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fucked hard
Part one

It was a golfing vacation. I was doing the golfing and my wife was along for the shopping. I love golfing and I don't know why I'm not better at it. Ever since I retired last spring I played almost every day yet I still stink. Judy, my wife, is a professional shopper. Apparently a natural talent because she doesn't practice all that much. She is the only woman I know who can spend all day shopping and buy nothing.

My name is James Kilgore. Jim or Jimmy to my friends. Butch to my wife of twenty-one years. We got married right after high school. I was nineteen and she was only eighteen.

I just turned forty and Judy is delaying the inevitable big 4-0. Too young to retire you say? Of course I am, but as luck would have it I managed to pull it off. Judy and I worked our asses off in my start-from-scratch printing business. Since Judy couldn't have children because of some off-the-wall childhood illness, both of us went at our business hard and put in some long mean hours. After three, maybe four years, we were making a scant living out of it. Then it got better. I landed, well Judy landed, a couple of big contracts and as they say, the rest is history. When I sold out there were fifty two employees in three cities. Judy and I made a pile of money out of the sale. Since I had to sign a no-compete contract and the only thing I know is printing, I retired and went into full time golf.

So there we were at Crimson Lake golf and shopping club. I had wanted to play the course for a long time and since there wasn't any reason why not, we loaded up and made the four hour trip.

Let me tell you a little about my wife. Judy was pretty when I married her. After twenty plus years she simply got beautiful. At thirty-nine she could pass for a twenty-five year old easily. She had a nice figure at eighteen but the years were kind to her and now she has a killer body. Tight butt and big tits that are actually round like big balloons . Her nipples are very sensitive. The most unusual thing about her is her face. When she smiles, which is often, she smiles with her whole face. Her eyes light up like Chinese lanterns and she makes me feel good just to see her.

Judy was a virgin when we started dating, but I soon took care of that aggravating piece of membrane. Third date in the back seat of my dad's Chevy. Judy proved to like sex even more than I did, I think. We didn't know it at the time but if she had been able to conceive, she would have been knocked up in no time. Most of the time I couldn't find rubbers or forgot to bring them. We screwed everywhere and a lot of places we shouldn't have. Neither of us had a lick of sense. We weren't very clever either. Her parents caught us, my parents caught us, and our minister's wife caught us. Probably there were others who caught us and didn't bother to say anything. I still remember the huge collective sigh of relief from the whole damned town when we got married.

Judy and I both were disappointed when we found out she couldn't have babies. The sadness was only slightly tempered by the fact that I could toss all the rubbers out and she could stop taking the pill. Also by that time we were up to our necks in the business. Most of the time we worked from sun-up to way past dark. Like I said the days were long and sometimes the hours were grueling and a lot of the time the only positive side was when the day finally was through we still had each other. If I don't feel bad about retiring at forty maybe that will explain it.

On our third day at Crimson Hills, Judy decided to let the shops cool off and she went with me to the golf course. She's never picked up a club, but she likes to walk along with me and bad-mouth my efforts. She's mentioned a few times that I maybe should consider fishing or hunting as a hobby. She is always good natured about her hazing so I most ignore her barbs and jabs. Besides it kinda stupid to get pissed at someone you're going to go to bed with later.

The fairway to hole number ten meanders along the shores of Crimson Lake. That was where the wheels started to come off the wagon that day. Judy mentioned that my divot went almost as far as the ball. While true, I didn't particularly want to hear that shit and I told her so. I sliced the next shot and the ball went way out into the lake. She mentioned something about taking up fishing again, and I called her a bitch. My next shot went even farther out into the lake and Judy, bless her evil and sadistic heart, laughed. Not that she hadn't been laughing all along, but that time it pissed me off. I let into her and hurt her feelings and she left to stroll along the lake shore. That suited me just fine because I didn't like the way she kept my score anyway. Silly woman wrote down every stroke and penalty stroke.

Eventually I finished number ten and went on to twelve. I don't like eleven so I skipped it. I lost four balls there the preceding two days. I waited and let a foursome play through. They were considerably faster than I. Dumb bastards didn't hardly use any of the fairway or the roughs either. Once I calculated that I walked at least three time more than the average golfer. It's a matter of different styles.

By the time I got to number fifteen it was getting dark so I called it a successful day and I went to look for Judy. She had enough time to get over being pissed at me. I bagged my state-of-the-art clubs and headed in to nineteen for a cold beer. Judy always meets me there when we've split up on the course. This time proved no exception except she was just coming to the clubhouse from the other direction.

"Hey pretty lady," I called. "You just getting in?" She waved and nodded. "Really? Where have you been all this time?" It had been two hours since she stalked off.

"Walking along the lake," she said when we got close. "I saw something," she added after looking around to make sure nobody was close.

"The monster of Crimson Lake?" I asked.

"Something like that. Buy me a drink and I'll tell you what I saw." I noticed her face was flushed, but I figured it was from her walk.

Inside I headed for the bar but Judy steered me to a table in back. I ordered her a screwdriver and me a beer and waited for her to tell me of her adventure. It would be an adventure because even a trip to the grocery store was an adventure for Judy.

"After I left you and your insults, I followed the golf trail for a little ways. When it veered away from the lake I cut across and found another path that followed the shore." She paused and took a long swallow of her vodka and orange. That in itself was strange because Judy usually uses a straw and makes her drink last through two or three of mine. I watched her and waited. One thing I've learned, Judy can't be hurried in her story telling. God knows I've tried often enough.

"I walked for about twenty minutes and came to a cove. You can't see it from anywhere on the golf course. Anyway, there was a boat in the cove. A big boat on floats."

"House boat?" I said.

"No, there wasn't any house on it. Just a flat surface with rails around it."

"Okay, do you want to buy one?"

"No. I mean, I don't think so. Shut-up and listen, Butch. There were people on the boat and they were doing it."

"Doing what? Oh, doing 'it'," I said, finally catching on. "Honey, it may come as a surprise to you, but we are not the only people who fuck."

"Are you deliberately trying to provoke me?" she snapped. "Of course I know other people do it. That's not the point."

"Sorry, Judy. What exactly is the point?"

"There were three people. Two men and a woman. They were doing her together and they were black men. She was white." Judy's voice had risen to just slightly above a shout. Several people from near-by tables and one couple from the pro shop stopped what they were doing to listen. Suddenly Judy realized she had gotten a bit loud. She finished her screwdriver and signaled for the server. She didn't have to wait long because the waitress was hovering close by. "There was three of them, Butch," she said in a much quieter tone after the waitress had left us. "That's what I'm trying to tell you, darn it."

"Okay, Judy. I got it. You happened up on some interracial group sex." Suddenly it struck me funny. I started laughing. "And you wanted everybody in the clubhouse to know the details." Fortunately for me, Judy saw the humor in it also. Pretty soon she was laughing with me. We finished our drinks and went to clean up and change for dinner.

Being married as long as we have been has given me a little insight into her moods. All during dinner I could tell that she had something on her mind. It was when we were finishing up our meal that Judy brought up the sighting again. She leaned toward me, keeping her voice low.

"Butch, you should have seen them. They were like animals. It was the wildest thing I ever have seen." I told her I could well imagine that it was a shock seeing it. Over the years, from time to time, I would pick up an adult video, but Judy always stoutly refused to watch them. She didn't mind if I did, but she refused every time.

"Not shock so much," she said. "At first I thought it was some sort of rape. I had my cell phone out and nearly dialed nine-one-one. When the woman started yelling for them to hurry know. She used the F-word a lot. Anyway, I knew it wasn't rape so I didn't call the police. The two black guys didn't let up on her for a single moment the whole time."

"My God, Judy," I said. "How long did you watch?" Judy didn't look at me. She got busy with her desert. I didn't press it, but I thought she must have watched a long time.

That night in bed, Judy was a wild woman. I thought she was going to kill me. I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression about my wife. Judy isn't exactly a prude. She had often demonstrated that she likes sex and a likes a lot of sex. Over the years we've done about everything that a man and a woman can do. Judy loves oral sex. Giving and receiving. Since my experience before Judy was limited to Dora May Collins, the high school doorknob, (everybody took a turn,) I don't have a great frame of reference. I do know that Judy was, and is, willing to do whatever I want. If I wanted her to suck me until I came, she was ready, willing, and able. In fact Judy could make herself come just from sucking me off and she always swallowed my cum.

We had been married about three years when we first tried anal sex. Judy liked it from the get-go and it became a regular part of our love making. She bought a cheap copy of the some book from India with all the positions clearly depicted. We tried all of them, some more than once. Some we liked and some were simply too much work for to little reward.

I would describe Judy as a modest woman. She never dresses sexy or flaunts her great figure. She had never worn a two piece bathing suit in her life and all of her dresses are chaste, for lack of a better word. She never swears and to my knowledge had never said 'fuck" out loud. She has never said anything to me when I cuss, but she doesn't. I'm telling you this so that you'll see how surprised I was. Judy was on her knees between my legs sucking my dick. She had me to the point where I was about to bust a nut when she stopped and looked me in the eye as she moved up on top of me.

"Stick that cock in my cunt and fuck the shit out of me," she said. If I hadn't been laying down, I would have fallen down. For a moment I thought someone else had spoken. Judy didn't give me any time to ponder it because she settled down on my dick and started fucking me. Again the expression "wild" comes to mind. She took me to a mind shattering climax and managed to come herself when I did. That wasn't the end of it. She gave me a few minutes to revive and she was on me again after making me eat her to an orgasm.

Later when the lights were off and Judy was breathing regularly, I did give it some thought. I didn't reach any startling conclusions, but I did know that whatever Judy saw on the float boat set her into high gear.

The rest of the time at Crimson lake, Judy spent a lot of time hovering along the lake shore and looking out over the water to no avail. We left on Friday morning and drove home. We were booked through Sunday but a bunch of professional assholes showed up to practice for an upcoming tournament. Show-off bastards got in my way.

On Saturday afternoon I got bored and went to the driving range to hit a few balls. In the stall next to mine was a young black man. I'd seen him around at the country club. He'd joined a couple of years ago. I didn't know him, more of a nodding acquaintance type thing.

"I hope you don't mind an observation," he said after I'd hit a few balls. "If you would keep your head down and follow through with the swing, you get more distance on the ball." I thanked him and took a swing at the ball and missed it completely. The next time I did try to keep my head down and I managed to hit the ball. It didn't go far but at lest I hit the damned thing. The next thing I knew he was beside me and pushing on my head and giving me some instruction. At first I resented it until I saw what he was telling me, was helping, so I kept my mouth shut.

By the time I finished the bucket I was knocking the shit out of the balls. I also knew he was Tony Allen and that he worked for the sheriff's office as an investigator. I didn't say anything, but I wondered how a deputy sheriff could afford the cost of joining the country club. None of my business, but we country club types are snobbish.

He learned, besides the fact that I couldn't hit a golf ball, that I was Jim and that I was retired. I saw his eyebrows raise slightly at that bit of news. He was probably wondering how a man of my age could retire. I didn't bother to elaborate.

Tony seemed like a nice guy and I offered to buy him a beer in payment for his help. We found a little pub, went in and got on the outside of a couple of cold beers. Over the first pitcher of beer, he managed to learn that I had sold my business and that was how I managed to retire so young. Of course from his young age I probably wasn't all that youthful.

I, on the other hand, didn't find out all that much about him. I did learn that he had been with the sheriff's department for three years and an investigator for just over a year. Over the second picture he heard all about my golfing trip to Crimson Lake. Again I learned squat. The man certainly knew how to keep his mouth shut about himself. About five o'clock I called Judy and asked her to join us. At first she didn't seemed all that excited about it. I told her I was with a young black man and we were getting hungry. She relented and told me to slow down on the beer and she would join us in a while.

Judy's 'while' turned out to be about an hour. When she approached our table Tony stood up. I would have but I wasn't sure I could stand. Going slow with the beer is something I'm not prone to do. I slurred an introduction from my sitting position.

"I'm certainly happy to meet you Mrs. Kilgore," Tony said taking her hand. "Jim told me that you were pretty, but be didn't do you justice." The slinky bastard even held her chair for her.

"Thank you Tony," Judy said giving him a big smile. "Please call me Judy. Butch, why didn't you do me justice?" I was still trying to think of an answer when she turned back to Tony and begun an interrogation. In just a few minutes she found out more about him than I had all afternoon. She discovered that he was an only child, that his parents had been killed in a airplane crash and that he had a lot of money saved from the settlement. She found out that he was attending college at night and working it around his schedule. She found out that he was single and didn't have a girlfriend at the moment. All shit that I was confident that I would have eventually found out. I used the slow methodical method. At least I knew how he could afford the country club.

Judy ordered her usual screwdriver and downed three pretty quick, telling us that she was way behind us and needed to catch up with us. Judy doesn't drink much but she can usually hold her liquor.

I'm told beer makes some people full. It makes me hungry. I saw the servers carrying food to people so I suggested that we order our dinner while we were there. My suggestion was well received and we ate at the pub. By the time we finished eating, we were, according to officer Tony Allen, fit to drive a motor vehicle on the streets of our fair city.

That evening was the first of many such get-togethers with Tony. He was easy to like, and we all got along well. He and I played a few rounds of golf. My game was improving under his tutelage, and once I almost broke par. Okay, that's a lie, but I got a lot closer than I ever had.

One evening in early spring, Tony invited us to go to a jazz club with him, after warning us that it would be mostly blacks there. Judy nor I have any race prejudice and Judy loves good jazz. Going into the heart of the black community was, however, a little scary, but being with an armed officer of the law seemed to offset that concern. So we went and enjoyed ourselves a lot. Except for one small disturbing thing that happened.

I had gone to the pissatoria ( that may be a made-up word) to get rid of some of the rented beer and when I returned I noticed that Tony and Judy had their heads close together in what looked like an intimate moment. I stopped and watched them a moment. In twenty-one years, Judy had never given me any reason to feel jealously. Not even for a second, yet the feeling of jealously rolled over me like a cold wave as I watched. It was there and then it was gone. Just like that. Curiosity replaced jealousy.

I was curious what they would look like together. I'm talking about really together. Man and woman doing what a man and a woman could do together. I shook the feeling off and joined them. I did notice that Tony released her hand when I approached. It wasn't a guilty thing. More like he just wanted to release her hand. They both were relaxed and calm. Calmer than I was anyway.

I spent a lot of time after that, fantasizing about Tony and Judy. In my mind I saw her sucking his black cock. I saw his cock in her pussy. I saw them in a variety of positions and in a variety of places.


One night, Tony was over for dinner. It was warmer and we were cooking out on the patio. While I'm thinking about it, where does it say that a man is supposed to cook outside? I've checked and that's bullshit. It don't say it anywhere. I appreciate that a woman may need a break from cooking, but order a pizza for pity sakes. Anyway, I went to the store to get more beer and when I came back Judy was even more red-faced that standing over the barbeque grill warranted.

"What's wrong with you?" I inquired.

"I accidentally walked in on Tony while he was using the bathroom," Judy said, her face glowing. "I thought he went upstairs but he...anyway, I charged in on him. I mean the door wasn't locked or anything. I didn't mean..."

"Judy, get over it," I admonished. "Accidents happen. No big deal."

"That's what you think," she said with an embarrassed giggle. "It was so a big deal. You wouldn't believe the size of his...thing. It was huge!"

"Sorry, Judy," Tony said coming out onto the patio. "I was in a hurry and forgot to lock the door." Judy soon got over her embarrassment and the night went on pleasantly.

Later that night when we were getting into bed I asked Judy how big was 'huge'. She held up her hands about two feet apart.

"No, I don't think so," I said laughing. "No man has a cock that big. Neither does a horse, for that matter. Try again."

"Oh, Butch, I don't know," she said with a laugh. "Bigger than anything I ever saw. He was holding it with both hands. At least a foot long." I went to the desk and got a ruler and held it up for her to see. She took the ruler and studied it for a few moments and she revised her estimate by several inches which still put the man several inches ahead of me. "Big around, too," she added. Even bigger than the guys on the pontoon boat?"

"Yeah, maybe. I didn't get very close to them. I wasn't but three feet from Tony." One of her big magnificent breasts had slipped out of her nightgown. The nipple was standing up like a little soldier at attention.

"You never actually said, Judy. How long did you watch them? The people on the boat, I mean."

"Until they left," she admitted, her face turning pink. "I had a good hiding place so I watched it all. Was that terrible of me?"

"No, I don't think so. I would have done the same thing. What all did they do?"

"My God, Butch, everything! They did her in every conceivable position and they took turns with her. Then they both did her. I still don't know how they did that." She kicked the covers off and set up in the bed. "One of them lay on his back and she got up on him and put his...thingy in her. Then the other guy put his thing in her and while she was yelling her head off they did it to her.

"Hard to tell that story and not used the words, 'fuck' and 'cock', isn't it?" I asked laughing. "I'd guess that one had his cock in her ass and the other one had his in her pussy. Maybe both were in her pussy. So you think she liked it?"

"She must have loved it from all the carrying on she was doing," Judy said laughing. "Kept telling them know, do her."

"Say it, Judy," I said sliding down beside her and taking her exposed boob in my hand. "You can say it. Fuck...say fuck, Judy. You did that night. You told me to stick my cock in your cunt and fuck you."

"I did no such thing!" she said giggling. "I can say it. I just don't want to. It just sounds so...nasty." She had my dick out of my boxers and was stroking it. "And I've never said cunt in my life." Realizing she had just said it, sent her into a gale of laughter. I pulled her gown up and put my finger in her pussy. She was sopping wet. The moment I touched her clit the laughter stopped. "Oh, baby, that feels good.

I quickly brought her to a short orgasm and kept working her sloppy cunt until she was going again. I became bold.

"You know what you need? You need Tony's big black cock in your little white cunt. You need to feel that big ol' cock spread your pussy open for you. You need to sit on his big cock and let me fuck your ass while he fucks your pussy. You'd like that wouldn't you?" She closed her eyes and hunched back at my probing fingers. I had two fingers deep in her cunt. "Wouldn't you, Judy? Wouldn't you like his big fat cock in you right now?"

"Ohhh God," she moaned. "Oh God, Butch!"

"Tell me Judy," I insisted, my cock so hard I thought it would shatter. "Tell me what you want.

"I...I...Oh God! I want...his...big black...cock in my pussy! Fuck me Butch! Put your cock in and fuck me, damn you!" An offer I couldn't refuse. I quickly got rid of my shorts and mounted her. I plowed into her and she wailed as she came. I tried to pace myself because I didn't want this to end too quickly. "My ass, Butch," she said gasping for breath. "Put it in my ass and fuck me. Hurry, dear!" I used her own moisture to lube her butt and I started to slowly ease my cock in her. She was having none of that. She bucked up hard sending my cock all the way into her ass. She screamed when I bottomed out and she went into a series of orgasms. She did that sometimes when she was really hot and excited and when I was doing everything just right. I could feel her stomach muscles rolling and she was jerking hard. It was more than I could stand. I shot off into her bowels. We lay in that position until my soft cock fell out of her still clutching ass.

Judy wasn't through with me. She gave me a few minutes to recharge and we went at it again. Twice was semi-normal for us, but Judy managed to get me to rise to the occasion a third time. During that time she must have said 'fuck' a hundred times. 'Cock', 'pussy and 'cunt' also were used. When she was finally sated, I managed to get up and go get her a warm wet washcloth to clean up with. Later after the lights were out she asked me if it was good for me, too.

"I'm not speaking to you, you nasty mouth slut," I said rolling over away from her. I felt the bed shaking from her silent laughter.

"Good night...asshole," she said softly. "I love you."


I woke up to the smell of bacon frying. I honestly don't think there is anything that smells as good as that. To me it's ever better that the smell of a new car and that my friends is pretty damned good. I lay in bed a few minutes thinking about the night before. Over the years, Judy and I have always had good sex. Last night's was the best in a long, long time. Judy was sizzling hot and so was I, come to think of it. I knew it was taking about black cock that did the trick. I wondered where it would go.

"Get up, you lazy smiling goof," Judy said from the door. "Breakfast in ten minutes and Tony is down stairs waiting on you."

I looked at the clock. "Why is he here so early?" I grunted heaving myself out of bed mildly surprised that I had developed a boner.

"And a good morning to you, little Butch," Judy said to my hard-on and laughing. "He said something about you two going computer shopping." Yeah, I remembered talking about that. My computer was over five years old and Tony insisted that it was hopelessly out of date.

"Okay, give me a few minutes and I'll be down. Feed him something and keep your hands off him." She left laughing.

After three hours of agonizing shopping, Tony was setting my new high dollar computer up. According to him I could splash around the internet with ease and speed that was unbelievable. Surf the internet, not splash. I'll never get the jargon down and I'm not sure I even want to.

"So what can this machine do that the old one couldn't?" Judy asked as Tony fired the thing up.

"Now that you are connected to the internet by cable modem Jim can do everything faster," Tony answered. I bought the cable package some time ago. I had no idea the internet was included.

"I don't want him any faster," Judy said with a straight face. "Can it slow him down any?" Oh my God! My straight-laced wife just cracked a sexually joke of sorts. Tony laughed loudly. I think her wisecrack was a surprise to him also.

"Seriously there is a lot of great stuff out there in cyber space," Tony said. "Everything you can think of and a whole lot you'd never think of."

"Porno?" I asked. "I heard there was a lot of that on the internet."

"More than you can shake a stick at," Tony said.

"What kind of porno?" Judy asked. "And why shake his stick at it?" Was that another sexual funny?

"Every kind," Tony replied.

"For example?" she insisted.

"Men with women, men with men, women with women, group sex, sex between humans and animals. You name it and it's out there. Pictures and video clips, chat rooms and everything like it."

"What's a chat room?" Judy asked. He explained it was places where people talked about various subjects. When Judy asked him why anyone would want to do that he told her that because there was some anonymity on the internet people often felt like they could say things they normally wouldn't say.

"Like going to a priest or therapist who are bound by a law of confidentiality. Chat rooms is where they let it all hang out. Instead of a rule of confidence, you don't care if your conversation is repeated because they don't know who you are," he went on to say.

"Back to the porn," I said. "I don't want to talk about it, I want to see it. Find me some porn, man."

"Here you go," Tony said a few seconds later. "Porn heaven." He got up and let me sit down in front of my new twenty-four inch flat screen monitor.

"My God! What are they doing?" Judy demanded hovering over my shoulder. It was a close up photo of a woman with a big cock in her.

"Fucking," Tony and I said at the same time. "We could use a cold beer," I added.

"Okay sweetie, get me one while you're up," my little wife said. It didn't escape me that she hadn't even blinked at our use of the word "fuck". I surrendered my seat and went for the brew. When I came back Tony was showing her how to follow the links to other porn sites. I didn't realize it at the time but we had created a monster. Not a bad or mean monster, but a monster none the less. The rest of the morning was spent fighting over the chair in front of the monitor.

Judy finally gave up her seat and went to fix lunch for Tony and I. I wondered about Judy's apparent interest in porno. Or was it because of the close proximity of Tony Allen? Something had her all bubbly and more upbeat than normal.

"When are you going to get your pool ready for summer?" Tony ask me looking out of the patio door at the covered swimming pool.

"Any day now," I answered. "Are there any interracial porno places on this thing? WWW dot hairpie dot com has proved disappointing." He turned and looked at me with a strange expression on his face.

"Interracial? As in people of different races fucking? Like black women and white men?"

"I was thinking more about black men and white women, but you're on the right track."

"Is that something that interests you?" he said coming to where I sat. "Hell, there are thousands of interracial sites. I have to admit I'm a little surprised."

"Judy happened to see some group interracial sex when we were at Crimson Lake," I said. "Got her interested." I watched the reflection of his face in the monitor. Surprise seemed to be the strongest expression. I turned the computer off and got up. "Let's take a walk, Tony," I said.

"Look, Jim," Tony said when we got outside. "I know that Judy and I have been doing some harmless flirting. Are you pissed at me?" I assured him that I wasn't mad at him. I gave him the details of what Judy saw on the pontoon boat and how things had taken a major shift in our bedroom activities.

"I don't know where it's headed," I said. "I'm not even sure what 'it' is." Tony and I walked around the half empty pool in silence for a few minutes. He appeared to be deep in thought. Judy called us to come eat before the subject could be brought up again.

"Hey, guys," he said as he was leaving to go to work. "I have a couple of disks I want you to see. I'll drop them off in a little while after I check in at headquarters. "You might find them interesting."

"Movies?" Judy asked.

"Yes, more or less," Tony said. "Adult type. Very adult. I'll see you later. Enjoy your new computer and I'll help you get the pool ready this weekend, Jim. I'll be off duty."

"What made him think we would be interested in adult movies?" Judy asked as Tony drove off.

"Maybe the fact that you left drool all over the keyboard," I said lightly punching her shoulder. "If you go out shopping we need some more beer. Some snack food wouldn't hurt either."

"Yes it would," she said. "That stuff you cram in your mouth is going to kill you. I'll get the beer and some fruit." I didn't argue about it. I knew it was a no-win deal. I could always pick up pretzels and chips at the little store down the street. Fruit my ass! Beer and apples? Give me a break!

Tony came by after dinner and dropped off a couple of DVDs. He told us he meant to come earlier but got tied up in a robbery/homicide case. He didn't stay but a few minutes and then he was gone. I took the disks up to our room and put them on the player.

I had actually forgot about the disks until we were ready for bed. While Judy was finishing up in the bathroom I put one in and turned on the TV. By the time Judy had come out of the bath it was getting to the good parts. She glanced at the screen and flopped down on the bed. She was wearing an over-size tee-shirt that barely covered her butt. This was where she usually got a book or turned over on her side and went to sleep.

"Why did you start without me?" she asked. "Wow, they are big aren't they?" She was referring to the two black men who were in the act of undressing a small blonde woman. The two men fucked the blonde in about everyway imaginable. There was a lot of moaning and groaning that sounded fake to me.

The movie had little plot but was chocked full of sex. I was surprised that Judy watched every bit of the thirty or so minutes of it. She watched it intently and without comment.

"Want to see what the other one is?" I asked her. She said why not and I changed the disks.

The second disk started out like a documentary. It showed a white woman walking along the shore of a large pond. I recognized it as the one on the big park downtown. It was obviously taken in winter. The camera came in on her slowly until her face framed the screen.

"My name is Mary," the pretty woman said. I guessed her age somewhere in her late thirties, but I could be off as much as five years. She had short reddish hair. "I'm a slut for black cock. I have three black men that fuck me regularity and sometimes they loan me to their friends for sex. I quit my job so that I could be their around-the-clock slut. I live to be fucked by big black cocks. I'm on the way to meet them now. Come along and watch me get black fucked." The scene faded and came back inside a building. A bedroom to be exact. This movie didn't have the same slick finish that the other one did. There was no apparent attempt to be professional. The camera jiggled and the sound wasn't very good This was more of the homemade variety.

Mary was wearing a garter with hose and heels and nothing else except a big smile. She was standing in front of two naked black men sitting on a couch. Both men were middle age or older. One of the men told her to dance for them. Mary complied and begun a dance. She wasn't a smooth dancer, but it didn't matter. The camera jiggled and bounced around until the cameraman was behind the couch. Mary had medium size tits but she made them sway and bounce as she gyrated around.

"Need some head, bitch," one of the men said. "Get your skanky ass over here and suck my cock." Mary dropped to her knees and took the man's cock and lowered her head and sucked him.

"She fuckin' good ain't she?" the other man said. "Whore sucks a mean cock. Got a fine cunt, too. I'm goina fuck her while she blows you." The camera zoomed back and we saw the man get up and get behind Mary. "Lift your ass, whore," he demanded. Mary did as she was told to do and the man rammed his stiff cock in her, causing her to grunt from the force. The black man fucked her from behind for several minutes then suddenly he withdrew his cock from her pussy and crammed it in her ass. Mary squealed loudly causing both men to laugh. "Get your fuckin' mouth back on Pony's cock, you worthless white slut," the man who was fucking her ass said.

"Since you ain't using her cunt, I'll take some of that," the man identified as Pony said.

The other man, his cock still embedded in her butt, picked Mary up and spread her legs, holding her open for Pony. Pony got up and shoved his cock in Mary's pussy. She was sandwiched between the two men. A little bit of white between two black hulks. I glanced over at Judy and she was making circles around her nipples with her finger through the shirt. I leaned over and pulled the shirt over her head. She was breathing heavy and her eyes remained fixed on the TV. For the next half hour the two men fucked Mary. One at a time and two at a time. They fucked her ass and pussy and just as the movie ended they both had their cocks in her pussy and she was yelling for them to fuck her. The show ended with a close up of a cum splattered Mary. She was smiling and licking the cum from her lips.

"Wow, that was...something," Judy said. She had both of her nipples in her fingers, lightly tugging on them. I agreed it was indeed something. I got between her thighs and started eating her steaming pussy. Me eating her was usually something she would let me do for hours but I felt her pulling on my head. "Fuck me, Butch. Get in me and fuck me hard. Make me come like they made Mary come." I told her that I would do my best but that I didn't have a black cock. "Your cock will do. Fuck me! Do it now!" I told her I would do my best. Actually I made myself proud. I took her to several big orgasms before I shot my load in her. I went to sleep with my cock still in her and woke up the same way. Neither of us had any energy left to move during the night.

We didn't see Tony for the next few days. He called once and talked to Judy. He told her that a case he had been working on was about to break but that he would see us on Saturday to help get the pool ready.

Both Judy and I watched Mary's disk several times during that time. Once I walked in the bedroom and Judy had two fingers in her pussy and was watching Mary get hosed. She looked up at me and smiled as I went through the room. It was the first time I had ever found her masturbating without me. I liked the new and improved Judy.


Tony arrived bright and early on Saturday. He reported that the case went well and the bad guys had been put in jail briefly.

"Bastards were out on bail before we got all the paper work done," he said with a forced grin. We divided the work between he and I. Tony scooped out the leaves and trash that had gotten under the cover. I had started running water into the pool on Friday night so it was nearly full. I got the filter ready and by noon the water was being cleaned and sanitized for use. It was a warm day and both Tony and I had stripped down to just shorts. I kidded him about working on his tan.

"Hey you morons," Judy said bringing us a beer. "You'll get a sunburn if you don't get some blocker on." She smeared me with a liberal amount of sun screen and turned to Tony. "You're next big boy." She spent a lot of time making sure every square inch of his exposed skin was covered. I watched as she rubbed the goop on his hard dark body.

"Don't forget to remind me to give you your disks back," I said as Judy rubbed him. Damn, I was getting hard just watching them.

"Did you like them?" Tony asked.

"Yeah," I said. "Especially the one with Mary. It wasn't as well done as the other one but it was sure hot."

"Keep it," he said turning so that Judy could put some more on his chest. "I have a couple more like that. They are low budget stuff done locally. I know a guy that knows a guy and he gets them for me. You liked it huh? What about you, Judy? Did you like it?" She nodded, not looking at him. Her face was pinkish and not from the sun. "Her real name is Beth Adams," he said

"You know her?" Judy asked. Tony grinned and nodded. "You know her?" Judy repeated.

"Yes I know her. I arrested her a couple years back for procession of a controlled substance. Beth is a hoot. She wanted to settle out of court, but I was young and dedicated to duty. I busted her and she beat my socks off in court. She got Trip Washington as her lawyer and they walked all over my ass." He added laughing. "I should have settled out of court like she suggested."

"What's she like?" Judy asked. She was still rubbing sun blocker on him. Actually it was more like stroking than rubbing.

"Oh, Beth is nice enough," Tony said. "I run across her every once in a while. She's married to a school teacher. They live out in the other side of town in a fancy suburb. Beth supplements hubby's income a lot, I suppose."

"She's married and still makes...those movies? Does her husband know?" Judy realized that she had rubbed Tony enough and put the cap back on the blocker.

"Sure he knows," Tony said. "He's the one that turned her out. Well he and Trip Washington. She works part time for Trip, I hear."

"What does that mean? Turned her out?" Judy asked. When Judy turned back toward me I saw that she wasn't wearing a bra under her white sleeveless shirt. Her nipples were standing out plainly. A braless Judy? Interesting.

"I don't know the details. Apparently her husband wanted her to get out of the house and do things. He insisted she get a job and..." he laughed. "Apparently she did. So, when is the pool going to be ready to use?"
By tomorrow," I answered. "Be cold as hell but the water will be clean. Now that's funny. I said cold as hell and hell is supposed to be hot. Anyway, it will shrivel your balls right now. If it stays warm it will be right by mid-week."

"Our language is funny," Tony said. "We park in a driveway and drive on a parkway."

"A building burns up as it burns down," Judy said.

"Which brings up the question...How does a fool and his money get together in the first place?" I asked.

"Can you yell 'Movie!' in a firehouse?" Tony asked. "If I arrest a mime, do I have to tell him he has the right to remain silent?"

"How come there aren't any 'B' batteries?" Judy asked. "And another thing. Why do black olives come in cans and green olives come in jars. Lunch is ready. I'll bring it out to you smart-asses." Judy was getting to be a regular potty-mouth.

"Where do I know that name...Trip Washington?" I asked Tony. We were sitting under an umbrella eating our sandwiches.

"Trip was the first black lawyer in this area. He's older than dirt but apparently still knows how to satisfy the ladies. Also he was a city judge for a while. He got voted out of office because they thought he was soft on blacks."

"Was he?" Judy asked.

"Maybe a little," Tony said. "If there was a break to be had for a black defendant, Trip gave it to them. I have a little of the same trouble. I find it hard to come down too hard on my own race. Not for real criminals. I bust them regardless of skin color. Mickey Mouse shit I can let slide regardless of color. They wanted me to work vice but I wasn't any good at it. Prostitution in most cases is a victimless crime. I'm not talking about forced prostitution or pimps using kids. That's too rank even for a softy like me. I resented being an undercover man to catch working whores. When the brass realized I was making sure the ladies saw my badge they transferred my black ass to another department." He laughed. "Everybody was happier that way."

"When you go out to get more beer, you can go by your place and get the disks you said you had," I said. "You were planning on getting more beer weren't you?"

"Is it my turn?" he asked innocently.

"You got a piss-pot full of money and to my knowledge you have never bought the first beer. Hell yeah, it's your turn," I answered.

"Play nice, boys or I'll send you to your room." Judy said smoothly. "Here's one for you to think about. If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?"

"Cause love ain't blind," I said "It's got twenty-twenty vision. Now here's one for you my dear. What happens to an eighteen hour bra after eighteen hours?

"That's an easy one," Judy said. "Long before eighteen hours that thing start's to dig and gouge like crazy. That's why I'm not wearing any bra."

"Live free or die," Tony said. "Don't think I don't appreciate it, too. Do you really want me to bring the disks?"

"If it's not too much trouble," Judy said getting up. "Oh fuck it. Get them even if it's a lot of trouble. Butch, why don't we have a hot tub?" I didn't know the answer to that question. I was still reeling from what she said. "Fuck it," she said, right out loud.

Tony left on his mission and Judy was in the kitchen. I remained on the patio thinking. I wondered where the relationship was going. I wondered if I really wanted it to go anywhere at all. Did I want my sweet little wife to become a 'hot' wife? Then there was the supreme question. Did I want Tony to fuck Judy? Part of me said 'no way' but the larger, more vocal part of me said 'oh hell yeah'!

"You must really be glad to see me," Judy's voice said beside me. I hadn't heard her come out. "At least that bulge in your shorts says so. What were you thinking about?"

"You," I answered honestly.

"Always nice to hear," Judy said sitting down across the table from me. "What else?"

"You and Tony," I answered. "I don't mean separately. You and Tony together. I have to confess, Judy, I've fantasized about you two a lot lately." She didn't answer for a few moments.

"I guess I've done my share of fantasying, too," she said. "In fact, ever since that day at Crimson Lake I've thought a lot about black men. Then I saw Tony in the bathroom that day and he's been on my mind a lot lately. Not that I'd ever act on my fantasies."

"Why not?" I asked.

"For one thing, I'm married to you. For another thing, Tony is young enough to be my child."

"I suppose there's some truth to that. If you had gotten knocked up when you were fourteen, he could be. And yes, you are my wife and I love you more than life itself. What if I said I wanted you to fuck Tony? What if I told you that I wanted to watch you take his big black cock in your white pussy? What if I said I wanted you to get black fucked like Mary did on the disk? What if I told you I wanted to fuck your ass while Tony fucked your cunt? What if I said I wanted you to suck his cock while I fucked you?" Judy stared at me a moment without responding.

"I guess I have to say you were one sick pervert," Judy said softly. She smiled at my shocked expression. "And I would have to say that I must be another sick pervert for wanting to do it." Since there didn't seem to be anything to say to that, I kept quiet. Neither of us said anything until we heard the car door slam in front.

"Tell me, Butch," Judy said. "Do you really want it to happen? Do you really want me to fuck Tony?"

"Only if you are okay with it," I answered. "Only if you can do it and be all right with it."

"God help me, I have to try it," she said getting to her feet. "I want to know what it feels like. I'm not in love with Tony. You have to know that. This thing has been eating at me since Crimson Lake. I want to have black cock and Tony is handy. How's it going to happen?"

"We'll play it by ear," I said. "Let's just see what happens." Tony came out onto the patio a few minutes later.

"I put the beer away," he said. "I put the disks on the TV in the den. What's up? You both look so...serious?" Judy went by him, patting him on the arm.

"Some things are serious, Tony. I'll see you guys in a few minutes. I'm going to change. Let's watch the disks on the big TV in the den."

"What's up, Jim," Tony said. "Something going on?"

"Yeah, I guess," I said. "Tony, we're good friends aren't we?"

"Yeah, sure we are," he answered looking puzzled. I took a deep breath.

"Okay we're going to watch the disks with you. Me, Judy and you. Do what comes natural. You understand what I trying to say?"

"I think so. You're saying whatever happens, happens. Are you good with that? Is Judy?"

"Yeah, Tony, we're both fine with it. More than fine. We want it to happen. I want you to fuck my wife. Is that plain enough?"

"Yeah, plain enough, Jim. The only thing is I don't want things to get weird between us. I really like you guys."

"Well, we'll just have to see that things don't get weird won't we?" I said "Let's go in and get started."

Judy came in the den just as we got there. She was wearing her oversize tee-shirt and it was plain to see, nothing else underneath. She had refreshed her makeup and she looked as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

"Two of the disks are yours to keep. The other one is a collector's item. It's the first movie that Beth Adams made. It also has Trip Washington in it. One of a kind. Which one do you want to see first?"

"The first one," Judy answered. "Let's see how she got started." There was an electric atmosphere in the room. Sexual tension so thick you could almost feel it.

The movie opened with the woman we knew as Mary being led into a room by an older black man. Tony identified him as Trip Washington and the two black men waiting as Curley Wilson, a pimp, and Monroe Bradford, owner and operator of a local strip joint. Old cronies of Trip Washington.

"The three of them had been screwing Beth for several months when this tape was made. The disk was cut from a video tape," Tony informed us.

Washington left the woman and joined the two seated men. Mary, or Beth, was told to strip. She did so without hesitation. When she stood naked before the three black men she struck a pose.

"Now exactly what do you guys have on your mind," she asked.

"Some of that white gash," one of the men said. "How about you, Beth? What do you want? Some black love meat?" She answered the question by dropping down in front of the man in the middle. She took his black cock in her mouth and the other cocks in her hand. From that point it was a fuck-a-thon. She took them one at a time and two at a time and finally all three of them were in her. Mouth, ass and pussy.

I glanced at Judy as she watched the screen. She was breathing hard as was Tony. Me, too, as a matter of fact. It was a steamy show mainly because none of them were actors. It was real. Three old black men fucking the shit out of one white woman and she was loving it.

"Damn," Tony muttered from the other side of Judy. All of us were on the sofa with Judy in the middle. I asked him what was wrong. "Shorts are too tight," he answered rising up to rearrange his cock. Judy giggled. I looked at her chest and saw that her nipples were poking out through the shirt. I reached over and took one and rolled it between my thumb and forefinger. Her breath quickened and she moaned softly and smiled at me. I knew we were right on track.

I slipped one hand under her shirt and grabbed the near breast. Her nipples what as hard as stone. I lifted the shirt until both breasts were exposed.

"What do you think of her tits, Tony?" I asked

"Every bit as beautiful as I imagined they would be," he answered his voice husky.

"They feel great, too. See for yourself." I saw his black hand come around and cup the boob closest to him. Judy was nearly gasping for breath. The TV was all but forgotten now that there was something a lot more interesting at hand. Tony had one of Judy's big globes in his hand and I had the other. I don't think I really thought it would happen until that moment. With his free hand Tony got his shorts unbuttoned and his cock sprang free. Judy had been right. I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it. She was off by several inches on her wild estimate. Closer to nine inches and it was, as she said, very thick. Our young friend sported a huge chunk of dark meat.

Tony took Judy's hand and put it on his cock. Her hand looked so small and so white by comparison. At first she just held his cock but after a few moments her hand started to move, stroking it. I heard a soft moan escape from Tony.

Time seemed to slow down for me. Everything moved in slow motion and sounds and colors were muted. It was like I was seeing things through some sort of filter. For a moment or so I though I might be having a stroke or something.

My whole body was numb except for my cock which was throbbing so bad I was afraid I had damaged it somehow. In that weird slow motion I saw my wife lean over and lean down to take Tony's cock in her mouth. She had to stretch her jaws wide to take it in, but she managed. Her head began to bob up and down and I heard Tony's low groan.

Suddenly I was standing. I have no recollection of thinking about standing or making any effort to stand, but I was standing looking down at my white wife of twenty-one years sucking another man's cock. A big black cock.

The whole thing was like a film strip with some of the frames missing. Events jumped around. I saw Tony lifting Judy up and positioning her over his jutting hard black cock and I saw her slowly descending down to his hard manhood. Just as her pussy touched his cock everything suddenly leaped back into focus and real time. Sounds were normal, colors became vivid again. Judy's moans, as she slid down onto Tony's black cock, were loud and clear.

I got on my knees close to them so that I could see his huge massive meat push into her. I could smell and even taste the heat coming from their sex organs. It took several moments for Judy to get all of Tony in her and when her butt was resting on his legs she went absolutely still. I could hear her sobbing to get a good breath.

After about three minutes she twitched, then jerked a little and started to rise up. She lifted herself up a few inches and back down. She did it again, paused a moment and did it again. After a few minutes she was getting braver on Tony's cock. Now each time she was going a little higher.

"Oh my God, Sweet Judy!" Tony said. "You can not believe how many time I have fucked you in my fantasies. Or how many times my cock has been in your pussy in my mind."

"Yes, I can believe how many," Judy gasped, her voice ragged. "I've fantasized about this for months, but the reality is so fucking much better." She began to rise farther and fall back faster now. Tony had his hand under her butt cheeks helping her to lift up. Gravity took her back down on his coal black rod. Each time she went up his cock pulled part of her pussy out like a shirt sleeve. Judy was huffing like a steam engine and I knew she was about to have an orgasm. When she did, it must have been a mind shattering deal. What started out as a squeak turned into a loud shrill scream.

Tony let her savor the orgasm for a moment then he turned her around on the sofa on her knees, her head hanging over the back.

"That's it big boy," Judy said. "Stick that cock in me and fuck me! Pound it in me! " He did as she ordered causing her to groan loudly. I went around and put my cock to her lips. She greedily took me in her mouth. I tried to hold back but it was no use. I shot off in her mouth without warning her, but she swallowed my cum and kept sucking.

From the couch we went to the carpeted floor. From the floor we went to the bed. For the next two hours Judy had at least one cock in her at all times. I discovered that double fucking a woman presents some logistical problems. We finally managed after a couple of false starts. Me in her ass and Tony fucking her cunt. Judy went ballistic during that session. She turned the air blue with her obscene talk. It was a wild and crazy turn-on for me to finally see my wife let go. We took a break somewhere around four o'clock that afternoon. Tony and I put some left-overs together while Judy showered. None of us bothered to dress. After we ate we went back to the bedroom and started all over again.

Sometime during that session and while Tony was butt fucking Judy, I lay beside them on the bed. I toyed with Judy's swinging tits while Tony pounded her ass.

"Honey, do we really want a hot tub?" I asked. Judy had her eyes close relishing the fucking she was getting. Her eyes flew open and she managed to focus on me.

"What?" she asked. "What did you say?"

"You mentioned a hot tub earlier. I asked if we really wanted alone."

"Butch, you nut," she said laughing. "I'm in the middle of something. Can't it wait until we get through?"

"I guess," I said pushing my head under her to bite her nipple. "I thought it was important."

"No, getting fucked is important," Judy said. "Getting my ass fucked important. Shut up, dammit! Do something constructive like sucking my nipples."

"A hot tub is sure nice," Tony said. "Be nice to relax after a hot session of fucking."

"You shut up, too," Judy said unable to keep from laughing. "You just keep doing what you're doing."

I've done some photography as a part of my printing business and I kept one of the camera. It's a low end digital. I got several shots of Tony and Judy. My favorite is one with Judy laying with her legs spread and a thick glop of cum coming out of her red and swollen pussy. Tony's semi-limp dick is laying across her lower face, but didn't hide her smile of contentment. I'm going to have in enlarged to poster size and hang it in the bedroom.

That afternoon and night and morning was the beginning of a summer of passion. Tony was at our house more often than not. Also more often then not his cock was in one of my wife's holes. How did I feel about it? Great! Judy was careful to sooth my fragile male ego. At no time did she make me feel inferior. At no time did she make me feel like a cuckold husband. I was the alpha male and I was sharing my wife with a friend who happened to be black. For some odd reason I feel that kissing is more intimate than fucking. Yeah, I know. I said it was odd. Anyway, I didn't feel any jealousy when Tony and Judy kissed, which they did often.

I was getting used to my brand new and now out-dated computer. According to what I read, my state-of-the-art machine was obsolete before Tony and I got it out of the store. I've learned you can chase technology but you can't catch it. God bless America! Anyway, I researched the subject of husbands who share their wives. The successful cases were the ones where the wife was smart enough to make sure her husband's ego was left in tact or even made larger. Judy was a whiz at ego building, so it worked for us.

The neighbors were curious about the black dude that came and went at all hours of the day or night. The old bat next door nearly shit when I told her that Tony was our adopted son. You could almost see her trying to calculate how much her house had been devalued. Silly old bitch. Judy handled the questions better than I did. She simply ignored them.

One funny incident that happened was when Tony's partner came to pick him up. Judy let the man, Harry, in and we were on the patio chatting while Tony finished getting dressed.

Harry was one of those black men who was really black. Crow's wing black. When Tony came down from the room that he used, Judy, as she always did, told him to be careful. Tony, as he always did, gave her a goodbye kiss on the lips. I was watching Harry when that took place. Harry looked like he was going to shit. Tony, when he realized what he had done, also looked like he was going to shit his pants. Judy just laughed and walked them out the front door.

Other than Tony fucking my wife there were other changes, too. For one, Judy discovered on-line shopping. She bought a high priced bikini that was nothing more than three wisps of sheer material. The top didn't even manage to cover her areolas and if she hadn't had her pubic hair removed, it would have shown. Not that Tony or I didn't approve of her new suit. She also started dressing less like a middle age lady and started dressing like the blooming sexual creature she had become. Even the bagboy at the store gawked at her.

And there was sex all the time. Morning, noon, and night. Even during Judy's "off" days there was sex. Blowjobs and hand jobs aplenty. It was a summer of fucking and we owed it all to Crimson Lake. Judy and I have never gone back to Crimson Lake. It wouldn't be the same anyway. Best left in the fond memory category.

The End of Part One

Crimson Lake, part two


From driving past our house you wouldn't know that there was something going on. Something that flew in the face of what society deems normal or acceptable. Nothing about the outside indicated that illicit sex and lot's of it was going on. Almost every day and sometimes all day. It was simply an upscale house in an upscale neighborhood.

Tony asked if he could have a Fourth of July swim party. Of course Judy and I agreed. It was mostly people he worked with and the people they invited. Judy got busy and helped him plan it. I stayed out of the way as best I could.

For something planed out and written down, it took a lot of trips to the store. There was a run for beer and booze. A trip to get food and I swear five trips to get things forgotten on the other trips. I even amazed myself how busy I could look doing nothing of any importance. After a while Tony and Judy gave up on trying to get me involved. My main job was to make sure the pool was clean and ready for a lot of strangers to piss in. I kept the weed-whacker handy by my lounge chair in case they should approach me with some chore. Worked like a charm and I never even had to start the infernal machine.Judy disappointed Tony and I by electing not to wear her tiny see-thru bikini. She bought a more conservative suit for the party. Apparently she didn't want to show her delicious body to a bunch of strangers. Too bad for them.

The party started early to accommodate the shifts from the sheriff's department. By ten o'clock on the morning of the Forth there were people splashing in the pool and smoke rising from the grill.

The serious party people didn't start arriving until mid afternoon. These were the people who came with every intention of staying until it ended. The hardcore party people. You can see the resolve in their steely eyes. They are the kind that practice by getting shit-faced the night before and having breakfast of beer and chili.

Tony's partner was in the latter group. He the one I mentioned before with the coal black skin. We hadn't seen Harry since Tony's faux pas of kissing Judy goodbye in front of him. Tony told us that Harry had a lot of questions about Judy, but that he had fended them off my telling Harry that he wasn't at liberty to talk about it.

Hell, he might as well told Harry that he was fucking my wife as said that. Tony told us that the incident had put a strain on their working relationship because Harry wouldn't leave it alone. Tony confided that he was going to ask for a change in partners and that he hated to because he liked Harry and got alone good with him. They made a good team.

Harry Wilcox is a medium sized man with a hard body with zero percent body fat. It's apparent to even a casual observer that he works-out and is in good shape. Harry keeps his head shaved smooth. Tony said he just finished with a razor what nature started. I guessed Harry's age at around thirty but again I'm a lousy judge of age in man, woman, or beast.

"Thanks for having this party, Mister Kilgore," Harry said talking a seat beside me. I was sitting in the shade watching some of the young nubile girls splashing around in the pool.

"No big deal, Harry," I said. "Call me Jim, please. Lots of work, but nothing's too good for Tony's friends. I didn't mind at all. Having a good time?"

'Yes sir," Harry said. "I hope you don't mind me saying so, but your wife is the hostess with the mostess, as they say."

Since I had to agree that Judy was indeed just what he said, I thanked him. I saw Judy handing a tray of snacks to a group of kids nearby. I say kids but I'm sure they all were old enough to drink since they were all drinking. Who's going to bust a cop party? In all honesty, Judy was without a doubt the best looking person there. Age not withstanding.

Judy had chosen to wear a hot flaming red bikini for the event. While not as daring as the tiny thing she bought on-line, it was a super hot suit. The thin gauzy cover she wore didn't hide a thing.

When I looked back at Harry I noticed his attention was where mine had been. On my beautiful wife. It didn't take a mind reader to know what he was thinking. Deputy Harry Wilcox liked what he saw and he wanted what he saw. There was lust in his dark eyes.

"You didn't bring your wife?" I asked

"No, she left me nearly six months ago. Got the divorce papers in the mail."

"Oh, sorry," I said. "I didn't know that."

"She couldn't handle being a cop's wife. A lot of women can't. Lousy hours and even lousier pay. She found some greener pastures. It happens," he added still watching my wife who had moved to the other side of the pool. "You are one lucky man, Jim."

"Thanks," I said. "I think so, too."

"Tony is lucky to have friends like you...and your wife." Ah, ol' Harry was on a fishing expedition. I felt bad about Tony having to change partners. I suddenly got the bright idea that I'd answer some of the questions that Tony was reluctant to.

"Yeah. Friendships are funny," I said. "You never know where they will go. Tony turned out to be a real friend. I enjoy his company. Not as much as Judy, but a lot." That had Harry's full attention. I could feel his eyes burning at me but I didn't look at him. "Tony has been a lot of help to her."

"Yeah? How so?" he asked.

"Judy is a hot blooded woman and she needs a lot of attention, if you get my drift. Tony helps out in that regard. He helps me keep her satisfied." I was looking at him when I said it. "Shame about you and Tony breaking up your partnership. Tony's not a kiss and tell sort of guy is he?"

"We're breaking up?" he asked clearly surprised. "Did he say so?"

"Yeah, Harry," I answered. "Tony wasn't comfortable with all your questions about his and Judy's relationship. It put him in a bad position of having to lie to his partner or betray a confidence. You can see how that made him feel."

"Yes I can," he said getting to his feet. "I got to go get this shit cleared up. Thanks for telling me Jim. Just for your information I know how to keep my mouth shut." He hurried off looking for Tony. Apparently he found him because it wasn't long before Tony came looking for me.

"Jim, what they hell did you do?" Tony demanded. "You shouldn't have told Harry about us. What will Judy think. You know she's a private person."

"Yes I do know that, Tony," I said. "Judy and I talked about it. I just didn't know it was going to be today. She didn't want you and your partner to get crossways because of us. You were practically crying when you told us about getting a different partner. Tell him whatever it takes and hope he'll keep his mouth shut."

"Harry won't tell anybody anything," Tony said. "That wasn't why I didn't tell him. It wasn't any of his business and I didn't want to embarrass Judy. I guess the cat is out of the bag now."

"I guess it is," I said.

"Oh man," Tony said setting back in his chair. "I know you meant well. Jim, nut now Harry is going to want to be included in things. How am I going to handle that?"

"I guess we'll just have to include him, won't we?" I said. "Maybe its time we took things to the next level. You told us that you and Harry had shared a woman before. I guess you won't mind sharing Judy with him."

"Yeah, we fucked his wife a couple of times," Tony said slowly. " A couple of other women, too. Tony, you have to know that Harry is different than me. He's a rough fucker. I mean that literally. Harry likes to make the ladies scream. He got the equipment to do it, too. Harry is a bull. I think that was one reason his wife hauled ass."

"So you and Harry and his ex-wife, huh? How was she?"

"Like they say, 'the worst I ever had was wonderful'," Tony said with a laugh. "I guess she was okay. She wasn't into having two men at the same time, but I guess Harry insisted. She was nothing like Judy. It took her a long time to heat up. Also she wouldn't take it up her ass. That always pissed Harry off. Jim, are you sure Judy is going to be okay with this?"

"Why don't you ask me?" Judy said. Neither Tony or I had seem her approach. "Tony, dear," Judy said "We didn't want you to have to change partners because of us. Yes, Butch and I talked about it and I'm fine with it if you are. Butch even bought a new camera to take pictures of me. Wasn't that nice of him?"

"Yeah," Tony said laughing. "Butch is a jewel. Getting Harry involved would make my life a lot less complicated, but it just might make your live more so. Did you hear what I said about him?"

"Some of it, I guess. So he's a bull. Well, I guess I'll just have to be a cow won't I? Was his wife a white woman?"

"Half white, half black," Tony said. "Not much good from either race. She was a ball buster and Harry is lucky to be rid of her."

"Just as long as he understands that I won't put up with pain. I'm not into that," Judy said moving away from us. I had to smile at that comment. Judy actually likes a little pain with her sex. Maybe not as much as the B&D or S&M clique but she does like some pain.

Tony went off to mingle with the guests and it wasn't long before Harry came back and sat beside me.

"I talked with Tony," he said. "I hear things have been cleared for me. Maybe it's time for the rules." What an arrogant asshole! He was going to give me rules? I was about to enlighten him when I realized he was waiting on me to explain the rules. I stared at him.

"What do you mean?" I said because I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Your house, your wife," Harry said. "You make the rules. What are they?"

"Nothing very complicated," I said after giving it some thought. "Judy calls the shots and what she says goes. I'll admit that I like to watch her in action, I also like to be involved in everything. Just for the record, I'm straight. I don't get too shook-up if we happen to touch while we're playing. As far as rough stuff, when Judy says enough it better come to a screeching halt. You understand?" He nodded. "Mainly it's all for fun. If it stops being fun, it stops all together. First hint of anything being said outside our group and it's over."

"I understand," Harry said. "When?"

"I don't know. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next week. Maybe later tonight when the party winds down. It will depend on Judy. Like I said she calls the shots. If I were you I'd spend some time getting close to her. Let her get to know you." He smiled, nodded and took off like his ass was on fire. The rest of the afternoon when I saw Judy, Harry wasn't far away.

His interest wasn't all that obvious because there were several men who vied for her attention.. There was eight or nine younger women there, but Judy was the belle of the ball and she loved every minute of it.

Not all of her admirers were men. One Latina woman seemed to take a lot of interest in Judy. Offering to help out in the kitchen or at the grill and things of that nature. I wasn't sure if she was just being nice or if it was something more. I asked Tony about her.

"That's Carla," Tony said. "As far as I know she isn't gay. I know she dates guys. I'll ask around."

Harry was more forthcoming. He told me that Carla was recently divorced. She apparently dated men but not black men.

"The bitch is a racist," Harry said. "Won't have anything to do with the brothers. She had a black partner for a short while and she dumped him."

"Maybe he was just an asshole," I suggested. "I've seen her laughing and cutting up with some of the blacks. Oh, I get it. She turned you down, huh?" He grinned.

"Turned me down flat and not very nice about it. Of course I was still married at the time and so was she." I suggested that that may have had something to do with it. He laughed. "Yeah, maybe. I'm willing to keep an open mind about her."

A short while later I had an opportunity to talk with Carla. Carla is a pretty woman. Her Hispanic heritage is readily apparent. Pretty brown eyes and black hair. I handed her a beer and sat down beside her.

"Having a good time?" I asked.

"Yes sir, I certainly am. First party I'm been to in a long time. I want to thank you and Judy for throwing it for us." I told her that it was Tony's idea and Judy's hard work. "Just the same it's awfully nice of both of you. Can I ask you a question?" I told her that she was free to ask but I was free to not answer. "Fair enough," she said with a big smile. "Does Tony live here? I mean I can't figure it out. He mentioned something about his room upstairs. I know it's none of my business."

"No, Tony has his own place," I answered. "He's here a lot because we like his company. He claims one of the spare rooms and keeps some of his things here."

"Oh, I see. Your wife is nice. I like her."

"She is my crown jewel," I said. "Someone told me that you got divorced recently. Was he a cop, too?"

"No sir, and that was part of the problem," she said. "He couldn't handle it. The hours and the pressures. Toby wanted children and I didn't. That was the other problem. His jealously didn't help matters."

"Yeah, I can see where that would be a problem," I said. She asked how long Judy and I had been married and I told her.

"Wow, that's great," Carla said. "Are you ever jealous of her?"

"Not very much," I answered.

"I mean, look at those guys hovering around her. You're not the least bit jealous?" Judy was on the other side of the pool with her swarm of men in attendance. Harry was putting lotion on her back and Tony was waiting his turn to do something for her.

"No, not a bit. Judy loves the attention and she deserves it."

"My ex would have gone ballistic if black men had shown me that much attention. I guess Judy is color blind, huh? No prejudice?"

"Oh Judy has a lot of prejudices. She doesn't care for people who are judgmental. Nor anyone who is unfair to others. She can't stand the lazy or anyone who won't try. Yeah, she's colorblind. How about you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you race prejudice?" She shook her head.

"Not a bit. My husband was a born again bigot, but I'm not."

"Do you date black men...or women?" That question got me a hard look. "Hey, you started first," I said

"Okay, I guess you're right. I did start the personal questioning. No, I don't date black men or date women of any race. I'm straight. Not that I wouldn't date a black man. I just haven't been approached by one I like. Now that we're getting down and dirty, does your wife date black men?" Carla put the cards right on the table. My first thoughts were to either deny it or ignore it. I did neither.

"My wife is a free spirit," I said reaching a decision. "Follow me and I'll show you something." Carla followed me to the bedroom. I got a shoebox of photographs down from the shelf in the closet and handed it to her. "See for yourself," I said.

Carla sat on the bed and looked into the box. Her eyes got wide when she saw the first photo. It was one I had taken of Tony and Judy. Judy was on her knees and Tony was just putting his cock in her pussy.

"!" Carla said. "You're swingers?"

"Sort of, I guess. Judy developed a thing for black men and I want her to be happy." There were about fifty photos in the box. When Carla got to the last one she started over again. I sat down beside her and gave commentary to each photo as she came to them.

"These are the hottest photos I have ever seen," she said softly, almost to herself.

"I have others on the computer that I haven't printed yet," I said. When she leaned forward I could see down the top of her bathing suit at her small but well formed breasts. Her nipples were hard. She was looking at one I had taken using the timer. It showed me in Judy's ass and Tony in her cunt. Judy had a look of pure joy on her face. I tore my eyes away from Carla's tits to look at her. There was a look of pure envy on her face.

"So this is where you two got to," Judy said from the door. "What do you think, Carla? Do you like my pictures?" Carla was staring opened mouth at my wife. She had jumped when she heard Judy's voice. Judy gave me a mean look that clearly said we'd be talking more about this breach of privacy. This was something we hadn't discussed. Judy came around and sat beside Carla. She took a photo from Carla's shaking hand. "Yeah, this is a good one. You can see his hard black cock is deep inside me." Judy started going through the photos, commenting on certain ones. "This one is also good," she said handing the photo to Carla. "I'm getting it from two hard cocks. Have you ever experienced two dicks at the same time, Carla?" The woman, still in shock, shook her head. "Pity," Judy said. "There's nothing else like it. Are these pictures turning you on, Carla?" Carla shook her head and then changed it to a nod.

"Yes... I guess they are," she stammered. Then to my utter amazement Judy slipped the straps of Carla's top off and pulled the top down exposing Carla's pretty brown tits. Carla's hard puffy nipples were sticking out boldly. I jumped up and closed the door to the bedroom. The house was still full of people and I thought there had been enough disclosures for one day.

When I got back to the women, Judy was sucking on one of Carla's tits. I wasn't about to be left out so I sucked the other one. It didn't take long until Carla was moaning and whining. She was saying something and it took me a moment to realize that she was muttering in Spanish.

"Get her bottoms off," Judy said. I pulled the strings on her bottoms and pulled them out of the way. "Eat her pussy, Butch," Judy commanded pushing Carla down flat on the bed.

Since I love to eat pussy I certainly didn't mind at all. Carla had her pussy shaved except for a small tuff of hair at the top. She tasted delicious. She was also sopping wet. She was a woman badly in need of a good fucking.

While I tended to the pussy eating, Judy was kissing and playing with Carla's breasts. In over twenty years, Judy had never mentioned sex with another woman. I was pretty sure she hadn't been holding out on me. Judy took her tongue out of Carla's mouth long enough to order me to fuck Carla. While Judy held Carla's legs open I shoved my cock in her Carla's pussy. Carla came before I hardly got in her. She came again a moment later when I started stroking in and out. Carla proved to be a screamer. It was a good thing that our guests was making their own racket and that the music was loud.

Judy had her swim suit off and pulled Carla's mouth to her big round tits. Carla sucked like a child long deprived of it's milk.

"Do you want to eat me?' Judy asked Carla softly. Carla nodded and Judy straddled her head, putting her pussy to Carla's face. Judy didn't last very long before she had a climax. Whatever Carla was doing must have been good. I felt my own climax building and I told them so.

"Pull out, Butch!" Judy said. "She may not be on birth control." I jerked my cock out just in time and Judy took me in her mouth and sucked my cum out while still sitting on the woman's face. When I had gotten out of the way, the two women went into a classic sixty-nine.

Once when I was in Texas at a printer's conference I went across the Mexican border to a sex show and saw two women eating each other. It was wild, but nothing to compare with Judy and Carla. They reached a mutual orgasm just about the same time and both women lay still basking in the afterglow.

"After all these years, I'm still learning things about you," I said to Judy when she rolled off of Carla.

"Ain't it so, Butch!" Judy said breathlessly. "Ain't it the fuckin' truth! Wow! That was something." Her face was covered with Carla's juice. I had to kiss her at that moment. Carla was beginning to stir. I kissed her also and she smiled at me and returned my kiss with gusto.

"I thought you said you were straight," I teased her.

"I am. I mean I thought I was," Carla said still breathless. "I've never even touched another woman before. I mean like that."

"Welcome to the club," Judy said. "Me neither. Now I'm wondering what else I've missed. Come on you two. We need to get back to the party or they'll be wondering about us." I had to retrieve her top from the fan that circled overhead. Judy quickly dressed and started for the door.

"Wait," Carla said. She was still naked and laying on the bed. "Thank you," she said when Judy turned back to her.

"Thank you," Judy said with a big grin. "We'll do it again sometime. Soon," she added, closing the door behind her.

"Thank you too, Butch," Carla said smiling up at me. "Is it all right if I call you Butch?" I told her if was fine. "Can you...I mean can know? Once again, please." Since I was hard as a rock I certainly didn't see any reason not to fuck her again. I mounted her and drove my cock home. "Cum in me this time," she said. "I'm on the pill. Fuck me hard and cum in me, please Butch. It's been so long since I had a man." I did and I'm not sure I could have kept from it anyway.


"Where did you disappear to?" Tony asked me when I was back in my seat in the poolside shade."Took a nap," I answered.

"Got a nooner," Tony said with a laugh. "Don't bullshit an old bullshitter. Mind if I get one, too?" I shook my head and watched Carla's hip swinging approach. She sat down on the other side of me.

"How we doing on beer?" Tony asked Carla.

"One keg's empty and they just tapped the second one. You're fine for the time being," she answered, stretching her legs out on the lounger.

"Okay, we're going through a keg about every two hours. Should last a while. There's three cases of can beer down in the refrigerator in the basement if we get low."

Tony spotted Judy and for the moment she was without her following. He took off after her. Tony whispered something to Judy and she laughed and nodded and they headed inside. Nooner time.

"I don't get it," Judy said to me. "How can you know your wife is with other men and not be jealous?"

"Life too short to get caught up in that emotion," I answered. "Jealousy eats away at you and the next thing you know there's nothing left. Judy doesn't do anything without me knowing about it. She's not cheating on me. I guess if she was slipping around I'd get pissed."

"Thank you for sharing the photos with me," Carla said. "I would like to actually watch sometime."

"Just watch?" I teased. "Are you sure you wouldn't want some black cock in your pussy?"

"Maybe," she smiled at me. "I guess so. I've read stories about threesomes and group sex. Today was the first time I ever seriously considered it. What we did was...wild. The wildest thing I've ever done."

"But you liked it, didn't you?"

"Oh sure. I loved it. But doing it with another woman..." she shook her head and smiled. "Boy, that was something all right. And you are a wonderful lover, Butch." No man ever hears that too much. Makes a fellow's head swell. I glanced down and saw that wasn't all that it made swell. Little Butch was stirring again.

"Don't be in any hurry to leave tonight," I said careful to make sure no one was close. "I think Judy may take on two black guys later. You want to watch? It will be her first time with two black men."

"Yes," she answered simply. Harry Wilcox came up.

"Hey, where's Judy? I haven't seen her for a while? Kitchen maybe?"

"Nope, she's upstairs getting fucked by Tony," I said. If I had smacked him with a bloody rabbit he couldn't have looked more surprised. He stared at me, glanced at Carla, who hadn't changed expressions, and back to me again.

"Are you serious? I mean..." his voice faded off into nothing. After a few moments he said, "Oh... Reckon I should go check on them?"

"Not now, Harry. They need to be alone. You'll get your turn later. When Judy takes on two of you studs, I damn sure want to be there and watch. In fact, me and Carla plan on being there, don't we Carla?"

"You bet," she said grinning at a bewildered Harry. I don't think he thought we were serious. "I'll be the cheerleader to cheer you on."

"You better not be jerkin' my fuckin' chain," Harry muttered walking away.

"So Harry is the second man?" Carla said. "I've heard stories about Harry." I asked her what kind of stories. "I heard that he's hung like a horse for one thing. I heard he took some chick home and screwed her on the bed while his wife was there. Stuff like that."

"Tony told us he's a bull," I said.

"I arrested a girl a few months ago. She mentioned Harry's name to get a break. She said he was one hell of a stud."

"Did you give her a break?" I asked. "I mean after a friend of Harry's."

"As a matter of fact I did," Carla said with a laugh. "Not because of Harry but because she gave me some information I wanted. Oh, oh, there goes Betty's top." I looked in the direction she was looking and a pudgy blonde was in the pool and her top was on the deck. "Betty is a cop groupie," Carla explained. "Never misses a cop party and never keeps her clothes on very long. That's a signal for the more faint hearted to depart. This is usually where I take off. Not tonight however. I'm in for the long haul."

"Good for you," I said. "Maybe I'll get a chance to eat your pussy again."

"I'll hold you to it," she laughed. "My God, I'm turning into some kind of slut."

"My kind of woman," I assured her.

"Hey! New rule! No bathing suits allowed in the pool!" some asshole yelled. I started to let them know I made the damned rules in my damned pool until I realized it was a good rule. It wasn't long before the pool was full of naked and half naked people. Made the viewing a lot better. Yeah, good rule. I was going to keep it in place.

It was a strange thing. The party didn't wind down like parties are supposed to do. This one came to a sudden stop. One minute there were naked people frolicking in the pool and other playing slap and tickle and drinking beer. The next minute they were all gone. I wondered if there had been some sort of signal and I missed it.

It left Judy and me, Carla, Tony and Harry to clean up. Then I noticed that there was very little cleaning up to do. Not only had they left, the nice people cleaned up before they left. Then suddenly it dawned on me that Judy and I were about to enter a new and a different phase of our life.

The five of us were on the patio, the lights, except for the underwater pool light, were out. The light from the pool cast an aqua green cast on us. There was a sexual tension in the air that you could cut with a knife.

"Now what?" Judy asked with a slight tremble in her voice. She was standing between Tony and Harry.

"I think it's time for you to give these guys some pussy," I said in a tone of voice that wasn't as laid-back as I hoped. Tony put an arm around her shoulders. "Are you ready to take on two black studs?" I asked.

Harry didn't give her an opportunity to answer. He shoved his hand down the front of her bathing suit and grabbed her nipple causing her to gasp loudly.

"Time for some black cock from me," he growled. "I been teased and fucked with long enough. You want to get fucked out here or somewhere else?"

"The bedroom," Judy answered. "Let's go inside." Harry released her nipple and snatched the top completely off and tossed it aside. He did the same for her bottom. Completely naked, Judy led them in the house and up the stairs. Carla and I were right behind them.

There was a lot going on and I'll try to tell it in some semblance of chronological order if I can. Harry Wilcox took over as the primer mover. I stayed back and let him be the leader. It was easier for one thing and for another I wanted to see how it would unfold. Tony seemed content to let his partner take the lead, also.

Harry took Judy to the bed and tossed her down on it. Then he proceeded to eat her cunt. Ever move. Every action Harry did was quick and abrupt. His first act was to find Judy's clit with his teeth and bite it hard causing her to yelp. I didn't say anything because he knew the rules and Judy could stop it anytime she desired. Harry ate her to a loud orgasm. The he pulled her up and told her to remove his swimsuit. She did as he ordered. She untied the string and pulled his trunks down.

Judy had become used to seeing Tony's big black cock but what leaped out of Harry's trunks caused her to lean back away from it. I heard Carla, who was standing beside me gasp at the sight of Harry's huge cock. Like the rest of him it was coal black. Harry Wilcox's cock was at least ten inches long and as thick as a beer can. It had a huge mushroom shaped head. I guessed that the damned thing had to account for ten pounds of Harry's total weight. Harry's cock was something to see without a doubt. Even I, a devout straight man, was impressed. I felt Carla's hand searching for mine.

"My God," Judy said taking the monster in her hand and stroking it. "Is this thing real?"

"Yeah, bitch," Harry snarled. "It's real and it's going to fuck your little white cunt. Suck it, cunt!"

Judy gave it her best effort, but she couldn't keep her jaws open wide enough to actually get all of it him her mouth for any length of time. Harry was apparently used to that and he allowed her to kiss and lick the big head and along the shaft. He let her orally worship his cock for about five minutes.

Judy has always been a vocal fuck by moaning, groaning and chattering during sex. When Harry put that awesome cock in her she took it up a few notches to screaming. It what Tony said was true, that Harry liked to hear the women scream, he certainly got what he wanted from Judy. We aren't very close to the neighbors, but I turned up the stereo just in case they could hear Judy screaming and begging to be fucked.

Judy had her legs as far back and as open as she could get them and even over her vocalization I could hear the wet sounds of Harry's big black cock working in and out of her pussy. After Harry had taken Judy to several hard orgasms, he turned her onto her hands and knees and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. Because her head was buried in a pillow her screams of pain and delight were muffled. My cock was so hard I was afraid to even touch it.

"Look at them," Carla said in awe. "How can any woman take such a big thing?"

"I don't know," I said. "But you want to try, don't you?" I had already removed her top exposing her perfect little titties and puffy nipples. I took her bottom off and found her clit and toyed with it. Tony came to where Carla and I were. He joined me in teasing the little Hispanic cop. In just a few minutes Carla was reduced to a quivering moaning mess.

While Tony and I maneuvered Carla to the small lounge sofa Judy got on top of Harry and riding him like a bucking bronco. Judy was back in top voice.

I pushed Carla down onto the sofa and put my face to her steaming pussy. Eating any pussy is great for me but I especially like to eat one that wet and ready to be fucked. I glanced up to see Carla had Tony's cock in her mouth.

I ate Carla to a crashing climax and then got out of the way for Tony to do his thing. He slowly and carefully shoved his black cock into her pink, wet cunt. Carla had an orgasm even before he was all the way in her. I grabbed my camera and begun to snapped pictures of the girls being black fucked. I was a little pissed at myself becuase I hadn't started at the beginning.

I heard Judy caution Harry to take it easy several times. Frankly, I think I went into sensory overload. There were two women being fucked by black men. I was trying to divide my attention between the four of them. When I reviewed the images later I saw things that I didn't remember.

When Carla screamed 'no more!'. Tony joined Judy and Harry and they both started working on her. Judy tried to get Harry's monstrous cock in her butt, but it proved more work than either wanted to fool with. Tony had no trouble opening her ass and he and Harry doubled fucked my wife. Poor Judy was a blubbering mess.

I was snapping pictures like crazy. I had already filled one memory card and was half way through the second. Suddenly I felt a warm moist mouth on my cock. Carla had taken pity on me and decided to do something about my throbbing hard-on. It didn't take long in the excited condition I was in. I told her that I was about to cum and she looked up at me and kept sucking. When I shot-off she tried to swallow but I had more than she could handle. She choked and my cum dribbled down between her pert little tits.

Later, Judy put Harry's cock in Carla's pussy and held the smaller woman's legs open for his huge cock. Still later Tony managed to get his cock in Carla's ass and even later she also got double ducked. I fucked her cunt while Tony did her ass. Judy was on her hands and knees watching us as Harry pumped her from behind.

The mini orgy continued until there wasn't any energy left in any of us. Tony, Harry, and I were drained and Carla and Judy were full of our cum. I woke up laying between Judy and Carla. They both were covered in dried cum, but both looked beautiful to me.


We hosted a couple more parties for the cops and their groupies or whatever. It was a summer I'll never forget as long as I live. Harry and Tony fucked Judy and Carla . I fucked Carla and Judy and we all had a high ol' time. It was as if too much wasn't anywhere near enough.

Like most things, it came to an end. First Harry was accepted into the FBI. He left shortly thereafter. Then a few weeks later Tony got word that his application with the state police had been approved and he was soon packed up and gone. Judy was inconsolable for several weeks after Tony left. Judy and I still got together with Carla and while she was a great fuck, but it wasn't the same. The ladies proved to be inventive and sex with Carla was always great, but she didn't have the one thing Judy missed. A big black cock.

But as we humans are prone to do, we adjusted. Many times I thought back to Crimson Lake and how it all had started. At no time since that incident did I ever feel threatened or my love for Judy diminish. If anything I loved her more than ever.

During the summer I was much to busy to do any golfing and by Thanksgiving I had stored my clubs in the garage and forgot about turning pro. I thought I may have heard a collective sigh of relief from the PGA but I may have been mistaken.

One evening just after Christmas, Judy and I were in a restaurant having dinner. When a shadow fell across my plate, I looked up to see a distinguished looking older black man standing at the table. I recognized him immediately because we still had and still watched the disk of Beth Adams first porno flick.

"I'm sorry to intrude on your dinner," The man said. I noticed there were two other less dignified black men standing behind him. "Please forgive me, but I was over in Capital City a few days ago and I ran into a mutual friend of ours. Tony Allen said to say hello. I'm Trip Washington and these two reprobates are Curley Wilson and Monroe Bradford. Tony also mentioned that your beautiful wife may be interested in working for me part time. I think we might have mutual needs."

From the big grin on Judy's face, I assumed that she was indeed interested in the offer. It's true that when one door closes another one opens.

The End.

(Authors note: If you are interested in reading about Trip Washington, Curley, Monroe and Beth Adams, find "bobfr's Two Different Worlds". May I remind you that in the fantasy world there are no unwanted pregnancies, no aids, syphilis, gonorrhea, or genital herpes. In the fantasy world there are no serious repercussions from most bad decisions. In the fantasy world, women love to be pounded mercilessly by big hard cocks until they pass out. In the fantasy world, the jealousies are controlled, and people learn to live with what-ever lot befalls them. This is the real world, so get real and protect yourselves. Shooter)

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