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I am so sorry it's been over a year I was planning to put chapter 2 on, I just saw some of you were wanting for it to come out so here it is!

I've already written them but I just forgot to post them, next chapters incumming..

Btw this is 100% gay and I authorize you to molest yourself to this story, it would be an honor for me!
Chapter 2

I woke up with ben's head lying against my chest, the tent was left open
and the warm air was caressing our naked bodies.

It was maybe 4am and the only sound was from the trees rustling in the wind
and ben's breathing against my skin.

Being fully awake I gently undid myself from the human binding and walked
over to the kitchen stove to heat up some milk.

I as I sat on the dining table waiting for the milk to warm up, I took the
time to appreciate the very silence of this early morning, it's only on
rare occasions I wake up this early and it's much more exciting than
sleeping in.

A minute later I poured the recipients into a glass and went back to the
tent but as I approached the bed Ben and I slept in, I noticed Ben wasn't
to be found, neither was he in his own bed.

"what the..?" "Ben?" I muttered expecting some kind of reply.

Wait a second, this is kind of suspicious.. ben being ben enjoyed making
nasty tricks on me just fo..

WOOSH! Suddenly the moonlight disappeared, someone had pulled the curtain
to the kitchen down. I turned around spilling a bit of milk expecting to
see someone when suddenly a nude being clung himself behind holding me in
one place;

"gotcha!" he whispered in my ear

"BEN!" I cried a bit too loudly "Shit you made me spill my mi... oh
oohh.. Yes baby!"

Ben had cheekily started pinching both my nipples while rubbing his hard
dick against my back. I say it didn't take very much to render me

His balls were slightly touching my ass crack from time to time, his hands
started to wander down across my stomach to my waist, massaging/teasing me
around my groin.

"GOSH Ben that feels so good!" I said as I swung my free arm behind and
clasped his ass cheek

"Oohh" Ben groaned in return, I took it as a cue to go further so I malaxed
his ass making sure I was properly stretching his anus

."Fuck! oooh stan" He returned to me once again, it seems he likes having
his ass stimulated as much as I do, Good point there.

I could feel Ben's dick stiffen even more against my back as he slowed in
pace, he ran his hands over my body sending shivers inside of me making me
grab his ass a bit too hard.

"OOH STAN!" Ben loudly jerked out

"Ssshhh! You'll wake up the other guys!" Reminding him we definitely were
not alone here..

Ben's seemed to only get more excited, he stopped his fornications and
brought me over to the dining table

"The table again?"

"Yes babe but this time we are actually gonna eat!" He replied in a lustful

He layed me flat on my stomach against the table leaving my feet nearly
touching the floor.

"I need a better view of this sexy stuff" he said as he swung the curtain
open letting the moonlight shine right on my bum.

"Gosh! So much better." ben approached me with a very very stiff cock,
posing his hands on my ass cheeks and teasingly moving his thumbs in
circles close to my hole.

I groaned out of lust and anticipation, more so my dick was as stiff as the
table that trapped it under my body and I couldn't do anything about it
except let it leak out when it pleased.

I could suddenly feel Ben's breath breathing against my anus, fuck this got
me excited, I got the message and my anus was dilating more and more.

"JESUS OHFUCK!" I cried as I felt ben's tongue swoop in my anus against
every edge. Never had I felt such.. such pleasure and lust in my life!

Ben continued licking his way round in my anus, my dick was literally
ejaculating precum at this point.

Suddenly Ben stopped

"I have an idea, let me spare you holding that glass of milk any longer"
ben said as I gladly passed him the glass that was beginning to weigh,

I felt ben's very wet dick touch the back of my leg as he neared by my ass
to do whatever he was about to do.

"WOHOW! Oh my god! fuck" I cried startled by the warm milk tipping through
my dilated anus into my body

"Fuck this is so hot" said ben clearly liking what he was seeing

"Holy shit that feels incredibly good ben! and weird.."

"Fuck Stan I really can't hold this any longer" he said as he grabbed my
body to pull it so my ass was hanging off the table, finally my cock was

"Prepare for input baby! I love you so much!" Ben declared holding my legs,
I could feel some of the milk running out of my ass down my legs giving my
some shivers.

I felt a hot wet tip of a dick touch the outside of my anus. Holy shit I am
about to be fucked and I can't fucking wait!

My anus dilated and shrunk repeatedly and soon enough ben slowly inserted
the tip of his dick through me, I felt the tip pass then slippery came the
rest of his length.


Ben backed his dick out and went back in again, he soon picked up a faster
pace, I could hear him fucking into all the warm milk that was still inside
me. All of that fucking, splashing, squishing and wetness just was too
much, I couldn't hold it anymore but I wanted it to last!

"BEN! Oh BEN!!"

"Fuck STAN I Fuckin love you babe!"

"Wait! I..I want to feel..ohh.. feel you cum inside me"

Ben hesitantly slowed down his pace but then got what I meant by it. He
pulled out with a big slop sound and pulled me back up, as wanted the milk
came running out of my ass down my legs making me empty and ready to host
some better juices..

Ben turned me around and kissed me without any warning, our kiss could't
have been any more sensual and sexual with the mess all over our bodies,

but he had even better plans for me. Ben pulled-kissed me until we stood
outside of our shelter.

"Feeling brave are you ben?" I smiled

"You bet I am, and you know what table we're going to use" Ben smirked as
he brought me to the closest public table we partly used to eat lunch on
when we were in bigger groups.

Ben lay me this time on my back as we got to the table, it was still warm
from the sun from yersterday which had held well in this summer night.

Tents of all the other scouts were around us so we were completely
exposed. Ben pushed my legs up with my knees close to my chest



Ben inserted the tip of his wet cock into my anus, oh he fucked and fucked
faster and faster, I sure hope no one can hear all the slapping sounds he
was making. His cock filled my ass well, I needed it more and more and just
as I thought I felt a bit of twitching in his cock, he kept on slamming me
and suddenly reached down and kissed me right on my mouth just as I felt a
Wave of cum Fill me up wave by wave. OH This was...

"FUCK YES!" I screamed as I came right onto his chest resting above me, we
gave ourselves a last mouth kiss as my cum kept oozing out wetting both our
chests. Ben kept on shooting small loads of cum into my already plentiful
ass as he brought his mouth over to the mess I made on my chest, mouthing
all the cum he could find before swallowing it.

He took a breath and slowly pulled his dick out of my ass, with a pop-slurp
sound his dick swung in free air again as it observed some of the contents
of my ass dribble out onto the ground

"H-O-L-Y S-H-I-T That was amazing stan!"

"You fuckin said it babe! Best Ever!"

as well just remained there taking it all in of what had just happened, but
it was quickly replaced by another sensation, the hair on my skin just
crawled up as I quickly regained standing position when the loud voice in
the distance reached my hearing,


End of Chapter 2
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