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Hot straight fucking
The early October morning brought me to the Crazy Water Hotel in downtown Mineral Wells, Texas. For years, it has been a retirement home for Senior citizens, over the age of fifty. The work order said that there was a heater malfunction on the 2nd floor. in Apartment 209. Each apartment had indivdual heat/AC units that the residents were responsible for. For the most part, these are self-contained units that are much like the units motels use.
There wasn't much of a wait as I rang the doorbell and was instantly greeted by a lady, much younger than I had expected. "Hi, I'm Lisa," she said, as she extended her hand to welcome me in. Her grip was firm and lingering as she directed toward the window where the problem unit was. "Mother said the damn thing just wasn't working and she wants it fixed ASAP," she relayed to me. I smiled and winked at her and said it would be done very soon. She was rather plain looking, dressed in Gitano jeans and a TCU t-shirt. It was plain to see she wasn't wearing any bra, as her nipples protruded through the softness of their purple and white cover.
I carefully removed the cover from the unit and instantly saw the problem. The thermostat bulb had dropped from out of position and was not sensing the correct temperature. Easily, I reattached it and turned the unit on. Almost instantly, the elements fired up and you could tell they were working by the slight smell of dust being burnt off of the elements. After double checking everything, I put the cover back on and started putting up my tools.
"Wow, that was fast!" she said as she reached for her purse. "Mom won't be back for about an hour, she had a beauty shop appointment, but I will be glad to take care of the bill," she easily said as she handed me a folded $100.00 bill. I handed her back the invoice for $28.00 and the change, and was just about to leave, when she asked me to wait for a minute. When I turned to her, she had her t-shirt off and was proudly displaying her ample breasts and now hardened, dark, brown nipples. "Can't you stay for a few more minutes, I will make it worth your time," she said. I glanced toward her, noting her wedding ring, and telling her I probably should go. "Yes, I am married, but right now he is in jail and I am in need of a good fuck," she bluntly said. Without any further comment, she dropped her jeans to the floor. Her pussy hair was showing signs of sexual excitement as the light from the eastern window beamed its way through the window and magnified the glistening dew drops clinging on brownish snatch hair. Easily, and unabashed, she slid her finger tips into her cunt, slightly spreading her pussy lips, then easily sliding upwards to open a panoramic view of her clit. She was now glistening wet with ardent sexual stimulation as her fingers gently rubbed her clit. My hardness was now showing quite well as she moved over to me and used her free hand to unzip my wranglers, freeing my stiffness, as well as my inhibitions. Just as I looked down to see her fingers targeting her clit, she screamed a short yip, as a steram of joy juice spurted forth from her churning chasm and onto the floor, traces of her lust, ever so slightly running down her legs. Her oohing and awing turned to a shrill shriek as she convulsed to her self made orgasm, shuddering violently, as a flood of liquid spurted from her fingered hole and puddled on the floor.
By now , my cock was throbbing at the sight of its intended target, already immersed in insatiable desire. She tugged me toward the day bed that was not far from the middle of the room. we both collapsed in frenzied joy as she eagerly sucked my hard cock, usiung her long fingers to carress my swollen balls. The tips of my fingers found her wettened gash and began exploreing her sweltering slit, ending up at the top of her vagina, where her protruding clit demanded attention. her slender body trembled at the clitoral attack, and produced that shrill shriek, as again, she passed an orgasmic wave of wetness from her churning cock hole, dampening the bedclothes beneath us.
I was laying on my back as she easily guided my risen member into her snatch, mounting me like an Arabian stud. She was silent for the first few strokes, but that ear splitting shriek emerged again as she spasmed and spewed another forceful release of passions. We never heard the door open, as her mother entered in, then non-chalantly came over an tapped her on the shoulder. "Lisa, when ya'll get done here, come to my room, please!", she asserted, then strolled off. Lisa looked at me and grinned, then said, "don't worry about Mom, she loves watching me fuck," then went on about her up and down pumping on my cock.. Finally, my nuts exploded as their fullness flooded her chamber, she bucked, groaned, then again came that shrill shrieking, as she unloaded her fourth wave of orgasmic releases. She slumped over onto my chest and quivered for several minutes before easing off of my shrinking rod, and going off toward her mother's room. In just a few short minutes, she was back, giggeling and asking me if I would like to go fuck her mother.
This had indeed turned into a major service call. Not knowing what to expect, I went on toward her mother's room with her leading me. I could hear the swishing of her cumslickened inner thighs as she walked in fron of me, her lithe, perky ass, bouncing a little as we reached the room. On the bed, the nude woman lay with her legs spread wide apart and the wetness of her excited pinkness showing proudly to my liking. She was a good looking fifty year old woman, an older version of the daughter who had just received my hot sperm not fifteen minutes ago. Lisa said, "I need to go clean up, ya'll go ahead," then turned and left me and my shrunken prick to the pleasure of her mother. She motioned me to lay down, then took my wet, shrunked cock into her hands. "I am not much of a cocksucker,"she said, but go ahead and play with my pussy and we will see if we can't get your gun loaded again," then look at me and smiled ever so cutely. My fingers targeted her tight, wet slit, again reaching the destination, clit. Her clit was firm and you could tell that it was need of attention as she tightly squeezed her knees together, not in protest, but in excitement. The attention her pussy and clit were getting caused her to arch her back, then her first orgasmic release, though not as powerful as her daughter's wettened my fingers and eased out of her cunt, slowly crawling down her ass cheeks to the bed below. There was no massive grunt or shrill shrieking as her pussy released its first round of desire.She pulled me to her and said silently, "I may not be as loud as Lisa, but I enjoy fucking so very much. I just can't reach guido's high note as well Lisa." The way she said that and her evident desire brought my shrunken penis back to life She was easily stroking it back to full attention s I rolled on top of her. I easily guided my stiffness into her tight, wet hole, she groaned a little as my thickness parted her pink walls. Once my balls rested upon her butt, she wrapped her legs around my waist and easily accepted the rhythmic in and out motions of my pumping that now had invaded her wet cavern of lust. She closed her eyes, bit her lips, and lowly moaned as my pumpings produced her second wave of spent desire. A gentle farting sound rifted through the mid morning air, as she easily spurted her spent love offerings from around her stuffed snatch. Her fingernails were now buried in my back as I continued the relentless poking of her now plundered pussy. Her private nether world was now enjoying the fullness of its capacity
as I unloaded my sperm deep into her belly. My stream of steamy cream was met with her last orgasmic wave that spurted forth from between her pussy walls and my still hot, but spent cock. "Oh, My, she exclaimed as she unwrapped her legs from around my waist and removed her finger nails from my shoulders, then trembled for a few seconds before getting up and heading to the bathroom. As she went toward the bathroom she said, "I must show Lisa my creampie, we love doing that to each other."
I got up, found some paper towels and wiped off the wetness from my cock and proceeded to get dressed. Soon, both Lisa and her mother emerged from the bathroom, laughing a little, as they too proceeded to get dressed. As I gathered up my tools, both of them gave me a hug as I stepped out of the apartment. Now, I had to get to work!


2007-10-19 23:15:00
You lucky bastard; and what a gentleman to take care of two women in need like that. I wish you many more experiences of hot, cum-in-the-pussy fucking!
Thanks for sharing.


2006-09-20 21:21:08
Thanks a bunch!!!


2006-09-18 04:17:50
As far as just straight sex stories go...this one did the job quite well. Very few mistakes and the plot line consistancy of a quick porn flick, which isnt a bad thing, if you're just looking for a quick porn read. Thanks

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