I somehow make it thru the next hour, the pain in my titties has gotten tolerable but the chain is always in the way when I bend over to do something while cleaning.
I somehow make it thru the next hour, the pain in my titties has gotten tolerable but the chain is always in the way when I bend over to do something while cleaning. I have cleaned every room and have a break for some juice and a sandwich lazing on the sofa in the family room while fighting off some much needed sleep. I am afraid to close my eyes knowing I am being watched so I think of last night when Mr. Davison appeared at the door with popcorn and a movie and what has happened since. I know I can never go back to the innocent girl I was...or was I really that innocent? I wonder what he is doing about me attending the funeral of my parents and who is doing all the arrangements. Choking back tears of what both has happened and what lies ahead, I began thinking of what Mr. Davison is doing and when he will call again and what he will make me do. My hand strays to my pussy and it is screaming for relief so I begin touching and playing like I used to in my bedroom after Mom and Dad had went to bed or were going to be late coming home. Pulling the coffee table closer I put my feet on it and bend my legs at the knees and spread wide and really start enjoying myself and thinking of the raw power Mr. Davison had forced upon me from the outset by raping me and then discovering that secretly I had long wanted just what he had done to me and probably deserved it by dressing and teasing almost very man in the neighborhood the way I had. I thrust my hips forward wanting Mr. Davison’s rough fingers deep in me fucking me in his rough manner that now I have to admit I want and need. But for now my own will have to do as I get closer and closer to my orgasm .Moaning and thrusting I keep getting closer and closer when the phone startles me back to here and now. I stop and pick up the phone and say “Hello Sir" knowing it can only be him. He tells me “what a slut you are" and I know he has been watching me and I flush with embarrassment. He directs me to the bedroom and there I will find a black bag that has the initials JTD.I am to open the bag and pull out a large black vibrator and not look or take out anything else. I race to the bedroom, take out one of the biggest black vibrators I had ever saw and shiver thinking of what he wants from me with this monster but again my body belies my mind as I feel my pussy soak itself again. I hold it up knowing he is watching me and he says" yes kitten that’s the one”. He then tells me to go back to the sofa and sit exactly as I was when he called. Once there I tell him I am even though he already knows and he growls into the phone "now I want you to shove it all in and turn it on the fastest possible speed. I groan because the sheer size is just so big.

Wanting to please him, I just ram it hard and fast and scream doing so. I struggle to open wider to ease the wideness and length of the biggest thing ever in my pussy but even then it won't all go. Mr. Davison sees the effort I'm making and laughs a very wicked laugh and says" Don't forget to turn it on all the way kitten". I scream when the vibrations hit me as this is my very first experience and I was not expecting it to be such an electric feeling. My pussy soaks itself even more right away and I struggle with holding my legs high and wide as I have been ordered. Wave after wave hits me and I start to breathe even heavier as Mr. Davison tells me that one day I will be able to take all of this with no trouble. I think to myself "what the fuck is he doing this for”? But I keep my legs open and watch in amazement as I begin to meet my thrusts by lifting my hips ever so slightly. I hear him saying "that’s it baby fuck it like when I’m fucking you and your enjoying what’s happening to you. That’s how I know what a slut you are". I begin moaning and groaning at this violation that has suddenly become very intense and enjoyable and can't seem to sit still. My hips rise up higher and my ass starts bucking to get this big black monster in deeper to please this bastard who is causing me to enjoy the things I only heard about or saw on the internet. I start tingling all over and shout "I'm cumming Sir" and he again states "fuck it hard kitten". Suddenly I am just overwhelmed by a massive orgasm and my legs start to shake and my entire body begins one long spasm. I just can't stop what’s happening but at this point I don't want it to end.”God god god!" I hear myself screaming over and over again as I am wracked with orgasm after orgasm and he still demands I keep going and I hear him say” now pull on the chain”. I do so and the pain is sooo great but it causes my body to jump again and again as the pain hits my filled pussy and reacts to everything happening by bursting another wave of very intense orgasms. I can't go on and tell him so and he must agree because he tells me to turn it off and relax but that he is very pleased .Then he says" take it out very slowly and lick it clean like it is my cock". Slowly I remove this monster and am shocked at how easily it comes out. Then I see just how wet I have made it and know why. It is shiny wet from what just happened and I can't hide that I enjoyed it immensely. Mr. Davison tells me to hold it up and begin licking. I start slowly because I am still not used to tasting myself then actually begin enjoying it the more I lick and suck it like he had showed me when he made me do his cock earlier. He tells me" that’s it you little pussy slut, lick it all fucking clean like a good whore". I flush with embarrassment but I know he is right as I continue to clean up the wet sticky mess I had made on it. Mr. Davison says, “I’ll be home soon, so get busy and finish the cleaning cunt or I will not hesitate to punish you" and hangs up the phone. I peer into what I think might be a camera and ask Mr. Davison if I may remove the clamps from my nipples but the phone doesn't ring so I resign myself to them and restart my cleaning. Looking at the clock I wonder the last 2 and a half hours have gone, wondering if he had kept me in Dads old den that long. I do know I am very sore, swollen and red but in a strange way it’s delicious to feel and look this way. Then I realize I need to stop daydreaming so I can be finished by 3 when Mr. Davison said he would be back.

I hear the old cuckoo clock as it strikes 3 and take one last look around making sure everything has been cleaned and in its place. I tremble as I hear his car pull up the drive and the garage door open and then close. I pray that he will find everything to his liking so that whatever he has in mind to punish me I won't find out. I hear Mr. Davison open the door and wonder what code and system he could possibly have that will allow only him to lock and unlock the windows and doors to prevent me from leaving. I file that away with wanting to find out more about this man who suddenly has total control over me. Laying his briefcase on the dining room table, he walks over to me removing his tie. He reaches to my titties and squeezes them harshly and I struggle not to pass out and then removes the clamps. "Oh God" I scream out and fall to the floor in tears as the blood rushes back to my nipples. He reaches down to pick me up in his big arms and says "there, there kitten, relax now, the worst is over" and carries me to the sofa and lays me on the floor while he sits down directly in front of me. Suddenly I hear him unzipping and he growls" I have had a hard day at the office and your little show today made me very horny so suck my cock bitch. "I raise up to my knees and start to go down when he pulls me by my hair and shoves my face into his crotch as he bellows out" When I say suck you are to move fast to do as I say you little cunt" I open my mouth to say something but he shoves his rock hard cock deep into my mouth and holds me there making me gag but he refuses to let me up. I struggle to breathe but I know I have to do this and hopefully he will relax a little bit. I get a rhythm going and he begins to push against me while I suck and lick hoping this won't take long. As he holds my head to keep his hard cock deep in my throat, I feel his hips now rising to meet my face forcing even more of that cock into my throat. I hear him through his grunting saying that I will learn how to deep throat a cock, any cock, at any time and will enjoy it. He demands me next to spread my legs and finger fuck myself and I instantly obey as I already know I am still wet from earlier but this has made my pussy even more so. I shiver and moan as I touch a very sensitive clit and then slip a finger deep inside me. Mr. Davison begins moving faster and I know he is about to cum and I prepare myself to swallow as well as I can hoping I can handle it without throwing up on the wooden floors I had spent a lot of time on earlier. He suddenly grabs the back of my head and pushes down and I hear his yelling "I'm cumming you fuckslut" and within seconds he splashes his hot jism down my throat. Roaring for me to finger fuck myself faster, he drains his load deep down my throat and I struggle hard to breathe and swallow at the same time. I keep sucking him after he is finished and begins to wilt while I furiously now finger fuck my pussy needing desperately to finish my own orgasm. He then says" Stop bitch". I look up at him not understanding and he reaches down to pull my fingers out of my pussy. I groan because I was very close and was about to object when he slapped me hard enough to send me reeling across the floor. I hear him in a calm voice saying" I own you now and I will decide when and where and how you will cum and now is not the time”. He then tells me" Its time to inspect what you did today when you weren't fucking on camera”. I flush with embarrassment and start to tremble again as he begins his inspection.
Putting on a pair of white gloves, Mr. Davison begins his inspection. I frown thinking how much I might have missed not thinking he would go to this extreme but follow him around as he goes from room to room. Never revealing anything as he goes about looking for things I am sure I missed, I begin to worry more and more of what he has in mind once he finds something or once he is finished. Saving my room for last, he walks in and begins looking through my dresser and closets looking at the scant clothing I left that isn't decent. Pulling out a longer dress he raises an eyebrow and asks “Did you forget to bag this one"? Stumbling with words I remind him that I would need something kind of formal for my parents funeral, he shakes his head in agreement and hangs it back in my closet. Turning back to me he states “you have done well for being a spoiled child who grew up doing nothing as far as housework went but I found dust on one lamp in the formal family room and a hair on the bathroom floor”. I begin to explain and I am told to shut up. Leading me out of my room he takes to the dining room, opens his briefcase and pulls out a round ball thing with a leather strap on it. He tells me to turn around and when I do so he slips the ball into my mouth and straps it around my head and pulls it fairly tight. “Now," says Mr. Davison, "you will learn that I only want to hear your voice when I want to and this will help that”. I grimace and try to say I will be quiet but I can only manage gibberish. Then he slaps my bare ass and makes me scream in a strange muffled way and he laughs at my attempts to work around this awful tasting thing in my mouth. “Get used to it kitten", he says as he opens his newspaper and sits down to read. I stand there, exposed with a gag in my mouth and a stinging ass from his hard slap when he starts to tell me the funeral plans. “The services will be 2 days from now, you will act perfectly normal, like a girl who just lost her parents and you will tell no one what has been going on here" he states in a very firm, almost hard voice. I can only shake my head because I know that if I tell he will surely convince everyone I am having a breakdown caused by my grief. Then he drops a bombshell by asking if I know Brianna. I shake my head vigorously but he can tell somehow I am lying and rolls up his newspaper slowly and swats my inner thigh hard screaming “Don’t you ever fucking lie to me you worthless cunt, now tell me the fucking truth"! I shirk back as my pain reaches deep into me, shake my head yes and begin to wonder why he is asking about Bri. Smiling now, he tells me that soon he will ungag me and I am to call and ask if she can spend the night tomorrow night so that I can have a friend my age who understands what I am dealing with. I begin to shake my head and mutter through the gag "no no no", but he hits me again in the same place as before with the newspaper. Getting my attention again, he continues, “If her mother asks, you are to tell her your Aunt Jane will be here also to baby sit you two girls" I start to protest I don't need a babysitter but it's hopeless with this fucking awful gag .The thoughts running through my mind make me sick as I wonder what he is wanting. He tell begins telling me why he wants Bri to stay and I fall to my knees in shock screaming in my mind what a sick bastard he is. "I want you to take her to your room and have a teen sleepover but you will be seducing her and before you go to sleep you will be eating her pussy and Brianna will be eating yours" he smugly states almost proudly. Tears running down my cheeks I shake my head from side to side as my only way to communicate I won't be a part of this sick game. From almost out of nowhere he slaps me and sends me rolling backward screaming that I am not allowed to say no to anything that he wants. “Now dry up the tears bitch" he snarls as he hands me the phone.

Getting up from the floor proves to be harder than I thought so Mr. Davison helps me. As I stand on very wobbly legs I feel a sudden gush from my pussy and look down to see cum just streaming out of me and down my legs. I groan as reality hits knowing it is his and Bruno’s and then a sudden sense of shame as I relive it again in my mind knowing full well after Bruno got me I started to really enjoy the violent attack of his big cock. Mr. Davison, seeing the look of uncertainty and shame on my face tells me" relax kitten, girls always feel that way the first time but you'll get used to it after a while. I used Bruno because he’s plenty big and has had plenty of experience with training young girls to fuck and they seem to especially love his tongue, as you showed. Soon I will train Bandit to fuck you so you are more comfortable with it but remember Bruno is an option when you get out of line”. Holding my legs together I reach for a dishtowel to wipe my legs off but he demands I take my hand and get as much as I can and then lick it. “God no please not that”, I beg but he only looks at me with that awful smirk and I know I had better. Wiping my hands down my legs and around my pussy I get plenty rather quickly and begin to clean my hands .Surprisingly enough I don't find it gross like I thought it might be rather sweet and salty at the same time. While doing so I catch a glimpse of my back in a mirror in the family room. I gasp in shock as I see how much Bruno had scratched me when he mounted me. He says, “Don’t worry slut, you will get used to looking like that" but in my head I know I could never get used to what he has just done but I know I am lying because of how my body went nuts while Bruno had me .The draining cum slowing to a seeping I ask if I might shower first and then I will get him something to eat and he agrees by saying ,"yes cunt go wash the bitch dog scent off and be especially sure you clean that cunt so there’s little of Bruno’s smell left but be aware that his cum is very deep inside you and it could drip out at any time”, he finishes with that strange laugh he has. Turning to leave and head for the bathroom, I hear him say "I'm right behind you slut" and I frown knowing that once again I will have no privacy and be leered at by those eyes that must have raped me a thousand times over the 5 years he has lived next door to us.

Turning the water on as hot as I can stand it to try and wash away what just happened, I escape from the past 2 days as I scrub away using my Moms favorite peach scented soap, Turning my front away from the spray of the water, I scream suddenly as the hot water hits where Bruno marked me up with his claws. Through the sound of my screams and the water I hear Mr. Davison laughing and saying he forgot to warn me about that. Turning back around I wash my well fucked pussy and even that stings but I know he won't let me leave without doing a good job on it. Finally I feel I have washed enough, turn the water off and get out and reach for my towel but he has it and says, "it's time for your inspection, so stand straight, part your legs and put your hands on the back of your head”. How humiliated I feel as he begins making crude comments and running his hands over my body but again my body belies my feelings as I feel my pussy start to heat up. He notices I am breathing heavy as he strokes my pussy and tells me that soon he will have to shave me as I have began growing hair and he wants to only fuck smooth shaven cunts. My body shivers at the thought and the fact he pushes a finger deep inside me and a moan escapes my lips as he does so. Just as quickly he pulls it out and again I moan not wanting him to stop as the shower and now his inspection as he called it has begun to get me excited again. Telling me " I want dinner soon cunt," he throws the towel at me and tells me to hurry the fuck up and leaves the room. Drying myself quickly, I race to the kitchen as the clock tells me its 6pm and Bri will be here soon so I will have to feed him and get dressed. As I get his plate ready I think what I can wear tonight that Mr. Davison hasn't tossed or will approve of. I remember seeing one of my favorite nightgowns and since this is a sleepover I guess that will have to be ok. Finally sitting down to eat my own dinner, I hear him grunt and say "Fuck no cunt, you will sit on the floor and eat when I am at this table”. I look up in sheer surprise and I know right away he means it. So I take my plate and sit on the floor and begin to eat while he explains why I am not allowed to sit at the table and I just can't believe what I am hearing but I know he means it and I resign myself to his instructions. Not really hungry, I eat what I can and get up to take my plate to the sink and dispose of what’s left as he tells me that he also is done and for me to remove his plate. Obeying him I take them, dump the leftovers, run the disposal and rinse the dishes we used and ask him "Sir, Bri will be here soon, may I get dressed”? He agrees but tells me to dress in a short skirt and the yellow tank top he had seen earlier in my drawer, the bright pink panties with the matching bra and to make sure I smelled clean and fresh. I tell him I was going to wear my nightgown but he roars out," you will dress as I just told you cunt or else I will not hesitate to spank your bare ass"! Shaking my head yes, I ask permission to go and dress and he shakes his head and picks up the newspaper he failed to read earlier and begins reading as I start to leave.


2007-02-12 10:41:40
Made me wet, thank you. "v"


2007-01-17 13:20:41
I dunno ,seems to me its part of a long story , as for sick, why did you read it when its states what its about oh dumbass


2007-01-02 01:27:03
it is incomplete and unsatisfying and rates a 7.5/10 some parts of it are just over the top and sick!


2006-11-08 16:27:32
sexo por los 2 ladosy chicas muy ardientes en la cama y q sean muy ricas las chicas quiero ver pornos sensuales


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