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fucked hard
DO you want my cunt wrapped around your cock?"

These were the words that I heard when I arrived home the other night.

The voice was clearly that of my wife, Barbara. It has been a few months since we decided to "spice" things up for ourselves, by adding other people to our sexual repertoire. So, far it has only been boy toys for her, but I have enjoyed hearing about her sexual escapades and the last time she even invited one of them to our home. He fucked her while she gave me head.

You see, Barb and I have been married a few years now and I was her first. She was not mine however and there has always been a big difference between us when it comes to sexual appetite. I crave it and need it and she doesn't. So with my encouragement she went out and had a fling with a younger guy. Turns out his cock was longer than mine, just the thing to hit her well hidden and well deserved "G" spot. After that she fucked him and his friend and then after that was when she invited Marc over to our house.

This has all resulted in Barb becoming much freer and open and enjoying sex more. Things between us have been better and we are enjoying each other often.

As I pulled into our drive way today I say a black Lexus that I did not recognize. I figured it belonged to some friend of ours. But obviously it belonged to some friend of hers.

"Take it then. Stuff your big black cock into my pussy Darren."

As I quietly closed the front door I removed my shoes and tip toed to our bedroom. The door had been left slightly ajar and I could see our bed. There was a large chocolate brown guy hovering over my wife. I recognized him immediately. It was Darren our personal trainer from the gym! Barb had recently told me that she was starting to fantasize and it was about him. She loved the way he filled out anything he wore. He was bald and had big eyes with luscious lips. A big muscular figure that had been obtained by strict diet and exercise, he had the sort of physic that women lust after and men aspire to for. He was younger than us, probably in his late twenties. Definitely at the peak of his game. As I spied in on them, he grabbed Barb by the hips and lifted her up letting her legs wrap around his waist. He reached down between them and grabbed his cock. He aimed it straight at my wife's cunt, then he started to rub it up and down her snatch. They were both wet and you could see the head of his meat glistenning.

Darren was huge! The last two guys Barb had fucked were big and Marc was even bigger around but Darren was impressive! We had both noticed that he had a difficult time hiding his package at the gym. Darren always wore tight black shorts that were low cut and hugged his ass and crotch. I guess this made him all the sexier to the women, I know my wife liked it. She even commented once that she wondered what his snake would look like if it were free from its cloth cage.

Then I caught a glimpse of something silver and shinny around the base of his shaft. He had a metal cock ring on. Barb had never been fucked by a guy wearing one of those. This could only mean one thing. He planned on screwing her for awhile. As I mentioned Darren's dick was huge. There was no real gage for me but it looked like it was close to 10 or 12 inches long. It was a wide dick and hard as jutted straight out in front of him. The last couple of inches before the head made a subtle curve upward. The perfect "G" spot assault weapon. And my wife was about to get this up her cunt!

Fuck me! Do it! I want to feel the whole thing!"

Barb's eyes were wide, mesmerized by what was about to happen to her. Darren then started to work his pole into my her pussy. Gently and slowly he stroked it in and out gaining a little more ground with each stroke. Within a minute he had half of him inside her and she was starting to breathing real hard. I could tell that Barb was concentrating on remaining calm and loose for him. She wasn't going to let this big guy get away without filling her up good.

Barb then moved her hands to Darren's small waist and said, "It's taking too long, just ram it in!"

With that, she moved her hands to his tight ass and pulled him the rest of the way in as he made one big thrust and bottomed out!

She gasped for air as it left her body. Her fingers were digging into his dark muscular ass.

"Ooooh Darren, your cock is so big! I've never had one so big before!"

She almost came right then but instead just moaned and told him to pound her hole and shoot into her cunt. He started pumping harder and harder not saying a word but just grunting. He leaned his head down and sucked and bit at her nipples while he fucked her hard and fast. There wasn't anything sweet or soft about it as his balls mad a slapping noise as they hit her ass.

I couldn't believe the sight before me, my wife had turned the heat up again and was being pounded like a whore! Her head lolled back and forth as she arched her back to meet his groin. Darren's massive cock was stretching and tearring at her pussy. I noticed his prick was covered, no dreanched in their juices as it dove again and again into her hungry pussy.

Barb threw herself into her black lover. Darren drove himself into her even harder, it looked as if he was trying to stick even his balls up her hot cunt. She was meeting each thrust as he bottomed out on her. How the hell did he get all of that cock inside of her? I had no idea that she was capable of accommodating anything that length and I am sure she didn't know she could either. This was part of the game for Barb though, she had come to finally enjoy cock and now she was determined to find out how big she could go.

My dick was hard. I undid my pants and released my cock, noticing how small and pale it was compared to the huge black fucker working in and out of my wife's cunt.

Darren was straight out fucking the hell out of Barb. She moaned into his ear and started cumming. Her muscles were spasming as her pussy clamped around his shaft. He moaned into her shoulder and before I knew it he was shooting loads of cum deep into Barb's white snatch. She moaned one more time and came all over his prick.


As she thrashed at him and dug her nails into his perfect ass.

"That's it you bitch! You love my black rod, don't ya'?" Darren said. These had been the first words that he had spoken so far.


"I'm gonna' keep filling your tight pussy. Are you ready for some more, bitch?"


The words exchanged between the two of them were like a out of one of my porno movies. It was so hot too see my beautiful wife being fucked like a whore by this powerful black man.

Just the thought of her pussy filled with his cum pushed me over the edge. My own cock suddenly convulsed, squirting a load onto the floor of the hall.

Meanwhile, Darren was shooting his second load into Barb's squirming body. She screamed, holding her body tightly against his, their crotches grinding together. She came again as he emptied his baby juice into her womb.

I watched them for awhile, kissing and talking softly on our bed. Some time later his black cock softened and he pulled out, thick white cum spilling out onto the bed spread. I knew that if that much was coming out of her, there must be a whole lot more inside.

Oblivious to the time, they fucked more times that night with equal excitement.

Then they took a shower together. When they both emerged from the bedroom I was sitting in the den watching TV. I could hear their conversation as Darren asked Barb if it were possible to do a repeat in the near future.

Without even considering me or looking over at me, she immediately said "Yes, I want to feel your big cock in me again and again."

He then put his hand over her pussy and looked over at me and said, "Well, it looks as if your wife's pussy now belongs to me guy, at least for the time being."

Barb then asked: "Do you want to come over Friday evening and spend the weekend?"

Darren quickly agreed and said "I'll be here with balls on."

Darren gave her a good-bye kiss and said he was looking forward to giving her more of his seed in a couple of days.

I realize now that I am a cuckold. There is very little else left for me to do other than to start eating someone else's cum out of my wife's snatch.

Then Barb walked up to me and threw her robe off, displaying her used shaven cunt. It was red and hugely swollen. I quickly grabbed her by the ass and pulled my face to her mound. As I licked her hot pussy I could smell the freshness of a shower mixed in with the hard fucking sex she had received.

Wow! I can't believe I fucked him!" she said, as I lapped at her cunt.

"Darren was a monster!"

"Did you enjoy the show hun?"

"Yes, yes I did," I replied.

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2014-04-12 14:03:12
They have been servicing our women for over 100 years. They used to be called slaves now they are bulls. Either way this is clearly what our wives need and something most of us cannot deliver.

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2014-04-12 03:59:53
They have been servicing our women for over 100 years. They used to be called slaves now they are bulls. Either way this is clearly what our wives need and something most of us cannot deliver.


2007-04-22 18:06:23
pretty good - ould do with more follow on


2006-09-19 06:05:18
new discripitons ... good. Now finish Black Alley

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