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Visiting my sister, I find her home alone and dressed in a lovely black satin slip. My sexual urges take over and I wont stop unless I fuck my sister.
I was 20 years old and still living at home with my parents. My sister (Kelly) who is 3 years older than me, had left home and got married (to Eddie) at the age of just 17. Kelly had a gorgeous little girl called Amy. I often visited my sister on a Saturday afternoon to see my niece and play with her, sometimes I'd take her to the park. Occasionally I would baby sit for Kelly and Eddie so they could go out for the night. I got on really well with my brother-in-law who was 4 years older than me. We both shared an interest in weight training and motorbikes.

I never got on well with my sister when she lived at home, we fought like cats and dogs, and even though I was younger, being a boy I was stronger and always got the better of her in a fight. I always thought this was the main reason my sister left home and got married at such an early age, to get away from me. I always accused her of being our parents favourite, and because she was older and a girl, she could never do anything wrong, especially in our father's eyes. I got blamed for everything that got broken or went wrong. If something went missing, my sister would say I stole it and our parents would believe her, regardless of whether I did it or not. I hated Kelly so much, I even refused to attend her wedding, much to the anger of our parents.

I never understood why my bitch of a sister was so popular with boys when we were growing up. My sister was never without a boyfriend or an admirer knocking at our door asking to see her, and there were many. I wouldn't say my sister was the prettiest of girls in the looks department, but maybe that's because a boy isn't supposed to fancy his own sister. However, I admit she did have a very nice body, i know this because I once walked in on my sister taking a bath and got a very good look at her breasts. Kelly screamed at me to get out, and shortly after our father fitted a lock to the bathroom door at our mothers insistence.

Kelly also took a lot of pride in her appearance and always dressed nicely. She was the only girl in school that wore a pleated skirt and white satin blouse as part of her uniform. It may sound strange, but I was always envious of the nice clothes she wore and I often wished I had been her little sister so I could have worn her cast offs. Perhaps if we had been sisters we would have been much closer when growing up.

Eddie was her first ever boyfriend, and strangely she met up with him again after leaving school to go and work in a laundry. At 17 Kelly announced to our parents she was getting married to Eddie and leaving home. Our father flew into a rage insisting she was too young, and couldn't marry until she was 18 without their permission, but that wasn't his main reason he didn't want her to leave. Our mother managed to calm dad down, saying he risked losing her if he insisted she couldn't marry, because in another 6 months she would turn 18 and wouldn't need permission anyway.


This particular and very memorable Saturday afternoon, I visited my sister like I often did. I rang the doorbell and was surprised by the speed at which Kelly answered the door, as if she had been standing there waiting for me. I was somewhat surprised as the door opened and I saw my sister dressed in a very slinky and clingy black satin full-slip. It had pretty scalloped lace trim around the bust and hem, and delicate thin shoestring straps. I gasped with delight as I looked Kelly up and down admiring her lovely satin slip. I didn't think Kelly had noticed my reaction, she just turned away and picked up a paint brush, then started painting the hallway.

"Oh!.... That's why you answered so quickly," I said as I entered, watching her continue painting dressed in only her lovely black satin full-slip.

"Amy isn't here," she said. "Eddie has taken her to visit his mum for a few hours. They haven't been gone long, so they wont be back for sometime yet."

At that moment I couldn't believe how sexy my sister looked. Confused thoughts ran through my head as I watched Kelly intensely. I loved the way the slinky material of her satin slip rippled when she moved, and the way it shimmered as it caught the light shining in through the window. I was feeling extremely aroused and having inappropriate thoughts about my sister. As each second passed the more aroused I became, and the more attractive she looked to me. Her long brown hair cascading down her back, her ample breasts filling the cups of her silky slip with her nipples showing against the thin delicate fabric, the outline of her panties showing underneath as the clingy slip caressed every curve of her shapely body. I was aware my breathing was getting heavier as I became more excited, but I tried to remain calm so not to draw attention to myself.

"Why are you painting dressed like that?" I asked.

"I didn't want to ruin my clothes," replied Kelly.

"But you will ruin that lovely slip," I told her. She glanced across at me and chuckled.

"What this old thing?.... it's just a slip.... I've got plenty more," she said.

The words, "I've got plenty more," echoed in my head, over and over. I couldn't wait until the next time Kelly asked me to baby sit for her, I knew that the first chance I got, I would be sneaking into my sister's bedroom to look through her clothes, to find those slips she just told me she had.

"It's not just a slip, it's satin, and it's lovely," I told my sister.

She laughed. "Are you feeling okay?..... So you like my slip do you?..... like I said, it's old and I've got others, some much nicer than this one," said Kelly, amused by my behaviour.

"Well it may be old, but it's much too nice to ruin by getting paint on it," I insisted. "And you look absolutely gorgeous in it too." Kelly looked at me in disbelief at what she was hearing.

"Have you been taking drugs or something?..... Since when did you ever say anything nice to me?" she asked.

"Well I've never seen you in just your slip before," I replied. Kelly paused from her painting momentarily to think. She looked down at her satin slip, then asked, "So what is your fascination with satin?... I never understood why you liked it so much...... It's just a piece of material."

"Just a piece of material!..... It's so much more than that. It's so elegant and sensual, the way it ripples as you move and the way it shimmers in the light. There is nothing so attractive as a woman wearing satin. It can even transform a plain-Jane, that nobody would normally look twice at, into a stunning sexy woman that people can't take their eyes off," I said. Kelly listened to me with extreme interest and disbelief at my comments.

She laughed. "Wow!... listen to you, Mr philosopher. There's more to you than meets the eye," said Kelly sarcastically.

"Okay then! You said you got lots more, so tell me why you wear satin slips?" I asked.

"Because they stop static electricity building up and stop my dress or skirt clinging to my legs, and they can also stop some clothes making you itch" she replied very unconvincingly.

"Well if that's the case, why do they have to make them so pretty with all that lace trim around the hem and bust. And what about camisoles and teddies..... and French knickers? Why do they all have to be so pretty when they are hidden underneath a woman's outer clothes and no one gets to see them anyway?... And why are they made from silk and satin and lace?.... And why is it only women get to wear them when a man's underwear is so dull, boring and practical?......"

"I don't know, I hadn't really thought about it. I can't answer that!" replied my sister. "

So what about your knickers?... Are they satin too or just plain old cotton?" I asked my sister.

"My knickers are satin too, I don't like cotton...... I can't believe we are having this conversation. Why am I standing here with my brother talking about lingerie and my choice of underwear?" said Kelly.

"I'm just interested in why you wear satin underwear but you don't wear satin blouses anymore? I've not seen you wear a satin blouse since you left school," I asked.

"Well I suppose most women wear satin because it feels nice next to their skin and makes them feel sexy and feminine," said Kelly rather meekly and embarrassed. "And for your information, I do still own a couple of satin blouses and a dress too."

"Ah huh!..... I knew it, because it feels nice. You admit satin feels nice and makes you feel special," I said.

"Yes.... Yes it does," replied Kelly, as she picked up her paint brush and continued with her painting.

"So do you feel special now wearing that lovely satin slip?.... And would you normally open the front door in just your slip?" I asked curiously.

"Well I guessed it was you, you normally come round on a Saturday aternoon," replied Kelly.

"You would have had a huge shock if it had been some stranger at the door. Or maybe that would have given you a thrill, eh?" I suggested.

"Don't be daft," said Kelly, blushing.


As I stood watching my sister painting in her lovely black satin slip, I grew more aroused. My cock was getting hard and incestuous thoughts were running amok in my head. I moved in closer behind Kelly and placed my hands on my sister's tiny waist and caressed that lovely black satin material.

"What are you doing?" asked my sister.

"I just wanted to see what it feels like," I replied.

"What?" she asked.

"I was just wondering what it feels like," I said, as I continued to rub my hands up and down her slinky satin slip. I was somewhat surprised that Kelly didn't try and stop me or object. I moved to her left side so I could watch her reaction, as I moved my right hand down over her bum and stroked the lovely satin slip, feeling it slide effortlessly over her silky satin knickers. My left hand sliding up and down her stomach with my thumb just brushing the underside of her shapely and firm breasts. My sister stood motionless, looking me in the eyes, her right arm outstretched with the paint brush touching the wall but not moving.

"So you didn't answer my question," I said.

"What question?" asked Kelly with a slight quiver in her voice.

"Do you feel special now, wearing that lovely satin slip?.... "

Kelly looked me straight in the eyes, without even blinking, she answered, "Yes I do."

"I love the way your slip feels over your satin knickers," I told my sister, as I continued to fondle her buttocks. "Just think how nice a satin blouse or a satin dress would feel over the top of your slip. Satin upon satin. You would feel the layers of satin sliding against each other as you moved.

Imagine the admiring looks you would get from people if you wore a satin dress to go grocery shopping," I said. Kelly laughed at the idea. "I'm serious. You have no idea how much attention you would attract from men, and even other women too, if you were to wear satin everyday. Even wearing a nice satin blouse with a pair of denim jeans, or a pencil skirt with a long slit at the rear, with your slip showing underneath as you walked along the road would do the trick." Kelly chuckled once more.

"Are you serious?.... Are you telling me you really notice such things as a woman's slip beneath her skirt when she walks?" asked Kelly.

"Hey sis, I can spot a woman wearing satin from half a mile away, even if it's just the collar of her blouse peaking from beneath her coat. It drives me absolutely crazy. Honestly!" I told her very seriously.

As I continued to fondle my sister's buttocks with my right hand, I moved my left hand higher over her breasts, gently brushing over her nipples as I did so. Kelly took a deep breathe as my hand glided over her breasts and brushed her sensitive nipples. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back slightly, letting out a gentle sigh as I continued to feel her tits through her satin slip. I cupped my hand over each breast in turn and gave it a gentle squeeze. My sister's tits were amazing, perfectly formed and very firm, despite having given birth to Amy. Kelly made no attempt to stop me playing with her tits, the pleasure she was getting from it was obvious. Her nipples grew hard and protruded further out through the thin slinky material of her satin slip. I pinched each nipple through her slip and gave it a tweak. I moved back round behind her, so I could continue fondling my sister's breasts with one hand whilst I slid the other hand down her body and between her legs. My right hand continued to squeeze and fondle Kelly's tits and my left hand cupped her pussy. I rubbed my left hand up and down Kelly's silky slip between her legs, feeling the slip slide over her satin panties. Kelly dropped the paint brush and her body went limp like a rag doll, her legs buckling beneath her. If I hadn't held her up, she would have collapsed onto the floor. Kelly made audible moans of pleasure as I tweaked her nipples and rubbed her satin slip over her pussy. The pleasure she was getting was obvious and she made no attempt to stop me. I was determined to see how far Kelly would let me go before stopping me or saying no.

"You said Eddie wouldn't be back for a while?" I asked.

"Not for..... at least..... 2...... maybe...... 3 hours," replied Kelly, panting with deep breathes.

I picked up my sister's limp body in my arms and carried her into the lounge and placed her on the sofa on her back. As she lay there looking more attractive than ever in that lovely black satin slip, Kelly surprised me by pulling her slip up around her waist exposing her bright red satin panties to me, as if she was inviting me to explore.

"Oh wow!....." I exclaimed.

I noticed a small damp patch and I could clearly make out the slit of my sister's pussy through the tight silky material. I spread my sister's legs wide apart and knelt down on the floor in-between. I placed the tip of my index finger on my sister's silky soft satin knickers and rubbed it up and down her slit. Kelly immediately shut her eyes and let out a gentle moan, taking deep breathes, her breasts were heaving. Watching the reaction of my sister as I stimulated her pussy turned me on immensely. The tight satin material felt great against my cheeks as I rubbed my face over my sister's smooth soft silky panties I pushed my nose into the damp patch and rubbed it up and down her pussy slit. The pungent smell hit me like a slap in the face, but I was so aroused at what I was doing to my own sister, I didn't care.

"Oh fuck!.... I can't believe this is happening," moaned Kelly.

I couldn't believe it was happening either, but until my sister said no or tried to stop me I wasn't about to stop. Kelly was writhing about on the sofa and fondling her own tits through her satin slip. I hooked two fingers under Kelly's satin panties and pulled them to one side. I was somewhat surprised that my sister was completely shaven and sat admiring her moist pussy slit. It wasn't at all how I expected it to look. A friend of mine had told me that he didn't enjoy going down on his girlfriend because it looked as though a bomb had gone off down there. I remember thinking to myself, "What a crude description!" but having seen pictures in magazines, I understood exactly what he meant. In comparison, my sister's pussy was one of the nicest I had seen. I sucked my fingers to wet them, then started to explore my sister's pussy more closely.

I buried my face between her legs and pushed my tongue as deep as I could into my sister's snatch, licking and sucking as vigorously as I could. I flicked Kelly's clitoris with my tongue and sucked on it hard making her scream with pleasure, her whole body writhing about and shuddering involuntarily as she orgasmed.

I was so aroused my cock was rock hard and twitching in my pants. I just had to relieve myself somehow. Either my sister would have to let me fuck her or I was about to rape her. I pushed off my shoes, then stood up and quickly removed my jeans and pants whilst Kelly just lay back on the sofa and watched with a shocked look on her face. I stood there momentarily in just my shirt, with my eight inch erection, waiting for some kind of response from my sister. Kelly stared at my cock with a slightly worried look, knowing what was about to happen, but unsure if she should try or even wanted to stop me. I reached down and removed those gorgeous bright red satin panties Kelly was wearing, then lifted them to my face to sniff them. After discarding the panties, I grabbed Kelly by her ankles and pulled her onto the lounge floor onto her back. Kelly hit the floor with a thud, banging her head.

"Ouch!... Careful!" cried Kelly, rubbing the back of her head.

I knelt down on the floor and spread her legs open and placed them over my shoulders, pushing all my body weight down onto her. My erect cock found the opening of my sister's sopping wet pussy without any need to guide it into position. Within seconds I was buried deep within my own sister's pussy and thrusting my cock in and out as hard and as fast as I could, giving it the pounding of her life. My only consideration at that moment was for my own selfish pleasure. I couldn't have cared less if I was hurting my sister or not, as I pounded her pussy with all my might. I began to sweat heavily, my shirt clung to my damp body and drips fell from my forehead onto my sister's face as I looked down on her. I pumped my cock in and out continuously, watching her breasts bounce back and fourth under that rippling black satin slip. Kelly screamed with each inward stroke of my cock. Her face was contorted as if in pain.

"Don't cum inside me!........ Don't cum inside me!......... Please don't cum inside me!" she begged, over and over.

I ignored my sister's pleas. I had no intention of withdrawing from my sister's pussy until I had discharged my load of cum. Suddenly, my whole body shook. A feeling I can only describe as a mild electric shock running through my hips an thighs. I grunted and pushed my cock deep inside my sister's cunt, as I ejaculated inside of her, filling her womb with my warm fertile sperm.

As I got dressed, Kelly lay on the floor of the lounge and started to cry. "Oh my God!.... Oh my God!... Oh my God!" she said over and over. "What the hell have we done?" A sudden rush of guilt hit me. I felt totally ashamed of myself. I sat down on the sofa and stared at my sister, still crying on the floor. I started to tremble uncontrollably. Panic was setting in, at the realisation of what I had just done. Neither of us spoke for what seemed like an eternity. After probably just a few minutes my sister got up off the floor.

"I'm going for a bath," she said in a soft hardly audible tone. I just sat there gathering my thoughts, trying to make sense of what had happened and why? About 30 minutes later my sister reappeared dressed in jogging pants and a baggy sweat-shirt. She had made us both coffee and handed me a mug.

"Thanks!" I said, watching her as she sat down opposite in an armchair. She sat staring at the floor, avoiding any eye contact with me. Nothing was said as I sat drinking my coffee. I kept looking at my sister, wanting to do or say something to put things right, but she remained staring at the floor the whole time, deep in thought, avoiding any eye contact.

Eddie was due back with Amy soon and I didn't want to be around when they arrived home. I stood up and said goodbye to my sister, but she didn't reply. Her red satin panties were still on the lounge floor exactly where I had discarded them. I imagined Eddie coming home with Amy and walking into the lounge and seeing Kelly's panties on the floor in the middle of the room. How would she explain that? I bent over and picked them up, watching my sister's reaction. She didn't move or take any notice of me, it was as if she were in a trance. I put the red satin panties in my pocket and left the room.

I went upstairs to the bathroom before I left to use the toilet. My sister's black satin slip was lying on the bathroom floor next to the bath, I picked it up and looked at it, holding it up to my face and smelling it. I could smell my sister's scent on her lovely slip. I folded it neatly into a small bundle and took it with me.

As I exited the bathroom, I stood at the top of the stairs looking towards my sister's bedroom. My thoughts momentarily drifted to those lovely satin slips Kelly had admitted to owning, and what about the two blouses and the dress? Did I dare go take a quick peek through her wardrobe? As I pondered momentarily as to whether I would get caught, the reality of what I had just done with my own sister dawned on me, and the immense feelings of shame and guilt came flooding back.

I went back downstairs to the lounge. Kelly was still sitting staring at the floor, her coffee which was now cold still in her hands, not having moved an inch.

"I'm going now," I told my sister. She didn't reply.

I left and went home, having just lost my virginity to my own sister.


2018-02-04 10:27:25
Well written ....erotic wonders if the satin encounters continued ...


2018-02-04 04:12:34
Black satin slips are super sexy. thanks for writing a story featuring this article of clothing.


2018-02-04 04:12:15
Black satin slips are super sexy. thanks for writing a story featuring this article of clothing.

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