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As a warning, this story involves a (mild) bit of incest so if that's not your thing I'm sorry. As always comments and feedback are much appreciated! Enjoy!
Chapter 2: Double Down

It was a brand new day at Hotel Paris. There was a hustle and bustle in the lobby, as new faces came through the door with eager anticipation woven into their smiles and familiar faces departing with wonderful memories of their time in Los Vegas etched into their minds. It was my second day on the job, but I waltzed around the lobby with a confidence that would normally take months to earn at a new job. The place felt like home to me.

I had also made my first friend at the hotel during breakfast that morning. Her name was Bree. Bree worked as a maid, just like myself. She was also around the same age. We instantly hit it off. She had curly red hair and freckles that dotted her rosy red cheeks. She was cute in a school girl kind of way and I was quickly drawn to her. She had that affect on most people she met.

She was very reserved and timid around guests, but that was all just an act. In private, she had a wicked sense of humour, and nothing was off limits around her. I learnt a lot about the hotel from her. She confirmed many of my suspicions. At Hotel Paris, “room service” for the maids meant something quite different from most hotels.

“The guests on the top floor even have a catalogue,” she told me as she shovelled a spoonful of cereal into her sweet little mouth. “But it’s only them that have it. The other guests don’t know a thing about what really goes on around here. Only the guests on the top floor, floor 31: the rich ones. It’s like an exclusive club, to be someone who knows.” This new revelation excited me. In some strange way, the thought of being an item on a catalogue turned me on. It wasn’t demeaning, in fact, it almost felt empowering.

“The bell boys are on it too,” she continued, “but only our two departments. The maintenance staff, receptionists and all the rest are off limits. Well, they’re supposed to be off limits anyway.” She smiled cheekily. She seemed like she felt the same way as I did. She enjoyed being an object. A highly regarded, highly sort after object. In a way, I felt closer to her because of this, almost like a sister. Even though I hardly knew her.

She also told me that the Hotel doesn't tell new employess about this "arrangement," figuring that it wouldn’t attract the right kind of people for the job. I did recall the application and subsequent interviews being quite extensive, perhaps they worked out that I would go along with it somehow. Like I had the right "personality type," so to speak. They pay out the occasional girl that freaks out about it all and everything works out well.

After we were done with breakfast, she showed me around, pointing out all the little secret nooks and crannies and secret passages that made up the maze of the hotel. But soon enough, it was time to get back to work.

We maids were always on call, but very seldom were we “needed” until after dark, which meant that we spent most of the day cleaning, washing and running errands. What little spare time we had, we spent it in the lobby.

In the lobby was where we, how should I say it: displayed our goods. We greeted new arrivals with affection and helped anyone who needed it, in the hopes of grabbing someone’s attention. There was no way of knowing who was staying in one of the “exclusive” suites, and who wasn’t. It was best to just hedge your bets and give an equal amount of attention to every one: man, woman or child.

I was worried about being too flirtatious, as Bree said, only an exclusive few really were aware of the Hotel’s secret. I followed in Bree’s example, I tried to act timid and shy. It seemed to work, as many of the guests found my clumsiness charming.

I eyed off every guest with a new sensual suspicion. I wasn’t selective, I knew my job was to treat every guest as well as I could, regardless of how attractive or unattractive I personally found them. I did hope, however, that my first night with Madame Miller and Brett was not just a fluke and that I did not just luck out on my first night with two hotties.

A part of me hoped that my next guest (or guests) were just as perverted as them, if not more. But another part of me was filled with a growing anxiety and doubt. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to go along with some requests. I didn’t know what my limit was, if I had a limit. Only last night I discovered a new attraction to women, that I had previously been unaware of. I wondered at the extent of my own sexuality. What more would I discover about myself that I didn’t know existed?

I had to wait for some time. I ate my supper with Bree. For someone so small, she sure had an appetite. She scoffed down her meal and was quickly picking mine. She noticed how anxious I was, and put her hand on mine.

“Don’t feel nervous Klara. There’s no use. Sometimes it takes a while for a guest to request for you, if they do at all. I had to wait a whole week once for someone to call me, it was the worst! Just don’t think about it is the best advice I can give you.” At that, Bree received a tap on the shoulder. She grinned. “Don’t wait up!” She waltzed off like a giddy school girl.

I was stuck alone, waiting. I did some more chores, folding dirty laundry and sheets. It was almost at the end of my shift when my manager asked me to check in on room 31.04. My heart skipped a beat. Floor 31 was THE floor.

I stepped into the elevator and stood next to a lovely little family from China. They were on floor 24. I swayed from side to side, trying to contain my excitement. The elevator finally made it to floor 31. It gave a little ding to announce my arrival. I stepped out and found room 4.

Tentatively, I gave the door a knock with my dainty little fist. A deep, coarse voice answered: “come in.” My excitement swelled. I swung the door open, not to quickly mind you, I tried to keep my excitement hidden under a thin veil of professionalism. I was at work, after all.

Inside, I found a man, sitting at the foot of the bed. The TV was blaring with the night’s football game.
“Can I help you, Monsieur?” I asked tentatively. The man turned to me. He was old and shrivelled. He wore a grumpy expression.
“Yes,” he said, “we’ve run out of toilet paper. We need some replacements as soon as possible!” And that was it. I replaced the toilet paper, and after that: nothing.

I sulked back down stairs to the staff quarters. It wasn’t fair. I slumped over one of the stools in the cafeteria. All I could think about the fun that Bree must been having right now. “I bet she’s fucking a kinky married couple,” I thought to myself, “Or maybe some big perverted businessman.”

For the first time, I pictured Bree in a sexual way. I pictured her sprawled out across a bed, her curly red hair in a mess on the pillow. I imagined what her breasts must look like underneath her black maid dress. Were they perky like mine, or thicker and more shapely? Did she shave, I wondered? I liked to imagine that she didn’t and that her flower was aflame with curly red hairs.

My thoughts were disturbed by a tap on my shoulder. “Klara! Klara, wake up. Room 31.16 is requesting assistance. Get on it.” I stood up, annoyed at this disturbance. I was quite content with my own thoughts for the moment, but I guessed they could wait until I got off work. It wasn’t long now anyway.

I rode the elevator to the 31st floor, with much less anticipation than previously. I found room 16 and knocked on the door. “Come inside, please.” I opened the door and slid inside, expecting to find nothing but another old man who couldn’t connect to the wi-fi. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Inside, I found a man - in about his mid forties - sitting on the edge of the bed. He was balding and had a light patch of stubble about his face. Despite his age, he was in excellent shape. He wore a tight singlet, which displayed his finely tuned muscles that pressed against the white cotton fabric.

Beneath the singlet, he was naked. He sat with a hand around his cock, jerking it slowly. It must have been about 8 inches. I licked my lips in anticipation. My night had just taken an unexpected turn for the better.

“Bonjour, Monsieur,” I began, without taking my eyes off of his raging erection. “May I be of any assistance?” He nodded, but he quickly made it clear that it wasn’t HIM that was in need of assistance.

In the bathroom, the man’s nephew was washing up. He was unaware that his uncle had arrange for me to meet him. “He’s still a virgin. I want you to show him a good time. And when your done with him . . .” He gestured at the tall staff pointing up out of his lap. I nodded, licking my lips.

I decided it would be best to enter the bathroom nude. I stripped off everything, feeling the night air caress my naked skin for the first time. The man masturbating in the bed next to me seemed to approve, groaning softly. I crept slowly up to the bathroom door. I trembled in anticipation. I placed my hand on the knob and turned it ever so gently, making as little noise as possible. I slid the door open and crept inside.

The white tiles were cold against my bare feet. I could hear a noise coming from my left as I entered. I shut the door softly behind me and pressed my back up against it. Iturned my head to the left, and, sitting on the toilet seat with his pants wrapped around his ankles: the man’s nephew. He hadn’t noticed me. His eyes were closed and his cock was out. He was masturbating intently. Like uncle, like nephew, I thought to myself.

His cock was smaller than his uncle’s, but it didn’t bother me. He was still quite young. He was fit though, and it made me surprised to think that he was still a virgin. Softly, I began to speak. “Bonjour, Monsieur.” I whispered, trying not to startle him. It didn’t work. He jumped in his place and almost fell backwards into the toilet bowl. I giggled, he was too cute.

I did my best to calm him. “It’s ok, sir. Don’t panic. Your kind Uncle sent me. I’m here to help you with that.” I gestured to his erection. Despite his little scare, it was still firmly erect in his lap. He did his best to hide it with his hands, but it was no use.

“U-u-uncle sent you?” I nodded. I knelt down on my knees in front of the frightened boy.
“Just lie back and relax.” I told him. He nodded anxiously, still unconvinced of my intentions. “My name’s Klara. What’s your?”
“Eric,” he said trembling. I reached out with one hand and grasped his erection. It twitched and flailed like a snake caught in the talons of a bird. I saw the muscles on his thighs tense. His whole body stiffened.

Undeterred, I began to move my hand up and down the length of his shaft. His cock was small, and it took no time at all to get him fully erect. I looked up to his sweet face. It was scrunched up like a paper ball. He looked like he was about to burst.

“It’s ok.” I reassured him. This time he seemed a little more convinced. He began to slide back in his seat, his muscles loosened. I lifted my head and lowered my lips around his cock’s tip. I felt him shift in his seat. I bobbed my head up and down, and soon enough his entire length was inside me. His hands gripped the sides of the toilet bowl as I suckled on his member.

I slurped and spluttered over his cock, savouring the saltiness of his drizzling precum. I didn’t want him to cum too quickly, so I pulled his cock from my mouth. He shuddered audibly. His ecstasy filled me with glowing confidence. He hadn’t seen anything yet.

I stood up in front of him so that my breasts were perched above his forehead. He stared at them longingly, his mouth watered. “Touch them, I said softly, “they’re all yours.” Hesitantly, he reached out with both arms and groped them. He fumbled them cautiously, as if they were delicate artefacts.

I lowered myself above his lap, and pressed my flower against the tip of his cock. Gently, I lowered myself into him. His cock slid in with ease. I bounced up and down on his firm rod. He threw his head back.

I took his hands in mine and placed them on my hips. He grabbed a hold of me, and began to thrust me up and down. I could feel him growing with confidence, he thrusts became stronger and less gentle.

Our movements became faster, my breasts grinded against his sweaty t-shirt. I found myself quivering, gasping at every push. I knew he was close to finishing. I put my arms on his shoulders and brought my lips up to his ears. “Come inside me.” I whispered. I didn’t fear getting pregnant, I was on the pill.

My soft little words pushed him over the line. I felt a shudder run through the length of his body and then a blast of cum filled my insides. I moaned at this, I had never felt it before. Another jet of cum rocketed up my insides. I collapsed into his arms. He continued to thrust his hips into me, as the last remaining spurts of jizz flowed from his cock.

I felt his cock inside me begin to soften. We cuddled in a tender embrace, the side of his cheek rested against my breast. We stayed there for a moment or two. He pecked at my body with his lips and his hands found there was down to my tender ass cheeks, he cupped them lovingly.

As we did this, I felt the warm gaze of eyes on my naked body. I knew they weren’t Eric’s, they came from the bathroom door. I turned slowly to see Eric’s uncle leaning against the wall. His cock was still hard. He cupped it in his hand but he didn’t jerk it.

I wrestled myself from Eric’s grasp and his uncle took me by the hand. Eric didn’t stir, he watched us as his uncle led me out to the bedroom. Once back into bedroom, he lifted me into the air by my hips. He held me against him. I wrapped my legs around his pelvis. He wasn’t wearing a singlet anymore. My tits pressed against his muscular chest. I felt his cock slid inside me. I gasped as I felt his girth stretch my flower. He was much bigger than Eric, and thicker too. He held me by my ass, still up in the air, and began to pound me.

He sure wasn’t messing around. I felt like beauty in the hands of the beast as his cock ravaged my insides. Faster and faster he fucked me, I moaned with every thrust. He threw me onto the bed as if I was nothing. I panted, trying to catch my breath. But he was unrelenting. He was on me again before I could move.

I felt the weight of his muscular mass pressing down on my petite figure. He lifted one of my legs up above my head and slid his thick staff inside me again. He fucked me and fucked me hard. The bed shook with every thrust.

I spasmed in an uncontrollable orgasm. My fluids trickled down my leg and splattered all over his waist and the bed sheets. He didn’t hesitate, continuing to pound me like dough.

He turned me over onto my back. My head curved over the side of the bed. He held me by my thighs and thrust his cock deep inside me. He was an unstoppable force of fucking, I thought he would fuck me to death. I closed my eyes and braced myself, enduring his mighty staff as best I could.

That’s when I felt something pressing against my lips. I opened my eyes to see that Eric has had left the bathroom and was now standing next to the bed, just above me. He pressed the tip of his knob against the rim of my mouth.

I opened my mouth and let him enter me. He thrust his shaft deep down my throat, causing me to cough and splutter.
“Ada boy!” I heard his uncle puff from the other end of my stretched out body. He continued to fuck my quivering pussy with increased vigour, encourage by the bold action of his nephew.

I was now being fucked from both ends. One cock entered as another slid out, as if they were riding me like a see-saw. My eyes watered as Eric pounded my mouth. His slimy snake slithered deeper down my throat. I felt like a juicy hunk of meat rotating tenderly on a spit roast.

There was a pause in the fucking as the two men stopped to catch their breathes. After this brief intermission, Eric’s uncle lifted me up again. He laid down on his back, resting his head on the pillow, and laid me down on top of him. His mammoth cock still rested inside me, and, holding me by my ass, he restarted his blitzkrieg on my innocent flower. He held me tight against his body, my breasts grinded against his chest with every thrust.

I then felt the presence of Eric standing above us. It then suddenly dawned on me what he planned to do. His uncle, still with a firm grip on my ass cheeks, began to spread them wide apart. He widened them so that my defenceless hole was now at the mercy of his horny, young nephew.

I had never done anal before. The thought of it made me shiver. I was scared it would hurt. But I was in no position to protest. It was happening whether I wanted it or not.

I felt the tip of Eric’s cock touching the rim of my sphincter. Slowly and gently, as if he was aware of my fears, he pushed himself inside me. I squealed and arched my back as his cock entered my hole. It hurt, but at the same time, my mind urged him to go deeper.

I lifted my pelvis as high as I could, pushing my ass against his cock. My asshole swallowed his cock like a hungry pig at a trough. Now both men were inside me. Their bodies sandwiched mine, I felt like they were squeezing the air out of me.

They fucked me like the dirty whore I was. My pelvis took a heavy pounding. Their cocks drove deeper and deeper inside me, like two greedy dwarves mining for gold. If Eric’s cock was a few inches longer, I swear they're tips could almost touch each other.

Their pace slowed. They were both getting tired now. At once, as if reading each other’s minds, they both pulled out. They stood up next to each other and held out their beautiful pieces of meat in front of my face. I knelt up and grabbed one in either hand, jerking them furiously.

Eric came first. His cum exploded over my face and chest. The rest of it dribbled down his shaft and ran onto my fingers. I licked each one clean.

Now with both hands free, I jerked his Uncle’s massive snake with an eager lust to get at its nectar. I stuck out my tongue just in time to catch the first string of sticky white goo. He plastered me with his seed until I was glistening like a glazed donut.

The two men fell down exhausted, one to either side of me. They pressed their bodies against mine and wrapped their arms around me. I collapsed down between them. I felt their stomachs rise and fall, sucking in the precious air. Eric’s semi hard cock rested against my belly button. I felt his uncle’s curl up against my back. I fell asleep in their tender arms.

The morning light crept in through the window, warming my naked body with its radiant embrace. I felt the soft rising and falling of chiselled abs against my back. Between my legs, I felt warm and damp, and also something else that made me tickle.

Slowly, I drew my eyelids open, and looked down beneath my tummy to find a hand wedged between my thighs. It was snaking its way to and fro, dancing in the pool of my womanly honey. A finger or two had found their way inside me, and were tickling my delicate petals.

Eric noticed that his curious hand had woken me up. “Sorry,” he whispered, attempting to draw his hand back from my mound. I stopped his hand from leaving me by clenching my thighs together.
“Don’t be,” I whispered back. His hand continued on its adventure. His fingers found their way back into my cavernous depths and quickly found a home for themselves, tunnelling deep inside me. I grinded my crotch against his fingers, my backside also rubbing against his uncle’s cock. I whimpered softly as my juices trickled on to Eric’s hand. I smiled and kissed him gently on the tip of his nose. “You know, ” I whispered softly in his ears, “for your first time, you were pretty damn good.” He smiled back at me. Making him feel proud of himself filled my heart with joy.

Eric stood up and left for the bathroom. I soon heard the soft trickle of water falling on tiled floor. I was tempted to join him in the shower, but I was too relaxed in bed to think of moving. After a few minutes of lying still, I decided it was probably time to leave. Technically I started work again in a few hours.

Eric’s uncle felt me stir as I rose from the bed. He stuck out his arm and pulled me back down. His arms groped my breasts firmly. I tried to explain that I had to leave, but he wasn’t buying it.
“You’ve been working hard all night. They’ll understand. And if they don’t, I’ll take care of them for you. Rest for a few more hours, you’ve earned It.”

And with that, my mind was settled. He was right after all. I fell back into his arms and relaxed. I felt safe within his tight grasp. I felt his cock growing against the small of my back. I rubbed myself against it, encouraging it. He fondled my breasts lovingly, a stark contrast to the beast-man who had ravaged me the night before.

Eric had emerged from the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist. He knelt down on the bed in front of me and quickly let the towel fall on the bed, revealing his morning wood.

I took it in my hand and began to jerk it, nursing it like a baby lamb. It was still wet and slippery in my fingers. His uncle continued to play with my breasts and tickled my hard nipples. With one hand he began to run his fingers through my hair.

It didn’t take long for Eric to finish. I hadn’t even taken him in my mouth. His seed caked my hand, arm and chest. His semen tasted of creamy goodness. He laid his head back down next to mine and trailed back off into sweet dreams.

I turned my body around to face his uncle. I snuggled my head between his chin and upper chest. His erect cock pressed against my stomach. He cradled me in his muscular arms, rocking me gently, back and forth.

I was still caked in layers of dry ejaculate from the night before, and a fresh sticky layer from this morning. It was crusty and hard on my skin. One of his hand’s still brushed the back of my hair, the other found its way down to my rear. He cupped, fondled and squeezed my ass cheeks as I purred softly against his chest.

After another half hour past, he lifted me up in his strong arms and carried me to the shower. To my disappointment he didn’t join me under the hot flowing water, instead opting to sit on the closed lid of the toilet seat. He watched me intently as the water trickled down my body, seeping through crevasses and caressing my curves.

He jerked himself slowly as I bathed. At first I was discomforted by this odd choice of action, but I eventually grew to enjoy it. His eyes never left my body for a second, they drew up and down me, like the eyes of an apex predator observing his prey.

I took extra special care to clean my breasts, my pussy and my ass. Stroking them with a delicate touch, letting the water run over them. I savoured the feeling of being watched, like an animal stuck behind a glass cage.

I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, the water dripped from my hair and body. I didn’t bother to dry myself. He wouldn’t give me the chance even if I wanted to. With a firm grip on my body, he pulled me to the sink and bent me over it. The white porcelain was icy cold against my chest.

I felt two fingers force themselves inside me. Another tickled the rim of my asshole. I moaned gently, and quivered as he had his way with my cold, wet body. He fucked me with his fingers as fiercely as he did the night before with hic cock. He tugged on my wet hair, and spanked me hard when I struggled. I came all over his rough fingers in no time. He lathered them up with my juices and stuck them down my throat. I licked them dry.

I wanted to feel his cock inside me, but he didn’t give it to me. He gave me a towel, my French maid dress, and closed the door behind him. I dried myself and changed quickly back into my dress.

Eric was still asleep when I left the bathroom. He looked adorable just lying there, naked and at peace with the world. “Leave him,” his Uncle told me, “he needs his rest. We’re heading back home in a few hours.” He gave me one last kiss and groped my ass through my dress. It was hard to say goodbye, but I had to get used to this sort of thing, it was apart of the job. I turned and closed the door behind me.

I found Bree sitting alone in the staff canteen. She had enough pancakes for two grown men piled up in front of her and was making her way through them. When she spotted me, she stood up enthusiastically and waved me over. I sat down across from her.

“How was last night?” I asked her. She smiled coyly and quickly finished her mouthful of food.
“Not bad. Not bad at all.” She proceeded to tell me about her night with a rich business man who was into dominating submissive women. He had all sorts of toys, ropes and bondages and she didn’t spare any details on me. It was hard to imagine Bree being fucked like that, but I knew she had fun which was all that mattered in the end.

“So, what about you? You got in QUITE late this morning Missy. Prey tell.” I told her everything. She was flabbergasted.
“Good job Klara, I’m so damn proud of you! Sounds like you had a fun time indeed."
“I sure did, Bree.” I sure did.
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