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Jessie awoke to the sounds of her own screams. Her body convulsing with violent spasms as she had every night since her first encounter with Jason. Jessie thrust her pillow between her thighs to stanch the flow erupting out from her gushing pussy while the orgasm continued to shatter her body. The primal groan that escaped her lips smothered by her free hand in a feeble attempt to silence the pleasure she was experiencing as her body convulsed and her eyes rolled back into her head.
Embracing the Darkness - Part 1

Jessie awoke to the sounds of her own screams. Her body convulsing with violent spasms as she had every night since her first encounter with Jason. Jessie thrust her pillow between her thighs to stanch the flow erupting out from her gushing pussy while the orgasm continued to shatter her body. The primal groan that escaped her lips smothered by her free hand in a feeble attempt to silence the pleasure she was experiencing as her body convulsed and her eyes rolled back into her head. Her husband stirred beside her as Jessie fought for and regained control of her spasms.

"Another bad dream!" She gasped sleepily in the dark, lying to her husband that awoke beside her.

"Damn it Jess, I think you wet the bed again." He blurted out, moving further away from the spreading puddle.

Jessie nodded her head looking over at him. He had already drifted off to sleep again, withdrawing from her, disgusted by her and his back to her now. It wasn't a bad dream at all she thought. In fact she thoroughly enjoyed her new found squirting ability.

Anger and betrayal masked the pleasure she had just endured. He would scold her in the morning, most likely getting physical and forcing her by the fistful of hair and rub her face in the sheets like you would a dog that had just pissed on the floor. At least a dog was loyal, she still felt guilty about that, the unconditional love she once felt for this man beside her having vanished long ago.

She laid there in a pool of her own nectar that had spilled from her pussy like geyser, skin flushed and burning while she concentrated on slowing her breathing. It was no surprise that her husband left her there alone, recovering from what he thought was just a nightmare. Their relationship had steadily dissolved over the past 10 years, and she couldn't remember the last time he showed her any sort of affection. Jessie laid there pondering how their relationship had become so stagnant. All she wanted was to feel desired.

They had met in high school at 16. Sparks flew, like in the beginning of all fairytale love stories. Jessie initially had felt like she had found her other half, and never imagined wanting to be with anyone else. She was young and in an instant, they were inseparable. They married soon after graduating. A decade later and now married, their relationship turn out to be anything but that fairytale.

Jessie thought back on that time in her life. Young and foolish, sure she had found her true love, but in the process she had alienating herself from her friends and family. At the time she had felt so blessed to have found her soul mate. In the years that followed, she realized how naive she had been in that thinking.

It wasn't long into their marriage when she began to notice that he didn't look at her in the same way. He use to make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Giving up everything to him. Her independence, her friends....hell her whole life. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do and gave herself over to him willingly needing only his love. But that spark in his eyes, the love she surely once felt was dulled sometimes when she wasn't looking. His kisses eventually felt forced, and she began to feel ore like a burden to him. The love that she felt and traded everything for wasn't there anymore, and instead of walking away then, she held on tighter than ever. Suppressing her own needs and desires, and trying to make him love her again. The effort was exhausting and it had changed her. She saw herself through other people’s eyes when they looked at her. She had lost sight of who she was. Forgetting about the things that she enjoyed and wanted in life.

It wasn't up until a year ago when her dad had pulled her aside and told her that the light in her eyes had gone; that broke her heart. It was then that she knew that both her and her husband were clearly unhappy. Being together was affecting both of them negatively. She had finally given up on love, admitting that her toxic relationship had caused her to lose herself. Her attempts to hold tightly on her relationship with her husband had consumed her.

The decision to end things with her husband was hard to accept. The funny thing was, even though it seemed like a low point in her life, that was the highest she had been in the last 10 years. Despite the fact that she felt like someone had stabled her in the heart repeatedly. A huge weight was lifted off her shoulders when she made the decision to leave. Jessie felt free for the first time.

At first she was afraid to venture into unknown territory, not even knowing herself who she was. Foolishly allowing herself to picture what her life could be and eager to make the break for a fresh start on life. Almost giddy with excitement as she made dinner and waited for her husband to make the break. She was foolish to think her would share in her excitement. She knew that now and wondered what the fuck she was thinking. Divorce rarely is a peaceful exchange and this moment started a war that would surely leave her broken and scarred. The darkness that followed would consume her.

He had never become physical before this time, having just been thrown against the bedroom wall and left cowering and bracing her self as her husband raised his fist in a rage and jealousy. The brief thought of a life she now desired vanishing into the darkness that would consume her for a time. She had seen the anger boiling behind his eyes for years. Likened to a caged animal ready to attack and honesty she wasn't sure what he was capable of anymore. Jessie looked up at her husband, ready for his fist to come crashing down on her. Almost welcoming the threatening blow.

That was the first time she saw what his eyes promised if she left. She had tried multiple times to leave after that first night, still grasping to that dream of what her life could become with out him. She had tried multiple times to leave since, but her husband refused to let her go. She became numb to him. There were no tears anymore. She was a fading light in the darkness.

Jessie welcomed his anger now, taunting it even. His accusations that she was fucking another man had no warrant behind them at the time. Maybe this was the catalyst. The moment that she decided she wasn't about to let him have this power over her.

She had always hidden her dark desires and cravings sexually. The same desires that scared her, would make her vulnerable, now offered a sweet release. She had been hiding in this stagnant relationship for to long, never truly fulfilling her sexual desires. What began as a means to an end morphed into something different for her.

Jesse became her own monster, never have gotten the chance to be sexually adventurous with strangers, it seemed fun and made her feel alive with nothing to lose when she stumbled across Jason’s profile.

“Wow this guy is hot.” She thought to her self late one night as her husband laid asleep beside her.

She smiled at at the realization of what she would become. Jessie quickly commented on one of Jason’s pictures and blog entry. A very romantic, “I want to fuck you!” before closing out her iPad and letting a hand slip between her legs o molest her pink flesh. This wasn’t her normal way of masturbating. It was primal, her own fingers not her own as she abused and stretched her pussy as if she was a stranger. She slapped her clit hard and shuttered at the sensation of the pleasurable pain.

Jessie awoke the next morning, her pussy raw, flesh pink from the abuse. Her throat was tender from the grip she had on it last night as she choked herself. Her nipples throbbed from the pinching and sucking having contorted her breast to her lips.

She had forgotten all about her comment on the strangers social media the night before. Ha I gotta taken notice that he never responded to other comments. She flooded her panties when her notifications were full of comments and likes from this stranger named Jason. He wasn’t the only one who had responded. There were other women who had followed up her comment.

“LOL, Wouldn’t we all” one of them said.

The fetish site and talking openly about sex was exciting and new, jessie felt alive again.

The way Jason spoke about his dark fantasies, and desires captured and consumed her after that initial exchange. The fear of the dark acts adding to the wetness between her thighs. Consuming her wanting body. The sexual acts that Jason spoke about mirrored her own sexual fantasies. With Jason she felt like she could be herself. Nothing was taboo.

They had only communicated through email for the last 2 months prior to meeting for the first time last week. Messages filled with passion and desires. His communications with her left her wanting, feeling afire with lust. She had never seen him before that only day they met, but Jason made her feel wanted and desired way before even seeing her.

After their first encounter, she foolishly knew she was willing to give up everything just to be fucked by Jason and all the baggage that he brought to the table. Their relationship would be complicated. There was so much more to the situation that she soon came to find out during their encounter, but looking into his eyes the for first time, Jessie knew she was staring at the person who saw her in her perfectly fucked up form. She would be his slut, not because this is what he demand, but because this is what she wanted. Obeying his every command and finding herself in his dominance over her.

Jessie's body shuddered in the bed as she remembered how she was afraid to blink or look away from Jason that first time, knowing that if she did, that he might disappear. It was after that first encounter that the dreams started to take over her while she slept. "Had that been all this really was the whole time, a dream?"

It wasn't until she heard the low growl of her husbands snores, that she snapped back to reality. Daring to remove the pillow she had used to suffocate her pussy. Her hands subconsciously moved to her soft wet lips. Her fingers barely grazing across her swollen clit, causing it to roar back to life, ready and wanting more. She buried her face in the wet pillow, taking in the scent of her own body. The scent of her own pussy made the desires worse. She looked over at her husband in the darkness while she pushed her fingers inside her self. Her thoughts instantly drifted back to the encounter that had change her life forever. That encounter had ensnared her being. Dominating her as she willingly submitted herself to him.

"Why hadn't there been any communication since?" Jessie though. "It's been almost a week."

From the beginning, they hadn't missed a day with out some sort of contact. Sometimes Jason was playful in the questions he asked her, other times forceful and dominating. Almost like talking to two very different people with different perspectives. Usually Jason told her what panties to wear every morning. She knew if he didn't answer she was to not wear any. So that is what she had done all week. Was he testing her? He hadn't responded to any of her emails. She still followed his commands, unquestioning.

“Was she enough? She questioned.

Jessie had made it clear she would do anything, to share him if she had to. Fuck others if that is what he wanted. Any time, anywhere, where ever and however he wanted.

Jessie rolled over to her iPad plugged in on the nightstand. Her wet fingers smearing the screen to check her email. Her heart leapt into her throat when she saw the "1" next to her inbox with Jason's name next to it. Indicating an unread message.

Her excitement was short lived when she read the lengthy message. In that moment she felt relief in knowing, but the torture in every word overcame her. Consuming her body like a wildfire. "Hadn't he felt the same way towards her?" He couldn't leave her now, not like this! The brief moments they shared were not enough.

She responded to the message as the tears splash against the glowing screen, knowing Jason would not answer her plea, let alone ever read it.

"I want to be dead." She pleaded in her head, clutching the iPad against the bare skin of her breasts.

"Why?" She cried out. No longer caring about anything or anyone else.

She knew this was it, this would be her final dream. Tears streaked down her cheeks as she threw her face back down against the wet pillow sobbing, knowing she would never see Jason again other than in her dream. She closed her eyes tightly, begging for reprieve. Hoping the dream would come quickly and over take her senses for the last time.....

....Jessie sat in the drivers seat, hands trembling on the steering wheel of her parked car. Her heart pounding in her chest with excitement. So excited in fact, that the leather seat was saturated from her wet pussy in anticipation. The playful scenario Jason had planned out left her wanting. Eager to finally see the man she had been captured by over the last few months. Jessie hadn't even seen him yet, but she already knew she would give up everything to be with him. His words had ensnared her.

It wasn't really fair she thought. At least Jason had seen her. She had sent him multiple provocative picture in all sorts of compromising positions. Pictures she hoped no one else would ever see other than him as they were degrading. She did let him describe himself to her early on in their communications. Her hand instinctively moved down between her thighs under her sundress, thinking of how Jason reacted to her naughty photos and brief video. The most recent visual treat of her slamming her pussy down on the bedpost on her bed. Pink flesh wet and stretched around the dark wood as she begged him to rape her.

Jessie molested her smooth, freshly shaved cunt right there in the car. Sliding underneath the silky thong she had picked out just for Jason. Lifting a leg up beside the steering wheel to allow her easier access to slip inside with two fingers. Her pussy felt like an overheating oven as she rubbed her palm against her throbbing clit. The sensation sending waves of pleasure through her body. Her head fell back to the head rest as she arched her back, moaning out in the empty car. She was already on the cusp of an orgasm when a car pulled in beside her in the busy parking garage, drawing her from the moment.

She adjusted the panties back into place and took a deep breath. She looked down at the instructions from Jason on her phone with a time and an address located in down town Tucson. It was a busy weekday and most of the people in this area were dressed professionally, heading to high paying jobs. Her husband was one of them, somewhere close by in an office.

Jessie looked over at the woman that parked the car beside her. A knowing expression of Jessie's naughty display on the woman's face. Jessie ran her wet fingers across the top of her large breasts and smiled as she moved them to her full lips, sucking the wetness off her fingers. Eager for Jason's cock to replace them in her mouth. The woman looked away in embarrassment and Jessie giggled audibly to herself.

The address was just a block away on the next corner according to the map app on her phone. She climbed out of the car, eager to find her lover waiting for her. She could feel her sticky juices lubricating her ass cheeks while she walked. Her senses were on high alert wondering if Jason could be one of the random men, watching her on the streets. Jessie was pleased with her choice of clothing. Her perky D breast bounced slightly as she walked, and the 4 inch wedge sandals laced up her calf made her 5' 3" frame much taller. She smiled as a man walked past, nearly running into a trash can while focused in on her erect nipples pushed against the the thin fabric of the dress.

Jessie had always felt average, rarely getting a second glance from people, something in the way Jason spoke to her, the way he made her feel sexy was bubbling to the surface and she liked the attention.

Jessie looked down at her phone and stopped out front of a multilevel old building. The numbers above the large glass door matched the address on her phone. There was no indication of what awaited her inside. The address appeared to be a store front, but there was no signage indicating such. Her pounding heart was audible in her ears. Her trembling hand pulled at the large handle, but it would not open. The windows were blacked out, and she cupped a hand around her eyes while she tried to look inside. Was Jason waiting for her on the other side, watching her awkward display as she tried to see through the dark glass?

When she heard the locking mechanism click, she startled. She pulled on the door handle again and felt the door give way. She pulled it open and made her way inside. She didn't know what to expect, but it was definitely not what awaited her behind the door. Her mouth fell open in shock. The strong smell of leather permeated her nostrils.

"Jessie I assume?" The pale skinned, red headed woman said from behind the counter eagerly.

Jessie nodded, unable to find her voice to respond verbally.

"I am Alexis." The woman said, stepping out from behind the counter and making her way towards Jessie.

Jessie watched the busty Alexis approaching. A sexy dominatrix was the first thing to pop into Jessie's mind. She wore a long black form fitting leather dress with a slit off center in the front that allowed anyone in sight to see the sheer red fabric of her panties when she walked. Alexis breast spilled over the bust of the low cut dress, her faint pink aureolas peaking out at the top of her perky flesh. She had long reddish hair and spoke with a faint accent. Maybe Scottish? Jessie thought.

"Welcome to Kink!" Alexis said, grabbing Jessie by the hand and pulling her further into the fetish shop. All sorts of visual treats invaded Jessie's vision. Leather outfit, restraints, crops, dildos and all sorts of other sex toys. Jessie would have never admitted it, but she could spend hours in here and still not take it all in. The shop was dimly lit and appeared more like a dungeon that a store. Multiple machines built for pleasure and restraint were scattered through out the shop. Jessie noticed Alexis give an approving smiling at her as she took it all in with an open mouth.

"Jason had said that you had no idea what he had planned for you." Alexis said, smiling at Jessie.

"No, I was expecting to meet him here." Jessie shyly said.

"He was here not to long ago to pick out what you are to wear. Your a lucky girl." Alexis responded.

Jessie wanted to drill her for more details about Jason, but held back, not wanting to appear desperate.

Alexis lead Jesse to a dressing room in the back of the shop. The walls were lined with mirrors. A large contraption dominated the room from the corner. Clearly built for fucking. Worn leather restraints hung from it. Alexis waisted no time and pulled Jessie's sundress over her head. Jessie instantly looked over to the open doorway nerviously, covering her large exposed breast as they bounced free of the dress being pulled over her head. Alexis instantly picked up on Jessie's apprehension and worry about someone walking in and seeing her like this in the oversized dressing room with little privacy.

"Don't be shy, you have nothing to worry about. During the week days we see our clientele by appointment only. The front door locked behind you when you came in. Just you and me." Alexis said to Jessie's apprehensions.

Jessie smiled shyly and dropped her hands to her side leaving her breast exposed. She had to admit to herself that she was intimidated by Alexis. This woman oozed sex. Her body was built for it. Large round tits, perfect skin, and full cock sucking lips. Her perfect flesh was muscular in a girly way. She held nothing back jessie could tell just be observing her mannerisms.

Self doubt flooded Jessie’s spinning head as she looked down and noticed her own erect nipples. Jessie shyly smiled when she noticed Alexis enjoying the sight. Jesse was overwhelmed but invigorated, feeling alive for the first time in a long time having a strange woman undressing her. Jesse wanted to be her. No self doubt and freedom to be what ever she wanted.

During Jessie's taboo emails with Jason, he had questioned her about being with a woman. Jessie had feared her lack of experience would disappoint him. She had reluctantly responded, informing him that she had never been with anyone other than her husband. Expecting to scare him off with her response. But it didn't, Jason just made it clear that he would share her with other women. Jesse was excited by the way he said it. He didn't ask. This was not up for discussion.

Jessie had never even considering it until Jason put the idea in her head. Since then she found herself noticing other women. Wondering what it would be like to taste another woman's pussy. To taste her own pussy on a woman's soft lips. The idea intrigued her and she began watching lesbian porn and sucking her own wetness from her fingers after masturbating.

When Alexis slid her fingers underneath the thin fabric of Jessie's panties at the hip she snapped back to reality. Alexis squatted down in front of her as she lowered the panties down her legs.

Jessie looked down at Alexis squatting in front of her. Alexis's legs were spread wide, exposing the soft pink lips of her pussy peeking out on either side of the shear red fabric of Alexis panties. Jessie felt the wetness ease slowly down her thighs and her mouth began to water at the sight of those bare pink pussy lips.

She was shocked at how aroused she was by having another woman undress her. This openness was foreign to Jessie . She watched Alexis, who was now running her thumb across the wet slippery crotch of the panties she had just removed from Jessie.

"Aren't you a juicy little thing." Alexis said, looking up at Jessie and running her tongue slowly over the silky crotch of Jessie's panties.

“Fuck me!” Jesse though as her mouth fell open at this gesture. She was holding her breath and her chest heaved when Alexis spoke again.

"Isn't Jason the lucky one?" Alexis said.

Jessie smiled at the mention of his name. Alexis could see how hot this woman was for him. This wasn't the first time she had seen a woman that hopelessly infatuated with Jason.

Jessie decided it was time to see how much more she could get from Alexis about Jason. Alexis was still molesting her panties when Jessie moved forward and spread her legs slightly, looking into Alexis's green eyes. Jessie reached down feeling the wetness on her thigh and moved up to her moist pussy.

"You like my wet panties? Maybe you would like this more?" Jesse said in her most seductive voice, sliding her fingers inside her cunt. The slut inside of her taking over now.

Alexis broke eye contact and watched Jessie's fingers disappear inside. Her wetness saturated the skin of her fingers. Jessie's body ached, eager to be turned over to Jason to molest. She had no intention of denying him her first of many orgasms. She pulled her fingers out and looked down at Alexis just before thrusting her wet fingers into Alexis's wanting mouth. Alexis gripped Jessie wrist and stroked her probing fingers with her tongue. Jessie smiled watching another woman enjoying the taste of her pussy, but suddenly felt a wave embarrassment and self consciousness, and tried to pull them out from Alexis sucking mouth. Alexis gripped tighter to her wrist in protest before allowing Jessie to pull away.

"Your a naughty little slut." Alexis said looking up at her from her knees. "Its to bad you are promised to another."

Jessie smiled and nodded. "I am......what do you know about him."

"I have to admit that I am jealous. I find it interesting that you have not seen him before today and willingly submitted to this situation. He is waiting for you, not far from here." Alexis teased.

Alexis watched Jessie's nipples harden and goose bumps rise on her skin at the comment. Eyes glazed over, lost in anticipation. Jessie felt Alexis hand slipping up between her thighs and push a finger inside her wanting pussy. Jessie's head fell back and she moaned at the unexpected violation.

Jessie shuddered at the touch of another woman. In fact, she liked it. Alexis pushed in another finger, causing her to whimper and gasp. Fighting back the impeding orgasm that had been building for months. Alexis stroked softly from inside.

"Jason is going to destroy this tight pussy of yours with his big cock. I would love to be there when you begin to cry and cum as he murders you with his cock." Alexis said knowingly.

The look on Jessie's face made Alexis smile wickedly having just told her what she did. Clearly Alexis was trying to intimidate her, Jessie thought. Attempting to resolve herself with Alexis fingered still inside her. She was about to reject Alexis fingers when she spoke again.

"I know this because he forced it down my throat just an hour before you found your way into my shop. Alexis teased.

Jessie was hot knowing that Jason was with the same woman that was now finger fucking her. Jessie bit her lip watching Alexis now in the mirror. Alexis began roughly forcing in and out of her while her eyes threatened Jessie to try and stop her.

"His strong arms and hands gripped my head so he could force his cock deep into my throat. He wasn't gentle with me and forced his cock deep until he filled my belly full of his hot cum." Alexis continued, pulling her fingers free of jessie gripping pissy and forcing one into her ass.

Jessie was on the verge of erupting. The sudden absence of Alexis fingers in her pussy were now violating her ass. She reached down to stop her, but Alexis forced another finger inside and dug her nails of the other hand into the flesh of her ass and gripped tightly. Alexis stared directly up into Jessie’s eyes eyes and dared her to try and stop her.

“You poor thing, Jason is going to enjoy your tight little ass wrapped around his cock.” She mocked, pulling her fingers free with a pleased smile on her face.

The sudden absence of Alexis's fingers nearly pushed Jesse over the edge before Alexis gripped a fist full of hair and wrenched her neck backwards and to the side. The pain caused her to gasp, which in turn allowed Alexis to push both fingers into Jesses open mouth.

Jesse surprised her self when her lips closed around them and her tongue danced over the wet flesh of the fingers that were just in her pussy, let alone her ass. She felt dirty, but bathed in the satisfaction she saw on Alexis’s face. Clearly she had expected jessie to protest, maybe even fight back. Something told her that this is what Alexis was wanting. Would Alexis take her place with Jason if this had sent her running for the hills. Was this a test?

When Alexis released her grip in her hair, Jesse mouth stopped sucking and the fingers slipped out past her lips. It was as if jessie was no longer in control, her hands molesting Alexis perky tits and lips passionately kissing the other woman as their tongues danced in each others mouths.

"Let's not keep your handsome man waiting.” Alexis said breaking the contact. “I am sure that Jason will share his new play thing with me soon enough. I look forward to tasting you on him."

Jessie wasn't sure why Alexis had said all this to her, she had already admitted to herself that she felt intimidated by Alexis, this was all so raw to her. Jessie was determined to not let Alexis see that she had unsettled her before.

"I hope so." Jessie replied with out thinking, playing the game. She suddenly reddened and look away shyly.

“What had she gotten herself into?” She thought to herself.

Alexis smiled and motioned toward a folded pile of clothes on the leather chair. "Put on what you are to wear and I will be back to lace you up."

Jessie made her way to the chair and was soon attempting to squeeze into the black leather corset. It was constricting and uncomfortable. Jessie still hadn't figured it out yet when Alexis returned with a pair of matching thigh high boots.

"I think I need a bigger size." Jessie said, with pleading eyes at Alexis's return.

"It's the right size, you trying to put it on backwards." Alexis said with a smile. "The lacing goes in the front."

Alexis took over and griped the corset, twisting it around, pulling it back up over Jessie's perky breasts before pulling the laces tight. Jessie had a hard time breathing with the constriction. Her breasts were suffocated. She looked down at the curves of her breast pouring out from the top. Both breasts exposed down the middle from the large gap and criss cross lacing. The corset left little to the imagination.

Alexis then slid a pair of panties up Jessie's thighs as she watched in the mirrors. The teardrop panties were just as tight, and pulled tight against Jessie's engorged clit. Her pussy soiled them instantly still throbbing from Alexis's fingers earlier.

Jessie's mouth fell open as she stepped back and stared at the sexy stranger in the mirror. Alexis circled her like a predator, admiring Jessie's sexy body. Jessie ran her hands across her exposed curves, a huge smile on her face as she admired herself. Alexis made her way over to the chair and stood there waiting with an expectant expression until Jessie took the hint, and made her way over to her.

"Sit." Alexis demanded.

Jessie did as she was told, but felt sexy and playful in her new outfit. She sat looking up into Alexis's eyes, spreading her legs wide to tease and felt the silky fabric of the panties slip between her pussy mounds. Alexis smiled, taking notice, before lowering down between Jessie's thighs and lacing the boot midway up her thigh.

"Did he fuck you?" Jessie asked Alexis. The thought of this unsettled her as she said it. She didn't want to share him. Not today at least. She wanted to be the only object of Jason's desire. Jessie suddenly didn't want Alexis to answer her question.

Alexis smiled. Noticing the foreboding look on Jessie's face.

"What if he did fuck me?" Alexis said looking up at Jessie coldly before continuing.

"Strapped me to this very chair you are sitting on. Stretched my pussy around his big cock and forced it deep inside me until I cried out. Is that what you want to hear? The way he used my body. Held me down as if he was raping me and suffocating the air out of me while he abused my own tight ass hole. Thrusting away for his own pleasure while I screamed out for mercy. Does it matter? You are his to do with what he likes, are you not? It's not up to you decide who he fucks or brings to his bed to fuck you. That's not how all this works." Alexis snapped before stopped there.

Jessie didn't know what to say to this. Alexis comments had thrown her of guard. She watched Alexis between her thighs. Alexis response was cold and threatening. Their eyes waged battle with the others for a moment before the coldness in Alexis gaze softened and her lips quickly turned into a smile as she looked at her, seeing her apprehension while she pondered Alexis words.

Jessie didn't know how to respond.

"It is obvious that you are unsure of all of this." Alexis continued in a soothing voice. "This is your chance to turn and run. I will tell you that once you are in his presence, your desires will deceive you and he will consume your being."

Jessie held her leg up for Alexis to strap up the other boot. She opened her mouth to speak, but the words refused to leave her lips. She wanted to respond but couldn’t.

Alexis took the gesture for a resounding no. Jesse would not turn back. Jason had already taken over her being and Alexis knew that the invisible collar around Jessie’s neck that secured her to Jason bit in just as much as her own.

"No, he didn't fuck me, but I would be lying if I said I didn't want him to. I would have let him do anything he wanted to me. But all I got from him was a belly full of cum that I eagerly swallowed like a hungry slut." Alexis teased giving her a wink.

Jessie giggled at the last bit, and watched the beautiful Alexis slide on the other boot and strap it up. She had never accepted her attraction to another woman before now. Alexis gentle touch to the soft skin of her thighs had her body hot. Before she could even think about what she was doing, she had Alexis on her back on the floor. Pulling the panties to the side and suffocated Alexis with her wet pussy. Jason had used her mouth, and now Jessie planned to do the same. She felt Alexis's warm tongue push inside her pussy.

"Fuck," Jessie breathed, lost in the sensation of another woman's tongue plunging in and out of her. She couldn't deny her bodies demands any longer. It didn't take long until she was bucking wildly on Alexis's face as she cried out cuming. The build up and anticipation rocked her body. Alexis sucked hard on Jessie's sensitive clit. The overwhelming sensation took her by surprise, forcing her to dismount Alexis’s face.

Jessie looked down at Alexis laying below her. Her face smeared from her wetness. Alexis quickly stood and pushed Jessie against the mirrored wall. Jessie could taste her own pussy on Alexis's lips as she forced her tongue into her mouth.

"Your a vivacious little slut." Alexis said to Jessie when she broke their kiss again. "Jason's going to enjoy you. We better finish up or Jason will have both out asses pink and raw."

Jessie gasped, not sure how she felt bout being referred to as a slut. Sure it was ok if she though of her self as a slut, but to her someone say it allowed bit a little.

"Sweetheart, he is going to do things to you that will leave you begging for more." Alexis added as she took Jessie's hand and lead her back out into the shop.

"I take it there is more between the two of you than you are letting on." Jessie proclaimed.

Alexis nodded. "We have known each other all our lives. It is complicated and not my place to share, at least not yet."

Jessie noticed that Alexis demeanor changed, and she seemed almost sad. She knew it was not jealousy or she would have been different towards her this whole time. It was clear that Alexis clearly had feelings for Jason. She wanted this for him.

Alexis noticed Jessie deep in thought.

"Go pick out a long jacket you little slut!” Making it sound playful this time. “I can't have you taken advantage of, and raped in front of my shop looking like you do right now."

Jessie smiled and decided that she would ask Jason about Alexis when the timing was right.

Jessie eventually picked out a jacket that looked like it was something out of a matrix movie. Black leather that was full length. It buttoned down the front and left a large slit up the middle to allow her to walk. She knew she would be flashing her tiny black panties when she moved, but she didn't care at this point. She was already way out of her comfort zone. She looked at the price tag and gasped putting it back on the hangar. Alexis had been beside her and interrupted her as she hung it back up on the wall.

"You look hot in that one. You don't like it?" She asked.

"Like it, I love it? But I can't afford to spend that." Jessie said embarrassed.

She could only imagine what the cost would be for what Jason has already picked out. Alexis leaned in and took the jacket back down off the wall.

"Jason has taken care of everything. If you look at another price tag, I am going to spank you myself. Take a look around, and pick out anything else you might want. It is not often that a man will give you carte blanche to pick out what ever you want."

Jessie smiled and looked around. She made her way to the sex toys. She had a discrete vibrator at home that had seen more wear than she would like to admit, having never had an orgasm from her husbands dick. She picked up a dildo and looked back at Alexis for a comparison, hoping she would divulge more about Jason. Alexis seemed to know what she was asking.

"Bigger." Alexis answered.

Jessie held up another. Her hand unable to wrap around its girth, and it had to be about the size of her forearm. She looked back towards Alexis again with a questioning expression. Alexis nodded from behind the desk, and watched Jessie mouth fall open. Jessie molested the dildo as she walked over to Alexis with it.

"How big is your husbands cock?" Alexis asked.

Jessie nearly choked at that question. How much had Jason shared with this woman? She didn't want to think about her husband. Clearly Alexis and Jason were closer than she would have liked, but why had he shared so much of there personal conversations with this stranger, ex-lover, whatever the hell she was to him.

"Your clearly upset. I have overstepped and should not have asked that." Alexis said apologizing.

"I am not upset with you." Jessie explained. "Just a bit surprised that Jason has shared so much with you about us."

"Please don't be mad at him. We are close and confide in one another. I should not have even let on that we knew one another personally and I am sure that once Jason finds out that I have let this slip, he won't be happy with me." Alexis explained. Unable to look Jessie in the eye now.

"The only reason I asked is because of the way you reacted to the size of the dildo that you have here." Alexis added keeping her eyes on that now.

Jessie smiled at the thought of Jason's cock. She noticed the wetness between her thighs again.

"I have never been with a man this size before." Jessie said to break the tension of the question. "In fact my pussy is wet right now in anticipation."

Alexis grinned at her comment. She walked back over to the sex toys and returned with a velvet box.

"I think your going to need this to, how should I put it, adapt." She said to Jessie as she handed her the box. Jessie put the dildo down on the counter next to her clothes and peeked inside.

"Not really for beginners, but I think you are going to need to adapt fairly quickly....You will thank me later." Alexis said as she pulled the anal plug from the box.

Before she knew what was happening, Jessie was being thrust over the counter by Alexis.

"Spread your ass and relax." Alexis instructed, lowering behind her.

Jessie's knees went weak when she felt Alexis warm tongue teasing her puckered ass first hand. Jessie liked this. The warm intruder teasing, and threading to violate her quivering hole. When Alexis stopped her assault, Jessie looked back to see Alexis pushing the stainless steel plug into her mouth, nearly dislocating her jaw to get the large acorn shaped plug past her teeth. Jessie let her head rest on the glass counter as she felt the warmth of the plug tease across her clit and up across her wet pussy until it was circling her puckered hole.

"Relax and take some deep breaths." Alexis instructed as she pushed with some force.

Alexis eased it in slowly while Jessie squirmed and adjusted to the size of the intruder. Her flesh stretching out around it until her body pulled it inside. Alexis adjusted the panties over the exposed red jewel that was left exposed, securing it in place. Jessie turned to watch Alexis kiss the cheek of her ass. Staining the skin with the bright red lipstick that she had applied after their last kiss. Her puckered lips leaving the perfect outline.

Jessie slipped into the long jacket to covered her exposed body, while Alexis packaged up her things. She didn't ring anything up and Alexis walked Jessie to the door and handed her an envelope, along with a box of clothes that she had worn to the shop.

"He is waiting for you." Alexis teased as she lead her out the door of the shop.

Alexis leaning in and kissing Jessie on the lips. That too would leave lipstick marks but Jessie could give a fuck right now, Jason was waiting.

Back out into the bright Tucson sun, Jessie made her way towards her car. The full feeling of the butt plug took some getting use to. She felt that every person that passed knew by the way she was walking, that she had something buried in her ass. Her clit throbbed due to the panties that had slipped tight between her lips as she walked. When she was sure no one was watching, she slipped her hand under her jacket and adjusted the panties. A man walked past while her fingers flicked across her clit. Her knees went week and she nearly toppled before regaining her composure. She could feel his eyes on her as she passed. She looked back and licked the wetness from her fingers. The teasing caused the man to nearly run into a light post.

Jessie liked the attention she had dressed like this. She made her way to the car and threw her clothes into the trunk. She eagerly closed the door behind her as she retreated to the safety of her drivers seat with the letter in hand. She took a minute to take in the events that had just occurred before eagerly opening the envelope. It contained a piece of paper with an address and a key. Her heart raced as she read what was written underneath.

"I am waiting, Jason"

She traced his name with her finger of one hand while the other found its way between her thighs. The address was close by. She threw the note in the seat beside her and eagerly exited the car. Giving up on her wet pussy and eager to have Jason inside her. She walked with determination towards the address, eager to explore her lover first hand.

Minutes felt like hours as Jessie approached a large warehouse. It appeared abandoned and the normal entrances were boarded up. She eventually found a large steel door leading inside from an ally beside the building.

She pushed the key into the lock. She found it ironic how even this gesture seemed sexual. She turned with trembling hands and the lock disengaged. She pulled the key from the lock and placed it into her jacket pocket with her cell phone.

She peered inside to what seemed like a long hallway with stairs that lead up to the second floor. Jessie pulled the heavy door open and stepped inside. The light slowly faded to black when it slowly shut behind her. The lock, re-engaging and enveloping her in blinding darkness. Her heart pounded in her chest. The sudden darkness frightened her and she fell back towards the door, felling about for the handle that was not there. For the first time she was truly frightened. Like a child she hated the dark. A void of nothingness. She instinctively fumbled for her cell phone in panic.

The dim screen suddenly lit her immediate surroundings as she frantically began typing out a message before finding a way of retreating to her car, calling the whole thing off. She had always been afraid of the dark. Jason would not have known this about her, but she was terrified.

The light of the phone comforted her as her eyes adjusted to the darkness. Still on edge, waiting for someone or something to jump out at her. The sudden realization that she had a flashlight on her phone comforted her. The pounding in her chest subsided as she took in a deep breath, and explored her surroundings with the bright beam of light. Jessie took one last look at the door behind her. She couldn't leave now if she wanted to. There was no handle on the inside of the door. She looked back towards the stairs and slowly made her way in that direction until she stood at the bottom step. A faint flicker of light was visible from the floor above. Candles maybe?

She slowly made her way up the stairs in the high heeled boots. She felt the panties slip tightly between her moist lips again, and tug on her clit with each step. A constant reminder of what she was here for. The last step, and she was standing in a large open loft, lit by candles in wall sconces. Although the building was old, it was remarkable clean with a familiar smell. Leather and wood varnish permeated the room like the shop she had just been in. She placed her phone back in the pocket of her jacket and made her way in between the devices. These were much more intimidating compared to what she saw at the shop. Contraptions with dildos attached to motors. Built to inflict pain or pleasure to the person strapped to them. Bindings hung from the ceiling with shackles attached. So much to take in it was overwhelming. The strange thing was, none of these torture devices scared her. If anything she was excited by them. Eager to discover what she could endure. If she was still in the dark, that would be a different matter.

She made her way towards one that looked intriguing and flipped the switch. The motor hummed and she watched with excitement as two dildos plunged back and forth in rhythm with one another.

"What have I gotten myself into?" She thought to herself.

Jessie flipped the switch to off and made her way towards a large bed that appeared more like an altar with a large wood headboard and pillars that stood up from each corner. This was much less intimidating, although it did have leather restraints attached to each corner. She ran her hands along the silky fabric of the mattress cover. A large chair that appeared more like a throne was positioned near the foot of the bed. No restraints there. She assumed the person sitting in it would be the one in control of everything in the room. The captains chair, a throne suited for a king. She felt slight disappointment to find it empty. She let the leather jacket slip off her shoulders, and draped it over the back of the chair. Using her body as bate to lure Jason out of the darkness to devour her.

The candles dimly lit parts of the large loft, leaving other areas still enveloped in darkness. She looked around wondering if Jason was somewhere in that darkness. She had her reasons to be afraid of the dark. Just thinking about it made her tremble and heart rate quicken. She didn’t want to think about old memories and quickly changed her thoughts.

There could be twenty people watching her every move for all she knew in the darkness and she would not even know it. Jessie sat back on the foot of the bed; feeling the soft silk fabric against the bare skin of her ass. The plug forced deep in her ass as she sat. Her muscles contracted and sent sensation of pleasure through her body now. She laid back spreading her legs, the heels of the heavy boots threatening to rip through the soft fabric

Her body ached, demanding attention. She hadn't bothered adjusting the panties that had slipped between the folds of her flesh while climbing the stairs. Her wet pussy throbbed and oozed down the crack of her ass, smearing against the silk sheets and staining them. Both hands made their way to between her legs. One pulling the panties to the side while the other fondled her slippery clit. Her back arched and she closed her eyes while she pleasures herself. Tugging and slapping lightly against her engorged flesh.

She let herself become lost in the sensations, fearing that if she opened her eyes, this build up and anticipation would all have been a dream. She gasped as she felt the tugging sensation deep inside her belly. The sounds of her moans echoing throughout the room in hopes to lure her lover out of hiding.

That was when Jessie suddenly could sense another presence in the room. Watching her masturbating. She fought back the urge to open her eyes. Fear that her senses were teasing her. She slipped a finger inside herself and leaned up while she cried out. The dim room filled her vision again as she pushed in and out. This time the chair in front of her was not empty. A slight smile formed on her lips as she took in the sight of Jason sitting naked in the chair watching her. His semi erect cock dangling heavy and engorged between his thighs. Her new dildo failed in comparison to the real thing. Alexis was being modest with her description. The smirk on his face mirrored her own while she took the sight of him in for the first time. She continued her finger fucking while admiring his toned body. Sexy and confident while he watched her. He was gorgeous, Jessie thought. Drawn in to him by his naked body. When he gripped his cock in his hand and began to stroke, she thought she would melt.

"This man wants me....Stroking his cock at the sight of me." She realized in her mind.

She suddenly felt self conscious and shy. She had no intentions of stopping her sexual display though. She liked that Jason wanted her. The thick flesh between his legs confirmed that. Pleasuring himself while watching her every move intently. She bit her lip and felt like an inexperienced school girl masturbating and feeling her body for the first time. Her mouth watered as she watched Jason's cock grow to it full potential. Protruding up between his legs. She wanted it inside her? Destroying her tight pussy forever she thought to herself. Her body was his to fuck anyway he wanted. The thought of this and her probing fingers pushed her over the edge. She felt every muscle in her body contract. The plug in her ass threatening to pop out as the waves of orgasm overtook her.

Her head fell back as she tried to relax and enjoy the sensation. The palm of her hand smothered her clit as she stroked from inside of her pussy. This all felt different, intense with the intruder in her ass. Her body convulsed, pussy erupting as it gushed out towards Jason. She screamed as wave after wave splashed out from between her thighs covering the foot of the bed and splashing down to the floor at his feet. The intensity was overwhelming and caused her to writhe around in bliss on the bed lost in the sensations. The intensity was overwhelming and the violent fit she was having must have looked more like a seizure that a woman experiencing the most intense orgasm of her life.

She saw Jason smiling just before she collapsed back on the bed. Her legs spread in awkward positions as she heaved for breath beneath the restricting corset. She looked down her body towards Jason who continued to watch her. She appreciated that he let her go at her own pace. She had been nervous about how all this would play out.

Once she was able, she sat up on the edge of the bed again unable to keep up with the intensity. Legs spread and pussy exposed to Jason. She pushed her wet fingers into her mouth as she watched him stroke slowly up and down his impressive cock. The tip glistening in the candle light with pre cum.

She couldn't help it and slid off the bed to her knees. Her eyes never leaving his cock. She crawled slowly on her hands and knees towards it, mesmerized. She felt the slippery wetness on the floor from her orgasm. Jason looked down at her between his thighs now. He moved his hand from his cock and placed it like the other, on the arm of the throne. She reached up and gripped his shaft tightly with her own hand.

Jessie felt the she must have seemed like a virgin to Jason while she griped and studied his cock. She desperately wanted to please him. Jason's pelvis was just in front of her face. She looked up with a surprised expression. Mouth open as she looked up at him, groping his cock in her small hands. Almost as if asking if she could explore him. A wicked smile formed on his lips. She looked back down, and studied him with her hands, and watched as she stroked. Jessie snuggled her face into Jason's pelvis. Her senses taking him in. She looked up again to his hypnotic eyes, watching her hands exploring what she had craved. She nudged his cock with her nose and face. Felling the heavy hot flesh against hers. She inhaled deeply. Gripping him gently. Like a child who just opened their first present on Christmas. She gasped as she wrapped her hands around it and let the tip rub across her lips. Looking up again, in almost disbelief that she was holding his cock. Jessie's lips closed around the tip, and she began sucking him into her mouth.

Saliva ran down his shaft while she attempted to take him in as far as she could. She pulled it out, and rubbed it against her face. Almost as if she was sizing it up, letting it lay across her face. It was heavy and burned into her skin. She began licking the tip with her tongue again. Jason still letting her go at her own pace.

Her body shuddered when Jason moved her hair from her face, pulling it behind Jessie's head. His hands held it there to give him an unobstructed view as she plunged her mouth down on him. She began drawing him in and out of her mouth with meaning and effort this time. Gagging with each downward thrust that echoed through the room. She griped the base of his cock and lowered her mouth down. Eager to take as much of him in her throat. Feeling it expand from his girth. She liked the loud gurgles filling the room as her mouth worked his cock in audible bliss.

She looked up pleased with her achievements. Jason leaned forward and his cock slid out of Jessie's mouth. She chased it with her mouth wanting more. He reached down and pulled her up with little effort, she felt his wet cock slip across the top of her breast as he pulled her into a passionate kiss. She pushed her small body into his as she ran her fingers through his hair and held tight. She explored Jason's neck and chest with one hand as their tongues danced in each others mouths. Her tits smashed, under the leather, against the skin of his chest. It was that moment that Jessie realized this was the man she wanted to be with. The kiss electrified her. She was captured by this man, just as Alexis warned, lost in the lust and passion.

Jessie slid her body down his and took him into her mouth again. Fighting back her chocking, his hands forcing his cock into her throat by her hair now. She gripped the base of his cock with both hands and stoked violently as she struggled for breath. Her eyes reddened and her saliva dripped down across her fingers until she became dizzy. As her vision began to fade, she jerked off of him and slapped his cock against her face, leaving the skin red. Gasping for air and looking up at him. Suddenly Jason stood in front of her.

Jessie felt his hands on her head as he took over and forced his cock back into her mouth. Loud gulping filled the room as he fucked her mouth with no remorse. She knew some women would see this as degrading, her mouth being used like this, but Jessie was so turned on by it. Jason had taken control and she would let him do whatever he wanted to her. Total submission. Each thrust forced his cock further into her throat as it expanded to let it be forced deeper. Just as she thought she would pass out, he let her pull off for a much needed breath.

Jessie gasped barely letting herself take in a full breath beforea forcing her way back on his cock. Gripping his ass for leverage while she looked up at him. Her nails dug into his flesh. Jason hands were gripping her head again and this time he didn't stop until her lips were wrapped around the base of his shaft. Her wet mouth dripped down her chin to the tops of her exposed breast. In fact she had made a mess with her mouth, saliva was everywhere. Her eyes never strayed from his. She bobbed her head up and down on him listening to his moans of pleasure. It was almost as if she could feel the pleasuring sensations she was causing him. She wanted to reach down and stroke her clit but knew she would cum again if she did. She would save that for him. Jessie let his cock slip out of her mouth with a pop.

"Cum in my mouth. I want to you to force me to swallow every drop." She moan in surprise. She had never been that forthcoming before.

Jason smile and pushed his way back inside. Violently jerking her mouth on him. She felt like a rag doll underneath his hold. She watched him using her until she knew he was ready to cum. She quickly took over sucking the tip while she stroked fast and hard with both hands.

Jason began filling her mouth with his cum until it burst out the edges of her lips. Knowing she couldn't take anymore, she pushed her way down his cock as he continued pumping stream after stream of cum down her throat. She could feel the hot droplets running down her chin and between her tits. The room suddenly began to fade to black and her body went limp as she lost consciousness from the lack of air.

Jessie was quickly drawn back by a sudden gasp of air. Jason holding her up by the hair he had gripped in his hand. Jessie looked back up at him through blood shot eyes while licking her lips and savoring his hot cum that had spilled out. Jason drew her into his arms, lifting her up until she wrapped her legs around his waist. She nuzzled into the soft skin of his chest as she wrapped her arms behind his neck. She could feel his cock between the lips of her pussy. She instinctively ground her hips into him, feeling the wet flesh against her clit.

Jesse loved the citrus smell of his skin. She wanted to protest when he lowered her feet to the floor. She wanted to be in his arms forever where she felt safe. Her heart pounded in her chest when he spoke for the first time to her.

"Your wrist, hold them out." Jason said.

Jessie wanted to protest and force him to make her do what he wanted. Her sudden pause made him smile. Jessie stood there, watching as he moved away from her toward a dresser by the wall with all sorts of different restraint. She loved how his ass moved when he walked. Almost as much as when he turned back towards her with his cock dangling out in front of him. She wanted him hard and inside her. Jessie didn't notice the leather restraints in his hand initially. Standing back in front of her now, Jason looked down at her wrists expectantly. She could not deny him, and held them out in front of her, palms up. Goose bump rose on her skin while she watched him secure the restrains. Once they were in place, she playfully wiggled her bound wrists. Jessie reached out and gripped Jason's semi-erect cock and stroked the length. Her hands secured at the wrist.

Jason let her have her fun for a brief time before grabbing he arms and lifting them above her head. His hands felt like iron shackles on her forearms. Jessie looked up when she heard the click above her head. A repelling clamp fastened her wrist restraints to a rope that ran up through a loop on the ceiling. She followed it with her eyes as it made its way through another loop near the wall where the restraints had been. From there the rope lead down to a hook. Jason made his way toward the other end and pulled. Her arms were forced up, causing her tits to slip out from the top of the corset. Jason pulled the remaining tension out of the line, causing her to lift off the floor and onto her tip toes in the heavy boots.

She watched over her shoulder awkwardly as Jason approach from behind her again. Her knees went weak when she felt his naked body press against hers from behind. Jessie felt the majority of her weight on her wrists now. She didn't care about the pain. She thrust her ass back into him while he kissed the side of her neck.

"Are you going to fuck me now with that cock of yours?" Jessie asked.

"Aren't you a naught girl." Jason replied smacking her ass hard.

The slap of his hand left her ass stinging. She felt Jason's body sliding down her back until her ass was in his face. He kissed the red spot that appeared where he struck her. She cooed feeling his lips on her ass.

"I assume this was Alexis's doing? Jason asked while running his thumb across the lower cheek and smearing the lip stick stains that Alexis had marked her with. Jessie nodded.

"And this?" Jason said while tugging the plug protruding from her ass. Jessie had forgotten it was even there.

"Yes!" Jessie said, spreading her legs slightly and pushing her ass back towards him. She wanted to ask him about Alexis, but it wasn't the right time.

"Isn't she thoughtful and loquacious." Jason said.

With that comment, Jessie figured that Jason must have found out about their interactions at the shop. He was circling her now, finger trailing along the exposed areas of skin. Taking in the sight of her hanging in front of him. She watched him walk towards the bed. Leaving her dangling. Jason opened a wood chest. She couldn't see what was in his hands when he made his way back towards her.

Jason stopped in front of her and looked down at her exposed puffy nipples. The corset had slid down her body from being stretched out like this. Her nipples were rock hard in anticipation. Her body shuddered when she felt his warm lips close around her nipple. She wanted to grab him and pull him tighter to her, but couldn't. She felt the sensation through her entire body as he circled her nipple with his tongue. She had never been so turned on. Her body in sync with his touch. Jessie had never cum by nipple stimulation alone, but if he kept this up, she would be gushing any second. As if on cue, Jason removed his lips.

"No, don't stop, your going to make me cum." Jessie pleaded.

Jason looked at her smiling. The grip of the clover nipple clamp that he applied to her nipple he was just nursing from was excruciating. The throbbing was in direct connection with her clit. Jason let the chain with the other clamp attached to it dangle while he started again with the other nipple. The sensation was intense and her pussy ran down her legs like a faucet. The pain subsided and she felt the wave of her orgasm building while Jason suckled her again. Her breathing was ragged, body on the verge of a exploding. Jason reached around her, still sucking, and tugged at the plug in her ass. She tried to calm and relax as the plug eased slowly out. The sudden absence as it popped out caused every muscle in her body tighten. Her pussy erupted and she felt the warm orgasm gush out of her and splash to the floor between her legs like a woman in labor and her water just burst. Jason bit down softly to her screams. She could feel the clamp pulling on the other nipple as her body writhed around in pleasure.

Jason released his bite and applied the second clamp. The pain was not as intense as the first one. Jessie looked down at the chain that connected the two that dangling between her breast in a u shape. Jason gripped the chain and pulled it towards him. The clamps bit tighter into her sensitive nipples and she cried out. Her arms burned and it felt like her shoulders would dislocate if he pulled her any further. Although she was in pain, she enjoyed watching his cock harden from the sight of her like this.

"Fuck me." She begged, hoping this would make the pain subside. She knew Jason was testing her limits.

Jason released the chain. The slow throb in her nipples returned. Jason ran the backs of his fingers down her skin to untie the lacing of the corset and threw it to the floor. Jason traced his fingers along the top of the panties and moved behind her. Suddenly her feet were nearly lift of the floor. Her arms forced to carry the majority of her weight. Jason had pulled the back of the panties from between her ass and lifted her by them. The fabric stretched, biting into her skin. They had slipped tightly between her lips and pulled tightly against her clit. The pain doubled in intensity compared to the clamps that left her nipples throbbing.

"Is this truly what you want?" He said pulling harder and continuing.

"Oh, I will fuck you, but there is more to this than just that. You can leave now, this is just a taste of what is to come. I will give you what you want before you leave. Unbind you and take you over to the bed and fuck you like never before. This being the one and only time, or you could be mine to do with whatever I desire, and in turn, you will have all of me. The good and the bad. You have a decision to make Jessica."

Jason released the panties. Her feet rested again on the floor, the sudden rush of blood to her clit was overwhelming. He moved back in front of her and stared down into her eyes.

Jessie knew the seriousness of the decision before her by the tone of his voice. This was their sacred promise to one another. Jessie knew that if she accepted. She would be pledging not only honesty, loyalty, and devotion, but also promising to take her respective role seriously. This type of relationship was an utterly amazing acknowledgment of need versus want.

She had found the one man she could trust with everything she had and know that no matter what happened, Jason was going to protect her, guide her and nurture her. Like now there would be times he will be strict, a strong disciplinarian. But she had also already seen how he could be almost romantic, giving her undying love as well as his full attention. For her utter devotion, she would have all of him, the good and the bad. His lust and hunger.

She realized this was the moment. Jason was the man and the one she could call her own. It was not only eye opening, but filled her with blissful peace. He had captured not only her desire, but her body and soul as well. She was ready to give up her vanilla life. The overwhelming feeling was nothing short of euphoric.

She knew what her decision would be. But before she could reveal that to Jason, she had to know about his relationship with Alexis. This fact that he had shared their courtship with her, puzzled Jessie.

She stared him in the eyes, pain and pleasure searing through her pussy from the panties that were still pulled tight into her sensitive skin. This was not how she pictured asking him about Alexis, but she needed to know before she could submit to him. Turn over everything that she was to him.

"Alexis? She said. “Before I can answer your question, I have to know why you shared our relationship with her."

It felt awkward having a discussion like this while she was clamped, bound and hanging from the ceiling. Her toes the only thing other than her wrist to support her weight.

Jessie knew from his face that this had threw him off guard, an almost pained look on his face. She was now wishing she wouldn't have asked and just trusted him. She wanted to pledge herself to him right then and there. She opened her mouth to do just that. Now not wanting to know what pained him.

Jason looked away, Jessie felt as if she was loosing him. She felt the sudden urge to comfort him. She threw herself forward and wrapped her legs around his waist. Stretching her arms to the limit to push her tongue into his mouth. Jason gripped her ass and lifted, giving her shoulders a much needed reprieve.

Jesse didn't know how long they kissed like that. It felt like en eternity before Jason broke his lips away from hers. She stared into his eyes as he began to speak.

"This is not how I wanted to tell you about Alexis and I." Jason said.

Jessie's heart sank at the way he said, "Alexis and I."

"Is she yours as well? Will I have to share you?" Jessie asked softly.

Jason smiled at her. "It is complicated."

Jesse nodded getting as comfortable as she could with her wrist bound above her head and nipple clamps that had her body in a frenzy.

"Alexis is my twin sister." Jason said coolly.

Jessie gasped at this comment. The shock of it all setting in quickly. Jesse instantly recalled what Alexis had said to her at Kink.

Alexis began to say before Jason interjected.

"We share a different type of relationship than most siblings. A deeper connection, and yes, we fuck. She is mine and I am hers. To us that connection is normal, others have never been able to understand. It is hard to explain how twins feel about one another and now is not the time to get into it."

Jesse felt relief in knowing, now not knowing how she felt about all this. Awe stricken by the revelation. It didn't bother her about them being twins. It made sense now why he shared what they had with Alexis. That was what really bothered her initially. Now knowing the fact that they we fucking, was insane.

It took a moment to set in and weigh the situation. She want him, there were no questions about that. She had desired Alexis as well back at the shop. Did that make all of this ok? Could she come to terms with all this.

It didn't seem like she was competing for Jason's attention now. She knew Alexis would be a part of his life forever. Now Jessie would be part of it as well. The thought of the three of them fucking made her pussy wet and smear against Jason's abdomen. This would be complicate she now realized, however she couldn’t ignore the pussy between her thighs any longer.

"I am yours!" Jessie whispered looking Jason in the eyes.

Jason lowered her legs to the floor. Gripping the panties again in his hands. He easily tore them from her body until she stood there in only the thigh high boots. The skin of her hips stung and now pink from the friction of the fabric. Jessie watched Jason's cock stir at the site of her like this. Her arms stretched up as she devoured him with her eyes and expecting Alexis to appear out of the darkness.

Her legs spread slightly on the floor, her pussy dripping down her thighs. Jason walked around behind her and roughly slapped her ass.

"Fuck me in her ass! Jessie said, pushing her ass out into him.

He kissed the back of Jessie's neck, and she cooed. She felt him positioned the tip of his cock against her protesting ass. She winced when he griped the skin of her sore hips.

"Oh..... Fuck!" Jessie screamed, when he pushed forward into her tight ass. Pulling her hips back until their bodies collided. Her tits jiggling and dangling down in front of her. The silver chain thrashing around. Jason pulled nearly all the way out of her, and rammed back in hard, forcing her body forward. Her arms felt as if they would break at the shoulders. She screamed from the pleasure, and pain of being fucked like this. Being used. Jason repetitively slammed into her. His balls slapping her wet clit with every thrust. She knew she was stretched to her limit. Her ass was so tight around his thick cock, she could only imagine what he was feeling while he brutally pounded into her virgin ass. You would think someone was being murdered with the moans and scream that echoed through the loft. Never stopping Jason reached up and unsecured Jessie's arms. She welcomed the release. Jason gripped her forearms pulling them back behind her, forcing her to bend at the waist. She was having a hard time staying standing and weak. Jason held her upper body up by her arms, her tits bouncing wildly. The screams eventually turned into pleasurable waves of bliss. Jessie yelled out she was cumming again. Her ass hole convulsed and tightened rhythmically with each wave. Her wet pussy dripping onto the floor, until her knees went week. Jasons cock plopped out of her ass and he lifted her, taking her to the bed. Allowing her to lay there gasping, trying to catch her breath.

Jason stood near the edge of the bed near her face. Jessie took his cock in both her hands. She knew it was hers now. She looked up at him again, in almost disbelief that she was holding his cock.

She wrapped her lips around the tip, and began sucking it into her mouth. "Ugh.....ugh.....ugh......ugh....ugh....." Was forced from her mouth.

Jason's fingers tangling in her hair. She loved the feeling of his forceful hands on her head. Jason reached down and picked her up with little effort, and pulled her into a kiss. She stood on the bed, now more his height and passionately kissed him. She pushed her small body into his as she ran her fingers through Jason's hair and held tight. Her tits smashed against the skin of his chest. He gripped her under her arms and lifted her until she wrapped her legs around his waist. Her wet pussy grinding against his abdomen. He carried her over to a small leather chair near the bed.

He laid Jessie down over it. Her upper body laying back down in the seat as her legs spread, and lower body was pushed up in the air on the back of the chair. He lowered his mouth to her wet pussy. Jessie lifted her head studying him as he ran his tongue between her soft lips. Pausing to push inside her pussy. Her head fell back off the chair as she moaned out, enjoying the pleasurable sensations taking over her body. Her clit was swollen and exposed, hot in his mouth while he sucked and circled it with his tongue. Her legs shaking as she looked up at him enjoying her pussy, the warmth of his tongue on her. She reached up and gripped his head yelling out "OH GOD." Chest heaving from the deep breaths she took through clinched teeth.

Jason slid his tongue down to her small pink ass hole, and sent her into violent spasms, pushing it against her clenched hole. He pushed her legs up by her head as she bucked her hips into his mouth. Her head fell back again as she gripped her own throat. A growling sound resonating from deep inside her tiny body. She was lost in all this, finally experiencing what she had desired for so long. Rocking her pussy up and down as he tongued the the length of her slit. Her pussy seemed to be getting wetter with every stroke of his tongue. Jessie's eyes rolled back into her head as she griped his hair, pulling him hard onto her quivering clit. She screamed, her orgasm flooding her body in waves again and again.

Jason slowed his pace, and lightly stroked the length of her pussy. Her juices smeared and glistened off her smooth lips. Jason moved around the other side of the chair. Jessie watching his cock sway. He seemed to be enjoying her overwhelming gaze at his cock. She reached out for it, and pulled it against her face again.

He leaned over her and went back to her fresh pussy with his mouth. Jason pulled her up until she hung upside down. Her mouth pulling his cock inside, while he held her upside down against his chest. He walked with her over the a wall and pushed her back up against it. His cock forced deep, as her head was forced back up against the wall. She moaned with him in her mouth, and sent vibrations through his cock and balls. Salvia ran down into her eyes as he fucked her mouth violently until she was on the verge of passing out again.

He moved her back over the the bed, and let her slide down his body and she rolled and let out a giggle. She was obsessed with his cock, and buried her face next to it, studying it intensely, wanting. His body was such a turn on to her and she let him see the excitement on her face. She kept looking up at him as she gripped and squeezed his cock. Rubbing her face against it. He reached down and lifted her chin. An expectant and knowing expression that he was going to fuck her now. He lifted her again as she wrapped her legs around him and kissed him with her arms wrapped around his neck. He held her with one hand and gripped his cock in the other. He positioned his cock under Jessie's pussy and let her slide down to ease it inside. She just looked at him, mouth open, and slid down on top of it. Her pussy was tight and she winced at the size stretching her out. There was pain when he fucked her in the ass. Pleasurable pain. But now she cooed at the felling of him in her pussy for the first time. He gripped her hips, legs draped over his arms and slowly pushed in and out of her as he supported her weight in his arms. Her head fell back as she focused on the huge cock inside her. She was crying out with each thrust. Jason bounced her body up and down to her screams. Slowly picking up the pace. Let this never end, Jessie thought to herself.

He moved her back to the bed, letting her slide down his body. She looked back at him on all fours now. Her eyes begging him to fuck her. She lowered her upper body to the bed as he stood over the side and thrust back inside. Now able to really give it to her. She thrashed her head around wildly as he slammed into her. Gripping her little ass in his hands and spreading her. The pounding continued until she was cumming hard around him again. Tears streaming down he cheeks from the pleasurable pain. She tore at the sheets, and bit down on them as she buried her face into the bed to muffle her screaming.

Jason laid beside her and released the clamp on one of her nipples. His mouth replacing it while Jessie squirmed underneath him. The sudden return of blood was amazing as he teased it with his mouth. He did the same with the other nipple. The clamps left them sensitive and sore.

Jason rolled over onto his back and Jessie's mouth was again devouring his cock. She could taste herself as she sucked her own pussy juices off of it. She loved they way their bodies tasted on one another. He gripped her head this time, and thrust up into her. She looked into his eyes, wild desire on her face. Jessie stood up over him on the bed and lowered her tight pussy back around him. Jessie leaned back. His cock stabling up into her abdomen, causing it to bulge. She ground her pussy in circles on him, enjoying her clit rubbing against his pelvis before violently raping her gaping cunt with his cock.

"Make me cum again." She said, looking down and begging.

She knew Jason wasn't even close to being done with her. He rolled her over onto her back. His cock never leaving her pussy. His body crushed her into the bed as he brutally began fucking her. Constant screams of pleasure and pain were forced out of her. He held her under him by her throat while she grunted, her tiny body threatening to break under the force of him slamming down into her. She gripped his wrist with her hands while she ground her hips up and down. He released his hold on her. Jessie climbed out from underneath him and took his cock back in her mouth. Stroking it with both hands.

"My pussy taste so good on your cock. Don't stop fucking me!" She begged.

Jason pulled her to the edge of the bed, Jessie already getting into position on all fours again, ready for more. He climbed off the bed and stood behind her. He gripped her hair and pulled her head back.

"Oh yes" she grunted.

He used his thumb and pushed the tip of his cock against her ass until it finally pushed inside. Jessie breathed heavily, acclimating herself to the intruder again. The pain returned, as did the pleasure as the thick head of his cock disappeared inside her. She pushed back slowly, letting him know she was ready. Her ass was so small, and his gripping hands spread the tiny cheeks and pushed further inside. Jessie cried out, and her upper body came up off the bed as he pulled her back hard by her hair. Forcing his cock inside until he was balls beep inside her. Her little body shuddered and shook while he brutally began fucking her, just as he had done her pussy just minutes ago.

Jessie admitted to herself in that moment that she was a dirty whore for him to abuse. The louder she screamed, the harder he slammed into her. It took everything in Jessie to keep from clenching down around him. Her little body being thrashed around. He wasn't gentle with her, and when she cried out for more, he gave it to her.

Jessie cried out, "I'm....gonna... cum," knowing that she would feel the pain of him in her ass when she uncontrollably clenched every muscle in her body like before. Tears rolled down her face when the orgasm began rocking her body. She didn't tighten, she actually focused her energy on bearing down as if trying to push. She felt the warm fluid pouring out of her pussy as she uncontrollably came again. Jason's balls splashing up against her wet pussy as her pussy gushed like a waterfall.

Jason let go of her hair, and she fell forward onto the bed. Body convulsing uncontrollably. He smothered her under his body as he laid down on top of her. She turned her head and kissed him. Jason's cock still buried deep in her ass. Jessie loved how Jason forcefully kissed her. Jason eased out of her ass and she quickly found herself in his embrace as they continued their kissing. He was gentle with her again and she stroked his cock slowly as he laid back on the bed and watched her enjoying his cock. He let her explore him with her lips. She pondered the whole situation as she kissed and teased. How had he not cum again and claimed her as his little bitch.

"Get on you knees." Jason demanded of her.

She quickly did what she was told, eager to make him cum. Jason pulled away and stood above her. She quickly positioned under him. Jason still allowed her control and she gripped him in both hands, stroking hard. The tip of his cock in her mouth. She pulled it out and slapped his cock against her face before sucking it again and choking on it. Using her mouth roughly, determined to feed on his silky ribbons of cum. Jason started to moan, and she looked up at him, as if confirming she was doing what he wanted. A movement in Jessie's peripheral vision caused her to pause. Alexis walked over beside her brother as Jessie continued with his cock. Alexis removed her clothes, and leaned up to kiss her brother.

Alexis moved behind Jessie and forced her from behind so that Jason's cock was deep in her throat depriving her of oxygen. It felt as if Alexis would suffocate her as she gripped Jessie throat and violently forced her head onto Jason and raped her throat with his cock. Alexis other hand gripping Jessie by the hair. The twins seemed to be connected in a way that no one could understand. Knowing what the other felt and wanted. Alexis pulled her mouth off of Jason just as he began to unload.

Cum begin to spurt out on her shocked face. She took it all over her face and then was forced back onto it by Alexis to finish him off in her mouth. Jessie sucked while she stroked with both hands, watching his body shiver. She stroked the tip hard with her tongue. Feeling it spurt out with force against the tip off her tongue. She was savoring every part of this first time. She looked up at him, mouth still full of cum. Pleased with her self. She swallowed and smiled before Alexis contorted her neck and kissed her deeply. Alexis cleaned her lips and face of Jason's cum with her mouth.

Jessie would be Jason's to do with what he wanted. Life with Jason would consume her and nothing else mattered in that moment. Jessie was happy for the first time in as long as she could remember. The dream usually ended here although the three of them would fuck for hours after that. Trying out some of the many contraptions for fucking. She knew she was dreaming and dented the reality that awaited her if she opened her eyes.

She could feel her body being fucked right now, cold and unfamiliar to her. It wasn't Jason who was fucking her now. This was different. She didn't want to open her eyes, forced to deal with the reality of it all. She hadn't expected to wake from this dream. For the first time, wanting to hide in the darkness that scared her. She knew her body was being beaten and abused but she felt nothing. No pain. Just the sadness of having to open her eyes to the reality........


........ It was still dark when Jessie's husband awoke early the next morning. Forced awake when he rolled onto his back in the cold wet bed and his wife's moans. He pulled away, appalled at the wetness.

"For fuck sake," he muttered. He wanted to shake Jessie awake and make her clean up the mess. "How could she sleep laying in her own pee?" He questioned.

Disgusted at the thought of it. He rolled over to Jessie moaned out in her sleep. As if in pain, then he saw a distinct smile form on her lips. Her nipples hardened and hips gyrated slightly as he watched. A realization hit him. He bent to smell the bed to confirm his discovery. She hadn't pee'd the bed, she was having wet dreams. He felt his cock harden at the thought of her dreaming about him. They hadn't had sex in over a year and for the briefest moments he felt ashamed of himself for this. After she had approached him, wanting to leave him, he hadn't looked at her the same way. He slid his hand up her belly to her breast. Jessie cooed. Just as he leaned over to kiss her lips she moaned something out that infuriated him.

"Jason why can't we be together? Don't leave me! I am yours."

Jessie's husband withdrew from her. Noticing the iPad that lay next to the bed. He picked it up and slid his finger across the screen. Bringing the screen to life and exposing her open email box. An open message to a string of emails awaited him. He didn't have to read them all. Her response to the last email she received was enough........


Jessie didn't struggle as she awoke, just stared up at her husband with soulless eyes. Welcoming his fury with open arm. She could feel him inside of her, thrashing away with his cock. His hands gripped tightly around her throat. She closed her eyes for the last time, scared that Jason would not be waiting for her on the other side in their dark paradise. Knowing he was not here anymore, except in her final dream tonight, and there was no other remedy or way to change the fact that he had left her. Fear there was no relief from his soul haunting her from the other side. Her inaudible last words were not to her husband strangling her, but to the person who completed her perfectly. Knowing that she didn't want to live without him.

"I want to be dead, dead like you."



Alexis had second thoughts that morning after waking up alone and cold on the floor of the bedroom. The house she once shared with her brother felt cold and empty. A shell of what it once was. The pillow from the bed was soaked though with the tears from the night before. His smell fading from it. Alexis was morning the loss of her twin brother. It had been a week since he was taken from her. It felt strange sending the message with Jason's phone, informing Jessie, of Jason's untimely death. She had read through all of the correspondence with their new lover and sent the message to Jessie late in the night before collapsing on the floor and losing her self in the tears.

Jessie was one of the few that knew their secret, and Alexis felt that Jason would have wanted her to let Jessie know. Jessie and Jason's love affair was brief. Hell she was just as much a part of this as Jason. Some of those very messages to Jesse they had written together. It felt like the right thing to do. It was alluring and tragic. They had shared their dark secret with her. Allowed Jesse to share in their passion. The three of them now connected to the others. Ultimately it was envisioned with the three of them together, Jason and his sluts. Alexis had always had to hide her relationship with her brother, but for a brief moment she was looking forward to being open, even if it was only in front of Jesse. Alexis was only able to really live and free when they were alone together. She wasn’t just his fuck buddy. She loved Jason and they had shared their lives with one another up until that point when they let Jessie in. She felt as much a part of this situation as well but knew the relationship could not be the same without the common factor keeping her and Jesse connected. Alexis felt as if she was nothing now, she too had died with him, leaving only a shattered and tormented frame behind.

Alexis hadn't planned to tell Jessie initially. She thought about it all week since the car accident that killed her brother. She felt responsible for it in some way. The shame she felt almost convinced her to let it go and leave Jessie in the dark. Leaving her to wonder why there would be no further communication from Jason.

Alexis new that if she were in Jessie's shoes, the unknown would haunt her and tear her apart. It still may do just that very thing. In fact she was surprised that Jessie hadn't sought her out for answers already. Maybe Jesse had returned to Kink for an explanation. Alexis didn't know. She hadn't returned to the shop since rushing to the hospital and saying goodby to her brother.

Alexis logged into Jason's phone to check for a response from Jesse. Would the two of them become friends. Wallowing in their grief together. Surely all of this was new to jessie and wouldn’t destroy Jesse like it had her. Alexis became distraught at the response that was awaiting Jason from Jessie.

Their were two emails awaiting to be read in Jason's inbox. The first addressed to Alexis in the subject line. The second was not addressed for her, but to her brother. Both were from Jessie.

"Alexis, I have to admit that I was angry with him for not responded to me other than in my dreams. His soul haunts me from behind closed eyes. I know that he is awaiting me in the darkness. I am not afraid of it anymore. Tonight I close my eyes for the last time in hopes to find him waiting for me. Together for eternity in our dark paradise. I am sure we would enjoyed each others company. I will not pretend that I understand what you are going through. The connection I felt with Jason was brief, but this hurts just the same. I can experience the pain you are feeling in your words and letting me know. He is apart of you and always has been and will be. I’m jealous of that. I understand the pain that you must have felt informing me of the tragic news. For that I thank you for rescuing me from the internal hell I have been struggling with. With love, Jessie"

Jessie reread the email multiple times before realizing what was said. Like Jessie, she knew that there would be no further correspondence. Jessie had made her choice to be with Jason. A choice Alexis had also been toying with.

Alexis did not read the second email. She knew it was not for her and she had experiencing enough pain. She sobbed into the pillow knowing that she had played a hand in Jessie's decision. Knowing that her brother and his lover would be together in the darkness. Jessie had made her decision and nothing she said would change that. Was it already to late to change Jesses mind? Deep down she knew that it already was.
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