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I had now been incarcerated at Journey's End for five months, and my whole life had been changed beyond what I could have imagined. I could not bring myself to think of the remaining seven months. I felt like I had reached my absolute limit already...but this mattered little, since I had not even completed half of my contract here.


Four weeks had passed since I began my ordeal in the special usage wing...masterbating constantly in front of attractive women, strangers, and sometimes women who were familiar to me, and my growing shame pleased the nurses to no end since I was producing generous amounts of their dam E-11 extract.

I couldn't stand to hear that name anymore, and tried to close my mind to the high doses of humiliation given me in close quarters by women whose primary motivation was monetary gain and a powerful sexual need for the use of men.
I had received several night time extractions by a sadistic group of women who took great pleasure in degrading me, and painfully forcing every drop of semen from my testes, while I was half asleep. Supposedly this was 'wet dream' cum, very high in their desired components.

Finally one morning I was visited by the head nurse and told that I was to be transferred to another wing right away. Needless to say I was beside myself with joy...and didn't want to think of what had been done to my poor psyche, as well as my dick and balls, over the past few weeks.

I was allowed to dress before transfer...a rare treat, since I had been naked since the day I came into Journey's End. My familiar clothing felt terrific, and though my hands were always bound behind me, I felt a bit more like a human being. We walked for quite awhile through the complex, and finally approached a reception area, and were checked in by the pretty nurse at the desk.

After a long walk down a hallway we entered an inner reception area and I was assigned a cell and basic toiletries. I was taken to my cell and locked in...they didn't say anything about what would happen next, and to tell the truth my stomach was doing flip flops worrying about what my fate would be here.

While I was in my cell my hands were generally free, usually secured only when I left for some assigned task.

I awoke when the head nurse and an assistant came in...I sat on the side of the bed rubbing my eyes and was getting quite hungry by now. The nurses were cold and one of them held a small tray, swab, and hypodermic needle. I stood immediately, not wanting to aggravate the situation and possibly make things worse.

The head nurse looked at me intently, her hands on her hips. "Roll up your sleeve please," she whispered, "we must give you an injection." I did so quickly, my stomach in a turmoil now, and the other pretty nurse expertly swabbed my arm and jabbed the needle in, injecting the clear fluid inside.

I felt an intense warmth...and was becoming quite excited, knowing that it was some kind of aphrodisiac they had given me. My dick was hard, as usual, and the head nurse reached down and pinched it, making me flinch. "You have an appointment with the higher ups," she said quietly, "you will meet the women who run this place. I'd suggest that you be on your best behavior, and do precisely as you're told."

"After you return I will personally oversee your next duties at Journey' s End."

They left and two guards came in and cuffed me again, and we walked down a carpeted hallway past many office doors and finally into a large conference room at the end. There were five women there, sitting around a circular conference table, and I was escorted to the center, near them, as they looked at me with benevolence. They seemed very cordial, and I felt at ease, hoping that I could make a few points that might affect my treatment here.

They had papers before them and were glancing at these, and at me as they read. Finally the woman who seemed to be senior here spoke. "We're so happy to have you visit us...we've studied your record and are quite pleased with your performance."

I trembled, trying desperately not to irritate them, and managed a quiet, "Thank you mam," shifting to my other foot as I looked at them with humility.

"You have given us large quantities of E-11," she murmured, "as you know this is an extremely valuable element to us. And also extremely have no idea how much it is worth." She looked briefly at the other attractive women, who were smiling gently at me. "There are five other elements quite valuable to us...I won't bother you with their names...and they each require a different approach during...", she paused briefly, "extraction."

"For now we must change your schedule, to concentrate on these. And also because you have become adjusted to your present treatment, and your output of E-11 has diminished noticably."

"The wing you are in now will focus on two of these elements...and I'm afraid you must be compelled to undergo the appropriate extraction techniques." She looked slyly at me, and to the others there..."Don't be too depressed," she grinned, "you may begin to enjoy yourself if you give it some time."

She looked at my record again, and back up to me. "You have seven months until your release, and your $100,000. Won't that be wonderful?", she said, looking again at the other women. "I assure you that our former inmates usually adjust quite well on the outside, after a time, of course."

"As for now...and since we are finished with our basic business...we would like to let you enjoy this visit a bit...and give us a sample of your seminal fluid...for special analysis." The women grinned knowingly at each other. One of the other women spoke, her beautiful glossed lips moving slowly as she shifted and moved forward. "Our reports indicate that you are a that correct?," she said, licking her lips.

They waited for me to speak, and I finally gathered the courage, looking from one to the other of them, embarrassed at her unexpected question. "No I'm not!", I said..."I...ah...I've had it forced on me mam...I had no choice."

She grinned widely and looked down at her hands..."We understand," she said, "our techniques here can be quite strenuous in some respects...but I'm afraid we must think of our science first, as well as our investors."

Another of the women spoke, almost apologizing for my discomfort..."We're sorry that you cannot jackoff while by yourself...we know it must be quite difficult for you. Of course you...I think we all agree that you have been able to stoke off recently to your hearts content in our special usage area."

I looked at her, and then down, averting my eyes. "yes mam," was all that came out, though I wanted to vent my real feelings on the matter.

The head lady smiled and pushed a dish toward me, similar to the one that I had filled on my entry interview. "Ok," she whispered, lets have a little fun. Please drop your trousers and shorts."

I looked at them, actually quite aroused by now from the injection, and undid my belt and pants and pulled them down to my feet. Then I pulled my shorts all the way down and stood there, a very pronounced erection bouncing up and down dripping cum.

They looked with pleasure at my hard cock...and up at me expectantly, and the head lady spoke again...her voice slightly choked with lust. "Play with your peter please," she grunted. I was very horny by now and put my hand down and massaged my balls and began to jerk off slowly forcing the skin up and down as I looked at them. I stopped and flipped my rock hard pecker back and forth, as I had done to all the other women, and I could tell that they enjoyed embarrassing me as well.

I began jacking off faster, and took the elongated dish and held it under my pecker, looking intently at the leering women as I neared orgasm. I felt an intense wave of pleasure shock my dick and balls and grunted...and a massive streamer of hot cum splattered into the center of the dish. I held my pecker downward so that the huge ejaculation would accumulate in the receptacle...and jerked forward five or six times...making strange noises as I evacuated my balls.

The thick scum quickly filled the dish, as layer after layer of steaming semen poured downward...and soon I stood there shaking, my legs wobbling, as I held the dishful of the white creamy scuzz.

The women were breathing heavily now...obviously aroused by the show, and licked their lips in enjoyment. They looked from the dish to me...and back to the dish...and the head lady smiled knowingly at me...telling me what they wanted. One of them finally spoke..."Drink your fucking cum please!'

I looked at her, then to the others...I really didn't want to do this but knew that I must not antagonize these women especially...and raised the dish to my lips as some dribbled down my fingers. They were delighted when the first streamer of cum poured into my mouth...I held my mouth open and poured the whole mess in, and it ran down my chin and chest, dropping to my shorts and pants below.

I looked from one to the other as I began to swallow it..and cum oozed out of my mouth as I gulped the nasty goo. Soon I had eaten it all and stood there with the dish in my hand, cum dripping from my nose and chin. "Good fucking job!'" said the head lady..."Good fucking job!"

"Take him back," she said to the guards...and to me, a very polite..."Thank you for your time." The women left and I pulled up my shorts and pants and buckled them, and was escorted back to my cell.


Once back in my cell dinner was brought to me and I enjoyed a good meal. After a shower I slept again...hoping I could get some rest while I had the time.
I awoke with the head nurse and two guards standing beside my bed.

"I want you to strip for me please...take your shorts off and put your hands behind you."

I quickly got up and pulled my shorts looked like my time wearing clothing was over, at least for the forseeable future.I stood as a guard cuffed me again, and they led me down the hallway lined with treatment rooms. We went into what looked like a doctors examination room and I froze in terror...when I saw the torture devices. "Oh please, not this"...I jabbered, as a guard gripped my hanging balls.

There were two nurses there and they quickly stuffed a ball gag in my mouth, and the guards strapped me into a fixture by force. I was kneeling doggie style on a treatment table, and they strapped me in tightly as the nurses brought over a stainless steel tray filled with instruments.

The head nurse stood in front of me and pulled my chin up as she talked. "I'm afraid we have the task of producing certain elements in your semen...and you have no choice but to endure it. "Pain will make you give us what we what...controlled pain. In time you will be able to ejaculate merely from pain." I was still highly aroused from the aphrodisiac and my pecker was hard again, dripping cum.

A nurse rolled an extraction masterbater up behind me, and they attached it to my hard prick. Then they attached metal stimulation cups around my balls. I'd hoped by my good behavior I would avoid this but they were not to be trusted. If they knew a way to produce what they wanted...they would use it ruthlessly. The head nurse sat behind me as the other nurses watched.

She pulled on her latex gloves and smeared a lubricant on her finger and stuck it up my asshole, shoving deep inside, coating the entire inner surface.

I was sick with fear as she continued but knew I could do nothing. I could hear her doing something behind me but I had no idea what. And then I felt a cold metal probe being forced slowly up my ass. It was wide enough to cause me pain as she forced it in and she shoved it all the way up my rectum.

The nurses were behind me assisting her and the masterbator began to move...sliding smoothly up and down, from the tip of my cock to the base in a rythmic motion. It was incredibly stimulating and I would have ejaculated except for the electronic damper that they had attached to the base of my balls to prevent it.

I felt a current tingling all the way up my asshole and it became stronger with time. She was slowly increasing the current and soon my whole rectum stung with an internal pain. The sting became more intense very shortly, and the sharp pain became unbearable as I pulled desperately against the straps.

I yelled through the ballgag trying to endure the sharp sting tearing my insides but I began to quiver from the trauma, and soon I was sweating and shaking uncontrollably. The jackoff tube moved more rapidly now, as the cruel torture continued...and I desperately needed to cum, but couldn't.

The pain was sharp and regular and before long I could think of nothing but the whole world was the firey metal dildo up my rear. I yelled against the ballgag as tears ran from my eyes, and she must have released the damper because my balls exploded in the most intense orgasm I had experienced so far.

The cum was squirting from me uncontrollably, driven by the sharp, continuing agony...and the cruel suck device milked my weiner with complete efficiency...making my nuts tighten and release every drop of their stored semen.

Suddenly the pain in my ass ended and I lay there shaking and inner rectum fried from the electric current.

"There now that wasn't so bad was it," she said, forcing some kind of ointment up my ass..."We're going to have a special kind of relationship aren't must try to enjoy the pain...I must do many things to you...but you will come to like it in time if you try...believe me."

She pulled the dildo out and the nurses released me from the rest of the attachments and I was put into a wheelchair and taken back to my cell.

The ointment soon relieved the hurt and the supplements and pain killers worked quickly also. The pain was only useful in the treatment rooms, evidently, and at least I could escape it during the rest of the day.


I should have been terrified...but I was so abused by now that I had developed a shell around my fear...and learned that I must make the best of my situation, whatever it was. This probably wouldn't last long, however, the jackoff humiliation lasted four weeks. I felt like they might be experimenting more than anything, and that other less fearsome methods would be used as my time here ticked away.

I had to retain my sanity...and make whatever adjustments were necessary to that end. It was a matter of survival...just as life is a matter of survival.


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It's good to actually hear from the author's,and no offence but you are slighty older than the usual author and are surprisingly good,I have read all your stories and am just about to read the final journeys end and then relic,in one of your comment's can you say which country your in I think your in England same as me.


2006-10-18 10:54:26
I really appreciate your comments! I enjoy writing the stories and I'm glad you enjoy them too. If you want more I'll keep them coming. All the best, Aceith


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Will the series continue?


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