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Hippie girl loaned me off

Just before Halloween, Hippie Girl decided I needed to have sex with other people to broaden my sexual perspective. The two of us had been going strong in bed for several months.
I learned later that she just wanted to seduce a new girl in school and didn’t want me to be jealous. So she linked me to Brenada, a tall, brunette with beautiful brown eyes, a fantastic ass, and perfectly shaped 36 C boobs. Brenda looked a lot older than a fifteen year old but she wasn’t.
It all began in the lunch room when Hippie girl called Brenda over to our table. She introduced us and said she wanted us to be good friends. The way she raised her eyebrows when she said it indicated that she expected us to be friends as well as lovers. She took off to talk to the new girl and left us alone at our table. Brenda glanced around to make sure no one could hear us then looked at me and said, “I guess you are one of her conquests too.”
I nodded. “Yep.”
“So what do you like to do?”
I shrugged. “ I like going down on her and visa versa. I like for her to do me with the strap-on.”
Brenda’s eyes lit up. “In the ass?”
“Nothing as exotic as that; just the pussy. We haven’t tried the ass yet.”
Brenda seemed to lose interest. “Too bad, that is my favorite. Think you could get interested?”
“Well. I like everything. But speaking for myself, I couldn’t take her strap-on in the butt. Too big.”
“Oh, sweetie, that is what I have come to like. See, all my life, my ass has been super sensitive. I used to almost get off when I had a bowel movement. In our little affair, you can be the pile driver.”
“Then I could handle it. No question.” I was excited by the idea of putting on the strap-on. Hippie Girl had never let me use it on her because she didn’t like having the rubber dick in her pussy. And she had never mentioned the ass to me.
Brenda and I agreed to get together that night. She lived with her sister who was gone most of the time. I called my parents and told them I would be spending the night in town with a new friend. They were pleased that I was making new friends. After school, Brenda and I headed down to her house. We watched TV for a time then Brenda got us some wine out of the fridge. I had never tasted wine (my parents are non-drinkers) so it was a new thrill.
Brenda sat beside me on the sofa and put her arm around my shoulders. I leaned over to her and kissed her. She really got into it and began stroking my nips. So then I really got into it. She stood up, took my hand, and led me to her bedroom. Though her sister wasn’t expected before midnight, she still locked the door then turned to me and said, “I want to undress you.”
I shrugged okay and stood still while she removed my jacket, blouse, and bra then fell to her knees to suck my nips. After several seconds of tonguing and sucking, I was getting very aroused. She untied my shoe strings and had me stand on one foot and then the other while she took off my shoes and socks. She unzipped my jeans and slipped them to the floor for me to me to removed my legs. There I stood in my panties with Brenda on her knees hugging me and licking my thighs.
I rested my hands on her shoulders as she continued kissing my thighs then moved higher to lick the front of my pink panties. It was very erotic and arousing. Within seconds, her tongue and my own juices had the front of my panties soaking.
Finally she hooked her fingers in my pantie waistband and pulled them down. I stepped out of them and stood before her completely naked. She moved to a night table next to her bed where she pulled a strap-on from the drawer and handed it to me. I noticed that it was several sizes smaller than the strap-on that Hippie Girl used to bang me.
As I put it on, she shed her clothes. I had some trouble sliding it into place so she was undressed by the time I had the thong properly located. I was delayed the first time because, as I soon learned, I needed to dust it inside with baby powder to make it slide on easily.
Brenda fell to her knees in front of me again and began sucking on the rubber dick. I felt somewhat like a man and almost powerful as she ran her lips along the shaft. When she moved the dick about, the base of it rubbed against the top of my pussy and added to my arousal. She pulled a small bottle of astro-lube out of another drawer, oiled the dick as well as her ass. Then she got up and spread an old sheet across her bed and climbed onto it on all fours.
Standing so that the oil would dribble onto the old sheet, I added more oil to “my” dick and her eager ass hole. I moved into position and began easing the head of the dildo into her butt.
She said, “Use your hands to spread the cheeks of my ass.”
I did that and shoved the dick into her. She gasped and said, “Oh that feels wonderful. Go on, you won’t hurt me. Fuck me good.”
So I grasped the shaft and guided it in further. After meeting a little resistance, it slipped in deeper and deeper. I stopped long enough to pour more oil on the shaft and her ass. She squirmed and told me to go deeper. So I hunched and send it all the way to the base. Amazingly, it went all the way in with out any problem. Clearly, this girl had been buggered a great many times and probably by my Hippie Girl. For a second I remembered what I had to done with Hippie girl’s
large dildo to prepare my pussy for her strap-on.
I hunched away and slammed it in as far as it would go. She loved it; her moans were so loud that I was worried about the neighbors. If they heard anything, it must have been just a continuation of things they had heard before. Brenda kept telling me how good I was at fucking her. That encouraged me to slam her harder. She moaned louder and loved it more. It occurred to me that I should be stroking her clit with my fingers to add to her high. I slipped a finger into her pussy and searched for her clit or g-spot. But it is difficult to locate either from an awkward position. Still, my finger set her off and she dumped a hot load of cum on my hand.
Remembering what Hippie Girl had done to me (not stopping after their first orgasm), I continued to slam into her. She only relaxed briefly before getting up again. This time, I fingered her earlier and she quickly came again. My hand was covered with her cum. Then she collapsed on the bed and my dick slid out of her ass. I needed to wash my hands so I slipped out of the strap-on, dumped the nasty thing on the floor, and headed for the bathroom. When I came back she had put a new sheet on the bed and sat on the edge waiting for me. I wasn’t sure what she wanted me to do so I just stopped dead in my tracks.
Brenda waved me toward the bed. “Come on sweetie, I want to eat your pussy.”
It was what I wanted as well, so I jumped on the bed and spread my legs. The action with the strap-on had gotten me very hot and wet so it didn’t take her tongue long to have me climbing the walls. I learned later that she had been trained well by Hippie Girl then loaned to two other girls. I was the third “John” that Hippie Girl had scored for her. Brenda was even better at eating pussy than Hippie Girl and I told her so. It seemed to please her. She kept eating and sucking until I had come three times. By then we both were so tired that we showered and collapsed. We didn’t even know what time her sister came in or if she came in.


2006-09-18 22:11:22
Another good read keep it up don't think I'd be into the ass fucking but someone soft and neat licking my pussy I know would drive me crazy 10/10

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