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Farm Kids
(This is a true story. Honest Injun.)

When my father died suddenly, my mother and I were
left almost destitute.

With few options she moved us to her grandmother's
farm in North Central Arkansas.

Living there was wonderful for a young boy. There
was the farm work. We had a tiny 18 head dairy herd
and a 1 auto milker operation.

The house was barely livable. The wiring for
electricity was on the outside of the walls as it
had been added years after the house had been

To take a bath in the winter, you had to go to the
milk barn and take it in a wash tub. That was the
only place we had running water much less hot water.

The summer after my 4th grade of school, a 1st
cousin of my mother's and her husband bought the
farm next door. The father of the family ran a
construction business so they were much better off
than we were.

They had 3 kids, my second cousins.

Glenda who was 12, Brenda who was also 10 like me
but a year ahead in school and a little brother who
I cannot even remember. He was much younger than we
three and did not get to do the things we did.

Glenda, Brenda and I roamed the hills and woods
from daylight to dark when I did not have chores to

We looked in bird's nest, we examined every bug
and animal we came across. Our favorite fun
adventure was to use long cane poles to knock down
wasp nests in the barns, under the eaves of houses
or sometimes in a thick bush.

We got stung just often enough to keep that air of danger to it.

We climbed trees, made play houses and early into the
hot weather discovered swimming in the creek that
ran through another neighbors much larger farm.

We found a very nice, not too deep pool that was
always shaded and over a mile from any house.

Our play started innocently enough. We would
stripe down to our underwear. Me in jockey shorts,
the girls in just their cotton panties.

I realize now that Glenda was starting to bud but Brenda was as
flat chested as I was.

We splashed and played. Ducked each other, threw
mud or sand at each other and just had fun as farm
kids do. I would sometimes become aroused when the
wrestling and playing got a little physical but did
not realize that I showed so much. I could clearly
see the girls through their wet panties but I guess
we just had an unspoken truce on the subject since
we enjoyed the swimming so much.

Hoping to avoid trouble with parents we brought an
extra pair of undies and left them hidden near our
swimming hole. That kept us from having to wear wet
underwear home and maybe get quizzed about why we
were wet.

I usually turned my back while they undressed and
changed and they did likewise.

This seemed to work OK until I glanced over my
shoulder at them while I was changing and instead of
having their back to me they were both staring at my
little hard dick intensely.

Nothing would have happened except Glenda
moved toward me and asked if she could touch it.

Brenda came right behind her.

I don't know if I even agreed with letting them, they may have jumped me, but I remember sitting in the shallow water and both girls kneeling in front of me touching and holding me. Touching my testicles.

Looking back, I didn't even know that girls would put it in their mouth therefore I didn't even ask them too.

If I had been 2 years older I would have cum all over them but at 10 and at that time I really knew almost nothing about it other than it felt wonderful. Frankly, I did not even know how to jack off.

This became our new favorite game with me adding that if I they were going to play with me then I got to play with them. Now upon arriving at the swimming hole we just striped and jumped in.

Looking back, I never even tried to kiss either of them. I thought they were both pretty and considered Brenda as the prettier of the two but it just never occurred to me to try and kiss them. Frankly Glenda dominated everything. If it was not her idea it just was not done.

I did thoroughly enjoy having them laying on either side of me touching and stroking it. I was not totally inexperienced so I knew to put my finger in them but I was more than a little amazed at how much Glenda seemed to like that.

I had played doctor in my father's old car with the little girl that lived next door. We were both 5 at the time. I had even been inside her if you can call a 5 year old boys thing a dick. (But that is another story.)

There were even a couple more little play events too.

I was taught how to kiss by three older girls when we played Post Office and Spin the bottle. That is another whole other story but these may explain some of my perversions. Maybe not.

We never did the sex play for very long. One of us would start to pick or wrestle and that would set the tone for the rest of the swim.

About the third time we did play with each other, I built up the courage to ask Glenda if I put mine in her. She did not even bat and eye and climbed on top of my waist an helped me inside.

It was incredible. So hot, so tight. She would sit there rocking and squeezing me.

Only occasionally going up and down. Then she would close her eyes get real stiff and grind herself on my dick. I realize now she was having an orgasm but it just seemed like more of her being bossy at the time. She would slump after a while, sit there a moment and then roll off.

That was Brenda's key to straddle me, reversed facing Glenda. I don't know now if she too orgasm-ed because she never faced me. She did a lot of grinding too and she was the first female anal opening I was able to study in detail plus I could watch my dick inside her. I have never gotten over the shear beauty of that sight with any woman.

I never put my hands on either during these activities as I just assumed they would not allow it.

Looking back I am sure they would have loved to be touched, kissed and licked but I didn't learn about all that until I was 14.

Our swimming trips quickly became an almost daily thing. We always played with each other. I tried to get on top of Brenda once and that spoiled that day. They acted mad at me for the whole trip back home but there they were the next morning. Waiting at the house talking with Granny and my mother while I helped do the milking.

Glenda leading us off as soon as I set down the bucket of milk for the house.

We rarely even came home for lunch. We had another uncle whose house was farther down the creek and sometimes we would go there.

We would raid the ice box and he always had soda pop on the porch for us.

There were also various types of fruit that would become ripe and everyone had trees.

Plums in the early summer, then peaches and blackberries, pears and apples later in the early fall.

We still roamed all over the place. Even followed the swimming creek for several miles and found a place where it made a pretty waterfall.

Saw lots of snakes too. We hoped that our little pool did not have any. We might have just refused to look real close. We did enjoy throwing rocks at them and even killed several.

The next significant thing I remember was when Glenda got her first period.

We were laying together and I loved to look from one girl to the other while I stroked them with my fingers.

They would argue sometimes about who was on which side. I didn't care as long as they were within reach.

I looked at Glenda and the water was red with blood.

I yelled and jumped up.

It scared Brenda as much as it did me.

We both just knew that Glenda was injured and we would all get into all kinds of trouble for hurting her.

Glenda didn't even blink. She said it had happened last night too and her mother had explained everything. It would stop soon and she wanted to get on me anyway.

I thought it was icky, I had seen my mother's used pads so I was not scared anymore but kind of put off.

She insisted and once on me moved even harder than ever before.

I remember because it actually hurt me for the first time.

I had been able to let them ride me as much as they wanted.

I would feel almost an intense pain which I now know was almost cumming but my dick would stay very hard and I would stay very interested.

I would be swollen for the rest of the day but it went back to normal by the next morning.

Thinking back it was a small price to pay for something so special.

When Glenda was through and it was Brenda's turn I was so sore I almost stopped her but thinking about watching it go in and out of her made me let her on.

I loved to watch her pussy lips around my shaft and how her a hole would open and close slightly.

I knew that some boys fucked each other there but boys just never interested me. I wonder why?

This is pretty much how it went that summer. It all stopped with the start of school.

Since they slept in the same bed I suspect that all kinds of interesting things went on at night. If I ever see one or both of them I may ask. I am still bad about teasing people, especially females.

I saw them a few years later when I came back to gassville to visit other cousins.

They were at the drive-in movie with dates necking to beat the band.

As we walked by, my cousin Joe stopped and told them who I was.

They both looked me over but never missed a beat with their dates.

Lucky guys.


2007-12-02 16:47:24
I agree with the reader below me, fucking sexy love.


2007-11-03 20:07:50
i love ure stories


2006-10-05 06:04:46
But did you like it? Were you watching us? You anonymous commenters can be a hoot.


2006-09-28 22:40:06
you are such a fucking liar, and a faggot


2006-09-27 16:37:08
sounds like a fun summer.any more stories to come? 10/10 thanx for the memories

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