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It had been five weeks since I had been captured and forced to become an oral slave for a group of disgusting women, and my prospects of escape seemed no better than when I first arrived.

I, and almost forty other men and women were being used like sex toys for the pleasure of others, and the worst part was that captives here actually began to crave and enjoy the disgusting activities after awhile.

We were forced by threat of severe pain to do the bidding of the nasty owners here, and after a few sessions in agony there was no alternative than but to obey totally and without hesitation or suffer the consequences.

I had eaten what must have been fifty or sixty swampy female assholes, and the smell of shit, urine, and cuntjuice saturated my oral and nasal cavities. The Madam, or head warden here was a very pretty blond woman with a perfect ass, who took delight in using the prisoners like trash. Her assistants were equally as decadent, and enjoyed the disgusting things forced on the slaves on a daily basis.

Now I would find out what it felt like to be the recipient of tongue slavery...a very addictive position to be in.

I was called to the main orgy room and was led in, hands secured behind,as usual. The Madam and another of the femdom women stood waiting, as well as a very pretty female slave. The slave was on her knees and looked at me eagerly, licking her beautiful lips. She had a real nice ass and my dick became hard immediatedly, dripping cum as I stood there.

The Madam pulled me over and roughly turned me around so that my ass was near the slave's face. I had been instructed to take a shit just before coming, and was not allowed to use toilet paper after my bowel movement.

The Madam released my hands and two attendants stood nearby with cattle prods. She made me kneel doggie style and put my face near her feet and my ass in the face of the slave. The poor woman didn't wait a second and immediately began licking my stained asscrack...slurping and moaning in pleasure. Her tongue in my asshole drove me wild and my peter rubbed the floor as cum dribbled out.

I could feel her eating globs of shit that remained on my raw butthole and she forced her tongue in deeply cleaning out the brown paste. I could swear she actually enjoyed it...and was grunting and panting, apparently near orgasm. When she'd cleaned my open asscrack the Madam pulled me to get up and I stood in front of the unfortunate woman, my hard dripping prick inches from her face.

She was a knockout, and with a perfect body and my dick was ready to explode. Madam slapped my ass hard..."Fuck her mouth you dumb shit...I want you to make her eat your load." I jumped instinctively, and grabbed the woman's head, rubbing my bouncing dick over her shit stained mouth. There was a thick ring of crap around her lips and she quickly pushed forward shoving my pecker in her open gullet.

She looked up at me in a suck frenzy...lapping her tongue all around my throbbing dick as she moved her head in and out. She was in a trance of lust now, her eyes glazed over in pleasure as she sucked my weiner off, and I held her head firmly as I fucked that tight mouth. Very shortly I grunted, and jerked forward, sending a thick wad of scum into her oral cavity.

My balls were absolutely engorged with hot dicksnot, and I pumped six or seven streamers of white slime into her eager mouth.

She gulped and swallowed, looking up at me, her eyes bulged out in pleasure...and I looked down at the little cocksucker...and completely emptied my swollen balls.

When I was finished my dick fell out and cum dribbled to the floor before she was able to close her mouth and swallow the whole mess. She ate it all and looked up at me...a fully compliant and cooperative slave. I'm sure she got on well with the Madam, as such dedication was rewarded with freedom from the pain sessions.

The Madam moved over to her and looked down, patting her head as if she were a pet. "Thats a good little shit're quite a cocksucking little whore aren't you?" After that my hands were secured again and I was taken to the conditioning center.


My tongue was becoming quite developed by now...longer and stronger to do the raunchy work required. I was using ass models with very tight sphincter openings, and I could force my long tongue deep inside thanks to the developing muscles in my mouth and throat.

After my time in the conditioning room I was given a dose of spanish fly and taken to another area of the huge that I had never visited before. We entered what appeared to be a small orgy room...and to my utter shock I saw the Madam on her knees doggy style, being fucked in the ass by one of the slaves.

They were both grunting in pleasure, and soon the slave groaned and shot a load of semen into her rectum, causing some to ooze out and run down her leg. The slave pulled out and was immediately removed from the room...I avoided eye contact, as we were strictly commanded to do, and soon I was alone with the Madam and another wardress who stood holding an electric prod in her hand.

The Madam put her arms on the comfortable pillow in front of her and opened her asshole widely for me. I cringed with horror, since I knew what she had in mind, and waited for the inevitable.

"Get your ass down here and suck my farthole you know how I like it!", she commanded, as I stood there trembling.

I was so petrified with fear most of the time that I knew better than to hesitate and quickly dropped to my knees behind her and put my face next to her disgusting asshole. Semen and shit were oozing out of her anus and I closed my eyes and shot my tongue in, eating the white glue eagerly. The aphrodisiac was kicking in big time now and I sucked her draining shit tunnel, swallowing mouthfuls of cum as she forced it out into my mouth.

I was near gagging but concentrated very hard on my work, and soon my long tongue had cleaned out her obscene craphole and I ended by kissing her ass all over and licking the residue from around her raw sphincter muscle.

She seemed pleased with my work, and when she got up to wipe her ass several times she looked down at me with a bit more civility than usual. I kneeled there and licked my lips, cleaning around them thoroughly, and she padded into the next room and disappeared. The other wardress quickly cuffed me again, and took me back to my cell. On the way we passed several other attendants and slaves, and, of course, none of us were allowed to speak or make eye contact.


The next day, a few hours after my lengthening sessions in the conditioning area, I was taken to a large room over on the west side of the building which seemed to be some kind of reception zone. When we walked in there were a group of female visitors sitting on a circular couch, and the Madam was standing there talking to them. I was taken over to her and my hands still bound. She pulled me over and grabbed my balls. "This, ladies, is one of our very cooperative slaves...he is coming along quite well."

The women were greatly enjoying my humiliation, and I could tell they probably were very much into this kind of thing.

"Stick out your licker toilet slave," she said quietly, looking at me with strange sort of acceptance. I immediately shot out my long tongue and presented it to her. "Our slaves are required to undergo extensive tongue development," she said, looking at the smiling women..."this cocksucker has a very nice tongue...don't you agree ladies?"

I held my tongue out firmly cringing at her suggestion but knew that I had no choice but to obey. I swore I would never go through their tortures again.

"This piece of shit will do absolutely anything he is told," she said grinning slightly to the eager group. "Let me demonstrate." She released my hair and pulled up her tight skirt relealing her perfectly formed asscrack and pulled her panties down.

She pushed down on my shoulder and I dropped instantly, as she turned her butt toward me and spread her asscheeks. We were sideways to the group of women and they grinned in anticipation as she spoke.

Her asshole was soiled, as usual, probably from a morning dump...and she pulled my face into her funky asscrack. "Suck my hairy asshole toliet slave!," she wheezed, pushing out her brown hairy anus. I clamped my lips around her disgusting craphole, licking the thick anal ring and tasted the dried shit there.

"Look at your audience," she moaned, pushing on her abominal area.

I looked over at the spectators, my mouth clamped tightly over the Madam's smelly butthole...and she stuck her finger out in front of my face in a puzzling fashion...but I caught on very quickly. "Pull my finger you ignorant bastard", she grunted as she continued to massage her abdomen.

I reached up and jerked her extended finger, my hand clamped around an expensive diamond ring as I pulled.

Suddenly a huge and very long fart blew out of her swampy rear hole, and filled my cheeks, making them bulge out noticably.
My eyes enlarged greatly as I ate the nasty gas, and several more kisses blew into my mouth as I continued sucking.

The women broke up in laughter as I looked at them, sucking out one fart after another, and soon a bit of shit dribble oozed out and ran down my chin. I cleaned her asshole completely, swallowing the residue, and as I looked at the ecstatic group of women, took my finger and wiped the shit from my chin and stuck it in my mouth, eating it all off.

The Madam pulled up her panties and smoothed her skirt down and stood there proudly. "What did I tell you girls...he's a complete shiteater. The attendants led me away as I looked at the strangers, and I felt a profound sense of humiliaton from my little visit.

I fell asleep in my cell...and didn't wake up until morning.

The attendants brought one of my daily doses of antibiotics and intestinal nullifiers, before breakfast, and I greatfully took them down, knowing that they protected me from the disgusting substances I was ingesting each day.

I dreamed of escape...but at the same time I was actually needing to suck butthole each day...and found myself uncomfortable after a sufficient period without doing it. It was merely a fetish that I had been forced to adopt, and would probably be with me for a very long time.


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I would actually like to see how he tries to cope with his new conditioning post escape..


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fucking brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... u can continue ur story adding stuff like u get sold to one of the customers or u know rented out on highly shit active parties etc.


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