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Father and daughter with his friend
Part 1

I had known Mal for a while, we were both bisexual, and we had enjoyed spending time together. Mal often talked about his daughter Emma and what they had got up to over the years. He loved showing me her photos he had taken of her while she was in the bath or laying naked on the bed.

The photos that really excited me were the ones of her holding his cock and beginning to take it into her mouth to suck. I also enjoyed seeing his fingers parting her bald pussy lips to show of her love hole. She was willing to do anything he asked of her, she was his sex toy and when they were alone with each other they always ended up sexually pleasuring each other.

Here I was about to knock on their hotel room door to meet Emma and her dad in a much more private setting than last time I saw them together. I was eager to see how much her body had changed from the photos her dad had taken ages ago. As I knocked on the door I heard a lot of giggling and laughter.

Hearing Mal yell out. “Just a minute.” A few minutes later the door opened, and he said. “Hello, glad you're here, come on in.” Closing the door behind me he said. “Emma I like you to meet Paul, Paul this is Emma my gorgeous daughter.”

Emma giggled after her father had introduced us to each other, they stood there wearing white bathrobes, I now understood why it took so long to answer the door, they needed to get dressed.

I smiled and asked. “I hope I didn't interrupt you both?”

Mal laughed and replied. “Perfect timing as usual.”

Emma giggled and told me. “We had to cover up and put our robes on before opening the door.”

Smiling at Emma I said. “There was no need to cover up on my behalf.”

Mal told Emma. “Why don't you show Paul what you're gorgeous body looks like.”

Emma turned facing away from me and looked over her shoulder at me then opened her robe, letting it fall to the ground. I looked at her perfect shaped arse it just enhanced her slim body and as she turned to face me I saw her B-cup breasts with her large nipples sticking out, then as I lowered my gaze to her bare pussy, with her cunt lips opening like a flower petal showing me some of her pink insides along with her juices dripping out of her.
From the look of her cunt she had recently been fucked and I guessed it had been earlier that morning.

As I continued to look at this gorgeous girl, with her wonderful smile and big brown eyes along with her shoulder-length brown hair. My cock strained to be let loose from my pants the more I admired her the harder I got. Emma must of noticed me getting harder, she approached me and ran her hand over the outside of my pants and felt my hard cock.

Then looking at her father who gave her a nod, she began undoing my belt and zipper, then dropping to her knees she pulled my pants down to my ankles leaving my briefs sticking out in front like it was a tent pole holding up a tent. Holding each side of my briefs she pulled them down letting my cock spring free and slap her on her face, as I stepped out of my pants and briefs Emma held my arse cheeks in her hands and pulled me close enough to wrap her mouth around my cock.

Mal had removed his robe and was sitting on the couch stroking his cock as he watched his daughter sucking my cock, Emma taking it deep into her mouth, she sucked harder as she ran her tongue around my cock head. Her dad had taught her well, and it reminded me of the photos he had shown me, of his cock inside her mouth with her looking up at him.

As I held her head with the palm my hand, she looked up at me and as our eyes looked into each other's I could tell she was enjoying sucking my cock as much as I was enjoying having it done. My legs began to give way, Emma was draining all my strength, I needed to sit down on the couch, Emma crawled on her knees following me not releasing my cock from her mouth and continued to suck me as I sat down beside her father.

“Oh fuck, she is every bit as good as you told me.” I said to her dad.

Mal replied. “She has always enjoyed having a cock in her mouth or fingers in her tight bald pussy.”

Then he reached out to cup her small breast in his hand and said. “Just the perfect size, a handful is all that's needed.” And as he pinched her nipple he added. “She loves her nips being pinched and bitten.”

My body tensed up, my balls started to ache as she sucked harder knowing I was about to cum, taking all my cock into her mouth, as I began to explode my load down her throat, I saw her mouth swallowing fast trying not to let a drop of my seed escape her mouth. Only releasing my cock from her mouth to lick it clean.

Then smiling at me she asked. “How was that uncle Paul, did I do a good job?”

Laughing at her calling me uncle because I was much older than her dad, I told her. “That was the best head job I've ever had and I love how cute your body is.”

Emma surprised me as she asked. “Did I suck you better than my dad does?”

Looking at Mal smiling I told her. “Yes you're much better.” And we all had a laugh.


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Is there a beginning to this story. How did all start.

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