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This is part 2 of A unusual situation - Debbie
This is part 2 of A unusual situation - Debbie's friends.
Ann and Debbie had been living with me for a couple of months now with Debbie basically running the great sex life (see part 1 ) I now enjoyed. Her mom still didn't realize the pictures didn't exist so when Debbie told her to move she moved. As you learned Debbie wanted a sleep over for some "friends" of her's this weekend. Keep in mind Debbie is only 11 she will turn 12 in June 3 months away. I bought 2 sets of bunk beds for Debbie's room and moved the full size bed into the guest room which had formally been the den. Of course Debbie provided a list of what she wanted for the sleep over. On Thursday night Ann asked me if I knew what Debbie was really planing for the weekend. HELL NO! she wouldn't even tell me anything except that there would be 4 friends coming Friday night after school. "Did she say who they are" Ann asked but already knew her daughter was keeping the weekend a big secret from both of us.After I told her that I had no idea she dropped the subject and so did I.
Friday seemed to drag for me. I was building a new addition on a house for a customer and it seemed that his wife wanted something changed to the design every day. Friday was no exception. She had decided she wanted a bay window looking out on the garden and patio. I had to take down a complete wall I had just framed up the day before. I called Ann and told her I wouldn't be home until about 7:00 because of the changes. She reminded me that Debbie and her friends would be arriving about 3:00 or so and I needed to try my best to get home before to late. At about 1:00 the owner came home and we talked for a few minutes about the changes his wife was making and the additional cost involved. He told me to stop and come in the house so "we" could explain the cost to his wife. "Damn another delay" I thought to myself and me needing to get done ASAP. When we entered the living room he called Fran in there and asked me to go over the numbers, changes made, and the cost of each. I explained that Fran had made 6 changes and Bob had made 1 change. The average cost for each change had increased the bottom line by about $400.00 of course some cost less and some more but all together they added up to a little more then $2800.00 increased cost for the addition. Fran looked at the picture of their daughter setting on the end stand and simply said Jennie had suggested most of her changes like the added bay windows. Bob sighed and said oh that reminds me she is spending the weekend at your house with Debbie and some other girls. I immediately got a boner looking at the girl's picture and knowing she would be at my house all weekend. Like Debbie she looked to be about 15-16 years old and hot as hell. We talked for a few minutes more and then Bob suggested I knock off for the weekend and get home before the girls tore my house to shreds.
Dave and I packed the truck and left for home. I had to drop Dave off but still got home just as Debbie and the other girls arrived. I made my excuses and went to shower and shave. I no sooner got into the shower when Debbie walked into the bathroom and said point blank " I sure hope you can keep it up like that all weekend, so don't waste it beating off in the shower" She then walked out before I could say a word. I stood there thinking to myself and wondering what she had up her sleave and how she was going to get her friends to agree to fuck a 55 year old man. I'm not sure how long I had been standing there but was brought out of my trance by Ann yelling for me to hurry up and get downstairs there was something I had to see for myself. "Shit" I still hadn't really showered so I grabbed the soap and quickly scrubbed off. Then toweled off and put on my shorts and tee and headed for the livingroom.
I walked into the living room I was greeted by Debbie who was acting like a kid in a candy shop. This is Tina, Judy, and Joan she introduced then added to them this is my new dad I was telling you about. I interrupted and asked wasn't there suppose to be another girl spending the weekend? Yea Dad but she won't be here until later she had to go home first. "Dad" She had never called me that before Ann and I weren't married and had only talked about it once. I said Debbie can I talk to you for a minute "alone". "Sure Dad we need to". We walked out to the patio and I asked why she was calling me Dad all of a sudden and I also wanted to know what she was planning. I am going to call you Dad from now on if that's ok with you because I love you. She was acting like a little girl not like the controlling bitch I knew she could be. As to what I have planned or I should say we because all the girls know what will happen this weekend and are looking forward to it. So relax and enjoy having all these young asses around for the weekend. You will learn the "Plan as it happens" going back to her bitch attitude.
Of course I ordered pizza for supper and Ann gave me a funny look every time her eyes meet mine. "What the hell did she know about this weekend that she wasn't saying?" The pizza arrived and they all sat around the pool and ate pizza. I was told not to eat any pizza and I would be fed later. I agreed reluctantly. As the girls finished the pizza they each went to the house to change into swim suits. When the last girl left I asked Ann what she knew that I didn't. Don't worry honey you will enjoy the weekend I promise and besides us girls have to keep some things secret until later, I'm going to change. With that she got up and went to get her swim suit also. Hell I was confused as to why Ann was being so secret herself when only a few days earlier we had agreed that if we learned anything we would share it.
The girls all went swimming and I jumped in also. We played volley ball in the pool and several other games. About 7:00 another 2 girls showed up. I knew one was Fran from seeing her picture but had no idea who the other one was. Debbie saw them and waved and instructed theme to go change and come back out to the pool. Then she said ok everyone out of the pool. All the girls climbed out of the pool and rushed into the house. Ann said wait here for us hon we will call you when we are ready. A short time later Debbie stuck her head out the door and informed me the fashion show was ready to be judged so come in and judge who has the best outfit on. I stood up and started toward the house and she said set on the couch and be ready to judge them. I went into the house and sat on the couch. I didn't see or hear any of them.
Then Ann said get ready for the V.W.O.M.Club. she spelled the letters which I would learn the meaning of later that weekend. Then She said first we have Dee modeling her new sleep wear. As Dee walked into the room I saw this young girl wearing a pair of transparent pink lace undies and matching waist shirt that did nothing to hide her developing chest. I was staring at her when I heard Ann say next we have Tina modeling her selection for your enjoyment. Tina walked in wearing a robe which she opened to reveal a velvet top and thong panties that didn't quite cover her. She dropped the robe and walked and turned so I could see the back. I didn't even see who picked up the robe but did hear Now for your pleasure we have Judy with something special. Judy wore a top which was more like a strapless halter top that just covered her nipples. and the bottoms were no more then a v shaped patch and exposed most of what she had. Damn was I hard an uncomfortable setting watching these young beauties strut their stuff. Then it was Joan who wore a outfit similar to Dee's But made of what looked like pure lace revealing her young breast and pussy through the see through material. Debbie walked out with a pair of crotchless underwear and a flimsy top. She spun around and I could see the back was also crotchless. She gave me a wink and smile then joined the other girls. Then Ann came out in an outfit which matched Debbie's perfectly. I thought to myself that in a few years they would be able to pass as sisters rather then mother and daughter. Then There was a drum roll made by Debbie on the end table and Fran came into the room. She was wrapped in a lettered towel which read THIS IS HOW I SLEEP. She very slowly let the towel slide off until she dropped it to the floor. She then turned as I stared at her naked body. I felt like I was harder then I had ever been in my life. All I could do was stare at these young girls who were all about the same height and weight with none of them more then 110 pounds. They were all about 5' 6" and the only difference was that Fran had very large tits for her size and Dee was flat chested except tiny bumps. As I was comparing the girls as to size and age Debbie said OK Dad which of us wins the fashion model show? I stammer "give me a minute to decide" and try to think which was best besides nothing, I didn't think Fran qualified for fashion. "Come on Dad decide already." Oh Ok I pick Dee. The girls all circled Dee and gave her hugs and were wispering to each other. debbie turned toward me and say "Dad are you hungry? These all all edible undies and it's your job to eat Dee's off her." What? Oh now? was all I could say.
Dee walked over to me and said hope you like watermelon because that's what mine are. I had to ask her how old she was and when I did Debbie yelled "SHUT UP AND EAT DAD!" "YOU WILL GET TO KNOW ALL OF THEM VERY WELL BUT NOT NOW!" I knew what to do I reached out and took a bite of Dee's top which brought a squeal from her lips. As soon as she squealed I realized these were very young girls and I could end up in jail forever. My boner went south in a hurry. "NO NO WAY DEBBIE ARE YOU NUTS?" Debbie just smiled and said Dad look at this then we can get on with this. She handed me a envelope and laughed. I opened it and saw pictures of me fucking Debbie and Ann. Then Debbie in a normal tone said "Do you have a choice?" " You know what I mean don't you?" I had no choice but to do what this little bitch said because I knew she would make sure the pictures would be seen and I would spend my life behind bars.
Dee was still standing in front of me with half her top eaten. I went back to finishing the top then started in on the bottoms. When I had finished the bottoms Debbie said to lick her tits and her pussy. I licked and sucked the flat chested little girl and couldn't help it but my dick started rising again. When I started licking her pussy my cock was rock hard and all I could think of was I wanted to fuck this tiny girl. Debbie told me to take my shorts off. I was busy eating this young pussy and most have taken to long to suit Debbie. "TAKE YOUR FUCKING CLOTHES OFF NOW DAD" I snapped to attention and stripped. Then Dee laid down on the couch and after Debbie asked her if she was ready and getting a yes told me to Fuck her. I lay down on top of her then propped myself up and grabbed my cock and guided it toward Dee's virgin opening. As my cock head started to enter her I almost came right then. She was wet as hell from being eaten but she was super tight. I eased into her a couple inches then I met her hymen. I withdrew a little and then slowly back in. I Thought I would take my time enjoying the feel of virgin pussy wrapping around my 9" cock. On the third time in Dee said do it take my cherry. I lunged into her and felt he hymen give way. She tensed up for a minute and I stopped to allow her to adjust to me. Then she said I'm ok so I started fucking her slow then faster. After a few minutes of this virgin I was going to cum. I tried to pull out but Ann put her hands on my ass and shoved me into Dee as hard as she could. I unloaded in Dee's newly fucked hole and it seemed like my cumin would never end. Ann Held me in place while Dee received jet after jet of my seed.
When Ann figured I was done she released me and I rolled onto the floor totally exhausted. Then Debbie said Dad the weekend is just starting better pace yourself better. I watched Dee get off the couch as my sperm dripped from her open hole. I saw her reach down get some on her fingers and lick it off. Taste good she said to the others. They each reached over and stuck their fingers in to her to get a taste. Then Debbie told Joan to make me hard again. Joan lowered herself to the floor beside me and started rubbing my flaccid cock. I started to get hard but only about half way hard. Dee who I hadn't noticed lowered her head to my cock and started to lick her tongue along the shaft. Then she took it in her mouth and moaned. I hardened up fast from this young mouth and then she just got up wiped her mouth and walked over to a chair and sat down. Then Debbie asked me whose undies I wanted to eat next. I thought for a second and said Tina. Like a fool I thought her's looked like velvet there wouldn't be ones to eat. Big Mistake Tina rushed to me and offered herself to me by helping me to get back on the couch and then pushed me to where I was leaning against the couch back. She straddled me and shoved her chest to my mouth. I ate her top and licked her tits which I could easily take all of into my mouth. Then she slid forward until her panties were lined up with my mouth. her panties were sticking to her from her wetness soaking them.I had to suck them off her pussy which made her squirm on my face. As soon as I finished her panties and eating her she slid down and maneuvered my cock til it was at her virgin hole. I raised up sliding my cock into her. I had planned on taking it slow but as soon as I started to raise up she pushed back as hard as she could impaling herself on my cock. She screamed OH SHIT! and didn't move for a couple minutes. I saw tears running down her cheek and reached up and wiped it away. She smiled and kissed me on the lips. Then she slowly started to ride me rocking back and forth. After then she started moving up and down on me. I saw her face contort and knew she had climaxed. She kept going and when I stiffened once again Ann was there she pushed Tina down on me hard and told her to grind her hips. She did and I came hard. It seemed even harder then I did in Dee. Tina climbed off and the girls gathered around her and rubbing and fingering her, each tasting our combined juices.
Debbie ask whose next? Damn! I need a break was my answer. Ok we can wait until we see you getting hard again then you have to pick who is next. I lay there thinking about who I should choose to be next. All I knew was I wanted one girl to be the last one so it would last a good long time with her. All the girls had moved to the corner of the room and were talking so low I couldn't make out what was being said. I did hear something about getting pregnant but Debbie scolded them and said KEEP IT DOWN WILL YOU? What were they talking about and why was Ann helping them? I think that's when I drifted off to sleep.

Stayed tuned for part 3. The V.W.O.M CLUB


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ure stories r soo hot!!! guaranteed nuuuttt every time i read one of ures. if this story was read 8352 times, i wonder why there were no comments. do you delete them or something?

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