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My wife Sandy and I had been interested in expanding our sex life to include other people for some time. I had bee flirting with Linda, a married woman who worked with me for several months.
Linda was a rather pretty woman with a shape somewhat like a Barbie doll. I was alone with her in the office frequently, and our talk usually ended up including sexual inuendo. I often commented on her good looks, and several times about how obvious it was that the air conditioner was set too low---a reference to the way her nipples showed thru her blouse--which always caused her to blush and look down at them. I always told my wife Sandy about our encounters. Sandy had met Linda and had told me how sexy she thought she was and how much fun it would be to share me with her. I knew that what she really wanted was to share Linda with me.

One day I mentioned to Linda that Sandy and I had borrowed some XXX movies from a friend and were planning to watch them that night. She got really interested and said that she and her husband, Bob had never seen adult movies and wondered if they could borrow them. I saw an opportunity and invited them over to grill some steaks and watch them with us, and she accepted without even calling Bob. She was breathing heavy just talking about it, and I was having a problem trying not to let my rising hard-on show.

After a few drinks and steaks we all went inside to watch the movies. There were three of them. The first two were just couples sex, but they were having a very obvious effect on all of us. The last one was about two couples playing strip poker. When one of the ladies ran out of clothes they decided to have her pay her losings by doing something that the winner chose, and pretty soon all four of them were in a pile with cum shooting all over.

There was a lot of disappointment that there were no more movies, so I brought out another round of drinks and suggested that we try strip poker. Everdybody agreed immediately, so I found a deck of cards and we proceeded very quickly to get nearly naked, and then Sandy lost her panties and said "Well, I guess I'll have to play with someone's private parts if I lose". She promptly lost, and since Linda had the high hand she decided that Sandy's penalty would be to kiss Bob, which she did with her hand in his shorts.

We tried a few more hands and decided that poker was slowing us down too much so we did a card draw. The high card got to tell the low card what to do with who, and within a few minutes each of us had kissed, sucked and played with the private parts of each of the opposite sex. Then Bob got the high card when Linda got the low one, and he said that he had always wanted to see her eat antoher woman's pussy, and he wanted her to eat Sandy's pussy. Sandy started getting into position before he stopped talking, and Linda wasn't very far behind her.

Sandy told me later that she had never had her pussy eaten so well. She came several times within three or four minutes. Linda swore she had never done it before, but she must surely have thought about it a lot to have such a great plan of action.

Sandy was the next "loser", and since I had the high card I said that I wanted her to play with Bob's cock and then suck him off. He laid on his back and Sandy started stroking his cock to get him ready for a blow job, but as soon as he got really hard he shot his load all over Sandy's tits. Linda laughed and said that his first shot always came really fast, but that he could go forever after that.

I drew the next low card, and Linda was high, so she told me that she wanted to see me go 69 with Sandy who crawled over to me to get into posirion, and as she did I got my mouth on her nipple and sucked. It was only after a minute or two that I realized that Sandy's nipple wasn't the only thing in my mouth. I had a really big gob of Bob's cum in my mouth from Sandy's tits, and it really turned me on.

Sandy moved down on me so that she was sitting on my cock facing my feet, and Bob moved around in front of her so that she could suck his cock. Linda got on top of me, knees on each side of my head so that I had her pussy above my face. She was facing toward my feet with Sandy's back in front of her, and she reached around Sandy and held Bob's cock as Sandy sucked it. With her other hand Linda played with Sandy's tits, and Sandy responded by moving her hips back and forth until I didn't think I could keep from cumming. Then she lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

I was in heaven. Linda's pussy had a very intense smell of sex, and the position she was in put her asshole right against my nose. The combined aromas were driving me nuts. I couldn't see any of what was going on above me, but I heard Linda comment about how nice Sandy's tits felt. Linda was really responding to my mouth on her pussy.She has an unusually large clit and inner lips, and they were swelled up enormouosly. She was so wet that I actually had to swallow a number of times. I knew when Sandy came because the gyrations of her pussy on my cock speeded up for a minute or so, then slowly came to a stop, and I heard her moaning with Bob's cock still in her mouth. Linda came twice, and each time I felt her asshole contract repeatedly with the tip of my nose which was pressed against it as I sucked on her clit.

Bob said that he was going to cum, and Linda told Sandy to get out of her way as soon as he finished because she wanted to have my cock in her mouth when I came. Linda urged Bob on as he came, telling him to fill Sandy's mouth with his cum. I was wishing I could watch as she sucked him dry. He must have finished because both women climbed off me and Linda immediately started sucking my cock, which was covered with Sandy's pussy juice. Sandy started to kiss me, and as I opened my mouth for her tongue I got enough of Bob's cum that I had to swallow, and as I did I started shooting my load into Linda's mouth. The taste of his cum, especially coming from Sandy's mouth, really turned me on, and Linda was realy good at sucking cock. She kept sucking and milking it until she was absolutely sure there was no more cum left in me.

As the four of us sat on the floor finishing our drinks, Linda said that strip poker was a lot of fun and that we'd have to play it again some time. No kidding!

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2008-12-18 23:23:27
I've done this with my wife and it was one of the most exciting times of my life. She loved eating pussy and cock too and I loved watching her do it.

2008-11-11 02:46:50
alright, fair not the best but good...


2006-09-20 04:08:40
My favourite stuff, Grooup sex with everybody mixed up and everybody getting some cum to taste. beautiful!

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