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The Truth About Nikki Diarys
The Truth About Nikki – The Ball Game

I awoke feeling completely refreshed, this was partly due to the fact that I had gone to bed at about 8:30 pm and my clock now said 9:00 am. Another reason was that I felt like I had freed my self, if even for a short time, from all of the stressful things in my life, namely, MOM. I just lay there looking around the room, not really in a big hurry to get up and going, after all, I had time before I needed to call Ray. I wasn’t even worried now about being pregnant, if I just kept my mouth shut, it would be way too late to do anything about it by the time my mother noticed. That coupled with my new plan to finish school early, I figured that I was in great shape overall and could handle any other minor problem’s that could come my way.

Finally, I slipped from bed and strode nude to the shower, thinking along the way that after sleeping nude for the last two night’s, I liked it and decided to do this all the time. Once in the shower I liked the way the washcloth felt as I guided it over my shaven mound, but it revealed a couple of rough spots, which I touched up with the razor. The warm water and the smell of my body wash finished the job of waking me up and by the time I had finished my shower I was ready for anything today had in store for me (or so I thought). Being as Ray had said it might be a stay in day, I decided to wear a skirt of some sort. So I just bopped out of my room and down the hall to Sandra’s closet. After picking through about twenty or so skirts and dresses, I finally decided on this cute little blue summer dress. I picked it for two very distinct reasons, the first was because I looked killer in it and my second reason was because it would be super easy to slip out of, just pull it over my head and Walla, party time. Beings that it had straps I needed to use one of Sandra’s strapless bras, which I found one that almost exactly matched the powder blue of the dress. I put on the bra and dress, checked myself out in the mirror and felt way confident that Ray would harden quickly at the sight of me. I lifted the dress exposing my shaved mound to my self a couple of times and even entertained the thought of going without panties today too. But modesty got the better of me and I returned to my room and slipped on a pair of blue panties. Another trip down the hall was needed after I remembered that I had no shoes to match, but Sandra had the perfect set of flats for the outfit. Liking what I saw, I headed down stairs for breakfast and a very important phone call.

Buy the time I had eaten breakfast the kitchen clock was showing almost 11:00 so I washed dishes as quickly as possible and picked up the phone and gave Ray a call. When he answered we exchanged the typical chitchat before I kind got around to asking him what he had planned for the day. He again said that he was having a few friends over to watch a game on TV and that if I was sure that I wanted to be around the guys that he would come and get me. I thought about it for just a second before saying that I would like to come over if he didn’t mind. He just chuckled and said that if I was sure about it, he was defiantly game and that he would see me in a little while and hung up. After I had hung up the phone I thought about today not being much fun with a bunch of guys there an all, but I really didn’t want to spend the day alone here at the house reading either, I did that at home.

Ray arrived thirty minutes or so later but didn’t come to the door for me like he had done the day before, so I locked the front door and walked myself to his car. I was expecting a nice comment on my appearance as I slipped into the car beside him and was way satisfied when he smiled at me and told me how hot I looked and that I cleaned up real nice. When he didn’t drive away right away I asked if something was wrong. What I expected was maybe some comment about me butting in on his TV game with the guys but instead he turned to me and asked me if I really wanted to hang with him a his bro’s today. Then he placed his hand on mine and asked me ”do you understand”? I really had no idea what he was really asking me but I stared back into his twinkling eyes and told him that I just wanted to be with him. He said that he would make sure that I had fun today as he slipped his hand onto my knee and began sliding my dress up my thigh. He dropped the car into gear and we headed to his place.

On the way he slid my dress up far enough to give him access to my panty covered pussy. As we stopped in his driveway he remarked that I was sexy as shit and that he would have really loved it if I had just come today with nothing but my dress on. The thought of being around him and his friends like that sent a little shiver down my spine; I looked at him and asked if he wanted me that way. He smiled and said that he would love it if my sweet little white ass were naked under my dress. As soon as we got inside the house I excused myself and went to the bathroom and removed my panties and bra. After slipping the dress back on and examining my self in the mirror, I felt perfectly wicked. My nipples were very noticeable through the thin cotton material of Sandra’s dress, and at different angles even my areola’s were visible. I finally just said screw it, if Ray wanted me like this, I wanted it too and left the bathroom. I will fully admit that it made me feel incredibly sexy walking around with the shear cotton material gently rubbing against my nipples and the cool breeze on my pussy. It made me feel, sexy, slutty, and a little horny, and I liked that feeling.

Even before I found Ray in the kitchen dumping chips in a big bowl, I was glad he had asked me to do it. I purposely glided right of in front of him so he could notice my little nipples through the dress and he instantly did. He put the bag down pulled me to him with one hand and cupped my breast with the other. He smiled down at me and kissed me sweet and long while he kneaded my breast and fondled my ass. When he broke off the kiss he gently lifted my dress and slid his hand down my belly passing right over my pregnant womb and began fingering my already moist pussy. As I leaned on the counter for support he slipped a finger into me and began moving it around in little circles making me moan and squirm against his hand. He knew me well enough now to know exactly where to touch me to ignite my fire. I felt my cheeks flush and my heart begin to race as I glanced up at him and found him smiling widely at me. He started asking me if I was as fucking horny as my hot little cunt was telling him and my simple answer was “yes”. As he continued with his gentle assault on my pussy he slipped one of the straps of the dress off my shoulder and freed my right breast. He lowered his mouth to my nipple and began slowly suckling and rolling it around in his mouth while continuing to work his finger around inside my wet pussy. That little churning knot had appeared once more in the pit of my stomach and I knew that if he didn’t stop pretty soon, I would cum right here in the kitchen. I half whispered between breaths that he was going to make me cum if he didn’t stop and he looked up into my face and asked if I wanted to finish here or on my back. I just barely managed to gasp back to him that I would love to finish with him inside me.

He slipped his finger from my sopping pussy and slid it into my mouth letting me taste my sex; it only ignited my lust even more. He took my hand and led me around the corner and into a small bedroom just off the main living room. Almost before we even were fully into the room he was lifting my dress up over my head and throwing it somewhere. As we reached the bed he gave me a little push onto it and as I landed rolling over onto my back at the same time he was already dropping his pants, exposing his hardening cock. He slipped his ‘T’ shirt off and tossed it on the floor as he crawled between my already open legs. I was aching to feel him deep within my womb and he didn’t make me wait but a brief moment while he positioned his manhood at my pussy before plunging fully into me with one slow stroke. It was like my body was some kind of grappling device as my arms and legs wrapped tightly around him as he settled deep within my hungry pussy. He moaned into my ear as he began his slow full strokes into me, that he thought my pussy got a little hotter every time he slid his cock into me. He had done such a job on my pussy before we had even made it to the bed that I don’t think I lasted more than a dozen or so strokes of his magnificent cock before I exploded beneath him in a wonderful orgasm. Ray was still fucking me with those nice long strokes, which let me feel every centimeter of his manhood. Pulling his sweet cock out until just the head was just within me, then driving it all back into me with a measured stoke ending in a wet smack as we were fully joined. I had a forest fire raging between my legs and knew for certain that I was going to cum again at any moment.

I was just feeling the jolt of the huge orgasm envelope me as I noticed another man standing in the open bedroom door watching Ray and I fucking. Before I could say a thing, wave after wave of a wonderful climax rolled through me while all I could do was cling to Ray. I was still gasping for air as I announced to Ray that we were being watched. He lifted his head, looked me in the eyes and told me he was just keeping his word to me. I was still reeling form that last explosive climax so all I could manage was a puzzled “huh”. He had already lowered his head back into the crook of my neck when he reminded me that he had promised to keep my slut ass happy. I glanced back to the doorway where I found this new man had now stripped and was walking into the room cock in hand. I remember thinking how bizarre this whole thing was but I still found myself staring at this mans bouncing black cock as Ray continued to fuck me. It wasn’t as large as Ray’s beautiful nine-inch cock, but it was perfectly proportioned. This new cock was maybe six to seven inches with a wonderful upward curve and a pointed cock head with a wicked flair to it. Ray was fucking me faster and faster making my belly roll into knots again, all the while whispering into my ear that he wanted his little slut to fuck to my hearts desire today. Within moments we both climaxed together bucking and clutching onto each other until we were both spent and feel motionless.

That was the first time I remember the new man speaking. He was at the foot of the bed now and remarking that I looked like one hot little fuck. Ray stirred and rolled off me and sat on the edge of the bed. This new arrival began crawling in between my legs from the bottom of the bed and I made a faint effort to close my legs but found that Ray was gently holding my right thigh wide open for this new man. I looked from one face to another, what I saw in the new arrivals face was best described as pure lust for me as his eyes darted about my sweat soaked body. As I looked at Ray, he just smiled at me with that sensual twinkle in his eye. As this new man entered my pussy, Ray simply removed his hand from my thigh, told me to enjoy David’s black cock and moved to an armchair by the door and sat down.

David moaned heavily into my ear as he pushed himself fully into me with one continuous thrust. As he hit bottom and began to withdraw he moaned that my cunt was wonderfully hot and tight. For the fist few minutes I continued to glance over to Ray, only to find him sitting there, hands on the chair arms, smiling back at me. This new cock began to work its gentle wonders on my hungry pussy and I soon found myself clutching this man to me, and pushing my nasty pussy up to meet his cocks down thrust. David continued to whisper into my ear how much he loved my white pussy, how good it felt around his cock and many other sweet sexy things. His cock and sexy talk were both doing their magic on me as I soon found myself digging my nails into his shoulder and clutching his hips to me as I enjoyed another wild orgasm. Just as my climax was subsiding David suddenly lurched into me and growled from deep within himself while He shot a torrent of his hot sperm into my pussy. As his orgasm waned he again lowered his head to my ear and said that I was his first white pussy and that he loved it so much that he was going to have another slice of it later. I closed my eyes and tried to catch my breath and cool down some as David rolled from me. When I felt another hand on my knee pushing my legs open.

My eyes popped open to find a large black man moving into position on top of me. I opened my mouth to protest, when I felt this fucking big cock slide into my pussy, making me moan instead. This new man riveted me in his steady gaze as he forced his cock deeper into me making me squirm and moan at every new thrust. His gentle but powerful voice hit me like thunder as he smiled, shoved another several inches of his cock into me and told me that it was good that I was already full of sperm because I was going to need it all to lube his cock enough to fit into me. Then he reiterated, ” that I would take it all, one way or another”. Every thrust into me, made me moan loudly and my ass would squirm instinctively to make room for him. I had no idea what his size was but it felt like it was his whole leg to me, as he would withdraw only a few inches before plunging it into me again. With each new push into me I could feel his massive cock stretching me just enough to let his cock pass. I didn’t even realize what my body was doing until I heard Ray’s voice from somewhere saying that my back was arched enough to drive a car under me. I was gasping for breath and I felt faint, but his steady powerful thrusts into my womb continued, making a little more of me fit around him with each thrust. I didn’t even feel it coming when a huge climax suddenly slammed me. I remember shouting out in pure pleasure as I was just pounded by wave after endless wave this orgasm. I thought that I was going to faint, I couldn’t focus, all I could see were spots of color, and then the voices drifted through the fog. The large muscled black man that was fucking my pussy with his 2 by 4 cock was laughing and saying that I was one hot, nasty, little fucking slut, and was well worth the drive down here to split me open, and Ray’s voice replying that He knew I was a party slut the night he met me.

I slowly got my breathing under control as this huge, powerful man forced even more of his monster cock into me with each roll of his hips. It was like I was in a trance, I could feel my pussy stretch with his every thrust into me, the wave of pure pleasure reaching my brain told me that my body was enjoying it, and I could hear my moans, although I don’t remember emitting them. His voice was still gentle in my ear as he announced that he was almost in me. I remember thinking “ my god, how big is he” as his balls first began to touch my ass. I could not believe how full I felt when he thrust into me, it was as if my thighs were being forced wide open at his every thrust. I felt the air almost being squeezed from my lungs as his balls finally began slapping my ass in a steady even stroke. I realized that he was now fucking me with his whole tool and I marveled at the pleasure it was giving me, my belly was churning and I wrapped my self into him as another wonderful orgasm made me whimper and twitch against his body. My orgasm must have been the final thing he needed because as I gripped his back with my hands, holding his hard, hot, sweaty body to mine, he announced into my ear with a guttural groan that he was dumping his seed into me. He didn’t drive himself into me deep and hard, but rather he just firmly pressed himself tightly against my stretched pussy and flooded me with his huge load of sperm, giving off low moans of pleasure as every squirt of his cum shot from his cock into me. His entire body had become rigid on top of me, I held him tightly to my belly as sperm began to spew from my pussy even before he had ceased pumping it into me. As his orgasm finally began to fade and his muscles relaxed he just melted limply on top of me, moaning into my ear at how he had enjoyed servicing my wonderful little cunt. I was exhausted; I just closed my eyes and rested with my arms wrapped over his heaving back.

I finally rolled my head to the right and there was Ray, leaning forward in the chair smiling sweetly at me. As we made eye contact he told me that I was absolutely beautiful when I was fucking but that he really thought that I should take a little break before round two began.

The hulk of a man that had just fucked me like I had never even thought possible rolled from me and slowly sat on the edge of the bed. I followed his lead and rolled to my right and came up sitting right beside him. The first thing that I saw was the cock that he had just pounded me to heaven with. Even hanging limp across his leg it was huge; it stretched from his groin over the entire top of his muscled thigh and several inches down the outside. I couldn’t believe it and gasped, “it’s fucking huge”. This huge man sitting beside me on the bed, towered six inches over my 5’7” frame, yet I didn’t fear him, he had an aura about him of being a huge teddy bear, which is just the way he had fucked me. I reached over and placed my hand on this massive cock and ran my fingers down the full length. It must have been about ten full inches long, but its diameter was what amazed me. With my hand wrapped around it my fingers were still a good two inches from touching my thumb. The massive cock head was incredible, it was round, and it looked like a black billiard ball with a deep slit running from the center down around to the bottom of it. It was totally black, jet black; black as the darkest night I had ever known.

This gentle giant beside me began rubbing and massaging my back with his strong right hand, I leaned forward and allowed him to work the knots from my shoulders and back. I was just enjoying this moment when Ray’s words of a moment before drifted back to my conscious mind. I looked back over to find Ray reclining into the armchair watching the two of us on the bed. I caught his attention and asked simply “round two”. His smile broadened across his face and he leaned forward bringing his face to within a foot of mine. He reached out and flipped a lock of my matted hair from my face and said that he still had another friend who I needed to meet. I couldn’t believe what he was telling me, he had set me up for this gangbang and I had fallen for it. I wanted so badly to get angry with him, to beat him with my fists, but I couldn’t. His smiling face and the wonderful warm afterglow from having been thrice fucked in rapid succession made me instantly realize that I had truly enjoyed every second with these men who had just fucked me. But I had to say something in my own honor’s defense, so I blurted out “well you could of asked me Ray”. This didn’t have the reaction I had expected at all; both he and the giant beside me began laughing. I now blurted out” what the fuck is funny”. The hand on my back gripped my shoulder and sat me up and its still laughing owner looked down at me and gently explained “if we had asked you baby, you wodda said no, but that’s what all you sluts say the first time”. Then he bent down and kissed me full on the lips before slowly standing up and leading me from the bedroom to the bath.

I realized that I had no idea who this man was as he closed the bathroom door behind us. I turned to him and told him that my name was Nikki and he introduced himself as Kevin *******. He is a huge man of about 30, six foot six, and way over 200 pounds of muscle. My hand just disappeared as his hand had closed around it, before leading me to the bathroom. But I was till mostly impressed with his mammoth cock. Once the intro’s were over he just pointed at the toilet and told me “ladies first”, then he turned to start the shower. I know it sounds stupid, but I felt slightly embarrassed squatting on the toilet in front of him, even though he had just gushed what felt like a gallon of sperm within me. As I looked up from wiping the pee dribbles from my pussy, I found myself looking directly at Kevin’s huge cock hanging in front of my face.

It wasn’t hard to figure out what Kevin had in mind next as his hand was already hoisting his cock up, pointing directly at my face. Before I could say anything, this man just gently rubbed his cock head up my chin and over my lips. I opened my mouth knowing full well that his cock had no chance of ever entering my mouth. His low, slow voice wafted down to me telling me that Ray had told him what a fantastic little cocksucker I was and that he wanted to give me his own honest opinion. I wrapped both of my hands around his shaft as he released it and was amazed at how much it weighed. I began by licking his cum from my lips where he had rubbed his cock and found it to be very salty, and then began licking the layer of sperm from his ultra smooth and round cock head. The slit of his cock head was deep and I slipped my tongue into it, making Kevin moan and push slightly into me. I slid my right hand down his shaft, pumping the remainder of his cum over my tongue and into my mouth. He moaned louder and said that he truly loved a cum suckin slut milkin his cock, especially a hot little white bitch like me. The way he said it left no doubt in my mind that he had just paid me a compliment and I decided right then that I was going to make this sweet giant cum like he had never done before for any other woman.

I held his cock tightly just below his cock head and began assaulting his cock with my tongue. I would press my lips to his cum hole and suck then drive my tongue deeply into it before rolling my tongue all around his head. His response was immediate, he began humping into my mouth gently and moaning louder every time that I would lick way inside his deep cum hole. His hand found itself on the top of my head and held my mouth firmly against his manhood. It didn’t take but just a couple of minutes of this nonstop sucking and licking to get his thick stream of precum flowing from his slit into my waiting mouth. Unlike his sperm the precum had a wonderful musky flavor, which made me double my efforts to please him. I became aware of a cool breeze from somewhere blowing around my sweaty body, but I was concentrating on Kevin’s cock too much to worry about that right now. Kevin was gripping my head like a vise, his thrusting was becoming less gentle, and I could hear his raspy breath when he let out one of his low moans. Suddenly he just said “ here it cums gurl” and this flood of sperm filled my mouth. It wasn’t like Ray or DJ who both had shot spurts of their sperm into my mouth, this was like a steady stream of hot semen, which filled my mouth and gushed around his cock head no matter how fast I attempted to swallow it, dripping from my chin and down onto my breasts. It excited and purely amazed me at the shear volume of sperm that Kevin ejaculated. I must have swallowed at least four full mouthfuls of his sperm and at least another had escaped down my chin. Kevin’s grip on my head had disappeared and he was now petting me like Ray had done several times now. I rolled my head back looking up at Kevin’s broad smiling face. His response was immediate as he pulled me up bent down and kissed me full on my sperm covered lips. As we broke from each other he said that I had just given him a world-class blowjob and he thought that I was even better than Ray’s assessment. The source of the breeze became evident as a voice chimed in from the now open bathroom door saying” quit hogging that little slut so the rest of us can have a slice of her little cunt. Kevin just turned and told the unknown man at the door “Nikki will be right with you, after her shower” and closed the door in the guys face. Kevin took me into the shower and gently washed me from head to toe, he shampooed my hair and suggested that I cut my hair from its mid back length to a short above the shoulder style. I started to ask him why when he went on and said that it would make cleanup much easier and that long hair was just to tempting for some men to use as a pull handle. We finished our shower, got out, dried off, then he kissed me again and said he would be around because he wanted me again later, and then he opened the door.

The hallway was empty now as was the bedroom with its soiled bedspread. I hadn’t even realized until now that neither Ray nor I had pulled the blankets down in our haste to fuck.

Kevin and I continued out of the short hallway into the living room. I quickly scanned the faces of all of the men in the room, checking off the one other guy who had already fucked me. The only new face must have been the mystery voice from the bathroom door. Kevin left my side and calmly sat down on the end of the sofa where I now noticed that Ray must have spread towels as all of the furniture was covered with them. It was an uncomfortable few seconds standing nude in front of four men, who were also nude, watching TV, and drinking various beverages, before Ray spoke.

He was smiling that nasty little twinkling smile of his, which for some reason excited me. He stood and introduced me to his friends, two of which I had already met in a very physical way. He pointed around the room saying their names in order, “David, Kevin, and this is Brian”. Brian was about my height and weight but my body immediately gave its approval when he stood from his chair and I saw that he had a fine cock of about six and a half to seven inches. It had an almost purple head and was quite fat, not nearly as big around as Kevin’s monster tool, which was again flopped across his leg, but quite a bit thicker than Ray’s wonderful nine-inch cock. Brian had seen me checking out his equipment and strode right up to me and asked if I wanted a taste of his cock like I had just done to Kevin?

I actually became terribly excited at the thought of sucking his cock; right there, in front of these other men. I just settled to my knees in front of Brian and lifted his semi-hard cock to my mouth. Even with his girth I was able to easily take about five inches of his cock into my mouth. His hand slid down the back of my wet hair and he moaned that it felt fucking great. I began slowly working my mouth back and forth on his rapidly hardening cock giving a lick to his cum hole every time, just like I had done to Kevin with such success. From the moan that he issued every time I drove my tongue into his cum slit, I knew that I had found something that pleased these men very much.

Brian only allowed me a few minutes of this before he stepped back from me and told me to get on my hands and knees. I was oblivious to the other men talking around us, the game on the TV, or anything else, as I bent forward onto my hands and felt Brian slide his cock fully into me with one fast hard stroke. It felt wonderful as his balls slapped against me and he started fucking me hard and fast. I glanced around and found that all eyes were on the two of us, fucking in the middle of the floor. I couldn’t believe how fast Brian’s cock was getting to me, within only about four or five minutes of his hard fast fucking I was panting hard again and feeling my guts winding up tight toward another orgasm. About the only thing said during this whole time was Brian muttering “oh yea” every once in a while as he continued to drive his nice fat cock deep into me. I felt the first tingle of my climax approaching and dropped my forehead down onto the carpet and enjoyed the feeling of Brian fucking me as my orgasm washed over me, making me tremble and spasm beneath him. I was so caught up in my own climax that I failed at first to notice that Brian had quit fucking me and was now pressing himself tightly against my ass, filling my pussy back up with fresh hot sperm again. Just as soon as he had finished empting himself into my womb he withdrew and walked around me on his knees and told me to suck his fucking cock again.

I had just barely lifted my mouth to Brian’s semi-hard cock again when I felt another set of hands caress my ass and another cock slip into my dripping box. I had no idea who was now filling my pussy until I heard David’s voice behind me telling the crowd how hot and wet my cunt was. Brian’s cock tasted incredible as he slid his still warm and leaking cock into my mouth letting out a load moan as I gave his cock head a hard lick on entry. He clasped each side of my head in his hands and began moaning about my cocksucking talents and fucking my mouth with short strokes. I felt myself drifting into a kind of out of body experience or some thing. I was aware of David’s cock fucking me, of my body reacting to his thrusts, of my tongue and mouth wrapped around Brian’s cock sucking and licking, my labored breath’s, but I was no longer in control of these things. My body was reacting to these men on its own and my brain was so overloaded that I had just become some sort of weird spectator trapped inside myself. I felt myself gulp and swallow Brian’s sperm as he exploded first into my mouth, then pulling out and depositing everything else onto the side of my face and chin. I remember him moaning loudly that he had always wanted to shoot his shit on a bitches face. I remember Ray telling David to sample my nasty ass and his response that he wanted his juice in my cunt. I remember David making me cum and squeal as another climax gripped my exhausted body. All of these things were going on around me while I just floated in this rolling sea of overlapping pleasure.

I have no idea how long I had knelt there with my face on the carpet and my butt up in the air. The next thing I remember is something new entering my pussy making me moan and bringing me partially back into this world. Then I heard Ray behind me telling everyone that if they weren’t going to fuck my nasty slut ass that he would rip a slice of it. I figured out what was inside me, two of Ray’s fingers worked my pussy for a few seconds then slipped into my ass lubing my hole with sperm. I next felt Ray shove himself completely into my dripping box and give me a few strokes before pulling out and plunging into my rectum with enough force to bring a long moan from my used body. His next thrust made his balls slap into my cream covered pussy. And his voice rang in my ears as he announced that they were all missing out on a tight little asshole. He fucked me hard making me grunt at each stroke, and was laughing and telling the others how he loved fucking my nasty little shithole. I lay there listening to his words, feeling my face slip around on the carpet, his cock fucking me, and my body reacting even though it had no more to give. The orgasm that hit me a few minutes later pushed me further into this strange zombie zone. My body quivered with its impact, moans escaped my lips, but I really wasn’t there anymore. The force of his fucking tried to pull me back from this place yet before it could, he groaned to all that he was givin me a shit cream pie and I felt his warm cum flowing into me. His cock withdrew from me and I drifted off.

I first opened my eyes and awoke as Kevin was lifting me up off the floor. His strong hands and arms plucked me up and he carried me from the dark living room and down the hall to the bath. I was exhausted; I could feel the muscles of my entire body trembling with exertion. I opened my eyes and Kevin’s wide grin greeted me. He said “welcome back baby girl”. I could hardy talk but I managed to ask him the time. His reply was startling to me when he told me that it was almost 1:00 am. Still holding me bent over and started the shower, waited a moment for it to get warm and then stepped inside. He held me under the warm spray, letting it play over my body as he turned from side to side, it felt wonderful. I looked back into his soft eyes and he just bent down to me and kissed me sweetly before speaking again. He said that I had been fantastic and deserved a hot shower before bed. Then he asked if I could stand so that he could clean me up some. I had forgotten that he was holding me in his arms, and told him that I thought I could. He stood me up on my weak trembling legs, told me to hold onto the shower head and he began washing me gently, giving me a massage as he went. By the time he turned off the water I truly felt like myself again, but Kevin insisted on helping me from the tub and drying me off. He led me back down the hall, to the bedroom where this had all started. Leaving my side just long enough to pull the covers down, before helping me in before slipping in beside me.

He rolled onto his side and began placing gentle kisses on my lips, and then moving slowly down to my ears, then neck. Even as tired as I was his gentle kisses and hands that were lightly tracing all over my breasts, belly and legs, was arousing me. I remember this weird thought that popped into my head “you are such a slut”, and it made me smile. Kevin saw me smile and asked if I was enjoying myself and I glanced into his soft brown eyes and told him that I loved everything that I could remember. He chuckled into my ear and gave me a full recap of the day, which had ended with Ray’s final assault on my ass. He went on to say that everyone had left right after the show, but that everyone had loved servicing me. He went back to kissing and suckling me, working ever lower, first to my breasts, making me quiver, not with exhaustion now, but arousal. He lingered there until I was squirming slightly, before continuing down over my belly to my mound. My heart was beginning to race again and I could already feel the heat building within me. I fully expected Kevin to mount me and fuck me to another wonderful climax or two, but he didn’t. He very gently lifted my legs and slid his head in between my thighs. I just knew that no man would possibly want to touch me there with his tongue after what I had done, but he first nuzzled my used pussy, and then slipped his tongue within me. The gentle touch of his tongue on the sensitive folds of my pussy made me twitch and expel all the breath from my lungs. A wonderful rush of pleasure radiated up my back and flowed throughout my body as he licked and sucked my inner folds deeper and deeper with his flicking tongue. My hand found itself on the back of his head as he slurped and licked the combined semen of all four men who had used me like a condom. He quickly gave me a tremendous orgasm, making me buck against his face and clutch his head to my womb’s door.

He lifted his face from my crotch and slid back up beside me with globs of sperm dangling from his chin and smears of the thick white substance on both cheeks. I rolled onto his chest looked directly into his glowing eyes and licked every dribble and smudge of sperm from his face. Then I whispered into his ear that I had truly loved him licking my pussy, but I had never expected it. His low voice told me that he would never fuck anything that he wouldn’t eat, and that I had tasted as good as I had fucked. He hadn’t made any move to initiate further sex, but I suddenly wanted to pleasure him again. I sent this message to him by grasping his huge cock with my hand and softly stroking him. He moaned deeply and asked if I was sure that my little white ass had enough left to milk his meat again. Remembering his words from earlier I told him that he had wanted me again, and here I was, just for his pleasure. He easily slid me up onto his broad chest and kissed me deeply before telling me to sit up and guide his cock into my pussy. I lifted myself up with weak trembling legs and placed the head of his magnificent cock into my pussy. His hands guided and half supported me as we locked eyes and he began pressing my hips down onto his manhood. I felt the walls of my womb stretch but the constant fucking of the day must have loosened me up somewhat as he just slowly slid me down that black fence post of his until I was sitting on his belly, totally impaled on his cock and loving the way it felt inside me. He pulled me down onto his chest and moaned that my sweet cunt felt like a velvet glove on his cock, almost making me blush. He guided my hips in slow motions up and down his cock, almost pulling completely before redirecting his pressure and pressing me back down to the base of his tool. I was feeling this wonderful glow emanating from his cock and surrounding us both as I felt yet another climax building within me. He must have known that I was getting very close as he pulled me to his chest and held my hips tightly, whispering how much he loved the way my white cunt felt when I came on his cock. He didn’t have but seconds to wait as I clutched his shoulders and trembled against him with a climax that lasted for what seemed like minutes. As I was shuddering in his arms he was whispering to me that how much he loved my white cunt and how he was going to make me cum again before filling me with his seed again. I kissed him on his cheek as I lifted my head from his shoulder and he looked at me and just made a statement, a statement of fact. “You aint no college girl, you a young ass little girl”. I tried to bluff my way free from the accusation, but he just chuckled and said that one thing he knew in life was pussy, that a girls pussy couldn’t lie and that my little fucking cunt was telling him that I was young shit. I gave up and just said ”maybe”. He grinned at me and said he didn’t give a shit how old I was, that I had a nice little cum hole and he would fuck it anytime, anywhere. Even while our little debate was going on he had steadily pumped my pussy up and down on his wonderful cock, bringing me close to yet another orgasm. I finally just rested my head on his shoulder and told him “ please just shut up and fuck me”. He chuckled again and began fucking me onto his cock faster and with a bit more power. That did it, I exploded on his chest, bucking on his cock with pure pleasure, and then hearing him moan loudly announcing his climax and feeling his hot flood of sperm begin filling every nook and cranny of my pussy, finally flowing from my womb onto his balls and groin. He was kissing me again on my cheek as I remained resting on his shoulder, I was tired, very tired, but I also felt wonderful, his cock still inside me, his hands gently caressing my back, and those soft kisses on my cheeks. I reflected a moment on how I had arrived here, what had made me surrender to four men and let them do whatever they had wished, but I was just to tired to think about it now. I finally crawled off of Kevin’s chest and fell into a coma.

I woke up with someone kissing the back of my neck and squeezing my breast, it felt really good so I tried to just play like I was asleep and enjoy it. But that plan didn’t work as Kevin shifted his position and poked the head of his hard cock against my ass. My first thoughts were “what time is it?” and “how can he be hard?” but I rolled back into him and shifted myself onto my back. He nuzzled my cheek and kissed my nose before saying good morning. I realized that I felt good, no aches or pains, and well rested too. I figured that it must be at least noon, but there was now way of knowing as the door was shut and the curtains were pulled tight. Kevin had placed his hand on my leg even as I was still rolling over and was already fingering my sticky pussy. It was working in his favor too, what he was doing felt very nice and I opened my legs some to let him have better access. He murmured into my ear “is the little white slut horny this morning”. We both knew that answer to his question as my hips were already humping into his finger, but I looked at him and “yes, and the slut needs a good fucking”. A little voice inside my head yelled ”what did you say” and I realized that I now used the “f’ word, another landmark in my life.

Kevin interrupted further self examination as he pushed my legs open wider and rolled on top of me. He lifted my ass and slid his pillow underneath me before pushing my knees forward. I reached between us and guided his club of a cock into my pussy before grasping my knees while he worked his cock into me. I loved the way he felt as he leaned into me and placed his hands on either side of my neck, then rolling his hips forward, pressing his cock deeper and deeper. He never pulled out of me at all; he just continued to slowly press his cock into me in one long push. The feeling of being filled with huge cock like this was incredible, and being able to look between us and see this mammoth black pole slowly disappearing into my white pussy almost made me cum right then. I loved the moment so much that I couldn’t stop myself from telling him how much I needed him to fuck me. He said that he would fuck my sweet young ass good and pump his nuts dry in my nasty white womb. I watched as Kevin’s belly pressed against my white skin and it felt wonderful to be so full of hard cock. He moaned that it was time to give me the hot nasty fuckin I had asked for and pulled his cock about halfway out then pounded it back into me. I gasped at this and released my knees in shock more than anything. His sudden change from the wonderfully slow fucks he had givin me twice now was so much different than this. His cock was so huge that as he drew it out of me it felt as if I was being sucked inside out, only to have him shove it completely back in, taking my breath away. He had only pounded me like this ten or fifteen times when I suddenly squealed and clamped myself to him as a massive orgasm struck me without warning. I remember trying to hold onto him while he slammed his cock into me with all the energy he possessed, racked by orgasm after orgasm, gasping for breath, thinking that I was going to pass out, when he slowed to a crawl in his fucking. I was clinging to him gulping in all the air I could when I became aware of his low laughter in my ears. As soon as I regained my ability to focus and breath I found him still chuckling while looking me directly in the face. Kevin lowered his head to my ear and said, “ You like your nigger dick fast and hard, don’t you?” I weakly nodded and he smiled and began fucking me faster and harder again. It only seemed like moments went by before I felt another climax rip through my body and again, all I could do was clutch Kevin’s back as I bucked with pleasure beneath him. I wasn’t sure how much more of his fucking I could take. I was feeling faint again and was covered in sweat not to mention this huge black man driving me into the mattress passing his heat into me, but this was wonderful. Kevin had slowed his pace again but as soon as he saw that I had recovered he began again. This time I could tell that he was close to cumming too. I wanted to feel his huge rush of semen within my belly again and I asked him to fill me with his seed. He was now ramming himself into me, grunting each time that he bottomed out within my womb, I needed him to cum with me, I could feel my climax coming, so I whimpered to him as it hit me full force that I wanted his black seed. I don’t know if my words had any effect or if it was just his time but he shoved his cock deep within me, let out a loud-moaning grunt and shot his cum load into my stretched and very well fucked pussy. For just a few moments I thought that we had finished, but again, I was wrong.

Kevin lifted his body from mine and it felt like a truck had just driven off of my chest. I could breath so easily now and I could feel the air cooling my overheated sweat soaked body. I thought Kevin was going to get out of bed but he just turned around into as sixty-nine position, grabbed me but my hips and rolled me on top of him. I wasn’t sure at first what this was all about until he pushed my legs wide and folded them on either side of his body. His hands went to my ass and pulled my cum filled pussy down onto his mouth, licking and slurping as fast as he been fucking me. I squirmed on his face as he licked all the spots that made me squeal. I grabbed his cock and tried to suck it, but his expert licking made me cum before I ever even got a taste of his gooey cock. He clamped my pussy to his face and continued to thrash it with his tongue even as I was bucking wildly with my orgasm. My orgasm didn’t have a chance of fading away as his talented tongue brought me to another wild bucking climax. His grip loosened on my ass and I lifted my hips from his mouth. His voice boomed from underneath me “I don’t want to know how young you is, but you sure got some hot nasty pussy there”. I had moved myself clear of his upper torso and finally lifted his cock to my mouth and began to suck him as hard as I could. His hand pushed my mouth from him immediately and he just said “no more for you girl” and rolled over and sat up on the edge of the bed. I twisted around and slipped in beside him, instantly planting a wet cummy kiss on his cheek. He shook his head, turned to me, and said “girl you are too much, I have never seen any little sweet bitch take that much cock and still be smiling”. I beamed at him and said, “thank you baby, I loved your cock too”. We sat there for just a couple of minutes cooling down and when Kevin mentioned a shower I told him that this time, I wanted to wash his sweet black ass like he had washed me. He followed me smiling down the hall and into the shower.

After our shower we got dressed and I looked around for ray, but he wasn’t there. I offered to make Kevin breakfast but he said no, he would buy me my preference, a late lunch or early dinner. He said that 5:00pm was a bit late for eggs and bacon. I was a bit shocked at the time, but we had slept some and fucked a lot. I told him I was famished and wanted dinner, he smiled and said that’s what he was wanting too. He took me to this out of the way place to eat, it was in a rundown area of town and I knew why. It was because he was black, I was white and maybe, just maybe he didn’t want to be seen with me. I had learned a little bit about people the day before at the lake, so I figured Kevin was just taking precautions. We both had steaks, and I thought mine was great, but Kevin said his wasn’t worth shit. I noticed however that he had eaten every bit of it. We got back into his car and he asked for my address so he could drop me off. I gave it to him and away we went. On the way he opened his glove box and passed me a card, which had just his name and a phone number on it. He looked at me and told me that if I ever got up to Portland that he would like to see me again. I don’t know why, but I felt myself blushing bright red. He chuckled and said that he sure could think of some shit we could do there if I ever had the chance to get there. I told him that I would defiantly call him if I ever got there and went on to say that I had really enjoyed meeting him. He laughed again and said “ me too sweet meat, me too”. I had to tell him where to make the final turn and he pulled up to the curb. As I got out he bent over once more kissed me on the cheek and told me to call him.

I went into the house, stripped, started another load of laundry and took the dry stuff up stairs and put it away. In doing so I thought to my self, shit I do more laundry here than I do at home, then the nasty thought hit me that I didn’t come home with sperm between my legs at home either. That thought made me smile and I went back to my room and dropped of to sleep almost instantly.

I am unsure what I dreamed about during my sleep but when I awoke that afternoon, I woke up pissed off and sore as hell. My hips hurt way down deep like my joints had all been pulled apart, the muscles of my tummy hurt, my pussy area was of course tender and bright pink from the abuse it had taken, and for some reason it felt like I had a nail driven right in my back between my shoulders. I limped my way to the bathroom, started the water in the tub and sat on the commode to do my do.

The anger suddenly welled and overflowed from me making me sob like a small child. I realized that I was not pissed off so much at Ray and his friends who had used me like some kind of fuck toy to be used, then discarded. I was really, really pissed off at myself for letting it happen. I wiped my very tender parts (everything seemed tender) and slipped into the tub to attempt to soak out some of my pain but more importantly to wash some of my own smuttiness off.

I began to re-analyze all of my actions and thoughts from the second I stepped off that bus only a few days ago. I went through my words and actions, second by second from that time forward. Things began to slowly slip into place and I was confused as to why I hadn’t put them together that first night at the party. I had been a train wreck waiting to happen when I left home. I was lonely, miserable, pissed off at mom, and felt like no one gave a shit about me. Then I had been transformed into something resembling a swan by my cousin and dumped in a social situation where I had no experience. I could see it all now; I couldn’t really blame Ray for pouncing on me like a dog on a piece of fresh meat, because that is exactly what I was. He was handsome and charming, he treated me much better than any man before had ever treated me, and he said all the sweet things (at first) to make me feel like a star. I take it back, I do blame him too. He recognized me as naive and took full advantage of the situation, he had played my like a fiddle and I had let it all happen. I sat and thought and cried in the tub until I finally noticed that the water was becoming damn cold. I got out, dried off and sat back down on my bed.

As I leaned back I felt a rough spot on the sheet and turned and looked at it, it was semen, quite a bit of it dried in several little puddles on the bed. It had obviously leaked from my womb during my sleep these past few nights. My hand slid down my belly and I slipped a finger inside me then withdrew it. It was coated with semen, I bent forward and opened my self and saw that there was unmistakably lots of sperm within me. I jumped up and went to Sandra’s bathroom looking for some masingale douche without luck. Then it was off to aunt Sara’ and uncle Bill’s bathroom. What I found on the inside of the towel closet was an old-fashioned douche bag with a hose on it.

I grabbed it and went back to my bathroom, hanging it on the showerhead and climbing in before turning the water back on. I filled the bag with the warm water and figured out how to turn the flow on and off with this metal clip thing. It had a nozzle on it that was about six inches long with a tip that looked like a rose bud with holes drilled all over it. I leaned against the wall, inserted it fully to the little red hose and turned it on. I felt the warm water flowing into my semen filled uterus and watched as the bag slowly went limp as it filled me up. The nasty thought washed through my brain that the bag was just like their cocks; they went limp as they emptied into me too. As the water had flowed from the bag into me, some water had dribbled from my pussy but not nearly what I had just put in. I removed the nozzle and squatted right there in the tub and pushed, the water gushed from me onto the shower floor and headed for the drain. It carried with it large clumps of thick white sperm. I stood, refilled the bag and reinserted the nozzle; I was determined to cleanse those men from me. I went through the same procedure with better results, less semen was present in my discharge. I refilled the bag and did this ritual again a third time, just water squirted out of my pussy. I thought about doing it one more time just to make sure but decided not to, I needed to think and record my confusion in my ledger.

I dried off again, got dressed, stripped the bedding and headed for the laundry again. After getting the soiled sheets in the washer I went back up retrieved my diary and returned to the kitchen counter to eat and write. I nibbled on cold chicken from the fridge and wrote everything that I could remember down, adding more and more little details as they flowed to the top of my mind. When I was done I reread what I had recorded and was revolted, excited, and amazed, by my own words. On one hand I was still very upset with myself for this whole thing, yet I had written with my own hand how much I had “loved” this or that. I knew that I was still very fucked up mentally because of this, but I needed to find some answers. So I flipped back to the night of my deflowering and slowly reread every word that I had recorded since I arrived here.

It was if I were two separate people. What I had thought of as ME was shocked at my recorded attitude and actions. I would have never allowed men to violate me like that. I had always thought that girls who sucked cock were sick and that allowing any man to enter my anus was just completely out of the question. The list of violations went on and on in my good girl mind. Yet I had done these things not only willingly, but also with wild abandon. Yet I felt my pulse increase just reading my own words and reliving those events. I was confused about much, yet I knew now that Ray was the cause of most of my confusion.

He had “groomed” me for his own purposes. He had arranged for DJ to show up that first night now, of that I was sure now. He had lied and said it was just an accident, yet recalling what had actually happened was that he had purposely held my head and gagged me on his cock to allow DJ enough time to enter me and gain control of my hips. Then he had romanced me the next day, mildly checking if I would perform for him in a public area, and I did. I had to admit that fucking in public had excited me, I think because of the possibility of discovery. Then for the last act, he started off yesterday like it was just him and I, spontaneously having sex, then introducing one man after another into the mix until I had been reduced to nothing more than a party favor for him and his friends to use at will. And I had fallen for it all. I had to admit that the black son of a bitch was fucking good at this game. He had used me to his hearts content then passed me off to four other men. That number shocked me and excited me at the same time, five men in only three days.

I closed my diary and headed for the washer, I still had laundry to do, and a douche bag to be cleaned and returned, and Sandra and Eric were due back from their camping trip today sometime.


I started writing in my diary or my journal as I sometimes call it, when I was ten years old. I initially started out of loneliness, because I had few friends. This was because mom would not allow me to visit others homes, nor could they come to mine. So when I got home from school about my only options were do school work (I became an honor role student), read books (approved by mom), or write about daily events, my hopes and dreams, and my feelings about my life in general.
It was a form of therapy I guess that allowed me to vent my anger and frustrations in writing instead of just going crazy. As my first diary became full, mom refused to by me another so I resorted to using spiral bound notebooks under the excuse that I needed them for school. This became a safe way to keep my writing hidden, as mom never checked my schoolbooks or supplies for un-holy items. It just became habit to either spend and hour before bed or early in the morning recording a log of my daily events. I still do it today.
I have attempted to de-cipher my confused rambling to recreate an accurate record of this time in my life, I have not embellished any event, and I haven’t omitted any either (which was a recommendation of my husband).

This was the end of my three-day sex marathon. I will summarize days or weeks preceding my next sexual encounters, as I am sure that no one but myself cares about my day-to-day life when nothing happened.

My next attempt will be entitled, Falling Off The Wagon /pt4


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2009-07-17 03:23:42
I love you stories.
Its sad to say that there true.But i think it has made you into the person you are now.

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2008-08-22 18:50:49
I love your stories.Frigging sexy and warmingly passionate.
Makes me wet and finger-climaxing every time.


2007-07-08 18:48:13
it hurtz 2 hear dat but i've come 2 realize dat itz true. But the good newz is dat i havent fukked anyone or sukked anyone'z dick in a long time. Nikki do u think it is possible dat i could eva loose my smut reputation 4 good?


2007-07-08 17:17:28
Readin this story, ur actionz reminded me alot of ME. sukkin dickz Nd gettin fukked is wat i do 2. While these things are happenin, my mind is resistin but my body is goin along wit it, just as urs did. Then when i reflect on these thingz dat i have done, i cry, blame myself, blame the guyz for takin advantage of me, just as u did. i keepin tellin myself dat ill stop my sluttish wayz but when a guy approachez me itz a whole diffrent story. 2 some of da guyz in my neighborhood im known as a smut.


2007-04-10 00:07:14
oh fucking hot. I fingered myself to an orgasm three times reading this and need to get fucked real bad as I am still fucking horny and wet

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