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Out of a place to live, Eric takes up the offer to meet Jessica's Mother and Grandmother in hopes of possibly living with them until he can make other arrangements after losing his lease. He quickly finds that Jessica, her Mother, and even her Grandmother are open-minded and not afraid to express themselves sexually. In fact, he enjoys all three generations of erotic women.
Jessica and I have been dating since the beginning of our senior year of college. In that time we have grown pretty close. She is a beautiful strawberry blonde, with pretty hazel eyes, a dynamite body and personality oozing from every pour in her body. What I like most about her is that she is a free spirit. She isn't hung up on traditions, or rules that society places upon us or all the other restrictions so many people have.

If Jessica wants to make love, then we make love, if not then we don't. She's also not into the traditional morals that we are all supposed to follow, nor does she believe in marriage. Her point is who needs a license to live together as a family or have children. It should be up to the individuals in the relationship, not something dictated by a piece of paper. It took a little getting used to but I could see her point and was moving toward her point of view more and more.

One afternoon when I got back to the rundown, old house I was renting with three other morons I was greeted by the landlord. He told me he was going to make it short and sweet. He said we were all being evicted for being three months behind in the rent. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had given my portion of the rent to Brain, who was in charge of paying the rent each month. The landlord told me he had never seen the money. Needless to say, I was furious.

I found out that Brain had never given my portion of the rent money to the landlord and instead used the money I had given him for his own purposes. Now, what was I going to do? When I told Jessica what happened she scolded me for not writing a check. Then she apologized telling me not to worry she had an idea.I asked her what but she wouldn't tell me, saying I'd have to wait. It wasn't until a couple of days later that she told me she thought she had a solution to my problem if I was interested. I asked her what it was but again she wouldn't tell me until we went and sat down somewhere quiet so she could tell me without anyone listening to what she was going to say. When we were settled I said,

"Of course I'm interested Jessica, what is it?"

"Well, I told my mom about your situation and she seemed really concerned about it. She really likes you because you aren't like some of the guys I bring home. She thinks you have class and she likes the way you carry yourself. Anyway, she asked me why I had told her about your eviction. She knew what I was hinting at but she wanted to hear it from me."

"Hear what, Jessica, what are you talking about?"

"I wanted her to give me the okay to have you come stay with us until you found something else. Would you be interested?"

"Wow, that is really nice of you and your. Of course, I'm interested but I don't want to inconvenience you or your family. I know it's just you, your mom and your grandmother but I don't want to come in and ruin your synergy or whatever you want to call it."

"That's exactly why I want you there and my mom agrees. She's over what my father did to her years ago, bailing on her, leaving her alone to raise me on her own. She hated me for a while as you know, but she knows now that not all men are assholes, just most of them."

We laughed as Jessica went on,

"Look, she likes you and she knows you're a good man. She wouldn't even consider allowing me to invite you if she had any issues with you. Now, there are some rules I suppose you could call them. You have to realize that not only am I a free spirit but so is my mon and for that matter my grandmother. If we want something we do whatever it is we need to do to get it as long as it doesn't result in hurting someone else, directly or indirectly. We are very open sexually which you probably already know so don't be surprised at anything that might happen. Also when it's just us there we like to run around naked sometimes. If you have a problem with that then I have to withdraw the offer to stay with us. We aren't going to change how we live for anyone no matter how much we like them. Does that work for you?"

"Sure, it's your home and I'll have to adjust to that. I don't see any problems at all as long as I get to enjoy the same perks. I want it to seem like I'm just another part of the family. I'll do as I'm asked and I won't do anything to offend anyone. If I do something that offends please tell me so I can correct it. I'd love to stay with you and your family."

"Good, I was hoping you'd say yes. There is one more thing though. You need to come to dinner tonight so not only my mom can talk to you but my grandmother as well should she have any questions. Is that alright with you?"

"Of course, what time should I be there?"

"Come by at 6 and you might as well bring your things with you."

"Everything I own is in my car, including my clothes. I moved out of there as soon as I found out what had happened. I'm going to sue my other roommate for stealing the rent money, not that I'll get it back but I have to do something."

"Well, then, let's go over there now. That will give you time to get into your room and get settled. You're right across from me."

"Great, let's go."

I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have someone like Jessica and to have her talk to her mother so I could stay there until I found another place. Once we arrived we went inside where her mom greeted us. Her mother hugged me, welcoming me into their home. She smiled saying,

"I'm so happy you're going to be staying with us Eric, I think you're going to enjoy being here and I know we're going to enjoy having some male testosterone in the house."

"Thank you, Mrs. Parker, your generosity means a lot to me."

"Call me June, Mrs. Parker doesn't exist anymore. Now, get your things, I assume you have them with you right?"

'Yes, everything I have is in my car. Again I thank you for your generosity."

June hugged me for the longest time after which I went out to my car and brought my things in. It took two trips to get it all. Once I was done June said,

"So how much did your roommate steal form you?"

"All toll $800. I'm taking him to small claims, just to show him I could. I won't recoup anything but it's not the money as much as it is that he stole from me. I'm a forgiving soul until you steal from me. Stealing is the lowest thing you can do to someone. As for the money, nothing I can do about it."

"I like your attitude Eric, if you need any cash you just tell me and I can loan you some until you get it back or something."

"Thanks, June but I'll manage."

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and hugged me again telling me that I had a good soul. Then she went off into the kitchen and started getting ready to make dinner. I went into my room and put things away, happy that I had such a cool family to be a part of, even if it's only temporary. Once I finished what I was doing I went downstairs to find that Jessica's grandmother was there. She came over and introduced herself to me again, even though we had met briefly once.

"So Eric, I hear you're going to be staying with us for a while?"

"Yes, and thank you for your generosity, I appreciate it very much."

"No problem, Jessica spoke very highly of you. I assume you've been told about our lifestyle here?"

"Yes, and I have no intention of interrupting what you've come to enjoy."

"Good, I just wanted to hear you say it. Now I'm going to my room, I will see you at dinner...welcome to our family. Oh, and you can call me Mary, no need to be formal."

"Thank you, Mary, I will see you at dinner."

Jessica had told me a little about her grandmother. She was in her 60's and had been a high fashion model when she was younger. It was obvious as she was still beautiful. To look at her I would have guessed she was in her 40's. She was tall and slender with a beautiful face. Her body was flawless and so beautiful. I found myself looking forward to the day I might see her in some state of undress if not totally naked.

As dinner approached, we all gathered at the table, taking a seat as June set dinner on the table. As we ate, we talked about all kinds of things. As for me, I spent a lot of time answering questions that June and Mary had. Jessica finally asked them to stop, it was supposed to be dinner, not an inquisition. I told Jessica that it was fine, how else were they going to get to know me? That made her feel better as we went into the living room to relax and talk some more.I spent more time talking to Mary, telling her about myself, my parents and what I was studying in school.

I didn't mind telling her my business. I had no hidden secrets or anything like that. I figured since she was kind enough to let me stay there it was the least I could do. I spent time talking to June as well. She had a lot of interesting stories and I liked hearing about her modeling career. Jessica announced that she had an early day tomorrow and was going to bed. I followed her a little while later as Mary and June when to their rooms. I took a quick shower and got into bed. It was a warm night so I decided to sleep in the nude.

As I lay there thinking about how my life had turned around so quickly I heard what sounded like my door. I watched as it slowly opened to see who it was. Once it was open, Jessica stepped inside, totally naked. She came over to my bed smiling down at me looking at my now half erect cock. She didn't say anything as she moved onto the bed, taking my cock in her hand and slowly running her tongue the length of my cock, down to my balls, sucking each one into her mouth. She took my cock down her throat, deepthroating me for a few minutes before turning around so her pussy was in my face.

I held onto her hips, licking her pussy while she continued with her blowjob. It almost seemed as if she were in a hurry when she took my cock from her mouth, turning around as she held it still. She lowered her pussy down onto it, damn it felt good. Once I was inside her pussy she started humping my cock, lowering herself down and kissing me. It was apparent now that this was a quick fuck, meaning she wasn't planning on spending the night.

We continued fucking for a few more minutes until Jessica started cumming. Once she finished cumming she took my cock back into her mouth, sucking me and jerking me off. Finally, I started cumming after which she kissed me saying that she would get me better the next time. She still had an early morning call. I didn't bother to ask her what she was doing, I was still a little disappointed that she had rushed everything so much.

She left and I laid back and fell to sleep. I got up the next morning and went down to find Mary looking sexy as hell in her little short, terry robe. She turned and smiled at me telling me to take a seat. She brought over breakfast for the both of us along with coffee. We ate and talked, with Mary asking if I slept well. I told her I did and asked if she had a good night. That was pretty much our conversation until Mary asked me,

"I'm curious Eric, I know you and Jessica are lovers and as such you're most likely having sex on a regular basis right?"

"Well, I could lie and say I don't know what you're talking about but I think you would see through that so I won't. Yes, we have a good sex life together, why do you ask?"

"Just curious is all, and I thank you for your honesty. You're right about my being able to sense if you were not telling me the truth. One more reason I like you so much. Now I have another question and this is going to be harder to answer, then again maybe not. Do you find me attractive Eric, in an erotic sort of way?"

"That's not hard at all, you are beautiful Mary."

"Mmm, thank you, Eric. I won't ask anymore loaded questions."

"No, I don't mind, I don't have anything to hide."

"Good, I'll keep that in mind. Now, what do you have planned for today?"

"Well, since finals are coming up, I'm going to study my ass off so once the school year is over and I have my degree I can start looking for work."

"Good idea, you know that's where Jessica is this morning. She's interviewing for a very good job. If she gets it, that will mean she'll have to travel a lot. What do you think of that?"

"She's never told me anything about it so I didn't know. I hope she get's the job, it sounds very interesting."

"Hmm, I would have thought she would have told you. Do do you two have any long term plans? You seem to really care about one another."

Jessica isn't into the marriage thing, she made that very clear. I think we'll be together as long as she's interested in keeping the relationship going. After that, I think she's keeping her options open."

"Oh, I see. I suppose that's my fault. Probably from the divorce when she was little. It was not a pleasant time, I think that's why she feels like that. Are you alright with her attitude?"

"Sure why not, I'm not looking for anything permanent right now anyway. I want to graduate, find a good job and then maybe I'll think about other things, or I may just concentrate on my career and see where it takes me. I can always get married later in life. I plan on keeping my options open."

"Sounds like you two are made for one another. Thank you for being so open Eric, I hope you stay here as long as you like. Now I have to get ready and go to work myself."

Over the next couple weeks, Jessica and I made love often, all while we both studied and worked on graduating. Finally, that day came and it was quite the happening. Mary and June threw us a nice party on graduation night, not a lot of people, mostly just family. I hadn't met some of them but like Mary and June, they were really nice people. A couple of days later Jessica came home, excited that she had gotten the job she wanted most. She announced,

"I got the job I wanted. I have to pack and fly back East for training and orientation classes. Then once I'm back it's more in-house training and then I'll be doing the traveling."

We all congratulated her, telling her we were all very proud of her. Mary helped her pack for a two-week stay. Then that night I thought Jessica would want to be together but that wasn't the case. She was in bed early to catch an early flight. I didn't even get to tell her goodbye but then I didn't want to get up at 5 am either. Now it was going to be just Mary and me. June was back visiting some family she hadn't seen for a while.

I got up and ate and then get dressed. It was about time I started looking for something for myself. I had some good online leads that I was going to follow up on as well as do some networking with some people I had met. It turned out that I spent most of the day job hunting. By the time I got back, it was almost time to eat. I greeted Mary and then went up and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt. When I came down Mary had dinner almost ready.

"So, you look like you've been busy."

"Yes, I got up and spent the day running down leads on jobs, then talked to some people do some networking and that sort of thing. I didn't realize it would take so long."

"Great, you think something will come of it?"

"I hope so, only time will tell. How about we go watch some TV, I'm exhausted from running around all day."

Mary and I went in and watched TV and talked, mostly about jobs and careers. Then at around 9, she said she was going to shower and go to bed. I was worried I'd pissed her off somehow being gone all day, then again maybe she really was just tired. I waited about thirty minutes an then I went up and showered. I got in bed naked as usual, laying there and thinking about Jessica and what she might be doing. That's when my door opened and Mary came into my room and stood there for a moment.

She was wearing an almost see through negligee that didn't leave anything to the imagination. I could see her breasts through the fabric as well as her aureoles. As my eyes slowly scanned down, I could see her bush through the fabric as well. It was so full and lush and I could make out her thick lips and clit. She looked so beautiful as she stood there silently. I wanted to say something but laying there, my cock growing harder by the second, I just could find the words. Besides, why break the mood. Just as I was about to speak, Mary stepped forward slowly making her way to the side of my bed.

When she reached the side of my bed she stopped. She was now mere inches away from me, her bush clearly visible through the gauzy fabric, her full, thick lips and large clit now in full view. I looked up at her face seeing a look of lust in her eyes and a sly smile on her face. There was no need to guess what her intent was. With my cock in my right hand, I took my left hand, placing it on her inner thigh just below the hem of her negligee. Her skin felt so soft as a slight gasp came from her. I left my hand there for a moment or two just enjoying the softness of her skin.

I parted my legs as I began moving my hand up her thigh. I was in no rush, I wanted to enjoy every second of this as I inched my hand higher. I felt her move as she inched toward the edge of my bed, placing her knee on the mattress giving me even better access to her charms. She then placed her hand on my inner thigh, just below my balls as I continued slowly stroking my cock. What the hell, no need to hurry, I wanted this to last as long as it could. I felt her fingers touch my balls as I continued my way up her thigh. As I neared her pussy, I could feel the heat emanating from between her legs.

It was then that I felt the dampness of her arousal on my hand, as well as her soft bush, caress my hand at the same time. She let out a little gasp as she placed her hand on top of mine while I stroked my cock. I carefully wedged the side of my hand between her wet lips, then began to slowly move my hand back and forth. She closed her eyes and rolled her lower lip over her teeth, as she gently bit her lip. She moved my hand from my cock, taking it in her hand, taking over stroking my cock. We stood there pleasuring one another, not saying a word, of course, words weren't necessary, not at this point.

Taking it a bit further, I eased my hand between her ass cheeks, hoping she wouldn't mind while I eased my thumb into her opening. With my thumb deep in her pussy, and my hand wedged firmly between her ass cheeks I began working my thumb in her pussy while teasing her asshole with the edge of my hand. Judging from the soft moans and gasps coming from Mary, she had no objections as to as to what I was doing to her. If anything it was more than enjoyable as she stopped jacking me off and instead started riding my hand.

She tightened her glutes trapping my hand even tighter between her cheeks while pushing down against my hand. She raised her hands and began caressing her breasts and tugging at her nipples as her passion grew. The next thing I knew she paused long enough to remove her negligee, then began squeezing her breasts and now rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She was soon moaning and tugging at her nipples, her passion having reached a fevers pitch. Before I knew what happened her body began to shake a shudder and she started cumming.

Her orgasm lasted longer than I expected when she finally stopped. She pulled my thumb from her pussy and stuck it in her mouth, sucking her cum from my thumb. Still not saying a word, Mary moved onto the bed and placed her hands on my face where she began kissing me. Her passion was obvious as we kissed, her tongue and my tongue caressing as we kissed. Mary surprised me with the intensity of her passion. Having made love to Jessica numerous times, Mary was much more passionate. Not that I was out to make a comparison, it's just that it was so obvious.

I could tell that although she seemed to be a sophisticated woman, who had her life altogether, Mary was definitely in need of some sexual attention. Maybe that's why she wanted me to be there, not so much as to help me out, but to have me take care of her needs sexually. I didn't have a problem with that and I could be full of it too but then again it was obvious that something was lacking in her life. Either way, I wasn't about to psychoanalyze the situation, all I wanted to do was fuck the hell out of her. I rolled Mary onto her back, kissing my way down her neck to her amazing tits.

Her breasts were larger and fuller than Jessica's and as I was to quickly find out, her nipples were much more sensitive. I began teasing her aureoles with my tongue along with licking her nipples and sucking them as she writhed on the bed. She was gasping and squealing and she placed her hands on my head, forcing my face into her chest. I loved listening to the sounds of passion and lust coming from her, something Jessica rarely made. Mary was one hell of a passionate woman as one more time she began to cum, just from my sucking her nipples.

Not wasting any time, I made my way down her stomach inching closer and closer to her beautiful bush. I could smell the aroma of her arousal and lust as I neared her pussy. Once I was there I felt her soft bush on my face as I inched my way down. Her hair was so soft as it caressed my cheek, I had to pause and just wallow in the softness of her bush. Jessica waxed her pussy, leaving only an inch wide strip of shortly cropped hair, something I really didn't care for. I like a nice, well-manicured bush myself so Mary's bush was perfect for me.

I moved down lower, my face now between her legs as I looked at her pussy. Her lips were thick and puffy, like large petals of a flower falling open. Her clit was large as well and very aroused. Not wasting any more time, I began running my tongue up and down her pussy, causing her to squeal out in passion. I had to smile as I loved listening to her screams of passion. I began licking her creamy slit, alternating between that and sucking her huge lips into my mouth, my tongue wedged firmly between them. Mary was gasping and moaning as she raised her hips from the bed as she thrust them into my face.

The more I licked and sucked her pussy, the harder she thrust her pussy into my face. It wasn't long before she was cumming again, over and over again as I sucked her clit, fingering her pussy with as many fingers as I could manage to get inside her. All of this as I paused and took my cock in my hand, aiming it at her opening. I slid the head of my cock into her pussy, ramming it home as hard as I could, making her cry out in sexual bliss. I began thrusting my hips, driving my cock as hard as I could into her wanton pussy, all while she cried out in passion.

I fucked that woman in as many positions as I could think of, as well as hard as I could. With her legs now wrapped around my waist, Mary started cumming if you can believe it another time. This time her entire being shook she was cumming so hard. I was amazed at how tightly her pussy gripped my cock, again something Jessica didn't do when we had sex, at least nothing like this. This was pure lust and passion, not just casual fucking between lovers. This was down and dirty, raunchy fucking. Once she finished cumming we both rolled over onto our back, breathing hard and loving it. It took several minutes before one of us could speak when Mary said,

"Oh, Eric, thank you so much, Sweetie. You have no idea how long it's been since I've cum like this, it was so beautiful."

"You're beautiful Mary, I've never been with someone so passionate, so full of a lust for life. You are the best lover I've ever had and I mean that. I hope this isn't the last time you and I are together, just make me one promise though."

"Really, what's that?"

"Take it a little easier on me the next time, this was really intense."

She looked at me and burst out laughing, hugging me as she thanked me. We cuddled and caressed on another before we dozed off to sleep. The next morning I woke up and looked over to see if Mary wasn't laying beside me. She was gone, that's when I noticed the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I got up and took a quick shower before going down. Remembering her saying that sometimes they walked around naked I thought about going downstairs with nothing on. Unfortunately, my modesty got the better of me and I had to put on my boxers at least.

I walked into the kitchen finding Mary standing at the sink, clad only in a very short silky robe that barely covered her ass. She didn't seem to notice me come into the kitchen so I decided to sneak up on her. I walked up behind her, wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her close to me. Mary didn't say anything as she mewed softly. I could feel my cock getting hard as I slipped my hands into her robe and began caressing her breasts. She began moaning softly, grinding her ass into my crotch. My cock was hard now as I took my right hand from her robe and pushed the bottom of her robe up.

I then wedged my cock between her ass cheeks seeing what her reaction might be. She sighed again and squeezed her cheeks together trapping my cock between them. Damn it felt good as I rocked my hip back and forth, my cock sliding slowly up and down her warm crack. I had tried this with Jessica once and she got upset, accusing me of trying to fuck her ass. I told her only with her permission but it was fine if she didn't want to. She calmed down but it sort of put a damper on the rest of the day. It was obvious that Mary had no such issue.

Mary braced herself, placing her hands on the sink and pushed back against my cock. The sensation of my cock sliding up and down between her tight cheeks felt amazing. I wrapped my arms around her, taking her breasts in my hands as I started caressing them. I gently squeezed them as her arousal grew. I toyed with her nipples, rolling them between my thumbs and forefingers as she moaned, still pushing her ass against me. I began kissing her shoulders and back, making my way down her spine. My cock slipped free from her cheeks as I continued kissing her back, now mere inches from her ass.

Deciding to move on, I started teasing the dimple at the top of her ass with my tongue getting a playful squeal from Mary. She didn't seem to mind my doing in and in fact, it seemed to be turning her on even more. Taking that as a cue to keep going I began moving my tongue down the crack of her ass, toying with the idea of working it between her cheeks. My idea became reality when Mary pulled her cheeks apart as if it was an invitation to lick her ass. I decided to give it a shot, starting at the top again only this time I was going to work my tongue between her cheeks.

I began with my tongue moving up and down her ass again only this time my tongue was deep between her ass cheeks. She was gasping and squealing, pushing her ass into my face. I loved the musky aroma of her ass, as I continued down until my tongue grazed her asshole. Mary's body shook a quivered as I teased her asshole, slowly penetrating her ass with my tongue. With my tongue now firmly in her asshole, I began tongue fucking her ass as she nearly screamed out in passion. She pushed her ass hard into my face, forcing my tongue as deep into her ass as it could go.

Before long, Mary was cumming from my tongue fucking her ass and fingering her pussy. As that wave of orgasms subsided, I took my cock aiming it at her pussy and shoved it deep into her pussy. Mary rose up as I grabbed her breasts and started pumping my cock deep into her pussy. We were both beside ourselves as we fucked right there in the kitchen. I slammed my cock harder and harder into her pussy until I lost my load, filling her pussy with my load. Afterward, Mary and I kissed and then enjoyed breakfast. She thanked me for a great morning fuck before going to work.

Over the next couple of days, Mary was busy at work with a project and didn't have a lot of time for me. That was fine though because Jessica would be home soon. Once Jessica was home I thought things would be back to normal but it was quite the contrary. She was really gung-ho for her new job, so much so that she was totally into that. She worked long hours and when she came home, she had no time for me, not even at bedtime. Rather than complain I decided I had it too good to rock the boat now. I decided to let Jessica do her thing and when she was ready she'd be there for me.

Soon Mary was the one that had to go out of town for a few days leaving me with Jessica and June. One day after spending all morning out looking for work and doing interviews I decided to take a break and go for a swim. I didn't even think to see if June was around. I walked out onto the patio in my swim trunks to find June sitting in a lounge chair, totally naked. For a woman in her 60's, she had one hell of a body. Not a sag or wrinkle anywhere, her body was as tight as some 20-year-olds I've seen. She looked up at me and smiled giving me a good afternoon.

"So, what have you been up to Eric? I haven't seen you all day."

"I was out looking for work, putting in applications and even getting an interview. Unfortunately, there's not much going on right now. Anyway, I came out to take a swim. I didn't know you were out here sunning yourself, I'll go back in and give you some privacy."

"Why, do I look that bad without my clothes on?"

"On the contrary June, you have a better body than some girls in their 20's I know. You are beautiful."

"Well then, instead of going in, why don't you lose those silly trunks and join me. You can share the lounge chair with me, there's more than enough room."

I looked at her gorgeous body and took off my trunks setting them aside. I joined her on the lounge chair as she slid over. By now my cock was like stone and I could see June admiring it. She looked at me and smiled saying,

"So, Eric, have you ever been with a woman my age?"

"No, I haven't but there's always a first time."

She smiled, "You have a very nice cock Eric, would you mind if I touched it. You're welcome to touch me should you feel the desire to."

Then she reached down, taking my cock in her hand and began slowly stroking it. I laid back placing my hand on her thigh right next to her pussy as she continued stroking me. As she did I heard her say,

"I've heard it from good authority that you are very adept at pleasuring a woman orally. That's something that most men don't do, at least not well. I hear you are the exception. I would certainly enjoy finding that out for myself."

I got up and moved between June's widespread legs. Her pussy was as beautiful as June's or Jessica's and yet it was different as well. Where Jessica waxed and had a thin strip of hair, and Mary had a beautiful full bush, whereas June on the other hand, had a nice bush but she had it nicely trimmed and thinned at the same time. I loved the way it framed her labia. I began working my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, listening to her soft purrs of passion.

I concentrated on paying attention to her every reaction as I continued licking her pussy. I wasn't sure why all I knew was I wanted to please her. I soon parted her folds as her secretions ran down onto my tongue. She really responded when my tongue found her opening and slipped inside where I began to tongue fuck her. She began undulating her hips, pushing her pussy into my face as I worked my tongue in as deep as I could.

When my tongue and jaws grew tired, I moved up taking her clit into my mouth while replacing my tongue with my fingers. I began alternating between flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking it, all of which pleased her as she moaned and pulled my head hard to her crotch. She was undulating her hips and thrusting upward as I concentrated on sucking her clit. Before long, June was cumming. When she finished she told me,

"Eric, it's been so long since a man has brought me to orgasm orally, you are truly amazing. Now let's go to my room where we can continue."

I thanked her for her compliment as I followed her to her room. Once inside she lay on her bed, her arms outstretched as I joined her. We started kissing and caressing while I explored her body with my hands. I made my way down to her still firm breasts. She definitely didn't seem like a woman in her 60's nor did she make love like it. I sucked her sensitive nipples bringing her to another small orgasm. She had me roll onto my back where she took my cock in her hand and started running her tongue along its length. She licked my cock from the head, down to my balls and back again.

It was apparent to me where Mary inherited her oral sex abilities. June was fucking amazing as she took my balls into her mouth one at a time. She would suck one then the other, working her way back up to my cock where she finally took me down her throat. Soon her head was bobbing up and down as she deep throated me, taking me to the edge again before stopping at the last possible moment. Next, she was on her back as I slid my cock into her pussy. I don't know why but I was surprised at how tight at her pussy was.

We were soon fucking as June writhed on the bed, thrusting her hips upward to meet my downward thrusts. I slammed my cock into her pussy, the two of us fucking as if there were no tomorrow. Over and over I pummeled her hot pussy until we were both cumming. Once we finished, June and I cuddled for a while before we went out separate ways. Shortly after I showed and cleaned up Jessica came home. She barely said hello as she went up to her room. I was going to follow but I thought the better of it.

She was quiet most of the night, barely talking at dinner. After dinner she was off by herself again, talking to someone on the phone. That night when I joined her in bed she told me before I even opened my mouth that she was tired and needed to get to sleep. Again I let it go, no need to start anything at that point. It wasn't long before June returned from her trip, happy to see me. That night at dinner is when Jessica made her announcement. She told us that a great opportunity had come up and after thinking it over she was going to take the offer.

It meant that she would be moving out of the house and leaving the area. She would be staying with the same company but it meant relocating. We all listened to what she had to say, wondering who she had talked to. It certainly hadn't been any of us. When she finished talking Mary asked her who she had talked with in the family because this was the first she'd heard of it. Then she looked at me asking me if Jessica had said anything to me about a promotion or that she would be leaving. I told her the truth, that this was the first I had heard of it. She got the same answer from June. Visibly angry Jessica said,

"I don't need anyone's permission to take a promotion or to move out. This is a great opportunity for me and I"m going to take advantage of it. As for you Eric, I don't need your permission for anything."

"I agree and I wouldn't expect you to ask for it. I figured with all those phone calls and going into another room and hiding that something was up. All I can say is congratulations."

"Yes, well thank you, looks like you'll have to look for a place to live yourself now as well."

Mary looked at her, "Why's that Honey? You're laving so why can't Eric stay here with June and me? He's certainly welcome to stay isn't that right June?"

"Of course he can, not only that, he can have your room, Jessica, you won't be needing now will you?"

"Well, I suppose not, very well, I'll be leaving at the end of the week. Until then Eric, I'll be sleeping alone, as to where you sleep that's up to you."

Mary and June both smiled which told me I'd have no problems finding a place to sleep. The rest of the week June and Mary seemed to make amends with Jessica. Once she was gone, I moved into Jessica's room and couldn't have been happier. I spend an equal amount of time with both Mary and June, enjoying a very active love life. For now, I have no plans to leave, maybe someday but not anytime soon.

Why ruin a perfect situation with two horny women that love having a young guy like me anytime they want. As for my work situation, I found an excellent paying job and it looks like it's going to be a career, not just a job. Now I pay Mary rent money, even though she doesn't really want it. I told her I wanted to pay her, it was my way of returning her generosity. Life couldn't be much better.
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