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When I was 14 my parents and I went on a vacation to Florida. My name's greg, and i'm just a normal teenage kid. My parents names are Tim and Kate. Tim is 45, 6'1 about 200 pounds with short black hair and works on wall street. All my friends always make fun of me because they claim my mom Kate is extremely hot. I have to admit, its hard to argue otherwise. Kate has blonde hair and is 5'5 and around 115 pounds. I'm an only child and we were all on vacation at my parents friends' house, Jan and Craig Muprhy. Craig is 5'11 and 180 pounds, in better shape than my dad Tim. Jan has jet black hair and is around 5'5 like my mom, and maybe 110 pounds. They own a beach front mansion and when I got there I was thrilled to discover not only did I get my own giant guest bedroom, but I basically got the entire floor, since my parents were sharing a guest bedroom on the third floor, and the Muprhy's room was on the 3rd floor as well. The second night we were there, I had a slight cold and wanted to go find my parents so I could get some nyquil. I had already been trying to sleep for a few hours and the clock on my bed said it was 2:23 AM. I walked up the stairs to the second floor but it was abandoned. Interesrtingly though, I heard a television set on very loud one floor up and decided I needed to find my parents. I walked up to the third floor and turned left towards my parents guest room( the Murphys room was on the right). The loud television got quiter, it was now obvious that was coming from the Murphys side. My parents room door was closed but the light was clearly on inside. I was jsut about to open the door when I heard my dad Tim's voice say 'mmm, yeah" and then what sounded like kissing or slurping sounds. "suck it baby, yeah just like that" i heard him say. Oh my god, is my mom giving my dad head? I wondered. But suddenly I heard an unexpected voice, Jans, say "do you want to shoot it on my face or" "no I want you to swallow it" my dads voice said firmly. "mmm, ok" I heard Jan say and the kising sounds continued. For whatever reason, I decided to quickly open the door to see my dad Tim sitting on the bed, naked except for some old t-shirt. Kneeling on the ground next to the bed, Jan was sucking my dads cock like there was no tomorrow. She was completley nude, and when I walked in she turned her head and let out a sound of surprise but Tim quickly grabbed her ponytail and directed it back towards his cock. "Keep going, its ok. You should really knock Greg" he said. I couldnt believe I was talking to my dad while he was getting sucked off ! Jan obliged and continued to run her tongue up and down his shaft, taking the entire cock in her mouth every once in awhile. "I'm sorry to disturb you guys, I cant sleep, do you know where the nyquil is?" "its all with your mother.....oh fuck......uhhhh, yeah. Shes down the hall." "uhh thanks, good night guys" I said quickly as I turned to leave. Suddnely Jan took her mouth off of my dads dick and said "greg hunny! You might want to knock first. YOu know?" "and dont worry about anything thats going on, we all wanted to do this ok?" added my dad. "oh yeah sure, i uhh, i dont care what you guys want to do as long as everyones fine with it." I stammered. "he's almost as cute as you" said jan teasingly as she looked up at Tim. "yeah yeah keep goin baby" said Tim as he turned her head toward his dick and she went back to sucking. I closed the door and left. my heart felt like it was beating a million miles per hour. I CANT BELIEVE I JUST SAW THAT. I thought to myself. Would I see something similar with my mom Kate?! I noticed I had a rock solid boner showing through my boxers and knew it would only grow if I saw my mom doing anything, especially with Craig Murphy. Somehow the idea of my mom being a slut was really hot. I briskly walked to the opposite side of the hall and the tv was really blaring. I didnt even knock like Jan told me to, instead I just opened the door but no one was immediately visible. the Murphys room was bigger and there were two seperate rooms, this one only had the tv. The other room had the bed. But I didnt need to see because I heard what was going on. My mother seemed to literally be screaming as I heard her high pitched voice saying "ehhh ehh, oh fuck, ehh! ehh!". I walked to the other part of the room to see the most amazing sight I have ever viewed. They were both on the bed and Craig was butt naked, fucking my mom doggy style. My mom was nude as well, except for a green thong that had been pushed to the left side of her butt cheek as to not block any penetration. Then I noticed something else. Why was my moms butt arched so high in the air, and why was she grabbing onto the bed post as if for dear life? Her eyes were shut tight as she continued her loud moaning scream and I noticed Craig was fucking her very deeply, not in her pussy, but in her ass hole. This was made certain by Craig saying "oh fuck Kate, your ass hole is so tight I love it". My boner was sticking straight through my boxers now but I was too turned on to care. "mmm, this reminds me of college" was all my mother said before Craig noticed I was standing there. "woah! Can I help you Greg?!" Craig said suddenly as he immediately stopped the fucking and pulled his dick out of my moms ass hole. "Im so sorry to disturb you guys, I just wanted some nyquil." i said. " Oh my god Greg! I'm so embarassed!" my mom said as she quickly adjusted her thong correctly and climbed off the bed. "dont be embarassed, you two were just having fun" I said. "looks like you enjoyed it almost as much as me" craig laughed as he pointeed to my hard on. "Please dont tell your father what you saw" My mom said as she handed me the nyquil. Suddenly, I just spat out "whats in it for me?" "dont take that tone with me young man!" my mom shouted. "well then i'm telling dad you were getting fucked in the ass by craig" I said. ".....what do you want?" she asked. "for you to let me stay, and you suck my dick while Craig fucks your ass" I said. "hahah its fine with me Kate, maybe its not a bad idea, you know your mom sucks cock like a champion Greg, wouldnt be a bad first time" "fine, but then you CANT tell your father any of this" she said. I couldnt believe this was happening. "get on the bed" she said to me. "here suck me a little first, I'm not hard anymore" said Craig as he stepped onto the bed. My mom walked over to him and peeled off her thong as she flung it to the floor. She bent down and proceeded to suck on Craigs balls, then lick up and down the shaft. It quickly got hard again. "ok lets go" he said. Kate got on all fours and stuck her butt in the air, I peeled off my boxers and shoved my cock towards my moms face. "ok. go" said Kate as craig began to refuck my moms anus. My mom gritted her teeth briefly but then looked normal as she grbabed my dick and started to lick around the shaft. I'll never forget when she looked up into my eyes and we made eye contact at that exact moment. Then it was interrupted by craigs aggressive fucking as she started screaming 'ehh ehh" again. But she didint forget her mission to me and she quickly enveloped her mouth around my dick and began sucking. It felt amazing and warm as she moved back and forth sucking on my cock deeply and then taking quick breaks to kiss my shaft. "hahah hows she doin Greg?" asked Craig as he continued the thrusts. " not bad" i said. "oohh not bad! hahah you gonna take that Kate?' asked Craig. My mom shot me a playful devil stare and began hardcore deep throating my dick, sucking all the way until she was kissing my pubes. "oh fuck that feels good" i said. " can i grab your head?" I asked her. She continued sucking but gave a slight nod and so I quickly took advantage of the situation. I grabbed her blonde ponytail hard and began pushing it back and forth on my dick. "swallow my cum mom" i said as I continued the pushing. I let out an eruption of hot sticky cum, but I didnt see any of it. My mom closed her eyes and continued sucking and swallowing until there was nothing left on my dick. She then told Craig to stop for a second and he pulled out. She put my cock back in her mouth and tqirled her tongure aorund the shaft, then she jacked me off for about ten seconds, pushing a small amount more of cum onto my dick. She licked it all clean and said "ok go to sleep hunny". "thanks mom, see ya guys have fun" I said as i turned and walked back to my room. I was a happy, and changed boy.

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2009-05-27 13:57:55
sorry i couldn't read this, no paragraphs, to break it up. just line after line of text

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2009-04-15 05:48:38
I asked my son to go on holiday with me. My man had to work. We went to Spain and it was very hot. We slept in one room, in one bed together for 2 weeks, both of us naked. My son fucked me from the first night on. We fucked several times a day. It was sun, see, SON and sex. A great holiday.

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2009-04-15 05:45:48
My son caught me fucking with my dad in law. My husbands dad is very manly, hairy and muscled. He had a larger cock than my husband. He started fucking me before we were married. He fucks me bareback and shoots his load into my pussy always, like man and wife. My son now fucks me too. He looks like his granddad. Very hairy. My man doesn't know.

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2008-10-16 22:58:16
great story but while craig was fucking his mom in the ass..he should of been fucking her cunt...going at it real hard..keep up the good work and write more...maybe mom ---father and son could have a 3some when they got back home...


2007-08-13 10:48:02
We enjoyed this one and reminded me of a close friend that walked in on his mom getting banged by two of her co-workers.

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