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A simple talk takes many twist and turns...
When I awoke Friday morning, I was feeling sick and nauseated again. This was the third day that I awoke feeling so horrible. The past two days I managed to go to school, but today I decided against it. Three men have shot loads into me, and the odds are one of them has knocked me up. Since my period was also late. I decided to talk to Mom before she left for work. Mom already knew something was wrong when I didn’t wake up on time. I heard a knock at my door about 30 minutes after I would normally be awake.
"Are you Ok in there?" My mom said in a concerned voice.
"I'm not feeling good Mom, and not going to school today" I replied.
"Anything I can do?" She questioned me again.
"We need to talk, but after Mike goes to school" I said to her while holding my hands
over my tummy as the pain returned.
Mike leaves for school about the same time I do. I waited another 20 minutes before
getting out of bed and looking for Mom. Dad already left for work, I heard his car pull out of the driveway. Mike also should be at the bus stop by now if Dad didn’t drop him off.
I looked around for Mom, and didn’t see her right away. I heard noises coming from the
kitchen. As I entered I seen mom scrubbing a dirty dish.
"Mom, we need to talk." I said to her with a bit of fear in my voice
She continued scrubbing the dish, her back facing me.
"What is it?" She asked.
"I think I'm pregnant..." I bluntly said in a soft voice.
The dish she was scrubbing immediately fell into the sink. I waited for what felt like an
eternity as I listened for her reply. I was expecting yelling and screaming, yet none of this
seemed to be happening.
"Why do you think your pregnant?" She asked in a concerned tone of voice.
"Mom, I’m late. And I've been feeling sick the past few days" I said to her more confidently.
Mom's head lowered down, she seemed to not believe what she was hearing. Yet she
wasn't asking when did the conception happen, or who was the father. All of this was
really making me confused. But I wasn't about to tell her that three guys have fucked me.
Especially when one of them, I didn't know for sure who it was.
"I should've known this would happen" Mom said as if commenting to herself rather.
I reminded silent, not sure what to make of all this.
"I'm sorry, this is all my fault." Sadly mom said.
"What do you mean? I was the one who had sex" I questioned her.
"Yes, you did. But I let it happen." Mom said again in a very sad voice while drying off
her hands.
"What?" I shouted out in a surprised voice.
I was still not sure what was going on here. But I never even suspected my own mother
might be involved in the plot.
She then pulled out the kitchen chair from under the table.
"Come here and sit down" She instructed.
I moved over to the chair and sat down. Mom then took the seat next to mine. For the
first time since we started talking, she looked me into the eyes.
"You don't need to explain how your pregnant, because I was there the night it happened." She said while her hand reached out to hold mine.
"Your Father and I have done many things in the past. Some of them I’m not very proud
of, or willing to talk about. But ever since we first started dating, your father has always
loved doing Incest roleplay with me." She started to explain.
My mouth dropped as my own mother was now starting a sex talk with me. And not only
that, but she was already saying how some of there sexual fantasies were extra kinky.
"I must admit, the fantasies added variety to our nightly fun. It was never meant to be
harmful to anyone though. There has been many nights when your Father would seduce
me by first rubbing my feet as I laid there not doing much. And what happened was
totally not planned by anyone." She continued to explain.
Again I was totally in shock at how my mother was saying she and Dad had done very
similar things to how I was fucked that first night with my mystery man.
"Mom? What are you saying?" I question her trying to get her to the point.
"You see. Your father and I thought we was alone in the house that night. We didn't
expect you to be home so early. I told him earlier that morning that tonight could do one
of our incest foreplays. So he was expecting me to be doing something kinky that night.
We was both in the living room, watching TV, when I whispered into his ear to come find
me in 10 minutes. I left and headed to our bedroom where I put on a pair of Barney
panties, and Sesame Street T-Shirt." Mom explained.
At this point... I couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of my Mother in just a T-Shirt and
panties while trying to look young. At the same time, My pussy was starting to get wet
while hearing the beginning of this sexual tease.
"I see that grin, don’t laugh at how I look. It was for the good of the roleplay. My pussy
was also shaved and ready for the action." She teased while continuing the story.
"I bet it was Mom" I said with a wink to her.
"Anyway, I was in bed waiting for him and as time passed I started to wonder where he
was. I couldn’t hear any noises, and I knew he was going to be horny. I left the bedroom
and started looking for him. It didn’t take me long to see that he was in your bedroom.
At first, I was shocked and surprised to find him with you. But then when I saw him
playing with your feet and rubbing your legs, I realized that he must have thought that you
was me." She said with more confidence and assurance.
My mystery was now solved. I knew my mystery lover was my very own father. But I
allowed mom to continue the story. Not only to figure out why it all happened, but it was
really turning me on.
"I almost pulled him off of you right away, but you seemed to be enjoying yourself. I let
it continue. Watching him pleasure you was oddly exciting for me as well, I started to touch myself. Your room was very dark, but I could make out a lot of what was happening. When you shouted out how wonderful it felt, I knew you wasn’t being raped. You also scared the crap out of your Father. He froze once he knew it was you, then looked back at the doorway wondering if I knew. He was surprised again as he saw me touching myself. Without saying a word I took off my Sesame Street shirt so he could see my breasts and hard nipples. I began to rub my nipples, anything to give him a visual positive reinforcement to continue. He smiled at me and blew me a kiss. Then resumed his action on you." Mom said as she relived the moment.
I was really wanting to be fucked now. The fact my own Mother was watching us and
getting turned on herself was amazing. I started to wonder what kind of family was I in.
At the same time, I don’t regret what happened. Knowing it was my father made it even
more special. I tried to keep my cool as I sat in the chair listening to all of this. My
panties however told a different story as they were completely soaked in my juice.
"I can't believe you watched it Mom." I said to her and interrupted her story briefly.
"I couldn't believe it either. But it was very exciting. Hearing you cum just from his fingers going inside of you almost made me cum too. Especially when he pulled out his fingers and saw the small amount of blood on them. As he was saying sorry to you, he moved his hand out towards me. His two fingers could barely be seen in the light, but I knew without seeing that he had just started to pop your cherry. As he looked back at me,
without saying a word, I knew what he wanted. I nodded my head and pushed two of my
own fingers into my pussy, to show him that he had my blessing. That's when he slid his member into you. I had my own orgasm just watching him in silhouette taking your
cherry completely." She said while biting her lip.
Mom defiantly was enjoying reliving this moment. She was getting just as turned on as I
was. Mom was wearing a robe that hid her panties from view. But I’m sure they was as
wet as my own.
At this point I thought I could stop her story, since I knew the rest, but she didn’t really
give me the chance.
"Once Your father started pumping into you very fast, I had orgasms every few minutes.
It was incredible watching him take you. And you was shouting out in pleasure, over and
over as you kept cumming. I knew he was a great lover, but watching him with you was
making me want him in me too.
I was almost lost in a trance when I heard your father asking if you really wanted to
become a woman. If you wanted to feel him cum in your pussy. He looked back at me for
approval, but I was way to busy finger myself. Then you shouted out your answer for him
to cum, and softly I spoke out to him... "Do it". I felt another powerful orgasm as I
watched the shadow of his sexy ass push into you one more time and stop. I wished there was a way I could’ve seen him explode into you. Once he was done cumming, and
starting to pull out, I quickly moved into your room. I grabbed him by the shoulders and
pulled him out into the hallway. I pushed him against the wall and kissed him madly. I
went down to his still hard cock and sucked it clean. I could taste his cum and yours. It
set me off even more. Dad too was enjoying it, but knew we should get to the bedroom.
He stood me back up on my feet, and then picked me up. He carried me to the bedroom,
where I finally got to feel that hard cock of his inside of me." She said as her story kept
Now I knew how he could disappear so quickly once mom said that. All my mysteries
was solved. Yet, she continued on with there sex story. I tried to interrupt her now.
"Mom! I think you can stop now, I don’t need to hear about you and dad." I said abit
"Oh... sorry. I was getting caught up in the moment again. He did cum again too if your
curious. Guys can sometimes cum twice if well stimulated" She explained.
"Yeah, I didn’t know that" I said to her, eventhough I had already found out the hard way.
Mom then moved out of her chair and squatted down in front of my chair.
"Take off your panties, let me see what’s going on down here" She stated.
"What? Why Mom?" I said surprised by her actions.
"I need to know if your really pregnant or if its something else." She claimed.
I was so wet I knew this was going to be embarrassing, yet it had to be done. I slid them
off and spread my legs open for her to see.
"Scoot your pussy to the edge of the chair" She said using words I didn’t expect to hear.
I did comply, moving my pussy to the edge where her hand began to softly caress my lips. It felt oddly good since I was so turned on from before.
"I see my story has made you very wet, but that’s ok, its only a natural reaction. It will
also make my inspection much easier." She said to me while her hands continued to rub along my folds.
"I don't see any signs of other diseases. Your pussy looks very healthy along the outside." She said.
"Thanks Mom, and I did check for signs of disease too" I replied.
Mom then stuck her index finger into my pussy. I couldn’t help but moan as it felt good.
She moved it all around. Not trying to turn me on, but just to feel all along my inner walls.
"Feels very healthy inside too. It looks like you may be pregnant afterall. I'll grab a
pregnancy test at the store once I get home from work, just to be sure." She sadly said to
I didn’t know what to think, and having my Mom's finger inside my pussy making me
feel good didn’t help out much either.
It was then that we were both surprised as Mike entered into the kitchen. He immediately stopped in his tracks as he saw us.
I found out later Mike was staying home as well once he learned I was. His plan was to fuck me sometime before our parents came home.
"Oh my..." Mike said why looking directly at my Mom's fingers in my pussy."
"Mike? Why are you still here" Mom question Mike as she quickly turn her had to look at
"I was going to go in late since my mourning class's teachers was going to be absent." He quickly made up a lie to cover his tracks.
"Hmmm..." Mom said while looking at him.
She then turned her head to look directly into my eyes. She smiled slightly. I could guess what was going to happen next, just couldn’t believe it. Mom was so turned on from earlier, she was going to fuck Mike right here, probably with me in the room too.
As horny as I was, I wasn't about to stop her either. Instead I was wondering who I could
get inside of me while she was with Mike.
Mom slid her fingers out of my pussy and instead of drying them off on her clothes, or
nearby towel, she licks them clean. My eyes went wide knowing mom was tasting me
with Mike looking on.
Mom stood up and walked over to Mike, who was still in shock and staring at my pussy. I
didn’t bother to hide it since he has seen it once already. Plus I was so wet, I would only
drench my panties more. She walked right up to Mike, just inches away from him. Mike
had no choice but to look her in the eyes now.
"Mike? Do you like looking at your sisters pussy?" Mom questioned him.
"Weeelll.. I.. Ummm." Mike started to say but couldn’t answer.
"Its ok to be Honest, She is a girl afterall" Mom said again trying to get a answer.
"Ye..yesss... I do like seeing it." Mike finally responds with a stutter.
"I thought you might like it. You know what? Her pussy takes alot after mine" Mom said
while unknotting her robe.
"Really Mom?" Mike questioned.
"Yes it does, but you don’t need to take my word for it." She said while opening her robe
and then taking it off.
Her rob fell to the floor and Mike had a perfect view of our Mother in nothing but
panties. Eventhough she was my Mother and a girl. I couldn’t help but be impressed at
her figure. Her breast sagged only slightly. A family trait I hope I get as well.
Mike however wasn’t thinking about her pussy anymore. I could clearly see his eyes
focused on her nipples. They was already hard and perky from Mom's previous arousal.
"I see my boy is not currently interested in my pussy." Mom said with a slight giggle.
"They are incredible mom" Mike said still staring and biting his lip.
"Suckle on them if you like. You haven’t done that in years. I miss it." Mom seductively
said to him.
Mike thought about it and then finally jumped right in and began to suckle on each of
them in turn. Mom wrapped his arms around her, and embraced him, pushing him even
deeper into her.
I couldn’t do anything but watch. I was tempted to rub my own pussy. But was a bit
embarrassed at the moment.
After a few minutes of this. Mom pulled Mike away from her chest. Her hands slide
down his arms and then over to her own hips. She then slid off her panties. Giving Mike
another great view that I'm sure he thought he would never see.
"You shave your pussy mom?" Might questioned as he looked down at the pussy from
where we came from.
"Yes, your father likes it that way. I see you do too" She questioned to make sure.
"Yes I do. And I can see the resemblance" He said referring to how my pussy looked like
At this point I wasn’t sure, since my view was limited to mom's backside and a nice view
of her ass.
What came next shouldn't have been a surprise to me, yet it still was.
Mom unbuttoned and removed Mike's pants. His cock could clearly be seen as a bulge in his underwear. Mom squatted down and began to lick that bulge. Mike softly moaned
out and didn't protest. She only licked it 3 or 4 times before she slid Mike's underwear
off. His cock was hard and easily stood out into the air. Mom began to lick and suckle on
the tip.
Again all I could do was watch and make mental notes on how to do this myself.
Suddenly Mom went completely down on him. Deepthroating his shaft. Mike moaned
very loudly. I don't think he was expecting it either. Suddenly as it all started, Mom
stopped and licked her lips as she backed away from it.
"Did you like Mommy sucking on you?" She questioned Mike in a sweet erotic voice.
"Oh Yes! Mom! YES!" Might answered very excitedly.
"Good, cause Mommy knows your going to cum soon if I kept doing that. So I had to
stop" Mom said to him.
"Why Mom? you don't want me to cum?" He questioned.
"Oh Yes. But I need your cock in my pussy baby." She stated again very erotic voice.
Mom then moved back over to me. Finally giving me a full view of her body. She was
indeed shaved smooth. I couldn't believe how sexy my own mother was. Her body has the perfect hourglass shape. My view however didn't last for long as mom first kneeled down in front of me, then went on all fours. Her face was directly between my legs.
"Mike, come over here and fuck me" Mom commanded.
Mike moved over to the table where we was. He pushed Mom's chair out of the way so he
could get on his knees behind her. His cock kept him from getting to close to her at first.
He acted like he didn’t want it to touch any part of her.
"Are you sure about this Mom?" He questioned her.
"It's ok. I know your a virgin and I'm your Mother. But I really need a cock right now"
Mom said to him.
"I might cum to fast. you're sure?" Mike questioned Mom again.
"I know baby, but mommy needs a fuck from someone she loves. Give me your Cherry.
Don’t worry about cumming in me." Mom said to him trying to be encouraging.
Of course we both know already that Mike busted his in me a few days ago. But there was no way either of us was going to tell her that. Still, Mike had almost two nude girls in
front of him, and that was going to push him to the limit fast.
I made things worse by taking off my shirt, making myself totally nude as well.
Mom smiled and put a grin on her face.
"Don't worry, Mommy hasn’t forgotten about her special girl either" She said to me.
Before I could say anything, she moved her head forward and between my legs. She went right for the bullseye by sucking and licking my clit. I gasped and moaned, already so aroused by everything.
Mike in turn, after watching that, slid his cock into Mom.
"Oh yes, fuck Mommy! FUCK MOMMY GOOD!" She said to Mike excitedly.
She quickly went silent again as he resumed licking my clit.
While I was enjoying those sensations. I was also watching Mike starting to pound into
her. He started slowly at first, but quickly started fucking her fast and hard like a animal.
"Mommy! It feels so good. I can't do this very long!" Mike shouted out to her.
"It's ok Baby.. Mommy is so close to cumming.. Fuck ME!! FUCK! ME!!" She shouted
out inbetween her moans.
Mike continued pounding her hard until Mom lifted herself away from my pussy and
panted heavily.
As much as I hated not having her stimulate my clit, I knew she was about to cum.
"Oh Yes! That’s It. I cumming on by babies Cock! Oh yes! OH CUMMINGGG!!!
YES!!!" Mom shouted in sexual pleasure.
"Oh God Mom, you so tight now.. I can't thrust anymore without cumming too" He said
to her.
"Then give mommy your cherry.. Cum in mommy's pussy! Give me that Cum!" She
commanded while still enjoying her orgasm.
Mike only had the ability to take one more thrust and he began to shoot into her.
"Yes Mom! I’m cumming in you! OH FUCK YES!! It's Incredible!!" Mike shouted in
I couldn't believe what I was seeing, watching them cum together was making me want to cum so bad. Yet Mom was so lost in the moment she wasn’t rubbing my clit. I couldn't
help now but finger myself so I could cum.
Both of them moaning loudly, enjoying the last moments of there climaxes while I
rubbing my own pussy extremely fast.
"Oh God!! Yessss!!!!" I shouted out as I reached my point of return.
Just as I began to climax. I felt my mothers lips sucking at my pussy. This pushed me
over the edge ever harder and I exploded, giving my mom good taste of my juices.
"OH SHIT. IM CUMMING!!!" I said in ecstasy while closing my eyes tight.
My whole body was now on fire. My mother's lips and tongue still filling so good against
my womanhood.
When I finally settled down enough to open my eyes. I saw Mike still inside of Mom.
He was slowly thrusting into her as he watched me cum.
"You Kids feeling good now?" Mom asked us both.
"Cumming in a girl is amazing." Mike said to Mom.
"I know what you mean, I love feeling your cum inside me" Mom happily replied back to
"I still need a good fucking Mom" I had to replied to her.
Eventhough I just creamed my mother's face, I was still horny from everything and
wanted more.
Mom smiled back and nodded as if she too needed more.
"Kids, stay here while I grab something from the bedroom." Mom said as she stood up
and then walked away still nude.
Once Mike was done watching her walking out of the room, he turned to look at me.
"I can't believe I just had sex with our mother!" He excitedly said.
"Cam quickly too I might add" I couldn't help but kiddingly reply.
"She wanted it too" Was the only response Mike could come up with.
By then Mom had walked back into the room, She had what looked like a dildo in her
hands, with several straps in a ball around it. She then used those straps to attach the
dildo to her pubic region. I was in total shock that my Mother had a strap on.
"You did say you still needed a good fuck didn't you?" She said as she grinned at me.
"Yes I did" Was all I could say for a change.
My shock started to make all my reactions look like something Mike would say, or do.
"What about me Mom?" Mike said while looking at Mom from behind.
"I haven’t forgotten about my boy either. You can put that hard cock back into mommy
again when your ready. You can still fuck me from behind, while I give my little girl
some good action." Mom said in a seductive voice.
I was a bit in disbelief that my own mother was now going to fuck me like a guy would.
But at the same time, I was so horny that I was ready for anything.
"Move your chair out of the way and get on all fours with me" Mom said to me while
adjusting her strap on.
I did as she asked and stood up just long enough to push my chair out of the way, and
then moved on all fours. I was very nervous since all of my sexual fun so far had been in
the missionary position. But after watching my Mom cum really fast with Mike, I knew I
would enjoy this position too.
I looked back at them once I was on all fours. Mom was on her knees just like Mike was
before. She was stroking the dildo with her hands. At the time I didn’t know what she
was doing. Looking back at it know, I know she was putting on some type of lubrication.
To this day however, I still don't know where the fluids came from. Although I have a
guess that she was using Mike's cum that was dripping out of her pussy. It seems so
creepy, but she also knew I was pregnant already. So its not exactly harmful, if that was
what she did.
All of that thinking was quickly stopped when I felt the surprisingly warm head of moms
strap on enter into my pussy. She was so gentle, pushing it in very slowly. Soon all of it
was inside of me. I was expecting it to feel cold and very rubbery. Instead it was warm
and firm, very similar to a real cock. It felt so good, I yelled out right away.
"Oh mommy! That feel so good! Fuck Me!" I shouted out in pleasure.
Mom didn't say a word and started to thrust slowly. I'm not sure why, maybe she was
trying to be gentle thinking my pussy hasn't been used very much. I enjoyed the slow
thrusts for a good two minutes then finally protested to her.
"Mom! Fuck Me.. FUCK ME HARD!" I shouted out in ecstasy.
"Oh my, you do take after me way to much little girl. You only want hard fuckings" She
It was then she granted my request and started pounding me hard. My entire body was
now on fire and loving every moment of this. I couldn't believe another woman was
fucking me just as well as any man could.
"Oh yes!! YESS! So Good!!" I shouted out to her.
Mom kept pounding me so deep and fast, over and over again. My body couldn't resist
this pleasure. My own mother was about to make me cum on a dildo!
"Oh god, I so close!" I shouted out to everyone in the room.
"Go ahead and cum, you know you want too!" Mom shouted out to me.
It was then that I couldn't take it any longer. My mother's love and plastic thrusts was to
much. I needed a good fuck, and that's what I was getting. My breathing was fast, my
heart was racing. My eyes closed tight, and then I exploded in ecstasy.
"OH GOD!! IM CUMMMMINNNNGGG!!!!" I shouted out so loud even the neighbors
would hear.
My orgasm exploded on me so hard. I almost fell onto the ground from being so weak
during it. My mother stopped her thrust when I shouted out, but then after about ten
seconds or so, resumed her pounding.
I had totally forgotten Mike was still in the room. After my orgasm I looked back at them
again. Mike was sitting in a chair and watching the action. He was stroking his cock,
which still looked only semi hard.
"Does my Baby want more?" Mom question as she kept fucking me.
"Yes, Oh yes! I love this!" I replied.
Mom resumed her hard, deep thrusts into me. My body was slowly building up to
another explosion. I never thought a plastic dick could make me feel this good. Playing
with sex toys all by myself was never anything like this. Yet there I was, enjoying every
pump into my soaking wet pussy. Each pump slowly building up the pleasure again.
Without stopping her thrusts, Mom lowered her upper body down to my back. I could
feel her hard nipples pressing against my back. Then she kissed the back of my neck.
"Mommy so loves you!" She said to me in a soft, loving, yet erotic voice.
She continued to kisses and suck on the back of my neck while thrusting into me like a
wild animal.
"ACK!!... OH!!!.. Mike!!! Mmmm..." Mom said in first surprise then pleasure.
While mom was bent over and sucking the back of my neck, Mike took his chance to
slide his cock into mom once more.
Now all three was us was merged into one big sexual orgy. Mom fucking my pussy hard
and fast while Mike did the same to hers. I tried a few times to look back and see them.
But truthfully, just knowing what was going on, and still enjoying Moms dildo in me, I
was way to lost in the moment to care what Mike was doing.
As mom would push her hips forward to thrust deep into me, Mike's cock would push out
of Mom. Then when Mom pushed herself out of me, she would Impale herself onto Mike
shaft. Mike didn’t need to do much work, just sit there and let Mom fuck us both at the
same time. As I was moaning out to all of this, I could only hear Mom breathing hard
and moaning. Mike must have been still worn out from before, because he was
completely silent.
"Mmmm... Mommy likes fucking her kids! Oh yes. I must give you kids love more often
now!" Mom shouted out in pleasure.
I could hear moms breathing quicken. She was now breathing faster than I was. Her
breathing to was becoming very rapid.
"Mike loves Mommy pussy so much he wanted sloppy seconds?" Mom teasing asked
"Yes, I love you pussy Mom, I want to fuck it every day!" Mike moaned out to him.
It was then that mom stopped her thrusts inside of me.
"Fuck your mommy, I need to feel your cock thrusting into me as I cum" Mom shouted
out the order to Mike.
"Mom wants to cum all over my cock again?" Mike questioned her teasingly.
"Yes.. Now fuck your Mommy HARD!" she begged in the heat of the moment.
Again I couldn't see much, but I could feel Mike's thrusts. As he pushed all the way in,
Moms body would slightly push forward. That forward motion would slightly tease my
own pussy as moms dildo moved slightly inside of me.
"That's its baby... Fuck your Mommy.. Fu.... OH GOD.. I’m cumming!" She said in pure
excitement and pleasure as her orgasm hit her hard. Mike wasn't moaning very loud, so
he apparently needed more time to climax, just as I did.
Mom wrapped her arms around my body and hugged me tightly as she enjoyed her
"Oh yes... God Mike! That’s so good" She said while starting to catch her breath.
Mike continued to thrust into her, even while she was cumming. He didn't want to lose
his own momentum.
I too was about to start fingering my clit, but just as I was about to move my hand, mom
started to thrust into me again.
"Oh yeah, Fuck me Mommy!" I softly moaned to her in approval.
"Sorry for stopping, I really needed that one" She said to me.
"Its ok, just don’t stop this time. I’m getting close fast!" I replied.
"I am getting there too" Mike also said.
"Mmmm... then lets make this last one really good" Mom said to us.
Mom started a very fast thrusting motion. Again fucking me and Mike at the same time.
Her hips was moving so fast, my own orgasm was building fast, almost like I didn't have
that brief break in fucking.
Before I knew it, I was breathing hard and my heart was racing.
In the background I could also hear Mike breathing hard now.
"Mike, wrap your arms around me and rub my Breasts" Mom commanded.
Just as Mike was doing that for Mom, she did the same to me. Mom's hands first grasped
ahold of my dangling breast. This felt good in more ways than one. Mom's hard thrust
had them bouncing all over the place. Now I felt her warm loving hands holding them.
Two of her fingers lightly squeezed my nipples. Mike must have been paying attention
and following her lead, because I soon heard Mom moan out.
"Mmm.. Yes, play with Mommies Titties! I love that! Pinch them!!" Mom seductively
said to Mike.
I knew exactly what she meant as I enjoyed the same from Mom. I didn't shout out,
because I was focused on fighting off my orgasm. I wanted to last longer, but this was all becoming way to much.
"Oh Yes.. Play with my nipples and suck my neck you naught boy! Mmmm...." Mom
said, not as a command, but confirmation that Mike was doing the right things.
"Your gonna make Mommy cum fast if you keep doing that" Mom explained.
"That’s the Idea Mom, I want you to feel great" Mike replied.
Mom must have been getting exactly what she wanted from Mike. This time I could not
only hear her breath getting faster, I could feel her chest moving back and forth while it
was pressed against my back.
Hearing all this and feeling Mom's dildo inside of me, still thrusting away like a wild
animal, was more than I could take.
"Mommy! I can't hold out much longer, I need to cum!" I announced to them.
My eyes was closed tightly. my entire body was ready to explode yet again. This pleasure
I never thought I could feel so often. Just moment ago I cam on mom's dildo, and now I
was ready to do so again. I fought off my desires as long as I could, until I heard my
mother speak.
"Its ok baby, Cum for Mommy.. Cum all over her cock!" She seductively commanded.
This was more than I could take and I started to cum. Once more my orgasm hit me
extremely hard. The intense pleasure again had my whole body on fire. From head to
toe, I was in heaven. Oh god I loved cumming like this.
"OH FUCK, MOMMY, IM CUMMING ON YOUR COCK AGAIN!" I shouted out in pure ecstasy again!
This must have been to much for Mike as he to quickly spoke.
"Mom! I need to cum in you pussy again!" Mike shouted out.
"Oh god.. Both my babies are cumming! YES MIKE.. CUM IN MOMMY!!!" She shouted out.
"OH MOM!!! YES, TAKE MY CUM YOU SEXY SLUT!!!" Mike said to mom
Knowing both of use was cumming quickly pushed Mom over the edge.
"YES, My babies are cumming, and so is Mommy... OH GOD!!! YEEEEEESSSSS!!!"
Mom shouted out.
All 3 of use was now enjoying on lustful climax together. Each of us moaning and
enjoying our blissful state for all it was worth. I could hear them moaning as I did the
same. I couldn't feel any cum inside of my own pussy, but it was still incredible. As for
Mom, she now has two loads of my brother's cum in her. I hoped she had some type of
protection, unlike me. Still, I envied her only because I wanted that inside of me.
As much as I wanted it to last forever. My body soon returned to normal. Mike also kept
his cock inside of Mom for another minute or two. Mom likewise did the same with me.
All 3 of use reminded merged together. Mom snuggled by body and Mike did the same
for her.
Eventually Mike slide his cock out of her. A moment later Mom did the same to me. I
must admit, I felt so empty without it inside of me. Plastic or real, it still felt incredible
and satisfying.
"Is anyone till horny now?" Mom asked us.
No, I don't think I could again if I tried" Mike was first to reply.
"It was wonderful Mommy!" I replied to them.
"I'm glad you guys are done, I couldn't take much more either" Mom explained to us.
I smiled and rolled onto the floor, eager to get out that position after being drained of all
my energy. I laid that on my back, looking up at them. Mom was now resting, sitting on
her knees, trying to catch her breath. Mike had moved to the nearby chair and sat down
again. All three of us was spent and not making any efforts to move. If we was in a
bedroom, I'm sure we all would've snuggled up and went to sleep.
An awkward silence filled the room. Mike left the room first, he didn't say where he was
going. He just stood up and left the room, still nude. Only stopping long enough to pick
up his cloths.
"Well, that was fun. I'll get your test when I go out later. And we will deal with it then"
Mom said while looking down at me in the floor.
"Ok Mom, no hurry I guess." I replied.
"Fun time is over for today. Get up and off that floor, its dirty!" She ordered.
I sat up at first, then finally did as I was told. I returned to my room where for the rest of
the day I remembered the fun I just had, and again if I really was pregnant or not.
After listening to Mom, It's not looking good. And the bigger question, Who was really
the father. Or does that matter?
It didn't take long to figure out if I was pregnant or not, once mom returned from the store
with the test....

But that is yet another story....

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Best one yet keep it up

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you r a great author.

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you know, i've been waiting for part 5 now for going on 3 years, WHERE IS IT?!?!?! come on already it doesn't take that long to wrote a story

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you know, i've been waiting for part 5 now for going on 3 years, WHERE IS IT?!?!?! come on already it doesn't take that long to wrote a story

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