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Niece and nephew seduce their Aunt and Uncle
Part 2

With everything sorted at work, I drove home as quick as I could, entering the house I notice how quiet it was, suspecting that they were all out by the pool sun baking, I went to our bedroom and changed into my swimming trunks, as I walked out to the pool and couldn't find anyone, walking back inside the house I went searching for everyone. Walking down the hallway I heard voices coming from Ashley's bedroom as I looked inside, I was shocked at what I saw. Ashley was laying on the bed naked with her legs wide apart, her brother Oliver was also naked, and he was ramming his cock into his sister's cunt, standing at the bedroom doorway I watched and listened, Ashley was telling her brother how much she liked him fucking her, Oliver was like a fucking machine, he was pumping his cock in and out of his sister's cunt at a fast rhythm, then all of a sudden he stopped leaving his cock buried inside his sister’s young cunt. I'm cumming sis, I'm going to fill your cunt with my cum, Oliver yelled. Oh yes Ollie fill my cunt, moaned Ashley.

I just stood there watching them, my hand had slipped inside my swimming trunks and was stroking my hard cock. When Oliver rolled of his sister and laid down beside her they both saw me, uncle Paul, when did you get home, it's not what you think, said Ashley. I think you were being fucked by your brother, I said to Ashley and looked at her young bald cunt dripping with her brother’s cum. Then looking at Oliver laying there fondling his cock, I couldn't believe the size of his cock, he was still teenager and his cock looked like it was bigger than mine.

I moved into the room and sat on the edge of the bed, Ashley sat up beside me and asked, did you like watching me getting fucked uncle Paul, I didn't know what to say. Ashley then reached over and slid her hand inside my trunks and squeezed my cock, and asked, would you like to fuck me too. My mind raced with thoughts, I tried to tell myself it was wrong, but Ashley's hand stroking my cock convinced me that I should do whatever she wants. Ashley pulled me down onto the bed, and kissed me on my mouth passionately pushing her young tongue into my mouth. I felt her small budding breasts pressing against my chest, I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight against my body.

Then I felt my trunks being pulled down my legs, I broke my kiss with Ashley to see who was undressing me, I was shocked to see it was Oliver removing my trunks, I was more shocked when he squeezed my cock and said, sis, uncle Paul's cock is nice and hard for you. Ashley stepped over my waist then began lowering herself as her brother Oliver held my cock and guided it into her wet young bald cunt, once my cock was buried deep inside her. Oliver feeling and squeezing my ball said, he has a nice big load of cum for you sis. Ashley began bouncing up and down on my cock as we looked and smiled at each other, Ashley's cunt was tight, she continued to bounce up and down on my cock.

Ashley's cunt was milking my cock, I would never have guessed that someone Ashley's age could fuck me the way she was, she was incredible and I could feel I was close to shooting my load of cum into her young cunt. I reached out and squeezed Ashley's small budding breasts, I cupped each breast in the palms of my hands, they fitted perfectly in my palms, as I rubbed and squeezed them I felt her nipples getting bigger and harder. My balls tightened and I grabbed hold of Ashley's hips and held her down on my cock as it erupted and squirted load after load into my niece's young cunt, I laid there exhausted even tho Ashley had done all the work, she sat there impaled on my cock that was going limp.

As Ashley rolled of me, I heard a voice scream out, Paul, what do you think you're doing fucking our niece. I looked up at the doorway, standing there in a summer dress was my wife Robyn. Fuck I had forgotten all about my wife. Well what have you got to say for yourself, asked Robyn. Ashley and Oliver started laughing, I looked at my wife as she opened her summer dress and let it fall to the floor, she was naked and smiling at me. Ashley still laughing told me, Aunt Robyn fucked Oliver after you left for work. I then watched as Robyn moved next to Oliver and began stroking his cock, when I saw Robyn bend down and take Oliver's cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down, I was hypnotized, I couldn't look away, I just kept looking at my wife giving her nephew a blow job.

I was brought out if my trance when I felt Ashley taking my cock into her mouth, her mouth felt as tight as her young cunt, when Ashley began licking the knob of my cock in her mouth, as I felt my cock starting to wake up and become hard once more, I ran my fingers through Ashley's hair, and pushed her head further down onto my cock. My cock was becoming hard and I could feel the knob hitting the back of Ashley's young throat, Ashley sucked harder and began bouncing her head up and down on my cock. Not only was this young girl a great fuck she was also great at giving head.

Looking over at my wife, she had moved onto her knees and Oliver was now standing and holding Robyn's head steady as he thrust his cock in and out her mouth, he was face fucking her with his large cock, when Oliver held my wife's head in a tight grip, keeping his cock buried deep in Robyn's mouth, I could see that he was shooting his cum into my wife's mouth for her to swallow. My wife swallowed as quick as she could, but Oliver had too much young cum for her, and she started to gag, Oliver let go of his grip on Robyn's head, and she lifted her mouth of his cock, only to receive a squirt of cum all over her face and hair, fuck she looked so sexy as another squirt landed over her face again.

Now it was my turn to start filling Ashley's mouth and stomach with my cum, I pushed her head down, keeping all of my cock in her mouth, I shot a load of cum into her mouth and Ashley swallowed it easily, I shot three more loads into her mouth, and she swallowed that too, when she lifted her mouth of my cock she noticed a bit of my cum leaking out of my cock, with a flick of her tongue she licked it up and then ran her tongue all around my cocks knob making sure she hadn't miss any. Ashley must've been hungry for cum, when she saw my wife's face covered in cum, she moved next to Robyn and began licking up the cum off Robyn's face.

Oliver and I sat there watching Ashley licking my wife’s face clean of cum, then they began kissing each other passionately, using their tongues in each others mouth. My wife’s hands were all over Ashley's body, squeezing her young breasts and pulling and twisting her nipples. Ashley pulled her mouth’s lips away from my wife’s mouth and squeezed my wife's breast in her hand, then leaned down and sucked Robyn’s nipple into her mouth. My wife was moaning as she held Ashley mouth against her breast, I knew Ashley must have bitten my wife’s nipple when I heard her let out a yelp.

I looked at Oliver, his cock was already hard again, and he was slowly stroking it, I grabbed hold of my soft cock and tried to encourage it to become hard again, I wished, I was a teenager again and have my cock respond as quick as Oliver’s cock had. When Oliver moved next to my wife and pushed her down onto her back, my wife parted her legs wide apart, Oliver moved between her legs and rubbed his cock up and down Robyn’s cunt. I could tell that my wife wanted her nephew's cock inside her cunt the way she was trying to hump Oliver’s cock each time his cocks knob came close to entering her love hole.

For fucks sake put your fucking cock inside my cunt, and stop teasing me. My wife screamed at him. Ashley took no notice she was still enjoying having my wife’s nipple in her mouth, when Oliver thrust his cock all the way inside my wife’s cunt, my wife screamed, oh yes that's what I want. Ashley finally let go of my wife’s nipple and crawled over to me and began stroking my limp cock, her fingers wrapped around my cocks shaft worked wonders and my cock started becoming hard once more. Ashley let go of my cock and got on to her hands and knees, with her butt facing me, she wiggled it as she said, fuck me like this uncle Paul. I moved behind Ashley and pushed my cock into her wet young cunt, then holding her hips I began driving my cock in and out of her tight hole.

I was too busy fucking Ashley to notice that Oliver had finished fucking my wife, and as they both laid together in each other's arms, were watching me fucking Ashley. Seeing I had an audience, I drove my cock in and out of Ashley’s cunt with force and speed, Ashley screamed that she was cumming, with a few more thrusts of my cock I started to shoot my cum into my niece's young bald cunt, it felt great having my cock inside some teenage cunt. When I had finally finished, I sat there on the floor next to Ashley and pulled her into my arms and kissed her, telling her how wonderful she was. We all stayed there without saying a word only the noise of heavy breathing could be heard, the silence was broken when my wife said, why don't we all take a shower and go out for dinner.
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