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The sun was still shining brightly at 8.00pm on this Thursday night in late July. Tom and Sophie had just finished a 1.5 litre bottle of cider purchased from the local convenience store. The alcohol had been purchased by Sophie’s older sister, Shannon, who looked older than her 16 years. She didn’t mind doing this for Sophie as it got Sophie out of the flat and the bedroom they shared so she could have her boyfriend over for the evening. The two had talked about sex with their boyfriends and Shannon knew Sophie was quite shy so did not want her around when embarking on a marathon sex session.

Tom looked at Sophie, her beautiful face basking in the sun. “Shall we open the other bottle?” he asked. He had plans. Sophie wasn’t a big drinker and they had sunk the first bottle in less than 20 minutes between them. Tom had made sure Sophie had the lions share and she was already feeling light headed.

“Sure, baby! It’s making me feel drunk already” she giggled as she flicked her hair from her face and smiled at her boyfriend. She looked back over to the river to see the angler on the opposite bank packing his equipment up for the day. The pair had come to this spot before because it was so secluded and not easily accessible, which deterred dog walkers and such like. It was becoming their favourite place to be because of this and their friends didn’t know where to find them, affording them much privacy. The pair did enjoy their friends company but when they were with them, they did tend to smoke too much pot. Tom didn’t like that because it would make Sophie lethargic and even less interested in sex. He didn’t want her feeling like that tonight. They had been a couple for nearly a month now and Tom was quite confident he could get Sophie to go further than she ever had before, with a little help from the cider.

Tom took a small swig from the bottle and handed it to Sophie. He watched as she pressed her lips to the neck of the bottle and gulped a few greedy mouthfuls which led to a small spillage down her chin and onto her small cleavage. “Wow, can I clean that up for you” Tom asked. Sophie’s cheeks were swollen with a mouthful of cider she was trying to swallow so she gestured with a slender hand towards the opposite river bank where Mr Angler was still putting his gear away. Tom looked over to where she had pointed and was pleased to see that the man would soon be gone. Sophie wiped away the trickle from her chin and chest, pulling her pale yellow blouse away from her body to do so. This revealed a nice small pair of titties contained in a pretty white bra which Tom didn’t fail to notice. He did like her tits but that was all she had ever offered him and he was more than curious to have more of her. He looked down to her crotch which was covered by her denim skirt and Tom knew she was wearing knickers to match her bra after sneaking a peek when they had first settled on the lush grass. His gaze travelled down her lovely long tanned legs to her dainty little feet from which she had kicked off her trainers to reveal freshly painted bright red toe nails. He thought about coming all over her feet and seeing his whitish fluid contrasting with the bright varnish. It wasn’t something he had ever thought much about before. He had seen things like that on the porn sites he used and just flicked past it but for the first time in his life he was getting turned on by someone’s feet. His cock began to tingle and show signs of life, something that always happened when he was with Sophie, for one reason or another. He gently put his hand on Sophie’s knee and stroked downwards, over her smooth velvety shin and then her foot. His cock started to grow harder but the moment was cut short by Sophie:

“Pass the Cider back, greedy guts.” As she said this she let out a small belch which made her giggle and it was clear to Tom she was quite drunk now. “Here you go babe, save me some though” He said this in the hope that it would make her drink more and was quite disappointed when she took a small sip and handed him back the bottle.

“I need to pee” she said holding her hand over her mouth as if it were a very bad thing to say.

“Well go then” Tom replied casually. Boys did it all the time so Tom didn’t think it any different if a girl needed to pee in public.

“I can’t just pee anywhere. Where do you suggest I go? I haven’t got any tissue”

Tom scanned the immediate area. There were plenty of trees and a few rocks and bushes. To him there was no end of places for her to pee. “Go behind that rock” he said pointing at the one closest to them. Sophie looked at him wide eyed as if he had suggested something disgusting but still, she contemplated doing it. “I do need to go, I’m gonna wet myself if I don’t go soon.” She let out a nervous giggle as she pushed her fist into her crotch and started to bob up and down. “If you wet yourself you’ll only wish you had gone behind the rock” Tom offered, giggling. Sophie got to her feet very quickly, again revealing a flash of her white knickers. She darted to the rock and hoisted her skirt up to her belly and squatted down out of sight. Tom didn’t know what to do, whether to leave her in privacy or, more what he wanted, go and watch her peeing. He rolled over to where she had been sat and saw her pretty little feet from behind the rock, her white knickers rolled down around her ankles. He heard her start to pee then took his chance. She wouldn’t be able to stop “mid stream” so he crawled round a bit further and saw the very thing he had been wanting to see for weeks, her sweet little pussy. Sophie’s eyes were squeezed tightly shut, she was obviously enjoying the relief as Tom took in the first sights of her soft downy looking pubic hair that surrounded a deep pink pair of pussy lips. He watched in awe as the golden fluid spurted a few feet from his girlfriend’s box and listened to her sighing with relief while he started to stroke his cock through his shorts. He rose to his knees to get a better view when she opened her eyes to see him watching her. Sophie noticed the bulge between her boyfriend’s legs and to Tom’s surprise she did not berate him for spying on her. She smiled slightly and carried on peeing, a steady jet which was starting to slow down and then to a trickle. They both looked down at her cunt, Sophie holding her arm across her stomach to keep her clothes away, as she started to squeeze the last drops out of her perfect pussy until no more was to come.

“You dirty boy”, Sophie teased. “You like to watch me pee do you?”

Tom didn’t know whether it was the act itself or the fact that he was seeing her down there for the very first time that had turned him on so much, either way he knew he had a raging hard on! “It was nice to see, would be better if you were naked” he dared.

“Tom! Please don’t start that again. We’ve talked about this!” Hmm, he thought. We haven’t talked, you’ve told me what you don’t want – no discussion. “I know baby, but you are so sexy, you really turn me on I can’t help wanting more, can I?”

Sophie relented. She didn’t feel particularly dignified with her pussy pointing towards him and her crouching on her haunches. Blades of grass in front of her were glistening in the sunlight and she wanted to cover herself. “I need to wipe, can you find anything?” Tom looked around him. The opposite river bank was now deserted and he saw nothing suitable for Sophie’s immediate need. He looked back at her and started to shrug his shoulders and then stopped and let a smile slowly appear on his face. “You’ll have to use your knickers and then go commando” He said this more in hope than expectation but to his surprise, Sophie stood up and stepped out of her knickers. It was an amazing sight for Tom as the most beautiful girl he had ever seen was stood before him with her skirt rolled around her midriff and her fantastic pussy in full glorious view. As she bent to pick up her knickers her pussy lips parted slightly and Tom could see the pink flesh shining between the soft pubic hairs. It was a brief viewing as Sophie stood up straight again. She shook her knickers out of the twisted roll they had become and put them down towards her pussy when she stopped. She looked at Tom and turned her back on him displaying the most perfect ass. Her lily white ass cheeks looked extremely soft against the tanned legs beneath them. Tom watched as she parted her legs slightly and he watched the delicate white material between her legs as she wiped herself gently and then rolled her skirt down to cover her beautiful ass again. She turned to face Tom as she thrust her soiled knickers into the front pocket of her skirt. She pulled him towards her and gently kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “I can see that fucking huge thing between your legs, you know. I know what you want to do with it and I’m sorry Tom. It’s not that I…, I just can’t”

They moved back round to where they had been and Tom picked up the cider bottle. Although Sophie had seemed a little more uninhibited than usual what she had just said to Tom was enough for him to admit defeat for the moment. He swigged the cider lazily and Sophie held out her hand to take the bottle from him. She took it and again took a greedy mouthful which made her belch quietly. Tom watched as she started to unbutton her shirt to reveal her bra. It’s all very nice, he thought but the novelty has worn off. He had seen her tits, played with them, sucked her nipples and she had felt his cock through his shorts so many times now that it had almost become a ritual. Not once had he cum in the presence of his girlfriend and tonight seemed to be the same. Still, he looked over at Sophie with her blouse completely unbuttoned now. He saw her solid erect nipples behind her bra and knew she was feeling as horny as him. Why doesn’t she go further then? She must be teasing herself too. I wonder if she’s wet down there. He tried to satisfy his curiosity on his final thought but Sophie was sat with her legs flat to the ground and closed tightly together.

“Do you want to take my bra off?” she asked in a slur. Tom did want to take her bra off but he didn’t want it to stop there either. “Yes Sophe, I do. I want to take your bra off, then your skirt and then I want to………..

“Please Tom. I can’t.” She drunk from the bottle, “I haven’t done anything like it before, I don’t know what…..”

“What HAVE you done before?”

“What do you mean, Tom? Everything I’ve ever done has been with you. You know that.”

“What about when you’re on your own. At night. When you get sexy feelings. Do you do anything then?”

Sophie looked at Tom, knowing exactly what he meant. And yes, she did do something. She would play with her lovely young fresh twat until it made her whole body go funny and make her want to scream. The feelings she got when she played with herself down there was better than anything she had ever known. She sometimes used her hair brush to rub up and down her clit. She would push the handle inside her, just a few inches before it started to hurt but it was always nice. She couldn’t describe the feelings she got but she did know it to be called an orgasm. She knew her sister did similar things to herself because she heard her doing it some nights and once she had walked in on her finger fucking herself. She would never admit it to anyone, but when Sophie saw her sister writhing naked on the bed with her fingers inserted in to her pussy she immediately felt sexy. When she felt like that, her nipples would go hard and grow big and her pussy would get wet. She sometimes tasted her fingers after they had been rubbing her wet pussy and she liked the taste. It was all good but should she admit any of it to her boyfriend?

The alcohol won, as always. “Er, yes Tom. I do. I touch myself sometimes” She felt herself redden with embarrassment. The sun had since disappeared behind an angry looking cloud and the temperature was dropping but Sophie felt like she was burning up and she took another gulp from the bottle and carried on “It makes me feel nice. I feel a sensation all over my body. I do it when I feel sexy or horny as you call it. I feel like that now. I can do it now if you like”

It was what Tom had been hoping for. Perhaps he could ease her into full sex gradually and now he was heading in the right direction. She may even get so worked up that she might beg him to put his big cock inside her right there and then. “Please do. I want to watch you make yourself cum. I make myself cum all the time, Sophe. It’s fine. It’s good for you.” He watched as she led back on to the grass. The light was fading rapidly, especially for this time of the year but he wasn’t going to miss a second of this. She hoisted her skirt up to her belly again and ran her index finger down the slit of her cunt and felt her wetness immediately. She slowly massaged herself with one hand, paying much attention to her clit. She stopped suddenly and Tom thought she had changed her mind but instead she reached behind her and unhooked her bra strap. She expertly removed her bra without removing her blouse to reveal her rock solid small nipples. She lay back down and started to work furiously at her cunt with one hand while the other started massaging her tits and pinching her nipples. She began to moan lightly and Tom took his throbbing cock from his shorts. He was tempted to push his manhood into her hand but remembered what happened last time he forced his cock on her. She turned and ran away and he didn’t want that to happen now! He started to stroke his long shaft as he watched his girlfriend fingering her tight little pussy and moaning with pleasure when they heard the rumble of not too distant thunder. Neither stopped pleasuring themselves as the sky grew darker and darker until it was lit with bolts of lightning that lit up Sophie’s beautiful face which was getting redder with excitement. Tom inched closer to his girlfriend while wanking off and watching her, listening to the soft squelches of her juices as her fingers slipped in and out of her cunt. His cock was just inches from her sexy little feet and he knew he would blow his load all over them, just as he had fantasised about earlier. More lightning and a huge clap of thunder triggered the first drops of rain which very quickly turned in to a downpour. “Shit, shit, shit!” Tom exclaimed. Sophie quickly picked up her bra. She stood up, her own juices mingling with the rain on her upper thigh and she buttoned up her blouse and rolled her skirt back down. Tom pulled his shorts back up and took Sophie’s hand. They looked at each other and started running away from the river bank, giggling like the school children they were.

They only stopped running when they reached the front door of the house Tom shared with his mother. They sheltered in the porch and looked at each other closely. As bedraggled as she looked, Tom thought he had never seen Sophie look so beautiful. Her wet hair was stuck to her forehead, her make up smudged around her beautiful eyes and her wet face was red with exertion. He looked down at her breasts which were clinging to the wet material of her blouse and her nipples still as hard as ever. The pink flesh was clear against the yellow of the blouse and Tom couldn’t resist a quick feel. “Would you like to meet my mum?” He invited.

“I can’t meet her like this” she replied, pulling her wet hair away from her forehead and wiping at her smudged eye make-up. “It’s not the best impression to make on our first meeting” she groaned. Tom smiled within but didn’t show it. She hadn’t noticed what the rain had done to her blouse and that her perfect little titties couldn’t be in clearer view if she were naked. “Mum’s great” He tried to encourage her. “Honestly, she has probably just returned from the gym, she’ll have very little make-up on and her hair will be tied up in a pony tail”

Sophie rubbed her hair furiously as if it would dry quickly and she would be able to do something with it. She felt her pockets bulging with her underwear stuffed inside. She produced one cup of her bra and showed it to Tom “I’m not even dressed properly!” She wanted to go inside but was feeling nervous about meeting Tom’s mum. She was using her appearance as an excuse and she wished they hadn’t left the last of the cider by the river bank, she need some Dutch courage.

Tom looked at her thoughtfully. “Come on you”. He took her hand and opened the front door with his key, entered and pulled a reluctant Sophie in behind him. The house was quiet but Tom knew his mother was home because the car was in the driveway. He led Sophie into the kitchen where he saw steam coming from the recently boiled kettle. “Do you want a coffee or something, Sophe?” He turned and looked at her with her tits still on full view and could tell by the look on her face that she would prefer something stronger. “I might have some vodka upstairs or mum has usually got wine, gin, baileys, WKD…………..”

“Have you got any cider?” Sophie knew where she was with cider. She had drunk whiskey once before and it had made her violently ill so she wanted to drink something she knew.

“No, I tell you what, have a glass of wine with lemonade” Tom offered. “Wait here babe, I’ll go and get some”. He walked into the hallway and put his hand on the door that led to the garage where the wine was stored then changed his mind. He walked back towards the front door and then entered the lounge where his mother Lisa was sitting, her hands wrapped around a large mug of coffee.

“Hiya love, I heard you come in. I thought you’d gone to grab a coffee, this weathers turned nasty.”

“Hi mum. No, I’ve got Sophie with me in the kitchen. She’s a bit nervous about meeting you so I said I’d pour her a glass of wine, is that okay?”

“Ah, Sophie. This is the girl you said was a tease, right? You’re still with her then. Has she er, you know… put out yet?”

Tom felt himself getting embarrassed hearing his mother talking like this again but after what had gone on between them a week or two ago there was no real point. It was because Sophie had left him feeling frustrated that what happened with him and his mum had happened. “Er, not quite mum. I’m ever hopeful. She’s quite timid and that’s why she wants the wine”

“Do her parents allow her to drink alcohol? Parents aren’t all as liberal as me” Lisa teased, knowing Tom would immediately think of the sexual encounter they had shared recently.

“I don’t know but I know she drinks so is it okay?”

“Sure honey. Don’t let her drink too much. I’d like to get to know her as you seem to be serious about her. I’ve never known you stay with the same girl for as long as this before”

It was true; Tom rarely made it past 2 weeks with the same girl. The thing was that there were so many out there waiting for a bit of him he didn’t want to miss out. Sophie was different. He really liked her. She wasn’t loud or brash or over confident like all the other attractive girls he knew. She was more reserved, inward and somewhat shy. He felt more in control with her than he did any of the others. More importantly at 15 years old, he fancied her more than anyone he had ever been with. He smiled to himself as he turned and retreated from the lounge to go and get a bottle of Shiraz from the garage.

Tom returned to the kitchen where Sophie was lent against the sink looking out into the back garden. She turned as he entered the room, her blouse still wet and revealing. “Can you grab a bottle of lemonade from the fridge while I open this for you babe” He watched as she walked to the fridge. She bent to take a bottle from the bottom shelf and he admired her perfectly formed ass through the denim of her skirt which rose slightly revealing the very tops of her thighs but no more. She took the lemonade from the fridge and handed it to him. The coldness from the fridge had made her shiver with the wet material of her blouse clinging to her and she realised that it had become see-through. “Oh my god! You never said anything!”

Tom laughed as he looked down at her breasts. “Sorry Sophe, I was just admiring the view. You’ve got great tits and you should show them off!”

“Not when I’m about to meet your mother” she exclaimed feeling rather annoyed that Tom wasn’t going to say anything. Tom sensed her annoyance and quickly filled a large glass three quarters full of wine before topping it up with lemonade and handing it to her.

“I’m going to take a shower, Tom” his mother called from the hallway. “You two behave yourselves while I’m up there and I’ll be down in 20 for a chat” Lisa smiled to herself as she climbed the stairs wondering if she had embarrassed her son’s timid little girlfriend. She wanted to shower the gym away and the sweat it generated before she met her sons new girlfriend. It was silly and she knew it but since she had split from her husband she had developed an interest in women as well as men and always wanted to look attractive for them. She felt the need to feel more attractive than any woman she had contact with, even women in the same lift at the department store.

“Don’t take any notice of mum, she’s just trying to relax you” Tom tried to ease his own embarrassment with this statement. “She’s cool, really. More like a sister to me”

“Even your sister wouldn’t want to see your girlfriend showing her tits off, I can’t meet her like this”

“I’ll go and grab a T-Shirt or something for you to wear” Tom said as Sophie edged towards the breakfast bar with her drink. She stood on tip toes to get her ass on to the high stool and as she settled Tom looked at the furry mound she was displaying; unable to keep her skirt down in the seat she was now seated. He turned and ran down the hall wanting to return as quickly as possible. Tonight was the first time he had seen her pussy and he wanted to see as much as possible. He didn’t want to waste time in another room!! He got to the top of the stairs and could hear the running water coming from his mother’s en-suite bathroom. He ran past her room and down the landing to his. He opened the drawer that had his T-shirts in but every one would be far too big for Sophie. Sophie was taller than his mother but did not have his mother’s ample breast so that was a non starter too. He went to the room that used to be his sisters and still was when she came round to visit. His uncle had been decorating it recently but he knew she still kept clothes in the house but when he entered Nicolas room he noticed that all the furniture had been removed ready for a new carpet to be laid. Where the fuck has he put all her shit? Tom wondered. He went back to the door of his mums room and called out to her “Mum, where’s Nikki’s stuff?”

“Why?” Lisa called from the shower. “Her wardrobe and drawers are in here at the moment”

Tom walked in to the bedroom. His mother had not closed the bathroom door and he saw her naked in the shower. She had her back to him but he could see her huge tits and hairy crotch in the mirrored tiles. It was the first time he had seen her naked since they had fucked the other Saturday. It still made him feel uncomfortable but incredibly horny. Lisa rubbed her tits with the lather that was all over her fantastic body. At thirty six, she could make 21 year old girls jealous with her body and looks. She carried on rubbing her tits and then let her other hand wander down to her pussy. She inserted two fingers and let out a soft moan, all the while watching Tom in the mirror, just as he was watching her. Tom didn’t know Lisa had seen him but thought better of jacking off there and then what with Sophie being sat downstairs. He rushed to the wardrobe that was just left in the middle of the room, completely out of place and opened the larger door. His sister was much the same size as Sophie although he could honestly say he had never noticed the size of her tits, whether they were big or small. He chose a green vest that was folded neatly in one of the compartments and closed the door. On his way out of the room he afforded himself another look at his mother who was now rinsing the suds from her body with the shower head, bending over to reveal her peachy ass and a glimpse of pussy. Tom had the urge to rush his mother and fuck her there and then over the side of the bath. But Sophie was downstairs.

When Tom returned to the kitchen Sophie was still sat on the bar stool at the breakfast bar. She had managed to pull her skirt down slightly but still showed her fair haired pussy. Her glass was almost empty and she giggled as she saw Tom return, clearly feeling drunk. Tom handed her the vest and as she slid from the stool her skirt rose again, revealing everything Tom had waited so long to see. Sophie unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, knowing she was teasing Tom by not covering her beautiful pussy. She looked even better than Tom had ever imagined as she stood there almost naked except for the skirt rolled up around her middle and her trainers. To Tom’s disappointment Sophie replaced her bra before pulling the vest over her head and finally smoothed her skirt down in place. She used her fingers as a comb to try and get her hair to look a bit better. Tom watched his beautiful girlfriend with his shorts filled with a huge erection. She had noticed the bulge and was looking at it and Tom felt she had really let her inhibitions go this time. If they could get away with just a quick meeting with his mother then he might be able to get Sophie up to his room and go for the jackpot before having to get her home by 10.00pm, something her father insisted upon. Then he heard his mother coming through the hallway and heading for the kitchen.

“Well, you must be Sophie” she said warmly and extended her hand for a formal handshake.

“I, yes…..umm…yes I am. It’s nice to meet you Mrs Steadman” Sophie replied nervously.

“Please, call me Lisa. It’s nice to meet you too love and my name is not Steadman any more. Tom’s father and I are divorced now”

“Th….tha….thank you, Lisa” Sophie stammered

“Tom, get this poor girl a drink, she’s trembling here. Pour me one while you’re there too please”

Tom moved over to the kitchen worktop and grabbed another glass from the cupboard in front of him. He filled it with wine from the bottle he had opened for Sophie and also replenished his girlfriend’s glass. He got the feeling he wasn’t going to get any more time alone with Sophie this evening. It felt like his mum was up to something and he didn’t know what. It was strange to see his mum dressed up like this when she wasn’t going out. She was wearing a loose, baggy but very smart shirt over a skirt not as short as Sophie’s but short enough to show off her great, stockinged legs. Her hair had been neatly tied up which made her look business like and at the same time, sexy. Why did she dress like this just to meet his girlfriend? He thought maybe she was jealous and wanted him to herself and dressing nicely was an attempt to lure him away from Sophie. He handed the women their drinks and ran upstairs to get his own vodka.

“So” Lisa began as Tom left the kitchen “Sophie. Tom speaks very highly of you I hope you feel the same about him” It was a gentle question, not probing. She wanted Sophie to be completely relaxed in her company.

“Er, yes Mrs….I mean Lisa…I like him a lot” Sophie started and then added a little untruthfully, “he always behaves like a true gentleman.” She reddened with embarrassment, partly because she knew Tom was far from a gentleman and partly because she knew she was slurring her words because she was drunk. Nevertheless, she took another big gulp of wine.

“That’s nice to hear sweetie. You make a lovely couple, a very good looking couple if you don’t mind me saying so.”

Tom entered the kitchen carrying a nearly empty bottle of vodka and poured it all in to a half pint glass. “You two getting on okay?” he asked suspiciously.

“Fine darling” Lisa said as she took a sip of wine and looked over the top of her glass at Sophie’s long shapely legs. She noticed that her skirt had ridden up and that her son’s girlfriend was not wearing any knickers. A bit brazen, she thought, for someone who doesn’t put out. “Let’s go into the lounge and get a bit more comfortable shall we?” She started off down the hallway towards the lounge and left Tom and Sophie where they were.

“Are you okay with this Sophe?” Tom enquired.

“Ssshhhure” Sophie slurred, “might as well get this meeting out of the way”

Tom picked up his glass and took Sophie by the hand and led her through to the lounge where his mother had made herself comfortable on one of the two seater settees. He sat on the settee opposite his mother and Sophie flopped down beside him, again giving Lisa a good view of her pussy. They started making small talk, the usual things when a mother becomes acquainted with her son’s girlfriend for the first time. Only Lisa could not stop looking up Sophie’s skirt. She really was a pretty little thing and she could understand why her son was persevering with her despite her not having sex with him. She downed her wine and asked Tom to go to the kitchen to fetch the bottle, which he did along with another from the garage. When he returned he too noticed that Sophie was displaying her goods unwittingly, but said nothing.

“So why are you two here this evening. I thought you’d be making out somewhere at your age” Lisa dared to say and waited for a reaction.

“We aren’t, we don’t……we think we’re too young yet” Sophie replied, trying to hide behind her glass.

“Nonsense dear, when I was your age I…” She stopped short not wanting to push things too far. Tom wasn’t sure what his mother was playing at but was happy to let Sophie answer any questions. “I think you are both old enough and responsible enough and you obviously care for each other”

Sophie shifted uncomfortably in her seat resulting in her pussy being covered by her skirt again, to Lisa’s disappointment. She started to say something but stopped herself.

“It’s okay love, you can say what you like in this house. Nobody will judge you or correct you. Has Tom not told you how liberal minded I am?”

Tom froze. He didn’t want his girlfriend to know that he had fucked his own mother. Nobody would understand and everyone would find it repulsive. Lisa had no intention of saying anything, just wanted Sophie to relax and say what she felt but Tom didn’t know what his mother was trying to achieve.

Sophie put her glass to her lips but didn’t take a drink. She looked at Tom and then back at Lisa and lowered her glass to her lap. “It’s just what you were saying about…um…about us not having, you know, not having sex yet” she hurried her glass to her mouth and gulped some more wine, knowing she had said the wrong thing.

“Go on” Lisa encouraged and she shifted forward on her seat as if to be able to hear Sophie better.

“Well” a now very drunk Sophie began. “It’s not that we don’t want to because we do.”

WE do. Tom looked at Sophie. He thought she didn’t want to but now she was saying she wanted to and in front of his mother too! What the fuck is going on here this evening? I don’t understand this at all!

“So what’s stopping you?” Lisa asked and Tom wondered at the very same time

“It’s because. I don’t know what to say. I feel silly. It’s because I don’t know how, I wouldn’t know where to start or what to do”

Tom was stunned. All this time and just because she didn’t know what to do. He could have shown her. He would have taught her exactly what to do if only she had said something. What a waste of a month! Normally he would have had lots of sex with different girls in a month but all he had done was fucked his own mother. As good a fuck as his mother was, Tom felt that he’d missed out for a month.

Lisa was feeling quite smug and excited at what she was about to suggest. She had been hoping that Sophie was feeling like this because she was exactly the same until she had sex for the first time herself. “Would it help if you were shown what to do, Sophie?”

There was a long silence and Lisa thought she had pushed things too far too soon. After all, she was the mother of the girls boyfriend and knew it must have made Sophie very uncomfortable but then Sophie piped up; “I suppose it would. I mean, I’ve seen those movies and stuff but they aren’t real situations are they. The girls just know what to do in those movies don’t they? Like, I’ve seen aeroplanes landing but I couldn’t land one myself. Does that make sense?”

“Of course sweetie, I know what you mean. I was like that before my first time and I would have loved to have had someone show me what to do. How about I show you?”

“But how? How can you show me what to do?”

“Well” Lisa knew she had to be very careful now. She could blow the whole thing with her next words; maybe even ruin Tom and Sophie’s relationship for good. How could she word it without causing deep offence. “Well maybe if we could find a willing man. One who would be happy to have me guide you and show you what to do. Would you be okay with that?”

“Yes, I suppose I would but who? I mean, I want Tom to be my first so……”

Tom knew what was coming next and felt surprisingly okay with it, excited in fact. Was he excited at getting to screw the most beautiful girl he had ever known or was it the very situation he now found himself in. Either way, his cock was growing hard and quickly. The best fuck he had ever had, albeit his mother, was about to be involved when he fucked his girlfriend for the very first time. He hoped he was right.

Lisa turned to Tom and said “would you be willing to help Sophie learn about sex?”

“You bet!! When do we start?”

“Now would be a good time, what do you think Sophie?” Lisa licked her lips gently as she asked the question and was nervously waiting for a positive response.

Sophie looked at the clock on the wall above the fireplace. She had to be home in less than half an hour and knew they should start heading that way very soon if she were to be home by ten. It was probably as much to do with the alcohol as it was to do with how horny she had become that made her think to hell with it and she turned to Lisa and said “now’s as good a time as any” She emptied her wine glass although she was already comfortable with the idea.

“Tom, are you okay with this before we start our tutorial?”

“Oh yeah, where do we begin?”

Lisa leant forward and placed her glass on the coffee table before her. “We start at the very beginning of course. Sophie, have you ever even touched a boy’s penis?”

“Sort of I suppose, not properly though. Not actually the flesh”

“Tom, go and stand next to Sophie” Tom obliged immediately and both the women stared at the huge bulge in his shorts. “As you can see” Lisa smiled “Tom is already excited so half the work is done for you already. You need to pull Tom’s shorts down to let that thing get some air to start with.” Sophie needed no second invitation and she also put her glass on the coffee table and sat on the edge of the sofa. She tugged at the waist band of her boyfriends shorts and watched wide eyed as his huge manhood popped out right in front of her face. She let out a gasp at the very size of it and it looked sort of angry. Her hand came up from her lap and she touched the shaft very gingerly making it jerk very slightly. She pulled her hand away and looked to Lisa for more instruction.

“Not like that sweetie. I don’t mean just touch it. You need to know how to caress it, make it hard if it isn’t already and keep it hard when it is. Like this.” She moved over to the settee and sat next to Sophie and wrapped a small hand around her son’s throbbing member. “Like this” she whispered as she gently started stroking up and down the big cock, getting faster and faster all the time. “Look at his face” she said and they both watched the joyful expression on Tom’s face as his mother jerked him off. “See how much he likes it. Now you try.” Lisa reluctantly let go of the nicest cock she had ever seen and Sophie took over doing exactly what Lisa had been doing. Sophie’s skirt again was hiding nothing and Lisa could see her tiny slit glistening with her love juices. She was incredibly turned on by this and started to roll her left nipple in her fingers and felt her own juices start to moisten her knickers. She had to stop Sophie before Tom got too excited. She didn’t want her son to shoot his thick cum all over the place, not yet. “That’s good, that’s very good. Now let’s try something different.” Sophie dropped Tom’s cock and it brushed her cheek as it succumbed to gravity.

“It’s not all about the man getting pleasure, we girls need it too. I expect you know how to pleasure yourself, no one can tell you what excites you most, only you know that. I like to play with my nipples, do you?” Lisa unbuttoned the blouse she was wearing and slid out of it revealing a pale pink bra. She reached behind her and unclasped it to let her heavy bosom fall out, almost cascading into her lap. With her right hand she cupped her left breast and offered it up to her mouth. Circling her nipple with her tongue, she reached down with her free hand and started rubbing her clit through her skirt. “Don’t wait for me to tell you Sophie, you copy what I do.” Lisa was almost purring when Sophie stood up and pulled the vest over her head. Such a willing pupil was more than Lisa could have hoped for and she watched as Sophie removed her bra and somewhat clumsily forced a nipple into her own mouth. Not quite as easy for someone with smaller breasts but still manageable. Sophie’s other hand darted between her legs and she started rubbing at her swollen clit.

Lisa stopped licking her nipple and said to Sophie, “See how Tom is getting almost as much pleasure from this as we are? Men like women to pleasure themselves you know.” Sophie was almost oblivious to Lisa’s words as she got carried away, working her own clit and watching her boyfriends cock throbbing just inches from her face. “Now Tom, come and suck my nipples before you suck on Sophie’s. I will tell you if you are doing it right”

Tom was in heaven. He moved towards his mother and placed a very long and erect nipple into his mouth and started licking furiously. “Ah yes, I see you know how to do it. That’s good. Now do the same to Sophie.” Tom let his mother’s huge tit go and reluctantly went to Sophie’s smaller tits and repeated what he had just done to his mum. Sophie moaned, almost inaudibly with pleasure while still rubbing at her very wet clit. Lisa was rubbing her clit too and wanted to rub Sophie’s for her but knew it was far too soon. She unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Tom looked round at his mother stood in suspenders and stockings and had to look away to stop himself from blowing his load right then.

“Good” Lisa whispered, “Good. Now, have you ever tasted a man’s cock before Sophie?”

“No, but I want to.” She replied breathlessly. She needed no instruction and turned her head towards Tom’s huge cock and gently poked her tongue out to let the tip of it touch the long shaft.

Lisa was wishing she were here in a different role, not as teacher but she carried on as though she were only doing things to help Sophie. “Like this” she said and she knelt beside Tom and started to run her tongue up and down the full length of his manhood, holding it with one hand. “Come on, it’s big enough for the both of us.” Sophie started to lick up and down Tom’s shaft too and when her tongue collided with Lisa’s she assumed it was an accident. Of course, it was no accident on Lisa’s part. The pair were licking at Tom’s cock for about a minute or so when without words or warning Lisa went to the big purple helmet and closed her mouth over it. Sophie sat back to watch as Tom started to groan with delight. His mother and his beautiful girlfriend were taking it in turns on his cock. What more could a man ask for, he thought as he tilted his head backwards and squeezed his eyes tightly shut. Lisa knew he was about to come and wanted to selfishly take all of his love juice into her mouth and down her throat and she didn’t know what stopped her from letting it happen but she did. “Now you do what I just did, Sophie”

For the first time since they had started their “tutorial” Sophie looked a bit apprehensive. “I don’t think I can. It’s too big.” But she tried and opened her mouth as wide as she could, held it over Tom’s helmet and stayed there motionless.

“Close your lips and move up and down slowly” Lisa instructed and Sophie did as she was told. Tom was getting a blow job for the first time from his gorgeous girlfriend and it was too much. His nuts tightened and Lisa could see what was going to happen next although Sophie had no idea and kept bobbing her head up and down, only managing to get the tip and just a bit of his shaft into her mouth. Lisa leaned closer as this was happening and when Tom let out a loud groan she waited. Suddenly, Sophie pulled her head away as Tom started to shoot his cum. She coughed as she had swallowed a little bit and the next spurt landed on her face. Lisa didn’t like to see it all go to waste so grabbed her sons cock and greedily swallowed wave after wave of hot thick spunk, letting it slide down her throat for as long as it took before there was no more. As she removed the softening cock from her mouth she watched Sophie who looked just a little jealous, as though she had wanted to swallow that big cum load herself. Lisa felt a little guilty and started to justify what she had just done.

“You see what I just did there Sophie? When a man cums, or shoots his load or whatever you know it as, he likes a woman to swallow it and suck every last sensation from his body until it is all gone. Do you think you can do that?”

Sophie never replied but lunged towards her boyfriend’s flaccid cock and started to put it in her mouth. Lisa giggled and thought greedy little bitch! “No sweetie, not yet. You see, a man needs time to recover after an orgasm. We can help him get ready again by doing what we can to make him horny. Let’s start by getting naked. Tom, like any other man, likes to see a naked woman” With that Lisa unclipped her suspender belt and rolled down her stockings, one by one. She discarded her suspender belt and put a hand down the front of her knickers and started to massage her huge erect clit. Sophie could see how wet Lisa was and put a hand between her own legs to check on her own wetness. Inserting a finger in to her pussy made her shudder. Never before had Sophie felt so horny and she wanted more than ever just to masturbate furiously to orgasm. Lisa peeled her soaked knickers away from her body and stood in front of Tom, close enough for him to smell her excitement. Tom began to remove his own clothes and stroked his cock which was already starting to show signs of life again. Lisa stepped out of her wet knickers and Sophie released her skirt so now all three of them were completely naked. Lisa decided now was the time to take things a little further. “Have you ever had your pussy licked, your clit probed by someone’s tongue?”

“No, not yet but I do want that to happen”

“Well, the best person to lick a woman’s pussy is another woman. Women know what to do better than a man so once you have had a woman lick your pussy, you can tell a man exactly how to do it. Would you like me to show you how I like to be licked so you can tell Tom what to do when he goes down on you?”

Sophie wasn’t sure about this. She had never had sex before and now Lisa was suggesting that she try sex with another woman. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe because she was close to orgasm; it didn’t matter. Sophie was thinking that what Lisa had said made perfect sense. Of course a woman would know best how to lick a pussy. Why wouldn’t she? “Er okay then, I guess it will help.”

Lisa’s heart skipped a beat. How would Tom feel about his mother licking another woman’s pussy, let alone his girlfriends! She looked at her son and the expression on his face spoke a thousand words. He wanted this to happen as much as she did so she hesitated no more. “Come and lie down over here sweetie.” She gestured for Sophie to lie on the settee. Sophie obliged and instinctively parted her legs as Lisa crouched down and put her face to Sophie’s young, fresh cunt. Tom watched in amazement as his mother started to probe gently with her tongue at his girlfriend’s twat and Sophie immediately began squirming and grabbing at her own nipples. Both women were groaning with pleasure and Tom felt a little redundant as he watched his mother flicking her own clit while working his 14 year old girlfriends. He positioned himself behind Lisa and parted her ass cheeks to allow access for his tongue. Tom put his tongue to his mother’s ass and licked gently for a while before pushing it hard inside her asshole. Lisa let out a scream of delight and worked Sophie even harder, wanting her to feel as much pleasure as she was. Lisa knew she was about to squirt her juices with orgasm and could feel Sophie wasn’t too far off it herself. She pulled away from Tom to allow herself to hold off and when Sophie began to buck she pushed her ass back into her sons face. Lisa started a low growl as she felt the first waves of orgasm coursing through her. It was as if Sophie could sense this and she emitted sounds of pleasure herself. Sophie’s eyes shut tight as Lisa’s growling was causing a pleasant vibration on her tiny little cunt. It was too late for Lisa to stop herself so she was delighted when Sophie started cumming, moaning loudly, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, OOOOH FUCK!!” Sophie’s shuddering orgasm coincided with hers and they were both shrieking with pleasure as Tom was stroking his huge cock, waiting. Waiting patiently for them to both come back down to Earth and settle contentedly, Lisa’s head still nestled in Sophie’s crotch.

After a few moments Lisa lifted her head from the lovely young pussy she had just bought to orgasm. Her chin was still wet with Sophie’s juices as she said, “now, are you ready for the main event?”

“Oooh, I don’t think I can.” It was a strangled whisper from Sophie as she was still recovering from the first orgasm she had ever had with someone else. “I don’t think I can”

“You can sweetie. Let me show you how easy it is.” Lisa was getting selfish now. She wasn’t concerned with teaching her young pupil at this stage; she wanted her son’s huge member inside her, deep inside her. “Watch me and do the same.” She didn’t care if Sophie had heard her or not as she moved away and took hold of Tom’s throbbing cock and started to suck him again. Sophie moved away from the settee and watched in awe at the expertise Lisa was displaying in blowing Tom’s manhood. Lisa’s juices had soaked the leather upholstery and Sophie felt a little uncomfortable having another woman’s moisture on her. She looked at her boyfriends face and saw the look of pleasure. She wanted to be the one giving him that pleasure; she wanted his cock inside her now that Lisa had sucked it back to full hardness. Lisa removed her lips from her sons cock and turned to Sophie:

“Do you think you are ready to take this lovely cock into your sweet little pussy now?”

“I think I am. What is the best way to have it in me?” Sophie was really keen to be fucked for her first time and at the same time nervous. She had never seen such a huge cock, even on the guys in the films she had seen, and didn’t know how she would fit it all in. She had only ever inserted two of her fingers into herself and the handle of her hair brush. Nothing as thick and long as her boyfriend’s shaft.

Watching her wide eyed expression Lisa could tell what Sophie must be thinking. “With any cock you need to start slowly, taking in a bit at a time until you’re comfortable with the whole length inside you. However, Tom has a much larger cock than most so extra care is needed.” Lisa didn’t know or care if Sophie was keeping up or even believing what she was being told. She just knew that she was paving the way for her to get fucked by her son and for them to think it was to help Sophie learn. She led on the floor in front of the hearth and pulled Tom down on top of her. “Come closer Sophie so you can see clearly what is going on”

As Tom lowered himself gently on to his mother, he grabbed his manhood and started rubbing it up and down his mothers slit. Sophie had her face just inches away and could smell both Tom and Lisa’s sex. She started to imagine it was her own pussy that Tom was working on and she felt her juices moving again. Tom was still rubbing up and down his mother while Sophie took her hand and started rubbing at her swollen clit again. Lisa let out a quiet gasp as Tom started to push the head of his monster into her opening, inching slowly further. After each forward thrust he would pull almost all the way back out of his mother’s lovely pussy and the next forward thrust would take him in a little deeper. Never had Sophie felt so excited as she sat watching her boyfriend fuck his own mum and she rubbed herself and played with her tits. She wondered what it would be like to have bigger tits like Lisa, what they felt like. Lisa was pulling hard at both her nipples while Tom was pumping gently in and out of her and Sophie thought she would join in. She moved up towards Lisa’s breasts and looked her in the eye. No words were needed; there was almost telepathy between the two women. Lisa let one of her huge tits go so Sophie could massage it and tweak her nipple. She pulled hard as Lisa groaned at having such a young pretty thing playing with her long erect nipple. She groaned louder when Sophie bent over her large breast and took the nipple in her mouth, licking and nibbling while it was bobbing up and down with the rhythm of Tom’s thrusts which were getting faster and faster. Lisa could feel the first tingles of orgasm again but knew she could not be selfish. If Tom felt her cumming it would surely bring on his own explosion but that needed to be saved for Sophie’s pussy. Just for tonight anyway.

Tom moaned with displeasure when Lisa pulled away from him and his cock slapped down on to her upper thigh. It was shiny with his mother’s juices and still pulsating. “Your turn” was all Lisa said to Sophie and she rolled aside to allow Sophie to take up the position she had vacated. Sophie led back raised her knees and parted her legs all in one swift, impatient move. Tom knelt before her in between her legs and took hold of his cock. Looking at his girlfriend’s wet snatch and at his cock he wasn’t sure if he would ever get it inserted but he wasn’t going to give up without at least trying. He allowed the tip of his cock to gently touch Sophie’s erect clit and she moaned loudly with delight. She took hold of Tom’s huge throbbing meat stick with her right hand and started to rub it up and down her slit, just as he had seen him do it to Lisa. Lisa felt sorry for this tiny young girl as her son’s huge cock did look like a weapon that was going to hurt her. She thought she would be doing Sophie a favour if she were to take over and let Tom fuck her stupid instead, saving Sophie’s tiny pussy from a brutal pounding. But this night belonged to Sophie who let out a scream, a mixture of pleasure and pain when Tom penetrated her for the very first time. Just the very tip had disappeared into Sophie and Tom tried to be as gentle as he could, very slowly pushing his rod in millimetres at a time. Lisa watched Tom’s cock slowly disappearing between Sophie’s legs and she rubbed her soaked cunt with one hand and started to pinch Sophie’s nipples with the other. Tom had only gone in about five centimetres when he slowly pulled back out, then gently back in, about six centimetres. Sophie’s face was a picture of either pleasure or pain, Lisa couldn’t tell which so she bent over her son’s girlfriend and inserted her small but rock hard nipple into her mouth and gently sucked and nibbled on it. Tom was struggling to be gentle with the tight little pussy but he really wanted to thrust his cock all the way in so his nut sack would slap against Sophie’s peachy bare ass. He didn’t want to hurt her so carried on with his gentle actions enjoying the tautness and the extreme sensation it was bringing. His cock never went in any further than perhaps eight centimetres so Lisa thought she would see if she could help to get him to go deeper into his gorgeous girlfriend.

“Let’s try another position” she whispered huskily. Tom pulled his meat from Sophie who looked to Lisa for instruction. “Turn over and get on all fours. Tom will be able to get in deeper from behind and you will enjoy it more. I will help it go further; I can help to get you more lubricated.” Sophie adopted the position as instructed, sticking her pert ass high into the air. Lisa led down and put her face between Sophie’s legs and looked up into her opening which was gaping after having accommodated Tom’s cock. Tom then straddled his mother’s chest, his ass resting on her huge tits and Lisa again started to lick Sophie’s young clit. Gently Tom entered Sophie again, with a little more ease than the first time. Sophie groaned with pleasure. She couldn’t believe sex could be this good, having her clit stimulated by a woman’s tongue and her boyfriend’s huge cock giving her a gentle pounding. Tom could still feel how incredibly tight his girlfriend was yet he seemed to be able to push a little deeper into her. Each forward stroke would have his balls strike his mother in the face and every now and then she would suck on his nut sack. The groans from Sophie were getting louder and louder. She was surprised at just how quickly she was getting used to this huge cock being forced into her, feeling it going deeper all the time. Tom was still being gentle but his cock was all but a couple of centimetres buried deep inside his girlfriend. Lisa was sucking on Tom’s sack when Sophie started to feel the orgasm bubbling inside her. She wanted to cum and cum hard, she had never felt such pleasure. She pulled her pussy up along the long shaft inside her and thrust back down with such force that Tom’s cock went all the way in and her clit smashed Lisa in the face while Tom’s nuts smashed against her chin. Sophie was screaming now and Tom felt the stirring in his own body which he knew would lead to a huge cum load escaping into Sophie’s warm tight hole. Lisa stayed where she was hoping she wouldn’t get hurt as the young couple above her were becoming more violent with there bucking and thrusting. Tom could feel the walls of Sophie’s cunt contracting, squeezing his own cock even tighter. Her very deep loud breathing mixed with screams and shrieks meant only one thing and as she pushed down hard on her boyfriends cock. She pulled away almost so Tom fell out of her and then smashed back down causing his balls to smash his mother in the face again and that was it. The point of no return. She screamed even louder than she already had been as she felt her orgasm rushing through her making her whole body contract. Every nerve tingled it seemed as she thrust up and down, enjoying the orgasm escaping from her young body, her pussy clenching and relaxing on Toms cock and her juices dripping down on to Lisa’s face. Sophie buried her head in the hearth rug as she hit the apex of her pleasure and started to bite it and pull at it with her clenched fists as the orgasm subsided into a warm tingling sensation. Tom managed one more violent thrust when he felt his goo start to spurt from his manhood into his girlfriend. He pulled his cock out of Sophie’s tight pussy with a “pop” and shot rope after rope of hot sticky fluid onto his mothers face. Lisa took the cock in her hand and let the jizz soak her pretty face until just drops remained, oozing from her sons slit. She placed the softening member into her mouth and sucked the last fluid from the swollen helmet as Tom moaned softly with the sensation. Lisa didn’t stop until she felt her son’s cock stop pulsing and she could get no more cum from the slit. The three of them stayed where they were for a few moments, totally spent, enjoying the final tingling of orgasm.

It was Sophie who moved first. She stood up and sidled over to the settee and perched on the arm. She threw one leg over the other and both Tom and Lisa admired her fantastic frame. It was 11.30pm. What would dad say when she got home so late? But then what would dad say if he knew WHY she were so late? She could think of nothing but what excuse she would use when she got home as she dressed. Lisa stood up and Sophie noticed what a beautiful body she had. She didn’t know she would be attracted to women but seeing Lisa stood there with her juices still running down her thighs, she knew she was. And she knew she was no longer a virgin.

Tom had dressed quickly and took Sophie by the hand. He led her to the front door so as to walk her home. As Sophie left the lounge she looked back over her shoulder and smiled at Lisa, “It was great to meet you, Lisa. Hope to see you again very soon.”

Lisa listened to the front door close gently. What a night, she thought. She sat down on the settee and thought about Sophie. She really was a pretty little thing with a great body. Lisa closed her eyes and pushed her hand between her legs and started to rub herself again, thinking of the sweet taste of Sophie’s sex.


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damned good story but if the girl is new to the game got to keep her moist and keen mama should take over and see she is well stretched by all the cocks around the neighbourhood


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The first one was a little weak. Solid improvements here.


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