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"From now on, when we are alone, You will call me Mistress. You will only
speak if I ask you a direct question and you will not hesitate to comply
with my instructions. If you disobey, you will be whipped. Nod your head if
you understand." I nodded my head. "Good boy, Tom". She turned and began to
walk out of the room "Follow me". I obeyed her silently. She walked into
the bathroom, "Get on your hands and knees in the tub" I did so
immediately. "Put your head on your hands and do not look at me" I did as I
was asked. I could here her opening a cabinet, and then I heard water
running. A moment later, I felt her finger on my asshole; lubricant. Then
she was fumbling around behind and above me. Without hesitation, she shoved
a nozzle into my anus. She was giving me an enema. "I'm going to give you
two bags of water. Don't you dare let it go till I tell you its ok." In a
couple of seconds, I was squirming and squeezing my ass. In a couple of
minutes, I heard a sucking sound as the bag emptied. She removed the nozzle
and filled the bag up again. Back came the nozzle. I was in agony when it
emptied out. She informed me that I would have to hold the water for ten
minutes. Time seemed to crawl as I fought to keep from letting it all
go. Finally she said, "Get your ass on the toilet and sit there until you
are empty." I jumped up and got onto the commode as fast a
possible. Streams of water and crap came out of me. The flow stopped and
started, off and on for a couple of minutes. Finally it stopped; I was
empty at last. "Back into the tub, we need to do this again a few times."
She gave me half a dozen enemas over the next hour. Finally the water came
out clean. "Take a shower and shave Tom." She smacked me on the ass with
her hand "Quickly" she added as she left the bathroom.

When I got out of the shower, I shaved. Kay stuck her head in the door and
said, "I have something for you to wear on the bed. When I was dry, I went
into the bedroom. On the bed was a pair of black panties and a frilly black
nightgown. My cock sprang back to life as I put them on. I was even more
surprised when she came into the bedroom. She had on knee high black boots,
black leather shorts and a leather bra. She was holding a leather flogger,
something with a dozen thongs and a long wooden handle. But what caught my
eye was the ten inch black strap-on dildo around her waist. "Tonight is
going to be our second honeymoon, Tom. Only this time, I am going to be on
top." She pointed to the floor in front of her. "I know my cock is made of
rubber, but I want you to suck it for me. Just pretend it's a real one." I
knelt down as she instructed and began to suck the huge rubber dick. I
heard the flogger swish through the air an instant before it landed on my
back. She beat my entire body for what seamed like an hour. The blows,
swung with force, fell like rain. The nightgown was not much protection and
in a few minutes was getting numb. I noticed myself feeling a little
dizzy. I was getting wobbly and my muscles were getting weak. "The high you
are feeling is from endorphins caused by the prolonged pain." She began to
hit me harder and more frequently. It did not hurt as much. Finally she
stopped, "Get on your hands and knees on the bed". She pulled my panties
down when I was in position and put a dab of something cold on my asshole,
pushing some in with her finger. Without waiting, she moved up behind me
and shoved the rubber cock into my ass. She shoved it all the way in. A
bolt of white pain seared through my ass and thighs, I fell forward in an
attempt to get away, but she followed me ending up lying on my back with
her strap-on buried to the hilt in my ass. She stayed still for a few
minutes as the pain subsided. "I've popped your cherry slut, now I am going
to make you my woman, my lover, and my whore. I'm sure you will enjoy the
change of roles." She began to fuck me, slowly at first. I reached down to
grab my cock. "Don't touch it babe. Daddy wants to make you cum." Then she
began to fuck me at a hard and steady pace. My man-pussy slowly relaxed and
the pleasure steadily increased. I could not believe how good it was
starting to feel. The dildo stroked in and out right over my prostate and
soon I was caught up in the most delicious spasms I had ever experienced. I
came, hard. Kay never slowed her strokes; she just kept on fucking me. In a
few more minutes the spasms began again and I came once more. I had three
climaxes before she finally tired. When she pulled out, she told me to roll
over. She took off the strap-on and wiped it into the puddle of cum on the
bed. "Open your mouth slut" She said. When I did, she slid the greasy dildo
into my mouth. "Clean it dick face". While I was sucking, she got up and
got some paper towels and wiped my ass with them. She sprayed me with some
perfume and told me to put my panties back on. "You have to look good for
out guests". I jerked, turning to look at her. "That's right slut "I am
going to show some of our friends what you have learned today. At that
moment, the doorbell rang. Kay jumped up and pulled the dildo out of my
mouth. "Let's go into the living room and greet our guests. "Hurry up, damn
you, or do you want another whipping?" I got up and followed her into the
living room. She ran ahead and opened the door. It was Carol and Dan.

Carol and Dan were all smiles as they looked at me. Dan spoke first, "I see
you have all ready consummated the bargin Kay.

"She looks so ashamed Kay," added Carol. "Humiliation is so good for a
submissive. They love it".

"You guys were right all along," said Kay, beaming with pride." "Every inch
of him is a masochist. It went just as you said it would. Kay looked at me
"Come over here and turn around, slut" When I turned; Kay pulled my panties
down. "Look at his ass hole Carol. See how loose it is." Kay spread my
cheeks so they could get a better look. "Bend over so we can get at your
hole better". She turned to Carol "Go ahead, put your finger inside it".

Carol stuck a finger into my ass hole. "God", she said. "It is loose. I'd
bet I can get my hand in here".

"Go ahead Carol," said Dan, as he looked closer. "I'd love to watch you
fist him".

Carol began to push several fingers into my ass. "Let me get some KY" said
Kay. She was only gone a couple of seconds, but Carol all ready had four
fingers into my hole. With the addition of the additional lubricant, her
hand slid right up the chute. Kay kissed Carol, "I want to eat you right
now," said Kay, dropping to her knees and loosening Carols pants. She was
tonguing Carol madly while Carol began to slide her hand in and out of my
ass; fucking me with it. "Give her some real cock to suck Dan" I heard my
wife make an offer that sickened me.

Dan moved around to my face. I was bent over at the perfect height. I
watched as he unzipped his pants, reached inside of his briefs and pulled
out a semi soft cock. He slid the foreskin back and forth a few times as he
moved closer. Soon he was rubbing the tip of his cock against my
lips. "Suck it, now!" I heard him demand, as he stood above me. I closed my
eyes and opened my mouth feeling the warmth of his cock enter my mouth. I
felt the satiny skin of his shaft move freely with the pressure of my
tongue. His dick was salty and faintly smelled of piss. I started to suck
him, rubbing my tongue around the tip of his dick while I did so. , I was
horrified, but it was turning me on. Dan was getting hard for me. I wanted
to please him. I wanted it to happen. Carole suddenly pulled her hand out
of my ass.

"I want to watch Dan fuck this slut Kay. Stop what you're doing for a
bit". Dan pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved around to my rear and
without and break in motion, plunged his now rock hard cock into my ass. I
squirmed as he slid his dick in and out of my ass. I loved it. I loved

I still don't believe how good it felt to be fucked like that; taken
forcefully by another man. I had entered sensual heaven. I would do
whatever they wanted. Submission, I had dreamed of this. I surrendered
completely to desire. Their desire, my desire, what did it matter. I was a
whore, their whore, a slut, my mouth would be their cunt, and my ass hole
would be the same. That night I fell into the pit of lust. I experienced
sex as a submissive. My wife became my Mistress and my world tipped upside

I woke up in the morning in bed with Dan and Carol. My wife was sleeping
with her head in Carol's crotch. I stumbled into the john and took a
shower. It was 6:00 in the morning. I had to be at work in two hours. My
ass hole was raw. I had bruises and welts all over my arms and legs. I
turned around and looked at my ass in the mirror, it was black and
blue. Carole walked in while I was examining my ass. "Got some nice
trophies, slut" she sat on the commode. "Come over here pussy boy". Carol
was pointing to the floor in front of her spread legs. "I have to piss and
I want you to have it" The day before, I would have told her to fuck
herself. I simply nodded my head, yes, as I slid to the floor in front of
her and bent my head to place my mouth on her cunt. I was trembling;
again. "Open wide bitch, here it comes." The stream started slowly, but
quickly increased in volume. It was all I could do to drink her pee without
it spilling out of my mouth. Then the flow slowed, I felt her squeeze out a
couple of spurts and it was over. It did not taste all that bad, salty,
somewhat bitter. I could feel an erection growing

"Don't you have to go to work, ass hole?" said Kay, now behind me. Last
year I could not get you interested in sex, now your drinking my best
friends piss. "Come here then, I have some more for you". Kay spoke as I
drank; "You know, Tom, I don't care what you do, or what happens to you
when we are involved in a scene like this. Just remember, you are my
submissive, my slave. I give the orders. I am wearing the pants in this
family from now on. You submit to who and what I decide is all right for
you. You do not make that decision yourself. I can cheat on you; you cannot
cheat on me. You are a cuckold, a wimp, and my pussy boy. And don't you
ever forget it!" I said nothing, just kept on drinking the piss she was
giving me.

I barely made it to work on time. I spent the whole day thinking about the
events of the morning and the day before, reliving each sexual act and
assault. Kay had informed me that I was to become her submissive sex slave,
a position I had long dreamed of. Unfortunately, I had never thought of her
in the Dominant role. What an ass I was. I was still lost in thought when I
left work. Kay was working nights so I stopped at our favorite hang out. It
was just a local bar, small but close to home. I was drinking a beer,
playing one of the electronic games, when Dan came in. He did not see me at
first, but ordered a drink for himself, and turned to check out the other
customers. He waved when he saw me, and came over to talk. "Hi Tom, how's
life treating you". He winked as he spoke. "I had a lot of fun last night"
he said, at the same time he raised his hand and pinched one of my nipples,
hard. "I think you did too. Quite a coming out party, don't you think?" I
backed off, hoping no one saw. "Don't be nervous Tommy". He dropped his
hand, rubbing his cock a little. "You know, I really wanted you to finish
the sucking me off. I think you were getting into it as well". He reached
up and began to work on my nipple again.

"Not in here" I pleaded. "I had fun with you guys privately, but I have a
business reputation. You're a prominent Doctor for Christ's sake. We can't
afford to be doing this shit in public." I turned and walked over to
another machine, out of sight of the bar and its customers. Dan followed
me, placing a hand on my ass and rubbing it a little.

"We have a couple of hours before our wives get home. I want you to finish
the blow job for me, Tom." I walked away, holding my finger to my lips. I
wanted him to just be quiet. I was afraid someone would hear us and catch
on. He came after me again, catching me in a corner between a wall and a
machine. "I won't take no for an answer, Slut". He was so loud; so
forceful, so DOMINANT! I was embarrassed and afraid of discovery by the
others. I was terrified. He had me. Fuck it I thought.

"All right, but lets get out of here" I caved in, what a wimp I
thought. Dan smiled and finished his drink; He took hold of my arm as he
turned to leave attempting to pull me along with him. I pulled my arm free,
but followed. We walked outside and he motioned for me to get into his car,
a large Lincoln. I got into the passenger's side and he started the car,
but did not put it in gear. He unzipped his pants instead, then pulled out
his stiffening cock. "I want you to play with it a little while I drive."
He put the car in gear and drove out of the parking lot. I dropped my hand
to his cock and held it. It was so warm; I began to stroke it
tentatively. I squeezed it a little. "I really enjoy having another man
suck my dick, Tom. I'm glad we got you out of your shell. I knew you were a
masochist from what your wife told us about you. You will enjoy the change
of roles. Sucking my dick was easy for you the first time. You're going to
see a lot more of this cock from now on. In a little while you are going to
be the best of friends". He drove into a "Wall Mart" parking lot and parked
by the edge of the cars. Moving his seat back, he said "Suck it, I'm
hot". He reached over and pinched my nipple again, really hard. 'Hurry up,
I need it." I felt a chill move through me. I was trembling. "Don't worry
boy, Carol and Kay will never find out". He reached out and put a hand
behind my head, pulling my face down onto his, now fully erect, boner. I
began to nurse like a baby. I was really getting into it and just when I
started hoping that it would last forever, he began to cum. Spurt after
spurt, warm and slimy. I gagged at first then I gobbled it all like the pig
he knew I was. "From now on you are going to suck my dick every day." I
started to pull away but he held my head down. "Do it again, I can get
another nut." I gave him another blowjob right there at the "Wall
Mart". After that we met every day somewhere, before work or after. It was
crazy but I loved it. I blew him in a stairwell. I sucked him off in a
park. He even came into my office once and I sucked him there. We were like
newly weds. But, he never fucked me when we were alone, just made me suck
his cock. Oh, we fucked every now and then, but only at parties where the
girls were present.

Kay and I began to go to other parties. She joined a BDSM club and we got
into the swing of the lifestyle. She enjoyed my humiliation and sought out
singles and couples to whore me out to. I did everything for her, with her
and with all of her new friends. Things were going along pretty smooth, too
smooth. It was inevitable, but Dan and I got caught.

He thought his wife was at work and we went to his place for an afternoon
blowjob. I was sucking him off in his living room when his wife
appeared. It seems she had came home sick about an hour before and was
sleeping in the bedroom. Dan was so hot, as usual, that he never looked
around his house, just pushed me to my knees and started fucking my face. I
was just getting into it when I heard her.

"Oh my god! How long has this been going on?" She walked right up to Dan
and slapped him, and then she slapped me. "I don't give a damn what we do
at a party, but this is just cheating, plain and simple. I'm not going to
stand for it!" She paced a little, like an angry cat; "Kay is going to kill
you Tommy. You are a slut, a pig fucking slut."

"Now wait a minute Carol. I forced him to blow me." Dan tried to
intercede. "I promise not to do it again, its just sex. You know I love
you, and only you". Carol agreed, finally, not to go to Kay right away,
saying she would think about it for a while. I left, and for a little
while, everything was ok. I thought it had blown over.

A few weeks later I came home on a Friday and Kay was home. It was odd, she
should have been at work, but she informed me to get ready for a
party. That meant a thorough cleaning inside and out. When I came out of
the shower, she had a sweat suit and some black panties laid out for me. I
dressed and went to the living room. She was in sweats as well. "Lets go",
She said bluntly. I followed her to the garage, "Get into the trunk" she
barked. I climbed into the car trunk as ordered something I was used to
doing when she did not want the neighbors on the other end to get
suspicious. We traveled a short while and drove into another garage; I
heard the door close and then the trunk opened. "Follow me", Kay said. I
followed her into a large house. I had not been there before. It was
palatial. Seated in the living room were two women, one an obvious slave, a
male that I did not know and Dan and Carol. Kay instructed me to sit. The
woman, a stern looking woman was introduced as Mistress Laurel, the other
man as Master Derek and the slave as Lucy. Mistress Laurel ordered her
slave to get drinks. Lucy left and returned with what appeared to be a tray
of Rum and Cokes. I was offered one. It was very strong. I must have made
a face.

"What's wrong slut, don't you like the taste?" Kay barked. She slapped me
in the face hard. "Ok, pig, I'll get you something that you enjoy a lot
more" Kay pointed to Dan, "Come over here and give it to him dick head, I
want to watch". I knew I was in deep shit. Dan came over and sheepishly
pulled out his cock. "Suck it" Kay screamed "Suck it, damn you" I did so,
but Dan could not get hard. "Mother fucker" spat Kay. "Get out of those
cloths". I stripped quickly and stood naked in front of the small audience.

"Get the toys" Mistress Laurel instructed her slave girl. Lucy left quickly
and came back with a large box, she left again and brought in an arm full
of assorted whips and canes. "Before we beat him, lets give him some cock,
Said Mistress Laurel somewhat matter-of-factly. She clapped her hands and
three large black men entered the room. "Maybe they can get hard for you,
Pig." The three men did not waste a second. Pushing Tom to his knees, the
largest had a cock in between Tom's lips in a heartbeat. The three men gave
him the oral workout of his life. When they finished, Tom could barely move
his jaw and his face was covered in cum. "Get your ass over this stool"
Mistress Laurel pointed to the footstool. Once he was kneeling over the
stool, Mistress commanded Lucy to bind me. The beating began at once. I was
whipped intensely with canes and each of the whips. My ass was bleeding and
I was in a trance-like state of delirium. Then all of the men in the room
butt fucked me repeatedly. Mistress Laurel Left the room then came back
wearing a strap-on dildo of eighteen inches in length and three inches
thick. She proceeded to give me the fuck of my life. Even full of
endorphins from the whipping, the pain was incredibly intense. But soon, I
was loosened up enough to enjoy that monster dildo and had an orgasm like
no other. When she dropped to the floor exhausted, I thought my ordeal was
over. I was wrong. "Get the dogs", she ordered Lucy.

Lucy came in with three of the largest dogs I had ever seen; a Giant
Schnauzer, a Mastiff and a Great Dane. The Schnauzer was to be first. It
had experience at this and was eager. As it walked by, I noticed its huge
red cock starting to hang out of its sheath. The horny dog mounted my
bleeding and bound body at once. I groaned when I felt his dewclaws ripping
the skin on my hips. I could feel his enormous dog cock stabbing around my
ass hole as he attempted to get it inside. Finally it hit its mark and
plunged in. In a few minutes of frantic fucking I felt something else. It
was his knot, swelling inside my ass. Every time he pulled back he pulled
it against my battered hole. It was too large for him to pull out, but I
could feel it. Soon he was pumping his seed into my rear end; a lot of
it. He jerked a couple of times trying to pull out. I knew about dogs and
their knots and I thought we were knotted then, but I was wrong. The beast
was strong enough to pull out and there was enough cum lubricant to make it
easier for him. The pain came over me like a flash of burning white
light. I passed out. When I came to, The Great Dane was all ready fucking
me. I was too weak to move but still the dog hammered away, dumping his
load as well. When he pulled out I felt some pain, but not much. The
Mastiff was next. The animal had a cock the size of a baseball bat. I could
feel all of the liquid sloshing back and forth inside, as he pumped
frantically away at my guts. The monster exploded cum into me. This dog was
so large that he did tie with me for a while. He dismounted and stood ass
to ass with me for about five minutes, pumping his load into me as well. I
was quickly released from the bench and led over to where Dan was now
laying on the floor.

"Put your ass hole over his mouth" hissed Carol. She pointed her finger
into her husband's face, "And if you want to stay married to me, you will
suck out every drop". I was dead tired and was so sore that I could barely
move. Still I felt sorry for Dan. I knew he was nearly straight, without a
hint of masochism, and definitely not that kinky. He was in hell. Still he
did as he was told. I guess he had too much to lose. When he had finished
his sucking the fluid out of my ass, Carol told him to get into the car and
they left quickly. I was carried to the bathroom and cleaned up. Somewhere
after that I passed out. Later I was brought into a room with Kay and
Master Derek. Kay presented me with some papers. "This is a No Fault
Divorce Agreement. It gives me everything we own. I want you to sign it
now. If you ever cheat on me again, I will date it and file it in court. Do
you understand, fuck head!" I nodded my head and signed the document. "
Master Derek spoke up "I guess a toast is in order" I was handed a
drink. We all bumped glasses together and lifted our drinks to our
lips. "To a new beginning" said Kay. "And a new life". Added Derek. I felt
dizzy and remember Kay taking the glass from my hand as I passed out.

When I next came to, I found myself chained in what appeared to be a large
barn-like structure. It smelled like a zoo. I heard my wife speaking "I
hope you did not really think I was going to forgive you, ass hole." She
pointed to rows of large caged dogs, ponies and a variety of other
animals. "You are now Master Derek's slave. He paid me handsomely for
you. You are his property now and you will do, as he demands. You have been
flown out of the country to his private island. He raises animals for sex
shows and sells them all over the world. You are going to spend the rest of
your miserable life on this island fucking and sucking his stock." I can
still hear her cold laughter as she walked out of my life. I had been

I heard Master Derek begin to speak and turned to look at him. He was
pulling out his dick. "Suck this while we get the donkeys ready".

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2013-08-22 18:01:11
i was surprised at my own reaction to this story, men in power do wish that there wife would take control at some time during sex.
as for your finish Bull Shit, to make it more real Tom should break free
fuck up the master and make his wives life a living hell, payback payback

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2012-04-17 15:08:48
he needs to kill the guy get back to the mainland and then torture his wife to a very very slow agaonizing death start by plucking out pubic hairs one at a time every 30 seconds then use a fillet knife and slowly fillet small amounts of skin off her its,clit and interior pussy, some hot sauce injected directly thru the cervix would also be a start before the fillet process all this is just a start of what she should get before death finally comes to that pos cunt

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2009-10-31 00:22:10
well, it is kind of a bummer that Kay just sold him like that. i mean, they were married for years!! no way did she just sell him. i get the thing about him being a slave, and she gets to do whatever she wants with him and he is to be fucked by whoever she says. but to sell your husband!? fuck that


2008-11-11 18:30:44
wow, what a story, better than the first part even.


2007-08-10 04:26:47
to the person who said that if this is true how did it get written look at the deors it says fantasy not true

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