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Long flight at night with my adopted daughter
We are on a long overnight flight home. We are in a deserted 1st Class section of the big plane.

My wife, Linda, has an import furniture business and we maintain a home in Halifax.

She found you when you were only 2 and we have raised you.

You are now 14 and blooming into a beautiful young girl.

Linda is still in Halifax but I am taking you home to the US since school starts in 2 days. You are very smart and you like to travel with me alone because I let you read adult level books.

You are reading and I am thinking about you.

Linda and I fight a lot lately. She is too prudish. I want to experiment with our lovemaking. I would never want to share her with another man but I am hinting that I would like to try another woman with us. Sheela comes to mind.

Sheela is the kinkiest thing I have ever known. She is very bi and wants me to cuckold her husband in his presence. I am not going to do that but I do enjoy our nights and days in the hotels when I travel on business.

I have been touching you for about 2 years now. Nothing blatant. Just a little more than a father should do to his maturing daughter.

Just last month, when you were riding behind me on my motorcycle, I moved your hand down a little too low. I put it the tip of my hard bulging dick. I was wearing thin silk exercise shorts and you thrilled me by not moving your hand away for a long time. We rode for several minutes with you feeling me throb under your hand.

I sit now, looking at your pretty brown legs. Wondering if you are mature enough to take all of me inside.

I start thinking about Sheela too. I know she is on this plane. Working in coach. The the thought of a touch from this delicious creature's hand on me arouses me instantly. I have seen her naked with me inside her from every position and direction possible. She orgasms almost at a man's touch but stays aroused for hours.

I get a nice big blanket down.

'Sit closer to me Keri'. 'I want to cover us both'.

Your hip against me sets my desire on fire. Small yet so nice. I would so love to hold your hips while I thrust deep inside you', I think.

As I spread the blanket over us, my hands brush your breasts lightly and your stomach. I have been unable to resist this of late. I know it is going make trouble but you don't seem to mind and that feeling of your hand on me while riding the motorcycle drives me to more excess.

'Did I frighten you Keri'? 'I didn't mean to touch you there'.

I watch your face. Did you mind? I would love to slip my hand inside your top. I know your nipples would response so nicely.

The flight attendant comes by. It is my mistress Sheela. She is about the kinkiest thing in the world.

Sheela, sits down beside me. Her hand immediately under the blanket unzipping me. Her hand inside squeezing me. My hand moving up her skirt to push a finger inside her.

Almost everyone on the plane is asleep. She has nothing to do. Now she does though. I consider taking her to the lavatory and making her sleepy but before I can whisper to her she is whispering me.

'Your daughter is very pretty'. 'Have you been naughty with her yet'?

She is insistent. She keeps squeezing me. Telling me to touch you. I am weak.

Sheela whispers in my ear, 'Tell her how grownup she looks'.

'You are growing up so fast, Keri'. 'Such a pretty woman you will be'.

'Ask her if she likes to kiss', devil Sheela tells me.

'Have you kissed a boy yet, Keri'. 'Don't be embarrassed'. 'It is natural to be curious and do it'.

I have your attention now. You say, 'No, but I have been curious'.

'Would you like to see what it is like', I ask?

'We don't have to tell Linda about it'.

You look at Sheela. She says, 'I wish my dad had taught me', egging you to do it.

'Just close your eyes, darling Keri'. 'That's right'.

I lean an kiss you very softly but much too long on your delicious lips.

I am on fire. Sheela is pumping me slowly. I could feel you respond.

I take the chance.

My hand goes under the blanket and I feel of your knee.

I move up your inner thigh, the closer I get to you, the stiffer your body becomes until just as I touch your panties you moan softly.

Sheela is watching closely and as you moan she does too.

I slip my hand inside your panties. You are sopping wet. The book was sexy and now this. Who could blame you.

I lean to you and whisper, 'Oh Keri'. You turn to kiss me but I am afraid someone will see.

With Sheela squeezing my throbbing dick I cup your tiny pussy and rub your hard little clitoris. You legs are spread wide and I reach up under your little top to your small hard nipples.

I give in and kiss your moist lips softly.

Sheela whispers, 'Lets go into the lavatory'.

We get out of our seats. You are so wobbly I have to help you walk. That is good. Anyone watching will think you are ill and we are helping you.

Once inside with the door locked, Sheela undoes my pants and pulls them down for you both to see. My dick is red and swollen with desire.

Sheela is almost holding you. Her hands under your skirt.

She whispers to you how nice my dick looks. How good it will taste. You moan from her fingers and she urges you to taste me.

You reach out your small hand and touch my dick. It jerks and tiny bubbles of pre-cum ooze out.

Sheela makes you sit on the stool in her lap and you taste the end of my knob.

You take the knob into your beautiful mouth and suck it softly. I cannot bear it. I have to kiss you.

I take your face in my hands and kiss you hungrily. Tasting the pre-cum in your mouth.

Sheela breaks our kiss and kisses me hard. Then she kisses you also. Keeping her hand inside your panties.

You take me in your mouth again. Sucking harder.

Sheela is kissing me and I have 2 fingers in her hot sopping pussy.

I step back and stand you up. I pull your panties off and get down on my knees so I can look at your wonderful tiny pussy. So sweet so fresh.

My mouth is on you. Your small hands in my hair, Sheela kissing you. Her hands on both of us.

I lick your clit. Suck the small fold of skin at the top of your bare mound. My tongue licking your outer pussy lips.

I get up and pick you up. Sheela takes my dick and guides it to your entrance. You are moaning so much. Your legs around my waist.

My knob opens you and I press inside. You squeeze and swallow almost all of the shaft.

Holding you by your legs and bottom, your arms tight around my neck, my mouth on yours I stroke you slowly. Feeling everything about you Keri. Your sounds, your smell, your wonderful sex.

I become more and more excited. I try not to thrust in you too hard but I must get it all in. Your pussy is wonderful. I feel you squeezing, sucking and licking me with every thrust. You lovely face against my neck.

You quickly stiffen and begin to provide all the energy in our joining. You are almost crying. I know you are feeling so good.

I pull on you hard to let you use all of me, squeezing and grinding as you have your first cum. I love you so much.

I cum like never before. The hardest spurts. Spilling out of you around my shaft. Pushing into you hard. I know you will be sore but you are so good.

Sheela kissing me, kissing you. Her hand down there, wet from my cum and your wetness.

I kiss you again, so sweetly as I lower you to the stool and come out of you.

Sheela gets down and cleans me then she pushes you back and cleans you too.

She tells me there is no blood but I am not surprised. You are my daughter and quite the Tomboy.

Her panties are off and she begs you to kiss her pussy and lick her.

You are so tired but you try. I help by squeezing her breasts and kissing her constantly.

She cums quickly and I have to put my hand over her mouth to keep her from being too noisy.

We slumped together exhausted.

I pick you up and sit both you and Sheela in my lap on the stool. Kissing both of you but you more so.

I know this is wrong and it will make for a big stink but it will be worth it.

My mind races ahead to a whole week alone with you in our house before Linda comes home.


2008-04-21 16:27:16
you are good


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2006-10-04 20:33:29
You have talent, us it!


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2006-09-27 00:15:35
awesome story line but 1st tense made it harder to read. Still thought it was one of the better ones

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