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College Romance
The study group was slowly dwindling away.

There had been six of us at the start but as the research and material was covered people would excuse themselves and head off to work or home.

We were all in Dr. Lewis's World History class.

It is a required course and Dr. Lewis was very big on researching and knowing the 'real' reasons and long term consequences of events being covered.

The course should have just been reading the text, discussion and then taking a test but Dr. Lewis did not see it that way. The amount of work we were having to put in to get a good grade was wearing all of us out.

There were only 3 of us now. A freshman named John, LInda Smith, and me.

John looked like he was about to wrap it up but Linda was still consolidating her notes.

I thought she was very beautiful. She had a very nice figure and lovely soft green eyes. Sometimes they would look a little blue and sometimes bright green. Depending on what she was wearing.

We had talked a little and I knew she had a boyfriend.

He frustrated her at times and she mentioned that sometimes she thought she would like to see an 'older' man.

That always perked my interest since as an ex-soldier I was about 2 years older than she.
Since she lived at home and commuted to school each day she sometimes said he was suffocating her. Too much contact, too distracting from her studies.

When she finished and looked up, I gave her my most charming smile and said, 'Can I walk you to your car'?

It was dark now and the parking lot of the library had been crowded when we got there and I am sure that like me she had parked quite a ways from the entrance.

She smiled and said, 'Sure'. 'I appreciate the offer'. 'I was hoping you would not mind'. 'I know it is perfectly safe but it is dark'.

When we reached her car she laid her books on the top and unlocked it. She turned, thanked me and I offered her my hand.

I suspect she thought I just wanted to hand shake but when she gave her hand to me I raised it to my lips and kissed the top of her fingers.

'I was inspired by the French Revolution', I laughed and said.

She looked a little surprised but I did not try to hold her hand and she just smiled and got in.
We became more friendly after that.

A few lunches at the Student Center, more studying.

We would sometimes walk together and chat between classes. Parting when she went to more classes in writing and me toward the science complex.

She was majoring in Journalism and I thought I wanted to be a Doctor.

One day I met her near the exit to a building and she started sobbing.

I led her to my car and insisted she sit down inside and tell me what had happened.

She sat and just poured her heart out.

She had written a paper and the instructor had torn it apart. She had tried so hard and it was making her sad and furious at the same time.

I could not resist sliding across the seat and taking her in my arms.

I had intended to just lend her a shoulder to cry on but when she looked up into my eyes I kissed her gently.

She pulled back and then kissed me. Soft yet so demanding. My heart leap inside my chest.

More kissing. Very urgent, hungry. My hands moved to her hips and my lips to her neck.

Hands down her thigh to her knee and moving slowly up the inside of her skirt.

When I reached her panties she moved her hand to push me away but as I touched her she moaned softly and just left her hand on my arm.

I cupped her, her hips rising to push against me.

I slide over and started the car. With her cuddled against me I drove to a secluded spot I knew of.

Once parked we got in the back seat.

We necked some more.

I undid her blouse and pushed her bra up to free her breasts.

They were so nice. They were very firm with delicious dark nipples.

I unbuttoned my pants, zipped my fly open and her hand took me eagerly.

No hurry now, we were both completely committed.

Hot kisses, sucking and biting her nipples gently, my hand inside her panties, my finger in her stroking her slowly.

She let me take her panties off.

I laid her down in the seat and she opened for me but was surprised when I moved down and kissed her stomach.

Even more surprised when I put my mouth on her soft almost bare mound and opened her with my tongue.

'I've never...' Then she gasped and moaned loudly as I licked her hard clitoris.

She pushed as hard as she could against my face and mouth as I slowly licked and sucked the skin over her clit, pushing my tongue inside her hard.

I sensed she was completely ready and came up and positioned my self at her entrance. It felt like she swallowed me.

So hot, squeezing so hard.

She began to orgasm immediately. Crying out, using me hard.

I angled my shaft so that each time it went in or came out it would touch her clit.

She became so stiff and I pushed into her as hard as I could and held our pelvis together.

She began to relax so I stroked her about 5 more times and pulled out, filling my hand but splashing some on her stomach because I was shooting out so hard.

I grabbed an old rag from the floor and gripped it in my wet hand.

I lowered myself back on her and we lay there for a long time just kissing and holding each other. My heart pounding against her breasts and me feeling hers do the same.

We did not talk much on the way back to school.

She did sit close to me but seemed very deep in thought.

When I stopped by her car she leaned over and gave me a little peck and got out.

I watched her until she drove out of sight.

I had another class so I parked and hurried to the Science Complex.

A month later she left home and moved in with me.


2007-06-11 16:25:37
Not really all that great.


2007-05-14 20:56:58
I hella love this girl corey, but she has a boyfriend. I think she may have feelings for me too, but I don't know. This is what I want for us some day but not to sound like a complete pansy ass but it's not even about the sex. More about the beautiful eyes and walking to classes, haha.


2006-10-15 23:25:35
If you are a romantic female. If you mail me or IM me at firststick and want to see her, I snapped a photo of both of us from my old college year book.

I still wonder how our lives would have been.


2006-09-20 07:05:52
As an epiloge, we were in love but when I began to express the desire to return to the military things went sour. She was an Air Force brat and had no desire to follow an Army officer all over the world.

I really hope her life is and has been wonderful.


2006-09-19 19:36:04
Outstanding story. It nice to read something that we can related to in the real world

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