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Let me introduce myself first. My name is Rommi and have been married to beutiful wife simi for 10yrs now. It so happened that we were married at an early age as I was staying in a remote part of Taanzania where I was extremely lonely. I had requested my dad to arrange my wedding soon as Where I was I would have all sorts of problems at home as Most of the day I was at work. After 3yrs we moved to Kenya where most of our relatives were.
When we were staying in the country side my wife and I had lots of fun as we would go and have sex outdoors in the junge area. We got so much used to this that we had to go outdoors for sex at least once a week. The fun I had was that i could fulfil my hobby of taking nude photos of my wife in different places. On the other hand although she would not admit it my wife enjoyed taking clothes off with the thrill of someone actually seeing her.
Back in the city we were like caged animals.Simi knew I had a fantasy of getting her fucked by someone else while i took her pictures but always played tough and would not give in to this. One sunday afternoon we were both free and fondling each other when i felt she was really horny. I teased her more by licking,caressing and fondling her. In a few minutes she was stark naked in our living room. the curtains were open and i noticed she was not uncomfortable about this. I got her to the window of our second floor apartment and where i knelt and licked her wet, juicy cunt while she stood holding the window frame exposed to anyone watching from the road side from waist upwards. Soon she was dripping with honey from her lovepot and I knew i could take it a step ahead.I sttood up and asked her if she would come with me to the office as i had to pick a parcel. She protested that we first finish what we were doing. I convinced her it would be better if i was relaxed and not in a hurry.
With only a summer dress she was sitting beside me as we drove to the city centre of Nairobi and to the building where my office was. Once in my 10th floor office I told her to strip but she refused as ther are huge windows and the next building was a hotel from whose window my office was visible and vice versa. I lied to her that theglass was one way and nobody from outside could see us. As I did not persist she fell for it and let her dress fall to her feet as i played least interested and busy with some work. I watched from the corner of my eye as she stood near the glass wall looking outside as she moved one slowly over her tits and down to her wet cunt. Suddenly she sprang backwards and said there were two guys in the room of the hotel watching her . I laughed and said they were looking at their own reflection. i suggested she do it to herself facing them and imagining they were really watching She liked the idea and dragged a sofa infront of the glass. I was now watching as she spread her legs and started massaging her tits and wet pussy. After a about half an hour she was screaming as she came. It took her a few minutes to recover but was so happy she just laid there naked. All this time i had not gone near her or the window.I broke the news to her that she had just performed in front of a live audience to which she sat up and said i was lying. iasked her to wave to the guys and they waved back with a thumbs up sign. She jumped up and ran out of their view.
The following weekend I had planned to fulfil my fantasy. This is what i did.

I booked a room in a hotel in town where we were not known. After a passionate night out we got to the hotel room all steamed up and ready to fuck. Simi was as usual in her heated and horny state. In the room i switched on the light we were on the bed in seconds like hungry wild animals . I gave her a proper pussy lick which i love to do. soon i was riding her and shooting my load on her tits. she had not yet had even her first orgasm and she'e usually very bold at this stage. i said would blindfold her and take a few pics. As she lay blind folded i slowly opened the door to let in my two friends with whom i had arranged the previous weeks episode at the office. she was now calling me to give her a good fucking but i said wanted to tie her to the bed first. Amidst half protests she agreed as she was eager to have a cock up her love canal.
With her hands tied to the posts of the bed i gestured to my friends to start working on her as she was getting impatient for a good fucking.Without much contact elsewhere the first guy pushed his rod slowly into her cunt with which let out a moan of relief and pleasure at the same time. My second friend then slowly bent down and started licking her tits. she was screaming with pleasure by now and i was busy with my camera. I think the clicking of the camera gave me away as she called out my name. I answered and she was sure i was in another part of the room.I then took the blindfold off her leaving her tied to the bed. She just stared as if angry but did not say anything as my two friends fucked her in turns for the rest of the night while i clicked away happily..............................


2006-12-15 14:02:41
good, should have not said anything, would have been much hotter.

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