watch as a crippled teacher rapes this child
*name was changed

"Alley," called Mr. Cannie*, scratching his balls. "Work with Sara this project. You two are the only two left." He brought his hand over his nose, secretly sniffing it.
Ally turned around at Sara, a little worried. Even though she liked the mystery in her, she was still a little compelled. She looked back at Mr. Cannie, considering asking to do it on her own, but decided to leave it since he was staring at the naked man pictures on his wall, smiling & nodding in enjoyment.
She rested her head back down on her desk as Cannie continued his lesson about nothing, thinking of how she could pass by Sara without making a fool of herself & leaving a good impression A-OK. She knew the group Sara hung out with: Drugged up Punks. She knew to avoid this group, yet, she was still attracted to it. It was like she wanted to belong, maybe they'd understand her "secret", but didn't think she'd fit in. After all, they must have heard it all to be so fucked up to feel the need to be intoxicated everyday.
"Hey..hey!" Ally heard, waking up from her daydream. "Hey, take this." She took the note from Sara, wondering what it could be about. Even though she was just edging to read it, she didn't want to get in trouble by Mr. Cannie.., but when she noticed him at this point caressing between his legs she decided to give it a go.
"Fuckin Cannie always setting up the deviants with the good kids. Let's hurry up & get this done. You should come...."
"Ally!" Cannie screamed. "See me after class!" Ally was terrified. She hardly ever gotten in trouble & she hates it when she does. "& put that note away."
The last bell rang, not only ending class but school itself.
"Meet me at my locker," Sara whipstered, as she slid out the door. Ally could only half smile in her embarresment.

"I sure hope that note was project-related, Ally."
"Well, yeah," she said.
"I wouldn't want one of my favorite students to be going bad... i was hoping you might be able to set Sara straight, not have you go to the hell they created." Cannie began to lecture.
'what is he talking about?' she thought, starting to go teary-eyed. She was very sensitive, after all.
"Come here." Mr. Cannie held on to Ally's arm as she tried to wipe her tears away. he sat her on his lap & whispered in her ear, "I wouldn't want one o fmy favorite students going to the girls."
'What? did he know something i haven't told anyone before?? impossible..there's no way!' she started to get nervous, she didn't want anyone to know.

Just then, she felt a small bump go up where she was sitting. She didn't quite know right away what was happenening, since she hadn't had much experience, but when she noticed his grip tighten, she started to freak out & cry more.
"Cannie," she murmered with her voice cracking..
"Shh..." was all he said, bringing his left hand up her shirt, & half carressing & half groping her breasts. She tried to strangle & get out, but his grip was too strong, & so she cried more & no words could come out. When he realized he couldn't get much more pleasure out of it, he brought her to the group & started kissing her. She refused to kiss back, in fact, she could hardly move she was in such shock. But that sure didn't stop him.
"Go with this, & you'll be just fine," he told her, breathing heavily. "Think of it as 'extra credit'." He lifted her shirt up to her neck, exposing her chest. & after glancing up a bit more at his posters, he got a little more hard & unbuckled his pants & slid it to his knees, heading up for her mouth. He went in hard & deep, not showing any remorse. & when she began to gag, he only took pleasure in it & went in more, till she was near choking. By now, she was bawling & her eyes were red & bloodshot, & the only noise you could hear was her gagging, & his moaning, though he tried to stay quiet. He knew any minute someone could walk by & notice, so he tried to hurry to finish. He grabbed a book from his desk & put it on her face, so if she did happen to start screaming no one would hear.
& that's when he went final, & shoved his crippled cock into her so hard she bled from the start. & she lay there helpless, trying to not think of it being pleasureable, but it was hard. She was starting to give up & even though she was still terrified, her tears began to go away, & for his final move, he grabbed her waist, flipped her over & started pounding it in her ass. This, of course, hurt, despite how small Cannie was. & it wasn't too long into that when he finished, pulled up his pants, & walked out of his door with his stuff, satisfied.
"I'll see you tomorrow," he told her, closing the door & walking away.

Ally was still lying on the ground, nothing fixed. She was still terrified..., too scared to move, but she knew she had to.
"Shit...Sara..." she whispered to no one, pulling her shirt back down & pants up off the floor. She tried to make herself look natural as she left & went upstares to Sara's locker.
'God..thank god she's still here' she thought.

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