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Niece and nephew seduce their Aunt and Uncle
Part 1

Our home phone rang and my wife Robyn picked up the phone and answered it, the phone call was from her sister Melissa, she asked if we could look after her two kids, Ashley and Oliver for a week while she was away at a work conference. My wife was happy to agree for them to stay with us as it had been a while since she had seen her niece and nephew, they would be dropped off on Sunday night as Melissa had an early flight to catch on Monday morning. When my wife told me what was happening, at first I was disappointed because we had arranged for a sexy time with each other, as I don't get much time to be with my wife due to a hectic work schedule.

On the other hand, I started thinking about the last time that I had seen Ashley, she had just finished having a bath and I watched as she was being dried by her mother. Melissa had caught me looking at Ashley’s naked body and gave me a smiled and had asked me if I thought her daughter was beautiful, that had made me blush and look away as I told her I did. When I looked back, Ashley had put her nightie on and had hopped into her bed, I went over and kissed her on the forehead and said good night to her.

That was two years ago, now Ashley would be a young teenager and I wondered how much she would have developed since then. Oliver, Ashley’s older brother was a tall handsome fit boy that looked much older than he was. My wife Robyn had told me that she had seen him naked and if he hadn't been her nephew, she would have made a move on him and would've try to get him in bed with her. Robyn often told me about her fantasies of being with younger men, the closest she came to that happening was giving one of our friends son a blow job in his car late one night. I had told Robyn of my fantasies concerning younger females and Robyn would role-play as my daughter as I fucked her.

As Robyn and I had sex that night she took our fantasies to the next level and told me that we should pretend that we were Ashley and Oliver. Hearing my wife calling out her nephew's name as I slammed my cock into her cunt just made our love making more sexual, when I called my wife Ashley as I fingered her cunt and played with her tits, gave Robyn the biggest orgasm she has ever had and her cunt juices squirted everywhere. As we laid in bed next to each other we made plans on how to keep Ashley and Oliver busy and where we could take them, we thought of the surf beach that wasn't far from our house, but seeing we had a pool we decided it was easier to let them swim in our pool.

The next night Melissa dropped Ashley and Oliver off at our house, I couldn't believe how much they had changed, Ashley was wearing white shorts and a t-shirt that made her small budding breasts stand-out, her pink bra was easily seen from the arm holes in the t-shirt, her long blonde hair made her looked like a younger version of her mother Melissa, Oliver was a tall handsome looking young man that looked much older than he really was. Melissa gave us instructions on what they were allowed to do and what time they should go to bed, when she told Robyn that she should keep a close eye on them both when they were together, we wondered what she had meant.

After everyone had finished having their evening meal, Robyn told Ashley and Oliver to go take a shower and get ready for bed and come back into the lounge and watch some television with us. Sitting on the couch in front of the television with my wife we talked about how much the two teenagers had grown since the last time we had seen them. My wife joked about how much I had been staring at Ashley, she has certainly developed into a cute young teen, I told my wife and then added, you were definitely checking out Oliver, Robyn laughed at what I had said, just as they both walked back into the lounge. When I saw what they were wearing, my mouth hung open and I looked at Robyn who was staring at them both.

Robyn invited them to come sit beside us and patted the couch beside her for Oliver to have a seat, he was only wearing a pair of boxer underpants, his bare chest showing that he must work out in the gym. I moved closer to my wife to give Ashley more room to sit down, She was wearing a short nightie that showed of her pink panties as she sat down, her young budding breasts were clearly visible under her thin nightie. Is this what you normally wear to bed, I asked them. Oliver was the first to reply, no I usually sleep naked, I heard Robyn let out a small gasp. Ashley told us, I thought I would wear my favorite nightie for my uncle and aunt, well you certainly look lovely I told her, and she pushed out her budding breasts and swayed them as she tanked me for the compliment. My cock strained to jump out my pants, I had to get up to control it, does anyone else want a drink I asked as I headed towards the kitchen.

I stood in the kitchen with my hand inside my pants squeezing my cock trying to make it go down. Ashley had followed me and gave me a fright as she asked if I needed a hand carrying the drinks, when she saw where my hand was she giggled and asked me, did I cause you to have a problem, I didn't answer, I just opened the fridge and handed her two cans of drinks and said, here give one to your brother, taking a wine bottle from the fridge and picking up two glasses for me and my wife, I followed Ashly back into the lounge, I nearly walked into the doorway as I couldn't take my eyes of Ashley’s cute small bubble butt, that was wobbling in front of me, I couldn't be sure but Ashley looked like she was teasing me by wobbling her butt on purpose.

After pouring my wife a glass of wine we all sat there watching a movie, Oliver had suggested another channel that was playing an R rated movie, Robyn said to him it wasn't a suitable movie to watch for their ages. Robyn squeezed my hand and motioned for me to look down at her lap, when I did, I saw that Oliver’s hand was stroking my wife's thigh and his cock looked like it was hard inside his boxers, when I looked back at my wife's face she just gave me a smile and winked at me. As I looked towards Ashley, I saw that one her small puffy breast was now on display to me, I was positive that she had moved the top of her nightie to let me see her breast, her nipple was hard and standing out like a small eraser. Ashley was watching me and when I looked at her face she gave me a smile and leaned her body against mine. When I felt my cock being touched thru my pants, I jumped only to see it was my wife's hand on my lap.

Thank goodness the movie finished, and we told Oliver and Ashley it was time for them to go to bed, after saying goodnight to them, my wife and I sat on the couch finishing our bottle of wine, did you see what Oliver was doing, asked Robyn. Yeah I saw that you made his cock hard, I said to my wife laughing. Don't you talk about hard cocks, I felt yours and I saw that you were looking at Ashley a lot, said Robyn. We both laughed and then Robyn said, let's go to bed, I'm so fucking horny I need you to fuck me. Once inside our bedroom we quickly removed our clothes, Robyn laid on the bed with her legs spread and I looked down at her bald pussy and her lovely open cunt lips, Robyn always wanted her cunt licked and played with before being fucked, I buried my mouth onto her cunt and began licking up and down her slit, she was already soaking wet and her juices covered my face.

Fuck me now I want you to fuck me now, Robyn screamed out. I lifted my face up from between her legs and rubbed my hard cock up and down her wet bald cunt, then I pushed my cock deep inside her wet love hole and began thrusting my cock in and out. Oh….yes that's what I need fuck me, fuck me…, my wife screamed. As I continued to fuck my wife I thought of how I could send her into an orgasm and I said, oh Ashley I love fucking your tight cunt, my wife yell out, yes Oliver fuck me, I love feeling your large cock inside my cunt. We kept playing our role-playing game as I fucked my wife with Oliver and Ashley just down the hallway from our bedroom. My cock started to erupt and blast my seed into my wife's cunt, Robyn screamed, I'm cumming Oliver, you have just given me an orgasm. She had screamed that loud, I wondered if she had been heard by Oliver and Ashley.

The next morning I thru on a bathrobe and headed to the kitchen for breakfast, I stood at the doorway looking into the kitchen, my wife was wearing a short bathrobe along with a white thong, she was cooking breakfast for us all, sitting at the table was Oliver still in his boxers and Ashley now wearing just a pair of panties and a t-shirt. Both of them were gazing at my wife's cute ass cheeks that became visible each time she moved. Good morning, I said. My wife turned and smiled at me and asked, did you get a good night's sleep darling? Ashley and Oliver, together said, good morning, uncle. I moved over to my wife and kissed her cheek, and whispered, yes I had a good night's sleep, then I asked, do you know there checking out your ass? Robyn smiled and said, yes I know. I reached my arm around my wife's waist giving her a cuddle causing her short bathrobe to ride up further and expose more of her bare ass cheeks, I heard them both gasp softly, I reached out and undone the top two buttons on Robyn’s bathrobe and whispered, let them check out your tits too.

As we all sat at the table eating breakfast and talked about what we were going to do today, Robyn continued teasing Oliver and gave him a clear view of her breast and nipple from under her robe, I looked over at Ashley and was amazed to see that she was feeling her brother’s hard cock through his boxers. The phone rang and I went and answered it, I came back into the kitchen and told Robyn, that I had to go into work for a few hours and let me know if they go out anywhere. Robyn said, we're just going to stay home and go for a swim. As I showered and dressed for work, I saw Robyn putting on her white bikini, and I shook my head and said, you know that becomes transparent when it gets wet. Robyn giggled and said, yes, I know. When I was leaving I saw that Oliver, was wearing his swim trunks, they were black and tight and his cock outline could easily be seen. Ashley came out of her bedroom wearing the smallest bikini I had ever seen, her breasts were covered by just a small triangle of yellow material that just covered her nipples, her bikini bottoms were a similar size that looked too tight for her and it was easy to tell that her pussy was naturally bald or had been shaven. Fuck I wish I didn't have to go into work, my cock was already looking for attention, as I drove into work I wondered what plans my wife had for them.


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