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I had known a smallest 20 something guy in Japan.
One of your "true stories," is actually about me - and not the writer. My experience was let out of the bag by one of the participants and has become a small urban myth in Tokyo. This is to set the record straight
I had known a smallest 20 something guy in Japan. He had come to my English school to check out lessons, but decided not to sign up, but I kept running into him on the train. I assumed he was gay, but later found out that he wasn't - he wanted an American girlfriend - so I just assumed he was gay and didn't know it yet. A couple of months passed, and during the summer holiday when the country all but shuts down he showed up at my doorstep. I was surprised to see him, and invited him in for a beer. He had on tan cargo shorts, with a olive T-shirt, and when he asked if he should take off his tan suede hiking boots, I told him it wasn't necessary. My apartment was an old shell of a place atop a liquor store and another old apartment that the liquor storeowner used for storage. The place had been slated for demolition for years, but with the crash in land prices that had never happened. A former student, who owned the building, let me have it rent-free.
Anyway. Ichi and I are in a little room off the main hall that was carpeted and had AC. We sat on the couch and drank and just shot the breeze. I had nothing on save for a T-Shirt and gym shorts over jockeys. I noticed that "Ich" kept copping looks at my crouch. He then commented on how long my legs were, and that I had a "butt up," or a rounded ass. "Really?" I stood up with my ass to him and turned to check it out. "You think it's nice?" "Yeess," he nodded slowly and quietly. I thought, what the hell. I never had a gay affair, but since meeting Ich, he had been the mental picture during masturbation whenever I fantasized about it.
"Do you want to see it?"
"Okay," he nodded with a serious look on his face. With my back to him I pulled the shorts and the jockeys off in one motion bending over. I stood straight with the shorts in my left hand covering my now hard cock, Japanese locker room style.
"Sagoi!' He approved. I told him this was a secret, and he readily agreed. I then asked to see his and had to coax him a bit. He did as I had done and we were both covering our little hard-ons while we checked each other's asses out. He had light tan skin and was built like a young girl with smallish, though not flat butt to match. I told him his was nice, but he disagreed and said he would rather have my body. I stroked my ass with my free hand, and was all but sure something was going to happen as I felt the jiz drooling out of my cock and felt it seeping through my shorts.
"You want to touch it?"
"Really?" "Yea." He started to rub his hand up and down it. I then bent over slightly and whacked it my free hand - my ass, that is. "You want to spank it?" "Really!,... Okay." I bent over the easy chair and braced my self with my right hand, still covering my cock. He slapped my ass timidly. I told him harder. Again. Harder. The third one stung and took my breath away a bit. I said, "Moo ichidoo, kudasai!" - Once more please! - again and again and in the process dropped my shorts so that I could brace myself with both hands. To my right, in the full-length mirror on the door it looked ridiculous. Me bent over with my ass in the air, my cock and a growing line of jism bouncing with each smack, and Ich, with his left hand on my back smacking me with his right and his cock! My first look at a full hard on in the flesh. It was longer than my 6 inches by a tad, but thinner. It was honey colored with a spade head. An American girl I knew in Japan had once told me that if I was gonna' try gay sex, do it in Japan cuz Japanese guys have the prettiest cocks. This was the first time I had taken that statement seriously. I knew at that point he would at least let me suck him off, if for no other reason than relief. After about the sixth slap the stinging was too much and I jumped up and started rubbing ass, and trying to catch my breath, said thank you, in case he was getting afraid of what I might do next. I slowly got to my knees with my face right up to his cock and ask if I could touch it. "Hai,' he nodded quietly. I smeared his precum over his cock head with a finger and felt his shaved balls - a nice touch, that until then I hadn't thought of. "This is a secret, right?, I asked. "Hai," he nodded again. "Can I kiss it?" He smiled and gave me an exaggerated yes. "Have you done this before." No, he said, a little insulted by the question. "Sensei, wa?" - And you teacher? "Never." I took a big nervous breath and told him it might not be great as it is my first time, so be patient. He then looked unsure and I knew what he was trying to ask, and I told him it was okay to come in my mouth.
I knew that he would come soon, so I hoped he would be okay with it afterwards so that I could really get into it and do to him what I like women to do to me- lick under the balls, grab his butt, and maybe finger fuck his ass.
I placed his hands on top of my head and held on to his ass with mine, and opened and got my first mouthful of cock. It was electric. Everything was a turn on. The idea of it, the taste, the feeling in my mouth, holding his ass and pushing it forward. It was like second nature. While I lightly pumped him toward me and my head bobbing, we hit a nice rhythm. I was moaning over his slick dick and really loved applying pressure with my lips. After about 30 seconds his legs buckled slightly and before my mind could put two and two together I felt his load hit the back of my mouth. After the second shot I swallowed, and the third. When he finished I looked up a quietly said thank you. He looked shell shocked. Before any guilt set in on his part I took him to the shower to wash him off. I untied his boots, and removed our T-shirts. In the Japanese-style shower room, I sat on the stool with him in front of me. I used the hand-held shower to blast my hard-on with cold water, and then proceeded to wash him off with a washcloth and warm water. No soap. I didn't want to taste it later. I dried us off and we both collapsed on the couch to beer and cigarettes. I slouched down to the floor submissively, and rubbing his leg told him I would be his bitch and do anything he wanted, whenever he wanted. The only stipulation was that it had to be at his place or a hotel as I didn't want any of my neighbors, students, girl friends or friends to find out. I knew that even if we ran into someone, I would become a nervous wreck, and that in itself would give me away. He made a phone call, and after that we went out to dinner and over to his place.
On the way to his apartment from the station. I told him I had never been fucked in the ass before so to please go slow, but even if I want to stop don't, save for a safety word, which I don't even remember now. The safety word came up because he wanted to play rape, acting like we hadn't done what we did at my place. Good! I was afraid he would be quilted out of wanting more, at first, now he was even taking control!
His apartment was relatively big for Japan. It had a decent sized living room, which was separated, from the bedroom by two large sliding doors. He told me the bedroom was a mess and made me promise to not look. They doors were both mirrored. He said the mirrors were on the bedroom side but he switched them because they gave more light to the living room and made it look bigger.
On his cue we started acting out what we had done back at my place, until we got to the spanking part. This time the first slap was hard and when I yelled, he told me to be quiet and let me have five more. Again I was trying to catch my breath, but he held me down with his hand and told me not to move. A second later I felt cool gel on my red ass as he balmed my booty with it. We were both watching in the mirrors and could see each other’s rock hard cocks. We were both nude save for his wearing his big old hiking boots, which I told him I wanted him to keep on - I had forgotten that once we got to his place and was happy he remembered. It was a kink. This doe-like figure with these clunky boots on and that sweet long honey colored love stick. What can I say.
The gel felt great on my ass, and I was sighing at the relief. He then started rubbing it into my crack, and when lubed up enough stuck a finger in my asshole. I acted surprised and started to stand to protest with mock indignation. He cracked my ass again - It was seriously stinging! – and told me to be quiet. He slid his finger in and out of my ass. I whimpered and kept sheepishly trying to get him to stop. He grabbed my hair and led me over to the floor right next to the mirrored doors. He had me lay over an ottoman, then he kneeled on a pillow behind me and guided his cock in me slowly. Again, it was electric. I could feel him brace himself on my back and watch in the mirror while he slowly eased into me. When he got half way in I started moaning in mock pain - it felt awesome actually, I felt tense, for lack of a better word, with excitement. I was quietly insisting he stop. He ignored me. "Please Ichi. Please stop. It's too big, Ow, ooh. Oh god it hurts. OW" My dick was oozing and I was hoping he wouldn't touch it because I'd come in a flash. When he got in all the way and really went to town I couldn't take my eyes off the mirror. For about 10 seconds the only sound was my "ah!" with every thrust. He then stopped. "Sensei. you want me to stop," he teased. "Okay," and he started to ease out slowly for dramatic affect. I frantically reached around my back trying to grab him. "No, no Ichi, please! Fuck me, oh fuck me. I love your cock in me. Bang me. Bang my ass! I'm your bitch, anything, anything!" He went back to banging and I went back to "ah"-ing. When he came in my ass I felt the warmth and watch him going spastic in the face. He laid back on the floor trying to catch his breath, and told me to get the shower ready.
Again, the cold water on my hard-on to melt it. It hurt like hell. Suddenly I felt like shit. I had blue balls, had to wash him off - this time completely with a shampoo to boot. I then felt the cum running down ass cheeks. I asked him to get the empty disposable enema bottle out of my backpack. I filled it with water and douched a couple of times with it. Out of the shower and on the toilet seat - different room, Japan style. After emptying my bowels and getting back in the shower I felt like a new man. While drying off, I was getting hard again. I was hoping Ich could get it up again as I really wanted to give him head and all the extras. He then tapped on the door and told me he had a surprise.
When I came in the room butt naked. Ichi was sitting on the couch with nothing on but black nylons and high heels, eyes made up and lip stick on. He stood up, turned around, "you like, Sensei?" "Oh, yea!" He looked at himself in the mirror, picked up a video camera and started filming. I started to freak, but he said it was for me, only. He then said, "doozo!" - come on out - towards the mirror. Frozen with my mouth wide open two Japanese school girls came out in penny loafers, baggy white knee socks, pleated blue skirts and white blouses. Both had a little makeup on, and short hair, spiked with a bit of gel. For a split second I thought it was perfect I finally get to come, and with two schoolgirls!
Didn't even finish the thought when both girls lifted their skirts to reveal their little white cotton panties and the hard cocks sticking out of the waistbands. Lust had blinded me, I saw that they were clearly guys, that their faces weren't that sweet.
Ich told me to get on my knees and remove their skirts. He told me to pull their panties down around their ankles. They both had smaller peckers than Ichi's, but like his they had a beautiful shape with that spade shaped head. "Ni," had the same light tan skin that Ichi did, while "San," had a darker tan and a cock to match, almost like a light copper color. I bunched them both to me with a hand on either of their asses, mouthing one cock then the other, licking their shaved balls. Ichi told me to stop and to lay on my back. Ni and San had watched our little play from the bedroom (from the other side, the mirrors were windows) and now wanted a piece of me.
On my back Ni straddled my face, his dick in my eyes and then stuck it in, and on all fours started to fuck my mouth, letting out all kind of noises. I had an iron grip on his ass and kept trying to cop a peek in the mirror. He then tensed and shot his load down my throat. I kept pushing his butt to milk his pecker until he pushed me away. San followed suit. It was such a turn on lying there looking up at this guy with his outfit on, with his cock and tight hairless bag coming toward me, the panties around his ankles, and the reflection in the mirror giving it another angle. There was a pool of jiz in my navel as I raised my head up anxiously as he braced him self on the floor and stuck his copper headed hard-on in my mouth and proceeded to fuck my mouth. He didn't make a sound and was clearly very nervous, and just tensed when he blew his load down my throat. He rolled gasping for air, with Ichi filming the whole thing.
I was now wondering when and how I was going to come. Blue balls were starting to worry me. As if on cue, Ni and San raised my legs over my head. San then sat on my chest with my legs under his arms and his limp dick in my face, and held my legs up. Ni took the camera as Ich greased me up. He laid against me and his dick back up for a third go, slipped it in my ass and pumped away. My cock was rubbing against San's back and I thought that might make me come as Ich pounded me. My god it felt intense. He was grunting and I was quietly wailing in some high-pitched moan. He came. Wiped his dick off with the white panties on the floor while San climbed off me, and then threw the panties in my face and grinned.
He motioned toward me and told Ni, "doozo," - go ahead. Ich back with the camera and got down to shoot my cock up close. Ni then straddled my face but with his ass, and not his cock in my face, then on all fours his balls were in my eyes. I started l licking and then sucking his shaved balls and then went to town on the area between his balls and his ass - my favorite when women are giving me head. Ni went off with this goofy sounding moaning and then backed around over my face and pushed his hard again prick in my mouth. I managed to lube my finger with the cum he was drooling in my mouth and spit. I then reached under his ass, lubed up his asshole and started finger fucking him. He loved it, slamming in my mouth and then backing into my finger. After a bit of this he turned around again, stuck his dick in from behind my head and then braced himself and the floor on either side of my waist and lowered his mouth on my cock. No fuss, no muss, he just started bobbing away. After a couple of seconds, I rolled him over so we were on our sides. I grabbed his ass while I bobbed on his cock and fucked his mouth. He was receptive, and his mouth was warm, wet and tight. He tensed and moaned over my cock, pausing while he came. After he did I swung around and stuck my cock in his mouth, grabbed his head and watched while this cute guy in make up and a blouse took it while I fucked his mouth. I came, big time, seconds later, with a days worth of spunk built up over hours of foreplay. He gagged at first, but really didn't miss a beat as I blew my load down his throat.
We cleaned up, smoked cigarettes, drank beer, and when I left, I had the video as a keepsake.
When I woke up the next morning, my ass was a bit on the sore side, but I couldn't wait to plop myself in the easy chair watch my little video and beat off. Ichi's two friends, who were married, never came out to play again. Ichi would call me once or twice a month over the next 9 months I was still in Tokyo. He never sucked me off, or let me fuck him, and I never pushed it. When he was done with me, I would jack off and go home. After a few months he would have a young Japanese housewife join us who got turned on watching me get it from Ichi, so that I would have at her when he was done with me. A nice arrangement.


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Not really bad but all over very fast.

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If you rinse the soap off, you can't taste it.


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Not bad at all! a little rushed in the telling but fun.


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she is a sexy and taxi

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