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Third part of this series
I hold you tight. Our kiss so hot and urgent. Your hands quickly inside my trunks and mine pushing at your bottom the same time.

Still kissing you, I undo your top and remove it. Now you bottom completely off. Pausing my kiss to look down at your body. Oh that wonderful small body.

You push at my tee shirt so I take it off. Your lips kissing my chest, sucking on my nipple. Your hand pumping me in my trunks. Time to get them off too.

Down they go, I step out of them as you slowly go down to your knees. Taking my knob into your hot mouth. Sucking it hard.

I brace myself as you take it out of your mouth, hold up the shaft and lick each of my balls. Tasting me, sucking one then the other inside your mouth.

Now back to my dick, looking up to see my face and your effect. My dick throbbing in your mouth, loving the feeling and knowing I am going to give you this whole load. Hoping you take it and it does not spoil this for us.

'Oh baby girl, oh yes Keri'. 'Just hold me with your lips and tongue and let Daddy fuck your wonderful mouth baby'. 'Mmmmm, God yes baby, yes'.

Fucking your mouth. Being careful not to make you gag. I want you to love this, want to do this every time we make love. You are so good. My fingers on your cheek, in your long brown hair. Holding your lovely brown shoulders. Your strong sensual arms. Your hand holding me, squeezing me as I go in and out of your mouth. Jesus, you are beautiful!

'Now carefully baby girl, slowly swallow, easy does it darling'. You do and it feels incredible. The muscles of your throat squeezing me almost as good as your pussy.

I let you lick me and suck me till I am close to spewing your mouth full so I pull you up, lead you to the sofa, I lay down and pull your mouth to mine for some more hot sweet kisses. Our tongues loving each other.

Now up, up to straddle my face. Your pussy exquisite in how tiny and sweet it is. Little beads of your juices on its deletable lips.

'That's it baby girl, spread for Daddy'. 'Oh baby girl, your pussy is so beautiful'!

I begin slowly, on the skin where your pale thighs end and your pussy rises. Loving first the left side of you. Sucking the skin, licking it and teasing it with my tongue. Moving my lips to just barely touch your wet pussy lips, Blowing on you. Feeling you press down, wanting my tongue inside you.

I love the right side now. Your skin, exquisite, your smell, musky, the smell of a woman in need of a dick. The taste and smell of a woman ready to be bred. The vision of you laying under me. Spread as far apart as possible and my big hard dick ramming into you deep, coming out wet and ramming back in. God, I can come just from eating you!

I cannot keep my mouth off you any longer. I move to your lips and suck them into my mouth, loving them hard with my tongue while you wither and push against my face, you scream at times it feels so good. You are not swollen a bit so I give you big long licks, lapping up each drop of juice your pussy makes an it is sopping. You are delicious. Moving my tongue up to unhood your clit, teasing it, blowing on it to make you tremble, I feel you on the edge of cumming. I know you want my dick because you have reached back and pump it as best you can. Still I want this orgasm, this sweet cumming on my mouth and with my tongue fucking you hard.

I begin to plunge my tongue into your pussy, Running it down from your clit to dive as deep into your pussy as I can get. My one finger teasing your butt hole and the other inside you just enough to drive you wild.

Gasping, 'Oh Daddy, oh Daddy', you begin to cum. Cumming hard like you do. Cumming wonderfully all over my face and mouth. Lapping and licking to keep you going, fucking your tight little pussy with only one finger. Loving how you use it. God, what a wonderful creature you are!

Licking you till you just slump, sliding down so I can hold you, kiss you softly. Telling you how much I love you. Stroking your back and your hair. Never loving anything, anyone like I love you. The precious gift you are to me.

My throbbing dick rubbing against your inner thigh as I cannot stop it wanting you, trying to bury itself deep in you. Your little hand moving down to hold it, pump it slowly. Keeping it on just the edge of spurting cum all over us.

You kisses so sweet. You learning naturally how to kiss. Little sipping kisses, tender, so tender. Your eyes on mine. You arm around my neck.

'Time for me baby girl', kissing your eyes then your lips again.

You smile, kiss me back, your hand pumping me faster. You lay there rubbing your pussy on my leg, pumping my dick, teasing me. You know I want you to take me with your mouth. My dick is begging you to let inside you. Your pussy, your mouth, your bottom. Anywhere as long as your flesh is around it, loving it when it cums.

Another kiss and you slide off me and to the floor. Kneeling there you play with me. Holding me this way, kissing the underside of my shaft, then that way, sucking my knob. 'Let me fuck your mouth again Keri'. 'Yes baby like that'. 'When I come you don't have to swallow my cum baby but keep sucking me till its all out'. 'OK baby'? You look at me, teasing my tip with your tongue, 'Yes Daddy, I want it all'.

You get to me in earnest, stroking me with your mouth, taking almost all of me, swallowing to make your throat squeeze me. I can feel it coming up. Ready to explode. I begin to move, fucking your mouth and tongue.

'Ah ah, Oh sweet girl'! The first big wad spurts into your mouth, filling it instantly with my zizz. Jerking back in surprise, my next spurt hits you on your nose. You quickly take me back into your mouth to take the next hard spurt on your tongue. You open your lips to let it flow out around my shaft as you keep sucking and I keep spurting cum for what seems forever.

I finally ebb and my cum just oozes out onto your tongue. You give me one last hard suck and then spit my cum onto my belly slowly.

There is cum all over your mouth and chin. You look at me with those smokey eyes. Smiling at me. Loving having me all over you, cum running down on your neck.

I pull you up and kiss you hard. I will not clean out your pussy but if you take my cum in your mouth I will at least reward you with my kiss. I don't care for the taste at all but I love you and I love your mouth and will taste anything if it is on you.

Laying there, feeling your heart beat against mine. Loving you, God, desiring you still. I use my swim trunks to wipe away my cum from your face but leave the sticky stream of cum on your neck.

You lay your head on my chest. Your fingers entwining in the hair there, 'Am I doing it right Daddy'?

'Yes darling, you are perfect', my hand moving down to cup your small round bottom. That too will know my dick one day but no hurry. I want all of your pussy I can get before Linda comes home.

How will we work it then? She works all hours so there should be plenty of time for us. Time for Sheela and the redhead Lucy too.

Hmmm. Should I let them have you? Would you enjoy watching me fuck them while they lick and suck you?

'Keri, did you like what Sheela did to you'. 'Time for a bath now baby girl'. 'I have something special for us'.


2007-05-15 15:21:41
very sweet- well done, without any violence. men with very young loving daughters don't need to use force. what a priviledge it is, and a fathers right, just between them.little girls want to please their daddy.rock on - continue the story.


2006-10-05 23:15:15
Oh great! Anohther anonymous critic. What do you write and how good is it?


2006-09-22 11:19:04
very difficult to follow. use better sentence structure and try again.


2006-09-20 17:09:57
Well done. Loved the present tense but could use a
persepctive relative to age and interests.


2006-09-19 22:59:48
Ok. You do not like this segment. Too bad. My incredible Thai girlfriend that gets this straight from does like it. Mmmmm. You would not believe how delicious she is.

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