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True story
This is my first true secret sex storie with my little made servant . But it is not all of my secret sex . My secret sex store is full of sex Adventure. I am promises to you i will tell this time to time. Now my stories is starting. My name is omit hassan . It is the time when my age is 35 years . I am married person fs and i have only one 5 years old daughter. We both leave in my Bangladesh. We have a female made servant too. The name of my made servant is asma she is 5 years + of my daughter. She is about 4.5 Πlong and slim figure girl . Asma is so small but she is very cute girl. Every time i saw him i feel some sex with me. I am very sexy man and i want to everyday sex with my wife but she is not interest with this. My wife is every time sick women. My wife is so dry when i sex with him i can't see her sex juice. In this regions i am mentally unhappy to sex with my wife. Every time i am interested to sex another women. But it is not easy to sex other women, because wants i have no relation with women and i have no girl friend. So i meet up my sex another process. When i am working office i am allows browse internet and see sexy picture. When i saw the nude picture of girl. I am very much interested to read sex story too. My best choice able story site is stories. Xnxx .com . I read sex story and i enjoy the sex experience. Every time i thought when i implemented this experience with my own life what is happened. Some times i thought sex with my little made servant asma. But she is so small i am afraid to sex with him . I thought asma cannot load my pressure and the other thing is she told it my wife. Every time i think it is not fair to sex with asma because my daughter and my made servant both are equals. Both are child. But i cannot stop my sexual interest with asma. Day by day my sexual interest grow up. I cannot stop it myself. I know every secret sex is batter than every normal sex. In this region i want to buildup secret sex with asma. I think when i grown his sex feeling, then i can sex with him . In this away my secret mission is started. At first i am tested his mentality is various away. Every time when i sex with my wife at night i am chance to see her our sexual experience. My made servant bade is near to my room window. This why she look our sexual experience clear view. My wife don't know about this. Every morning when my wife go to kitchen cook some food. My daughter is sleeping . I called asma to give me some water but it is false call, the actual motive is i want her near me. When asma came to me i am switch my TV to porno channel asma sow the porno. Some time when i reading sex stories in sleeping mod and my made servant come near me intentionally i am up to my lungi . At the reason of she looking my panics clear view. Some time i show him porno image and video clip on my computer. Day by day i am tried to increase his sexual feeling. Some days later she is interested to look this porno and she is enjoy this. Some time i ordered him message my legs. But my wife protest asma don't do this. My wife is not interest to every day sex with me, but she know i am very sexy man and i want to sex another girl . My wife follow me every time. I am waiting to chance when my wife is go outside. One day my wife went to daughters school. My made servant asma and i alone with home . I am sleeping my bade and watch TV . At this time i ordered him come here and message my legs. In this time i switch to my TV porno movie. She come near my bade and slowly massage my legs . When he massage my legs i feel sex with me. I question to him are you tell this my wife? Asma says no. Then i suggest him come up to me and massage my back solder . She is seated top of my ass and started to massage my back solder. When she massage me i feel incestuous adventures. I feel she is very nervous to do this. I tell him don't be nervous this is very good. Few minute of this i turning to my body with her, both are front to front position. I am raging her total body. Soon i made her nude and see her breasts is not grown . Now Asma seated near of my boxer. I remove my longi too . My boxer is increase the madly feeling of sex. I catch his hand and put it in my standing boxer. And said to massage this. She is child of 9 year old but her massage is imaging . It is all she learn to see porno video and clip, that i show him. The feeling is so good i feel my hart bet is increasing the feeling of sex. I see her pussy is so small and it is not shaved perfectly. I am afraid to put my 7'' cock with her small unshaved pussy. Then i massage her pussy clit. I slip her pussy and try to put my big finger her pussy hole. When i put my finger in her pussy hole she cried out in pain. I promise i never put it again. Few minute of rest she began to massage my cock. I thought when we meet alone another time i am try to put my cock his ass hole. In this time the door ball was ring . We both got our dress .Another time she promise to me never tell this secret sex any one. I am sleeping mode and watch TV and she go to door. After this day when i got short chance to alone with asma i show him my cock and say massage it . She massage my cock i am messaging her pussy too. But my wife is don't no about this. Few days gone this away. We have only one day oral sex and some time we touch each other pussy and cock. Me and my made servant asma are understanding each other and we both waiting when we fully alone of house. But my wife is not chance to do this . One day my wife is very sick to pain his bales and she is sleeping the bead. I am watching TV sitting on the chair . The chair is near to my bead . My wife is middle of my bead and his right side my daughter seeping . My made servant sleeping near the room of my window. I got chance to sex with my dear child made servant asma . I watch TV world coup2006 football is running this time. Silently i go to nearest room where my made servant is sleeping. She is also sleeping too. Silently i touch him and i jacking his head . When he weak up i call him to come with me. I am seated on the front chair of my TV. I feel my wife is deeply sleeping. I watch TV sitting position my made servant close to me. Asma is standing mode. I touch his hand first and place it to my cock. It was already standing the feeling of first secrete sex. I instruction him up and down your hand my cock . Time to time i flow to my wife when he is sleeping . I take of his pant and my lungi and after then she sacking and jacking his hand my penis. I slap my penis some oil, when he rub my penis up and down i feel pretty feeling and i told him faster and harder. Few minutes later i lay down front of his pussy and try to spread his legs. I put my face in between her and began liking and sucking her pussy and inner thighs. She is enjoy the first time test of her pussy. When i massage her pussy of my tong she is mooning. I told him don't do this, wife is weak up . After few minute i tell him place her ass to my cock, when he come to my cock i lay down him half standing mode and i am standing mode. I am try to put my 7'' cock with his small ass hole . I am pressure to my cock but my cock is not going to his ass hole because it is so small . I slip my cock and his ass hole with lubricate and then i put it on her ass hole and slowly pressure to my cock. First time when my cock going to his ass hole he is feel some pain, i try to understand him its ok. I am afraid to fully put my cock with his small ass hole . When my cock going 3-4'' in her ass hole, i am try to slowly my cock in and out. His small ass skin catch my cock tightly. In this time i give some oil my cock. When i try to up and down my cock i tell him catch TV table. Then she catch TV table and i catch his shoulder and then try to in and out of my cock. Few minute later i put my full length of cock in her ass hole. The feeling is imaging when i put full length 7'' cock in her ass hole, I am moaning some loudly oh my baby you are so good, you are my sweet darling, i fuck you front of my wife, how feeling it was . I ask him how feeling your first test of sex ? She replay first time it little bit pain but now it is very good. She want it longer. Slowly i speed up and want to com with his ass hole . After 10 minute later i feel my love juice is coming soon. I am final put my cock and speed up faster and harder as can i do . When my love juice is near to my cock, i out my cock in her ass hole and then all of my love juice erect out side of her ass hole . I felt all kinds of juices running down in between her legs. I collapsed against him very much like my self. We both satisfied to our sex. We both dress up . I kiss her and told my sweet little darling are you ok? She reply yes. I told him we meet another time . After then we both sleeping. I fuck my made servant front of my wife, but she never know about it. In this away my secret sex is grown up day by day. When asma my secret sex lover is got first test of sex, the sex made him all time pretty feeling , i saw some change of her mentality, she always find out chance to meet me, i know she want to sex with me, this away 20 day's gone we never chance to meet one another . Suddenly we got chance, when my daughter school closed 2 days and she want to go his uncle house. My wife tell me go with them . I say him i am not going them because my office is running. It is fixed up next day morning my wife and my daughter go there. The house of my brother-in-law is 30 miles distant of my house so they never come back in a day, my wife say they are stay there 2 days long, i say its ok. Then next morning i go with her bus stand and take a taxi cab and they are gone. I saw my watch it is 8 am then i quickly go to the room, when the door is open i see my little made servant moaning the feeling of next secret sex what is coming up. I keep her in my shoulder and kiss her at first. This time she let out a loud moan and i thanked god that we were home alone. I lay him in my bade and quickly we both take of our cloth both we are nude, and i gently began to turn her 69 position. Then she did something that i don ft think she knew anything about. She pulled my cocked deep into her mouth and she began to suck. We stayed in this position just a little longer. I began kissing my way down her neck and began sucking on her un grown breasts. She was slowly stroking my cock. "do you want that, baby ? ""oh yes, i want you to fill my little asshole with your big fat cock." I lifted her up in my arms and slowly lowered her onto my cock. I kept pushing my cock into her small ass hole first time she feel so much pain, as i reached the cock. "do you want me to stop, sweetheart ? " i asked praying that she would say no. "no just give me time to adjust." some time latter I began to make long hard strokes into her. I felt when her pain disappeared because she began flexing her ass hole muscles all around my cock. That made me want her more and i began to fuck her harder. She began making whimpering noises telling me that she was ready she wanted me to cum with her. So i quickened my pace even more. I released all my spunk outside of his ass hole. I felt all kinds of juices running down in between her legs. I collapsed against him breathing heavily much like my self. Damn she was one hot fuck ."so," she whispered into my ear. "when do you want to do this again?" after this we both go to shower and wash our body then i go to my office . At night we meet another stroke, at this time i lay down and she is up to me, she is up and down his ass in my boxer when we finished our sex i say to him darling today you sleep with me. We both are nude and catch each other when i deep sleeping i don't know. 2 days me and my sweet made servant asma live fully alone . This 2 days we meet 4 time and fully enjoy the test of sex. Every time i am using his ass hole not her pussy, because it not perfect to used. This away two year gone. Now asma my sweet secret lover is 13 year old. Now i started to sex her sweet pussy. But all time i maintain a rule, i am never sperm her pussy or ass hole. Always i sperm out side like his mouth and bales . Asma is very much experience to sex. Her breast is grown up. We both properly enjoy when we meet . I am train up asma everything about sex. All of this happened out side of my wife eye. My wife never seen to my secret sex but she doubt something is happened me and asma. In this region she stop my made servant. One day asma is go his own home . Before he going my home, he is cried out loudly because she didn't want to go home. But i am nothing to do for him. Asma is gone but i never forget our secret dream. In this day later i meet many women but the feeling is not good enough to asma.

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