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fucked hard
Sheila was a fantastic looking female. Ever since she could remember she had been the object of men’s desires. Her tall sexy figure topped with a 38dd bust line made her popular amongst men. Sheila had started her sexual romps at the age of thirteen and by the time she was eighteen she knew every trick in the book that could turn on a man.

By the time she was nineteen she thought it to be the easiest way to pay for her rent and other expenses. Now at 22 she was an experienced and in demand hooker.

Sheila worked through an agent for some time. Her pimp was called Andre and he was a Latino. André would get her most of her customers though Sheila never had a tough time finding men eager to fuck her. Shortly though she fell out with Andre because of payments and told him she didn’t want to work with him. André was furious as hell and threatened her with dire consequences and that he would" teach her a lesson."

Sheila shrugged him off and continued her hooking career sans André now!

About fifteen days after her fight with Andre Sheila was out on the road looking for some customer. She stood near the "Red Baron" and watched for drunken horny men coming out of the nightclub. She found one man looking back at her. He was black and was openly assessing her vitals. She licked her lips in invitation and moved toward him. She said "hey big man, wanna get some white pussy." It'll be 50 an hour.

The man said, "Oh sure lets rock baby." She followed him to his car. He started the car and sped away into the night. She said hey my name’s Sheila what’s yours? Randy replied the black man. She said where are you taking me Randy? He said hang on baby we are going to my apartment. Soon they reached a deserted looking street and Randy stopped in front of a rundown kind of building. One look at it and Sheila was scared as hell. She said, "Hey Randy what kinda place is this? I don’t wanna go in there.

Randy said come-on babe there ain't no problem with the place for a little hooker like you. He smirked and pulled her out of the car.

Sheila followed him reluctantly inside the building. Randy took her to the basement where he began to drink some of the stuff he had in a bottle with him. Sheila was scared now as she realized Randy was drunk as hell. She wanted to run away but Randy pulled her to him and began slobbering wet kisses down her face. Sheila tried kissing him back., She thought the sooner this got over she could take the money and leave. Then Randy slapped her face and said "Bitch someone wants you to pay so today you are gonna fuck not just me but as many cocks as u can handle up your holes." Sheila was shocked with the slap and with what he said. She pleaded. "Please just let me go." Randy snorted and laughed," bloody whore the party aint begun yet"

He told her to take off her clothes. Sheila had no choice but to comply with him. She was afraid for her life and she began stripping off her skirt and top. Now she was dressed in her crotch less panties and nippless bra.

Suddenly she heard the door opening and one after the other 3 black men walked in.

They were all naked and held their cocks in their hands.

They were rubbing their cocks and leering at her half naked body. Hey Randy one man shouted. Can we start off? My cock’s gonna bust.

Sure boys the bitch is all yours!

Sheila was shaking and backed away. Soon the men were upon her. She was being touched all over with hands. Someone pulled her boobs out of her bra and squeezed her nipples. She cried out in pain. She was rewarded with a slap and another squeeze

The men threw her over a table and her panties were pulled down. One man captured Sheila’s pussy. He bit her clit and she screamed. He licked it back and forth sending her juices gushing out of her creamy cunt. He pulled her pussy lips wide apart as he pushed his tongue straight into her love hole. She moaned as this attack on her pussy began to arouse her. He pulled his tongue out and pushed his fingers into her now sopping cunt. He pushed the fingers deeper and deeper making her squirm and moan. Suddenly he pushed his entire hand into her cunt and began pumping her up and down. She screamed with pain and excitement as someone pulled on her erect nipples making her beg to be fucked. She screamed"Oh please fuck me. Oh I need it.

The bitch is asking for it said Randy. Give it to her Marty u asshole. Drill your dick into her until she passes out. Marty the one licking Sheila’s cunt came over her and pushed his thick cock straight into Sheila’s pussy. Sheila shrieked as he slid all the way in and felt his balls slap against her pubes. She moaned as he moved in and out driving into her like a sledgehammer. She trashed around breaking out in a sweat as Marty pounded her helpless pussy that was now dribbling with her juices. Ohh I love it she said. Fuck me harder you black bastard. Drive your black cock deeper into me. Marty drove into her depths driving her over the edge. She screamed once and let loose her load somewhere deep inside her pussy. Marty felt her juices wash his cock and he let loose his cum and spent him emptying his seed into her womb.

Marty withdrew from her and asked her to lick his cock. She sucked his cock clean and in the meanwhile another man was between her legs spreading them wide.

He pushed his 14 inches into her and Sheila screamed with pain. This man was rough and he slapped her on the pussy and breasts. He pushed his hand into her pussy to widen it. Then he drove in again but only 9 inches went in. Sheila was moaning with the incredible pain of being split apart. Suddenly he moved Sheila on top and pushed her down in one flash. Sheila screamed as her pussy was impaled on the 14-inch cock. He slapped her hard and told her to move her butt up and down. Sheila began moving up and down and now began enjoying the huge cock inside her. She massaged it with her tight cunt as she moved up and down. The man below her was groaning as Sheila squeezed him. Whore he said you are a damn tight little cunt. I'm gonna blast off soon bitch.

He moved once again pushing her on all fours without taking out his cock. He caught her buttocks from behind and began pounding Sheila like there was no tomorrow. Sheila was shouting and screaming as he pushed deeper and deeper making her come in waves.

Aaaahhh...ohhhh... your black cock is so big. Fuck me with your big cock; make me come, ooh aaaah. He then pulled out and in one thrust pushed all 14 inches deep into Sheila. Sheila came at once and her juices started dripping down onto the floor. His black cock twitched and he let out a groan as his black seed spilled into her.Sheila was breathing heavily as the black man pulled his semi-erect cock out of her steaming pussy. It made a plop sound as he withdrew his cock. Before she could say mama he had her head in his hands and he pushed her on all fours and told her to lick his wet cock. She took the soft limp penis and started rubbing her lips on the tip. She delicately licked the undersides of his balls and squeezed them. He groaned in appreciation.

While she was deep throating his cock Randy who had been a silent spectator walked up to Sheila and caught her by the butt and began rubbing his dick on her anal opening. Sheila was already well lubricated. He pushed his cock into her in one strong motion and Sheila felt fuller than she had ever felt. She moaned as the man whose cock was in her mouth put his hand down and began rubbing her clit with his bony finger. They fucked her in tandem one plowing her ass and the other rubbing her clit. Sheila had another orgasm as Randy picked up speed and she spas med all her juices flowing over the man’s hand. Randy came with a loud groan and let loose his spray of cum inside her ass. He pulled out of her and slapped her ass “Bitch that was a good ass fuck”.

Meanwhile another cock was ready for her pussy. It was as big as a pole and even Sheila’s well-fucked cunt wasn’t making way for the monster. Finally she was lifted and made to sit on the man’s cock. Sheila strained down as a few inches slid in. She suddenly found her hips being raised and released with a bang. Someone pushed her down with a force and she screamed with agony and the big pole skewered her inflamed cunt and traveled where no other cock had reached. Sheila was breathing hard. She felt as though she had run a mile. Randy whistled and said Sheila you are a winner. No body could have taken Darrell’s cock the way you just did!

Meanwhile Darrell was moving his hips upwards fucking her cunt with his pole and Sheila was jumping up and down on his cock overcome with lust. She was coming every time his cock slid into her rubbing every inch of her soaked swollen cunt. Someone came up from behind her and began rubbing her erect nipples. Her nipples tingled as they were tuned like buttons. She felt someone rub a white powder on them and she felt as though her nipples were on fire. She screamed please suck them.please.Randy who was busy with her tits began licking her rock hard nipples. She said ohhhh please bite them harder ohhhhhh. She came as Randy bit her nipples hard drawing blood. Darell’s cock swelled as he approached his orgasm. He lunged up one final time exploding into Sheila’s tortured pussy. Sheila had another orgasm as she felt Darrell’s cum wash her womb. Sheila collapsed and was unconscious for a few minutes after her best sexual experience.

When she came to, Randy was sucking her bruised nipples. She cried out as he touched the broken skin. She said Please no more. I can’t take it anymore. Randy laughed wickedly and said Bitch this is your punishment but it turned out to be a pleasure for you. Well pleasure has its price too! And Andre wants us to fuck you till you cant fuck anyone one again.

He pulled her cunt lips apart and began pushing his fingers inside. It hurt her, as her red and inflamed cunt was ripped apart by Darrell’s monster cockshy rubbed her over stimulated cunt. Against her will Sheila’s juices began running again. She lay there helplessly with tears running down her cheeks as Randy pulled her legs wide apart and pushed his hand into her unto the knuckles. As he began fist fucking her, the sobs turned to gasps. She was being fucked in a rhythm that set of a series of explosions inside her.

She screamed once and then was quiet as her body shook in the aftermath of the pleasure. Randy moved up and replaced his hand with an eager cock. Driving into her wetness like a maniac. By now Sheila was too tired to respond, She lay there as Randy plowed her helpless cunt with his rager. Finally he came pulling her hips upward as he ground into her.

After that was a never-ending night of sex when all of them fucked her in the ass, cunt and mouth for more times than she could count.

Sheila woke up in the darkness to find herself caked in cum. Her breasts hurt and her cunt was sore and burning. She could barely walk after all she had been through that night.

She looked around for Randy but she was alone.

Sheila dragged herself to put on her clothes picked up her purse and quietly left the building. She shudders whenever she thinks about the pain and the pleasure of that night when Andre made her pay!


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