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Second part of the story beginning with Flight to Sin
My mind races ahead to a whole week alone with you in our house before Linda comes home.

Taking you back to our seats, Sheela goes to help prepare 'tourist' for landing, you are solemn and rigid. I suspect you are already very sore from the pounding my body gave yours. I should be ashamed but instead I am ecstatic. To have finally taken you, feeling you cum with my hard grown man's cock deep in your little virgin pussy was so good. The past year of touching you, wanting you had come to fruition. I know there is still traces of your pussy and its virgin blood on my cock. I get hard again just thinking about it. I wonder if I will have to force you to take me again. I will try to be gentle and patient but now that I have tasted your body I must have more. Much more.

After the plane lands, Sheela comes again, whispering in my ear, 'I want her again and soon, Dale'. I tell her that may or may not happen. I like fucking Sheela but you are mine and I may not be wiling to share you with anyone. Not for a long time anyway.

As we exit the plane she kisses your cheek. I can tell she is hungry for you. I will use that to make her give me the wildest sex she can. Perhaps even make her bring that tall red headed stripper friend of hers to my bed.

Catching the limo, you are still very quiet. At least you sit next to me, your sweet leg against mine. You could be cringing in the corner. I do see you looking at me when you think I am occupied elsewhere. I wonder what you are thinking. Likely very confused. As when I took you, a little girl but now a woman too. I get harder and harder thinking of tonight. If I convince you to take me again I will use you all night. Make you cum and cum. If you fight me I will still have you. I will get all of you I want before Linda comes home. It may be the end of me but perhaps not. You did cum so nicely.

Ah yes, home at last. Opening the door you hurry in. Going to your room. Closing the door and I soon hear the water running in the bath room. I would so love to watch. See what you do. Do you cry? Or just examine your body to see what changes have occurred now that you have been with a man.

Going to the kitchen, I get out some frozen ground beef, the frying pan and begin to fix us some dinner.

I get it ready and on the table and go to your door, knock softly, 'Keri, I have dinner on the table'. 'Come and eat baby'.

'I'm not hungry father', is the reply.

'Then come and sit with me'. 'I want to talk to you'. 'Come on, I insist Keri'.

I go to the dinning room, sit down and after a short while you come in and sit opposite to me. I can tell you have been crying. You look down at your plate. I can tell you don't want to look at me. You have put on a cute pair of shorts and just a Tee shirt. Your delicious little nipples showing through the thin fabric. My cock is hard immediately. I have not sucked and teased them nearly enough.

'Keri, look at me darling'. Slowly raising your eyes. They are a bit red.

'I know what I did has you very upset, it's OK and I want to talk about it'.

I decide the best thing to do is use my position as your father to pacify and intimidate you.

'You must not tell Mom what happened Keri, unless you want me to leave'. 'If she finds out there will be a huge fight and I will either hurt her or leave forever'. 'Do you want me to leave forever Keri'?

A meek 'no Daddy'.

'Keri, look up at me and smile'. 'Now baby smile'.

A meek smile.

I smile too. She is so pretty. Sexy too. My dick is almost hurting it is so hard.

'Eat a little baby'. You play and nibble a little.

'Are you ashamed of what we did Keri, don't be, it was wonderful'. Watching you closely. You enjoyed it I know. I just have to get you pass the guilt and I will have you all over this house.

'But it was wrong Daddy, very wrong'. 'I know it was'!

'Yes it was wrong but it is done now, isn't it'. 'Nothing can change that can it'?

'No, but I feel bad'. 'If Mom finds out she will be so mad at me too'.

'How will she find out baby, I will never tell, will you'?

'What if I look different Daddy, she could tell then'?

'No baby, you look just like you did yesterday and you will change just as you should and as you grow'. 'I think you are the prettiest girl in this whole town'.

'Does that woman, Sheela live here Daddy'?

'Yes baby but we will not see her again if you don't want to'.

'Keri, it hurt didn't it'?

'Yes Daddy, it hurt bad'.

'Then it felt so good didn't it baby'? 'I know you liked it, I could tell'. 'I liked it too'. 'You liked what Sheela did too, I could tell'.

'Yes Daddy, I am very bad'.

'No baby, you are not bad, just doing what your body wanted to do so bad'. 'Doing what I made your body want'. 'That's right isn't it'?

'You made me do it too'. A little more guilt seems to be needed. 'You made me loose all control because you let me touch you and you touched me'. 'Now I will be so miserable about you, I may leave anyway'.

'No Daddy, don't leave'!

I can see you are miserable. Torn between what you think is bad and the desire I woke up in you. I feel a little guilty but want you so bad. The image of you laying under me, your sweet little pussy taking me and loving every deep thrust of my cock. It is too much to stand.

'Come here Keri, come here baby'!

You get up slowly, coming around the table. Looking into my face. Knowing I am going to take you again. Wondering what I will do this time and wanting to run away perhaps.

I pull you into my lap. Hold your head against my shoulder as you sob a little. Cooing to you, rubbing your back. Finally pushing you back and wiping your eyes with my napkin. 'Come on smile, smile Keri'. 'It is not so bad, I kiss you softly. Then again. Making you open your mouth a little. Another longer more urgent kiss. My arms around you tight. Rubbing your back and down to your delicious little bottom.

Letting your up for air. 'See, it feels good doesn't it Keri'. 'I don't care if it is wrong'. 'I love you as my daughter and as the beautiful young woman you are'. 'I want you so bad, I want to make you feel so good'.

You are silent but you don't try to get up. I kiss you deeply again. This time you kiss me back, my hands going up under your tee shirt to hold your bare back.

More kisses, my hand squeezing your delicious little left nipple. You moan in my mouth as we kiss.

I sit you down, lift the tee shirt off you. Push down your shorts and panties. Holding your naked hips, loving how pretty your sweet brown mound and pussy look. 'Take me out baby, take me out and hold me'.

You undo my pants while I pull off my shirt. Standing I let you push my pants and underwear off completely. My big man's cock sticking straight out. Your little hand holding it now. Letting you look at it. Sitting down. 'Get on your knees baby, look at it'. 'Touch it everywhere, learn how daddy looks when he wants you like this'.

I sit and watch you. You move your finger around the knob. Squeeze my shaft, look up to see if I like it. I touch your hair. Telling you it feels so good and to keep doing it.

Holding it up, looking at my testicles, the underside of my shaft. Learning what I look like. Loving it I can tell.

You lean over and kiss the tip. It sends electricity though me. Taking my knob in your sweet mouth you suck it, lick it. Tasting the salty pre-cum that oozes out of it. Sucking some of the shaft now, taking it out and licking from my balls to the knob. Learning to be a good cock sucker.

Enough of this! I stand and pick you up in my arms, carry you to my king sized bed and lay you gently down. Laying beside you. Cupping and teasing your pussy with my left hand while I devour your mouth with mine. Loving how you arch your back to my hand and search till you grab my cock pumping it and squeezing it. Sucking each of your tits, pulling your nipples with my lips and teeth. Working my way down to begin licking and sucking the skin along the right side of your sweet bare pussy. Licking it slowly, sucking all the way to your little butt hole across and just as slowly back up. Feeling you jerk, your hands pulling at my hair, your feet on my shoulders as I love and tease you. Knowing you want something in you, my tongue or my finger or both.

Giving you just a little of my finger as I bring you closer and closer to cumming. Your sweet hot juices pouring out over my face. Time for me to give you what you really need!

Coming up quickly, guiding my rock hard dick to your sweet little entrance. Opening you slowly, your hand pulling on my hips, wanting me to fuck you.

You are so wet, so tight. I take it very easy getting all of me in you. Loving your little moans and hot kisses. Loving your sweet eyes closed tight as you concentrate on how it feels as my hard dick works its way deep inside you. Filling your little pussy completely. Slowly stretching it to accept my man sized dick. I would love to have a mirror. I know my dick is completely surrounded by you pussy. Nothing, no part of it not feeling my dick. Making my shaft wet as your pussy kisses and sucks it.

Looking down as I begin to slowly thrust in you, you look wonderful. Your brown skin, lighter where you wear your two piece swim suit, my dick coming out slowly then going back in to be squeezed and fucked as you lift your hips to get it all. I let myself enjoy your feeling for a moment. You feel so good I will cum hard if I let my control go. The thought of pumping my hot cum deep in you so thrilling.

Now sucking your nipples. Almost hard enough to hurt. Feeling you shiver as your orgasm hits you. Fucking you a little faster as your pussy spasms and uses my dick. You cum pouring out as you fuck me so good.

We are true lovers now. Our bodies using and loving each others. My dick swelling as I plunge it into your pussy. My cum boiling to explode inside my wonderful little Keri.

Cumming! Thrusting hard. Not caring to be gentle. Wanting to push my whole body into your pussy. Flooding you with cum. Looking at your face, my own twisted with the pain pleasure of filling you with me.

Spent and sweating, laying on you. Kissing your cheek, your lips. Feeling the shocks shoot through me when you squeeze me, like you are milking my cum out and into you. Rolling to the side, holding me in you. Loving you and even thrusting in you till I begin to get soft. You reaching down, getting some cum on your finger tip, sucking your finger. Tasting me. Looking like you could devour me.

I roll over on my back and you sit up. Taking my sopping cock in your hand. Looking at it. Moving it. Feeling of me. I start getting hard again immediately. God, I want to fuck you so much.

As it gets harder and harder you help it along by sucking it hard. Squeezing it with your lips. Touching your teeth to the knob. It swells quickly back to full erection.

Moving on top of me. Guiding it back inside and beginning to bounce on it. Taking it deeper and deeper. Looking into my face. Enjoying my cock and the effect your tiny pussy has on me.

I turn us a little. I can now see us in full length mirror on the wall. My dick fills you completely. I love how you are so tight you cannot take me very fast but must push down slowly, letting me stretch you. I can see how wet my shaft is as you lift up and it comes out of you. You raise up till just the rim of the knob is holding you open and then push down hard till you must pause to let the last of me in. No hair, your sweet brown back and legs, the wonderful lighter skin of you little ass and pussy. No slack at in your sweet little pussy. Even your lips must stretch to take my hard dick. God, I love you so!

With each stroke on me I get closer and closer to cumming again.

I must take my eyes away from us in the mirror.

Looking up at your face, your little hands holding onto my arms as I hold your sweet butt cheeks apart. Your finger nails digging into my skin as it feels better and better to you.

Your nipples swollen and hard from all my sucking and teasing them, your breasts just big enough to move a little with each thrust. God, you are driving me wild!

I begin thrust up into you as we fuck in wonderful rhythm. Your pussy so hot, wet and still so tight.

You suddenly open your eyes. Wild looking as you try to fuck me hard, using me. I know you are cumming again. I don't want to hurt you but I am out of control too. Thrusting up hard and deep. My voice a hiss as I begin to cum.

Your sweet pussy so tight my cum cannot get out of my hole. It is so wonderful it hurts then it spurts out as you start to come up in your stroke. Filling you and you push back down. Feeling how wet I am from your juices and all the cum I am pumping into you.

Kissing me you slump onto my chest. I rub your back and butt and still thrust in you slowly. Kissing your left ear and cheek. Loving the squeezes you give my hard wet dick.

'I love you so Keri'. 'You please me like nothing or no one else'.

Lifting your face for my kiss, 'I love you too Daddy'. 'Before when you touched me sometimes I would feel a tingle and my panties would get wet'. 'Now I know why and it feels so good and hurts some too'.

I kiss you tenderly and hold it has I roll you off me and into my arms on the bed. I am fairly soft now but we still splash cum on us.

Looking down I smile. Your sweet pussy is wet with my cum. You look so good with my love all over your tummy too.

'Lets go to the bathroom baby'. We get up and I follow your delicious naked body into the big bath room.

We are both tired from the plane and the time differences. A quick potty and brushing our teeth and we go back to bed. Walking with my arm around your waist. Loving how good your young body looks but now completely drained after cumming in you twice.

In bed, some nice 'sweet' talk and I see those pretty brown eyes close and you go to sleep. I am just seconds behind you.

I awake before dawn. You have turned away, on your right side. Sleeping soundly. I look under the covers at your naked body. My desire is intense immediately but I know you are too sore to take me now. Holding my dick it is sore too. I have never had pussy as tight as you are. I love it. I will try to remember every stroke in you. You will soon be able to take me easily but I know our sex will just get better and better.

I get up quietly. Dress for my run and head out down the street in the dark. I think about you constantly. I may be in jail next week but now, oh Jesus am I going to make love to you. I have to chuckle. If Linda finds out will she call the police? Will she make me leave? If so, then so be it. I will still find a way to have you and if it's jail my 'friends' with the CIA will either have me killed or get me out. I know where too many skeletons are buried to chance letting me make a deal with the cops.

Back in the house, showering off our love it feels so good. I shave then go to the kitchen to fix us a light breakfast. You have school and in about an hour Sherry from two doors down and her mother will be honking for you in the driveway. I do remember to take the experimental male contraceptive that I have been using. It seems to work so far.

Bacon frying, toast in the toaster I go back to the bedroom. You are still asleep. You have moved and the covers are off your beautiful left leg. I can just see you pussy. It has crusty dry cum on it but your lips are moist and sweet looking. A bit swollen too. I will have to let your pussy rest for a little while. At least not ram my big hard dick into it. I likely will have to suck it and lick it though. Too good to not pleasure you in some way. Plus I want you to suck me off. You don't seem to mind the taste of my cum so I will let you have a mouth full. There is anal too be done at some point. I will not force that on you though. All things in their time.

I lean down. Kiss you on your forehead. Your eyes open and you smile, your arms going around my neck. You kiss me good morning. It is like we have always been lovers.

You look around then your left hand goes inside my robe and your small hand goes around my sore but hard dick. You pull at me but I stop you, kissing you between your little breasts. 'Get up now Keri, this is the first day of school'. 'Sherry will be here soon to pick you up'.

You pout a moment but when you raise up you must grab your abdomen. As I thought you are very sore inside from my hard dick thrusting deep in you so much.

I sit down and hold you. 'It will be OK baby, we will just let you rest a little'. 'I love you so and you please me so much'. 'Now go take your bath and dress'. 'I have us something to eat about ready'.

I help you up and you please me by walking naked to your room. Not shy a bit. Your delicious little butt so nice and round. You legs brown from the sun as is your midriff and shoulders. I am glad it is still warm so you can swim in our pool. You are so pretty it makes my breath catch just watching you walk in your two piece swimsuit.

I hear the shower and hurry back to make sure the bacon does not burn.

I get our places set, some butter and jam, OJ for you and black coffee and OJ for me. 2 pieces of toast each.

A few more minutes and you appear. Scrubbed and delicious looking. Eyes clear, skin fresh and the cutes outfit. Tasteful but short skirt, white blouse and nice shoes. Your backpack with your supplies and books on the sofa as we left them over a month ago.

We sit. Eating while looking at each other. You look like the cat that ate the canary. Your pretty face beaming with love for me. I am sure mine is adoring you too.

Too honks outside and we are up. A short passionate kiss before you open the door and walk slowly out. You may have to come up with an excuse for walking slow today. I am just delighted with the reason being my body between those pretty legs.

I go into my home office, call my real office and listen to my messages. I have a couple that need answering so I take care of that. I am glad the 'company' does not have a trip for me anytime soon. I want this week all to myself with you.

I make a quick trip to the liqueur store. 2 bottles of an excellent Spumante for the freezer along with frozen glasses. I think they should make or bath extra nice tonight. I have to day dream of you naked, partly covered in bubbles and my hot hard dick just touching your pussy's lips. Too sore to put it in but it will feel starved it it does not get to at least kiss them.

You spend the day at school, 7th grade and I wile away the time at the range and taking care of paperwork.

About 2 Sheela calls. 'Did you fuck her all night long'?

'That is none of your business Sheela'.

'I know you did, God she is divine'. 'I am fucking myself right now thinking of me eating her while you fuck my brains out'. 'Make her eat me while you fuck her too, OK'?

'Why should I let you near her Sheela'. 'I wanted to fuck your redhead and you said no'. 'Now I am supposed to let you have my daughter'. 'Fuck you bitch'!

'Don't hang up Dale'! 'Don't'. 'Lucy is a lesbian'. 'She hates men'.

'Yeah and I have a beautiful 12 year old daughter that almost cums when you just look at her'. 'I bet Lucy would love to taste her too, and she might get a taste if she is willing to suck some dick, and take a load in her cunt and asshole'. 'She can hate me all she wants but lesbian cunts need dick too'. 'They just use plastic ones that don't shoot them full of ziss'.

'OK, OK, I will work on it'. 'God, stay on the phone a second, I am about to cum'!

I wait and listen to hear orgasm. Of course I am aroused. I have loved causing that sound for over a year now. I want to hear that redheaded lesbo make that sound too.

When she can speak clearly she tells me she has a flight and with not be back for 2 days. She will talk and try to pressure her friend into a red hot foursome, maybe Friday before my wife gets home.

3:30 PM almost never comes. I am eager to see what state you are in after having had time to digest what we have done all day. I can hardly get the picture of my dick sliding in and out of your wet pussy as I have you on your hands and knees and am holding you open while I fuck you slow and deep.

Finally I hear the car in the driveway. I stand up, anticipating you.

The door opens and Sherry comes in first. Shit I scream in my mind. You come in and roll your eyes at me. At least I know you are not upset.

Sherry bounces though, heading for your room. She is cute as a button. Shorter than you, very blond, a dancer. No breasts but that great body dancing develops. She is also a little older than you too. She flirts with me at times but I am so into you I rarely pick it up.

30 minutes of loud music from your room and two very sexy girls in two piece swim suits troop through the house, books in hand and go out to the pool.

I am pleased. You were a wanton wildcat just last night and now back to the perky pre-teenager you were the day before.

I take cokes out to you and Sherry after changing to my swim trunks. I must say the view is thrilling. You on your tummy, Sherry on her back, legs spread and the imprint of a delicious tight pussy clearly on her blue swim suit bottom. Mmmmmm, to say the least. You of course are completely serious. Your pretty head buried in a text book.

Looking up, you give me a special smile. I swear Sherry raises her sunglasses and looks my crotch over.

I dive into the water. It feels good. Swimming fast about 5 laps, then leaning on the side of the pool for a great look at Sherry's pussy again. You look up and give me another sweet smile. I daydream for a moment. Sherry sucking and licking you while I pound my dick up her from behind. My dick hard as steel now, bulging way too much to get out of the water. Damn, I wish Sherry would go home. I would carry you inside, lay you on the sofa and lick you and suck you till you flowed your cum all over my face then let you suck me till I filled your mouth with hot zizz.

5 more laps and I can at least get out of the water.

'Hey girls, would you like pizza'? Of course I get yes for an answer. 'Your favorites right'? Again yes.

I call the local pizza delivery store. Order 2 large and go get myself a cold beer.

Sitting in the den, TV on just enjoying the view at the pool. My dick throbbing to be in you. Dreaming of you withering in passion under me. You get up and with Sherry run to the diving board. If you have healed enough to run like that maybe tonight I will get to look down in your pretty face while you wither under me. This damn hard dick pumping you full of cum again. I still want to claim your mouth though. At least once shoot my full load in it. Swallowing your cum too is appealing. I chuckle at myself. We have all night long. If that damn Sherry will go home that is.

The bell rings. I pay the delivery driver and take the pizzas into the kitchen.

Sticking my head out just in time to see you split the water perfectly off the board. 'Sherry, tell Keri that the pizza is here'.

She looks up, cute as can be, 'We'll be right in Dale'. She has never called me Mr. McFarland. I wish she called me Daddy too. Mmmmm, a quick picture of you riding me while I have her on my face, sucking the cum out of her.

You and Sherry troop in and sit down on your towels. You look the picture of health. Long brown hair wet, hanging down almost to your waist. Sherry's tied up in a ponytail. We all chatter as we eat. School was great! Sherry is hoping to be elected as a Jr. High Cheerleader and thinks you should run for election too. You are a bit serious for that but promise to think about it and decide before the deadline.

The pizza is good, the beer and the cokes are too.

It's getting dark when Sherry's mom calls for her to come home.

Thanking me for the pizza, she bounces out the door. I go over and lock it. Turning you are in my arms.

I hold you tight. Our kiss so hot and urgent. Your hands quickly inside my trunks and mine pushing your bottom off at the same time.

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