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Mixed Metaphors by Old Guy

Antonio had legally changed his last name to Miller, as it had originally been the same as a well-known Mafia boss. He was the epitome of a Madison Ave. Advertising agency writer and designer, and only thirty-two years old. Antonio had spent much of his time in college taking classes in Psychology, design and photography. His ability to see beyond the normal feelings of an individual were phenomenal, thereby allowing him to peek into the soul, and market an Ad that would sell refrigerators to Eskimos.

Antonio was the best at what he did, however due to his height of five foot, three and his appearance which was more that of Mel Brooks, than Mel Gibson, he was unable to get a date, or even convince a nice looking girl to go to coffee with him. He pulled in a seven-figure salary and owned a luxury apartment in Manhattan, which had been decorated by the best New York, had to offer.

The date thing was nothing new, as in High School; he never went on a date. His prom night was spent with his cousin Gail who went with him kicking and screaming. Actually she was very docile and treated him wonderful in front of his classmates, after he gave her the two hundred dollars he had promised her.

It was difficult for him to be around beautiful girls ten hours a day, six days a week knowing they all believe his family were trolls living under a bridge somewhere. He always thought of his happiness as an oxymoron like “Military Intelligence” or a Mixed Metaphor such as “The president will put the ship of state on its feet.” Why was his life going in this direction, he wondered? Was it something he did in a past life or was he being tested. He had heard the old saying that, “you can’t have it all.” He figured somebody knew what he or she was talking about.

Antonio spent a lot of time surfing the Internet for porn, which he downloaded and kept in a file under “fun and relaxation”. Whenever he was horny he would display his cornucopia of photos, containing naked girls of all types, in every position masturbating, sucking cocks or being fucked within an inch of their lives. When the photos of the girls wouldn’t do it, he went to a special web site that had thousands of pornographic stories, a few of which would usually harden his cock to the point he could relieve himself.

He had a large collection of x-rated DVDs and sometimes spent a Saturday night jacking off on his front room couch. Somehow he knew that no matter how much Vaseline he used, the feeling would never be like sliding it into an inviting vagina.

He knew what should be done when making love, to the feeling of sliding a warm hand up between a willing female’s legs, touching her soft thighs and finally, when his fingers came in contact with her silk panty crotch. He imagined there was nothing like fingering the crotch of her panties until she moaned and her pussy began to exude droplets of her precious moisture. He knew at that point he would place his finger under his nose and inhale the aroma of her delicious cunt.

As she was now lying back in a state of sexual desire, Antonio would lift her skirt, revealing her matching black stocking, garter belt and silk panties. She wouldn’t move as he slowly pulled her panties down and off her legs. When Antonio would move his head between her legs, licking her silk stockings all the way to her bare pussy mound, she would grab his head and pull him tight into her pussy slit. He would begin to suck on her pussy lips until her moans were drowning out the music on his expensive stereo.

He imagined himself sucking her pussy much like Professor Hannibal Lector described eating the fauve beans in the movie “Silence of the Lambs.” As she rolled her eyes back in her head, Antonio saw himself moving up to her clitoris. This was the final move to get her to capitulate. His tongue would send shock waves through her body like lightening bolts heaved from the heavens by the mythical God Thor himself. After fifteen minutes of sucking her clit and her squirting three or four times, she began to beg him to fuck her.

He removed his shoes and pants, dropping his underpants to the floor. His cock was now full length and very hard. She lifted her legs and pleaded with him to hurry. As he got on top of the couch, he would feel his cock head touch her saturated cunt. His weight moved him forward as his cock traveled up her slippery warm vagina coming to rest at her cervix. Moving very slow now, Antonio would torture the girl with his thick penis. Moving faster and faster fucking her hard, she felt the wonderful feeling of building toward another climax.

Suddenly he felt it too. The feeling was in his balls, his back and the back of his neck. His cum was about to fill the girl’s cunt. He quickened his pace, as her long red fingernails gouged his back and little rivulets of his blood stained the back of his shirt. He could have care less at that point as his cum moved into her vagina much like a strong hurricane crashing into Cuba. His cum was having a hard time reaching her cervix as she had discharged so much juice and it was washing his sperm out of her pussy onto his new three thousand dollar white couch.

They would fuck all night only relaxing to sleep a little and have some expensive wine. When she saw the size of his thick cock, her throat automatically closed up a little getting ready for his assault on her tonsils. As she lowered her mouth toward his penis she knew it was going to stretch her mouth and hopefully not dislodge her jaw. Sucking his cock was a thrill as it had expanded to its full length and thickness. She knew that as long as he took it easy she would be able to make him cum in her mouth.

It wouldn’t take long until the creamy liquid began to spout onto her tongue. With all the expertise of a Broadway hooker, she would drain his cum from his cock and swallow it in a resounding “gulp”. The next morning being Sunday, the girl would be treated to a catered Champagne brunch on his veranda. Three-dozen red roses would adorn the table and their perfume would fill the air.

When she was ready to leave she was informed that a limousine was waiting at the curb, and she could have the use of it for the entire day. Antonio had class, money, style and imagination. He had a lot of imagination, as there was no girl. He was all alone with his porn and dirty movies, jacking off on his couch.

Antonio was rich, intelligent and had everything he ever wanted, except someone with whom to share it and be proud of him for the work he was doing. He went out to the veranda and stood there looking at the view of one of the most beautiful cities in America, wondering if he should just jump.

He woke up the next morning safe and alone in his bed. It was Saturday and he had nothing to do. He took the Newspaper and opened it to see if there was anything going on to take his mind off his problem. Like magic the paper opened to the entertainment section, where Antonio saw hundreds of ads for escorts. That didn’t sound too dirty. These girls looked like nice girls much like the girl next door.

He thought of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” and wondered if there was a pretty woman for him out there somewhere? He read the girls names. There was, Elizabeth no that was his mother’s name. Erica, but then he thought of the lead on the soap “All My Children” and she was a little old for him. There was Ashley, Giselle, Elle, Linda, Drew, Jennifer and Aki. They all sounded nice but the photos of the girls were astounding. Antonio wrote down the phone number and the girl’s names.

He would go with Linda. She was gorgeous and had had short blonde hair. She was 5’8”, maybe a little tall for him but what the hell. He nervously dialed the number, 212-556-0812. The number rang and a sweet voice answered. He wasn’t going to have the girl come to his apartment until he got to know her. They would meet at Starbuck’s in the village at one o’clock.

Antonio wasn’t happy when he had to give up his credit card number, but told it to the female on the other end anyway. After all the arrangements were made and the service admonished him, stating they did not condone prostitution, he hung up the phone and went in to take a shower. Not wanting to appear as though he had money, he wore a pair of old worn levis, a light summer polo shirt and some running shoes which to this day had never been used for running.

It was now nine in the morning, so he stopped at a favorite restaurant for breakfast. The maitre d' almost told Antonio to leave, dressed as he was, until Antonio flashed a hundred dollar bill at him, then all barriers seemed to fall and he was escorted to a table.

After a delectable breakfast and a bottle of Dom Pariogne Champagne, Antonio left and caught a cab to the village.

He was there by 12:15. He picked up a cup of coffee and sat in a corner. While he waited he contacted MasterCard on his cell and told them he had misplaced his card. Would they please cancel it and issue him another one. One o’clock came and went. One thirty and Antonio was contemplating leaving when he noticed a thirty-year-old pregnant blonde walk into the coffee house. She was wearing a dirty black mini-skirt; white stockings rolled down to her blue drugstore shoes. A very low cut pink sweater that revealed her “DDD” cup sagging boobs. There was a tattoo on her left tit. It read, “Momma Fucks”.

She looked around and saw him, smiling. She walked over to where he was sitting and said, in a thick New York accent …

“Yo! you’se Tonio?”

“Antonio is my name. Who are you?”

“I’m Linda. You axed to meet me you’s here.”

“No I asked to meet Linda. You are assuredly not Linda.”

“My name is Ethyl, but I can be a Linda if it turns you on.”

Antonio smiled when several jokes flooded his mind regarding Ethyl gasoline, and the Ethyl on “I love Lucy,” came into his head. The fact was the “I love Lucy” Ethyl was much more desirable.

“Why are you here? I did ask for Linda.”

“Shee’s on her monthly and couldn’t come, so they sent me.”

“I see. Ok let me pay the bill and we can go.”

“Do they got a torlit where I can take a piss? I’ve had to go all day.”

“Yes… over there. Disregard the sign that reads Ladies, and go on in.”

Ethyl lit a cigarette and headed for the rest room, her fish net stockings unable to cover the many tattoos on her legs. Antonio dropped a ten-dollar bill in front of the cashier and hurried out the door. He hailed a cab and told the driver to head for Madison Ave.

“Hey there is a pregnant broad in pink and black waiving from in front of Starbuck’s,” the driver said, “She’s really got big tits. I mean those are humongous,” he said still checking the whore in the rearview mirror.

“Pay her no mind”, said Antonio as the yellow vehicle headed down the street.

“She looked pissed,” said the driver.

“Had to pay for he own coffee I assume.”

When the cab reached Madison Ave., Antonio paid the driver, gave him a big tip and said, “You never saw me.”

“OK Bro … Have a good one.”

Antonio crossed the street and went into the building in which he was employed. He pushed the elevator button for the top floor, and the elevator door closed. When it came to a stop and Antonio got off, he went into his office where he began to look through his assignments for the following week.

“Might as well do something productive,” he said mumbling to himself.

He dropped a piece of paper on the floor and bent down to retrieve it. As he stood up he bumped his desk and more papers went flying.

“Damn …I should have stayed at home.”

“Is somebody in here?” a melodic female voice asked.

“Who is that?” asked Antonio, still picking up the debris on the floor.

“Me … I think I’m lost. Maybe you can direct me. Are you the janitor?”

“No … but sometimes I do his work. Where are you going?”

“I’m supposed to see a Mr. Travis for an interview?”

“Interview for what?”

“I have a flyer. It says they need a Copywriter.”

“When are you scheduled to see Travis?”

“Monday … uh … the 7th at nine.”

“Today is Saturday the 5th and it is almost three o’clock. You are a little early. About thirty hours early.”

“I just thought I would take a chance that he might be here.”

“Nope. It’s Saturday and Travis has a family. He never comes in on Saturday … or Sunday either for that matter.”

“OK,” the voice said, “I guess I’ll see you on Monday.”

Antonio stood up, his arms full of papers and art materials. When he looked at the girl, her body was bathed in bright sunlight that was coming through the window behind her. She was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her blonde hair hung down to her shoulders, and her blue eyes flashed in his direction. Her mouth and lips were much like that of Angelina Jolie’s. She wore a yellow peasant blouse and a simple black skirt. Antonio stood there with his mouth hanging open staring at this vision, thanking the stars he hadn’t jumped from his veranda the night before.

“Are you ok … uh … I don’t … know your name.”

“Antonio … Antonio Miller.”

“Mr. Miller Are you alright? Would you like me to get you some water?”

“No … no… uh.”

“Rebecca … My name is Rebecca Davis… but you can call me Becky … if you want.”

“Becky … I uh was wondering if maybe you would like a cup of coffee or something?”

He new it was coming. That look of bewilderment that all females had used when he asked them out. He knew what he looked like and honestly felt sorry for them, as he had placed them in such a bad position. A position of having to turn him down and still appear, as though it was a complement that he had asked.

“No … no coffee …thanks. I don’t drink coffee, but I haven’t had anything to eat since this morning and I’m starved. Maybe we could get a sandwich or something. We can go Dutch. I do have some money.”

Antonio stood there again with his mouth hanging open. What did she say? A sandwich? Was she kidding or am I hallucinating? No other girl had ever accepted an invitation before. He wondered if maybe there was something wrong with her.

“Mr. Miller … are you sure you are ok?”

“Yeah Becky … I’m fine. I was just thinking of where we could go.”

“Anywhere is fine. Not too expensive though.”

“Do you like pastrami?”

“Oh yah, I love it.”

“Ok … well there is a little Jewish restaurant around the corner and they have the best pastrami in New York. What do you think?”

“Just lead me to it.”

As they entered the elevator Becky appeared nervous and was talking almost a sentence a second. Her voice was like a crystal clear brook running over smooth pebbles. Every so often he felt like he should say something, but he knew if he did she might stop talking. They entered the crowded restaurant and the waiter said,

“Hi Tony. You’re here on a Saturday?”

“Yah … no rest for the janitor.”

“Janitor?” Asked the waiter. “I don’t understand.”

“Forget it Abe,” he said, “It was just a joke. Will the wait be long? I have a starving little girl here, and I’m not sure how long she can stand the delectable aroma of your wonderful food.”

“You know I always have a special table for you Tony. Come this way.”

They ordered and Antonio just sat there looking at the vision in front of him. He was an intelligent man but couldn’t think of a thing to say. She went on about her time in high school in New Jersey, and college at NYU. She talked about her mom and dad and her little brother, and how much she thought they would like him.

What was she talking about? He thought. Her family would like him? She was making plans for him to meet her family? Was she teasing him, because if it was a joke he thought, it was in very poor taste? He was lost in her words and his mind was drifting off in several directions at the same time.

“Tony … Tony. Are you listening to me?”

“Yes Becky … I’m listening.”

How she could eat all of her sandwich, a plate of pickles some potato salad and drink a large soda, while carrying on the major portion of a conversation, he just didn’t know. He smiled, as she was so cute with her dimples and flashing eyes. His heart beat faster. Ok he thought come back down to earth. This was a lucky break, enjoy it while it lasts. When she told him about her fashion drawings, he said that he would like to see them.

“Sure … I would love to show them to you. Maybe after we eat. The trouble is my apartment is all the way over in the village. I’ll get the cab going, but you will have to come back on your own. I’m afraid I’m on a budget for a while. Too bad they don’t listen to the janitor when they hire someone,” the thought of it caused her to giggled like an eight-year-old girl.

“Well I know the boss and he might listen to me ... a little.”

“Just don’t get yourself in trouble Tony. Jobs are hard to come by these days. By the way are you married? Is what we are doing ok?”

“No …I’m not married, and yes everything is ok. Becky … do you wear glasses?”

“Nope … 20-20-20.”

“I believe it is just 20-20.”

“I know. It just sounds funny,” she said giggling again.

“How much do I owe Tony? I want to pay my share.”

“Tell you what. I’ll get it this time and you can get it the next time.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yah it’s ok.”

“Are you full? Do you want anything else Becky?”

“No … I ate like a pig and you didn’t even get to finish your sandwich. Tell the waiter we need a doggie bag.”

“No that’s ok.”

“Well if you aren’t going to take it, I will. Remember I’m on a budget. Janitors must get paid a lot of money the way you toss it around.”

When they got a cab, she gave the driver the address. As they drove she was talking about the mess her apartment was in, and how messy her roommate was. When they arrived, she pointed to the upper floor and said,

“Just five floors and we are there.”

Antonio thought well of the elevator in his building. When they arrived on the fifth floor he was out of breath, however she had been talking the whole way and wasn’t even breathing hard. The apartment was very clean and he wondered what she had been complaining about. The roommate wasn’t home so Becky took him on a quick tour.

“You were going to show me your drawings?”

“Oh… yah … huh?”

She returned with a portfolio and sat very close to him on the couch. The drawings were quite good and Antonio said,

“I’ll tell you if Travis doesn’t hire you, I will.”

She laughed and said,

“Tony I don’t know anything about being a janitor, or is it janitris?”

‘If she only knew. Will she be surprised?’ he thought.

As he looked at more of the drawings, she sat very close and began rubbing her hand on the back of his neck.

“You know Tony for doing the kind of work you do, your hands are very soft.”

“Daily moisturizing lotion. These drawings are excellent Becky. I honestly believe you have a good future in the business.”

“From your mouth to Travis’ ears. Thank you Tony. Would you like something to drink? I have bottled water, coke and lemon lime in the fridge.”

“Coke would be fine.”

Becky leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. It burned like fire and he became dizzy. The kiss was something he hadn’t had since his mother passed. She jumped up and skipped the few steps to the kitchen.


“No … no ice … thanks.”

She returned with their drinks and sat much closer to him. He was looking at a pencil drawing of an old man on a park bench. The drawing, in Antonio’s opinion could have hung in the Guggenheim museum.

This is wonderful … seriously, I love it. Was this from memory or what.”

“No I often go to Central Park and sketch. The old guy is there everyday close to the bridge. I have several drawings of him. He is easy to draw as he seldom moves. I really love his face, kind of wrinkled and stuff. Even when it’s hot he still wears that same suit, tie and his shoes are always shined to a high gloss. He reminds me a little of my grandpa. Sure would like to know his history, you know about his life and stuff?”

As she spoke of the old man, her eyes began to tear up. A single tear broke loose and ran down her cheek. Tony wiped it away with his finger, then took a big chance and kissed her where the tear had been. She placed her arms around him and began to cry.

“Tony why do so many people have to have so many problems?”

“I don’t know baby. Just the way it is I guess.”

“My Daddy calls me baby too. I like it.”

Becky gently took his face in both of her soft hands and looked into his eyes, then all around his face. She pulled him closer, opening her mouth kissing him on his lips. He didn’t move as she inundated him with her sweet kisses.

“Tony what’s wrong? Why won’t you kiss me?”

“I don’t know how Becky. I have never kissed a girl before, and you are so beautiful, like a Grecian goddess. I’m so sorry Becky. I don’t know what to say. Today was the first real date I have ever had in my life. Why are you kissing me? Don’t you see what I look like?”

“You are a beautiful man Tony and I’m grateful to have you here with me right now.”

“But baby, you know nothing about me. I’m a fraud and not really a janitor.”

“It doesn’t make any difference. To me you are wonderful, no matter what you do. When you say you have never had a … date. Are you a virgin?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so. Until you … Girls have never found me anything but revolting.”

“Well it’s their loss, now kiss me.”

“But … Becky … I…”

“Stop talking and kiss me … now!”

All of Tony’s tortured dreams never came close to what was happening to him. Maybe he had jumped from his apartment and was now in heaven with a beautiful angel. Her kisses were like a fine sweet wine. They made his head spin, and he felt just a little drunk. Her tongue fought its way into Tony’s mouth. He had heard of French kissing but hadn’t realized how wonderful it could be. As their lips became a little numb, Tony automatically moved down to Becky’s neck and began to lightly suck on it.

She moaned just like he imagined she would. She held his head tight, and then began to move it down toward her breasts. He could see she was enjoying his mouth on her. Quickly she reached back and unhooked her bra, removing it and dropping it to the floor. She then pulled the neckline of her blouse down revealing her beautiful shaped breasts. A nipple was just peeking out of the blouse. Tony slowly took it into his mouth and sucked.

“Oh God Tony …” said Becky breathing harder.

He sucked on her breasts until they had a taste of sweet cream. She responded by pulling his thick hair and lifting her right leg over his, then rubbing her crotch onto his leg. He knew what to do, so he took another chance and slid his hand up under her skirt. Her thighs were so soft yet firm. When she realized what he was doing she opened her legs allowing his hand a clear passage to her panties. Tony had studied his moves from hundreds of books, stories and movies.

This was his chance and he would not let her down. He had too much to loose. Her panties were wet and it was a nice feeling. Sliding two fingers under the elastic he felt her smooth pussy. Upon inserting his index finger into her tight vagina he began to finger her. Her pussy was actually sucking on his finger. He couldn’t imagine a girl much tighter.

“Tony … Tony … we …”

“I know baby … we have to stop.”

“Stop? Are you nuts? I just want to tell you that I have only done it twice in high school and I’m not much further off the shelf than you, so let’s go into my bedroom and take it real slow. Unless you are in a hurry, we have all night to do it right.”

Becky got up off the couch and held out a hand. Tony took it and she lead him into her bedroom.

“Wait a second,” she said pulling her panties down and hanging them on the door to her bedroom. “It has always been my roommate who has had this privilege, and now it is my turn.”

Tony stood there not knowing whether to scream, cry or yell. His feelings were running wild and he still wasn’t sure this wasn’t a crazy dream or something. She sat on the side of the bed removing her shoes, but leaving on a pair of long white knee-high stockings. She then stood and pulled her yellow blouse over her head. As she unhooked her skirt and dropped it to the floor, she stood there smiling and biting her lower lip.

“Get undressed Tony and come to bed.”

Becky then crawled between the sheets of her bed and held them up for him until Tony was naked. When she looked at his cock, her eyes opened as though she had spied an Anaconda in her bedroom. When he crawled into her bed she took his face in her hands and kissed him again lovingly. Never before in his life had he felt what he was feeling now. This had to be heaven he thought. Tony knew all the moves by the numbers.
1. Kissing mouth
2. Kissing neck and breasts
3. Kissing down stomach to legs
4. Kissing behind her knees
5. Working up her thighs to her pussy
6. Tonguing her labia or pussy lips
7. Shoving tongue into vagina for several minutes
8. Sucking clitoris for a long, long time
When she can no longer stand it or when she passes out, slide cock into her and make love for at least forty minutes. By this time he was kissing her behind the knees and she was moving in a wild crazy manner. Tony then moved up sucking the inside of her thighs. She said nothing but

“Uh,uh,uh” until he reached her pussy and his tongue entered her vagina.

“Sweetie,” she moaned, “you don’t have to do that.”

“Yes baby, yes I do.”

He boyfriend Ted, in high school had never done anything remotely close to what Tony was doing. Ted just stuck his penis in her and in three minutes it was all over. Now She lay there unable to move, as though it might break the magical spell, holding Tony’s hair tightly in both hands, feeling his tongue move into her wet pussy.

Nothing in the world was important now, as he was about to make her cum. It was like an itch she couldn’t scratch and although she was feeling fantastic, she knew she could last through his loving attack, until … he moved up to her clitoris and began to suck hard.

“No Tony, no please I can’t take it. It is too much honey. You are killing me. Stop … stop …stop… her voice trailed off as she passed out and began to gush her delicate juice into Tony’s mouth. Although he knew she was out and probably couldn’t feel his mouth on her most delicate part, he continued to kiss and suck her for his own pleasure.

He finally stopped and lay behind her, holding her tight. After thirty minutes she began to come around and looked over her shoulder at him through squinty eyes.

“For a minute there I thought I was dead. You were wonderful honey.”

“Lift your right leg over mine.” When she did as he asked, he moved forward and very slowly shoved his cock in where his mouth had been earlier.

Tony began to fuck his beautiful little maiden causing her to moan loudly. With one hand on her right hip and the other in her golden hair, pulling hard, he continued to fuck her.

“Oh God Tony I’m going to cum … again … oh baby harder, do it harder. Your cock is so thick honey … Fuck me … fuck me and cum in my pussy. Ohhhh God, oh god, oh god.”

Just as Tony was about to cum she shot more of her liquid on to his cock and balls. Slowly he continued and as he was about to pull out, she said,

“No sweetie don’t take it from me. Leave it in. I never want to forget the feeling of having you in me.”

As he lay there, with both of his hands fondling her titties, he could feel her vagina pumping and sucking on his cock. He began to kiss the right side of her neck, and found his cock was growing hard again. He moved his hips a little and shoved forward. Becky turned and looked at him in disbelief when his penis struck her cervix. Knowing he was up for it, and why not she was the first girl he had ever had, he began fucking her a little harder with each stroke. Within twenty minutes they were both cuming again.

The New York sun came up out of the Atlantic and began to spread light over everything it could reach. Tony woke on his back wondering where the cracks in the ceiling came from. A beautiful manicured hand moved across his chest and began to weave through the thick curly hair.

“Tony … can … you do me again … baby?”

She lay on her back and motioned for him to get on top of her missionary style. He carefully crawled on top and guided his cock into her dripping vagina. Her legs emulating that of a trapeze artist hooked around Tony’s legs holding him tight inside of her. As he began to fuck her yet again, he moved his mouth to her tits and started to suck. Her arms around his neck, held him in an unrelenting death grip. Tony was now gaining knowledge of what she wanted and more importantly what she needed.

She could feel her pussy lips pulling on her clitoris every time he made a stroke into her. About every ten to twelve strokes she would tighten her grip on him and cum. After a half hour she said,

“OK please no more. I can’t feel my pussy any more and my legs and feet are getting numb.”

Tony however was almost there and doubled his strokes fucking her as hard as he possibly could. Becky understood what was happening and held on tight. When he finally came she had cum again twice. He crawled off of her, but she wouldn’t let go cradling herself in his arms, mumbling,

“Stupid, stupid women.”

They lay there for another half hour catching their breath until she said,

“Honey it’s almost eight o’clock. I’m going to take a shower ‘cause I smell like a French whore the day after the fleet is in. You can join me if you wish and then I’ll make us breakfast. I’m starved.”

“OK … I’ll be in, in just a minute. I have some calls to make first.”

As he heard the shower, he pushed a speed dial button on his cell. It began to ring on the other side. A voice came on,

“Good Morning … this is Emile.”

“Emile, this is Mr. Miller.”

“Yes Sir, good morning.”

“Emile I need a catered brunch for four in my apartment at ten o’clock. Bring everything on your menu including two bottles … make it three of Dom, and I want the Champagne cold … Ok?”

“Mr. Miller it won’t be cheep.”

“That’s why I called you Emile. I don’t want anything cheep. The doorman will let you in.”

“Ten o’clock, we’ll get right on it sir.”

“Emile can you get three dozen roses somewhere and set up everything on my veranda?”

“Yes sir …of course.”

Tony dialed again and said,

“Jack there will be a caterer arriving just before ten o’clock. Let them into my apartment and help them in any way you can. There is a hundred in it for you.”

“You got it sir. Everything will be ready by ten.”

“Hello … Manhattan limousine, this is Antonio Miller. I need a stretch Mercedes at 610 2nd Ave. in the Village by 9:30 am. I want it for the entire day.

“Mr. Miller I have a Cadillac, but it isn’t a stretch.”

“How much business does my firm give you every year?”

“Mercedes 9:30 at 610, 2nd Ave. You got it Mr. Miller.”

Tony went into the bathroom and saw his little nympho almost asleep in the shower. When he got in he grabbed a bar of soap, a washcloth and wet them under the spray. He began at her feet, scrubbing up her legs and between her butt cheeks. He then washed her pussy lingering there several minutes. He kissed her on the clit and she moaned. Moving upward he washed her tummy then her tits, armpits and shoulders.

“Do you want me to wash your hair?”

“You would do that for me?”

“Baby, there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”

He washed her hair and rinsed it then told her they had to hurry.

He began to wash himself quickly and then rinsed off as she stood under the spray and watched.

“Tony … Do you want to do it in the shower?”

“I would love to baby, but we have places to go, so get out and dry off.”

“Oh …ok … I just thought …”

“I know sweetie, but I have a surprise for you.”

It was nine twenty when they began descending the stairs to the street. As they walked outside, there at the curb was one of the longest black limousines Becky had ever seen.

“I wonder why this is here,” she asked.

“It’s for us baby. We are going to brunch.”

“Tony,” she said gruffly, “you shouldn’t be squandering all your money like this. We can split a cab.”

“Get in girl.”

Becky got in the car and sat back, while Tony tuned in some jazz on the CD player. The drive through Central Park, to his apartment only took ten minutes. When the arrived she asked,

“Where are we?”

“For a little girl, you sure ask a lot of questions.”

Tony took her arm and walked to the building. Jack opened the door and heard Becky say,

“We can’t go in here. Look at the way we are dressed.”

“Don’t worry. I know a guy who lives upstairs.”

In the elevator Becky just shook her head and frowned. The elevator stopped and he walked her to apartment 4003. He pushed the buzzer and the door opened. Emile said, good morning Mr. Miller, your brunch is ready.”

“Thank you Emile. This is Miss Rebecca Davis.”

“Good Morning Miss. Rebecca.”

Becky looked much like Tony did when he first saw her. Her mouth hung open not believing what she saw. The veranda was set up beautifully, with three-dozen roses in the center of the table. As requested there was everything on Emile’s menu in hot and cold chafing dishes standing adjacent to the table. There was a fine tablecloth on the table and Emile’s private etched dinnerware set for two.

Becky looked at Tony and asked,


“Please sit down,” he said.

Emile uncorked a bottle of Dom Pariogne Champagne and asked,

“Would you like some miss?”

“Thank you … Yes.”

Emile poured two glasses of the expensive liquid then snapped his fingers. Three waiters began serving food from the chafing dishes and placed them in front of Tony and Becky.

“Coffee Miss Rebecca?”

“Yes thank you.”

As they ate she didn’t take her eyes off Tony.

“I don’t understand. How are you doing all this on a janitor’s salary?”

Tony pulled out his wallet and removed a business card. He handed it to Becky.

“Here read this.”

She took the card and read it out loud.

“Smith, Travis, Miller and Johnson.”

“Miller … Miller? That’s you?”

Tony looked at Becky and smiled.

“Guilty as charged.”

“But you said that you were the janitor.”

“No. I said, No … but sometimes I do his work. You just assumed I was the janitor. I’m the head of design and photography. I also write some of the copy, when necessary.”

“I feel like such a fool,” she said.

“Why … you didn’t know.”

“I was trying to think how I could help you.”

“Becky, you did help me. You literally saved my life.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll tell you someday. Would you consider moving in here with me?”

“Here … this is your place?”

“Yes it is. You know the drawing you did of the old man in the park? It would look wonderful over the fireplace in the front room. What do you think?”

“Yah … I guess it would. Tony … what about Sonya?”

“Who is Sonya?”

“She is my roommate. She won’t be able to afford the apartment if I move.”

“I’ll buy the apartment and she can rent it for a dollar a year. Would that be ok?”

“What if they won’t sell it?”

“Then I’ll buy the building. I think I can get it for a million-five, maybe a million-seven. In any case don’t worry about it. Sonya will be safe and won’t have to pay a dime. Once I purchase it, you can go in there with Sonya and redecorate the whole building. Then we will surprise everyone and drop all the rents.”

“Tony you’re really something else.”

“Thank you. I have always wanted to be something else.”

They ate in silence enjoying the delicious repast. She was still in a shock regarding everything. It was difficult to believe this wonderful guy was one of the partners at the agency where hopefully she was going to work.

“Becky,” asked Tony, “Is your family home today?”

“Yes … I believe so. Why?”

“If you still want me to meet them, it might be a good time. Call them first and we’ll take the limo.”

They finished eating and as the waiters cleared everything away, Becky stood adjacent to the wall looking down at the city. She couldn’t believe what the last twenty hours had produced.


“Yes baby?”

“Tony … what will happen if I get hired at the firm and then can’t cut it. I don’t want any special favors. I want to make it on my own abilities.”

“Fine … no problem. If you can’t cut it, we will just fire you.”

“But …”

“But then you and I will get married and you can stay home or I’ll get you a job as a janitor.”

“Tony, that isn’t funny.”

“Sweetie with your artistic ability, you will be running the Art department in no time. Stop worrying so much. Everything will be fine.”

The limo ride was smooth and the soft jazz on the CD was wonderful. Becky reached up and held his face, kissing him tenderly. He stopped her as they crossed the New Jersey border.

“Sweetie, if I meet your parents with an erection, don’t you think they might feel a little funny.”

“We have about ten minutes. Can’t we do it here?”

“No baby, we will be back at our place by six or seven. Just relax until then.”

“She gave a big sigh and said, “Oookkkk.”

When the limo pulled up in front of her parent’s house, everyone on the block came out to see who was there. It was an old 1940s era house, a faded yellow in color, which had been built just after the Second World War. The house had a large stone front porch, with a swing that would hold at least two people. Tony told the driver that he could go for dinner, but to be back by six o’clock. The driver nodded to Tony then drove off.

“Mom,” said Becky, “I have someone I want you to meet. Mom this is Tony. He is my boyfriend.”

“Oh my God,” said her mother, “Do you know who he looks like?”

Mr. Davis came out of the house and hugged Becky, and then extended his hand to Tony. Tony was stopped in his tracks, as he looked so much like Becky’s dad they could have been related. The group all went into the house. Mrs. Davis said, “Coffee anyone?” End

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2016-04-30 00:54:22
at last a story that sounds like it will be a STORY. the right blend of sex,sorry, love making and emotion. i will i believe enjoy this one.

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2011-01-12 00:30:11
Damned nice story. I think you got royally screwed with the rating. It's a hell of a lot better story than a lot of them with much higher ratings are. All it takes is a couple of assholes to slam it with a negative vote when it first gets posted to bury it so nobody sees and reads it. I gave it a positive. SSB

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2011-01-06 02:00:25
This is such a fabulous story, I'm reading this chapter now for the second time so have to add something I forgot: I laughed a lot as well with the other joys I got; many things Tony said, like asking Becky does she wear glasses, I think because he just couldn't believe she accepted him to spend time with her, to even just take a sandwich with. And things Becky said, also her five flight of stairs to her apartment reminded me of when many years ago I lived in a five floor walk up apartment in the Bronx. I was skinny then and starry eyed about living in NY so I never had any exertion to do the stairs.

Gee! This chapter is just filled with so much good stuff! Lots of cute stuff, laughs and sex too, can't ask for more.

Just had to add these comments.


2011-01-06 00:52:17
OMG! I'm so happy for Tony and Becky too! But, Tony I'm gloriously happy for because, as described he's the rich fabulously successful but "ugly duckling" when it comes to romance and OH so lonely.
And, Oldguy, you really made me feel Tony's loneliness, so many of us, including myself, strive for and achieve material success but then don't have that special person to share it with. The success gets so empty!

At first I thought maybe Tony was having a fantasy, Becky was such a dream come true!

WOW! That's so true that if you really love and respect your parent the man that looks like them will look great to you.

I love Tony and Becky as a couple, both got the most desired thing in each other that each needs!

I love this story, already!

And my rating is a huge plus 10


2007-10-10 03:22:59
To Reader 10-07-07 - 02:09

Please accept my profound thanks for your kind words. While I have been attempting to bring my writing to a level that all who read it, might find something enjoyable to take them away from their existence, and allow them to find a place they might be with some characters that will take them on a fictional, somewhat sexy romp through new situations, I just cannot agree my work is anything close to a masterpiece. As I have been feeling better, of late, I am again working on my story. You seem to have a good idea of what you like, so if you can think of any ideas, you would like to pass along, feel free to write me at the personal e-mail. Thank you ever so much, again. Old Guy

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