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I just couldn't say NO!
Three weeks later I was at the gym and saw Jen. We made eye contact and she smiled. I was on the leg press machine and I could not get out of my mind what had happened. I could still imagine the smells, the tastes.

As I walked out to my car I heard Jen say my name. She asked me if I was going to ignore her, and not talk to her. I said of course I would still talk to her. She laughed and said, “I just knew I had freaked you out, I wondered if I would ever see her again.” I laughed and said it was a wild night, and something I would have never imagined happening. She laughed again and said, “Happening, as in happening again, or, in the first place?”

To be honest, I did not know how to answer her.

Jen then said, “You want a date Friday Night?”

I said, “I have no idea, I am still processing what happened 3 weeks ago.”

Jen then gave me a piece of paper with her number and said, “I know you are curious, I now you will want more as good as you are.”

I said, “good at what?”

She laughed and leaned in close to me and whispered, “Very few people have ever gotten me off like that, you should be proud of how good you give head.”

My heart skipped a beat, and I said, “Thanks, I guess. I, well, I am not gay.”

She laughed and said, “You don’t need to be gay to have fun with me.”

I then said I might call her, but this is all very strange.

That night when I was jerking off to porn all I thought about was her dick. I even surfed porn for shemales. I knew I was screwed, I knew I was going to call her. I also knew I was going to be moving from LA to Denver, and I wouldn’t see her after May.

I ended up calling her and we met at a bar. We had more then a few drinks, and then she asked if I wanted to walk down and se what movies were showing.

We ended up seeing a movie, and it was strange, I bet every guy there thought I was with a really hot gal, but I am sure none of them knew she had a dick.

We ended up at her apartment, and she asked if I wanted another drink. I said no, and that I was so nervous that my side was hurting.

Jen offered to rub my shoulders to see if that would help me to relax.

I said sure, but wanted to also talk to her.

As she rubbed my shoulders, which felt really good, I shared with her that I was attracted to her, but wanted to draw a line with how far I wanted to go.

Jen said, she would never ask me, or want me, to do anything I was not wanting top do.

I said, “I am 100% sure I don’t want to mess with anything and my butt, anal, was off limits.

Jen kind of chuckled and said, “I don’t need that, and if you don’t want to, that’s fine.”

I then thought, “What the hell, I never thought of fucking her ass.”

Jen then said she needed to use the bathroom. As she left, I moved to the couch. I was shaking from being nervous.

About 5 minutes past and Jen came back in the room wearing a corset and panties. My heart jumped as I knew she wanted to make out. I was so weird, I know she is really a guy, but she had zero facial hair, not even stubble.

As I sat on the couch she walked up to me and got down on her knees. She said, “I just love sucking dick, and your dick is so perfect, let me suck on it.” She then had a devilish smile and started pulling my pants down.

When she pulled my boxers down, my dick popped out like a spring, I was so hard. I thought, “Why the fuck am I so hard for a gal with a dick?”

Jen wasted no time, she gave me a deep kiss, and then started pumping and sucking my dick. It was crazy how well she could deep throat me.

Jen would suck, then lick my head, then go back to deep throating me. I didn’t last 5 minutes until I felt my cum building up in me.

I whispered to Jen, “Hey, I am going to cum soon, I am getting really close.”

About 5 seconds later, I could not hold back any longer, and I felt myself cumming so hard into her throat.

She made a few noises while swallowing my cum.

Jen then rose up and laid her head on my dick. She said, “I just love when a man shots a lot of cum.”

Jen then slid up and gave me a kiss. Jen said, “I am so horny, but, if you want to stop that’s ok.”

I said, “You know I am curious, you know I want to make you happy.”

With that, with me still sitting on the couch, Jen stood up, her tits sticking out of her corset, and reached down and pulled her panties aside, and out sprung her very hard 9 inch dick.

I am not sure what happened to me, but I reached out and started stroking it. Jen let out a quite groan and her dick got even harder.

Jen then stepped closer to me, with her dick now in my face. I leaned forward and gave her swollen head a kiss. I then opened my mouth and gave her dick head a kind of French kiss. I put my lips on the big head, and then pushed my tongue into her hole a little. I could taste a bitter salty taste and knew it was pre-cum.

I then took her entire head into my mouth and tried to close my lips as to seal them on her shaft. Her dick head was so swollen it would just fit in my mouth.

Jen then started thrusting a little, think to see how I would react.

I just held still, and she started to fuck my mouth. I was again surprised at how her dick head would throb and pulse.

As she pumped her dick in and out of my lips, I could feel her shaft getting really hard.

Jen then said, “Fuck, your mouth feels so good, I could do this all night.”

I then reach up while she fucked my mouth and grabbed her boobs, and squeezed her nipples.

Jen’s dick swelled up a bunch, and she started trying to deep throat me. I was trying to let as much of her dick in my mouth as I could, but her head was just to big to go down my throat.

Then I heard, “I feel it, yes baby, I feel it.”

Jen then started pumping really fast, her dick was so big I was not able to breath well.

Jen then pulled her dick out so only just the head was in my mouth, she took her hand a pumped her shaft and said, “Fuck yes.”

I then felt her dick head pulse, and I then felt heavy fast squirts of her cum shooting out of her dick head into my mouth, then her dick head swell really tight and 3-5 forceful bigger squirts entering my mouth. She shot at least 6-8 squirts of her sperm into my mouth.

I then started to swallow as I heard her say, “fuck yeah baby, that feels so good, suck on my dick.”

About 30 seconds later I guess she pulled her dick head from my mouth.

I had done it again, and I was now having to admit, I liked it.

We fell asleep on the couch.

About 4am I was awoken to the couch moving. I looked down and Jen was jerking off.

I asked, “Hey, you still that horny?”

Jen laughed and said, “Hell yes, you made me that way.”

I then slide down, to her dick in my hand, and started pumping. I was so amazed at how hard and big her dick was.

I must have pumped her big dick for about 5-10 minutes when I felt it getting really hard. I the heard her gasp, and then cum started shooting out everywhere. I thought, “How in the hell does someone have that much cum to squirt out.

At 5 am I headed home.


2018-02-14 01:53:12
just goes to show you a straight guy can have fun sucking a shemales cock, its so different phsycologically


2018-02-13 05:14:28
This was very short with little preamble. The egregious typos and misspellings distracted from the overall story.

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