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My girl friend introduces me to a new friend

“I know you want to feel a dick in you again,” said my hippie girlfriend as we walked around the school yard after finishing our lunches.
“Uh . . . no, I am happy having sex with you,” I muttered.
She looked at me with an expression that said you are a lying bitch. But she simply said, “Don’t worry. I am not jealous. In fact I want to introduce you to a good friend of mine. You will like him.”
I was relieved. She was everything I wanted, but admittedly my memory of the sex with my cousin was pretty arousing. The idea of having a big dick shoved in me again had lots of appeal. So I answered, “If he is a friend of yours, I know I will like him.”
“There is just one problem,” she said as we headed back toward the building. “He is pretty large so you will have to stretch yourself before you can let him do you.”
I frowned. “How am I supposed to do that?”
“How big is the dildo you told me you use?”
I thought for a moment then dug a marks-a-lot pen from my purse. “About like this.”
She burst into laughing. “You gotta be kidding. That’s not a dildo. That’s a tickler.” She thought for a moment. “Tell you what, since we have given each other keys to our lockers, I will bring my dildo to school tomorrow and stash it in your locker. It will be in a plain brown wrapper (giggle). Make sure nobody sees you take it out. Put it in the bottom of your back pack. Start using it every day.” She giggled again. “It’s much bigger than a marks-a-lot so you’ll have to work up to it. Start with the head then go in a little farther each time until you are stretched. You can bring it back to me when you meet him. My friend is big so be prepared.” The bell ending lunch break rang so we raced for the classroom.
The next day, I looked around to see that no one was near my locker when I unzipped my back pack and shoved it inside; I slipped the package into the bottom. It was big, But it gave me a slight shiver and thrill when I thought about what was to come. When I got home that evening, the first thing I did was to hide my toy and some astro-lube in the woods.
The next day, I hurried to my secret place in the woods where the small bottle of oil and the rubber dick waited for me. My hippie was right about having to get accustomed to the size of the thing. It was enormous but so exciting to feel and suck. I took off my panties, gathered my skirt around my waist, and smeared oil on the head. Spreading my legs, I forced the large head into my poor pussy. Wow, it seemed ten times larger than my cousin’s dick but I kept on trucking. After a while, the head rested comfortably inside me and as I moved it around slightly, I began to feel tremendously aroused and soon an orgasm coming on. I kept screwing myself until I had two orgasms. By then my snatch was so relaxed that I could go in another short distance without it hurting too much. Each day, I went in more and more, and had even better orgasms.
Finally, after about ten days, I was able to shove the entire dick in me without any pain. The next three or four days, I continued to test my limits and came even better.
The next time my hippie’s parents were going be out late and neither of us had our periods (difficult to juggle times together), we arranged for me to spend the night with her. Eagerly I waited for her parents to take off and her friend to come over. Finally, they were dressed and drove away. I asked, “When are you going to contact your friend?”
She smiled broadly and said, “Don’t worry. He is around.” I guessed he lived next door or nearby. Then she said she was going to contact him and for me to go ahead and get undressed. I quickly shucked off my clothes and lay down on her bed. In a few minutes she
came back in the room. When I looked up at her, my eyes bugged out. She was naked except for a sort of a rubber thong that had an enormous dick attached to the perfect location. I had heard of strap-ons but had never seen one.
She smirked. “Say hello to my big friend.”
Now I knew when she had me stretch myself. This bright blue dick was even bigger than the dildo she had loaned me.
She lay down beside me and we kissed. I could not resist raising up to look at the strap-on. She smiled. “Go ahead, play with it. I bought it for you.”
Wow! My girl friend had bought me a strap-on so that I would not go out with guys in order to feel a dick fucking me. I fondled the blue monster while she pinched my nips. She scooted down and sucked my boobs for a while then moved south some more. I spread wide for her. Why did I need a strap-on or for that matter a real dick when she could bring me such pleasure. I got more and more aroused. But suddenly she stopped and, remaining between my legs, moved back up even with me. I loved her French kissing me after she had been eating me. So I pulled her face to me and we kissed deeply. The aroma of my pussy was on her lips, tongue, and breath. Then she raised up and grabbed a bottle of oil. She splashed it all over the dick and moved her hand up and down like she was jacking it off. I watched with growing arousal. Finally, she moved in closer and shoved the head in me. After all the practice over the past two weeks, it slipped in with no pain or problem. She put her hands flat on the bed beside my head and I felt the huge dick begin to go in and out. It was lovely. I looked into the face of the girl I loved as she fucked me.
She continued to slowly go in deeper and deeper. I relaxed as much as I could and felt no pain. Her dildo had paved the way for our joyous lovemaking. Within a few seconds she was hunching faster and going in deeper each time. I raised my legs and wrapped them around her waist. This gave her a better movement and she gained speed. I started hunching to match her strokes and soon our rhythm was perfectly aligned. I begged her to fuck me harder and she slammed into me like a jack-hammer. I soon began to feel the boiling in my cervix and knew a earth-shaking orgasm was coming. She never slowed down and I came like a cheap whore on a Saturday night.
I collapsed after the most wonderful orgasm of my life. I seemed different and more complete. I dropped my legs to the bed and soon realized why. My rosebud was covered with my cum. The lame flow I had experienced all my life had been replaced by a gushing, spurting, river of cum.
She hadn’t even slowed down. My relaxed pussy was spread so much that I could feel the strap-on filling me completely. She continued to hunch against me. Again, I moved my legs up and gripped her waist. I hunched with her again and soon started cuming a second time. The inside walls of my pussy felt numb but my clit was still in good working order. As the rubber dick slid across it, another gushing orgasm burst forth. When I came down this time and collapsed, she fell on top of me.
“Shit,” she said, “how do the guys do that? I feel like I have been working all day. Eating pussy is much easier.”
I grabbed her and hugged her. “I am sorry you are so exhausted but believe me it was the most wonderful sex I can imagine.”
She kissed me deeply. “Then it was worth it. And I'm glad you like my new friend.”

End of part 3


2007-06-03 14:54:52
I'm hard,just reading it. Great job......


2006-09-18 21:50:29
Great story should have a higher rating hot 10/10


2006-09-15 12:44:45
i like sex

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