This tale is for lovers of schoolgirl and other fantasies. Ch. 1 was pretty well received. Watch for Ch. 3: The Party coming soon!
Chapter 2: A Tale of Two Couples

It wasn’t that Charlie and Julie had deliberately meant to enter the apartment silently, or even quietly. But however much noise they had made, it would never have reached Frank and Kim, whose vigorous lovemaking in the bedroom at the end of the hallway was intensely physical and vocal. The first thing Charlie heard was the continuous radio music track. He motioned Julie down the hallway ahead of him, following her with liquor destined for the kitchen-diner.

As Julie neared the bedroom, she became increasingly aware, above the radio, of the unmistakable sounds of Kim’s whimpers of lust, of Frank’s low grunts of pleasure, of the slap of flesh against flesh, of the familiar wet sounds of fucking. Julie slowed as she approached the bedroom door and turned to signal Charlie, with a finger to her lips, to be quiet. She stopped at the bedroom door and peered in. Her jaw dropped as she stared in amazement at the erotic action on the king-size bed. A moment later Charlie appeared at Julie’s shoulder, briefly took in the scene, grinned and moved on towards the diner.

It was quite a picture Julie had stumbled upon and she was strongly affected by what she saw. An apparently under-age schoolgirl, Kim, was kneeling on the bed, half dressed in her long white socks, her shirt and skirt folded up onto her back, her head down almost on the coverlet, gripped tightly by her fingers, her firm young breasts shivering under the onslaught and her sex raised high behind as she writhed in ecstasy, wiggling her tight little arse back onto her lover’s pistoning cock. The man, Frank, at the highest possible pitch of sexual excitement, was relentlessly driving his grossly engorged penis into Kim’s cunt, doggy-style. Neither of them was yet aware they were being avidly watched.

On each stroke, as Frank withdrew before fucking once more into the young girl, Julie could see Kim’s genital secretions clinging, white and moist, to the inflamed shaft of Frank’s prick. Highly turned on, Julie involuntarily began to touch herself. She had arrived, at Charlie’s suggestion, dressed in her cheerleader outfit and, leaning on the door frame with one hand, she pressed the other to the front of her crotch. Not more than a few feet from the couple, she could actually smell the sex; almost taste it, in fact. As the action continued its crescendo, Julie was unable to resist passing her hand under the short cheerleader skirt and into her white pants. She began to masturbate steadily, flicking her finger across her clitoris, occasionally also into her damp pussy, erratically thrusting her pelvis back and forth as her excitement increased, racing the two lovers to time her come to coincide with theirs.

And they were getting very close. Kim’s continuous wriggling of her rear end was bringing her mind and body to the very brink of a shattering climax. And she was dragging Frank right along with her; his movements were becoming less rhythmic, more jerky, like the highly aroused voyeur Julie - seeing, but unseen.

Then several events occurred in quick succession, the first from Kim. For reasons known only to herself, Kim suddenly turned her head towards Frank over her right shoulder and pleaded, in a loud whisper, “Don’t come in me!”

Frank, at the very instant before discharging the second biggest come load of his life, realized that if he was to obey Kim, he would be cheated of shooting it where it belonged, deep into her vagina. In despair, he threw his head back in a reflex movement and for the first time caught sight of the pretty cheerleader standing in the doorway, thrusting her hips to and fro and stroking her cunt in a frenzy.

As their eyes met, both Frank and Julie froze. Then Julie’s hand whipped out of her pants. Frank’s prick slid wetly - and audibly - from Kim’s pussy. Kim, thinking he had responded to her urgent request, immediately turned over onto her back, bending her knees to receive his come on her body, her school socks completing the illusion of a desperately horny student. As her back touched the coverlet, it was her turn to notice Julie in the doorway. Kim’s mouth opened in shocked surprise as she saw her, and then, still slack-jawed, she instantly came, screaming and sobbing in delight and sexual release.

Frank, though distracted by the sudden awareness of Julie’s presence, was too far gone to prevent another massive orgasm. So at this precise second, with a loud, despairing groan of bliss, he shot a gigantic volley of sperm over Kim’s face, tits, belly and those provocative white socks of hers. Standing unsteadily, with his knees slightly bent, between her wide spread thighs and once again having to hold his prick to stop it kicking wildly out of control, he jerked repeatedly, sending line after white line of his hot viscous semen across Kim’s prostrate young body.

This incredibly provoking spectacle in turn triggered a violent sympathetic reaction in Julie, who, now quite out of control herself, pressed her hand hard between her slightly parted legs and, buckling forward and quivering helplessly in a paroxysm of delayed lust, gave herself up to a huge climax, softly emitting involuntary, continuous and inarticulate squeals of pleasure.

Finally, an eerie silence descended. The bedroom’s ambient sound was reduced to the single source of the radio. A few moments later Charlie reappeared from the diner, incongruously cheerful, with several cans of beer.

As he came to the door, alongside Julie, he breezily enquired, “Any of you guys want a drink?” Then, aware suddenly of a high level of residual tension in the room - and that nobody seemed to want a beer - he added, with a huge grin, “Hey, did I miss something here?”

His amused and detached gaze made a slow tour of the room. Frank had flopped across the bed onto his back and, for the first time since Kim arrived, his penis was finally starting to deflate. Kim was kneeling up beside him, pools of his come clinging stickily to her body and, cradling his balls with one hand, was licking his spermy cock clean while supporting it with her other. Julie was still standing, half slumped, against the door frame, her hand, though now motionless, still pressed hard against the front of her cheerleader’s skirt, between her still parted legs.

Charlie could have been in no doubt about recent events: the bedroom reeked of sex and hot bodies and he could hear them all panting as they recovered from their exertions. But he kept up the inconsequential, friendly chatter. He, as well as Julie, knew there was a long evening ahead and he didn’t want things to get too serious too quickly.

“Everybody know everybody else? Frank, Julie. Julie, Frank. I’m Charlie. And I didn’t catch the name of the very young lady ...?”

“Kim,” she said in her quiet little-girl voice.

“Kim,” said Charlie gallantly, “you’re a very beautiful young woman. Much too good for Frank,” he teased. “Hey, Frank, don’t pass out on us! There’s lots more good stuff to come. Some friends will be joining us later. Wake up and have some beer!”

Without waiting for a reaction, he threw a can in Frank’s general direction, which Frank, far from asleep, caught easily before getting up and replying, “Thanks, but I’ll take a shower now.”

As Frank picked up his clothes and headed for the door, Kim slid off the bed, murmuring, “I’ll come with you.”

Kim was not sure of Charlie yet - or Julie, for that matter - and preferred to stick with the one partner she knew until things settled down. If this was going to be a long evening, she wanted to pace herself. Besides, she was covered in Frank’s come and a shower felt like a great idea.

After Frank and Kim had left to find the shower, Charlie finally walked through the door into the bedroom and, picking up Kim’s knickers from where Frank had discarded them on the bed, held them to his nose for a few seconds, inhaling her intimate secrets and making appreciative little noises. There was no doubt about it, Charlie fancied Kim just as much as Frank did.

While Charlie was enjoying his little reverie with Kim’s underwear, Julie began to regain her composure and was beginning strongly to feel she had some unfinished business to attend to. She pushed away from the door frame and crossed to Charlie, placing her hand lightly on his arm.

“Charlie ...” she began tentatively. He half turned to her, questioningly. “Do me, Charlie,” Julie continued, lowering her voice to a private and confidential level. “I need you to fuck me - badly. Right now,” she breathed.

“Right now?” said Charlie, still teasing, with a touch of disbelief in his voice.

“Yes, right now, you bastard,” she repeated, more loudly, though she knew he was deliberately trying to needle her. Then, softly again, almost pleading, “I’m dying for it. Please, Charlie.”

With one last lecherous pass of Kim’s panties under his nose, Charlie reluctantly returned them to the bed. “Come on, then,” he said, affectionately now, and taking Julie’s arm and gently nudging her ahead of him, he steered her towards the second bedroom.

The apartment’s bathroom was spacious and well appointed, ‘like everything else here,’ thought Frank, as he locked the door behind them. Apart from the usual bathtub, shower and toilet, there was also a bidet and a jacuzzi, as well as plenty of cupboards and flat surfaces, where he and Kim found bath robes and towels. Turning on the shower, he began to set the water to the correct temperature. When he had the level right, he turned around to see that she was seated on a bench, removing one of her white socks. Frank looked at her with some tenderness. Although their two lovemaking bouts had been spectacular, he knew - and regretted - that he had not yet fully possessed her young body in the way he would have wanted. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that he felt warmly towards her. Whether - somehow disguised - this was the lust that an older man feels for a young girl, or whether it was just plain affection for her, he could not say.

Like a parent tending to a child, he knelt in front of her, took one sock from her hands and unrolled the other from her leg, briefly glimpsing, under her skirt, her semen-streaked pussy. He undid her shirt cuffs, removed her tie and slipped her shirt off her shoulders, revealing her naked to the waist for the first time. When she stood, he unfastened the waist band of her skirt and let the pleated garment fall to the floor. Frank reflected that now, stark naked, Kim looked even younger than he had first thought. Not to mention immensely desirable. Still on his knees in front of her, he leant forward and placed his lips on her open pussy and gently kissed her there.

Kim’s unexpected and unconventional response, utterly breaking the tender mood Frank had created, was to dip her finger into one of the larger pools of semen on her belly, suck it into her mouth and to ask him, “Do you always come this much?”

She smiled when she said it and it occurred to Frank this was really the first time he’d seen her smile. In spite of himself, he burst into laughter - for him, since he left jail, another first. Then they entered the large shower cubicle together.

Elsewhere in the apartment - in the second bedroom - the mood was entirely different. Far from feeling tenderness, Julie was horny - extremely, outrageously, overwhelmingly randy. Her voyeuristic observations of Frank and Kim in full rut had awakened a raw lewdness in her she had never known she possessed. Although she had always been an enthusiastic sex partner, particularly with Charlie, who knew where all her buttons were and which were the right ones to push at the right times, until now she had found the sex act merely satisfying, rather than transcendent. Today that had all changed - big time. Now she was positively aggressive about it; she needed to get her rocks off.

She had been so aroused by the vigorous fucking she had witnessed, she felt she had to achieve that same level of transcendence or pass out trying. Despite what she had told him, she didn’t really want Charlie to fuck her. Instead, she was going to fuck him. To fuck his brains out.

She lay back on the double bed, supporting herself on her elbows. Julie was not interested in stripping naked for Charlie; after all, he had seen it all before. She had pulled up her tunic shirt to just under her chin, revealing her shapely, ample breasts, and lowered her white cheerleader panties to halfway down her thighs. She wanted Charlie to see the soaking wet patch in the crotch where she had been unable to conceal her sexual excitement in the other bedroom. Her knees were raised to reveal the neatly trimmed bush of her twat.

She could see Charlie undressing but needed him to hurry. Moving her arse a little from side to side and in a voice that was low and persuasive - but, if you knew Julie, you would recognize the urgent need it concealed - she goaded him: “How about this? Do you like it? Come on, come and get it, Chuck.”

Charlie, by now down to his underpants, turned to look at her in some surprise. Whenever she had called him ‘Chuck’ in the past she had been wild: badly wanting sex but difficult to control. He realized he was in for a tough physical session now. Still, he rationalized, the cheerleader uniform was cool. He’d always had the hots for cheerleaders. He was glad he had persuaded her to choose that outfit. He knew all the other ‘guests’ would be appropriately attired as well. This was going to be some party, he thought.

He let his glance wander approvingly over Julie’s eager, deliberate semi-nakedness. He smiled at her and did a mock-strip of his last remaining garment, pushing his underwear down, a half-inch at a time, slowly revealing his tumescent cock, which eventually sprang free to smack against his belly before dropping to settle at an angle to his body, an angle that was rapidly getting steeper. Letting the last item of his clothing slip to the floor, he handled his swelling tool and lifted it, turning to face Julie. The tip was just starting to protrude from within the brownish foreskin, which he slowly retracted to reveal his burgeoning cock head, then released, letting it smoothly glide back again to half-cover the bulging pink knob. He knew that always turned her on.

This time was no exception. “Oh, yeah. Oh fuck, yeah,” Julie moaned softly, unthinkingly passing a hand between her thighs again to stimulate her clitoris, and bringing her knees together to increase the pressure there.

Charlie, taking a pace towards the edge of the bed and removing her masturbating hand, complained, “Hey, leave some for me!” He raised her moist fingers to his mouth and inhaled their familiar aroma. “Mmm, yeah, delicious. lobster mayonnaise.”

Julie, knowing Charlie well and realizing he was more aroused than he wanted to show, parted her knees again invitingly, revealing to him both her sex and her damp panties. Charlie responded automatically - and systematically - to the treasures on offer. Kneeling on the bed, he took her soaking wet knickers in one hand and pressed his face into the crotch, sniffing and licking, savouring the experience like a qualified wine taster, then dipping two fingers of his other hand into her dripping cunt and agitating her stiff little clit with his thumb. She was wetter and hotter than he could ever remember. He figured he was going to have to take it easy, maybe slow her down a bit.

Under the shower Kim was ministering to Frank like a kid sister, thoroughly soaping him from head to foot, her hand in a shower glove. To wash his legs she sank onto one knee and cleaned them thoroughly while, tantalizingly, never touching his genitals. Needless to say, this elicited the response usual in healthy young men: his penis slowly started to suffuse with hot blood and began to rise majestically into Kim’s face, swinging gently in time with her soapy strokes. And when she passed her gloved hand between his legs and slowly swiped along the crack of his buttocks, forward to his scrotum and finally through his bush of pubic hair, Frank’s cock attained maximum elevation.

Hearing a sound halfway between a sigh and a gasp, Kim looked up to his face. It was turned away from her as he tried to hide his lewd pleasure in response to her touch (to be, in effect, less than ‘frank’). with her free hand she enclosed his penis in her foamy palm and gave it one upward stroke. The gesture was not intended to be a caress; more like shaking hands with an old friend.

Frank’s dick twitched in delicious agony at this single, long-delayed touch of her hand, which threatened to conjure a billion more sperm from his balls, virtually forcing them on the long journey up the full length of his penis, to burst forth ecstatically from the slit at the end. He quickly drew his pelvis backwards, removing his desperately sensitive organ from Kim’s innocently titillating grasp. Next time, he promised himself, nothing was going to stop him ejaculating deep into her pussy. It was, in any case, now his turn to perform the duties of ‘companion of the bath’ and it came not a moment too soon. Had she handled his prick once more, he was lost - and he knew it.

In setting about washing Kim, he did not use the shower glove, preferring his bare and comparatively rough hands alone to stroke the broad expanses of her belly and back, to cup the exquisitely rounded forms of her breasts and buttocks and to penetrate the shallow crevices of her beautiful young body. Working lovingly down from her face, neck and shoulders, he cleansed the rest of the drying spunk from her belly, returning to give special attention to her adorable adolescent nipples and areolae. Once more, as he did so, he could not resist the temptation to kiss them softly and gently suck each of them.

Instead of turning her around to wash her back, he drew her towards himself and, holding her tenderly, soaped her everywhere from her neck to her buttocks, thereby pressing her lovely tits against his waist, and her belly hard against his eager erection. Kim was complaisant to all of this; she had made up her mind that Frank was ‘her’ kind of lover, and she was happy to lose her sexual ‘cool’ under whatever his fantasies might be - even possibly perverted ones, should he eventually demonstrate any inclinations in those directions. She returned his subtle thrusts against her yielding belly with somewhat less subtle responsive jerks.

When Frank, in his turn, sank to his knees to attend to her soiled legs, he also was careful to avoid Kim’s genital area, delicately brushing his masculine hands (after his spell as a prisoner they were like a labourer’s) down the backs of her thighs, then calves, and around the front to her shins, finally stroking upwards with both hands to the junction of her thighs and the delightful prospect of her sex, semi-parted as if in invitation to his lustful advances.

Just as Kim, seemingly innocently (but who knows how calculated it really was?), had reminded him that they were truly lovers, sexually committed in spite of everything, he too chose to exercise his lover’s right and reached behind her to clasp her buttocks in both hands, to brush his fingers casually across her anus, then to hold her cunt lips open, and run his tongue slowly up her sex. Just for the joy of it; neither his tongue nor his fingers lingered at the vaginal entrance, nor at the clitoris; the movement was more of a homage to the centre of female sexual response.

Frank, having been perceptibly aroused by Kim’s simple tribute to his rampant penis, wanted his own to be a true reply, to signify his attachment to this gorgeous young woman. So his tongue’s fleeting acquaintance with her private sexual parts was just enough to ‘stay in touch’, to confirm his rights of ownership, however unofficial or temporary. But then, with her talent for breaking moods, Kim suddenly suggested that they move their love/sex idyll to another location. “Why don’t we try the jacuzzi?” she suggested to Frank.

Frank reluctantly broke the physical contact once more and rose to get the jacuzzi going. Whether Kim realized it or not, she was efficiently and scientifically setting a realistic pace for Frank, whose appetite for her would otherwise race away from his ability to control it. Maybe she had smelt the stink of prison on him; maybe she was just instinctively reacting to his massively uncontrolled ejaculations. Whatever: in a more sober and reflective frame of mind Kim and Frank lowered themselves into the agitated water and submitted to the jets from the various nozzles around the tub.

This sensation was, however, just as stimulating in its own way as their mutual - manual - stimulation had been in the shower. Kim and Frank quickly found that these purely mechanical devices, playing relentlessly on their already acutely primed bodies was amply capable of exciting them both again. Soon they were embracing. Then kissing. Then caressing each other.

What Julie was doing to Charlie in the other room could not be described, anywhere outside cheap romantic novels, as ‘caressing’. ‘Devouring’ would be nearer the truth; ‘raping’ would hardly be an exaggeration. She had finally lost patience with his dilatory tactics in trying to moderate her randiness. Succumbing to her own voracious sexual needs, she had taken the initiative and now was both directing and stage-managing events - what in the old days used to be called ‘bossing the fuck’.

On top now, in more ways than one, Julie had already two or three times drawn Charlie - and his willing dick - up to a screamingly pre-orgasmic pitch of excitement. Knowing him well, she could pick the exact fraction of a second before he lost control of his come. As a skilled practitioner of the female sexual arts, she always withdrew, at that precise microsecond, whatever form of stimulation she had used to get him there.

Charlie was alternately loving it and chewing the bed sheet in agonized frustration. He had to hand it to Julie: she really knew what she was doing. But it wasn’t fair on him, he felt. After all, she’d already got off watching Kim and Frank; he was way behind her - and aching for release. Surely she owed him one. His eyes, screwed shut in helpless contemplation of Julie’s relentless assault on his cock, abruptly sprang open as he felt her, without warning, grasp his redly inflamed and tender organ and slide it smoothly straight up into her pussy in one easy, wet thrust.

Julie had decided it was time for the end game. She was ready for it and she was damned sure Charlie was; she had seen to it he would be gagging for it by now. She’d had her fun; now it was time for the payoff. What some people jokingly called ‘foreplay’ was over. This was going to be ‘fiveplay’ - anywhere up to ‘tenplay’, if she had anything to do with it. She knew it wouldn’t take long, for either of them. But, still in charge, by leaning slightly forward, she restricted the movement of Charlie’s cock inside her by muscular control. For a moment, Charlie thought she had found another way to prevent him coming and almost panicked. But it was just another momentary device from his control freak girlfriend.

At last, the strong oscillation of her pelvis, as she fucked the helpless man lying beneath her, jerked to a sudden stop. Charlie began to hear those little noises she always made at these times. There was a second or two of complete immobility as Julie’s orgasm finally crested. Then, with one long continuous loud moan, she took her long-awaited pleasure, at the same time releasing Charlie’s cock in its wet prison, allowing the sperm to burst free and spurt powerfully up inside her, complementing her own blissful release with copious extra lubrication, scalding hot and thick.

A minute later, even before they got their breath back, the apartment doorbell rang.

The bathroom scene, meanwhile, had been progressing at a more sedate pace, though to a similar end. What had started as tender exchanges of touch, had gradually become more demonstrative and more urgent. Kim, in her own way, had exercised just as much control over Frank as Julie over Charlie. But it had been a pleasanter experience for Frank. As they continued to play with each other’s bodies, it became clear to them both that this time they would finally get to consummate their lust without interruption.

When Kim’s little bottom began to move more insistently and erratically, Frank stopped stroking her sex, stood and lifted her bodily onto the straight side of the large spa. Hot water dripped down from her chin, over her adorable young breasts and onto her belly. She gently parted her legs, revealing to him again her aroused young slit, puffy with anticipation of his penetration.

Frank slid his prick immediately into her, at the same time vaguely aware of the apartment bell. This time, however, nothing was going to stop him. Finally, Kim’s exquisite little pussy was his. As with Julie and Charlie, this coupling would be quick and deliriously satisfying. He looked down into Kim’s face, turned away from him with her eyes closed, and in what seemed like just a few seconds, he felt his sperm rise from his balls. Clasping her closely to him, he gave himself up to it completely and, breathing one soft ‘Aahh’, with one reflex jerk of his hips that lodged his prick into her up to the pubic hairs, he shot his come deep into her throbbing cunt.

Despite his two previous enormous spendings, Frank could still feel his seed spurting hotly into her and, hugging her closely to him as his prick continued to throb wildly inside her little glove of flesh, he felt the throe repeat itself again and again. While still deeply embedded, and gently jerking his pelvis back and forth, he felt Kim echo his movements. Seconds later, with a little sob, she came, too, gently biting his arm as she did so and contracting her pussy muscles around his delighted prick.

They descended slowly from that peak of shared rapture, taking their time, as lucky lovers do after lust has been slaked, to enjoy the incomparable sensation of the penis lying quietly within the vagina, each of them warm and moist and totally satisfied. Nature, however, as it always does, brought the episode to a full stop. Frank’s prick softened and slipped out and he got out of the jacuzzi and wrapped himself in a towel. Leaving Kim to dry her hair, he decided to see what was happening the apartment.

As he passed along the passageway he heard voices. Stepping into the diner area he was taken aback to see that two people had arrived. Obviously they were unknown to him but, presumably, not to Charlie, who was mixing drinks at the bar. He suddenly found himself in company, clad only in a towel. He excused himself.

“Hi, Frank,” called Charlie. “Come and meet my friends.”

He seemed too preoccupied, however, to introduce them at this time, continuing to prepare the martinis or the margaritas or whatever he was making at the bar. This left Frank, bewildered as ever, to assess the couple himself. The first thing he noticed, as he regarded them with interest, was that they were oddly matched - or rather not matched at all.

The young woman, in her late twenties, Frank guessed, was provocatively dressed in a very short skirt and a revealing top that left little to the imagination. She wore high heels and her legs were encased in the sheerest of black stockings. Her lipstick and other cosmetics were bright and obvious and her perfume had been lavishly applied. Her startlingly blonde hair was piled high on her head.

Her companion, if indeed he was her companion, was even more surprising, if less spectacular. Frank found himself looking at a Catholic priest, with high black boots and a full-length cassock, revealing a clerical collar around his neck and a pectoral cross dangling low on his chest.

Charlie finally made enough time to find his voice again: “Frank, this is Linda - and Matthew. Oh - excuse me, Father Matthew.”

As Frank stepped forward to greet the two strangers, the doorbell rang again. Charlie, still up to his elbows in lemon, ice, frosted glasses and sugar, turned to him, asking, “Can you see who that is, Frankie?”

Frank went to the front door, forgetting he had still not dressed. But any embarrassment this might have caused him was suddenly to vanish into insignificance. He swung the front door open to reveal two police officers: one male sergeant, one female constable, both armed and both looking very much on official business. Frank had not been out of custody long enough to stop himself taking an involuntary step backwards. Just the sight of police can do that to you. They looked him up and down, as though standing in a doorway wearing only a towel were a federal offence.

Frank felt distinctly uncomfortable. He was certain that Charlie had blown it and dropped them both into deep poo. Kim was obviously under age and her parents had obviously sent the cops after her - and him and Charlie. The male officer was for the two of them, the female for Kim. He was stuffed; he’d be back in the slammer before nightfall.


2007-05-10 18:47:35
Very nice story =)
keep up the fucking ;-)


2006-09-28 05:22:48
Well, we have it all in this story. Lots of fucking, lots of sexual excitement. hell, there's even a man of the cloth entering the fray toward the end, and then the cops show up to arrest the sexual miscreants. The only thing that was missing was a minstrel show with someone singing, "Mammy," and a pizza delivery boy who sticks his dick through the carton as the girls try to remove a slice. What imagination.

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