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I met a guy in the park who invited me to his house. The way we
had been looking at each other's crotches I thought we both wanted the same
thing, I was to find out differently.

As we walked into his house he told me he had two big dogs and both
were friendly so not to worry. How friendly I was to find out.
He closed the door behind us and lead me into the livingroom and
said, "I'm gonna' get us some drinks, take off your clothes and make yourself
comfortable." I only had on sandals, a t-shirt and some short shorts and
was naked in seconds. As I sat down on the sofa I heard what I thought was
him returning. It was one of his dogs. It stopped and looked me over.
It's tail was wagging so I figured he was friendly. He approached me and I
reached out to let him smell me and pet him. Soon he was nuzzling me and
even put his nose into my crotch. I was surprised but since it felt good
decided to go with it. I spread my legs and the dog surprised me with his
hot rough tongue. This caused my cock to harden. He was trying to get
further down between my legs so I slid my ass off the sofa and spread wide.
His hot tongue found my bud and began to work me over. Just then, my host
returned and smiled as he sat down two drinks. "See you've met Butch. He
loves to greet my man friends "tongue first"." "Mmmmmm..." I said. "He
knows how to make a guy feel welcome." As I spoke Butch began to lick the
underside of my cock and balls. "Ohhhhhhhh", I moaned. My host undressed
and I saw a large cock pop out of his shorts. "Here," he said, stepping
close to me, "Enjoy this while Butch enjoys you!" He stepped up onto the
sofa and straddled my head. I leaned forward and his cock head was at my
lips. I began to tongue this gorgeous cock head and he moaned his approval.
Then I took the head into my mouth and swirled it with my tongue. "Oh
yeah," he moaned, "That feels soooo good. Want more?" He said. I was
obviously was in no position to speak and Butch was alternating between my
cock and bud and I moaned my acceptance. "I know you can't speak but I'll
accept that moan as a YES." And with that he fed more of his cock into my
mouth and began to fuck my mouth slowly. Suddenly Butch found out his
tongue could fit up my butt and when he did I gasped and pulled my host
deeper into me. My nose was against his stomach and his balls bounced off
my chin. His cock was in my throat and I was loving it, so was my host.
"Oh God yeah," he moaned, "Take the whole thing ... I'll cum soon if you
keep doing that." I didn't have a problem with that but I sensed he wanted
more. He pulled himself out of me and got off the sofa and said, "Let's go
to my bed." I was soo hot I'd have followed him anywhere just to get that
dog's tongue back in me and his cock. He laid down on his back and held up
his cock saying, "This is better." I climbed onto the bed and between his
legs and took his cock back in my mouth, it tasted so good and his moans
told me I was doing a good job. Suddenly I remembered the other feeling I
wanted and Butch jumped onto the bed and went back to his expert tonguing.
The more Butch licked the more I wanted my hosts cum. Then Butch quit and I
wasn't sure why until I felt him mount my back and move in until I could
feel his hard dog cock trying to find my bud. I wasn't sure I was ready for
this but my host assured me I would love it. "Just spread those legs and
help him with his target ... when he finds it you'll be surprised how good
it feels." I reached back to help Butch and when his cock head came in
contact with my bud he sensed it and drove his bone home. The sudden entry
of cock into my ass drove me forward and I was deep throating my host. "Oh
God yeah," he moaned, "Take it all. Take it all and I'll give you a load to
remember." I would retreat off my hosts cock and Butch would slam me and
drive me back down, so we had a good rhythm going and soon my host knew that
Butch was gonna' cum and so was he. I felt Butch's knot at my bud and then
inside me. I almost shot my load. Then Butch pulled me close and tight and
my host announced his closeness.

"Butch is gonna' cum soon ... but I'm gonna' cum NOW!!" With the rhythm we had going I was getting a spurt of cum on the back strokes as well as the in strokes. His cum was being shot down my throat as well as onto my tongue so I could taste it. It was hot and good and I want more and more. At the same time Butch was releasing his load deep in my bowels. I had this hot feeling inside as he gave up his
seed. We all held our positions until Butch softened and his cock popped
out, leaving me a hollow feeling and doggy cum running out of me. I released
my hold on my host's cock and rolled over onto the bed to rest. "That was
great," said my host in exhaustion. I looked to see Butch sitting on the
floor cleaning himself. His cock, while a fitting size, wasn't as big as my
hosts and I started to wonder how his cock would feel in me! My host was a
mind reader as he watched me looking at his still hard cock. "Bet you'd
love to have this up that sweet ass won't you?" "Oh yeah," I moaned. "Let
me find my other dog, whom I sure would like to be in on this and then we'll
see about loading up that sweet ass with some more cock and cum." He got up
and left the room. I wasn't sure I wanted another dog when his cock was the
size I was craving but when he returned he had Brutus with him and his cock
was out of it's sheath and was dripping precum. It looked as big as my
hosts. Brutus could smell the cum still running out of me and buried his
large nose up my ass and began to lick me where I never thought a tongue
could go. His tongue seemed as long as a large cock and I was moaning
loudly in seconds. I got on all fours on the bed to give him full access.
My host pulled my legs down off the bed and I was bent over with my feet on
the floor and chest on the bed. "That'll give him more room to work," he
said, as Brutus continued to clean me out. I was moaning and squirming like
never before. "Brutus like to explore with his tongue before he buries his
bone ... but when he does ... I'm sure you'll love it." I was lost in
pleasure and then Brutus pulled his tongue out of me and began to mount me.
I looked back to see his still dripping cock, it had grown larger and he
found my bud without any trouble. I was still lubed from Butch's cum and
Brutus' tongue so when he sensed his arrival he slid right in easily. Slow
at first then when he was an inch or two in his front paws locked onto to me
and he drove himself in totally. I lunged forward from the pressure and
moaned my pleasure. My host laid down on the bed near my head and feed me
his still hard cock. He began to fuck my face as Brutus picked up the pace
in my ass. "He'll last a little longer than Butch and he doesn't cum as
much ... but he does have a surprise for you that Butch can't match." I
looked up at him hoping he'd sense I was questioning the "surprise". He did
..."you see when Brutus is ready to cum ... he has to be sure he's locked in
so he doesn't shot his cum anywhere but deep inside, so when you feel his
knot grow you'll know he's getting ready to cum." Just as he finished
saying that, I felt like Brutus had grown bigger and was pushing it into me.
As he did he pushed hard and his knot entered my causing me to gasp and be
pushed forward. My host recognized the sign and said, "That would his knot
going into you." It gave me some pain but once in I was moaning and
squirming like never before. My host moaned because I was again taking his
cock deep in my throat. "Oh yeah," he moaned, "Brutus working his magic and
you're working yours on my cock ... I'm gonna' cum again!" And with that I
felt his cock spraying its second load into my throat. He pulled back and
let me feel some of his cum on my tongue and moaned, "taste that cum .. my
bitch .. taste that cum ... eat it all! Brutus was totally in me and was
pumping his brains out and then I felt his hot cum filling me. I was
squirming like I'd been stabbed. I was! Stabbed in the mouth with a
beautiful cock that was still cumming and stabbed with Brutus beautiful cock
and knot. Brutus was clamped onto me and with his knot in me I wasn't going
anywhere and my host had hold of my head so even as I squirmed and bucked
they never left me! As my host's cock withdrew from my mouth he said,
"Brutus will be in there for sometime ... his knot takes a while to go down
unless you've totally exhausted him, then he'll shrink soon." As he spoke
Brutus' cock popped out of me and his cum was running out of me like a
faucet had been turned on. "You really must have fucked him good if he's
withdrawing now! Good job!" I laid there spent as my host left the room
and returned with our drinks. "How are you feeling?" he asked on his
return. "Mmmmmm ... thoroughly fucked." I said. "Well rest up," he said,
"I want some of that ass too! And if you're lucky by the time I'm done ...
the boys may want seconds." I couldn't' think about what might happen I was
just thinking about what had happened already and dozed off.
I dozed off for about 15 minutes and was awakened by the feel of a cock at
my backdoor. It was my host. "I'm wanting some of that sweet juiced ass
myself." And with that he pushed in to the hilt! I moaned loudly and he
rolled me over on my stomach and began to fuck me for all he was worth. "Oh
yeah," he moaned in my ear. "Your ass is sooo hot, sooo lubed. I'm gonna'
fuck this sweet ass for awhile. I love feeling my dogs cum in there.
Around my cock, making me hotter and hotter! Does it feel good for you?"
"Oh God," I moaned, "YES! Fuck me with that big tasty cock of yours .. fuck
me baby, fuck me deep, fuck me hard, fuck me until you blow your load. I
wanna feel another load of cum in me! It was sooo hot in my mouth .. can't
wait until I feel it deep in my ass!" He was slamming the hell out me and I
was pushing back to get it all. "Oh god," he moaned again, "you have such a
hot ass and your begging is getting me close .... Do you WANT my cum baby?"
all he said as he slammed me to the hilt and held. I felt his cock spasm
and twitch as he gave up his cum. "Fill me baby" I whispered, "give me ALL
that cum." He laid on my back and twitched and panted as I used my
spintcher muscles to milk every drop I could get. "Ahhhh " was all he could
say everytime I contracted against his hot but softening cock. After a
minute he withdrew his soft cock and we just laid on the bed resting. "That
was GREAT," he said. "That was the BEST I've ever had." You are now our
bitch! The boys are both drained and so am I. I'll speak for them ... I'll
put a collar on you and you can sleep at the foot of my bed and be ready
anytime one of us wants you. But first, I see you haven't cum yet so let me
help you out with that. Get on all fours and let me get under you and suck
your load." As his lips took my cock I knew I wouldn't last long and then I
felt a cold nose at my ass and Brutus buried his tongue in me as I gave up
my load to my host. He took it all and didn't miss eating a drop.

I live with my boys now! I wear a collar and service my boys whenever they
want. It's not unusual to wake in the middle of the night feeling a hard
cock at my mouth or a hot tongue at my backdoor followed by a hot cock. My
host/master even brings me some surprises on occasion, but that's another
set of stories!!

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Nice story. I like to suck cocks.


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i never knew i could love dog cock, whenever i see a dog now my cock gets really hard and begins to leak cum, i got this way on a dare from a girl i knew, she dared me to get naked and let her dog fuck my ass, after letting him do me eight or nine times i was hooked, she has me service her dog every day, she is thinking about getting another dog, one with a bigger cock, i cant wait.

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There you see how easy it was to get a link out of me?Make a real comment istnead of trying to spam my blog with your shitty auto-generated crap and hey presto! BTW: in finding you to be irritating pricks.

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That is SOO HOT!!! I'd sure like to take care of some boys like that!

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