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A father lets his friend spend time with his daughter
Part 2

It had been a fortnight since I visited my mate Mal and his wonderful sexy daughter Emma. There hadn't been a day or night go past that I didn't think of her and the sexual fun her dad and I had that night. She even had given me a souvenir of our first time together, a white satin pair of panties size 8, even after a fortnight I could still smell her juices that were caked in the pantie gusset.

I had spoken to Mal daily on the phone about how much I had enjoyed his daughter Emma and was hoping he could arrange another night of fun for us all. When Mal informed me he was going away for a week for a work seminar I was disappointed as I would have to wait another week to enjoy Emma. When he suggested that I take Emma out over the weekend, my cock started to twitch uncontrollably in anticipation of being inside her tight bald cunt once more.

Emma phone me the next day and I arranged a time to pick her up from her house when she was home alone. Arriving at her house and as I parked in her driveway out of the house bounced Emma carrying an overnight bag she ran to my car and jumped inside the car beside me, then she leaned over to me and gave me a passionate kiss hello, with her tongue wrestling with mine inside my mouth, I wanted to fuck her there and then in her driveway.

When our kiss broke, I caught my breath and started the car and drove away from her house as one of her neighbors stood and watched us. He must of been curious about what this old man and his young neighbor were up to.

Emma started giggling as she told me. “He is the neighbor that is always looking thru the fence at me sun baking naked.”

“I don't blame him, I would be spying on you too if you were my neighbor.” I told Emma.

“Uncle Paul, you can see me naked anytime you like.” Emma responded as she cuddled up to me. I loved how she called me her uncle even tho we weren't related.

“Let's go to the hotel I've booked for us, and we can change before we go out for lunch.” I suggested to Emma.

“That sounds wonderful.” Emma tells me.

Forty minutes later we were standing together at the hotel reception, as I signed in the receptionist kept looking at Emma, she had undone another of her blouse buttons allowing her bra covering her young breasts to be on display. Along with her micro short skirt she was wearing, guys and couples walking past turned their heads for another look at the sexy brunette that was beside me holding my hand.

Once inside our room, Emma started undressing she was down to her panties and bra as I handed the baggage carrier his tip. He gave me a smile and thanked me, then looked at Emma again as Emma removed her bra exposing her young breasts to hi.

“If there is anything else you require or I can be of any assistance to you please call me, I'm on till 7 am.” He tells us.

I closed the door I turn to see Emma is now nude and bouncing on the bed like a little girl, happy and excited.

As I sat on the edge of the bed I asked her. “You enjoyed having those men gazing at your body didn't you.”

Emma just giggled, I remembered how her dad had told me how she likes showing off and how she loved to embarrass him in front of others or have him watch her enjoying someone else. My jacket was soon off and my shirt buttons were being undone by Emma, as I undid my belt and stood up to drop my pants to the floor. Emma had a hold of my underwear and was eagerly pulling them down and then with her foot she pushed them down to my ankles, where I stepped out of them.

I stood there watching this sexy young body laying in front of me as her feet played with my cock making it start throbbing and get bigger. I parted her legs as I leaned forward and with my tongue I ran it from the bottom to the top of her slit over and over. By the third lick her cunt lips had begun to part and opened up to allow my tongue to probe deeper into her wet pussy.

I felt both her hands on my head pushing my mouth harder against her love hole, as she screamed for me to keep licking and tongue fucking her young hole. With both my hands I reached out and grabbed her small breasts and with one breast in each of my palms I squeezed them hard, then pinched her nipples hard pulling them out further. She moaned out for me to pinch them harder and as I did she started to squirt her love juices all over my face.

I crawled up and took a nipple into my mouth and bit it and then moved to her other nipple and bit it too. I looked at her face her big brown eyes were tightly closed and Emma was biting her bottom lip, her breathing was fast and heavy as I rubbed my hard cock over her cunt then lining up my cock head I pushed it into her tight hole, her cunt resisted at first then it opened up and let my cock slip inside her love hole.

I felt her cunt muscles tighten around my cock shaft as I started to thrust it inside her. Emma had more control of her cunt muscles than many older females I knew. Her dad Mal had taught her well. I laid there for a few minutes and when I felt her cunt relax I drove my cock deep inside her, with each thrust inside I could feel my cock head hit the back of her womb before I withdrew and thrust back inside.

As I started to cum and squirt my load inside her, Emma through her arms around my waist and held me tight against her, keeping my cock buried deep inside her, once I had stopped squirting and blowing my cum inside her, she rolled me over onto my back. With my cock still buried deep inside her cunt she sat up and squirmed and wiggled her hips, trying to get my cock back up to full hardness.

Relaxing her cunt muscle grip on my cock letting it slipped out of her cum filled cunt, she then slid down the bed to allow her to take my cock into her mouth, she began to suck and licking around my knob and up and down my shaft. My cock had no control, her mouth lips and tongue took control causing my cock to become hard again. I couldn't believe how good she was, I had never gotten so hard or so quick like she had just made me. She was a perfect sex machine and wonderful sexual toy.

I lost control and was soon blowing another of my loads this time into my mates daughters mouth, once I had finished squirting into her mouth Emma let my cock slip from her mouth.
Crawling back up beside me she kissed me and as I opened my mouth she opened her's and let my cum run out from her mouth into mine, with her cheeky smile she sat back and watched me swallow my own cum.

We laid there in a sexual embrace, her hand holding my cock and me holding her cheeks of her arse. Now and then I take her nipple into my mouth and pull it from her breasts then watched as I released it seeing how far I could make her nipples stick out. Checking the clock I suggested we shower and get dressed for lunch. As we showered and our hands ran all over each other's body, as I washed her butt cheeks I couldn't resist parting her cheeks and pushing my finger against her butt hole, I was amazed at her butt tightening then relaxing to let my finger penetrate her young butt I wondered how far her father had taken her.

After we dried each other we started to dress, I had chosen to wear smart casual pants along with a nice shirt. Emma slipped on a short dress that hugged her body it had a low cut front exposing some of her budding breasts, the dress came to just above her knees and with a slit on the side, it showed of her legs as she walked.

“OK I'm ready.” Emma said excitedly.

“Aren't you forgetting to put some underwear on?” I asked

Giggling she told me. “I thought you might like to show me off.”

My cock was already throbbing again and I couldn't wait for lunch to be over and come back to the room for some more fun.


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My cock was hard the whole time I read this part.. On to part three and, hopefully, I'll jack a load.

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