out with us again." Kelli said "We'lll see I had alot of fun, you guys are cute, it sounds like a plan" .

They took her home and they both gave her a goodnight kiss. Kelli said she never went out with either of them again, John ended up getting back with his girlfriend and Mark kept calling her but she was afraid of him still, he was too agressive and sort of scary.


2018-02-05 13:30:51
I like these readers that critique your story harshly yet they have no stories that they have written. They should try writing some then maybe they will have a better idea just how easy it is


2018-02-05 13:30:42
I like these readers that critique your story harshly yet they have no stories that they have written. They should try writing some then maybe they will have a better idea just how easy it is

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2011-01-17 00:18:22
this wasn't rape (genre), and the grammer was bad. don't use so many ! and watch out for ramdom capital letters, they really disrupt the flow. try and structure your paragraphs better, as well


2008-04-27 18:31:59
that story sucked dude
thats no fucking true storry
no rape


2008-04-27 18:31:03

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